Arden and Gloria - A Summer Camp Romance

by Lubrican

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Chapter Three

Judy caught Amy and Mike, sneaking off after another campfire. Thankfully, she caught them before they were naked, and fucking like crazy. She threatened to send them home if it happened again. Amy sulked, and, for some reason, took it out on Gloria. But that only lasted a couple of days, and then she was herself again. Gloria wondered if she'd found some other way to risk getting pregnant.

There were two dances, during camp. One was the second Wednesday night, and the other was the last Friday night. The first one was the most fun, based on Gloria's experience. By the time the last one happened, everybody had found a camp boyfriend or girlfriend, and they were all so sad that camp was about to end that, half the time, they were crying. The other half, well, they were going outside to cling to each other in the dark, until some counselor came along and broke it up.

Earlier that day, when they were getting ready to go out on the lake, Arden had bumped things up a notch. He had stood in front of her, rubbing Nivea on her stomach, and his hands just rose and smoothed it over the insides of her breasts. He'd never put any there before, which wasn't odd, since the life jacket covered her there. It covered her sides too, which he stroked regularly, but she was used to that by now.

Then, when he was behind her, doing her sides, his hands slid around to her belly and rose, right onto her breasts, cupping them.

She had stood, stock still, as he gently squeezed both soft mounds, before letting his fingertips slide back, along the sides, to drift down her sides to the top of her swimsuit bottom. He had done it boldly, and it had had nothing to do with either her sun screen, or her life jacket, which was still hanging on the wall.

Her mind had screamed, inside, half of it telling her to stop him instantly. The other half bemoaned loudly that he did stop. She couldn't believe he'd done that. She also couldn't believe how she almost peed herself again when he did. When he put her life jacket on her, and did nothing else, she wanted to scream again, but held it in. Her confusion, and the tingling in her nipples, made her wobbly as they started off, with her in the stern.

Another couple wanted to race. The girl was in the bow of that canoe, and Gloria had a feeling the boy thought that a girl steering would be easy to beat. Arden's powerful, easy strokes, though, and Gloria's now well-tuned J stroke, put them three canoe lengths ahead in no time. Gloria could hear the boy complaining that the girl wasn't stroking hard enough.

It was the first time she felt like she'd ever gotten the best of a boy, and it elated her. When they finally stopped, she was flushed and panting. Arden looked over his shoulder.

"We're good together, Nivea" he commented.

An almost overwhelming feeling lashed through Gloria. She felt powerful ... invincible.

"Are you going to skinny dip today?" she asked.

"Of course," he said.

"Maybe I will too," she said, the blood singing in her veins.

"Cool," was all he responded with.

Doing it, though, was entirely different than deciding to do it. She chickened out, in the end. They'd paddled over to the tree, which was as far away from the boat house as you could get. He was in the water, naked, already, and waiting for her.

"I don't think I can," she said, looking around.

"Just get in the water," he said. "Nobody will think a thing. We swim over here all the time. They know that. The counselor doesn't even watch us any more. He knows we're being careful."

It was the most she'd heard him say, all at the same time, since she'd met him.

She did get in the water, but then felt chicken again.

"I'll help you," he said.

She froze as he floated over to her and his fingers went to the clip of the life jacket. She felt it come off, and sank down in the water, until her shoes hit mud. She knew she was staring at him, but still couldn't make her arms work.

"Turn around," he said.

He helped her, and she felt his fingers at the clip of her bikini bra. She felt it go slack, and he pushed it forward. She looked down to see her arms move forward, her bra now suspended in front of her. She could see her nipples through the murky water. They were hard. She felt his chest against her back, and was terrified that he might touch her naked breasts. Then, as he leaned forward to remove the bra from her arms, she was terrified that he wouldn't touch her breasts. She felt a moan seep from her throat, and bubble through her lips.

"It's all right," said his soft voice in her ear. "I won't hurt you."

He took her top and dropped it in the bottom of the canoe. She felt his fingers at the waistband of her bottoms and thought she'd just curl up and die as he pushed, sliding them down over her hips. He did it in a way that used his fingertips, his palms sliding against her hips, and she wanted to bend over, because her stomach felt so fluttery. He must have gone under water to get them off her feet, because she felt him lift, first one foot, and then the other. He came back up, behind her. She still hadn't moved, voluntarily. Only the water, holding part of her weight, kept her from crumpling.

"It's OK," he said from behind her. She felt his chest against her back, and his hands on her stomach as he pulled her against him gently. She felt something mash into her buttocks, and knew it was his penis.

"Feel the water on your skin," he said softly. One of his hands left her stomach and he did something to make water swirl against where that hand had been. To stave off hysteria, she concentrated on the feel of the water, swirling against her. It felt wonderful. She couldn't believe it! She'd felt water against her skin every time she'd ever gone swimming, but somehow, it wasn't like this.

She took a hesitant step with her right foot, sideways, and felt water caress her between her legs, in a way she'd never felt before.

"Feel how unencumbered you are," he went on. "Like a fish, with nothing to disturb the flow of water across your body."

"It's ... different ..." she blurted.

"It's very different," he agreed. "Now ... swim."

"But, you ..." she started, and then snapped her mouth shut. She'd been about to say "But you haven't touched my breasts yet!"

Feeling sudden energy, and wanting very much to get away from the thing that was pressed against her buttocks, she lunged forward. She swam awkwardly, at first, because it felt so completely different. She settled into a breast stroke, which felt marvelous, and didn't splash water in her face. Only her feet felt dead and heavy, in their water-soaked shoes. She looked over to see him side stroking, keeping up with her easily. He was grinning.

"I can't believe this," she panted.

"I told you," he said.

"We're naked!" she sighed.

"Totally," he said, still grinning. "Well, you still have on your shoes, but they don't count."

"I've never done this in my life," said a very changed Gloria.

"Pretty cool, huh?"

"Definitely," she agreed. She did feel free, like she was slipping through the water easily. She felt light, somehow, as if a mere bikini could weigh her down.

"Now you know why I hate clothes," he said.

Somehow, when he said "clothes" all she could think about was that they were both naked, and that there were ten or fifteen other people within shouting distance. What if the counselor saw the canoe was empty, and came to investigate. What if he found them like this ... naked ... swimming naked? She turned, to swim back to the canoe. Her feet felt clunky and weighted down. If she ever did this again, there would be no shoes.

They stood, behind the canoe, and she reached in for her bra.

that's when his hands slid around her sides, and cupped her bare breasts.

She was completely unprepared for it, and the effect was devastating. His hands squeezed as she fell back from the canoe, her top held limply in one un-responding hand. His fingers traced over her nipples, and squeezed them gently. She saw stars. It was everything she could do just to drag in a breath of air. That air came out in a long groan.

"I knew they'd feel wonderful," he said softly in her ear. "I knew you'd have long, stiff nipples." He squeezed them again, rolling them between his fingers and thumbs.

"Aaaaarrrdeeen," she moaned, her hands fluttering in the water. She lost her grip on her top, and her arm darted for it, as if it had its own mind.

"Shhhhhh," he said into her ear. "I won't hurt you."

Suddenly his hands were gone from her breasts. She almost cried out at the feeling of loss, but his hands went to her waist and gripped her, to turn her around. She felt her wet skin slid through his hands, and then they were firmly on her waist again, lifting, until her breasts came clear of the water, where he could see them.

"Beautiful," he sighed.

She felt weightless as he manhandled her, and limp, except for the muscles in her neck, which kept her head where she could see his face, and her breasts. She watched in complete shock as his mouth opened, and moved toward her left breast, to seal around the nipple there.

He sucked, and Gloria thought the world must surely be ending in an explosion of orange and yellow that, somehow, she could see with her eyes tightly closed.

For five minutes Arden switched, from one breast to the other, his hands welded to her waist. She knew what was happening, because she could feel it, but her eyesight had somehow dimmed. She realized her neck hurt, and, with a start, realized her eyes were still closed, and her head was hanging back, limply as his lips did the most astonishing things to her nipples. She suddenly felt a tension in her body that replaced the limp, helpless feeling, and her hands, one of them still holding her top, flashed to his head, to hold him there. She knew something was about to happen. She could feel it, deep inside her. It was a new thing, and the closest thing she could think of that was like this feeling was when she had seen her neighbor's three year old toddle out into the street, when a car was coming right at him. She felt like she was going to explode with the energy that was building up inside her. She heard her throat making noises she had never heard before. Then, just before her world broke apart, she recognized the noises.

She'd heard them before after all.

They had been coming from Amy's throat, while Mike was lying on top of her, on that picnic table, in the dark.

She paddled listlessly as the canoe drifted toward the dock. She couldn't remember getting her bikini back on, and knew that Arden had to have dressed her. She did remember being lifted, and flopping into the bottom of the canoe. She had a better memory of him putting her life jacket back on her, and putting her in the bow of the canoe.

She knew that, if she turned around, she could see him. He was back there, making the canoe move. She wondered if she had hurt something. Her whole body felt fuzzy, somehow, and, in some ways, hard to feel. At the same time, she felt wonderful. She thought about what had happened. It had been amazing, and scary, and wonderful all at the same time. She must have had an orgasm. Before now, that had been a word with no meaning. She knew orgasms existed, like she knew electrons existed, but she'd never seen, or touched, or understood what either was really all about. It had to have been an orgasm, even though she didn't know what an orgasm felt like. Unless it felt like that. If it felt like that, she might be able to live through another one some day. If it was stronger than that, she'd be in real trouble.

She looked down at her breasts. She couldn't see her breasts, because the life jacket was covering them. She wondered if her nipples were poking through the suit. Who would have thought her breasts could bring that much pleasure? She still couldn't believe it had happened. She looked around. The lake looked the same. The boathouse looked the same. There wasn't a cloud in the sky. Everything looked completely normal, but she didn't see how that could be. She didn't feel normal. She'd never felt like this in her life!

She couldn't look at Arden, when they got out of the canoe. Habit took over, as she let him secure the canoe, and she took the paddles into the boat house. She couldn't believe she was standing there, waiting for him to come touch her breasts again, but that's exactly what she did.

He came. He took her vest off and hung it up, like always. She turned away from him, almost like she was saving him the trouble of having to move behind her. She felt his warm chest on her back as his hands went around, to lie on her stomach again. She felt his hot breath on her neck, and leaned her head to one side. His soft lips brushed her neck, and she leaned back. Now his hands slid up, to cup, and squeeze and tweak. There was a difference now. It felt good, but not as good as when they were naked. She wondered, her mind floating, if he'd go under her bra, and felt mildly disappointed when he didn't. He made up for it by letting his hands drift downwards, to the waistband of her bottoms, where his fingers traced over her bare belly. He sucked gently at the skin of her neck, and then, maddeningly, moved back.

"Supper is soon," he said.

They walked, side by side, along the trail. Again, they said nothing. She wanted him to take her hand, but he didn't.

"See you at the dance?" he asked, in parting.

All she could muster up was a nod.

"Are you sure you're feeling all right?" asked Judy, looking worriedly at Gloria, at supper.

"I'm fine," insisted Gloria. "I'm just tired, that's all."

The worried counselor leaned close, to talk into Gloria's ear. "Are you cramping or something?" she asked. "We have a full time nurse, you know."

"I'm not cramping," insisted Gloria, a little more loudly than she had intended. Only one other person at the table heard her, and that was a girl, thank goodness.

"OK," said Judy, leaning back. "But you'll tell me if you need anything ... right?"

Gloria thought about how the only thing she needed right now was Arden's hands ... or his lips ... on her naked breasts, and blushed.

"I'll tell you," she said hurriedly. "I just got too much sun today, that's all."

To her immense dissatisfaction, Arden ignored her for the first part of the dance. He didn't dance with other girls. In fact, he didn't dance at all. She sat with Mike and Amy, when she wasn't dancing. Several boys came up to her, to her surprise, and asked her to dance. She noticed that the ones who she danced with seemed to spend a lot of time looking at her chest. She looked down at her breasts, several times, but didn't see anything odd. She had no way of knowing that, having grown heavier, they shook and wobbled as she danced this year, while they had not, the year before. She'd gotten more used to them being there than she realized.

Typically, the counselors, who were the DJs, played mostly fast music for the first half of the dance. Then, perhaps because they ran out of energy faster than their charges, the music got slower later. Most of the counselors danced too, though more danced slow, than fast, and they didn't dance as often. For one dance Gloria danced with Judy. They were joined by Brad, making a threesome, but nobody cared. Judy asked her only once if she was feeling better, and when she insisted she was, left her alone after that.

With only half an hour left in the dance, Arden finally appeared, and asked Gloria to dance. She almost said no, just to punish him for making her wait so long, but, when Amy and Mike got up and gripped each other closely, Gloria stood too.

"I'm not much of a dancer," said Arden, into the side of her head, as she felt him pull her against him.

"I don't care," she heard herself say, into his chest. It just felt good to be held.

They danced three more dances in a row, molded against each other, his hands on her waist, and hers on his shoulders. She felt heavy. She wished he could lift her up and do those amazing things to her breasts again, but she knew he couldn't, now that they were out of the water. She realized that she'd never be quite happy again, swimming with something clinging to her body.

"Want to go get a breath of air?" he asked, when the song ended.

"I guess," she said, feeling like she needed to find something else to say, instead of that, all the time.

He took her by the hand, and led her out. It was dark, though the yard lights on the front of the dining hall, where the dance was held, lit up the lawn for twenty yards or so. They saw other couples walking, out near the edge of the light. You weren't allowed to leave the dance, but you could walk, like that.

They joined the groups, and he slowly led her toward the corner of the building. There was a storage shed, that had a huge walk-in freezer inside part of it, off to one side. She let him lead her behind that. The light spilled past the corners of the shed, but they were in darkness.

She knew he was going to kiss her. She didn't know how she knew that, but, somehow, she knew it would happen. Maybe because she knew that, and because she had a few fumbled attempts at kissing under her belt, from dances at school, she wasn't affected so strongly when he did. He gave her time to see it coming by putting both his hands on the wall of the shed, on either side of her, and leaning towards her slowly. She could have ducked out of it, if she'd wanted to ... but she didn't want to.

She loved every second of it. His lips were warm and soft, slightly open, and felt ever so much better than the last lips she'd kissed, which had been stiff and hard. It was a much more intimate feeling, and she wanted to feel his body against hers again, like when they were dancing. She leaned forward a little, and he put his arms around her, and then leaned to pin her against the wall.

His tongue flickered rapidly out, to just graze her teeth, and that surprised her. She'd heard of French kissing, of course, but had thought that would be ... uncomfortable. She was delighted to find that it wasn't, and let her own tongue slip between her teeth, just a little.

For maybe a minute, they teased each other with just the tips of their tongues, somehow not in a hurry, just enjoying making out. Then, quite suddenly, it got more intense, until both of them were trying to cram their entire tongues into each other's mouths. Their bodies moved, now, rubbing and pushing at each other, and she realized she was short of breath. She didn't want to stop, though, and just tried to suck enough breath through her nose to stay conscious.

He pulled back. His hands slid up her back, and then to the sides of her breasts, and she unconsciously arched her back, to thrust them at him. He molded his hands over them, rubbing back and forth, in small circles and she panted, getting her breath. His hands slid down her sides again, to her hips, and then back up, under her T shirt. She suddenly wished she hadn't worn a bra, so he could touch her bare breasts.

They hadn't said a word since that first kiss. It was too dark to see his eyes, but when his hands went to her back, to fiddle with her bra catch, she leaned into him. Feeling the pressure release made her almost dizzy with anticipation, and she felt like she was going to go crazy as she felt cool air on her skin as he slowly moved her shirt up, taking the bra cups with it, until the night air whispered across her nipples. She knew they were hard as cherry pits right now. She could feel the pain that was always there when they got that way.

His head dipped, and she sucked in a huge breath. She held it, meaning to hold it in forever, but his hot breath on her aching nipple forced it out, just as he closed his lips over the bud and sucked. Her throat made a harsh sound as the breath rattled out of it in a long groan that released her pent up emotions. She'd felt this before, even if only once, and it didn't completely incapacitate her, like it had before. She felt the thrilling touch of his tongue, and the fire of his lips sucking, and could pay attention to that now. She thought that if the moon somehow fell on top of them this very instant, she would die happy.

She felt pressure between her legs, and it startled her. Then his hand slid over her butt, to the naked skin on her back, just above her shorts, and she realized he'd stuck his whole arm between her legs. She gave a soft squawk of surprise as he lifted her, supporting her with his forearm between her legs, and his other arm around her shoulders. She was actually off the ground, and felt helpless as he held her against the wall and sucked at her nipples. The pressure of his arm pressed right against her pussy, and every little movement she made sent streaks of something icy-hot from where his arm touched her, to those nipples. It was about to make her have another orgasm. She was sure it would happen. She had been delightfully scared out of her wits the first time, but this ... this she wanted. It wasn't so overpowering either, when she felt it begin to steal through her body. She wiggled on his arm, moaning, and her hands held his head to her breast as she gurgled and let the feelings flow.

He seemed to know, somehow, when the orgasm passed, and set her back down on the ground. She leaned shakily against the rough boards, feeling the texture of the wood on her back. He kissed her twice more, before, without a word, he put her clothing back together, replacing her bra cups, fastening the bra by feel, and then pulling her shirt down. She stood, still weak from the feelings he had caused in her.

"You go back in," he said. "I'll be there in a minute."

"Why?" she asked. "Aren't you going with me?"

"In a minute," he said. "I have to ... uh ... take a leak."

"Oh!" she said softly. "OK." Boys did things like that, outside, in the dark. It didn't seem odd to her. She'd seen Bobby taking a leak out by the fishing lake many times, though he never stood where she could see his actual penis.

She felt like she was stumbling for the first ten feet, and then she shook herself. She had to act normal. Amy had actually let Mike fuck her, and had looked completely normal, afterward. If Amy could do that, so could she.

The dance was over when she got back.

"There you are," said Judy.

"I went outside to get some fresh air," said Gloria.

"With Arden, as I recall," said Judy, peering closely at the girl.

"Yes," said Gloria. "He's still out there, somewhere."

"Oh," said Judy, looking confused. She had seen how closely they danced, and just assumed there was a little innocent hanky panky going on outside. She didn't mind a little, but had been about to go look for them. If Arden was somewhere besides with Gloria, maybe she had read the signals wrong.

"Did you have a good time?" she asked carefully. Gloria was a sweet, quiet girl, the kind that some boys might be able to take advantage of. Judy didn't want her getting her heart broken at camp.

"I had a great time," sighed Gloria.

"Good," said Judy, wondering at the tone of the girl's voice.

2nd Thursday, 2nd Friday

The previous night, while Gloria was outside, getting her nipples sucked, Amy had a fight with Mike. Mike had asked another girl to dance, after Amy said she was too tired to dance any more.

It took two days for Amy to get over her sulk, and for all of those two days, she stuck to Gloria like glue. Amy didn't want to go canoeing, which was good, because if she had, and Arden would have been there, he'd probably have wanted to skinny dip again. Amy would have loved that. Maybe too much, as mad as she was at Mike.

The day after the dance, when she saw Arden at lunch, she bent down to tell him she wasn't going canoeing that day. He just shrugged. Amy didn't want to do anything but pout, so they hung around the crafts area and did some more braiding of friendship bracelets. Gloria made one for her ankle.

The next day, one of only two Fridays left before camp was over, Amy wanted to go horseback riding, so Gloria did that again. Then she wanted to go swimming in the pool, that afternoon. When Arden looked at Gloria during lunch that day, and she shook her head no, just the slightest bit, he came to the table.

"You OK?"

"I'm fine," she said. She knew he thought she was chickening out ... that he'd gone too fast, or something. "Amy wants to swim in the pool this afternoon."

"Cool," he said calmly.

She felt much better when Arden showed up at the pool, even though he didn't come talk to her. He joined the rest of the boys in what Judy called "testosterone games", where they competed at everything, and wrestled, and dunked. Mike was there too, and was in the mix. Amy drifted closer and closer to the milling mass of boys, until the inevitable happened and she was knocked over. She shouted at the boy who had run into her, and Mike came over, concern on his face.

Just like that, they were over their spat, and Amy abandoned Gloria to hang on Mike like he was the last boy on earth.

Gloria felt something between her ankles, and looked down, jumping, as a body swam between her legs. She watched, eyes wide, as Arden surfaced in front of her.

"Went all the way from the end of the pool, underwater, and through your legs in one breath," he announced, breathing deeply. Gloria looked at the end of the pool he'd pointed at. They were standing in the middle.

"I could do that," she said.

"Think so?" He grinned.

"Want to bet?" she asked, sticking her chin out.

"If I win, we go canoeing tomorrow," he said.

She stuck out her tongue at him. "I was going to do that anyway, but you're on! If I win, you have to make me a friendship bracelet!"

"OK," he said, amiably.

It was no contest. He was older, stronger, and more used to holding his breath. He stood where she had been standing, but she was short by ten or twelve feet when she had to come up for air. He drifted toward her, but didn't say anything. She wiped her eyes and stared at him.

"You'd have made it if you'd been skinny dipping," he said. "The suit drags."

Gloria stared at him. She didn't know whether he was kidding or not. But she had a date for canoeing tomorrow, and most likely some more skinny dipping. She was pretty sure he'd give her another one of those delicious orgasms too.

Maybe it was because she was thinking about what tomorrow might be like that caused Gloria not to be sleepy. Maybe it was because after Judy got ready for bed, and put on her sleep shirt, while she was trying to get the girls to quiet down, she bent over to get something out of her suitcase and Gloria saw she wasn't wearing any panties. That was very odd. For whatever reason, when Judy flipped out the lights, and went out for her walkabout without her flashlight again, Gloria was definitely not sleepy. She lay there as the girls, one by one, got quiet and started making sleep sounds. Nancy, the other counselor in the cabin, snored, and Gloria knew she was asleep by that sound. Still, Judy had not come back.

Gloria was about to get up and go looking for Judy, when the door was suddenly pushed inward. Gloria, her eyes now accustomed to the dim light cast by a night light in the bathroom, watched as Judy came in. She stopped, standing there like she was listening, and then went to her bunk, across from Gloria's. She picked up the flashlight off the bed and turned it on, covering the lens with her hand. She bent over her suitcase again and pulled out a pair of panties, which, after she turned the flashlight off again, she quietly stepped into and pulled up onto her hips. Her hand did something at the front of her panties. Gloria could see her silhouette by the dim light coming in a window. Judy brought her hand up to her lips, and the silhouette of those lips opened, as one or two fingers went inside. The lips closed on them, and she pulled them out. It was all very strange, to Gloria.

Then Judy crawled in bed, and all was quiet again.

Gloria lay there, wondering what in the world was going on with Judy. She also worried about what might happen tomorrow. She knew, somehow, that Arden would do something more than he had already done. She knew she shouldn't let him do anything more too.

But she knew she would.

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