The Rent A Man Blues

by Lubrican

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Chapter Eleven

Bob lay on his back, on Raleigh's bed. He was already hard. That was due to the fact that Hamako had taken off the robe, and Megan had put it on, but hadn't fastened it. Thinking about what was about to happen only made it harder. Raleigh dropped her shirt and reached behind her to undo her bra. She let it go and shrugged it off her breasts, causing them to shimmy a little. She watched Bob's eyes watch her shimmy.

"I love it when you look at me like that," she said.

Once she was naked, she knelt on the floor next to Hamako. Megan was on the other side of Bob, kneeling. As Raleigh settled in, he reached with his right hand and played with Megan's hanging breasts.

"Stop that," she said, elbowing his hand away. "You're supposed to be getting ready for them, not me."

"Two ... three ... what's the difference?" he said, smiling.

"You're already pushing your luck," she said. "Now be quiet while I work with the girls."

"Yes, Ma'am," he said, and put his hands behind his head.

She looked at the girls and reached for his penis. She pulled the foreskin off of the head.

"You've both had a Tootsie Roll Pop."

They nodded.

"Then you already know how to suck this," she said.

She leaned down and took just the tip into her mouth. She pulled, making her lips stretch and slowly slide up off the tip.

Bob groaned.

It popped out of her mouth and she smiled at the girls. "Men will say they want you to get as much in your mouth as possible, but believe me, if you work over the tip really well, you'll own them." She glanced up at Bob's face. "Him," she amended. She stroked him a few times and a bubble of white oozed from the hole in the tip. "That means he's ready."

"I told you I was ready," said Bob.

"You know, ladies?" said Megan, letting go of his penis. "I completely forgot I wanted to take you two shopping. What say we run down to the mall and spend four or five hours seeing what we can find?"

"I'll be good!" yelped Bob. He pantomimed turning a key in his closed lips and then threw away the imaginary key.

Megan took his cock in her hand again. "Like I said, you'll own him."

She leaned down and sucked again, letting her cheeks go concave as she applied suction. When she pulled off this time, there was a line of white that went from the tip of his cock to her upper teeth. She broke it and wiped her lips with the back of her hand.

She paused. "Now that brings up the taste. Every woman is different. You'll just have to make up your own mind. She licked her lips. "He doesn't taste bad."

Then she went into a lecture about how to use the tongue and teeth on the round tip, and what to do with the tip if they wanted to move their lips down the shaft. She told them the best way to get him good and ready was to stroke the shaft while they sucked the tip.

Then she sat back on her calves and told them it was their turn.

"Let me go first!" said Raleigh, instantly.

Hamako smiled and moved back.

Raleigh didn't wait, or approach things carefully. She just grabbed his dick and got up on her feet so she could lean to reach it. She put her mouth on it, but didn't suck for a few seconds. When she did, and he groaned, Raleigh made a sound in her own throat. She pulled off and licked her lips.

“It's kind of bitter," she said.

"Kind of," agreed Megan.

"I like it. I didn't think I'd like it. But I do."

She sucked some more. This time she experimented with moving her lips up and down the shaft, but didn't stroke him. His hand came to her hair and he sighed "Ohhhh yeah, baby."

She pulled off again and looked at Hamako. "Mom was right," she said. "Doing this makes me really horny. You'd better have a go at it while I calm down."

"Go ahead," whispered the Japanese girl. "I will wait."

Raleigh fidgeted. "Are you sure?"

"I do not mind going second," said Hamako. "I want you to be happy."

"I think you two can take it from here," said Megan, walking toward the door.

Neither of the younger girls asked her to stay. Bob wondered if that was because they had already seen how experienced she was, and didn't want to appear clumsy in front of her. Bob knew this was still a difficult thing she was involved in.

"I'll see you later," he said. "Don't take up the whole bed."

She stopped and turned. Acting the vamp, or perhaps trying to compete with the girls, she opened the robe before closing it and tying the belt.

"You think you'll have the energy to make it all the way to my bedroom?" she asked.

"Just don't take up the whole bed," he said, as Hamako took him into her mouth and sucked. While she did that Raleigh climbed over him and lay down beside him, pressing her body to his.

Megan left, leaving the door open, and Bob turned his face to give Raleigh a kiss. She was breathing hard and flushed. She looked a little scared.

"Why do I have to keep telling women that I won't hurt them?" he complained, jokingly.

Hamako's head came up so quickly that her mouth, still sealed on his cock, made a popping sound as it broke contact.

"Wait!" she gasped. Then, without explanation, she jumped up and ran out the door.

"I know I shouldn't be nervous, but I am," said Raleigh.

"I promise you that any squealing you do will be from joy, not pain," said Bob.

Raleigh was flat on her back, her legs and arms spread, almost as if she was unconscious, when Hamako ran back into the room. Bob was sucking her nipples and sluicing his middle finger in and out of her pussy, punishing her clit while her hips bumped up off the bed in spastic jerks.

"Your mother had one!" she yipped.

"What?" gasped Raleigh, turning her head toward her friend.

"A thimble!" laughed Hamako. She held it out to Raleigh. "Put it on!"


Hamako burst into laughter. "When I was a little girl, I had an aunt who had dated a GI. She was the black sheep of the family, because she was so modern and wild. When I was twelve, she pulled me aside and whispered something in my ear I've never forgotten."


With great ceremony Hamako slipped the thimble onto Raleigh's index finger, pushing it snugly in place.

"Confucius say: Virgin with thimble on finger, never feel pain caused by prick."

Raleigh groaned, but Bob laughed.

"I guess that means it's time," he said. He crawled between Raleigh's knees, which she suddenly wanted to bang together.

"I don't know," she moaned.

"I do," he said.

"I really don't know, Uncle Bob," she whined.

He sat up on his knees, and reached for her feet, which she put on his chest.

"I'm scared," she said.

"I won't hurt you," he said.

He grasped her ankles and pulled them apart. She resisted, but was no match for his strength, athletic as she was. He placed her ankles on his shoulders and then fell forward. Her pussy was tipped up and open, defenseless. She was so well toned, that having herself bent like this didn't cause any difficulty in breathing. She could hook her heels behind her head if she wanted to.

"Reach for me," he said softly. "Put me in. Let me have your virginity, Raleigh." His head dipped and he sucked a rigid, thrusting nipple.

He felt her hand and, oddly, the thimble that was still on her finger. He let his hips slide forward and felt the tip of his prick mush into slick heat. Raleigh snatched a breath and held it.

But he didn't just push in.

Instead, he put his face over hers, and talked to her, like a cowboy talks to a spooked horse.

"I've always loved you, baby," he crooned. "And I've wanted to do this with you for a long time. I was always afraid some pimply faced kid would do this, and I was always jealous as hell of him. I'm going to slide it in slowly, and then I'm going to make you feel so good you'll scream. I want to feel you cum around my prick, Raleigh. I want to feel you get there and know that you're creaming on your Uncle Bob's prick.

He pushed just enough to pop the head in. She pushed air out of her lungs and sucked it back in, her eyes wide.

"And then, sweet baby, I'm gonna fuck you to tears, before I try my damndest to make a baby in your pretty, flat, belly."

With that, he saw her pupils dilate and he eased three inches into her. It was like he was taking up space she had air in, because as he went in, air came out of her mouth in a rush, making a groan, halfway between terror and joy. He leaned down to kiss her lips as he pushed the rest in, making sure that he bottomed out as he felt her pussy flutter all around him and clamp down hard.

Still kissing her, he dipped one shoulder and let her ankle slide off. The heel of that foot hit the bed and he did the same thing with the other foot. As soon as her legs were down, he pushed even harder and rolled his loins in a series of circles that crushed and massaged her clitoris with fifty pounds of brute force.

She did scream then, though it was a hoarse, breathless kind of scream, rather than a high-pitched kind of thing. Her nails dug into his back and her heels dug into the bed.

"Ohhh fuck!" she gasped. "I didn't know!"

"Are you okay?" asked Hamako, sounding scared.

"Oh hell yes," gasped Raleigh to her friend. Then to Bob she said "Don't ever stop!"

Ten minutes later, though, she had changed her tune. By then she'd had two orgasms, was gasping for air and begging for a chance to catch her breath. Quite suddenly he pulled out of her and turned to face Hamako, his prick dripping with the exudations of Raleigh's orgasmic fluids.

"Your turn, sweet thing," he said.

Hamako was as different in her reaction to sex, as she was different ethnically and culturally from her American friend.

Raleigh was limp, and lying in the middle of her bed. Rather than try to move her, or squeeze in, Hamako pulled Bob out of that room and to the one assigned to her. Once there, she threw herself against him frantically, moaning with need. Watching what he had done to Raleigh, and Raleigh's response to it, she had lost all trace of fear. Now, all she wanted was to feel the same thing ... and quickly.

"Hurry!" she gasped as she flopped down on her bed, opening herself shamelessly to him. She felt no trace of submission or embarrassment. She felt only anticipation of something she couldn't imagine, but which she had seen was fabulous.

"Slow down, baby," Bob said, crawling over her.

"Don't talk!" she barked. "Do it now, Bob-san!"

He didn't render her helpless, like he had Raleigh. He had been afraid Raleigh would try to evade penetration, and had known that, once she adjusted to having a penis in her, things would be fine. So he had more or less required her to allow penetration. Such was not the case with Hamako, who showed no hint of avoidance.

In fact, when he socketed the tip of his still hard prick in her opening, with a rasping shout she bucked her hips upward, skewering herself on his cock in one, savage thrust. He was astonished that she took him so easily, and wondered if she had lied about being a virgin. But her reaction to being penetrated was unmistakably that of a virgin. She stopped, fully impaled, holding her breath. Her eyes bulged and he felt her start to fall back away from him.

He rode her down, landing on her hard, and did the same thing to her he'd done to Raleigh, rotating his hips until she squealed and her vaginal muscles spasmed all around him.

It was her own lusty acceptance of him as lover that caused him to lose it much more quickly than he had planned. As she crashed, arms wide open into her first orgasm with a man inside her, she jabbered in her mother tongue. Her legs snapped around him, and her arms crushed him. He knew that if he got to his hands and knees, she'd be hanging under him, but that not one inch of his penis would pull out of her.

Then her language changed as he felt her belly muscles ripple, and she gasped "Love me, Bob-san."

That was all it took. He felt a perverse electric thrill as semen raced through his prick and was delivered in hot spurts into the inner recesses of this young woman's sexual center. He knew this was dangerous, but the very danger made it unimaginably sweet. If his seed took root, he knew he would have no problem whatsoever keeping her close to him, in whatever capacity she allowed, and would do anything he could to be part of raising their baby.

To that end, he stayed in her, rolling so that she was on top and he wouldn't crush her. Her hair fell in his face, and her Oriental eyes stared at him as her body began to relax from the tension of her orgasm. She put her hands on his chest and pushed, sitting up. He was only then beginning to lose full rigidity and her weight caused him to move even deeper into her body. She held her breath and instinctively leaned forward. He saw it in her eyes as she discovered what that position did for her clit, and felt her body begin lurching back and forth as she rubbed against him, using him for her pleasure.

She was thrusting so wildly that he sensed some additional roughness wouldn't be out of line. To that end, he reached for her nipples, which were black and swollen, standing off her flat breast flesh like bullets erupting from her skin. He squeezed and her eyes, which had been closed, snapped open.

This time, the orgasm was so strong that she froze, even her lungs paralyzed by the sensations that wracked her body.

And that orgasm lasted long enough that the air in her lungs was used up ... and she simply passed out, flopping limply on Bob's chest.

Bob hadn't been this fired up in his entire life. He'd had girlfriends, of course, and had been intimate with them. But none of them brought out the emotion in him that these three women did. He was relatively young, and very healthy. It was probably the combination of all of this that caused him to be sporting a mostly hard penis when he walked through the door into Megan's bedroom, where she was trying to read.

She looked up. Her face was flushed.

"It sounded like you were killing them," she said, her voice low.

"Both alive and happy," he said, standing and looking at her. She was wearing a T shirt and panties. "I thought you slept naked."

"Not until you came into my life," she said.

"Well ... here I am."

"You're kidding."

"Not in a million years," he said.

"You just had sex with two women!" she gasped.

"But I'm in love with three," he said, walking toward the bed. He reached for his penis and jacked it, trying to get to full hard.

"No way!" she said.

Fifteen minutes later, as she began to relax from an orgasm she hadn't anticipated having that night, he froze, deep in her. She felt the warm glow of his essence being delivered into her body.

"Way," he panted, before kissing her.

Of course Bob couldn't service all three women in a row very often. In fact, that was one of only three times he was able to do so over the next few months. The description of the other two are for another time, perhaps. I will tell you that one of them happened after they played miniature golf, and involved the reenactment of some of the holes they had played. Bob's penis was the ball.

And the mere fact that all three women had been bedded by a man they agreed to share, didn't mean that everything went flawlessly. The first installment of money came from Japan, and work started on the factory. Akio wasn't in America, as had been the original plan. He still had too much to do in Japan, before he and his mother could move and begin their new adventure. And, while Megan was a capable planner and manager, she had no experience in dealing with people in the building trades, which came in all sizes, shapes and colors, from architects, to hod carriers. Bob, on the other hand, did.

So Bob spent more time in his "make believe" role as the mover and shaker behind The Stitch Bitch. And he spent more time at Megan's house.

Which meant he spent more time in her bed as well.

Life is complicated. Always. It's complex and fraught with both mysteries and danger. Even a hermit, who wishes only to contemplate his navel in the middle of nowhere, has problems to face. In his case, it might simply be getting enough to eat, or enough of the right foods to keep himself healthy. He is at risk of falling as he walks or climbs here and there, and a debilitating injury for such a man could be a death sentence. He might have to face wild animals. A hundred complications could pop up in his life.

And while Megan expected problems to develop in her life, what she didn't expect was for them to result from the disaffections of her pharmacist, Peter.

She had known Peter for years. He ran a little family drugstore, one of the few remaining ones in the United States, in fact. Having completed pharmacist school, which is almost as demanding as medical school, he took over the family business. The problem was that Peter had some issues that rendered him, basically, unattractive to women. It would have helped if he'd wash his hair and take a shower more often than twice a week. It would have helped if he'd have used some of his own products to address his halitosis. And it probably would have helped if he wasn’t certifiably nuts.

But all this was unknown to poor Peter, because no woman had ever spent enough time with him to form the kind of relationship that might bring up these points in conversation. And besides, he thought he was irresistible. That was part of his certifiably nuts situation. That was why he quite often asked his unattached female customers out on dates.

He had asked Megan out several times, in fact. Each time she had politely told him she didn't date. Taking the hint, he stopped asking her out, and started asking Raleigh out instead. Having talked about this with her mother, she took a page out of Megan's play book and also said she didn't date. She blamed that on school. And, because Peter was pretty good at taking the hint (he had tons of practice) and because the drug store was only a couple of blocks from the house, making it too convenient to avoid, both women forgot all about his interest. It had been some five or six years since he had said anything other than a polite greeting to either of them.

He had not, however, forgotten them. This was the result of one of the complications of Peter's life. Peter liked to keep tabs on people ... mostly his customers ... but also a few celebrities and some friends of his mother as well. His days were better, or worse, depending on how all these people he was keeping tabs on behaved. If they did what he thought they should, he was happy. If they "fell down on the job" or "failed" then he was unhappy.

Now I'm sure you're scratching your head right now, wondering why the author has suddenly gone off on this wild ass tangent about Peter, the pharmacist.

Well, just imagine Megan going to her neighborhood pharmacy to fill prescriptions for birth control pills for both herself and her daughter. From Peter's perspective, they obviously were dating. And from Peter's perspective, when they had started dating ... they should have come to him and told him so ... so he could take them out. After all, he had a prior claim, right? And this led to one of the other complications in Peter's life ... the one where he punished people for failing to meet his expectations.

The way he punished most of the women who spurned him ... including Megan Tomlinson, was to charge her for birth control pills, and actually give her counterfeits he got from Mexico for next to nothing.

And of course the reason he got them for next to nothing, was because they had next to nothing in them in terms of an active ingredient.

Then, when Hamako needed to fill her own prescription, Raleigh took her to meet Peter.

And because Peter could tell Hamako was important to Raleigh ... he punished her too.

It didn't take long for the girls to figure out they'd get laid a lot more often if they went to Bob's house, instead of waiting around where Megan and Raleigh lived. This was particularly true of Hamako, who had moved back into the dorm, even though Megan invited her to stay. She had already paid for her lodging, and it wasn't refundable. Besides, it was easier to study in her room. If she was at either Megan's or Bob's, there were too many distractions. The distraction at Bob's was that she had him all to herself. Once she got him to start on her, she didn't want it to end. Hamako, at times, would have taken literally all day long to make love. Her favorite of Confucius sayings in that setting was "Confucius say it does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop."

For Hamako, visiting Megan's house was just as distracting. Raleigh was there. And sometimes both Raleigh and Bob were there at the same time. So she could get lured into the bedroom by Raleigh or Bob ... or both.

Raleigh spent more time at the ranch for other reasons than getting Bob in bed. Since he was spending so much time working with the contractors who were building her mother's future, he had less time to spend taking care of the animals. Raleigh loved doing that, and got to ride more, so she spent as much time there as possible.

The fact that she had a fantasy of being made love to by Bob in as many different places as possible might have had something to do with it too, though. Such as in the barn, which included the tack room, the hay loft and the feed room, not to mention being bent over a saddle stand, or the hitching post outside. She also managed to get what she wanted on the kitchen table, in the pantry, on the couch, in a hammock on the back porch and even straddling him on the tractor while he cut hay.

Which is probably why she was the first to miss a period. She didn't think too much about it. She had been thrown off a horse recently, and thought that was reason enough for her body to have "hiccupped". Besides, her periods, as sometimes happens when a girl is extra tall, were often unreliable. That meant both in terms of starting on time, and rates of flow. The point is ... she didn't suspect she was pregnant.

Megan's periods, on the other hand, could have been used by NASA to time things in the space program. And when she missed, she went to the pharmacy and bought a home pregnancy test.

Peter could get fakes of those from Mexico as well ... and did so with glee.

To be truthful, even had Megan gotten a good test, and found out right away, it wouldn't have made a difference. She wasn't the kind of woman to try to avoid the responsibilities involved in creating new life. But in fact, it wasn't until she missed again that she went to the doctor, who blandly advised her that no test is a hundred percent reliable ... not even the one he did that showed she was "good and pregnant," as he phrased it.

Still, nobody tumbled to the concept that they might be taking sugar pills instead of birth control. Nobody tried to hide anything either, including Bob, when his behavior suggested he was entirely more accepting and excited about all this than the actual expectant mothers were.

Which could be why Hamako decided not to worry about things, and kept climbing in bed with Bob as often as she could.

Two months later, Hamako made it unanimous.

While life always has its complications, there are usually solutions to them. That is particularly (though not always) true when one, like Bob, has a lot of money.

Megan's attitude about things in general had changed. She was much less wed to her house, and the past that represented, than she had been. And that allowed her to seriously consider options that, only six months ago, she would not have.

She and Bob were married in a small, private ceremony in the outdoor chapel of a summer camp Raleigh had attended for several years. Raleigh and Hamako were there, but other than them, only the minister was present.

He had a house big enough for all of them plus the children, so that's where they lived "for the present." Megan put her house on the market and priced it very high. Actually selling it wasn't a high priority at that point in time, and that way they didn't have to move everything to Bob's house at once.

The babies changed everything, at least as far as Megan's theory went ... the one she had come up with a while back, and which she wouldn't tell anyone about. That theory was that the girls were merely infatuated with Bob, and would eventually begin casting their eyes toward men closer to their own ages ... men who had interests that were more similar to theirs ... men they'd fall in love with, and want to marry ... and have babies with.

Though, in a sense, she was right. Raleigh's interests were in the ranch and the horses ... and loving Bob and having his baby.

Hamako's interests were in learning business, American style, and creating something from nothing and making it work. Oh ... and loving Bob and having his baby.

He wasn't near their ages, but two out of three ain't bad.

And as for Megan, while she wasn't wild about being pregnant again at what she thought of as an advanced age, what she had stumbled upon by "renting" Bob to be her husband was something she never thought she'd ever experience again. It was something so precious that enduring anything to secure that love was worth it ... even nine months of pregnancy.

In fact, Megan would do it again, two years later, giving birth on the very day the first Stitch Bitch rolled off the factory line. But that's yet another story.

For now, all three women were ecstatic with their lot in life, and with the man they had agreed to love and share. And that sense of well-being served them well as Megan's business plans went forward.

There was, in fact, only one more surprise in their lives, though it was one that didn't directly affect their relationship.

Bob had a meeting he couldn't miss, so Megan, Raleigh and Hamako, all three in the advanced stages of pregnancy, went together welcome Akio and his mother back to the United States as they arrived to establish their new home.

"Look at us," sighed Megan, when they got to a place where they could see the passengers when they came down the ramp. "We look like a chapter of Future Mothers of America. What will they think?" worried Megan.

Hamako's face was typically inscrutable as she said "They know that Confucius say it take many nails to build crib, but only one screw to fill it."

Then she laughed, as the other two women smiled at her.

They saw Akio first, who looked worried. But when he saw them, his face morphed to that of a stunned young man, as he saw all three pregnant bellies. Then his body actually shook, almost like a dog coming out of the water, though it was only a brief, momentary violent twitch. His voice barked, also like a dog, though it was a laugh.

That behavior was explained as Sinho, also eight months gravid, waddled out of the gangway.

The End

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