The Rent A Man Blues

by Lubrican

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Chapter Eight

Hamako sat down on the edge of the bed. She looked at the floor, now. Bob flopped down on the bed, up by the pillows, lying on his side. She darted a look at him, but then looked back at the floor.

"I'm not Hiroto Nakimura," he said.

"I know."

"Then you don't have to be all submissive, and look at the floor."

"Where am I supposed to look?"

"At me."

Slowly, her face turned. Her hair, which had fallen in front of her collar bones, made a shield she could look out from behind. Bob almost laughed, but he knew she was nervous and upset.

She turned to face him.

“We have talked a little about becoming close. I have kissed you. How do you feel about me?” he asked.

She frowned. "I cannot say how I feel, because it changes. Sometimes I want to do everything with you. Sometimes I'm terrified to be with you."

"Like now?"


"Why? You know I won't hurt you."

"Yes, I know that. I can't explain it. Sometimes you just make me crazy. I don't know how to feel, and when I do feel something, I don't know how to explain it."

“When I kiss Raleigh, how do you feel about that?”

“I am happy for her.”

“Really? You aren’t jealous?”

“No. It makes me impatient to get to do that myself, but I’m not jealous. After you have kissed us ... touched us ... we kiss and touch each other, and it is very good.”

“How about if I did those things with Megan?”

She thought. “I would be worried that you wouldn’t want to be with us any more.”

“That’s why Raleigh is so upset,” said Bob. “When she came into the room, Megan and I were naked, and about to get in bed together.”

“Oh,” said Hamako, looking away from him. Finally she looked back. “Does this mean you have fallen love with Megan?”

“Sort of,” said Bob.

“What does that mean?”

“Well,” said Bob, “according to Megan, I’ve fallen in love with all three of you.”

Hamako's reaction to that comment was delayed by the arrival of Megan and Raleigh. Megan came in first, and acted like nothing had happened. Raleigh entered after her and stood, uncomfortably in the doorway.

Hamako lurched up off the bed and skipped to her friend. They hugged, and stayed that way. Bob could hear Hamako say something, but he couldn't understand it. Raleigh's response was clearer. She said "I'm okay."

The girls relaxed their hug, and Hamako moved sideways. They ended up side-by-side, blocking the exit to the room, though that wasn't intentional.

There would have been an uncomfortable silence, except Megan spoke.

"I have a theory about all this, but I'm going to keep it to myself," she said.

"That's helpful," said Bob, who was still lying on the bed, topless, looking like he was trying to impersonate a male swimsuit model or something.

"I'll say this much," said Megan. "I have no claim on Bob."

"What does that mean?" asked Bob.

"It means that you don't owe me anything. You're not beholden to me. What has happened between us does not negate any of your options."

"Options such as?" he asked.

She swallowed. "Options such as having a girlfriend." She swallowed again.

Bob thought about that for a minute. He looked at the girls, standing in the doorway. Each had an arm around the other. "Are you referring to them, by chance?"

"I am," she said. She looked at the girls too. "Raleigh? Do you have any claim on Bob?"

"No," said Raleigh. Her voice was tight, but her face didn't show the stress that was in her throat.

Megan looked at Hamako, whose eyes got round. She held up her free hand.

"I'm just a visitor here."

"You're far more than a visitor, Hamako," said Megan. "Whether you know it or not, you're part of the family now."

The girl looked down at the floor. "I like you all. I don't want there to be any unhappiness."

Megan looked at Bob.

"So ... let me get this straight," said Bob. "I get to do whatever I want. Is that about it?"

There was a pause as Megan looked at the girls again. Raleigh gave a fractional nod.

"Yes," said Megan.

"Well then, I'm glad that's settled," said Bob, pushing himself up so that he could sit on the side of the bed opposite the door. "Since I have things to do tomorrow with Hiroto and Akio," he paused to point at Hamako, "and you, we should probably get to bed."

All three women stood, waiting.

"We need to know, Bob," said Megan.

"Know what?"

"Which one of us you're going to choose."

"Oh," he laughed. "That's easy. I decided that already."

"Oh?" Megan sounded upset that he could be so casual about making a decision that quickly.

He stood up and walked around the bed. He stopped, looking back and forth between the girls and Megan.

"I want all three of you," he said.

There had been some outcry, but he cut them off.

"I want you all, but not at the same time ... as in a foursome. Not yet anyway." He grinned, but none of the women laughed at his levity. "We'll work something out. Any or all of you can opt out. I don't want to limit your options either, but for my money, I'd be crazy to turn down any of you. Besides, I love you all."

He then went to the girls and gave each of them a peck on the lips while they stood, stunned.

"Now, you interrupted us earlier," he said. "So it's only fair that you wait for your turn. That will be tomorrow. Unless I wake up in the middle of the night, horny, and feel like terrorizing the villagers. In that case, I'll come crawl in bed with you two." He grinned, and pushed them backwards out of the door.

There had been some more outcry, but he managed to get the door closed. He turned to find Megan staring at him as if he had sprouted antennae or an extra eye.

"You can't have us all," she said.

"Why not? I love you all. You all love me. I don't see a problem here."

"You wouldn't, you pig," she snorted.

"I'd love to continue this discussion," he said, "but you're seriously overdressed."

He shoved his shorts to his ankles and stepped out of them.

He was erect again.

"When did that happen?" asked Megan, staring at his member.

"When you said I could have whatever I wanted," he said. "I started thinking about the possibilities, and my little friend immediately wanted to vote for all three."

"This is insane, Bob," she said.

"No it's not. I think I know what your theory is, and I agree with you."

"Is that so."

"That is so. Now would you please get naked? I brushed my teeth for you, woman!"

She wouldn't cooperate. It wasn't that she wasn't in the mood. He could tell she was in the mood again. He finally decided that she had decided not to simply capitulate, but would not resist either. So he undid the knot of her robe and spread it open as she lay limply. Her eyes glittered as her body was uncovered.

He sat beside her and stared.

"Ahhh, yes, I'm a tit man," he sighed. "And yours are unbelievable."

"I bet you say that to all the girls," she said, truculently.

"Of course," he said. "I never met a breast I didn't like."

His eyes ranged down her body.

"Have you ever thought about shaving?" he asked.

"They did that to me when Raleigh was born. The stubble is unbearable."

"That's why you enlist the services of a personal barber to keep you nice and smooth, and to massage the area carefully with soothing oils," said Bob. "I'd like to introduce myself. I'm your new personal barber."

"It itches," she said.

"That's what the soothing lotion is for. I know what I'm talking about. I'm a personal barber."

"I don't want to shave!" she said.

"Now that, is a valid argument against doing so," he said. He looked into her eyes for a long time. "If you're not in the mood for this any more, I understand. I meant it when I said your options are open too. I can sleep on the floor if you want."

She looked back at him and he saw her facial muscles relax.

"Asshole," she said softly.

"You're the one who gave me the options," he said.

"That's not what I meant."

"So what did you mean, then?"

"I mean that even when you're being an asshole, you're still very attractive."

"Why, thank you madam."

"Still, I don't think you should be rewarded for deciding to become a satyr. So yes. You may sleep on the floor."

He started masturbating.

"Stop that!" she barked.

"I have to do something with it," he said. "If you're not going to use it, then I'm going to make it go away."

"Asshole!" she yelped.

"I have an idea," he said, holding one finger up to his head. "You can use it, and then I'll sleep on the floor. That way everybody is happy."

She looked at him with a smoldering gaze, and then pulled her knees up and let them fall open.

"You'd better make me feel very good, Bob Tomlinson."

He saluted and crawled onto the bed.

"And enjoy it yourself, buster," she added, "because this may be the last time you ever get to do this with me."

He made her feel very good. In fact, he made her feel so good that she cursed at him, knowing that she'd never be able to resist him again if he wanted to bed her.

And the three orgasms he gave her with his lips and tongue were punctuated with three more as he slid his erection into her and prodded her relentlessly for fifteen minutes. Then, sealing his lips to hers, he lurched one last time, driving deep, and delivered his male nectar deep into her belly.

They lay on their sides, still holding each other, five minutes later, still panting from the exertion of their lovemaking.

"So ... am I forgiven?" he asked.

"For what?"

"For being in love with all of you."

"As long as I get some of that on a regular basis," she sighed, "then yes, you're forgiven."

"What happened to that maybe being the last time?"

"I changed my mind."

Then they stopped talking and traded long, passionate kisses. She writhed against him until the intensity of what she was feeling brought tears of almost hysterical relief. She had thought she'd never be able to feel this way again. The fact that she now could was a gift of unimaginable joy to her.

He, of course, didn't understand why she was crying.

"Hey," he said, kissing her tears. "I really do love you. I can't help how I feel about the girls, but I really love you."

"I know," she sniffled. "That's not why I'm crying."

When she finally explained it to him, their kisses got softer, shorter, more tender.

"I know what the male in me wants is impossible," he sighed, finally.

"Maybe," she said.

"Maybe? How can you say maybe? I want to live with three women. And love them all! I wouldn't blame you if you were planning on poisoning my food right now!"

"And kill off the guy who just did that to me?" She laughed. "You may be crazy, but I'm not."

"You'd let me ... with them?" He sounded shocked.

"That doesn't mean they'll settle for less than all of you," she said.

"But you would?"

"I don't look at it that way. When you're gone to work, I don't have you then. When you're asleep, I don't have all of you. If you're reading a book I don't have your attention. I'm pretty sure I could think about it that way if you were spending time with one of them, too."

"Wow," he said.

"Remembering of course, that they may not feel the same way."

"I can't believe they're even interested in me," he said. "I'm twenty years older than they are."

"Age has nothing to do with it," said Megan. "It's who you are inside, not what you look like on the outside."

"I don't believe that," he said. "Looks count for something."

"Okay, they count for something, but personality counts for more."

He ignored her and moved his lips to suckle a nipple.

"Don't start something you can't finish, old man," she said softly.

He took her hand and moved it to his brand new erection. She hummed happily, but let him give her nipple love for only a few more minutes before she pulled him on top of her again.

To her delight, this time, he was able to go even longer.

Sleep had taken them, finally, and wrapped its jealous arms around them for the rest of the night. Both were groggy the next morning when they woke. In a comfortable silence they crawled out of bed and did a sort of rotation into different parts of the bathroom, performing a dance of sorts, as they got ready to face the day. Twice, along the way, their hands touched each other, and they kissed.

Suddenly Bob stopped.

"We didn't use any birth control on the boat. Or last night."

She happened to be putting her hair in a ponytail at that moment, and with her arms up, her breasts were lifted, proud and jutting. She looked at him in the mirror.

"That's right."

"Meaning you're on the pill," he said.

"Why would I be on the pill?" she asked. "I don't have sex."

"If what we did last night wasn't having sex, then when we do I'll have a heart attack," he said.

"I didn't used to have sex," she amended.

"Are you saying I could have gotten you pregnant?"

"Is that a problem?"

"Is that a problem? Are you crazy?"

She finished her hair and turned to face him.

"Are you saying you don't want children?"

He blinked. Then he swallowed. "No. But I'm astonished you might."

"I loved raising Raleigh. I wanted more babies. I couldn’t have them. The idea of having one now does not terrify me."

He stared. "Are you trying to have a baby?"

She stared back. "Not particularly. But if I do, I'm not going to cry about it. Is that a problem, Bob?"

He stood, as if frozen. Her brow furrowed, beginning the process of putting a frown on her face. Then he moved again.

"No. No woman has ever wanted to have my baby. I'm just ... I don't know how to explain it. You'd really have my baby?"

Now she looked disgusted. "I'm standing here naked, after having made love with you last night. I'm sharing my bathroom with you. These are not things I do with some casual male acquaintance, Bob! If I couldn't have lived with you knocking me up, you'd never have gotten in my pants at all, you dolt!"

"I've never had sex with a woman who didn't go to lengths to make sure I didn't knock her up," he said.

"Well, then, they didn't love you," she said, turning back around and reached for a tube of lipstick on the counter.

He watched her apply it, and then softly said "Houston, we have a problem."

She looked at him and he looked down at his groin. He had the kind of boner a guy wishes he could enter in a contest.

"No way, buster!" she said, laughing.

He hunched over and let one arm swing in front of him. "Igor want sex, mistress!"

"Igor can't have sex!" she laughed.

He scooped her up and carried her, kicking and squealing back to the bed. He threw her onto it, and before she could get purchase with her hands and feet to get off, he pounced. They were both still naked from the night before, and he was much stronger. He was worried that she wouldn't be ready, so when he finally got the tip in her, he stopped. But he had nothing to worry about. She was laughing again ... and turned on by his desire.

This time was for him. He lunged, and pounded her, trying to reach his orgasm as quickly as possible. It was easy, because now he knew she was fertile ... and that she welcomed his sperm. No woman had ever done that, and it made him almost crazy with desire to strike while the iron was hot, so to speak.

He had no idea he was growling, roaring almost, as something deep and primal within him took control of his body in an effort to breed this woman.

He had, again, forgotten to lock the door the night before, when he ushered the girls out. Which is why it flew open again as the girls crowded in, yelling "What's wrong?" only to see that violent mating taking place.

You, gentle reader, may have watched a pornographic video of people having sex. It is more likely than not that you have even had sex yourself. But neither of those prepares one for seeing real people, having real sex in person, especially when it is passionate sex. Bob looked like he was trying to crush Megan, to beat her into submission with his entire body. But her actions made it crystal clear to both girls that she not only welcomed this beating ... she craved it ... needed it ... couldn't live without it!

Her arms and legs were wrapped around him, and her chants of "Yes ... yes ... yes!" made it evident that the violence of their coupling was only an illusion.

Nonetheless, neither girl was emotionally prepared to see copulation in all its energetic glory.

And when Bob looked over at them, the look on his face as he ejaculated one more time in his lover, caused both young women to wish he was doing that to them ... instead of Megan.

The girls were frozen, physically, but their minds were running a mile a minute. Their brains picked up on little details. Both parts of the two-backed-beast were sweating. Megan's heels were beating a tattoo on Bob's buttocks. The muscles in his stomach bunched in that peculiar "six pack" pattern each time he thrust, as his penis stuttered and spat inside his lover. Megan's voice took on tones of absolute agony as his spend created an orgasm in her, and yet that agony was undeniably sweet, and something to be thankful for.

The frenzy of action suddenly slowed by half, as Bob's body went rigid. Megan still writhed under him, her hips trying to jump up toward him in measured beats. Her hands slid over his back and her head lifted, straining upwards so she could kiss whatever part of his body she could reach.

Hamako's fingers found her own nipples and squeezed them, unconsciously. Raleigh felt the urge to push her own hand into her pants, but she controlled it.

"Sorry!" she whispered. Speaking allowed her control over her body again, and she grabbed for Hamako and pulled her backwards, through the door.

They didn't even close it in their rush to get back to Raleigh's bedroom.

Ten minutes later, when Bob left Megan lying limp in bed, to go check on the girls, he found them, also naked, kissing frantically, their hands fumbling between them. It was pretty plain that this was fairly new to both of them, because their actions were jerky and uncoordinated. What one did impeded the other.

He leaned against the door frame, his arms folded across his chest and watched, a half smile on his lips. Neither of them noticed him for most of a minute. It was Hamako, in fact, who saw him first. She gave a little squeak and tried to pull away from Raleigh, who didn't understand, and therefore held on tight. Then the white girl saw that the Asian girl was looking at the doorway, and did the same. Her reaction was different than Hamako's.

"You!" she yelped, as if she had expected someone else, for some reason.

He saw the eyes of both girls run down and up his body. He hadn't bothered to put anything on. Those eyes eventually fixed on his groin.

"You need any help?" he asked, helpfully.

Now the two girls rolled apart, embarrassed.

"Making room for me?" he asked, smiling brilliantly. He took two steps and vaulted over Raleigh, who was closest to the door. As she screamed, he landed hard in the middle of the bed. Only the fact that he had expected both girls to bounce up into the air saved them from landing on the floor, because his hands snapped out to snare a girl in each arm and pull her against him. Hamako then added her own wail of surprise to Raleigh's.

Sandwiched between two hot, squirming, naked female bodies, Bob turned his head back and forth, trying to kiss whatever part of each girl he could get to. He growled for effect, but it wasn't needed. Both girls were thoroughly freaked out.

That didn't last, though. Again, it was Hamako who adjusted first, reaching to put her arm over his body and hug him. It was more like she was hugging her mother's skirts for safety, though, than hugging a man in bed.

"Stop!" squealed Raleigh, finally stopping her flailing to go up on one elbow and look at Bob.

"Why?" he asked. "I'm having fun. Aren't you having fun?"

"No!" she snapped. Then her attitude changed completely and she buried her face in Bob's chest. "Oooooo, I'm so embarrassed!" she moaned.

"Why?" asked Bob. "Because you're naked? Because I'm naked? You'll get used to it. I promise."

"Noooo," cried Raleigh, her face still buried.

"What then?" asked Bob. "Surely you've heard of a threesome."

She sobbed, not entertained, and it finally it occurred to him that she and Hamako weren’t exactly out of the closet.

"Oh," he said. "You mean because you and Hamako were being naughty when I got here."

If anything she tried to burrow her face through his chest, and her strangled cries took on the tone of panic.

"Hey," he said, hugging her. "It's fine. What you two were doing isn't wrong. There's nothing wrong with it at all."

Her distress seemed to abate, just a little. He looked over at Hamako, whose face was as inscrutable as any he'd ever seen.

"You all right?" he asked.

She blinked. "This is very difficult," she said. "I have never done this before."

"You mean been in bed with a naked man, or been in bed with two other naked people?" he asked.

"Both," she said. Her eyes skittered away.

"Well what you two were doing doesn't bother me," said Bob. "In fact, other than the fact that you were both working way too hard at it, it was kind of beautiful."

"I don't understand," said Hamako.

Raleigh had stopped sniffling. Her face was still buried in Bob's chest, but she was still.

"Well, it kind of looked like you two hadn't had enough practice to know what to do," said Bob. "I mean you weren't sure what to do to please the other person. And you kept getting in each other's way. I suspect you were both a little frustrated. But it was still beautiful to see two people trying to please each other."

Now Raleigh raised her tear-streaked face to look at the other two.

"Are you serious?" She sounded very hopeful.

"Why wouldn't I be?" he asked. "Here I am, lying in bed with two beautiful naked women. I want them to be happy this is happening, so that it will happen again. Many times, in fact. At least I hope so. And if they're upset over something they don't need to be upset about, then it only makes sense for me to try to straighten them out."

"This is too weird," said Raleigh, and put her face back down on Bob's chest.

"I thought you two wanted to kiss me," said Bob, changing the subject. "So here I am, all naked for you, and nobody's kissing me! What's up with that?"

Raleigh lifted her head again. "You scared the crap out of us! That's what's up with that!"

He looked at Hamako. She looked away, but then seemed to find the courage to look back at him.

"This isn't quite what I thought it would be like," she finally said.

"I can imagine." Bob smiled widely. "But you kept breaking in on Megan and me, so I thought it was only fair to break in on you two."

Down went Raleigh's face again. She moaned.

"Would you stop that!" barked Bob. "I already told you, there's nothing wrong with you and Hamako giving each other a little pleasure."

"I'm not in the mood!" yelled Raleigh into his chest.

"Okay, then. You can pout. Meanwhile, I'm going to kiss Hamako for a while."

Bob pulled his arm out from under Raleigh, who immediately almost fell off the bed. She had to sit up and put her feet on the floor to avoid that fate. Meanwhile, Bob rolled to face Hamako, whose eyes were wide and shocked as her brain processed the information that this disturbing man was going to hold her naked body against his naked body and kiss her.

"Bob-san," she gasped, as his face came close to hers.

He simply kissed her, stopping her from saying anything else. He didn't crush her in his arms, or make her helpless. He made sure, in fact, that her hands were free enough to push away from him, if that's what she wanted to do.

After ten seconds, during which time her hands fluttered against his chest, they stopped doing that and the upper one slid up onto his shoulder as she began kissing him back.

Ten seconds later, he did pull her into a tight embrace, and rolled halfway on top of her as he slowly humped her hip. He pulled his face back to look into her dark eyes.

"See? This isn't so hard."

"Confucius say life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated," she whispered. She kissed him again.

"You taste good," he murmured into her lips, as he gave her a chance to snatch a breath. "I bet you taste good all over."

And with that he started kissing over her cheek, onto her neck, and down onto her upper chest. She sucked in a huge breath and held it as his lips neared her breasts. He kissed all around the nipple, until she arched her chest, and then sucked first one hard nipple and then the other. Her panting sighs of pleasure were loud in the silence of the room.

When he left her nipples and kissed his way down over her belly, to the short, straight, black hair above her cleft, she began babbling in Japanese. Her head strained upward as her wide eyes watched. Her hands went to cover her pubis, but he moved them, raising and spreading her knees apart. She resisted, still babbling, but his steady strength and gentle touch overcame her resistance and her knees finally fell apart.

He glanced to his right. Raleigh was standing, but bent over, her hands on the bed. Her eyes had a brittle sparkle in them, and the tip of her tongue was caught between her upper and lower front teeth.

He looked up at Hamako, and smiled.

"Here's what she needs to learn how to do for you," he said.

And then he pushed his face between her thighs as she bucked hard, and an agonized groaning shout left her throat as he pushed his tongue into her sex, and then sucked her labia into his mouth. Her knees snapped up to pound the sides of his head, and he had to use brute force to move his lips to find her clit. He sucked at that and she gave a series of yipping screams as her knees went limp again and fell to slam down onto the bed covers. Again she spoke Japanese in a lilting, lightning fast series of short phrases. Her hands came to grip his hair.

But not to pull him away.

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