Take Your Daughter To Work Day - Version Bravo

by Lubrican

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Chapter Nine

The girls could have pranced around naked all they wanted, for a lot longer than they expected, because at the moment Judith warned them about her, Sister Francine was still busy getting her bell rung.

It was Brady who finally got them out of bed. He hadn't had a woman in over a year. He'd dated a couple of women after he couldn't find Francine, and had bedded one of them, but only once. She couldn't compare with his dream - and missing - lover.

But the saying "If you don't use it, you lose it!" applies, among other things, to semen. The fact that he hadn't "used it" for a long time didn't mean he could go forever, or cum repeatedly with no end. He was worn out. Happily worn out, but still worn out.

"We have to get up," he said.

"I don't want to," she said, clinging to him.

"I love you," he said, "But we have to get up. We have to get you some clothes."

"Not if I just stay here in bed with you," she sighed.

"If we do that, room service will find my dried out husk. You took everything I have!"

"Then make more," she wheedled.

He pushed her away and got up.

"I'm going to take a shower. Then, while you take yours, I'm going to go find you something to wear so we can eat breakfast and go shopping for the girls."

"The girls!" moaned Francine. "I'll never be able to face them again! I am such a slut!"

"Oh, knock it off," groused Brady. "They have no idea what happened to you last night. And you're not a slut. You're my girlfriend."

She sat up and ran her fingers through her hair.

"It sounds so strange to hear that word used for me. I'm a twenty-eight year old woman, not a girl."

"You're a woman all right," sighed Brady. "I'll vouch for that."

She got off the bed.

"I love you so much. What are we going to do, Brady?"

"About what?" he asked.

"About us?" she moaned.

He took her into his arms. Her skin felt warm against his, and he felt his loins try to produce another erection. But he knew it was fruitless, at least until he got some rest.

"What is there to do?" he asked. "I love you, and you love me. And now there is no barrier to us being happy together. So that's what I intend to do ... be happy with you."

"You make it sound so easy," she said into his neck. "But it's not. We live hours and hours and hours away from each other."

"We don't have to," he said.

She pulled away to look into his face.

"What do you mean? I'm a teacher. I'm a ... I was a novice. I can't just leave."

"Why not?" he asked. "As I recall, you just went there. Why can't you just leave?"

"Because the girls need me!" she said.

"If you're not there, somebody else will take care of them," he said, softly. "I lost you once. I'm not going to lose you again."

"This is happening too fast," she said, pushing him away. "I need to think. Go on and take your shower. And hurry. I want some real clothes. You're right. We need to take care of the girls. I can't imagine what they're feeling like right now."

"They've been asleep," said Brady. "They're probably bored out of their heads because they can't get dressed and go anywhere."

"I hope so," sighed Francine. "Bored is good."

"I'm sure they had a boring night," said Brady.

As it turned out, it only took Brady ten minutes to find something for Francine to wear. In the gift shop he found a T shirt that announced the wearer had been to this year's Super Bowl, and a pair of sweat pants. He guessed at the size and got her a pair of shower shoes.

When they arrived at Bob's suite, everything did, indeed, seem to be in a state of boredom. The girls were all together in their room, attacking the breakfast which room service had delivered. Bob was sitting on his bed, dressed in a hotel robe and watching one of the morning shows on TV. He looked normal, other than the bags under his eyes, that suggested he hadn't slept well.

The girls were so busy keeping their secret that they didn't look at Francine, whose face was broadcasting the guilt she felt about having abandoned her novitiate.

Armed with Bob's credit card, Brady and Francine left the hotel and climbed into a cab.

On the way to the mall the driver recommended, they came up with a list. Francine had no idea how long it would take to arrange to get them back in the van and on their way home. So each girl needed something to sleep in and clothes for the next couple of days. And then, of course, there was the banquet.

The night before was probably responsible for the fact that Francine now thought about things from two perspectives. Part of her was still a novice. That role fell back upon her shoulders like a familiar old cape. But she was also a vibrant, happy, sexually fulfilled woman again. Both of those behaviors played out in how she shopped.

In any case, just because Francine had explored the lifestyle of a nun, that didn't mean she'd forgotten everything she ever knew. She remembered her prom, and while there probably wouldn't be dancing, this would be a sort of prom for the girls. She wouldn't deny them this pleasure. She knew they were good girls, at heart. True, they had succumbed to temptation. But they had also learned a valuable lesson in life, that things can get out of control.

They wouldn't do that again. Not right away, anyway. She was sure of that.

Nor had she stopped going to stores, where the latest in women's fashion was always on display. She still owned jeans and T shirts. Granted, she dressed more conservatively these days than she had in the past, but the "girl" inside her hadn't been removed by the nuns. Subdued ... yes ... but not removed.

The girls at St. Clementine's, on the other hand, tried everything they could to leave "subdued" behind when they got out of their school uniforms. The nuns knew that too, because they saw the girls in those situations. And, quite often, corrected "problems in judgment." One of the most common corrections involved the phrase "Go put on a bra, young lady!" which also, quite often, involved a lecture on the health benefits of wearing support. The girls, of course, tried to push the envelope, for no other reason than to engage in the thrill of behaving wickedly. A common excuse was "All my bras are in the laundry, Sister," and, unless the nun was willing to spend the time it took to call the girl's bluff and actually go inventory her drawers, they sometimes got away with it.

Francine knew this. She'd been given a lecture about the things the girls would try to pull, and that had been included.

As she thought about the fact that the girls were going to a fancy banquet that night, and would be hanging around the hotel on the morrow, at least until Francine could figure out how to get the van back, opportunities abounded for one or more of the girls to "explore" this environment, which was rich with temptations.

So instead of getting the girls plain, white, utilitarian bras ... she decided to get them something they'd be so thrilled with that they'd actually want to wear it.

"Which of these do you like better?" she asked Brady, holding up two designs.

"You want the truth?" he asked.

She didn't get it, and said "Of course!"

"Neither," he said, grinning. "I like you better without."

She smiled, but insisted, telling him her theory. At that point he got serious and rendered an opinion. She got each girl a matched bra and panty set that she was absolutely sure Mother Mary would frown at vociferously, said sets being comprised of much lace, and little fabric overall. She was sure the girls would kill to wear something like that.

She got herself a set too, making Brady choose again. She was surprised that what he wanted to see on her was soft and looked comfortable. It had a front catch on it. The material was thin, and she knew her nipples would show through it. She wondered if he'd thought the same thing and, rather than being miffed with him, felt the familiar spikes of desire shooting into her loins, like Cupid's arrows.

She also picked out sports bras and panties in vibrant colors. These, Mother Mary might actually let the girls keep. The lacy, sexy things would be discarded before they got back to the school. They'd be wearing the more utilitarian underwear when they got home.

For the banquet that night, she decided to get something for herself first, and then match that for the girls. It may have been a subconscious desire to get them all back into "uniform." What she chose was what she thought of as "nothing fancy" in basic black, in a pleated hem design in ponte knit. It left her arms bare, but covered the shoulders. The neck scooped, but not a lot.

It had been two years since Francine had gone anywhere that required she wear a dress at all. And she thought of black as being basic, plain, and ... well ... subdued. But while she did pay attention to the fact that her knees were covered, and that not too much cleavage was exposed, she didn't think about what the dress was made of. It hugged her body and was also light enough that, when she walked, it flared and swung, accentuating the sway of her hips. Of course she didn't walk towards the mirror in it. She just stood there.

The other problem came when she asked Brady what he thought of it, telling him that she intended to get the girls matching dresses.

While she didn't think of them as such, they were, in reality, the basic "little black dress" that every woman who wants to get laid should own. Of course Brady approved.

She added black platform shoes that would lift each girl three inches into the air, but for herself she got four inch spikes. She knew there were big changes in her future, and she knew she would be going out with Brady too. Even if they worked in different states, she was absolutely sure it wouldn't be two more years before they went somewhere together. She wanted those shoes to be her souvenir of finding him again.

Thinking she was being charitable, she told Brady to select a variety of costume jewelry so the girls wouldn't feel completely plain.

Still, overall, she thought she was shopping with conservatism in mind.

Back in the hotel room, things weren't going so well.

At least not for Bob Tanner. And he had much more to deal with than merely the guilt of knowing he'd fucked his little girl in his alcohol-fogged sleep. There were other things coming, that he didn't know about yet.

As soon as Sister Francine and Brady had left, Janice called the girls into a huddle.

"We'll never get this chance again," she whispered.

"What chance?" asked Tiffany.

"The chance to ... um ... explore with a man," she responded.

It was clear what "man" she was referring to.

"No way," said Judith firmly. "He's my daddy!"

"Yes, and it would be a shame if what you and your daddy did last night ever got out," she said, ruthlessly. The extortion in her voice was clear.

"And I thought you were my friend," said Judith, slumping.

"I'm sorry," said Janice, immediately. "I am your friend. You know I'll never tell. But really ... we'll never get this chance again. Come on. Don't be stingy. Share!"

"If you think I'm going to let you do that ... with my father ... then you're wrong," said Judith, sticking her chin out.

"Not that," said Janice. "But there are other things I bet everybody is curious about ... things I've done ... want to do again. And now we have a man who can't say no if we ask to do them with him."

"That's blackmail!" said Tiffany.

"Yes, it is," agreed Janice. "And we all know none of us will ever do anything to hurt Judith, or her father, but he doesn't know that."

"That's awful!" said Monica, sounding horrified.

Janice looked at her. "Didn't you tell me not long ago that you wondered what it would be like to give a man a blow job?"

There were gasps all around.

Janice wasn't going to waste any more time trying to convince her friends what an opportunity this was. Instead, she dropped the sheet from around her shoulders and marched resolutely out of their room ... and into Bob's.

She was only out of sight for five or six seconds before the other girls burst into action and followed. They, of course, were still covered.

Bob had on his boxers. He'd taken the robe off in anticipation of getting dressed. His pants, in fact, were lying on the bed beside him, but he hadn't gotten any further. Being mired in contemplation caused him to sit there, rather than finish getting dressed. Nor was he paying much attention to the TV, unless the game was mentioned. He had enjoyed what happened entirely too much, and there was nothing he could do about that. What was done was done. At least Judith had assured him she wasn't traumatized by it.

He was sitting on the end of the bed, trying to imagine what he would do next, when a naked girl appeared, as if by magic, right in front of him.

"Mr. Tanner," said the girl, whose name he couldn't remember right then. "We don't get to spend much time with boys. Our sexual education has, frankly, been seriously neglected. Considering what happened last night, we were hoping you would help us rectify that problem."

Bob's reaction was complicated. He'd gone through more than one life-changing experience in the last twenty-four hours. In fact, his entire world had been turned upside down. Now, without warning, something else that would keep that world tumbling was standing right in front of him.

He reacted as a man, as a now world famous football coach, and as a parent, all at the same time. His first reaction was based on his own values, though.

"What I did was bad enough. If you think I'm going to compound that with all of you, then you're as crazy as I am. I am not going to have sex with a bunch of teenage girls!"

The problem, frankly, was that while his morality asserted that position, his biology took in the naked teen in front of him, and the gaggle of girls covered only in towels and sheets watching, and reacted to that by making an obvious tent in the front of his boxers.

Bob's situation got more and more complicated as Janice negotiated. She assured him that "having sex" was not on the menu. She insisted that most of the girls only wanted to see a real live man, close up and personal. She told him she was "experienced" and that if he insisted, she would be the only one to actually touch him. She made lots of promises, and they made it sound (to a confused and tormented man) as if it wouldn't entail much at all other than him taking off his shorts for a few minutes so the girls could have a simple visual adventure.

And then, of course, there were her not so veiled threats that, lacking his cooperation, they might not be able to keep his secret.

In the end, it was his own daughter who sealed the deal.

"Daddy," she said, softly. "If they all do this, then they can't tell on us ... because we could tell on them too."

Of course in the calm that you and I are in at this moment, it sounds ridiculous that a man of Bob's intelligence would fall for a line like that.

But how many men and women have fallen for "lines" in bars and bedrooms all over the world?

In the end, Bob found himself lying on the bed, stark naked, surrounded by girls, only one of whom was still covered. That was Kendi, and while she still had the sheet draped over her back, she wasn't being too careful about keeping her front covered.

Bob, of course, was as rigid as a railroad spike.

And Janice was in her element.

First, she ordered Tiffany to go to the bathroom and bring back a washcloth soaked in warm water and wrung out. Her next command was to Monica, who went and put out the "Do not disturb" hanger. Tiffany didn't want to miss anything, and was back quickly.

Janice took the washcloth and approached Bob's penis, which looked different than her uncle's. Her uncle had been circumcised, and Bob was not. Then she broke her first promise to Bob - that all they would do was look. They all gasped as Janice took the washcloth and lovingly cleaned Bob's manhood. She caused titters and blushes as she said, "Got to get all of naughty Judith off of him before we go any further."

"My uncle's cock didn't look like this," she said, as she explored her first uncircumcised penis. She learned, accidentally, that Bob's could be made to look like her uncle's and then she informed her friends of the differences, as if she'd known all along. The girls leaned in close as she manipulated his organ, changing its appearance between the two types of cocks the girls might, someday, run into.

Bob let it happen, because her simply using him as a teaching aid didn't seem like it was all that terrible. Such is the way of biology. It seeks not wisdom or discussion. Biology seeks only to keep the species going.

Then she broke her second promise to Bob - that nothing "sexual" would go on.

"If you're ever on a date with a boy, and he starts getting too frisky, this is what you can do to cool him off," she said.

She changed her grasp and jacked slowly on Bob's cock.

He moaned. We might forgive him, at this point, for being a bit overwhelmed. There were five naked - or almost naked - girls surrounding him. They all smelled like the shampoo that had gotten him into trouble the night before.

Biology's talons sank a little bit further into his libido, and tugged it a little further out.

"Of course the best way to make him less dangerous is to do this," sighed Janice, whose own biology had suggested this the second she realized her friend had been fucked.

While her hand made the cock in it resemble the one she'd handled so often in the past, she leaned over and put the knob in her mouth, sucking lustily.

The uproar that followed was intense, but brief.

First, in the shocked silence that preceded a general outburst, Bob groaned. And in that groan every girl heard plainly that what Janice was doing was a very powerful thing.

Then Judith snapped "Janice!" and the warning in her voice made it plain that she was jealous.

That was followed by enough noise from the others that Janice pulled her mouth off, still sucking lovingly, and shushed them all.

"You know you all want to try this," she said, loftily. "I can't remember how many times you've begged me to describe what it's like."

"That was asking," sighed Monica. "This is doing!"

"This is my daddy!" yipped Judith.

"We're not going to take him away from you," argued Janice. "Come on. This is exactly what I was talking about. We'll never get another chance to do this. You know as well as I do that after what happened last night they're going to lock us up and throw away the key!"

Janice might have engaged in hyperbole intentionally, but her warning was received as much more realistic by everyone in the room. For Bob and Judith, of course, there were the legal consequences if anyone found out what they'd done. As for the girls, the simple fact that they'd gone off on their own, joined a wicked party, and then gotten naked and, in some cases almost had sex, was enough to convince them that it was possible indeed that they might be locked in some room by the nuns at St. Clementine's.

In their present mental state, it seemed like they were already doomed. What did it matter if they piled on a few more offenses?

In for a penny ... in for a pound!

"I want to try it," gasped Monica. She looked at Judith. "Please? Just a little? Just to see what it's like. She's right. If my parents find out what happened, they won't let me date until I'm thirty!"

There was a hubbub as Tiffany and Kendi agreed with her, and Janice added "See? You have to let us, Judith!"

Nobody asked Bob anything.

Nor did he object. To be honest, his mind had receded to that place where he was convinced he was having a dream. He wondered briefly if winning the Super Bowl was just part of this amazing dream, but then he couldn't think of much of anything as Janice again sucked his cock into her mouth.

Lust is an intoxicant of sorts. It can affect one's judgment just as much as alcohol can.

While Janice taught each girl how to masturbate and suck a cock, the others explored what it was like to lie with a naked man and cuddle, or rub up against him. By the time it was Judith's turn to "practice", she had to do so between his spread thighs, because there was a girl cuddled up to each side of him.

Those girls were Monica and Kendi. Monica, having been the first to "practice" had also been the first to lie down next to Bob. She had kissed his chest and whispered, "Thank you," to the first man whose cock she had sucked. And even if it had only been for thirty seconds or so, the fact that they had not "completed" the act didn't matter to her.

She would feel for Bob Tanner what she was currently feeling, for pretty much the rest of her life.

Kendi, oddly enough, had been the second of Janice's students. She was now naked and no longer reserved in any way, shape, or form. When she had to stop doing what she'd thought she would never do, and now knew she would try to do with some other man, very soon, she saw where Monica was, and claimed Bob's other side. She, too, expressed her appreciation for what he'd let her do, with kisses to his chest, shoulder and cheek.

Then it had been Tiffany's turn. Like the others, she found that doing this thing she'd never thought she would actually do, was completely different than she'd imagined. She, too, had found the smooth, warm skin of that hard cock to feel delightful against her cheeks, and she hadn't wanted to stop. But she'd had to give up her spot to Judith, who had waited patiently for her turn.

Now she was standing there, excited, but with nothing to do. Both of Bob's sides were occupied by her friends.

But his mouth wasn't.

Because she was Judith's roommate, Tiffany had met Bob before on two occasions, when he came to pick up his daughter. The first was at Christmas time, and Judith hadn't been quite ready to go. So Tiffany had sat and chatted with her best friend's handsome father. She developed a crush on the man at that time. The second time she saw him was just before summer break, and he had taken the two girls out to dinner. Her crush had deepened.

She'd dreamed countless times of kissing him.

She got on the bed and crawled to Bob's head. His eyes were closed, and he had a goofy grin on his face.

She didn't ask for permission, or tell him what she was going to do.

She simply pressed her lips to his, and unleashed some of the passion sucking his cock had generated in her.

It was when Bob's tongue slid into her mouth, that she remembered what another set of lips and tongue had felt like, abusing her pussy in that noisy locker room, the night before. And when she broke the kiss, because she was getting dizzy, her out of control brain made her say the words it wanted communicated to this man.

"I want you to suck my pussy," she whispered.

Then she kissed him again.

Bob had his arms draped loosely around Kendi and Monica. They had each discovered that you could rub your pussy against the leg of a naked man, if you draped one of your legs over his. And, because Judith was between his thighs, busy learning something that had inflamed her to new heights, his legs were spread wide, giving each girl a thigh upon which to masturbate.

His arms were free, for the most part, and he was in the act of thinking about how to reach for Tiffany and maneuver her into sitting on his face, when his daughter, still firmly in Janice's "This will be our only chance!" mode, decided that, if this was to be her last opportunity, she was going to make the most of it. She pulled off of his wet, straining prick, and stood up. She knew she couldn't have him like she had the night before, with him on top. Somebody would stop them. He might even refuse. But her mind suggested another position that she might be able to get into before anybody could stop her.

"Move!" she barked to Kendi and Monica. She bent over and pulled her father's legs together. There wasn't an ounce of shame in her as she moved her feet to either side of his hips and squatted to sit, reaching for his stiff prod. They all knew what she'd done last night. And she wasn't ashamed of it. She could remember every detail of what had happened, and while parts of it had alarmed, or even frightened her at first, the end result was too beautiful to be ashamed of.

So it didn't matter if they saw her do it again.

Not even Janice realized what she was doing until Judith reached for his cock and lifted up onto her knees, tucking the only penis in the room toward her pussy.

"Judith!" gasped Janice, who had used this position with her uncle too. The emotion of the memory was what made her call her friend's name.

"No!" panted Judith, thinking Janice was trying to interfere. "Don't stop meeeeeeeeee."

Her elongated groan was a product of the fact that, for only the second time in her life, she was stuffed full of hard prick. And this time it went even deeper, pressing that peculiar spot deep inside of her that loved to be abused.

"Oh shit," she groaned. "It hurts!"

Janice was there beside her in an instant. This hadn't been in her plans for the morning, but it sealed the deal anyway. Janice was quite sure that, considering the event ongoing, she might be able to get some of that cock later herself, before they had to return to school.

"Lean forward," she gushed, taking Judith's hands and putting them on her father's chest.

Judith did, and the pressure eased. She sighed.

"That's better," she panted.

"Now move forward and back," urged Janice. "Rub your clitty against him."

Judith tried that.

And suddenly, she found something else she planned on doing with her father as often as possible.

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