The Rent A Man Blues

by Lubrican

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Chapter Five

What Raleigh had come to find her mother about, was to ask her advice about something. While Bob and Megan had been tiptoeing through the minefield of their attraction to each other, Hamako and Raleigh had "taken a walk" around the yacht, so they could be apart from Akio. That's because they were talking about him.

"So you agree we should work on Akio and break him down?" asked Raleigh.

"I don't know what that means," said Hamako.

"We tease him, and get him all worked up, and then we shut him down and tell him he won't get anywhere with either of us until he changes his ways," said Raleigh. She'd never actually done this, but that's how she thought it was supposed to work. She didn't think about what she'd do if Akio actually did change his ways.

"I'm only now learning how American girls tease," said Hamako. "I don't know how to do any of this. What do men get worked up about?"

For some reason, the first thing Raleigh thought of was mud wrestling. She had been at a bar one time, and someone had put a plastic swimming pool on the stage and filled it with mud. Two girls had come out from the back and begun "wrestling" in the pool. The men had gone nuts. It hadn't been overtly sexual, but everybody knew that all men loved girl-on-girl action.

Raleigh didn't have any lesbian tendencies. She was sure of that. She had been to slumber parties where girls were naked together, but there hadn't been any hanky panky. She had a few girlfriends, both past and present who she felt very close to, but she didn't have any frame of reference in which to evaluate how she might feel if there was anything closer than a hug involved. In fact, Hamako fit that description. So she imagined wrestling with Hamako in a tub of mud. When that made her laugh, and Hamako wanted to know why she was laughing, she told the girl about her thoughts.

To her surprise, Hamako was not put off by the idea.

"Girls are often very close in Japan," said Hamako. "No one talks about it, but there are many cartoons that show girls being sexy with other girls, and I know those are very popular with boys and men."

"So ... if we pretended to fool around a little bit ... in front of Akio ... that wouldn't freak you out?"

"I have several friends in school who are lesbians," said Hamako. "It makes no difference to me."

"I'm not actually a lesbian," said Raleigh, quickly.

"Neither am I," said Hamako.

"But you think Akio would be excited if we acted like that ... a little bit, maybe?" Raleigh looked at her friend.

"Possibly," said Hamako.

"To be honest, I'd rather do that than make him think he can try things with me," said Raleigh.

"But isn't that the point?" asked Hamako. "Don't we want to make him think he can try things with us?"

"Yes," admitted Raleigh. "It's just that I've never done this. I mean I've teased guys, but that was guys I wanted to try something with me."

"Well, you have much more experience than I do," said Hamako. "I've never done anything more than kiss a boy."

"You're kidding!" said Raleigh.

Hamako shook her head. "No I'm not."

"I didn't mean it literally," said Raleigh. "Anyway, never mind. So what do you think? Should we fool around a little bit in front of him? Make him think we have a thing for each other? Make him think he might get a chance at a threesome? And then, when he doesn't do what we tell him, we shut him down and leave him with blue balls! Hah!"

All Hamako thought of was turning the tables on a Japanese man ... of showing him that he was not always in charge ... especially when it came to being in charge of the sexual actions of Hamako Fukuji!

Unfortunately, just like Raleigh's inexperience with manipulating men left her ignorant of the dangers of doing so, so too did Hamako fail to imagine what she would do if the man being manipulated actually toed the line.

And then expected the reward that had been offered for doing so.

But Raleigh, while she might be ignorant about some things, wasn't stupid, overall. And so she had decided to seek out her mother and get her advice.

Unfortunately, seeing Bob, naked, with an erection clasped in his hand, had distracted her from her mission.

Which is why, later that evening, Raleigh and Hamako went ahead with their ill-advised plan. It was a simple plan. It was to kiss each other in a place where Akio could see them, and then go to their cabin, holding hands. They were quite sure he'd get the inference, and lie awake in his cabin, thinking about what they were doing behind closed doors in theirs.

Part of what went "wrong" was the fact that Raleigh shared with Hamako what she had seen in her mother's cabin. As Hamako had described seeing Akio having sex with his mother, Raleigh's description of what "must have happened" in the cabin, was titillating to both girls. For Bob to be naked like that meant that he and Megan were much closer than she was admitting to. Neither girl stopped to think about the fact that only Bob was naked at the time. In other words, they jumped to the very conclusion that they wanted Akio to jump to about them.

So when they planned their initial "show" for Akio, they were a bit excited.

Which is why, when they waited until they knew Akio was looking their way, and then kissed each other, the kiss generated a bit more emotion than either girl was prepared for.

Akio wasn't prepared for the kiss either. His prejudice, concerning foreigners - gaijin - left him unable to deal with the fact that the Japanese girl he had been so impressed with, could be involved with a white girl. His conflict was related to more than just his xenophobic nature, though. Like many racists, he was strongly attracted to a female of the race he believed was inferior. That is to say Raleigh made his dick get hard. His mother had recognized the signs though, in truth, she didn't know which girl had gotten him excited. And so he found himself staring at both of the women he ached to be with, only to find out they were lesbians! And lesbians would never open their legs for him.

It pissed him off. He rose from the chaise lounge he'd been sitting in, drinking American bourbon, and lurched, somewhat unsteadily, toward the two young women, who were still locked in a torrid embrace.

Meanwhile, the women Akio Nakimura was stumbling toward, had their own conflicted emotions to deal with. They had whispered that a kiss, in front of Akio, would be the first salvo of their "war" to teach him some manners. These two girls had become friends long ago, when Megan first found Hamako and hired her. Since then, the Tomlinson household had become Hamako's refuge from the dormitory, and her home away from home, in terms of Japan. Her roommate was a good friend, but their personalities were very different, and they shared no real interests. She had no sister, but she thought she understood how sisters felt about each other because of the way she and Raleigh felt about each other.

But that was before the kiss. Before the kiss, Hamako had felt a special bond with Raleigh. As soon as her "sister's" lips pressed warmly to hers, though, she felt the shocking electricity of something extra special. And when Raleigh's face pulled back, and she opened her eyes, Hamako could tell the tall girl had felt the same thing.

"Wow," whispered Raleigh. "Why do I want to do that again?"

"Me too," sighed Hamako.

So they did. This time their hands slipped into an embrace, as they pulled each other's body close. It was the kind of kiss that, ironically, would have made many a man's penis erect. In this case, though, the vestigial penises of the women - their clitorises - were what became erect. The effect is the same on both men and women.

This time, though, when the kiss broke, they had no time to discuss their feelings, because Akio had reached them.

"No, no, no!" he complained loudly. "You may not do this!"

"I beg your pardon!" said Raleigh, her arms still around Hamako.

"You must have sex with me! Not each other!"

"I beg your pardon!" Yelled Raleigh, "Nobody's going to have sex with you!"

"You must not have sex with each other!" he insisted.

"You don't get to tell us who we can and cannot have sex with!" shouted Raleigh.

Things had gotten a bit out of control. As evidenced by the fact that the row had been overheard. Bob, who had been in the lounge, waiting while Megan went to the room and got ready for bed, had planned on giving her a chance to get to sleep before he came in. They both hoped that would make things easier for them. But when he stepped out of the lounge to head for the room, he heard the argument, and saw the three youngsters clustered on the aft deck. Curious, he wandered in that direction. Akio saw him coming.

"Ha!" he yelped triumphantly. "We'll see what your father has to say about this!" He was so excited it came out "faddah" and he actually jumped up and down. He was quite sure that the girls had hidden their illicit relationship from him, and that he would put matters right, once he knew. Then he might even give his daughter to Akio as a way to correct his loss of face.

As Hiroto thought ... he had taught his son to think. And Sinho hadn't helped. While they made love she cooed to him about how masterful he was, and how important he'd be some day, and how proud she'd be of him when he took his rightful place in the world as master of many people.

"What's the problem?" asked Bob. He saw Hamako's arms around Raleigh, and one of Raleigh's around the Japanese girl. They were dressed in their bikinis, and the thought flickered through the primordial male part of his brain that being in that embrace would feel very good. He also assumed that Hamako was seeking the protection of Raleigh, who was gladly offering it. Knowing how at least one Japanese man thought about things, Bob thought it likely that Akio had tried to make a move on Hamako.

"These girls lesbians!" said Akio, bouncing on his feet again. He was grinning for some reason. "They kissing!"

"Is that so?" said Bob, whose mind had been going down one road, only to be forcibly jerked not only onto another road, but a road in another dimension. That primordial part of his brain perked up again.

"You tell daughter she not do that!" yelped Akio. "I take her and show her how man make woman feel!"

Akio was so excited now that his grasp of English was failing. Raleigh had turned sideways from Hamako, while she showed him such disrespect, and his eyes had taken in her big, soft breasts, cupped lovingly in the skimpy material of the bikini. Those breasts were so completely different than his mothers, which were small and tight, and hard, even at her age. He wanted desperately to see what those big things felt like in his hands, and that was distracting him from rational argument.

"Slow down, there, Godzilla," said Bob, facing the young Japanese man. "You can't have sex with her." Something possessive leapt up inside him. "You can't have sex with either of them!"

"Why not?" asked Akio, truly confused. In his world, if he wanted something, he got it. It was just that simple.

"Because they're mine!" growled Bob.

"What?" The word came from three teenage mouths simultaneously, as if they had practiced it for hours.

In for a penny, in for a pound, thought Bob. Besides, there was no way to undo what he had so rashly said.

"I said they're mine.

"But she your daughter!" said Akio, his eyes wide.

"You have sex with your aunt," Bob pointed out. He saw the boy's eyes move to Hamako. "And she's my concubine. You can't have either of them." He winced as another thought came to him, but somehow he knew it was the right way to go. "At least for now," he added. "Your father says you'll be running the plant when it's built. We'll see how you do at that, and take another look at this whole thing then."

Raleigh almost said "Uncle Bob!" It was such a close thing that she did say "uhhh" but she choked it off. Her brain caught up with what he was trying to do. It was crazy, but she understood the intent. "Daddy!" she gushed. "It was supposed to be a secret!"

"Well, because you two little sluts couldn't control yourselves, the secret is out," said Bob harshly. He gave another mental wince. This playing off the cuff stuff was a lot harder than he would have thought. "Now get to bed! Don't make me spank those pretty little butts of yours. Go on!"

Hamako had taken in a great breath of air just before Bob had claimed "ownership" of her as his concubine. She had been so shocked that she'd just held that breath. Now it came out in a rush and she dragged in more to say something. She didn't know what she could say, but she felt like she had to say something! But Raleigh took her wrist and squeezed.

"Come on, baby," she said, her voice silky. "Don't make daddy spank you. He’ll leave handprints on you, and you won't be able to wear that suit if he does, and you know how much I love seeing you in that suit."

The two girls scampered to the companionway, leaving Bob and Akio staring after them. In the dark, those pale, bouncing buttocks were mesmerizing. Bob thought furiously. What had just happened could cause horrible complications in so many ways.

"Akio," he said, trying to make his voice deep and powerful. "This is just between you and me. You're going to be the plant manager, and we'll be working together. Our working relationships must be built on trust and respect. What happened tonight is nobody's business but ours. Do you agree?"

The boy felt like he was being taken into a grown man's confidence. Even if that man was white, it felt good. He nodded.

“And that means it is not for your mother and father to know about," said Bob. "It is just between us men ... right?"

Akio felt pride at having accomplished ... something. He wasn't quite sure what it was, but if it involved secrets, he was sure it was important. He bowed, formally and was surprised when Bob returned the bow and then offered his hand, for an American handshake.

"I look forward to the day when we can discuss this further," said Akio, already dreaming again about what Raleigh's breasts might feel like in his hands, or pressed against his chest.

"Me too," said Bob, wishing he could scream. This was all insane. But it had happened, and he was stuck with it now. "See you in the morning."

"Goodnight, Tomlinson-san," said Akio, and they strolled toward the companionway.

The girls had been too amazed, excited and confused to go to their own room. Both felt the need to seek out Megan and tell her what had happened. They were in the midst of that when Bob tried to slip quietly into the room. The three women looked at the door as it opened. Through it, past Bob, they saw Akio's wide eyes staring back at them. Bob came in and closed the door.

"I thought I told you two to go to bed!" he hissed.

"We couldn't!" moaned Raleigh. "We had to talk to Mom."

"And I suppose you told her what happened," he groaned.

"Why wouldn't they?" asked Megan. "By the way, what caused you to suddenly go insane?"

"Those two," snorted Bob, pointing at the girls. "And did it occur to either of you that I might not want Megan to know about all this?"

"Why not?" asked Megan and her daughter, together.

Hamako, who'd had time to think a little bit, was actually enjoying all this. Nothing even remotely this exciting had ever happened to her. She was a smart girl. She realized that what Bob had said, ridiculous as it was, was intended to solve a problem. And Akio was a problem. That much was obvious. And Bob's adoption of her as his "concubine" was not only funny and heartwarming ... it was brilliant! It was also a little flattering, in a way that a white girl, raised in America, couldn't understand. In fact, if Hamako had to be anyone's concubine, she was pretty sure that she couldn't do much better than being Bob's. So she was feeling a little happy at the moment ... a little safe. And that let her be a little flippant.

"He wants to keep us all for himself," she said, grinning.

Her joy was dampened by the look Bob shot her, but all she did was assume her normal, comfortable, submissive attitude.

"Really, Bob," said Megan. "What were you thinking?"

"I wasn't thinking!" snapped Bob. "Why don't you ask the girls what they were thinking when they were kissing each other in front of Akio?"

Megan blinked. There had been a very quick mention in the initial babble the girls did upon entering the room, about a kiss. But that had been left in the dust by the pronouncement that Bob had told Akio he was having incest with Raleigh, and just plain sex with Hamako. Now she thought about that.

"Yes," she said, slowly. "What's this about a kiss?"

Raleigh went quiet as she remembered those kisses. She hadn't processed all those feelings yet. She glanced at Hamako, who was looking down at the deck.

"We were trying to make him jealous," she said.

"What? Why?" Megan sounded angry.

Neither adult was happy when the girls finished explaining what they had been trying to do.

"Who cares what he thinks?" said Megan. "He's just a man! Maybe he's going to run the plant, but that doesn't mean you have to care what he thinks!"

"What he thought," said Bob, into the silence. "What he thinks now could make a difference. If he tells his father about this, he may pull out."

"So what are we supposed to do?" asked Megan, throwing up her hands.

"Play it out," said Bob. "At least until his parents go home. Once he's living in the states, we can have him over and Americanize him and explain things."

The three women were as quiet as mice. They looked at each other.

"You mean we pretend to be this harem of yours," said Megan. "For maybe months." She frowned.

"Not months. Just until his parents go home," said Bob.

"So for three more days, we have to act like we're your harem," said Megan, her voice tight.

"Not you," said Bob, uncomfortable at the sound of danger in her voice. "All you have to act like is my wife."

"Do we get to kiss him?" asked Hamako, who was beginning to think this whole thing was some kind of complicated American joke.

"No, you do not get to kiss him!" snapped Megan.

Hamako just smiled.

"And stop kissing each other too!" moaned Megan. "Now, I'm going to bed. You two get out of here."

"We can't," said Raleigh. She went on to explain. "He was out there. He saw us in here. He thinks Uncle Bob is spending the night in here with all three of us. He thinks we're having sex. If we leave, and go to our room, and he sees or hears us, he's going to get suspicious."

"Well just where do you plan on sleeping, young lady?" asked her mother, sarcastically.

Raleigh looked at the bed. It was a little bigger than a full sized bed. Three might be able to crowd into it, but not four. Not unless someone lay on top of someone else.

"I'll sleep on the floor," said Bob. There was just enough room for him to stretch out.

"And what do you plan to sleep in?" asked Megan, calmly.

The girls looked at their bikinis. They had stepped under the fresh water shower just before they kissed each other. They had planned on going straight to their room, where they could change into their sleepwear. Their suits were still damp.

Bob pulled off the tank top he'd been wearing. Work on the ranch had kept him in good shape. He didn't have a lot of muscle, but what he did have was well toned. The three women looked at his naked chest. He made a blindfold of the shirt and lay down on the floor.

"Turn out the light. I can see just a little bit under the edge of this thing." He adjusted the knot to make a pillow, of sorts. "And try not to step on me, okay?"

Nobody stepped on him.

It ended up being much worse than that.

Megan got into bed first, and faced the hull of the boat. She was not happy.

Hamako and Raleigh looked at each other. Raleigh took her bikini off first. Hamako stared, and then did likewise. The Japanese girl looked down and her skin flushed. Raleigh stepped over Bob and got into bed next to her mother, back to back. She waved at Hamako to get her attention, and pointed at the light switch. Hamako reached to turn it off, and then stepped over where her memory told her Bob's body was lying. As she lay down next to Raleigh, her friend draped an arm over her and pulled her close. What, only a night ago, would have been very upsetting to Hamako, now seemed only incredibly intimate, as she felt Raleigh's big, soft, hot breasts press up against her own smaller ones.

"Is this okay?" whispered Raleigh in her ear.

Hamako nodded. Her mind was rushing. All this was so new and exciting and interesting. She was quite sure she'd never get to sleep. Then Raleigh's face came near in what was meant to be a brush of lips. She hit Hamako's cheek, by accident though, and decided that was enough.

Hamako wasn't aware of it, but within ten minutes, she was fast asleep.

It was about two hours later that Hamako rolled backwards, fell off the bed, and landed on top of Bob.

When Bob awoke there was warm, naked woman on top of him. She felt tense ... scared. A tiny voice whispered "Oh noooo." She wasn't all that heavy. His mind sorted out that the breasts pushing against him had to be Hamako's, because of their size. It wasn't hard to figure out what had happened. He put his arms around her and pushed his lips into a mass of tangled hair.

"Shhhh," he went. She went stiff. "Don't panic," he whispered. "You just fell out of bed, that's all."

"I'm so sorry," she whispered back.

"If this is the worst thing that happens to me on this trip, then I'm in good shape," he whispered back.

She giggled. "What should I do? If I stand up, I'll step on you."

"You can just stay where you are, if you want to," he said. "You're not that heavy."

"I can't stay here," she whispered. "I'm naked!"

"Do you hear me complaining?" In the silence that followed, he wondered if that had been too much. "I promise to be a good boy. I won't do anything," he added.

It was a long pause, but finally she said "Okay."

He could feel her relax on top of him. He realized he was hard, but he still had on his shorts, so that wouldn't hurt anything.

They had both just drifted off, when Raleigh came crashing down on top of them both.

Megan woke to light streaming in through the porthole above the bed. She was on her back, spread out in the bed like she normally slept. Something seemed wrong about that, and suddenly she remembered the previous night.

She lifted her head. She appeared to be alone in the stateroom. How had they gotten up and managed to leave without waking her up?

She rolled over and sat up, putting her feet on the deck.

Except they didn't reach the deck. Instead she heard a female voice say "Ow!" as her feet hit bare skin.

She pulled them back and got to her hands and knees, crawling to look over the edge of the bed. She saw her daughter, and Hamako, both stark naked, lying on top of who could only be Bob. All she could see of him was his legs, which were bare. With horror, she realized Bob had had sex with both girls during the night!

"No!" she shouted.

The mass of humanity below her moved, writhing as if it was all part of one homogeneous alien body. Voices came into play. Hamako and Raleigh struggled to their feet, both straddling Bob's body. Megan could see he still had his shorts on, and immediately felt foolish. The blindfold lay beside Bob's head, where it had fallen off sometime during the night. Bob rubbed his eyes. When he opened them, they darted above him ... in two distinct places.

Moans were produced by the two young women, who both covered their sex with one hand, while reaching for towels on the wall rack with the other. Both young women had arrived at a place they simply couldn't adapt to, and with a moan, Hamako reached for the door handle and opened it. Bob had to move his feet, but as soon as the door was open, Hamako dashed out, followed closely by Raleigh, both trying to wrap towels around themselves as they dashed for their room.

Bob looked up to see Megan, still on all fours, looking at the open door. He reached with a foot and nudged the door closed, before sitting up. Megan's nightgown was sagging, and provided an unrestricted view of her heavy, hanging breasts. Bob stared at them unabashedly. Megan, seeing where his eyes were, looked herself.

"Pervert," she said, calmly.

His eyes never moved.

"Nothing perverted about me," he said. "I just know beautiful breasts when I see them. The place was fucking crammed with them a minute ago."

"Don't curse," said Megan, making no move to restrict his view. "It's vulgar."

"I have to curse," he said. "Otherwise, I'd be attacking you. I just spent the night with two nubile teenage girls sleeping on top of me ... naked ... and I didn't get a single fucking kiss out of the deal."

She looked straight at him. "Don't curse, Bob."

He stood up. She sat down, Indian style. Her nightgown was an old fashioned one, but made of light, cotton cloth. All she had on under it were pink panties. When she sat, she pulled the nightgown up so she could cross her bare legs. The panties showed, but weren't completely uncovered.

"Don't tease me," he said.

"You just spent the night with two naked girls sleeping on top of you. And yet, you didn't do anything. You didn't take advantage. That foolish young man thinks you're having sex with them. I suspect both of them have entertained that thought before, and after last night, they'll be thinking about it even harder. But I don't think you should have sex with them."

"You don’t' think I should have sex with you either," he pointed out.

"I don't know what to think," she admitted. "I'm so freaked out by all this, that I just don't know how to process it."

"So you're giving me a chance to take advantage of you," he said.

She shrugged. "Maybe I am. I have no idea what I'm doing."

She squealed as he suddenly moved, pushing her backwards, and landed, lying on top of her. When she'd fallen, her legs had flown apart, and he landed between them. His shorts pushed into her pink panties. His hands had captured her wrists, and pinned them to the bed. He humped her, just once, and slowly.

"You drive me crazy," he said softly, his lips almost touching hers. She had a grimace on her face and she was tight, tense with fright. "But if we ever decide to do this, I want you to know what you're doing. I don't want there to be any regrets.”

He kissed her then, but not hard, and not long. He humped her again, slowly, staring into her startled eyes. He waited until he felt her start to relax, and then let her go. He pushed up and stood again.

"You hungry?" he asked, as if nothing had happened.

"You are insane!," she accused. He realized she was panting.

"Can I watch you get dressed?" he asked, grinning.

She sat up again and stared at him. He saw her brow un-furrow, and her face relax.

"Yes," she said. "Then we can eat."

He stood, silent as she got up and lifted the nightgown over her head. When she changed panties, she turned away from him and almost hit him with her naked bottom as she bent over.

This time ... she didn't put on a bra.

She just tied the tails of her shirt under her breasts.

She turned to stand, looking at his eyes drinking her in. She hadn't felt like this in what seemed like forever. It felt good, and yet she still felt guilty for some reason.

"Are you going to breakfast in just your shorts?" she asked, sweetly.

It was when he took them off to put on fresh clothes that she knew she was in deep trouble.

Ten feet away, Raleigh and Hamako stood, panting, inside their cabin, staring at each other.

"Can you believe this?" gasped Raleigh.

"I never even dreamed of anything like this when I came to America," replied Hamako with short, quick breaths.

"I never dreamed of anything like this and I was born in America!" said Raleigh.

"We slept on Bob last night," sighed Hamako.

"We slept with Bob last night!" yipped Raleigh.

"Not like you mean it," said Hamako. "Nothing happened."

"Maybe, but that doesn't mean it wasn't exciting."

"It was," agreed Hamako, flushing.

"And we kissed each other!" said Raleigh. "That was very strange."


Raleigh looked at her friend. She spoke nervously. "I kind of liked it ... a little. Does that bother you?"

Hamako felt a rush of something inside her that felt very good. She had been afraid there was something wrong with her, but in her mind, Raleigh Tomlinson was just fine, and if Raleigh had liked it, then it was okay for her to like it as well.

"No," she said. "I liked it too. I was afraid I was a lesbian, though. And then he called us that. I got very scared."

Raleigh undid her towel and tossed it on the bed.

"Nonsense," she said. "Did you like sleeping on Bob?"

"Very much," admitted Hamako. "That was scary too, at first, but he made me feel safe."

"And if he'd have wanted to kiss you ... would you have let him?"

"Yes," said Hamako, without pause.

"And if he'd wanted to do some other things ... touch you, maybe ... would you have let him?"

"I think yes," said Hamako.

"Me too. I still like men. You do too. As far as I'm concerned, we just enjoyed something together. It doesn't make us lesbians. We're both still interested in men.

"I like that idea," said Hamako. "But I still feel odd being naked with you."

"You're not naked," said Raleigh, pointing at the towel that was still around Hamako's body. Her hand lurched, grabbed that towel and pulled too quickly for Hamako to react. The towel landed beside Raleigh's. "Now you're naked," said Raleigh, grinning.

They stared at each other. Both had been naked with women in the past, but this felt different somehow.

"Does this bother you?" asked Raleigh.

"No," said Hamako. "It's confusing. I thought it would, but it doesn't. I'm so small next to you, though."

Raleigh hefted her big breasts. "These things get in the way sometimes. And they hurt when I run. Sometimes having big boobs is a pain in the ass."

"I should think they're a pain in the chest," said Hamako, her face straight.

Raleigh reacted before she realized Hamako was teasing her, and that led to an impromptu hug, with each girl's face beside the other.

"Now this is weird," said Raleigh, feeling her breasts mashing against Hamako.

"You're so warm!" said the Japanese girl.

They pulled back enough that they could look into each other's eyes.

"Is this really okay with you?" asked Raleigh, her voice soft.

Hamako nodded.

"Even if I suddenly feel like kissing you again?"

For answer, Hamako reached up to the taller girl's lips with her own.

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