Arden and Gloria - A Summer Camp Romance

by Lubrican

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Chapter Four

2nd Saturday

At breakfast, Gloria happened to sit at the same table with Judy again. That wasn't unusual. She liked her counselor a lot, and being both excited and worried about what might happen with Arden may have nudged her toward sitting with someone she felt comfortable with.

It was for that reason that she happened to be there when the camp director came to the table to talk to Judy.

"I've got the shopping list for the supplies we're running low on," said the director. "It's not too bad. There are some things we need for crafts, and we need some saddle soap and some more ping pong balls ... things like that. I think it's you guys' turn to make the run, isn't it?"

Judy smiled up at the director. "Probably," she agreed. "I'll find Brad and we'll get it taken care of during morning free time. Can you cover for us while we're gone? I'm at crafts, this morning, and I think Brad is helping out at the pool."

"Already have it covered," said the director. He thanked Judy, and went back to the table he was eating at.

None of that was odd. Counselors made trips into town to WalMart, or wherever, to pick up needed items, every other day or so. But knowing that Judy and Brad were making the run this morning turned out to be critical for Gloria.

She had been on the verge of talking to Judy about what was happening to her with Arden. She wasn't going to identify Arden, of course ... she just wanted to talk about the feelings she was having. She knew ... or at least believed ... that she shouldn't be letting Arden touch her so intimately. The problem was that she loved his touch, and what it did to her. Now, though, Judy would be gone, and Gloria couldn't talk to her.

Instead, Gloria took what she called a "nature walk". She ended up doing a nature walk just about every year, where she went off by herself, to think about something that was bothering her. All she did was walk the old trails through the woods.

The camp had been there for years and years. The road that came into it, back when the camp was new, had been bulldozed from one side of the property to the other, providing two entrances. Only one was used, these days. The other had a locked gate across it. But that gate was closer to town by a couple of miles, so counselors usually got the key and went that way when making a run. Gloria knew that too, though she didn't think about it as she wandered along in the woods.

The first thing that caught her attention was a flash of color, through the vegetation. It was a deep maroon color, and she recognized it immediately as being a car, parked off the road, by a picnic shelter that nobody used any more because it was too far away from the dining hall.

Her first thought was that trespassers were on the property. Then she wondered why anybody would want to trespass clear out here, in the middle of nowhere. Using her woodsman's skills, she crept forward, to see what was going on. Quite soon she realized she was looking at Judy's SUV, sitting next to the picnic shelter.

Her next thought was that the car had broken down. She didn't see either Judy or Brad anywhere. They must have walked back when the car died. Then she realized that this shelter was a good fifty yards off the road. If they had broken down, why wasn't the car on the road? More than that, the car had been backed into where it was parked.

Her woodsman's skills forgotten, she walked up to the back of the SUV and looked through the back window.

Judy's voice, sounding very close in the still air, almost scared Gloria to death.

"You're going to tease me again, aren't you!"

Gloria looked around wildly. The voice seemed to have come from the front of the car. Gloria stepped to one side and froze.

In front of the SUV, under the spreading branches of an old oak tree, a blanket had been spread out. Gloria hadn't been able to see that because the car blocked her view. Judy was lying on that blanket.

She was stark naked.

More than that, Brad was standing over her, also stark naked.

Gloria jerked back behind the car, and then peeked around the edge of it again, immediately, squatting down. She couldn't believe her eyes.

"I love to tease you," said Gloria's male counselor. "You love to be teased."

"It's bad enough when we only have ten minutes!" moaned Judy. She had her knees up and spread. Gloria's wide eyes could see exactly what Brad was seeing, and that was everything! "We've got time to make this last, Bradley, but don't tease me. You know what I want."

Brad turned, and for the first time in her life, Gloria saw a fully erect penis. She gawked. It was so different than her cousin's, or Arden's that she couldn't take her eyes off it. Both Arden’s and Bobby's had been wrinkled lumps of flesh, maybe two or three inches long, and maybe twice as big around as her thumb. Brad's looked huge to her. It stuck out two or three times longer than what Arden's would, if it weren't lying on that round sack. It was almost the same thickness the whole length too, instead of being smaller at the tip, like Arden's was. The tip looked blunt, with a large wedge-shaped knob there, that suddenly sloped inward behind the knob, before swelling back out. Brad's naked body looked different too. Gloria had seen him in a swim suit, of course, but this was different somehow. He seemed to bulge with muscles, including his butt, where muscles defined their shapes under his skin. The hair around the base of his penis was light blond, like the hair on his head. She couldn't see his balls yet, because his thigh just barely hid them.

"I still don't get that," said Brad, bringing his hand to that scary looking penis. He stroked along it a couple of times. "I know we've been having fun for the last couple of years ... but a baby?"

"You never listen to me!" said Judy, closing and then opening her knees, even wider. Her right hand came to her pussy and rubbed there. "Steve and I have been trying for two years! He won't believe it's his sperm count that's the problem, regardless of what the lab reports say. He won't try invitro fertilization. This isn't just for fun, any more, Brad. Come on, baby, I need you."

"I thought you were just teasing me," said Brad, "I thought you were just trying to get me going." He got to his knees, his back to Gloria, and got between Judy's spread thighs, blocking her view of Judy, who she'd been looking at too. It was hard to see, with her lying on her back, but Judy looked just as beautiful naked as she did with clothes on, to Gloria. Her breasts looked bigger, and her nipples were dark brown, like her head hair and the thin strip of obviously trimmed hair that seemed to point from her belly button to her pussy.

Feeling a sort of de ja vue, Gloria's eyes got wider as Brad leaned forward, to rest on his hands, while Judy's hand came to his hanging prick and nosed it between her pussy lips. Now Gloria had an unobstructed view of Brad's balls, which hung down, almost, but not quite hiding his penis. With no preamble at all, he pushed, and Gloria watched as that fat, long penis slid into Judy.

The noises they made were startlingly like those Amy and Mike had made, which heightened the sense of de ja vue in Gloria's shocked mind. Seeing that thick white stalk slide in and out of Judy's pussy, seeming to do so effortlessly, made Gloria feel weak and faint. Seeing Judy's hips bounce up off the blanket to receive that impossibly large thing made the teen want to moan. She realized she was squeezing her nipple with one hand, and stopped, afraid she'd make a noise. She knew she should flee. Getting caught spying would ruin everything, but she couldn't tear her eyes away from the coupling that was going on, just a few yards away.

Theoretically, what Gloria had heard had been something she had the capability to understand on a rational level. Judy had basically said that she and Brad had been having sex, on a more or less recreational basis, for two years. Now she knew that her husband couldn't give her a baby, and she wanted one badly enough to have it with Brad. On a cerebral level, Gloria understood that. It hadn't sunk in, emotionally, though. She just hadn't had time to process that.

But, when Judy started telling Brad he'd always been her favorite lover, and that she looked forward to camp every year because she knew Brad would do this to her again, and that she wanted him to squirt a baby in her, begging him to make her pregnant, the emotion in her voice flooded Gloria's emotional centers as well. Her hands went to her breasts again, and then one flashed between her legs, where she needed to feel the pressure. She felt the insane urge to strip off her clothes, and run to the blanket, to beg Brad to make a baby in her too! She knew that was the craziest thing in the entire world, but that was the urge that flooded her.

She didn't do that, of course. It was unthinkable. Well ... un-doable, anyway. Instead, she watched as he bucked and groaned and those hanging balls flopped under him, until, at one point, he stopped, and his balls seemed to jerk, and tighten.

"Ohhhh yess, baby," moaned Judy. "Knock me up, lover."

Everything seemed to stop suddenly, except that Gloria's hands kept moving. She felt an orgasm so close she could almost taste it. But she knew she couldn't be quiet if she let it come, and, stifling a groan, she pulled her hands from where they were rubbing and clasped them together. She saw Brad getting up, and saw the long string of white that connected the tip of his prick with Judy's pussy mouth, which was running with white goo. She had to turn away and sit down, with her eyes closed tight, while she got control of her body.

Gloria didn't know how long they'd stay there, on the blanket. She knew she had to get away, though, without them seeing her. Her knees were so weak she crawled away from the back of the car, until she got to the trees surrounding the open area, and could pull herself up beside one. She was panting like she'd run a mile. Making sure they couldn't see her, she leaned her back against a tree until her racing heart slowed, along with her breathing.

Then she carefully crept as far as she could stand creeping, before breaking into a run that took her all the way back to the dining hall without stopping.

Gloria arrived at the dining hall gasping for breath, and sweating freely. Other kids stared at her as she stood, stooped, her hands on her knees as she tried to get her breath.

"What's wrong?" asked a boy named Rodney, who she knew, but didn't talk to all that much.

Gloria shook her head, looking down. "Just ... trying ... to get ... in shape," she panted. She had run with Bobby in the past, and realized she was, in fact, out of shape.

"I don't know," said Rodney. "You look in plenty good shape to me."

Gloria looked up to see Rodney smiling. He was actually flirting with her! He was also looking down the front of her shirt, which had pulled away from her body, heavy with sweat. She stood up.

"Thanks," she said, having a hard time believing that a boy would flirt with her when she was sweaty and her hair was flying loose. She pulled her hair back, as if she was going to put it in a pony tail, but she didn't have anything to hold it there. She held it up off the back of her neck, and then realized that Rodney was staring at her chest, which was thrust out by the position of her arms. she dropped her hair, and turned, to walk away.

Her emotions were roiled and troubled even more, for the rest of the morning. At lunch, when she saw Judy sitting at another table, looking and acting completely normal, and Brad sitting at a different table, looking and behaving the same way, she could barely contain her astonishment. How could they possibly look like they had always looked, when she had seen them doing that?

Then she remembered that they'd been doing that for two years, and she hadn't suspected a thing. She was so caught up in thinking about all this that she didn't take a bite, until a boy asked her if she was going to eat her chicken fried steak, or if he could have it.

Gloria stood in front of the mirror in the bathroom of her cabin, and almost by habit, dealt with the stray hairs sticking out of her bikini bottom. Lunch had been a daze, and she still felt like she was in it. She'd put on her bikini automatically, and, standing in front of the mirror, she knew she'd meet Arden at the lake. She knew he'd give her another orgasm.

She knew she shouldn't go.

She knew she would.

His smile, when she saw him coming up the path to the boat house made her knees weak again. She walked with him into the boat house, where he stroked her belly, rubbing the Nivea on her. His hands dipped into her top to almost, but not quite, touch her nipples. She stood there, letting him touch her. When his hands slid up the insides of her thighs, she didn't go up on tiptoes, and felt the insane urge to squat, instead. Then he fastened her life jacket. He didn't kiss her there, in the boat house, and she almost kissed him when she realized he wasn't going to.

She was in the stern, this day, and she steered them straight to the overhanging tree, where they swam naked. She thought of it as "their tree", now, and of this place as where "they" swam naked. He didn't say anything as she presented her back to him, once they were in the water, and he unclipped her bra. This time she watched as he stuck his head under water, and lifted her feet herself, to help him get her bottoms off. When he came up, and wiped his hair back, off his face, she did lean forward, to plant her lips on his. Then she took her shoes off. The mud, squishing between her toes, felt warm.

He didn't hold her up out of the water, like last time. Instead, he went behind her, and reached around to cup her breasts. He squeezed her nipples, and she lay her head back on his shoulder. When his right hand left her right breast, and started to slide down, over her belly, she knew what was coming. He stroked her belly for a while, kissing her neck, and she almost reached to shove his hand between her legs. Then, with agonizing slowness, his hand dropped lower, until his fingertips played with her soggy hair. She wanted to scream at him to go on, but couldn't. The anticipation of feeling his fingers on her, lower, was making her crazy, and she began to gasp for air. His fingers finally grazed the top of her split, and her feet left the mud as her knees reflexively came up and spread. She groaned as she sank, and his hand slid back up into her pussy hair. His left hand, which had been stroking her left breast, tightened, to take her weight and his right hand left her bush to pull her to him, while his left hand went to the other breast.

Her mouth was open to scream at him for stopping, and then, as suddenly as a snake strikes, his right hand was across her belly and deep between her legs, which were still up and spread wide for him. One of his fingers drove into her pussy, and he pulled with that finger, to take part of her weight in the water.

She babbled then, making sputtering noises as her body jerked in his arms, her arms flopping in the water at her sides. Some dim part of her brain noticed that the feel of his hand between her legs was different than she'd imagined, in those few short seconds while it slid across her belly. She'd touched herself there, but his fingers felt so different.

The finger that was in her went deeper, and she stiffened, but didn't lift her head from his shoulder. She could feel the sun on her face, and see it through closed eyelids. His left hand pulled her up a little, now just holding her breast, and that delightful finger stroked, in and out, just like Brad's penis had stroked in and out of Judy.

Gloria finally felt the orgasm she had denied herself, that morning, as she watched her counselors, making a baby. It burst through her like hot sparks.

"UUuunnnnggggg," she groaned, bucking in the water, her head still firmly planted on his shoulder. Her thighs slammed shut on his hand, and then bounded open again, as he probed so far she felt a sweet pain where his fingertip pushed against something deep inside her.

When she relaxed from her orgasm, she went limp all over. Her head would have gone under the water, had he not been holding her up. Slowly, her bare feet sank to the mud, and she put them under her, stepping backwards. She felt his penis touch her buttocks.

It was hard this time. She could feel the difference immediately.

Energy flooded into her from that touch, and she turned around to kiss him, pressing her naked body to his. She felt his penis nudge into her mass of pussy hair. She wanted to feel it, but she didn't. Not with her hand. The best she could do was press her abdomen against it as he kissed her. His kiss was punctuated by his tongue, and she opened her mouth to suck at it, and then give him her tongue to suck.

Without words, while still kissing her continuously, his hand did for her what she would not do herself. He took her hand, and brought it to his stiff prick. Still kissing her, he taught her how to stroke him, his hand on hers, moving faster and faster until he stiffened and groaned softly into her mouth. Somehow that seemed dangerous, and she backed up, looking at the water between them. Curled strings of white floated to the surface, to move in the swirling water her motion had created. She knew those curling strings were his sperm ... just like the sperm Brad had given Judy ... which Judy hoped would make a baby in her womb. She stared at Arden's sperm. It was unbelievable. How could those drifting lines make a baby?

"Thank you," said Arden softly. "Let's swim."

They did, swimming twenty yards from the canoe, and then back again. She felt like they should be talking, but still felt comfortable, somehow, with the fact that they weren't. Thinking of that, she realized she wouldn't know what to say anyway.

When he reached for her bra, and put it back on her, she was almost disappointed. She had hoped he'd stroke her to another glorious orgasm. That he played with her breasts while he put it on helped a little, in that it seemed so normal, now. It was his way of saying "You're pretty," with his hands.

In the boat house, when he hung her life jacket up, he stood behind her and kissed her neck again. His hands squeezed her breasts again too. His right hand dipped into her bottoms, just enough to play with her bush of hair, and she moved her right foot to the side, thinking he'd take the chance of getting caught and let her feel it one more time. He didn't, though, and, as he pulled his hand back out, and turned her around to kiss her, she suddenly knew what Judy had meant when she accused Brad of teasing her.

Third Sunday

The next day, they did exactly the same thing again, and in almost exactly the same way. He held her up, while his finger probed, and rubbed, until she saw stars with her closed eyes. When it was his turn, though, he moved her around behind him, and brought her hand around him, to his penis. She knew it would be easier to move her hand fast in this position.

He started her, and then let go.

She didn't take her hand away.

Now it was he who lay his head back on her shoulder, as her right hand moved, under water, and her left hand covered his right nipple, until he stiffened and groaned, and strings of his semen floated to the surface. It felt wonderful to feel her breasts pressed to his naked back, and to know she had made him happy.

They swam, and afterwards, he held her in his left arm, like he had before, with her feet off the bottom, so he could suck her nipples. His finger probed again and soon she lay in his arms helpless, as the ripples of pleasure flooded her mind.

This time, in the boat house, as he stroked her breasts, he slid his fingers lower. She felt his fingertip stop, where the pressure was excruciatingly wonderful, and slip back and forth, rising and falling around some protrusion that she dimly remembered was called her "clit". He put his left hand over her mouth when she came, to stifle her cry, but she didn't mind, as she breathed, and made noises through her nose.

It was in that instant that she knew, no matter what he wanted to do to her ... even if it was what Brad had done to Judy ... she would not be able to stop him.

3rd Monday

On the third Monday afternoon, traditionally, the whole camp played capture the flag. In reality, it was a chance for the counselors to relax for an afternoon, since they were referees. They hung out at wherever the flags were posted, while the kids ran themselves crazy. Again, water balloons were brought into play, as hand grenades. If you got wet, depending on how wet you got, you were dead. That's what the referees were for. Whoever had thought up the water balloon idea was a genius, because the kids could only carry so many, and when they ran out, the only place they could get more was home base. That meant the kids were running a lot. Once you were dead, you could go to the swimming pool, but nowhere else. The morning group session was for planning the defense and offense, and usually ran long. Most groups spent morning free time getting ready for the war.

Arden, it turned out, had a vivid imagination, and a mind for tactics. He took a blanket and used one of the big leather needles in the crafts area, and some thick linen thread, and sewed leafy branches to one side of the blanket. When he draped it over his head, looking through a fold, and went out into the woods, while his team was looking elsewhere, when they tried to see him, they couldn't, until he stood, from where he had been kneeling. The enthusiasm of the rest of the group was inflamed, and, while they worked out the rest of his plan, he and Mike were able to make four more camouflage drapes. They would have made more, but they ran out of blankets.

The group split into half, with two designated to stay with the flag and defend it openly. Two more would use blankets and hide, along likely approach routes, armed with water balloons. One more, without a blanket, would act as a decoy, running from approaching enemies, as if he were a scout, and leading pursuers right past those in camouflaged positions.

The same tactic would be used by the other half, except that two people would be with each of the remaining blankets. Their plan was to approach another team's position, trying not to be seen, while the teen without any camouflage approached openly. It was hoped that the defenders would chase the un-camouflaged teen, who would lead his pursuers to those under the blankets. The one not holding the blanket could then pop out and cream the pursuers.

If they could weed out the defenders, eventually they hoped to use the blankets to get close enough to take out those close to the flags, and eat supper at the conqueror’s table, that night.

The plan worked pretty well, except that, when one of the water balloons broke while Mike was trying to throw it, it got both him and Amy wet, "killing" them both. They had gone with Arden and Gloria, the other team that was approaching flags under a blanket. The people chasing Danny, who had been leading them to Mike's position, had creamed Danny when he stopped to watch the fun- turned-disaster. Just like that more than half the offense was dead.

The only bright spot was that, while Mike, Danny and Amy were being pronounced "dead" by a counselor, everybody on that team came down to watch and gloat. Arden and Gloria were hiding under their blanket only twenty feet away, and were able to drop the blanket and start throwing water balloons like crazy. They wiped out the whole team, including the counselor, who couldn't stop laughing as he spun around yelling "You're dead ... you're dead ... you're dead ... you're all dead!"

So, they had one flag, and now Gloria and Arden each had their own camouflage blanket, once they recovered Mike and Amy's. They had to go back to base, to get more balloons, and found that the defense had wreaked havoc with attackers. The plan had worked like a charm.

Alanna, a short, thin girl who had been defending home base, volunteered to be the bait for Arden and Gloria, and they left, carefully cradling more balloons in a pouch made by holding their T shirt bottoms up. They could carry more balloons that way, but had to drop the blanket to use them, since one hand held the T shirt up, and the other held the blanket over them.

In the end, that was what did them in. Alanna lured two pairs of kids into their trap, which worked perfectly the first two times. Then Arden tripped while sneaking up on a flag position and didn't have a hand to put down to save him. By the time he'd thought to just drop the blanket, he was too far gone and fell on his balloons, breaking them all. Alanna didn't know that, and ran straight toward him. When he just stood up, plain as day, she stopped, and got nailed in the back with a defender's balloon. Gloria, still hidden, waited until three more defenders came to see the attackers pronounced dead, and got two more when she dropped her blanket and started throwing balloons. But her arm wasn't as good at throwing, and soon she was dripping wet. While the defenders were laughing at her, she pointed at a teen from another group, who had snatched their flag when they left it unattended to come kill her. Then she laughed, picked up her blanket, and joined Arden.

A rule was that, when you died, you couldn't go back and tell your group. The counselors at the pool kept track of which kids in which groups were dead, and had a bull horn to announce when the war was over. Alanna said she'd see them at the pool, and took off.

That left Arden and Gloria to walk through the woods together.

And they had two blankets.

Always before, Gloria had just let things happen. For the first time, she took the initiative. It wasn't much. All she did, when they entered a grassy area, where an old tree had fallen, and the new growth hadn't filled it yet, was spread her blanket out, and then take his from Arden and lay it on top of hers. It was lumpy, but she didn't care. She was full of adrenaline, from battle, and she wanted to feel even better.

Arden didn't say a word. He kissed her, a long, tongue-swapping kiss, during which he pulled her wet shirt up above her breasts. The kiss broke, and she turned. She was wearing her bikini under her clothes, and, as he unclipped her top, she took the T shirt off and laid it out on the grass to dry. She felt odd, standing there in just her shorts, with her breasts bare, and, unaccountably, felt better when he took his own shirt off. They lay and kissed, and he sucked at her nipples until she writhed. His hands at the fastening of her shorts sounded alarm bells in her mind, because she pictured herself like she had seen Judy ... on a blanket ... spread out ... naked ... She couldn't visualize Arden's penis, sliding in and out of her, and she didn't want to think of having something as big and long as Brad's in her. Her pussy clenched at the very thought. While her mind warned her, though, her hips lifted, and let him drag her shorts down her thighs, taking her bikini bottom with them, until, at last, she lay naked, except for her shoes.

She knew he was going to take his shorts off.

She knew his penis would be stiff.

She knew he was going to put it in her and take her virginity.

She knew that she'd finished her period, at the time thankfully, just before she came to camp, and she knew what sperm in her womb could mean.

Her mind screamed at her to stop this. She tried to find the words to make him stop.

When she finally realized he wasn't doing any of those things at all, and that his shorts were still firmly on his hips, she was so surprised that she didn't know what to do. She had been so intent on what, in her imagination, was about to happen to her, that she couldn't deal with the reality of what DID happen.

What happened was that Arden ate her pussy.

Her first dim clue was when his mouth left her nipples and he kissed his way down to her belly, which sucked in all by itself at his touch. He scrambled around between legs she wasn't aware she had spread for him, and then mashed his face into her lush growth of pubic hair. His face moved, side to side, as his lips defeated her hair and reached her pussy lips. Then his tongue found the little bump he'd rubbed, the day before, in the boat house, and flicked against it rapidly.

Gloria gave a honk of surprise and almost, but not quite, sat up, her stomach muscles tightening instantly. Then, as the feelings of what he was doing hit her, she flopped back down, and felt a branch under the blanket digging into her back painfully. Her roll was only partly to get away from that. The rest of it was to lift one leg and flop it over the back of Arden's neck, where it put every ounce of pressure her leg muscle could provide on the back of his head.

Her breath was gone, and the only sounds she could make were raspy gurgles of joy as he wormed a finger into her pussy, below his tongue and finger-fucked her. Her first orgasm came upon her so quickly, and with so little warning, that her upper body curled, until she was lying almost on her side. There were wet sounds coming from where Arden's face was pressed to her, and his head was still shaking rapidly.

Then he stopped licking, and sucked hard. When he bit her clit, gently, between his teeth, all she could do was flop. Her leg left the back of his head, and flopped down onto the blanket as she rolled back onto her back. Now, the only muscles that worked, were the ones in her legs , back and hips, as she thrust her pussy up at the debilitating things he was doing to her. She managed to get enough breath into her lungs to grunt.


She dragged in a little more air, as he lifted his grinning face, and her weak hands fluttered toward his face, to push at his forehead.

"I can't ... take ... any ... more" she panted.

He grinned wider and dipped his head to lick her one last time, with the flat of his tongue, from the bottom of her slit to the top. Her loins jerked and she yipped "UHHH", but then he got up and sat back on his haunches.

"Nivea tastes good," he breathed, wiping his mouth with the back of his arm.

Then he took his shorts off.

Gloria looked at him with lidded eyes. She felt completely weak and helpless. He was hard, and her eyes devoured his erection, now that she could see it. If he crawled toward her, she knew she couldn't stop him ... wouldn't stop him. But all he did was stroke it.

She watched him, as his breathing increased, and his face tightened.

"Wait!" she heard herself say.

With what felt like the last of her strength, she rolled and sat up. He was standing, and when she got to her knees, his beautiful, hard penis was right in front of her. She lifted her hand and he removed his, to let her grasp him.

Then, again with his help, she stroked, until she got to see what those white curly strings in the water looked like as they came out.

They ran, to make up for the lost time, and to get to the pool before anyone noticed they were missing. They heard the bull horn, announcing that the war was over, just as they broke through the vegetation around the pool.

Carrying their camouflage blankets, they tried to act like nothing was out of the ordinary. Gloria knew it could be done. She'd seen Amy do it, and then Judy. She was proud of herself as, when they walked up to the gate of the pool, nobody said anything to her at all.

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