Take Your Daughter To Work Day - Version Bravo

by Lubrican

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Chapter Eleven

After the press conference it was time for lunch and Bob took them all to a fancy restaurant. The girls noticed that Sister Francine sat next to Brady. When she said she was tired from all the excitement, and was thinking about taking a nap, Brady said he had some game tapes to review, so she'd have peace and quiet to take her nap in.

Judith thought about the fact that, if Sister Francine was taking a nap, that meant she couldn't be chaperoning the girls.

"Daddy?" she asked, innocently, "How late will the banquet last tonight?"

"These things tend to drag on," he answered. "Dinner is at seven, and I'm told there will be dancing afterwards, so it could go a while."

"Can we stay and dance?" she asked. "Pleeease?" she added.

"I don't know," he said. He looked at Francine. "What do you think?"

Francine had been distracted by the fact that, when Brady said he'd go find something else to do while she took a nap, he had squeezed her hand under the table, and then moved his hand to her thigh.

"Dancing seems to have gotten them in trouble before this," she said. Brady slid his hand higher on her thigh and she trembled. Why was she so helpless around this man?! "But maybe this kind of dancing will be better."

Bob thought about what he was pretty sure was going to happen when they got back to the room that night. With no little shame, he felt his penis start to fill with blood.

"Yeah," he said. "They can stay up late one night. What could happen in a crowded banquet hall?"

Francine and Brady were gone, having gotten up at the same time. Brady had mumbled something about reviewing game tapes again. Janice got up as well, saying she needed to use the powder room.

Bob looked at the four remaining girls, his daughter among them. They were all looking at him. He recognized the predatory look in their eyes, and was amazed that girls so young could make that look seem so normal.

"If we're going to stay up late," said Judith, innocently, reaching under the table to slide her hand up the inside of her father's thigh, "then maybe we should take a nap too."

"We?" he asked, blanching.

"Us girls," she said, fluttering her eyelashes at him and sliding her hand high enough to encounter his stiffening prick. She gave it a little squeeze.

"Um ... surely you ladies can think of something to do other than take a nap."

What he had meant, in his mind, as he said that, was that the girls were young, and away from school on an adventure, and that the city offered them a hundred distractions. What girl would want so sleep instead of going exploring?

But, of course, that's not how the girls interpreted his comment.

"I can think of something I want to do," sighed Tiffany.

"Me too," said Monica.

Janice came back and sat down.

"They got on the elevator together," she said. "They were holding hands again."

"Who?" asked Bob, who was the only person who didn't know instantly who Janice was talking about.

"I don't think anybody's going to take a nap in his room," she added, salaciously.

"How can that happen?" moaned Monica. "They can't do that! Everybody knows that!"

"Who?" asked Bob. "What are you talking about?"

"She's talking about Sister having sex with your assistant coach," said Judith, squeezing his cock again.


"See?" said Monica. "Even he knows nuns can't have sex!"

Bob sat and tried to think as his daughter's hand played in his lap. He remembered asking Brady how he and Francine knew each other, but he'd never gotten an answer. He knew Brady was divorced, but couldn't remember a single time the man had said he had a date. Bob had never seen him with a woman either. And now he was holding a nun's hand? And he'd offered to let her sleep in his room? And she hadn't demurred? True, Bob had told Brady he could pick anywhere else he wanted to sleep, but Brady hadn't said anything about where he'd spent the night. That seemed odd, now, in retrospect. It should have come up during conversation, if only for Brady to let Bob know that it hadn't caused any problems. Could he have stayed in his room too? With Sister Francine?

"If we're all going to take a nap before Sister Francine finishes what she's ... um doing ... then we need to get going," said Judith, squeezing the length of Bob's cock firmly.

"Nap?" Janice looked around. "Us?"

"With Daddy," said Judith. "He's old and needs his rest." She squeezed him again, grinning.

"Stop that!" he barked. "I'm not going up to that room to contribute to the debauchery of your friends."

"I think the debauchery is already complete," said Janice, dropping comfortably into her role as a debauching influence herself. "Kendi, over there, has been solicited to have anal sex before, and none of us are virgins."

"I am!" yipped Tiffany, automatically.

"Then you don't have to do anything," said Janice.

"But I want to!" complained the only virgin in the group.

"I've had sex before," said Monica, proudly. "With my cousin. But he wasn't very good and I didn't have an orgasm. I'd sure like to find out what it's like to have an orgasm doing that, instead of with my fingers." She pinked up as she realized how much information she'd just given the group. She hadn't meant to do that, only to lend her support at getting Bob to let them play.

"This is insane," said Bob.

"The only insane thing," said Janice, "is that a big, handsome man like you, who isn't married, would even think about turning down five pretty young girls who just want to find out what it's like to be with a big, handsome man. None of us are going to ask you to marry us. And tomorrow we're going back to school and you'll never see us again." She frowned. "Well, except for Judith, of course."

"And me," said Tiffany, breathlessly. "He takes us out to dinner sometimes." She didn't elaborate on how "once" somehow morphed into "sometimes." Neither did Judith.

"What, exactly, do you want me to do?" asked Bob, carefully.

"Well, not what you do to Judith, of course," said Janice smoothly, who was imagining herself pulling the same stunt Judith had by mounting the man while he was more or less helpless. "Just play around ... you know ... maybe some kisses. And we'll suck your cock again."

Tiffany was thinking about that man sucking her pussy again. She was sitting on the other side of Bob from Judith. She didn't want to say it out loud, but she turned to stretch up and put her lips next to his ear.

"I still want you to lick my pussy," she whispered, boldly. In the process of doing this, her right hand slid onto his right thigh, and her fingertips ran into Judith's hand. When Judith felt that, she reached for her friend's hand and brought it on top of Bob's boner. She squeezed Tiffany's hand, which made Tiffany squeeze Bob's cock.

What normal, healthy man could stand up against that kind of thing?

Well, I'm sure there are a lot of men out there who would claim they could. You know, people like important pillars of the community, or Republican Senators, or influential Democrat congressmen, or even judges or clergy.

No. Wait. I'm sorry. All of those types of men have been exposed as having jumped at a chance like this.

So I guess it would be unfair to assume Bob, who was merely the head coach of a winning football team, could resist such an offer either.

Of course I have the advantage ... because I know he didn't refuse, in the end.

Janice was the mistress of ceremonies for a complicated series of reasons. First, she was a natural leader in the group. For another thing, she had her own goal in mind, and so wanted to pull the strings to get what she wanted. Further, she was the most experienced, sexually speaking, of the group, and knew what kinds of things happened in the bedroom. What that means is that she had experienced things that the other girls had only heard about.

Finally, she knew the other girls too, and what they might or might not be able to tolerate.

Like Kendi, for instance. Kendi had confessed that she'd had sex before, but had already said she didn't want to do that with Bob. Janice intuited from her comments and behavior that while Kendi thought Bob was cute, and might play a little, he was too old for her. But she did want to participate. So once Bob was laid out naked on his bed, she started the festivities by having Kendi crawl on top of him and carefully settle her tightly closed pussy lips on top of his boner while she leaned forward, supporting herself with her hands on his chest, like they'd seen Judith do.

"Now move forward and back," said Janice to Kendi. "Mr. Tanner, twiddle her nipples while she does that."

"Please don't call me that," said Bob, already breathing more deeply than usual. "It makes me feel old."

"You are old," said Kendi, distracted enough by what she was already feeling that what she was thinking but hadn't meant to say, slipped out anyway. Janice smiled as her suspicions were confirmed.

"Kendi!" scolded Judith, who was pinching her own nipples, quite likely an unconscious response to Janice's instruction to Bob.

"Do my nipples," panted Kendi, picking up the pace. "This feels wonderful!"

"I told you," preened Janice. "But be careful. If you move too far, he might slip in you. And he's not wearing a condom."

She paused, surprised that she hadn't thought about that little problem before this. She looked at Bob.

"Do you have any condoms?"

He shook his head. "I don't date," he panted. "I don't have sex."

"My mother ruined him," said Judith. "Or tried to," she added.

"This feels goood!" groaned Kendi. "Please, Mr. Tanner, play with my nipples."

"Call me Bob," he insisted.

"Bob!" she yipped. "Please!"

He reached for the tips of the mere swells that were her breasts. She had small breasts, but prominent nipples, at least when she was fired up. And she was fired up now. Like the other girls who weren't virgins, all the sex she'd engaged in (twice in this case) had been hurried, uncomfortable and less than satisfying. At least to her. Now she was able to do what she was doing without worrying about being caught, or getting in trouble.

And it was a lot better ... even if he wasn't inside her. In fact, since he wasn't inside her she didn't have to worry about getting pregnant. And all of that translated, when he gripped both her nipples and squeezed, turning and pulling them away from her body mass, into the best orgasm she'd ever had in her life.

She sobbed as she had it, but everyone could tell they were sobs of happiness. She kept moving until things got too sensitive, and then she fell lifelessly to lie beside him. One hand went to her pussy, where her fingers seemed to explore, eventually settling into s languid, gentle, circular motion.

"I want to try that," moaned Monica, who immediately crawled on.

Monica was taller, tall enough, in fact, that she could reach his mouth with the tips of her breasts as she settled down with her labia in the same position as Kendi's had been. She started moving, and immediately realized her hips were too far forward, because with each surge backwards, the tip of his cock wanted to catch in the opening of her pussy.

Rather than abandon the sweet, stinging sensations his lips were causing to shoot from her nipples to her loins ... she just decided to be careful, and kept going.

Tiffany was antsy. He hadn't told her he wouldn't do it. But he hadn't said he would either. Watching Kendi and now Monica riding him like that reminded her of how when Judith had made those motions on top of him, that penis had been standing straight up, deep inside her, rather than lying on his stomach.

She wanted to suck it again. She wanted him to suck her. She even wanted to see what it felt like to have something like that inside her. She knew what a finger felt like. She even knew what two of Judith's fingers felt like. But she'd never had the courage to put the "community" dildo inside her. It actually belonged to Susan Morgan, but she let other girls use it for a modest fee of one dollar.

"Hurry up," she said, without meaning to say it out loud.

As if her comment was the cause, when Monica slid backwards this time, she wasn't careful enough to lift her hips in just that way that made her clit slide up and over the knob of his cock. In fact, her movement was making his foreskin move just enough to uncover that knob, and as she powered back, the pointed shape of the helmet did what it was intended to do.

It slipped effortlessly into her pussy. In less than a second, she was full of cock.

"Oh fuck," she groaned, automatically.

"Hey!" grunted Bob, aware of what had happened.

"I didn't mean to," she said, pulling forward again. But somehow, when she got the tip of his penis almost out, she couldn't resist sliding back down onto it.

"What's going on?" asked Janice, who sensed something was wrong.

"I think it's in her!" said Tiffany, who had been watching the tip of the penis she was so interested in appear and disappear as Monica moved. Suddenly she didn't see it appear any more.

"I didn't mean to!" gasped Monica, whose clit was still being rubbed, but who now had all the nerve endings in her vagina being massaged as well.

"Hey!" warned Bob. "You need to get off. This isn't good."

"She's almost there," said Janice, who thought of this as a good precedent for later, when she intended to do exactly the same thing Monica had just done.

"You don't get it," he panted. "If she keeps doing that I'm going to cum!"

"Don't you dare cum in her," warned Judith, as if she had actual authority to make such a ban.

"I won't be able to help it!" he groaned.

"I'll help," said Janice, who promptly slid her hand between the lovers and began manipulating Monica's clit expertly, just like she did sometimes back at school. Monica sat up, instinctively, and turned her face to Janice, who promptly kissed her with tongue.

That did it, and Monica froze, groaning and whining into Janice's mouth as an orgasm she'd never forget washed through her like sunlight playing over her skin.

"Get off!" gasped Bob.

Janice reached for her friend and pulled, as Monica flailed, losing her balance. Both of them tumbled to the carpet beside the bed and Bob's cock flopped wetly on his stomach. He reached for it and squeezed hard. He'd been right on the edge of shooting, but squeezing it off solved that problem.

"It's too sensitive right now," he said. "If anybody plays with it, it will shoot."

Tiffany's emotional state was on the equivalent of red alert, except that she wanted something to happen. She'd seen a picture, smuggled into school and hidden in the party room, of a woman, lying on top of a man. Her mouth was covering his penis, and his head was between her thighs. It had looked intriguing, though at the time she didn't think she could put her mouth on a man's penis.

That had changed.

Whether she didn't really hear his warning, or whether some part of her mind ignored it will never be known. What she did was imitate the picture she'd seen. Bob, seeing a fresh, young, shaven pussy descending toward his mouth, did what most men would do.

He feasted.

And she swallowed his dick whole. It may have been the shock of feeling him dive into her pussy, or her hands may have just slipped on the slick sheets. For whatever reason, her nose plowed into his balls as the tip of his cock slid past her gag reflex.

Without even trying, Tiffany learned how to deep throat.

She learned how to keep doing it by virtue of the fact that, if she pulled back too far, her gag reflex was tickled again, and she went back down, rather than pulling off.

The premise of Gerard Damiano's film, starring Linda Lovelace, was that an "unusual birth defect" caused a woman to be able to have orgasms by having part of her throat massaged by the head of a penis. There wasn't much discussion in the public forum on whether or not such a premise was ridiculous or not. Back then sex wasn't discussed in the public forum. At least not like it is these days. But privately, a number of "experts" all argued with each other on whether such a thing could be real or not.

Whether other women experienced this effect or not is also up for argument. But Tiffany could have resolved it, because Tiffany suddenly discovered that, if she kept that thing deep in her throat, and moved up and down only an inch, the sensations that coursed to her pussy practically made an orgasm explode in her loins. She couldn't make a sound. She could barely breathe. But she enjoyed the fuck out of that orgasm. What his mouth was doing only amplified the feeling and in that moment, Tiffany Baldridge was the happiest she had ever been in her young life.

She also made the thing that had given her that orgasm unload ... just as Bob had warned about.

She was grinding her pussy against his face. His tongue was as deep in her pussy as he could get it. He knew that he was about to spurt, but since his cock was in a mouth instead of a pussy, that didn't seem like such a bad thing.

There was almost the need for someone to administer rescue breathing as she suddenly choked on his thick spend, and jerked up and off his cock, hacking and spewing semen all over his thighs and even the sheets beside his thighs. At the same time, by lifting up, that pushed her pussy even more firmly against his face, and his chin, which had half a day's growth of beard on it, scraped her clitty in a way that kept that orgasm going.

In the end, Janice and Monica had to help lift her limp body off of Bob ... who almost needed rescue breathing himself.

Janice and Judith could only stare down at the body of the man both of them wanted to fuck, but who would not be able to engage in that particular activity for some time.

Three of the girls in the room were quite happy. Two were not.

That became apparent when Janice scolded Tiffany for making him cum. Tiffany was still wiping her mouth with the back of her hand and experiencing his taste, analyzing it with startling aplomb, considering it was the first time she'd ever had that substance soaking her taste buds.

She found, somewhat to her surprise, that they approved.

"Be mad at me," she finally sighed. "That was incredible."

In the end, Janice got her way. That wasn't happenstance, exactly. Rather it was the unanticipated result of Monica offering to take the edge off for Janice, and Tiffany offering to do the same thing for Judith.

Which meant Bob got to watch two teenage girls eating the pussies of two other teenage girls, one of whom was his daughter.

His recovery was remarkably quick.

And Judith, who already planned to sleep with her father again that night, decided the best way to insure the success of that plan was to let all the other girls go first. In this case, that simply meant letting Janice play next when it was noticed that his cock was hard again.

Neither Janice nor Judith had orgasms from their friends' attentions. That wasn't by design, but even though all the girls were comfortable with same gender sex, it wasn't preferred to the alternative. In any event, it did what was intended. It kept both girls happy until the man in the room was ready to go again.

Judith thought Janice was only going to rub on top of her father, like Kendi had. It was assumed Monica really had had an accident. She didn't think Janice would intentionally have the same accident.

But she did wonder how different it might feel to have a man licking her pussy, as compared to Tiffany.

So as Janice got into position to rub, Judith asked, "While she does that, could I try something?"

"What?" he asked.

"Can I see what it feels like? You know ... what you did to Tiffany?"

All thought of propriety had long fled. He was willing to do just about anything at this point.

"Climb on, baby girl," he sighed.

If she'd had more experience, she might have faced the headboard as she lowered her pussy onto his face. But she went with the same orientation Tiffany had, which ended up causing her to face Janice. It was serendipity that each girl, needing something to lean against for stability, chose each other's shoulders as that stabilizing point. Judith let her abdomen sag forward, which tilted her pelvis such that her split peach fell perfectly on his lips, and the same stubble that had made Tiffany see stars started working on Judith's sensitive nubbin too.

Judith closed her eyes and groaned, as a tongue speared her pussy.

Janice recognized that Judith's mind was miles away ... or at least centered on things other than Janice. She removed her right hand from her friend's left shoulder, reached for Bob's penis, stood on her knees, tucked the tip where she wanted it, and sat down, happily filled with a hot prick.

Both girls got what they wanted, which was a really good orgasm.

One got what she didn't want, which was a pussy full of sticky, dangerous sperm.

In another room, far enough away that it would take three first downs to get there, a now former novice got her pussy drenched twice ... with sperm she welcomed whole heartedly.

Ironically, the girls did nap. Perhaps they really were in need of sleep, on a biological basis. That might explain why Janice got off of Bob, reaching to hold her pussy lips closed so that what wasn't supposed to be there wouldn't leak out and alert the others to the fact that it was there, and then went to lie down, instead of sitting on the stool to let all that dangerous spunk leak out of her. Perhaps she was too tired to think clearly. Then again, maybe it was a different impulse that made her do that. This was, after all, the first time she'd felt warm jets making a ball of heat blossom inside her. Her uncle had always used a condom. And that meant that this was the first time she'd gone bareback, and could really feel the heat and ridges of a penis inside her. That it would spurt, creating that delicious warm ball was just the natural result.

Whatever the reason, when the other girls flopped down onto their beds, she did too.

Even Judith returned to their bedroom with them, but that was because she knew what would happen should Brady or Sister show up and find her naked in bed with her father.

Bob, of course, was exhausted. He hadn't had sex in probably two years, having chosen abstinence over the hassle of dating. When you reached his level, the wrong kind of women wanted to date you, and for the wrong reasons.

So they all fell asleep.

But that was fine, because Brady and Francine fell asleep in each other's arms as well.

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