Take Your Daughter To Work Day - Version Bravo

by Lubrican

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Chapter Sixteen

Francine came to check on the girls at eleven and Bob let her in. Their bags were packed and sitting neatly in the common area, but the girls were gone.

"Where are they?" she asked.

"Out exploring, I guess," he said. "They were badgering me and I told them to leave me alone."

"Some babysitter you are," said Francine, sourly.

"They're practically adults," he said.

"Yes, I'm aware you know that," she said, staring at him. "At least you know that about one of them!"

"Look," he said, warily. "As best I can tell, all they did was sow some wild oats. I don't think any harm was done. But there's nothing we can do about it now. Closing the door after the horse is gone won't do anybody any good. We'll meet them for lunch and you'll get your hooks back in them. Tonight you'll be back home and you can lock them in their cells again."

"Is that how you think of us?" she asked, angry now. "You and other parents all sent them there!"

"Her mother sent her there," said Bob. "She did that to punish me, so that I wouldn't get to spend much time with her. And it worked. If I hadn't invited her to come spend a day at work with her dad, I probably wouldn't have seen her for another two or three months. But I did get to spend time with her while she was here, and I found out how much I was missing. So things are going to change for us. I'm going to be seeing a lot more of her than I used to, and her mother be damned."

"And what about the girl who stayed with you last night?" asked Francine hotly. "Are you going to be seeing a lot more of her too? Or are you like other men who make a woman feel like she's the most special one in the world, and then walk away like she's something you used, but no longer need."

It was at that moment that Bob realized Francine was talking about Tiffany, rather than Judith. He felt relief wash through him. He could take the heat for having a relationship with Tiffany. Technically, she was above the age of consent in that state. But the general tenor of Francine's comment made him angry.

"For your information," he said, "when she graduates from the school her parents sent her to, probably because they didn't want her underfoot, she's welcome to come stay with me if she happens to want to go to college in New Mexico. I'd be just fine with that!"

"Did you tell her that?" gasped Francine. Please don't tell me you told an innocent, impressionable girl something like that."

"Of course I didn't tell her that," He said. He looked away. "But I guess I did mention it to Judith."

"Great," said Francine. "My world is now perfect."

"I'm sorry!" he barked. "I didn't plan this. I just got carried away. I don't date. Not after the pain of the divorce. There's no woman in my life. I hadn't realized how much I'd given up until it was suddenly possible to have it again."

She wanted to rage at him, but then she thought about herself. She had also chosen celibacy because of the pain of a relationship. And, like him, she hadn't realized how much she'd given up until she saw Brady again and realized she could have him after all. She'd crumbled like a sand castle hit by a wave. Why should she think he'd be any stronger.

She didn't know him that well, but her gut instinct was that he cared about Tiffany. And while he was literally old enough to be Tiffany's father, there were lots of relationships like that that had worked out in the past. And Tiffany might only have surrendered to a crush, and would grow out of it. Who knew? And if she didn't, well it sounded like her heart wouldn't be broken.

"Make sure you don't change your mind," she said.

"I'm not going to change my mind," he said, firmly.

She didn't know it, but now he was talking about Judith again.

Kendi knocked on the door with quiet taps. She heaved a sigh of relief when Randy opened it. He looked surprised.

"Hi," she said. "We don't have to be at the bus until three ... so I thought I'd come say goodbye."

Randy knew what bus she was talking about. He was assigned to make sure certain materials got on that bus, and then to ride it back to Albuquerque.

"I don't have to be there until about one," he said.

She looked at her watch. "That gives us three hours," she said, softly.

"To say goodbye," he sighed.

Ten minutes later they were both naked and he was on top of her, lustily prodding her pussy as she bucked up against him.

When Janice knocked on BD's door, Tank opened it.

"BD isn't here," he said, sounding vaguely sad.

"Where is he?" she asked.

"They have a weight room in the hotel," said Tank. "He likes to work out."

"Me too," she said, pushing past him into the room.


She turned to face him. Then she came to press herself up against him.

"Yeah," she whispered. She reached to squeeze his penis through his pants. "Can I work out with your bar and balls?"

He grinned. "My barballs? That's funny. I like that. I like you too, Janice."

"I know you do," she said, kissing him gently. "And I know why. Let's go to bed. I have somewhere to be at three."

BD's timing was perfect. He arrived at the room just as Janice rolled off of Tank, her pussy weeping thick, milky looking spunk and lay back gasping for air. Tank was breathing hard too.

"She came to see you," said Tank. "I kept her company until you got back."

"Sometimes you an asshole, Tank," said BD. "You know that?"

"Shut up and get over here," said Janice. "He got me ready for you. And you can take your time. I don't have to be anywhere until three."

"What about lunch?" asked BD as he took off his sweaty workout clothes.

"I'll have you for lunch," she said, holding out her arms to him.

"Let me take a shower," he said.

"We can take one together in a little bit," she said.

He climbed on. He was amazed at how easily she took his full length.

Maybe Tank really had gotten her ready.

Jo Jo's roommate answered the door to Monica's knock. She didn't know his name. He hadn't come back to the room last night after Jo Jo had talked to him at the banquet.

"You ruined him, girl," said the man. "He can't talk about anything but you."

"Really?" The pleasure in her voice was plain.

"And I can see why," said the man, leering at her.

"Who is it?" came Jo Jo's voice from deeper inside the room.

"It's your girlfriend," said the man over his shoulder.

Only seconds later Jo Jo pushed the man aside and stared at Monica.

"There's an equipment bus," she said. "They're taking us to our van on it before it goes back to ... wherever you guys are from," she said. It leaves at three." She looked at her watch in an obvious reference to how much time was left until three.

"You want to go to lunch together?" he asked.

"No," she said, staring him right in his eyes.

"You want to do something else?"

"Yes," she said.

"Is it what I think it is?" he asked.

"If you're not an idiot it is," she said, getting impatient.

"My roommate is here," he said.

"Make him promise not to watch," she said.

"He'll promise, but then he'll watch anyway," said Jo Jo.

She gripped his arms. "Jo Jo, in about four hours I'm going to go back to St. Clementine's, where I will have to be a good girl again. I'll never get to do something like this again. I'll graduate, and then go to college, and meet some nice, solid man that my parents will approve of, and get married and live a nice suburban life and have two point three children and a dog ... but I'll never get to do something like this ... with you ... again. Don't piss me off, Jo Jo, and tell your fucking roommate not to piss me off either."

Jo Jo pulled her inside. He turned to his roommate.

"I need you to go somewhere for an hour, Pretty Boy," he said.

"Not a chance in the world," grinned the man.

"I'll give you a thousand dollars to get lost for two hours," said Jo Jo.

"Two grand!" said the player called Pretty Boy.

"Fuck you!" growled Jo Jo.

"Now you're talking," said Pretty Boy, slyly. "She can fuck me and you can even stay here and watch."

"Eat me," said Jo Jo. He took Monica's hand and pulled her to the door.

"Where are we going?" she asked as he pulled her down the hall.

"I have an idea," he said.

He took her to the end of the hallway and turned left into another one. They went all the way to the end, where the door to the room on the left was closed, but not latched. Leading her inside, Monica saw a big screen against one wall and coffee cups, empty soda cans and other trash lying around everywhere.

"This is the room they set up so we could review tapes of the game," he said. "The press interviewed some of us here too. I hoped it wouldn't be closed yet."

"But somebody else could come here," she said.

He closed the door and swung the bar over the knob that would prevent anyone from opening the door more than an inch, even if they had a key.

"Let them," he said, pulling her to him.

Ten minutes later he was sucking a nipple lovingly as she pulled him on top of her and then directed his prick into her hungry pussy.

Tiffany walked slowly beside Judith as they window shopped.

"Thank you," she said, suddenly.

"What for?"

"For letting me find out what it's like," said Tiffany. "With your dad," she added.

"I was jealous at first," said Judith. "But then it went away somehow, and I didn't mind at all. You're my best friend. We share everything."

"Nobody would have expected you to share that with me," laughed Tiffany.

"Nobody would have expected me to be able to share that with you," said Judith, quite seriously. "I'm just glad everybody doesn't hate me."

"You mean the girls?" Tiffany shook her head. "Why would they hate you? They feel the same way about him you do." She frowned. "Well not the same way, exactly. But they got horny for him too. This has been a crazy weekend, that's for sure."

"What do you think the others are doing?" asked Judith. She had asked the group in general if they wanted to go shopping. Only Tiffany had said she was in.

"Probably what I wish I was doing," said Tiffany.

Judith looked sideways at her friend.

"You think you'll never get to do that again ... don't you."

"I never thought I'd ever get to do it," said Tiffany.

"Oh come on," scoffed Judith. "You're a babe. If we weren't at St. Clementine's you'd have boys all over you."

"It's easy to say that, but until this weekend I couldn't believe it."

"Well, just so you know, you will get to do it again," said Judith, smugly.

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah. At a minimum, whenever daddy comes to visit, he's going to have a motel room. He never took us to that in the past, but I bet that changes."

"Really?" squealed Tiffany. "Do you really think so?"

"And after we graduate, he said if I wanted to go to school in New Mexico, I could live with him while I did that." She looked straight at her friend. "He invited you too."

"Get out!" gasped Tiffany. Then her eyebrows creased and she said "Shit!" vehemently.

"What's wrong?" asked Judith.

"Now I have to get good enough grades to get accepted at college!"

Bob, Judith and Tiffany were sitting at a table, already munching on appetizers when Brady and Francine approached.

"Where are the others?" she asked, sitting down.

"We don't know," said Judith.

"Why not?" she asked.

"Because when I asked who wanted to go shopping, only Tiffany raised her hand," said Judith.

"They probably went to say goodbye to their ... um ... friends," said Tiffany.

"Friends," said Francine. "I can only imagine what that involves."

"You want me to try to find them?" asked Brady.

Francine bit her lip. Then she shook her head.

"They want to be grown up. They'll have to live with the consequences. Let's eat. I'm starved."

Between two-fifty five and three P.M. Monica, Kendi and Janice all showed up at the bus. Both Randy and Jo Jo had offered to walk the girls there, but both girls declined, telling their lovers much the same thing - that they didn't want the men to get into trouble.

"Why would I get into trouble?" asked Jo Jo.

"Because I lied to you," said Monica, her eyes serious. "I'm only seventeen."

He stared at her for most of a minute, and then spoke.

"So ... when you graduate, and go to college somewhere, will you tell me where that is so I can come visit you?"

"You won't want to come visit me," she said, sadly.

"I have to," he said.


"Because I can't take you home to meet my parents if I don't."

Kendi also confessed at the end. She cried as she did so, and begged his forgiveness for dishonoring him. He was also silent for most of a minute before he spoke.

"My father is five years older than my mother," he said. "They met when my dad was doing his post doc at UCLA. She was a student in one of his lectures. I am not concerned with the fact that you are only sixteen, though I do worry that by the time you are eighteen and I can talk about you to my parents, you will have forgotten all about me and fallen in love with some other man."

"That is impossible," she said. "I will never even look at another man."

He smiled. "You are a treasure. I hope you are right. Will you send me emails?"

"Constantly," she said. "I don't know what I'll do about this new hunger inside me, though."

"I wish I could come see you," he said.

"That would be ridiculous," she said.

"I know."

Neither knew that their relationship was already set in stone, because one of his swimmers had found the egg floating down her right fallopian tube, and penetrated it. They could not know that, by the time she walked into her familiar surroundings at St. Clementine's, the fertilized egg would have already implanted in her uterine wall, and that she was on her way to being the mother of his first son.

For Janice it was much easier.

"I'm going to miss you guys," she said, pulling her clothes on.

"Not as much as we're going to miss you," said BD.

"Maybe I'll try out to be a cheerleader for the Ocelots," she said, grinning.

"I'll make them hire you," said BD.

"You guys will find another plaything," she said.

"We don't want a different plaything," said Tank.

"Awwww," she said. "Now you're gonna make me cry."

She didn't. Not then. The crying would come later, back at St. Clementine's, when Janice found out that she was the only other girl out of all five who got pregnant that weekend.


Francine did a lot of soul searching as she drove the girls back to St. Clementine's. In the end, she confessed everything about herself to her mentor ... but did not say anything as to her suspicions about the girls. She decided that was between them and their confessors, should they decide to partake in that rite. She also did not speak with Father Michael.

Mother Mary agreed that the convent was not the appropriate place for Francine, and wished her well in her new life with Brady. She assured Francine she'd get a good teacher evaluation.

Mother Mary had second thoughts about that, but only for a few moments after she learned that first one, and then another of Francine's charges had sinned while on the trip. A new policy was developed, concerning overnight field trips. It was basically decided there would be none, hence forth.

Kendi's parents pulled her out of school and back to California. They then consulted their own parents, who calmly reminded them that marriages had been arranged in Japan for centuries. A visit with Randy's parents found them to be much less traditional. There was friction until Randy actually took Kendi to meet his parents. They found her delightful. There commenced a month of more friction, between the parents, as to what kind of wedding it would be, and where the young couple would live, and whether Randy would get a "real" job and so on. The kids, growing frustrated with all this, drove to Las Vegas and got married.

Of course it wasn't legal, because Kendi lied on the forms and said she was eighteen. But it got the attention of the parents and, in due course, a more legal ceremony was conducted.

Bob, feeling responsible, in part, for what had happened to Kendi, gave Randy a job that made the parents' concerns go away.

Janice's mother, when she was informed her daughter was pregnant, said "I sent her there because she was a slut. I see she's still a slut. Looks like I wasted my money. You won't get another dime of it, either."

Janice called her Uncle Jerry, who came to get her. She lived with him until her little brown baby was six months old and then sent a picture of the baby to BD in an email. Two months later she moved in with BD and Tank, in the little house they shared in Albuquerque. She lived with them for two more years, producing two more babies, until BD was traded to St. Louis. Tank offered to marry her. She accepted. He eventually retired from football and went to work for a big car dealership in Phoenix. He lost a hundred and ninety pounds, just so he could lie on top of Janice and make more babies in her. He and Janice stayed together the rest of their lives, raising eight children. Because "Uncle BD" was a regular visitor in the house, they never actually knew who fathered most of those children.

Fairy tales always end with "happily ever after" but real life isn't a fairy tale. Monica's ending, at least the part we know about, wasn't so happy. She went to college, and got seduced by a professor there, who knocked her up. He was married already and there was quite a stir about it. He called her a liar, and nobody would take her side.

Her parents cut her off and she survived on minimum wage flipping burgers until the baby was born and she could get a DNA test done. That proved she wasn't lying at all. He got fired, his wife divorced him, and he still took off, leaving Monica high and dry. She looked up Jo Jo, but corn-fed Iowa boys aren't interested in sloppy seconds. Her parents "forgave her" but her own pride prevented her from accepting help from them, because they abandoned her in the first place. The last any of the girls heard, she'd gone to California where she had an opportunity "in pictures" of a kind she didn't want to discuss in detail.

Judith and Tiffany did go to college together, and they did live with Bob. Tiffany only went one year, and then became a domestic goddess by marrying Bob while she was six months pregnant with his baby. Judith had her baby about a month after Tiffany's, something Tiffany never let her forget. Judith may have had Bob first, but Tiffany got pregnant first.

After that, nobody kept score any more. By the time she graduated with a Bachelors in Advertising and Marketing, Judith's belly had swelled twice, once with a boy and once with a girl. They were cared for by their Auntie Tiff, who was pregnant again.

Nepotism, which has been called "business incest " is common, and while nobody knew that Judith's babies had been fathered by their own grandfather, nobody was surprised that she became the director of marketing for the Ocelots. That career, in fact, went so well that when Bob retired, the owners kept her on.

Now their brood of ten children are tended by Bob and his young trophy wife, while his ice queen daughter seems, somehow, to keep getting pregnant, even though she never accepts a date. Dozens of football players have tried to get a date with her. Businessmen by more dozens have tried the same thing.

Everybody knows she lives with her father and his wife, her best friend.

Nobody has ever contemplated that working for Daddy all those years meant he might be "working" on her too.

But everybody knows the story about how, back when the Ocelots won their first Super Bowl, Coach Tanner brought his daughter to work with him that day ... and somehow, she just never quite left.

The End

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