Arden and Gloria - A Summer Camp Romance

by Lubrican

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Chapter Five

3rd Tuesday

Tuesday afternoon, just four short days before they would get up and get on the bus, and leave camp for another year, Gloria walked toward the boat house. She knew she was crazy to do this ... to meet him here. She'd come to camp a complete virgin, at least physically. She'd come to camp thinking her best camp friend, Amy, was a slut, even if she was a nice slut, and Gloria's best friend. Each time she had met Arden at the boat house, she had become more and more like Amy. With each step she let him take, she knew she was getting closer and closer to something she wasn't ready for, shouldn't do, and that would more than likely end up very badly for her.

She looked down, to see her tennis shoes moving forward, one step at a time. Her nipples were already tingling, and she could almost feel his hot breath ... down there.

He was waiting for her, and she felt almost weak with relief that he was there. Part of her had hoped he'd had to do something else today. But the part of her that made her keep walking couldn't wait to see him.

"Hi," he said, with that beautiful, slightly crooked smile. She looked around, and when she didn't seen anybody nearby, she pushed him into the boathouse.

He was reliable. She had to give him that. First came the firm, slippery fingers, as he coated her body with Nivea. When his hands dipped into her top, to slide over her breasts, she didn't say a word. He didn't rub Nivea into her pussy, but when his hands came up to the top of her legs, they pushed firmly into the crotch of her bottoms. He teased her by moving them just inside her bottoms, but then stopped to put on her life jacket.

He was in the stern today, and this time it was him who steered them straight to their tree. She jumped into the water immediately, but waited for him to make her naked. When he had, she watched as he bent, and his hand came up with his shorts, to drop them in the canoe.

He kissed her, pressing against her, and letting his hard manhood slide between her legs, right next to her pussy lips. She didn't care. Without a word, he put her left hand up on the gunwale of the canoe, and made her grab it. He did the same thing with her right hand, and came to bend and pull at her thighs. She thought the canoe would tip over, but it stabilized at a tilt, as he put his hands on her buttocks and lifted her hips level with the surface of the water. He put her left leg on his right shoulder, and she knew to do the same with her right leg.

As her legs held her loins at the surface of the water, his hands were able to reach over her legs, to part her luxurious growth, and he stared at her pussy, pulling the lips apart. Gloria realized her lower lip was caught between her teeth as he leaned closer. He looked up, into her eyes, and stuck his tongue out, making it wiggle.

Again, she wanted to scream at him, but she bit her lip harder, so the pain would keep her consciousness here. She wanted to feel this, this time, instead of being overwhelmed.

Before, he had been wild, forceful, his face pushing between her legs hard. This time he was completely different, licking her pussy lips first, and wagging his tongue with it inside her. Her legs tightened behind him, her ankles crossed. Finally, his tongue came up to caress her bud.

"Uhhhhhhh" she moaned. She wanted to shout her joy, but she remembered how Amy's voice had carried, across the water. The last thing she wanted now was a counselor, or anybody else, for that matter, to investigate her moans. She wished she'd brought something to stuff in her mouth.

She sensed her orgasm building. It didn't flash over her, like the other ones, and she had time to enjoy the buildup as he licked faster and faster, only touching her clit with his tongue. Her groans came more frequently, as he brought her closer and closer. She felt helpless, because she wanted it to happen, but she couldn't make it happen. Only he could give her relief, and the words, "Oh please," burst from her lips.

He looked up, and she could see, around his blue eyes, that he was smiling. Then he closed his lips around her clit and sucked, nibbling it, and the stars were back as she gasped. It was so strong, that one hand came loose from the canoe, and he had to move his hands to her back, to keep her face from going under as her other hand lost its grip when the canoe tipped. She felt like she was floating through the universe, rather than floating on the surface of the lake, and she wished it would never stop.

She suddenly realized he had stopped, and was holding her in his arms like a baby. She opened her eyes, and his blue ones were staring at her face.

"I love it when you do that," he said.

She wanted to laugh. She hadn't done anything! She had just lay there, while HE did amazing, wonderful things to her. The energy her laughter gave her mobilized her and she sat, telling him without words to let her go. Then she pushed him back in the water. He floated easily, with her left hand in the middle of his back. His prick stuck up out of the water, leaning, like it was broken at the bottom. It pointed toward his face. Her right hand was free, and she used it, watching closely as the skin slid under her hand. She couldn't understand how the skin around something so hard could be so flexible. A collar of skin covered the tip when her hand was up, and bared it, like Brad's had been bare when her hand moved down.

Arden put his arms out, like he was lying in a huge bed, and closed his eyes as she stroked faster. She saw something white bubble out of the tip, and moved her hand even faster, knowing that he needed speed to spurt. She had learned that yesterday, when, kneeling in front of him, he'd asked her to speed up.

"Uh!" came his grunt, and his stomach muscles rippled. A long, thick stream of white burst out of the tip. She was moving her hand so fast now that his prick wobbled back and forth, and the long stream landed on her shoulder, instead of going straight up. Another followed, going into the water beside him, and then another, just like yesterday, when she'd thought it would never end. She felt the heat of it on her shoulder, and was amazed that something so hot could come from inside him. '

The spurts died down, and became oozing globs. She squeezed and pulled, and was delighted to see a larger glob bubble out. SHE had done this! SHE had made this beautiful thing in her hand speak to her in the only language it knew. She felt inordinately proud that she could do for him, what he had done for her.

When he stood, he looked at her, again with that slightly crooked smile on his face. His hand went to her shoulder and she felt his fingertip there, smearing his seed. He pulled it back, and a big glob was on his fingertip.

She saw that fingertip coming toward her lips. She knew about tasting. Amy had told her. She'd been horrified, at the time, thinking that was so disgusting that it would surely make her throw up, even though Amy swore it wasn't bad. She couldn't believe it when her mouth opened.

Such power he had over her, she realized.

She suddenly thought about Judy, in the dark, taking a finger from her panties and putting it in her mouth. She felt his fingertip on her tongue, wiping, spreading, and closed her lips on his finger, like Judy had done to her own finger. When he pulled it out of her mouth it was clean. Her mind was screaming at her again, telling her to spit instantly, but she tasted instead, to find musk, salt, the barest hint of sweet. She swallowed.

She did not throw up.

That night, Gloria planned carefully. Playing at war, and sneaking around, had given her an idea. As the girls trickled into the cabin, Gloria lay down fully dressed. She waited until Judy came in and started her nightly routine of trying to get the girls to go straight to bed. Then she got up and went to her counselor.

"Judy? I have an upset stomach. Can I go see if the nurse has anything that will settle it?"

Judy, as Gloria knew she probably would, simply said "Sure."

Gloria went outside, taking her bath towel, which was dark brown. She put it over her shoulders, like a shawl, as if she was afraid it would be cool out. She didn't go to the director's cabin, where the director had one room, and the nurse had another. Instead, she looked around for a place she could hide. She found a spot and lay down behind a tree. Then, she waited. She was only there for five minutes, when she saw the door of the cabin open, and Judy came out, dressed in her sleep shirt. She had her flashlight with her, this time, but she didn't turn it on. She didn't walk around the cabin either. She strode off directly toward the boys' cabins, on the other side of the open area that separated the boys' cabins from the girls'.

Carefully, wrapping the dark towel around her, Gloria followed her counselor. She saw her go to the third cabin in line, and around to the back of the building. For Gloria to follow, she'd have to go out in the open, and between the same two cabins Judy had gone between. If Judy came back, she'd get caught for sure. Instead, she took a chance and went to the second cabin, slipping between it and the first. She ducked down, with the towel over her head, and snuck along the edge of the building. She could hear the murmur of boys' voices through the cabin wall, and wondered if Arden was in that cabin.

When she got to the back corner of the cabin, she peeked around, making sure the towel covered her head. She saw the white of Judy's sleep shirt first, and then Judy's form, leaning up against the building. A yard light on the side of the dining hall provided just enough back light so make Judy into a silhouette.

Someone else came around the corner of the building, and Gloria knew from his shape that it was Brad. She heard some whispered words, but couldn't understand what was said. Then, Brad lifted Judy's sleep shirt, and his face went to Judy's chest. Judy's hands went to Brad's head. Then they kissed for a while, and it seemed that their hands moved, but Gloria couldn't see what they were doing.

She was able, however, to see the dark silhouette of Brad's stiff penis, when he pulled away. Judy went to her knees, and her face merged with that stiff thing. Gloria almost gasped, when she realized that Judy had his penis in her mouth. That Amy did this, she was used to. But to see Judy do it too ... it just blew her away.

She didn't do it all that long, but Brad stroked her hair while she did. When she stood up, Brad moved toward her, holding that stiff dark thing. He jutted his hips forward, and bent his knees, moving closer to Judy the whole time. He seemed to fumble, as he obviously made it touch Judy, about where her pussy would be. Suddenly he stood up, and Gloria saw Judy's whole body rise just a little. She also heard Judy's moan, before it was cut off by Brad's mouth covering hers.

Gloria realized, with a start, that they were doing it standing up! She'd never heard of that. But that was what they were doing. He'd pushed up inside her, and had her pinned to the wall. Now she could see him bending his knees, and then straightening them, over and over again. She envisioned his thick white column plugging Judy's pussy. Like a bombshell, Gloria realized that Judy had probably never actually done a walkabout. All this time she'd been sneaking out to get fucked by her lover. Every night, she went out and met him, and let him spurt her full of sperm! And it had been going on for years!

Gloria pulled back. She didn't know how long they'd be, but now was her chance to get away without being seen. She ran, still holding the dark towel over her head and shoulders. She went straight back to her cabin, and was in bed when Judy came back in. Judy covered her flashlight with her hand, like she had before, and came to Gloria's bed.

"You get something for your stomach?" she whispered.

She was so close that Gloria could smell the same thing she'd smelled ... and tasted ... that afternoon. The odor was strong. Gloria remembered seeing sperm welling out of Judy's pussy, as she lay on the blanket. If he'd squirted in her, it might be running out of her right now!

"I'm OK," Gloria managed. "It's better, I mean."

"OK, sweetie," said her second most favorite woman in the world. "Night night."

It had been a rough night for Gloria. Her world had been changed, in very significant ways. Nothing seemed normal any more, as she lay in her bed ... the same bed she had lain in on several occasions in past years. The cabins were the same. The dining hall was the same. The same trees were there, and the trails through them. The food was the same, and she had made friendship bracelets before.

In spite of all these things, though, she felt like it was a whole new place. It would be difficult to say that the majority of that hinged on what she'd seen Judy and Brad doing. They looked and acted the same too, but now, she saw them as sexual beings. She saw herself as a sexual being too, which was the other possibility for the majority of her difficulties. Those two changes made everything else seem new and strange too.

3rd Wednesday

What drove Gloria to the boathouse on Wednesday, was something she'd never felt before. She knew that some of the kids, who had boyfriends or girlfriends, got more and more frantic as camp began to draw to a close. Perhaps because she'd never had a "boyfriend", she couldn't think of Arden as her "boyfriend". But she knew that she only had three days left to be with him, and she couldn't stand the thought of wasting one of those afternoons doing something else. Afternoons were for Arden.

Again, he was waiting for her. He had the same smile, the same gorgeous blue eyes, and she expected everything to be the same. She handed him her bottle of Nivea automatically, but this time, he didn't take it.

"Later," he said. He didn't tease her, or stroke her either. All he did was put her life jacket on her, and hand her a paddle. She felt like the world had gotten cloudy, or something. This was wrong. It wasn't supposed to be like this!

He also got in the stern, even though it was, by the unofficial pattern they'd set up, her turn. She wanted to ask him what was going on, but when he steered them toward their tree, she relaxed a bit.

When they got to the tree, he jumped out, and she followed. She turned her back to him, but he said "Not yet." She turned, her mouth open, to see him climbing up the bank. He went around the trunk of the tree, which hid him from her sight. She clambered up, slipping on the mud, and when she got around the trunk, she saw him bending over, a bundle in his hands. She watched, amazed, as he unfolded the blanket, that, the last time she'd seen it, had had branches sewed to it. A can of Diet Coke rolled into the grass as he lifted the blanket and spread it out.

He stood.

"I took a hike, this morning, during free time," he said, smiling. He was waiting for her. She looked at the blanket, and remembered being naked on it. He would make her naked again. She knew that. She remembered Judy, lying on a blanket, with her legs spread open, for Brad to crawl between.

"I'm scared," she blurted, hating the words as they burst from her mouth, because she was afraid he'd roll the blanket back up.

"I won't hurt you," he said softly. He'd said that before, and he hadn't hurt her ... before.

She couldn't believe that her right foot stepped toward him. Again, she entered that strange world where, while her mind screamed at her, she let him strip her bare naked, and lie her on the blanket. She looked up as, this time, he got naked too. He was stiff ... stiff for her.

He bent over, and when he stood, her Nivea bottle was in his hands. She almost laughed hysterically. They were lying in the shade of the tree. She lay tensely, as he kneeled beside her, and jerked as he began to rub on sunscreen. He started with her shoulders and arms, and she slowly relaxed. She didn't know how it happened, but she suddenly realized his hands were sliding all over her body, touching her everywhere, from her toes to her neck, and everywhere in between. She felt one Nivea-slickened finger dip into her pussy, and her legs spread all by themselves. He rolled her nipples between slippery fingers, and she felt like she was floating. She was completely relaxed, now.

He kissed her for five minutes, looming over her on his hands and knees, beside her head. When he went between her legs, she closed her eyes, and jerked as she felt his tongue. He licked, and sucked and nibbled her to two sweetly agonizing orgasms and, on land, she felt like she could vent her moans, and did so. When he stopped licking her, and crawled up, terror in her mind wailed, and her hands fluttered, preparing to push him away as he tried to rip her virginity from her. She got her hands on his chest, just as he leaned down to kiss her again, his mouth wet. She was so concentrated on keeping him from putting his penis in her that she didn't realize the tangy taste on his lips was from her own body, until his tongue was in her mouth. When she did realize she was tasting herself on his lips, her mind, in a strange twist of logic, simply reported that she tasted different than what he had put on her tongue, when she tasted him.

Suddenly her hands rose, as he rolled, to lie beside her on his back. She was shocked by him suddenly being ... gone! He was right there beside her, but he wasn't touching her any more, and her body ached for his touch.

"It's beautiful here," he said, putting his hands under his head.

She turned her head to see him staring up into the branches of their tree. Her mind rebelled. Was he done?! He couldn't be done! She had to fight him off! She had to lose the fight! She was still a virgin! He couldn't be done! Her eyes went from his face to his groin. There it was, strong and firm, leaning drunkenly, pointing up, and at her.

He turned his head ... saw where she was looking. Her eyes came back up, looking confused, somehow.

He rolled toward her and kissed her again, licking her lips, and then kissing them with several short, soft-lipped kisses, during which she rolled toward him, to throw an arm across his chest. His hands came to her head, and held her lips to his. Then, with the slightest bit of pressure, he moved her head to his chest, and brought it there.

Gloria thought he wanted her to suck his nipples, like he sucked hers. She couldn't believe she hadn't thought of that. It felt so good when he sucked hers. She did that, and he sighed, but his hands pushed her head lower.

The crystal clear realization, on Gloria's part, of what he expected her to do, almost unhinged her. Ever since she'd heard about doing that, she'd thought it was a horrible, icky idea. That firm belief hadn't been affected by Amy swearing it was fun, and didn't taste bad. In a sense, the little taste she had had, which Arden had fed her on his fingertip, was so strange that it was in a class all by itself, in her mind. What he now wanted wasn't in the same class at all. Her natural instinct was to resist, and she did, with her neck muscles.

But he was stronger than she was able to be, in this situation, and, as he pushed her head closer to his prick, the memory of Judy, sinking to her knees to do the very same thing to Brad, flashed into her mind. Brad's hands hadn't made Judy do this. She had done it all by herself. She had obviously stopped before he spurted, because when she stopped, he fucked her, right there against the side of boys' cabin number three.

There was a lot going on inside Gloria, much of it in conflict with other things going on inside Gloria. One part of her mind was shuddering, and telling her to keep her mouth closed at all costs. That was the part that had stiffened her neck, and made her lips seal tightly. Another part was still dealing with her determination not to let him fuck her, which was addressed by a third part that popped up and said "Hey, wait a minute. If he spurts in my mouth ... he won't be spurting in my pussy ... and I won't get pregnant!" There was the lingering thought that he was supposed to take her virginity, and hadn't.

She was distracted from all those arguing parts, when his penis bumped into her nose. Or maybe her nose bumped into his penis. In any case, she felt his penis on her nose, and it slid down her nose to dig into her cheek, where the corner of her mouth was. The loose skin at the tip of his prick pressed her cheek and moved. Under it was hard, smooth, and very warm skin.

His arms had pushed has far as they could, with him lying down, like he was, and she opened her eyes to see the thing she was so frightened of, so curious about, and so anxious to please, all at the same time. Another thought pushed to the surface, as she looked at the little hole, out of which dangerous sperm came. He hadn't fucked her. He hadn't forced her. He hadn't ripped her virginity from her when he could have ... when she would have been helpless to stop him. She knew from the strength in his hands, still clamped on her head, that, had he wanted to, her feeble attempts to push him away would have failed. Now ... he wanted this ... just this. How bad could it be? Judy didn't mind. Amy claimed to love doing it.

She sniffed, unable to keep herself from doing it, and felt foolish when she smelled nothing. He wasn't doing anything, other than holding her head there. He had pushed her down there, but wasn't pressing her face against him. Her panic abated, a little, and she parted her lips to get more breath than her nose could supply. She realized she was panting, and that the thing right in front of her face could feel her breath, like she had been able to feel his.

That thought crystallized in her mind. He had done this to her. It had been one of the most wonderful things she'd ever felt. Everything he'd done to her had been wonderful, even when she was scared almost witless as he was doing it! He had made her feel good, and all he wanted was for her to do the same to him.

She pushed, with her arms, and rose up. His hands fell away from her head. She turned her head to look at his face. His beautiful blue eyes were wide, staring back at her, his head raised off the blanket. She swallowed. Her breathing slowed a little, as she caught her breath after trying to breath only through her nose.

She lifted her right hand and grasped his prick. That, she was used to. The feel of it in her hand felt comfortable, and warm. She liked the feel of it in her hand. It was that, alone, that was the tipping point in the whole situation. She liked the way it felt in her hand.

Still, as her head began to lower, and her lips stayed open, the other things in her mind kept yammering. It wasn't until her lips brushed the tip, and she felt like that loose skin was kissing her back, that she was able to push those thoughts away, and think about what was happening.

Since it felt like a kiss, she turned what she was doing into a kiss. His foreskin slid back, though, and the blunt, smooth tip of his penis was suddenly pressing against her teeth. Her teeth slid across it, and Arden hissed.

Later, when she had time to think about it, Gloria would parse what happened that day a hundred times. At that moment, though, her full attention was on how he felt. The tip slid easily to one side, with just a little drag, against her teeth. When she kissed Arden, she used her tongue, and he had used his tongue on her pussy, so the obvious thing to do was ... use her tongue. That felt interesting too, because there were two distinctly different textures, right next to each other. His foreskin was soft and loose, at least until it moved too far back, and stretched tight. Even then, it felt completely different to the tip of her tongue than the hard, smooth skin of the knob. As she slid her tongue around the tip, exploring, Arden made sounds. Always before, the only sound he'd made was just as he spurted, but this sounded different. She stopped to concentrate on taste, but tasted nothing, really.

His hand came to rest on her head, and Gloria remembered Brad doing the same thing to Judy. Judy's face had gone much closer to Brad's body than she was doing now, with Arden. That meant Judy had taken it clear into her mouth.

Gloria opened her lips wider, and let them slide, pushing the foreskin, until it bunched and resisted being pushed. She simply let her lips slide up and over that bunched skin, until she had a mouthful of penis. Her natural instinct was to close her lips, and feel what was in her mouth with her tongue. It wasn't like having some kind of food in her mouth. She couldn't move the penis around, like food could be moved. That led her to suck gently, and her cheeks caved in, to press against his flesh too. He groaned, but it still wasn't the groan that went with spurting. She thought errantly that she didn't have the faintest idea what to do now, or what she'd do if he DID spurt, with it in her mouth. She knew what his sperm tasted like, and that wouldn't be so bad. But when he spurted, he spurted a lot, and that might be different.

She realized that she liked the feel of his maleness in her mouth, just as much ... maybe even a little more ... than in her hand. Later, she'd reflect on whether that made her a slut, or not. She'd decide that there was no way in the world that Judy, who did this too, could ever, in any way, be considered a slut. But that would be later. Right now, she just enjoyed the feel of his smooth, soft, yet hard, warm skin in her mouth, and listened to the joyous sounds he was making because of what she was doing.

It was those sounds that made her want to please him more ... made her decide that he had to spurt, or she would have failed to give back to him, what he had given her. She only knew one way to make him spurt. Since only the first few inches fit in her mouth comfortably anyway, and since her hand was still wrapped firmly around the rest of him, she stroked.

Her hand hit her mouth on the upstroke, so she lifted her head until only the knob, with all that delightful soft skin around it, was in her mouth. He made the best sounds when she sucked, so she concentrated on doing that, while her hand moved, in the way he'd taught her. She was hoping that she was doing this new thing right, when her ears heard the grunt she had heard before.

Even with that warning, she was unprepared for the flood of warm liquid that filled her mouth. It was accompanied by his gasp of "Oh, Gloria, baby ..." and she felt elation that she had done it right. She tried to swallow, but the knob was in the way of her tongue, which ran into it as it moved to help, and she had to pull off of it to quickly gulp what was in her mouth. The tip spurted again, hitting her on her upper lip, and she opened her mouth to capture the rest. She felt the next spurt hit her tongue, and sucked again, pulling off again to swallow a second time. The taste hit her, much stronger than the little bit she'd tasted before, but made up of the same things, and not unpleasant in any way. She tasted more, but the strong spurts were gone now, and she was able to swallow without taking her mouth completely off of him. She was amazed to feel, both with her hand and her mouth, that the rock hard aspect of his penis was slowly going away. It was still long, and thicker than when it was soft, but now it bent, as she turned her head to see what his face looked like. She realized that she liked it even better in this half hard condition, because she could suck harder, and get more of it in her mouth.

His hand had gripped her pony tail, as he spurted, but he let loose as her eyes stared up into his head, which he had lifted up off the blanket again. She realized his sperm was all over her face, and felt silly. Only that thought made her let him out of her mouth. She sat back on her calves, and her fingers began to scoop his essence into her mouth. She sucked her fingers clean, and did it again, feeling his semen being spread around on her cheeks and lips and nose.

"I made a mess," she sighed, shrugging her shoulders.

"You made me really happy," he panted.

She crawled up, to dangle a breast in front of his face. He sucked, because it was obvious that's what she wanted. Then his hands griped her again, on her sides, this time, and he moved her up. She didn't understand what he wanted, until he positioned her, squatting over his face. When he pulled down, she understood. She thought this was a very strange way to do things, but lowered her pussy onto his face.

She discovered that, by flexing the muscles in her thighs, and supporting her weight on her hands, she could rub her pussy against his mouth. She did that, her gut muscles flexing more and more rapidly, as his hands fought her movement while he tried to capture her clitty in is teeth. It took all his strength, but he finally got it, and she shuddered, finally stopping, almost on her hands and knees, as he took her through the orgasm by licking while she saw those stars again.

He didn't dress her, this time. Both of them lay, weak, after their intense play, until Gloria realized how long it must have taken for all this to happen. With a burst of fear of getting caught, she jumped up, and peeked around the tree. No one was coming, but their canoe had been empty for a long time. She shimmied into her bikini quickly, as he got up and got dressed. She almost ran down the bank, into the water, until, standing beside the canoe, she felt safe from discovery. When he joined her, his hands went to her waist and he kissed the back of her neck.

"Thank you," he sighed.

She turned, and stared up into the face of the boy who had changed her whole life. She didn't know how to feel about him. Rather than think about that, she just kissed him a quick peck, and turned to launch herself into the canoe, rolling and landing on her butt, like he'd taught her, but she'd been unable to do, without pushing off the bottom of the lake.

"We'd better get back," she said, as he stood, looking over the gunwale at her.

"Yeah," he sighed. "I guess so."

Gloria lay in her bed, thinking. Judy was about to go outside and, though nobody but Gloria knew it, get her pussy stuffed with Brad's sperm. She might be pregnant this very second, because of Brad's sperm. In a way, that was fine with Gloria. Judy would make the best of mothers. Any child would be lucky to have Judy for a mother.

But Gloria didn't want to think about the penis that was about to enter Judy, or the sperm it would spurt. She wanted to think about a different penis, and the sperm that IT spurted. She licked her lips, but, of course, couldn't taste him any more. She'd stopped tasting him by the time they walked out of the boat house, and down the trail to the dining hall.

Two days left. That's all there were. For the first time, she was beginning to understand the tears of the girls who cried their eyes out at the end of camp. At the same time, she also understood that, if camp was a week longer, she would, without a doubt, go home pregnant.

Two days. She had to figure out how to resist him for two more days. She had a miserable track record at resisting him. Here, in her bed, it seemed like the easiest of things. Just say "No!" Just say "I'm not that kind of girl! I'm a good girl!"

The problem was that, when she was with him, it wasn't so easy any more. And ... as it turned out ... she was that kind of girl. Good girls didn't suck a boy's prick and swallow his semen. Good girls didn't sit on a boy's face, and rub their pussies against his mouth until they came so hard they fell over. Good girls didn't let a boy do whatever he wanted to with them.

But the biggest problem Gloria had, was the knowledge, deep in her heart, that, if she did say "No!" ... he'd stop. There wasn't a cruel or mean bone in his body. He would stop, if she told him to. She knew that with every fiber of her being. And, as much as she argued with herself about all this, she also knew, deep in her heart, that she didn't want him to stop.

She wished he'd ask first. That would be so easy.

"Gloria, how about if I stroke your breasts, and tweak those pretty nipples?"


"Oh ... OK."

"Gloria, would it be all right if I stuck my finger in your pussy while I lick your clitty to a mind shattering orgasm?"

"I'm not that kind of girl, Arden."

"Oh ... yeah ... sorry."

"Hey, Nivea! What I'd really like to do is put my prick in your pussy, and squirt a nice, healthy son in your womb. Wouldn't that be fun?"

"Of course not! I'm a good girl, Arden!"

"Oops ... got horny and forgot. Maybe in a few years, OK?"

If he asked her, she could say "no" easily. She was sure about that. But when he just did things, and they felt so wonderful ... she was helpless. It wasn't her fault he overwhelmed her. It was his eyes, and his fingers, and HIS tongue.

Judy came back. Gloria's nose, educated now, could smell semen all the way over in her bed. Brad must have cum a river for it to smell that strong. Gloria wondered what Brad's cum tasted like. Did they all taste the same? With a start she realized what she was thinking about. She started saying the alphabet backwards, in her mind, starting over every time she screwed it up. Eventually, she found sleep.

Gloria was dreaming. She knew it was a dream because Arden's penis was five feet long. It was in her, and he was taking three steps back, and then running three steps forward as his five foot long penis disappeared into her pussy. She knew it was a dream, because somebody had shoved a beach ball under her sleep shirt, and it made her look obscenely pregnant. Arden ran at her again, and stopped. He looked at her and said, "Here it comes, Nivea" He patted her bulge, and then pushed her shirt up to kiss her naked, pregnant belly, instead of the beach ball she had thought was there. That stretched skin rippled and moved. "Look, Nivea!" said her dream lover. "Nedra is kicking! Time for your bath, Nedra!" said the baby's father in her dream. She knew it was a dream, because he was blown backwards by his orgasm, and his penis, when it came out of her, flew around like a loose fire hose, shooting streams of white all over everything.

She woke up, panting and frightened. Her hand was in her panties, and she jerked it out. Her hand was wet, and smelled like Arden's face, after he'd licked her pussy.

She got up, and went to the bathroom. She closed the door and turned on the light. She stared in the mirror, and lifted her sleep shirt to look at her flat belly. Brown hairs were sticking out of the legs of her panties. She sighed. She was just Gloria. It was all right. She'd find a way to stop this madness, before her dream came true.

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