The Rent A Man Blues

by Lubrican

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Chapter Six

Once Megan had her clothes on, Bob left the room, telling her he'd go and have the cook start an omelet for her. He found the dining room empty, save for Akio, who was nursing a glass of tomato juice. He looked up at Bob and smiled.

"I thought about this last night," he said. "I want to be just like you. I wish to have many women, and have them do as I tell them."

"That's part of the problem, Akio," said Bob, sitting down across from the boy. "Things are different in America. Here, we don't just tell women what to do."

"Why not?" asked the boy.

"Well, it just doesn't work well that way. You have to ask the women to do something they already want to do. Then they're happy to do it for you."

"But if they already want to do it, they aren't doing it for you!" said Akio.

"I know it looks that way," said Bob. "But in many cases, they don't want to admit they want to do it. Then, when they say they are doing it for you, they make it your fault."

"I do not understand this," said Akio. "Can you explain it more?"

"Well," said Bob, thinking back to last night. "In America, we don't have concubines. American women don't want to be called that. Now Hamako comes from a country where concubines are common. But while she's here in America, she doesn't want to admit that she is comfortable with that kind of life. So if she says she is doing it only to please me, then it becomes my fault that she's a concubine ... and not that she chose to be one."

"Ahhhh," said Akio, smiling. "This, I understand. But with three women, how do you manage? How do you schedule them to please you?"

Bob swallowed. "First off, you must never ask another man that question. You may joke about the difficulty of drawing up such schedules, but it is impolite to ask an American man directly about his sexual practices."

"I am so sorry," said Akio. "I meant no disrespect."

"I understand that, and I'm not angry. I must admit, though, that the women draw up the schedule. I know it appears as though they are serving me, but in reality, I service them when they wish to be serviced. It just works better that way. If I respond to their wishes and needs, they are much happier, and when they are happy, my life is much easier."

"This American way of dealing with women is very strange," said Akio. "But the women are very calm around you, and do not argue with you, or show you disrespect. So this strange method must work well. And I will be living in America, so perhaps I should learn how to do this."

"I think you would be well served if you did," said Bob.

"But I thought you said you serve them." Akio sounded confused.

"When you serve them, they serve you in return," said Bob.

"Aha! Yes, I understand!" Akio looked very pleased.

What probably sealed Akio's now high opinion of Bob was the fact that the girls appeared and came to sit, one on each side of Bob. Both leaned to lay their heads on his shoulders, and their hands on his wrists.

"Morning, Daddy," said Raleigh.

"Morning, Nushi," sighed Hamako.

Akio stiffened at Hamako's word, but then relaxed.

Bob wanted to swat both girls.

"Girls, I thought you understood me. You will behave yourselves in public. You will not embarrass me in front of Akio's parents, or the people who run this boat. Is that clear?"

Both girls sat up straight. Raleigh rose and went to the other side of the table, to sit by Akio.

"Akio? May I sit beside you? I know we cannot be anything but friends, but I would not embarrass my father by showing how I feel about him."

Bob wanted to growl, but Akio's face lit up, and he realized that, without having to play the role of potential mate, she was now free to be more friendly to the boy. That would make him happy, and if he was happy, perhaps he would be more inclined to cooperate further.

Hamako, he noticed, did not change seats. Instead, she became her usual self. "How do we ask for food?" she inquired at large.

"Go to the kitchen and just tell them what you want," said Akio.

Hamako got up and turned to Bob. "What do you wish to eat, Bob-san? I will be happy to get it for you."

A naughty thought went through Bob's mind as he remembered her jumping up naked.

"Waffles, if they have them," he said. "And see if they can do an egg and cheese omelet for Megan."

She bowed. "Instantly, Nushi," she said.

"He told you to stop that!" barked Akio. Then his face stilled and his eyes darted to Bob. "I am sorry. It is not my place to discipline her."

Bob had no idea what "nushi" meant, but it had gotten Akio's attention. And she must have known it would. That meant she was testing her limits, and he wondered why.

"Go tell them what we want, and then return to your cabin," Bob said, his voice gruff. "I will come speak to you there."

Her face was fascinating to watch, as it registered more than one emotion. There was shock, and then a slight frown, followed by what could only be interpreted as interest. Finally she smiled timidly. She bowed again.

"Yes, Bob-san. I will do as you say."

She whirled and jogged to the kitchen. Bob stood. Raleigh stood too, looking alarmed.

"You stay here, and keep our guest company," said Bob, just as gruffly.

Her eyes flashed, but then her face calmed.

"Yes, Daddy," she said.

Bob actually had to move to one side as Hamako brushed past him on her way to her cabin. She opened the door, went in and closed the door behind her. He half expected to find it locked when he got there, but it was not.

She was standing in the middle of the room, her hands clasped in front of her, looking down, submissively.

"You want to tell me what's going on?" he asked.

"You told him I was your concubine. I am only trying to act like one."

"What's that word you called me?"

"Nushi?" she finally darted a glance up at him. "It means master ... lover." She flushed.

"I see," he said. "Does this game make you uncomfortable?"

He could see the distress in her body as she actually shuddered. Again, she looked up at him. Her eyes and chin started to go back downward but he reached to put a finger under it.

"You can look at me, Hamako," he said. "You can talk to me as well. You have nothing to fear."

"I know that!" she said, with force. "That's part of the problem!"

"Can you explain that to me?"

"Too much has happened," she said, miserably. "I don't know what to think. I have never slept with a man at all, much less naked! I know that isn't the normal meaning of that phrase, but for me it was unthinkable. And yet ... it has happened! I have never kissed a girl. I would never have thought to kiss a girl! And yet, that has happened. I have never pretended to be a mistress. And yet I am doing that. I have never appeared naked, or nearly naked in public, and yet all day yesterday that's how I was. So much has happened that I don't know what to think."

"Are you unhappy?" he asked, his voice calm.

"No. And that is another part of the problem. I like all these things that have happened to me. They are not who I am, and yet I have had more fun in the last two days than I had the rest of my life! I've also been more terrified in the last two days than I ever was before. But even that has been something I am glad has happened. I feel like I am about to break into shards, which will float off into the sky."

"Come here," he said softly, opening his arms.

Finally, she lifted her chin high. There was something vibrant on her face, a look of challenge, or warning.

"Do not toy with my emotions," she said. "Last night was something wondrous for me. Never have I felt like I felt while I lay with you. Never have I felt so safe. Never have I felt so cherished. I know this is silly, but be careful of what you tell me to do, because I will obey you. If I don't, I will go crazy, Bob-san. I will surely go crazy!"

"All I'm going to do is hug you," he said. "And believe it or not, I understand some of what you're feeling. You're very attractive, Hamako. It was not easy to keep my hands off of you last night. But I don't want to lead you on, either. I'm not going to take advantage of you. As delightful as it would be to have that kind of relationship with you, you can do much better than me."

She blinked. "You are insane. Are all American men insane like this?" She flowed into his arms, and hugged him tightly. She kissed his chest and then looked up at him. "I have never had a Nushi. If I ever do, I hope he is like you."

"Careful, girl," he said. "You're making this awfully tempting."

She kissed his chest again. "Some man will lie with me for the first time ... have sekkusu with me. Why shouldn't it be you? I know I am being silly, but right now, if you wanted me to be your aijin ... your mistress ... I think I would like that."

"I was going to give you a few swats on the behind," said Bob. "I think I've changed my mind. I think we need to get out of here."

She backed up and bowed.

"I will behave as if I have been punished."

When Bob entered the dining room, he saw that Megan had arrived. She was already eating and his waffles were sitting there, waiting for him.

"Bob Tomlinson!" yelped Megan, standing up and dropping her fork on the table. "What did you do?"

Bob was confused, until he realized she was looking past him. He turned to find Hamako, shuffling along behind him. The tracks of tears were obvious on her cheeks. She scrubbed at them and turned around.

"You little vixen," he said, under his breath. He turned back to Megan. Raleigh had stood too, and was trying to see past him. She hadn't seen the tear-stained cheeks.

But Akio had, and he looked pleased with himself.

"I had to punish her," said Bob. He marched up to sit beside Akio, so he could wink, repeatedly at Megan.

"Oh," said Megan, her voice flat. When Hamako sat beside her, she embraced the girl. Bob could hear Hamako whispering into Megan's ear.

"Eat your waffles before they get cold," said Megan, looking at Bob, and then went back to her omelet.

"Are we going swimming again today?" asked Raleigh, as if nothing had happened.

"If you wish it, then so it shall be," said Akio, smiling broadly.

The rest of the day would have met the expectations of just about any vacationer. They swam, and fished. The fish they caught were handed over to the cook, who said they would be prepared for dinner. There were drinks, and sunbathing. Both girls warmed up to Akio a bit, and he got in the water with them, floating while Hamako asked questions about how things were in Japan, and he filled her in on what had changed since she left.

Bob and Megan sat in the shade, with Hiroto and Sinho. There was a little conversation, but since Sinho spoke almost no English, and her husband had to translate anything she was asked or said, she was only minimally involved in that. She did turn her eyes toward Akio and the girls frequently, but somehow seemed to understand that the girls were no longer a threat. After lunch, she and Hiroto went to their cabin without comment. They stayed there for almost two hours, while Bob and Megan joined the others in the water.

Dinner was everything anyone could ask for. Afterward, the young people wandered toward the front of the boat. It was obvious that Akio was no longer persona non grata. Bob wondered if he had altered his approach, or was just learning how to interact with girls in America. When Hiroto and Bob began talking about construction schedules, and production targets, Sinho somehow knew they were talking business. She arose and went to their cabin, returning in her one piece swimsuit. Her dive off the boat was clean and graceful, and she swam as if she had been born to it. Megan wanted to stay, eavesdropping on the men, but she knew Bob would tell her what was said, so she got up and joined Sinho. The two women simply swam together, moving through the water around the boat in circles.

Drinks under the stars got them all a little giddy, especially when the captain put on some big band music and the older couples danced for half an hour or so. The beat was wrong for the three youngsters, though, so they just sat and watched. Eventually, though, Hiroto announced he and his wife were going to bed, and left. Akio didn't get up. Instead, he kept nursing his drink. Raleigh stood and went to the table across the room where her mother and Bob were finishing their drinks. She addressed Bob.

"Are we sleeping in your room again tonight?" she asked.

"No," said Megan, instantly.

The girl looked at her mother. "Akio was very curious about how we felt about sharing the same man. Hamako told him several times it wasn't appropriate for him to ask questions about that, but he kept coming back to it. I think it turns him on. He's very curious about American sexual practices."

"No," said Megan, again.

"So is Uncle Bob going to come to our room for a while?" she asked, innocently.

"No!" barked Megan.

"You're hogging him," complained the girl, but she grinned.

"When we get back, and the Nakimuras are gone, then you can chase him around like a fool," sniffed Megan.

"Well, I should at least get a good night kiss." Raleigh glanced at Akio and Hamako, who were talking about something. The inference that the purpose for the kiss was to further their ruse, concerning Akio, was obvious.

"That's ridiculous," said Megan.

"No it's not," argued the girl.

Megan turned to Bob. "Tell her, Bob."

For Bob, what was happening was both fascinating and fun. He hadn't had two women compete for his attention in a long time. He didn't think for a minute that either of these women were serious about having a relationship with him, but it was still fun to see them get jealous of each other. It made him feel good.

"She might have a point," he said, shrugging.

Megan folded her arms and frowned.

"Men are such pigs," she said softly. "Don't turn on the light when you come to the room. I'll be trying to sleep!"

She left. Raleigh looked contrite, but Bob knew it was an act.

"You know, she's still going to be your mother when this is all over and things go back to normal," said Bob.

"Who says things will go back to normal?" Raleigh looked over at Akio and Hamako. "He's staying here. Or at least he'll be coming back when the plant is built. You're going to have to keep play-acting until we know him well enough to tell him the truth.”

"As far as I'm concerned, he can know the truth as soon as we sign the contracts," said Bob. "He can be as ticked off as he wants then, but a contract is a contract."

"I don't want him to be mad," said Raleigh. "He's actually not such a bad guy, when you get to know him. He's just been taught all these things that are wrong."

"Well, you can educate him all you want after the contracts are signed," said Bob.

"Which is why I think you should kiss me good night," she said. "So he can see it."

Bob's hand came up and he captured Raleigh's jaw gently, making her look into his face.

"So it's all just for him," he said. "You wouldn't be doing something silly, like developing feelings for me, would you?"

Her eyes jittered nervously, but her voice was calm as she answered.

"Feelings? For an old geezer like you? Uncle Bob, please."

He dropped his hand from her jaw, but then snaked it around her slim waist and pulled her to him.

"Okie dokie," he said.

And then he kissed her, long and hard.

He didn't try to use his tongue. But his hands mauled her ass. He was almost astonished when her tongue pressed insistently against his lips, demanding entry. When he gave it to her, the kiss turned hot, undeniably sexual, as she writhed against him.

When they came up for air, Raleigh went limp in his arms. He held her as their faces separated. Feeling a presence he looked to his left, only to find Hamako standing there, only a foot away. Akio was standing, his eyes wide, shifting from foot to foot, five or six feet behind Hamako.

"Are we sleeping with you again tonight, Bob-san?" she asked, loudly enough to be heard by someone twenty feet away. Bob didn't think he'd ever heard her speak that loudly before. He smiled, imagining what Megan would be saying if she was there.

"No," said Raleigh, dreamily. "Mom feels neglected. She said she gets him all to herself tonight."

Bob arched one eyebrow. That kiss had been for real. He was sure of that. She had real feelings for him, and he recognized his own real feelings for her. Her comment about Megan, though, was just part of the production that was being put on to keep Akio at bay. And she was a consummate actor, because even he believed her in that moment.

He suddenly remembered doing some acting in high school, and how easy it was to get caught up in the mood of the play. Maybe that was what was going on.

"You two girls can entertain yourselves tonight," he said. He saw Akio actually sway, and catch himself. He wondered if the boy would wear his penis out, masturbating later, and grinned.

"Not until I get my goodnight kiss too," said Hamako. Her voice wasn't as loud now, but was still firm.

So Bob let go of his niece, and kissed his translator. She allowed a French kiss, returning it eagerly.

And his hands mauled her firm butt cheeks too.

When Bob let himself into the room it was, in fact, dark. He was actually glad for that, because it made the fact that he had an erection easier to deal with. He was wearing a pair of loose running shorts, and a tank top. The shorts made it clear what was going on inside them. He hadn't hidden that from either the girls or Akio, though he didn't know for sure if any of them had seen it. He hadn't waited around after that kiss.

In the light of the open door, Bob saw Megan was in her long, cotton nightgown again, on her side, facing the hull, like the night before. He closed the door quietly and took off his shirt. If he removed his shorts, he'd be naked, so he just left them on. He almost lay down on the floor again, but remembered the aches and pains he'd had that morning. Of course some of that was because he had more than 200 pounds of naked girls on top of him, but the floor was hard, and the carpet stiff and scratchy. He tried to ease onto the bed as gently as possible, so as not to wake Megan up.

She was still awake, as it turned out.

She rolled to her back, her shoulder touching Bob's.

"It's hot," she complained.

"Open the porthole," he suggested.

"What about the bugs?"

"There are no bugs at sea, Megan," said Bob, gently.

She sat up. Bob's eyes had adjusted to the dark, so that even the little starlight coming through the little window was enough to backlight her as she got to her knees beside the porthole. She opened it and pushed her face into the little circle, blotting out the light again. She inhaled deeply.

It was only ten or fifteen seconds after she had lay back down that she complained "I'm still hot."

"Take off your nightgown, then," he said.

"You'd like that," she replied, sounding surly.

"Actually ... I would," he said softly.

She was quiet for another long minute.

"Will you behave yourself? It's really hot, Bob."

"You want me to sleep on the floor again?" he asked.

There was a pause, and then a quiet "No."

He did nothing. It was maybe two more minutes before she got to her knees again. He could see her lifting the cotton garment over her head. He would always say it was instinct that made him do it, but while she was making the mattress shake with her movements, he reached with both hands and pushed his shorts to his knees. Pulling one leg out, he used the free foot to push them the rest of the way down and off, onto the floor.

His hand went to his stiff cock, even stiffer now as he saw her naked silhouette in the starlight, before she lay back down. He noticed she lay in such a way as not to touch him.

Maybe four or five minutes went by and he listened to her breathe. Her breathing didn't change ... didn't slow. She turned, and her shoulder brushed his again. She pounded her pillow with a fist, and then lay still. He stroked himself slowly, not trying to have an orgasm, but simply because it felt good.

She turned again, and he could sense that, this time, she lay facing him. He felt the light touch of her breath on his skin.

She turned a third time, onto her back, this time. Her hand fell between them, and touched his hip.

He heard her breathing stop. The back of her hand pressed to his naked hip.

"You're naked, Bob," she whispered.

"Yeah," he said. "It's hot."

"No it's not," she said immediately.

"Well that's what you said."

"Damn you, Bob!" she moaned.

Now he was the one who turned, rolling toward her. He could feel her flinch away, backing into the hull. He knew his erection hit her, but not where. It turned out to land on her hand. He found that out when she gripped him.

"You're hard," she whined.

"Yeah," he said again. "That's what happens when a woman excites you."

"Don't do this to me, Bob," she moaned.

"I'm not doing anything, honey," he said.

"Yes you are." Her hand squeezed his dick gently.

It was that squeeze that communicated more than her voice could. Or at least more than she'd let it. He recognized in her a want ... a need, actually ... that she would continue to deny was there. He remembered a girl he'd dated for a while in college. Martha had been like that. She wanted sex badly, but didn't feel like it was right to indulge. So she put herself in situations where men would take advantage of her, and then blamed it all on them. She had been a wild and passionate lover, but the recriminations later were ugly and he moved on, looking for a more well-adjusted woman. They seemed to be few and far between. He blamed American sexual culture for that.

He leaned forward and found her lips in the dark. She didn't resist as he kissed her. It was a gentle kiss, that lasted a long time.

"Now I'm doing something," he said, when he leaned back.

"Oh Bob," she whispered.

He could actually smell her arousal.

And when he got to his knees over her, and she adjusted her position, moving to the middle of the bed, he could hear her breath rate double. She spread her legs for him, and he knew then, that it would be all right.

What he had detected with his nose had her more than ready for entry. Nothing had plumbed those depths in a over a decade, but her tissues hadn't forgotten what to do. That her hand came to find him and guide him, made him hard as diamond. It took a lot of will to enter her in one, long, slow push, rather than cramming her full in a frantic lunge.

Her groan of ecstasy almost made him lose it, and he stayed deep, pushing, trying to crush her clit, willing his own orgasm into her, to avoid this being over much too quickly.

"Ohhhh Bob," she groaned, writhing against him, suddenly very strong, and able to lift his body with hers.

Both were much too inflamed to make it last. Her orgasm announced itself through her tortured vocal cords as she sounded like someone was killing her slowly. His deep groan of completion joined hers as he jetted his essence into her belly, pushing as hard as he could, instinctively trying to get deeper than was possible.

He came out of her as they got comfortable in the narrow bed again, but they stayed in each other's arms, trading kisses in the dark.

They kissed much longer than they had actually had intercourse, until she dozed off. He breathed in her scent for a few moments longer, and then succumbed to sleep as well.

In the morning, Bob woke to find her awake, just staring at him. They had separated during the night. She was on her side, with her back to the wall again. But she wasn't trying to get away from him. Her head was propped up on her hand. Her pillow was in her arm pit, supporting her shoulder. He couldn't read what was in her eyes.

"You okay?" he asked.

She blinked once. "Probably not."

"It's not the end of the world, Megan," he said.

"It's the end of one world," she responded. "It's the beginning of a new one. I can't pretend it just didn't happen, Bob."

"I don't want you to," he said.

"I still have to figure out what it means," she said.

"How old are you?" he asked.

She looked confused.

"What? I'm thirty-six. Why?"

"You're barely thirty-six," he said. "The way I figure it, you have at least thirty or forty years to figure out what it means. You don't have to be in a hurry."

Her eyes, which had been on his face, wandered to his chest ... and then lower.

"It's always that way in the morning," he said.

"I know. I used to wake up with a man on a regular basis," she said.

"Is that the problem?" asked Bob, thinking her memories of Sam were causing her pain.

"Sam?" she said, confirming part of his assumption. "No. I know he'd want me to be happy."

"So be happy," he said.

"It's not that easy, Bob," she said.

"Why?" he asked. "I know what we agreed to do, but last night wasn't part of the act. I don't think either of us were pretending last night."

"I agree," she said. "But there are two other women on this boat who would gladly have traded places with me last night. One of them is my own daughter."

"That's silly," said Bob. Then he remembered Raleigh's good night kiss. Hamako's had been only slightly less passionate. "They're just infatuated," he added.

"Raleigh doesn't get infatuated," said Megan. "Whenever she dated a boy, it was to find out if he was the one. If he wasn't, she didn't keep dating him. And Hamako is a completely different girl since we started this whole insane plan. I don't think they're doing as much acting as they'd like everyone to believe. Both of those girls have gone through some very important changes on this little jaunt we're on, and you are a big part of that.

Had Megan and Bob been able to see into the cabin next to theirs, she would have smiled smugly, as what was going on there proved she was right.

That's because, when the two girls woke up, they didn't talk about what had happened the night before. They simply repeated it.

When Akio had followed them to their cabin, like a puppy, both girls were on an emotional high from the goodnight kisses they had gotten from Bob. They had both been kissed before. Both had been given steamy goodnight kisses before. But neither had been given a goodnight kiss under circumstances that were that emotional for them. Both girls were turned on. And Akio's presence was unnerving, because while his interest in both girls was plain, he was not a viable option for either of them to use in pursuit of sexual relief.

Raleigh's solution to the Akio problem was to stop at their door and pull Hamako into a kiss. It didn't make any sense, in terms of how two girls with lesbian intent would act. If they were going to make love, they'd go inside the room and do that ... not start for no reason outside the door, while some random person watched.

But it worked. At least in terms of announcing to Akio that nothing had changed. He wasn't getting any pussy that night.

But his fantasies had just received an infusion, so he took it like the man he was trying to be.

"I will see you in the morning," he said, bowing.

Hamako, staring into Raleigh's eyes after the kiss, said something in Japanese, and he went down the hall to his own room. The two girls stood, frozen for a moment, and then Raleigh turned and opened the door.

Once inside, neither spoke. Both undressed, getting out of the shorts and blouses they had worn for dinner. Raleigh reached into her suitcase for fresh panties and a T shirt, which was what she normally wore to bed. She held them, waiting for Hamako to get her own nightclothes. But the girl didn't move.

"What is happening to me?" asked Hamako, suddenly.

"What do you mean?"

"Why do I like kissing Bob?" She blinked. "And kissing you?" she added.

"I know why you like kissing Bob," said Raleigh. "And I like kissing you too."

"Are we lovers?" Hamako sounded confused.

"No," said Raleigh, but there was some doubt in her voice.

"Are we going to be lovers?"

Raleigh was silent for a long moment. "I don't know," she finally said. "Do you want to?"

Hamako's normal subservient attitude couldn't deal with this kind of issue, so it sank into the background, and the American part of her came to the fore.

"I can't believe you asked me that," she said.

"I know," said Raleigh, slumping. "I don't know what's happened. Everything seems to have changed all of a sudden."

"It's the lie that we are Bob's women," said Hamako. "That changed everything."

"But it's a lie!" said Raleigh.

"Is it?" Hamako stood, naked, hands on her hips. She was unashamed, which some part of her mind registered as being preposterous. But she ignored that. "If he came in here right now and said he wanted me, I'd flop down on the bed like a whore."

"You're not a whore, Hamako," said Raleigh, her voice tight.

"I know that. But ever since he claimed me as his concubine in front of Akio ... I wish I was his concubine!"

"Oh," said Raleigh. "I get that. I'm a slut for him too. That's just Uncle Bob. I've been in love with him since I was a little girl."

"And he has kissed you like that for years?"

"Well ... no," said Raleigh. "Only once before we came on this trip. And I don't think either of us planned it then."

"So he has not ... taken you before." Hamako's voice sounded husky, which was totally strange, because normally she sounded like she was about twelve.

"No!" gasped Raleigh. "We've never done that!"

"Why does that make me feel like I'm going to explode with joy?" asked Hamako, who didn't look at all excited, save for the fact that her nipples seemed to be trying to break free from her beast flesh and take flight.

"Because you're jealous," said Raleigh.

"Exactly," said Hamako. "And yet, I want to kiss the girl I'm jealous of. This is madness!"

"You're just horny," said Raleigh. "So am I. We need to do something about that, and then maybe we can think straight."

"Do something about it," repeated Hamako. Her upper chest flushed red.

"You know ... rub," said Raleigh, who assumed that all girls learned to do that. Every girl she'd ever known had learned to masturbate. At least it was something all girls claimed to do, when they talked about naughty things with their friends.

"Together," said Hamako, the flush reaching her cheeks.

"Well," said Raleigh, understanding how doing something this intimate in the same room might strain Hamako's cultural underpinnings. "There's no place else one of us can go. We can always turn the lights off."

But what Raleigh had been thinking about - two girls masturbating in the same room - missed the mark by a wide margin. That's because what Hamako thought she meant was two girls - masturbating each other - in the same room.

And Hamako, completely out of her element now, simply decided that, since the thought excited her rather than horrifying her, that she would just go with what she perceived of as the American flow of things.

Which is why she plucked the clothing from Raleigh's hands, embraced her lover, and kissed her like she meant it.

A week before this, Raleigh would have sworn she had no latent lesbian tendencies. She had felt special attraction to girlfriends in the past, but not like she felt for Hamako at that moment. The skin-to-skin contact was electric, and Hamako's tongue was demanding. Passion exploded in both girls, and that kiss turned into something much more important than a simple kiss between very close friends.

At some point they fell to the bed. Their embrace only tightened. When the kiss had to break so they could breathe, Raleigh's thoughts went to the few times she had let a boy suck her nipples. That had always been dangerously enjoyable. The boys had obviously loved doing it, and she'd idly wondered what a nipple might feel like in her own mouth. Now she could find out.

Hamako, who had never been naked with another human being, and never done more than chastely kiss a male, overflowed with the passion of discovery. Her agonized groan sounded almost like the one Megan was letting out next door to them, even though only Megan was actually having an orgasm.

Hamako would make that sound again, though, as each girl's inhibitions faded, and they did to each other what they loved doing to themselves. And the three times Hamako groaned after that, as time slid past, were associated with orgasms. Raleigh tended to make yipping, high pitched sounds as she released tension during an orgasm. And she yipped repeatedly as well.

Next door, with his ear pressed against the thin partition wall between the cabins, Akio Nakimura did exactly what Bob had thought about. He jerked himself almost raw as he listened to the girls, actually doing what they had only pretended they did, twenty four hours earlier.

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