Take Your Daughter To Work Day - Version Bravo

by Lubrican

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Chapter Five

Janice was rigid, but helpless under the flow of hot water. She had her eyes closed, partly because of the water in her face, but partly because the man holding her had wasted no time at all slidng his hand under her skirt and firmly inserting a large, strong finger deep into her pussy.

The only thing she could think about was how crazy the whole thing was. Take the guy who was molesting her at the moment, for example. He was as black as the ace of spades. He was, in fact, the first black person she had ever actually touched. That was significant because her father was a dyed-in-the-wool bigot of the first degree, who had preached to her throughout her youth about how subhuman blacks were. And yet, this man's lips felt just like any other warm lips she had kissed, and his finger, digging deep in her pussy was, astonishingly, about to bring her to an orgasm, just like other fingers had brought her to orgasm.

Another aspect of her confusion was that when he'd first approached her, she'd seen his penis. Other than the fact that it was coal black, it looked very much like other erect male members she'd seen. All this rattled her preconceptions and mystified her. And what she was mystified about the most, was that she couldn't imagine being anywhere else, or doing anything else than she was right this instant.

Then the arms around her crushed her and she felt like a doll as those thick lips sucked at her slim pink ones. As she started kissing the man back, all she could think about was intense curiosity about whether or not that black penis would feel just like the others had ... if it slid inside her body.

Kendi squealed as a pair of hands slid between her upper arms and came around to lay flat on her slim breasts. The fingers went to her nipples, through the thin cloth, as if it wasn't even there. She managed to whirl, facing her captor. She was immediately kissed, and her hips were pulled against something that was clearly an erection. Then the kiss was broken and she found herself staring into the blue eyes of a young man. The panic that had started to well up inside her faltered as the man's perfectly normal face stared back at her, and he merely held her, instead of assaulting her further.

"You're hot!" he said, happily. "I'm Phil."

"I'm Kendi," she said automatically.

"Come on," said Phil. "I don't want one of the players to take you away from me!"

He pulled her toward a door in the back wall. It had a sign on it that said "Equipment Room."

Monica knew things had gotten out of control, but that was about all she could concentrate on other than looking around for Janice. Her Batgirl cowl had slipped sideways and she couldn't see very well. The hood and cowl were all of her costume that was left to her. She was, otherwise, naked. She knew this because she could feel hands sliding all over her naked, wet body. Additionally, both of her hands were full of what could only be hard male cocks. A hand squeezed her left butt cheek. Suddenly a finger teased her anal opening. One leg lifted off the floor. It was, in reality, her body's attempt to begin running, but all it did was open her up more.

"Wait!" she screeched. "Not in my butt!"

"Okay, baby," a deep voice growled in her ear. The finger was removed and the hand it was on slid around her hip to her front, where the finger probed again, finding her puffy labia. "Here?" asked the voice, as her pussy was speared by the invading digit.

"Uhhhh!" she gasped, squeezing both penises in her hands.

Then she couldn't say anything because lips covered hers and it was all she could do to get some air through her nose.

Tiffany was startled, both by the sudden noise of the team charging into the locker room, and the fact that her best friend was suddenly gyrating wildly on the table beside her. So she just started dancing, like Judith had. Then as she performed a turn, a young man in a football uniform was suddenly in front of her, staring up at her with wide eyes and a grin on his face. He had a bottle of champagne in his hand, and after tipping it up while he watched her dance, he shoved it up toward her.

She took the bottle and suddenly wondered what the heck they were doing. She continued to spin around, in a part of her dance routine that was completely habitual, and took no conscious thought. She had no idea that her skirt had flowed up and out, exposing her bare butt and pussy to the player. But the champagne hit the bottom of her empty stomach and the buzz that the emotions of the moment had caused, was accentuated by the alcohol. She took another swig and then had to stop to catch her balance.

That's when the grinning player in front of her reached to lift her uniform skirt, stared at her virgin pussy for a few seconds, and then leaned in to push his face between her legs. She squawked as his hands reached to grab bare buttocks and pull her firmly against his face. Then, the first male lips ever to touch her sex found and sucked happily on her teenaged clitty.

The only reason she didn't fall backwards was because, suddenly, her best friend was there to catch her under her arms.

Just like that, her lower body was supported by the football player, and her upper body was supported by Judith.

All she could think about was how fantastic it felt between her legs.

Janice saw the last piece of her Supergirl costume sail towards the wall, where it stuck with a wet splat, before falling to the floor. She was surrounded by naked men. Big ... hairy ... muscular men, one of whom had just been the one to complete her nakedness. She saw another naked woman pinned to the wall by a man who was jerking his hips upwards over and over again, making the woman's body bob up and down as it slid on the wet tiles. It was obvious what they were doing, but Janice couldn't believe it.

The man she now thought of as "her" football player had one of her shoulders in each of his hands, as he held her at arm's length and looked her naked body up and down.

"I'm 'onna get me some of that," he grunted happily.

Then he pushed her against the wall behind her, still held up off the floor by the incredible muscles of his arms. His face came towards hers, and suddenly she couldn't breathe because her lips were covered, and her mouth was full of his tongue. She could feel the stubble of his beard scraping her chin. His naked knee came between her own and moved her right one outward. What he wanted was as plain as the nose on his face, which was pressed against the nose on hers.

It seemed like a dream and, as if that's what it really was, she spread her knees apart to let him have what he wanted.

Ten seconds later, the dream became reality as a long, stiff prick slid into her pussy. Both that and his weight, pressing her against the wall, took any breath she might have used to complain.

His hands went to her ass.

He started bouncing her.

Kendi's heart was thundering in her chest as the man kissed her over and over again. His hands seemed to be everywhere at once. The hood had been pulled off her head, and somehow the zipper on the front of her costume had gotten pulled down to her belly button. It was much more quiet in the little equipment room he'd pulled her into, and that helped her in her effort to try to think about what to do.

One of his hands found hers, and dragged it to the lump inside his pants.

"See what you do to me?" he mumbled into her lips.

She couldn't help but give that lump a tentative squeeze.

His hands moved to drag the top of her leopard outfit down, exposing her naked breasts.

Judith's mind was awash with a complicated mixture of terror and excitement. She couldn't believe what she was looking at as she danced wildly on the table. She had caught Tiffany as the girl leaned backwards, overbalancing when that man had pushed his face right up against her coochie. But she hadn't been able to hold her for long, and eventually she'd let the girl down, her back lying on the table while the football player supported her lower body.

Then Judith had started dancing again. She kept moving for two reasons. One - the reason she had started moving in the first place - was because moving released the insane pressure inside her, and dancing dirty was the best kind of movement to do that. But she kept moving because she saw what had happened to Tiffany when her best friend had stopped dancing. Tiffany suddenly looked impossibly pregnant, because there was a huge bulge under the front of her uniform skirt. The fact that Tiffany's head was thrown back, and her eyes were tightly closed, combined with the way her hands gripped the shoulder pads of the man attached to the head that was making her look pregnant, simply let Judith know Tiffany was having a good time.

It was obvious he wasn't just kissing her there. She couldn't hear the smacking sounds that she often made when her own head was planted between her friend's thighs, but she could imagine them.

Judith wasn't at all sure she could take having some stranger push his face between her legs and do to her what that guy was doing to Tiffany. Things had gotten out of control... way out of control.

Tiffany's body suddenly convulsed, and Judith had to take a step forward as the table rocked. Tiffany's hips were bucking, now, her knees wide and her hands went to grip the hair of the football player. Judith watched in awe as her friend humped her pussy against the man's face!

Judith looked away and found at least four men staring at her with hungry eyes. Somehow, she thought that moving would dissuade them from coming closer, so she continued dancing, gyrating madly. She was quite sure that if she didn't keep moving - and moving fast - then one of those men was going to do things to her that had never been done to her before.

Francine had opened several doorways in the hallway the woman with the clipboard had pointed to. The first three had yielded no usable information. After going into the fourth door, she had just found three full sets of St. Clementine's uniforms - including underwear! - when the noise level and a sudden thundering of men in the hallway outside informed her the game was over. She went to the door and watched as elated men streamed by and pushed through double doors further down the hallway. She waited while the jostling, pushing men laughed. More than one of them stared at her curiously. Finally, all of them had disappeared and she stepped out into the hallway.

She wondered where her girls were. Even more, she wondered why at least three of her girls had gotten undressed. The costumes in that room suggested the girls had changed clothes. But why?

Another group of men entered the hallway. These were not football players. They wore team regalia, but not football uniforms.

She stepped out into the hallway to confront them, and enlist their aid in finding her girls.

The back of Janice's head bounced off the hard tile wall as she was jerked around. She'd had sex before, but it was nothing like this. First, she had felt equal measures of panic and being stuffed so much that her hips ached from trying to spread her thighs wider. Then, what the man's penis was doing to her clitty made her functionally unable to think of anything else. The only reason she knew her head had hit the wall (and hurt!) was because he'd had to stop to get a better grip on her ass, or risk having her slid down the wall and possibly rip his cock off.

Then he got his grip, and started using her body to jack himself off with.

That she had an orgasm while he was doing that was neither his purpose, or even among his cares.

Tiffany lay on the table, her knees up and wide spread, her calves draped limply over the man's shoulders. Her heels bobbed as her legs moved. He was very energetic in his endeavors. She hoped the man sucking her pussy would never stop.

Judith stared down at her best friend. The man eating her pussy had pushed his pants down, exposing a very stiff penis. Hands had begun to reach out and touch her own legs while she gyrated. She was scared now, because she was absolutely sure that Tiffany was about to lose her virginity.

And the sinking feeling in her gut suggested that before much longer, she'd be in exactly the same situation!

"Help!" shouted Francine. "I need your help, please!"

Tommy Hill was among the gaggle of coaches, assistant coaches and assorted other employees of the team who were following their winning Super Bowl warriors to the locker room. Tommy had bragged that the party they were about to attend was one they'd never forget. He knew about Zoe's plans and preparations, including the costumes, and like everyone else, he assumed Francine was either a dancer or hooker. He was about to tell her where to go when Brady Hopkins, the assistant coach for special teams, pushed past him.

"Francine?" yelled Brady. "Francine Fox?!"

Francine stopped, stunned. "Brady?" Her voice was suddenly weak.

"It is you!" yelled Brady. "Where have you been? I looked everywhere for you! Why are you dressed like that?"

Tommy, who had been looking forward to making a grand entrance with the coaches, and unveiling his fabulous party, was miffed that this woman had spoiled the surprise. Since he knew every dancer who was one of Jerome's girls, and every costume those dancers used at Club Exotica, he knew that this "nun" must be one of Snooky's hookers.

"She's a whore, Brady," he said, loudly. "And you can have her for free today. I set it all up!" he crowed, proudly.

"What?!" yelled both Brady and Francine at the same time.

"You heard me," bragged Tommy. "I hired hookers for the party. Come on, guys. Just wait until you meet all the others. Come on. We have to hurry! The players got there first. Don't let them get all the good ones!"

Excited men hustled along behind Tommy. None of them had expected this. But the idea, even if a man's instinct was not to participate, was still exciting. They were all curious, and wanted to see what was going on in the locker room.

Only Brady and Francine were left, standing slack-jawed, staring at each other in consternation. They hadn't seen each other in over two years.

Not since her abrupt departure had ended their affair.

It all came rushing back to both of them. They had been teachers at Covington North High School, in Cincinnati. She taught English, and he was the phys ed teacher and coach. It wasn't odd that Brady had noticed Francine Fox. Just about every male in the school did. She was officially titled "Miss Fox" and for some, it was a last name, a simple appellation. But for many others, it was a description.

Francine Fox was a good looking woman, and every male who saw her recognized that. Moreover, she was a highly sexed woman. And the man she had wanted to be highly sexed with was Brady Hopkins.

The only problem was that Brady Hopkins was married ... and it wasn't to Francine Fox.

To be honest, she hadn't intended to get involved with a married man. And she resisted the pull he seemed to exert on her, which she felt in her loins and her nipples, which went instantly turgid every time she saw him. But his easy smile struck her with a power that left her literally weak in her knees, and she just couldn't resist him.

This is not to say that Brady himself set out to conquer the hottie the boys in school called "Foxy Fox." When he'd met Johanna at the altar, he'd known she was unsettled, and flighty, and prone to have a new interest every week. She was a thinker, and thinking often led her off on tangents in her life. But he loved her, so he married her. Two years later, she "discovered" she was a lesbian, and started taking female lovers. She also lost interest in his penis. She was apologetic ... contrite, even. She hadn't meant to hurt him. Neither of them believed in divorce, and they tried to pretend that the marriage could still succeed. It was during this time that Brady met Foxy Fox, who was everything he actually deserved, in a wife.

He couldn't resist her either, though to continue being honest, he didn't try very hard. It had been a long time for Brady, and Francine was an ardent and eager lover, once she finally gave up trying to resist her own attraction to him. It had happened at a school dance, where they were chaperones. They had gravitated to the same dark corner, knowing that's where kids might head toward, because there was a drape-covered opening that led under the bleachers there. They had gone under the bleachers together ... just to check it out, of course. There had, in fact, been students under there, who had scurried out when the teachers arrived.

So they just stayed a while, to discourage others from seeking the same place to do what all teenagers liked to do. They had talked. But what teenagers like to do in the privacy of the dark under the bleachers, adults are just as prone to. Suddenly they had been kissing. Neither of them planned it, but it just happened. And, just as suddenly, their hands had been everywhere. Brady, of course, knew where a soft place to lie down was, which was how they ended up in the mat storage room.

There had followed three mad, crazy, lust-filled months, during which Brady learned what a woman who doesn't hold back can be like, and Francine finally found a man who was so smitten with her that he could get hard in seconds, and stay hard for an hour.

But the problem of his marital status finally took its toll. All he told her about his wife, was that the love had died. He didn't explain it all. And Francine felt guilty because she was quite sure she was a distraction that kept him from trying to make things work with the woman he had married. She was Catholic. He was not. But she had lapsed long ago, and religion wasn't the problem. The problem was that she couldn't resist him. And when she couldn't resist him during very dangerous times in her cycle, she knew she was in too deep.

It was then she went to the sisters, and begged them to help her with what she thought of as her sexual addiction. They had taken her in. Part of her "treatment plan" was to remove herself from the place where the temptation was the highest, so they sent her to St. Clementine's.

This was the first time Brady had seen her since then.

"You're a prostitute?!" gasped Brady.

"No!" squealed Francine. The look of horror on her face could have been interpreted as horror that someone she knew had found out her dirty little secret. Or it could have been honest horror at the assumption Tommy's pronouncement might be believed. Brady, being a glass-half-full kind of guy, went with the latter interpretation.

"What happened to you?" he asked, reaching for her elbow. She had disappeared from his life without a trace, and now that he'd found her again he felt the need to physically hold onto her.

Francine's mind whirled. The conflict she found herself in was something she wasn't prepared for. She needed to find the girls. What was all that stuff that man had said about hookers? And here was Brady... touching her again. Already, her body had started to react to his presence. She felt her nipples crinkling, and almost looked down at the front of her habit, but then remembered the heavy, utilitarian white bra she was wearing, which had panels in it precisely to prevent such emotional loss of control from being displayed.

"What are you doing here?" she asked, bewildered by all the things she had to think about at once.

"I'm an assistant coach," he said, automatically. "Where did you go? I looked for you for months! Nobody knew where you had gone. I even filed a police report!"

"I had to leave, Brady!" she moaned. Her mental overload allowed what she was thinking to spill out of her mouth. "I wanted to have your baby, Brady!"

People, mostly men, but with a sprinkling of women, were streaming by them now, headed for the locker room. Most of them had cameras. One pair, a man with a video camera perched on his shoulder, and a woman with a microphone in her hand, stopped beside Brady and Francine. The woman spoke into the microphone.

"Jessica Finnley for Action Sports. Coach Hopkins! How does it feel to have won your very first Super Bowl?" She shoved the microphone in Brady's face, and looked curiously at the nun the coach appeared to be escorting somewhere. At least he had a firm grip on her elbow.

"Great," said Brady. "I have to go now."

He turned and tugged Francine in the opposite direction the crowd was heading. The babble of voices was loud.

"Wait!" said Francine, digging in her heels. "I have to find my girls."

"Your girls?" asked Brady, whose confusion now had him almost as incapacitated as Francine felt.

"I brought five girls to the game," she yelled. "I have to find them. A woman told me they came this way and said something about a party."

Brady may be forgiven for jumping to entirely the wrong conclusion. He'd been divorced for a year and a half now. When Francine had disappeared, and he had shown so much interest in finding her, his wife had finally suggested they make their break formal. So now she was his ex-wife. He still hadn't been able to dip back into the dating scene. And whenever he saw a woman who was attractive, the first thing he thought about wasn't "I wonder if she might sleep with me." Instead, it was "I wonder if she's a dyke." So when Francine, a woman he was almost violently attracted to, said she'd brought five girls to the Super Bowl ... he interpreted it completely wrong.

"You're a lesbian?" he yelled. Several people stared at them, and two stopped.

"What?!" she yelled, confused. "No! Of course not! What are you talking about?"

"Five girls?" yelled Brady in response.

"Five students!" called out Francine. "I'm still a teacher, Brady."

"In a convent?" The look on his face was priceless.

"Sort of," she yelled. "It's complicated. I'll explain later. Right now I have to find the girls. Will you help me?"

Brady's thought processes were operating at lightning speed. There was no question about it. He had lost the love of his life, and now he'd found her again. There was no way he was letting her out of his sight. And he would do anything she asked him to do. Literally. There would come a time when it wouldn't be so loud, and they could talk, and she could explain, and everything would be okay again.

"Of course!" he yelled. "Let's go."

Judith knew she'd drunk too much of whatever was in the cups that people kept giving her. But the noise, and all the excited men who were suddenly all around her table made her take big gulps. The men were yelling things. It was hard to tell if they were yelling at her, or at Tiffany. One of the things being yelled a lot was "Take it off!" She weaved a bit as she turned her head to look at Tiffany, and decided they weren't yelling at her, because the football player who had been devouring her pussy was now helping her remove her uniform shirt. Judith could feel her breasts bobbing and moving as she gyrated to the music. Her nipples itched so much she wanted to squeeze them. Maybe if she took her own shirt off, it would stop scraping her tender, turgid nipples.

A man reached for her skirt, and lifted it up.

"Shaved pussy!" he yelled, and two more men leaned in to stare at her crotch, their noses only a foot away from her body.

"This one too," called out Tiffany's football player. He was standing now, his fist gripping his dripping prick, staring at her now bared breasts, and holding her skirt up as well, to display what he had been so eagerly slobbering into. He was anticipating pushing the tip of his cock between those shaved lips. He decided to take his jersey and pads off first, so he could press his chest against those soft looking tits as he powered his dick into her tight pussy.

Then, suddenly, Judith's skirt was being pulled past her hips. She felt, more than heard, the zipper rip apart, and suddenly all she was wearing was her uniform shirt.

"Lose the blouse, baby!" called out a man. "Show us them titties!"

The human psyche is intensely interesting. A young girl in Judith's situation could be expected to react in panic. But if the psyche is strong, and a girl's self image is firmly confident, she might react differently. Judith did. What her mind reminded her was that all these men worked for her father. Surely they wouldn't hurt her. They couldn't. They'd be fired if they did! At the same time, she wasn't about to scream out who she was, and warn them away. That would be humiliating. This couldn't go on that much longer. Order would be restored. And when it was, she'd grab up her clothes, and Tiffany's clothes, and they'd escape to someplace private and get dressed again and everything would be okay again.

Of course an adult wouldn't have thought about it that way at all. But Judith wasn't quite there yet.

So, to keep things going until order was restored, her fingers went to her blouse buttons. Something deep in her brain tried to argue with this reasoning, but she'd had too much of the bubbly stuff in the Solo cups, and the smiles on the men's faces made her feel like she was special.

She pulled the shirt apart, and let it slide down her arms as the men cheered and clapped. Her nipples, instead of calming, now demanded that she reach to squeeze them.

Men whistled. Hands touched her hips again. Suddenly, a finger found her pussy lips, pried them apart, and tried to push inside them. Only by stepping back did she avoid being penetrated. But the only reason she stepped back was because the finger pushed her body, trying to gain entry.

"Hey!" yelled Tiffany, who had sat up to watch her football player struggling to remove his jersey and shoulder pads, but then looked to see what Judith was doing. "Don't do that! She's a virgin!" Her voice sounded slurred, and she was dizzy from sitting up too quickly. The result was that she fell back down on the table. That splayed her naked body back, and open. The man who had so assiduously gotten her going had stepped a little too far back as he tried to get naked. Other men stepped forward to take his place. Judith went to help her friend and, as the table tipped, went down in a tangle of parts of her naked best friend, and what seemed like a hundred arms and hands, all belonging to big, yelling football players.

Judith was jostled this way and that. It seemed like there were hands all over her body. Then, suddenly, there was a louder yell, and she felt herself falling. Her naked bottom hit the floor, and she stared up at the men all around her. They seemed like they were ten feet tall, all staring down at her. Then there was a roar, and they were moving back, away, and she was confused, until one, single figure came toward her between the wall of men.

He leaned over, his face over hers, and spoke.


Judith giggled. She knew she was in trouble, but the look on his face was so funny she just had to laugh.

"Hi, Daddy!" she squealed.

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