Take Your Daughter To Work Day - Version Alpha

by Lubrican

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Chapter Nine

To say that Carly got noticed when she walked into the day room, is like saying that if you fall into the river, you might get wet. The room was full of young men, between the ages of eighteen and twenty-two, all of whom lived a lifestyle that kept the testosterone in their bloodstream at peak levels. And here appeared a girl who was lush, and ripe, and who fairly exuded sex appeal.

About half of them thought she was somebody's Italian girlfriend, and were jealous of whoever that was. As she looked around, most of the men there wished she was looking for them. Then her face lit up, and a dazzling smile made them all start searching for the lucky bastard who got to put his hands on this woman.

When they saw it was SFC Rawlinson, the vast majority of them didn't believe it. Rawlinson never went on thunder runs in the ville, to get drunk. Rawlinson never went to the clubs, either on post or in town. Rawlinson was a straight up family man, always eager to get home.

When she went to him and kissed him lightly on the cheek, those nearby heard her greeting, and relaxed. But those across the room didn't hear her say "Daddy! There you are!" and at least a dozen of them found reasons to go to that side of the room, to investigate.

Tom and Carly found themselves ringed with healthy young men, who were intensely interested in them. Tom, of course, knew exactly why they were interested.

"Gentlemen," he announced, and the buzz of conversation died down. "And you guys from first, second and fourth platoons too," he added. There were groans. "I'd like to introduce my daughter, Carly."

There was a long moment of almost complete silence, and then a voice called out "No way, Sarge."

That started conversations going again, some going back to what they had been talking about, and many starting a new thread of discussion. A man who carried himself different, somehow, came over and stood looking back and forth between Carly and her father.

"I knew you had a daughter, Sergeant, but I thought she was like ten or something."

"I'm not ten," said Carly, watching this man's eyes. He had better control. He only looked her body over once, very quickly, and then pinned his eyes on her face.

"I can see that," said the man. "I'm Lieutenant Dennis Nickerson." He held out his hand. "I'm the third herd platoon leader. Your father works for me."

Carly shook his hand, and then, just to see what he did, ignored him. She turned to her father.

"Daddy? You've been going off to work all my life, but you never talk about what you do when you get home. So here I am on take your daughter to work day. So show me what you do!"

"He strikes terror into the hearts of a lot of the men in this room," said Lt. Nickerson, who hadn't given up at all. Being ignored only allowed him to feast his eyes on this beautiful girl's body.

"I do not," said Tom.

"Yes he does," said a young man, about Carly's age.

Tom looked at him and then Carly. "This is Specialist Simmons. He's in second squad. He's one of my soldiers."

"What do you do in second squad, Specialist Simmons?" asked Carly formally.

"I hump a base plate," said the young man. He seemed proud of that.

"Hump?" Carly's voice went up a notch.

"He means carry," said Tom. "He's on a mortar team, and he carries the thing the mortar tube sits on."

"And mortars go up in the air and back down ... right?" Carly looked unsure.

"Right where we want 'em to," said Simmons. "And Sergeant Rawlinson makes sure we do."

"I'm sort of his supervisor," said Tom. "Except there are a couple of people below me in the chain of command. I sort of supervise the whole platoon.

"He runs the whole platoon," said Lt. Nickerson. "He makes me look good to the Captain."

"Captain," said Carly. "That's an officer ... right?"

"Exactly," said Nickerson. "I'm an officer too." He sounded like he hoped that impressed her.

She turned to her father again.

"So is he one of the officers you're always complaining about who fucks everything up?"

The stunned silence generated by her flippant comment broke as she slapped one thigh and laughed "Kidding! Boy you guys sure take yourselves seriously."

But that broke the ice in a way that nothing else would have. She had used a word none of them would have dared use in her presence, at least not with her father there. And she showed actual interest in what people did. Soon she was chatting with groups of men, before moving on to other groups, almost like she was working the crowd.

Tom stood with his platoon leader and, together, they watched.

"My daughter is only two," said Nickerson. "And I'm telling you right now, Tom, there is no way in hell I'm going to be as calm about it when this happens to me."

"She's just talking to them," said Tom, who knew what he was going to do when they got home. He was going to fuck her deep, long and continuous. She was so beautiful it made his chest hurt.

"Yeah, but we both know what they're thinking."

To Tom, this was dangerous ground. The first thing that came to mind to say was "Even you?" But while they were friends, the man was still an officer, and besides, Tom had no ground to stand on to complain about someone lusting after his baby girl. He'd done plenty of lusting after her himself. In that sense, he did know what they were all thinking.

"You learn to deal with it," he said, carefully.

"You're a better man than I am, Gunga Din," sighed Nickerson.

"What?" asked Tom, who had never read Kipling.

The lieutenant's eyes ranged all over the girl's body and he sighed, thinking of what he'd like to do with this girl ... even if she was his own daughter. "I just suspect you're a better father than I would have been." He licked his lips.

It never occurred to the lusty lieutenant how ironic his comment might have been.

Just as going to work with her mother was the thing that precipitated a years long affair between Carly and her father, going to work with him under the same circumstances led to the eventual decline of that relationship. I'll risk killing the buzz, here, because it's important to understand what Carly was going through, to understand why she made the decisions she eventually made.

Once Carly recognized the power she wielded over men in general, and realized that there were men out there who weren't at all like the immature and goofy boys she had always known in school, her interest in men other than her daddy grew.

This is not to say she lost interest in either her father's affections, on an emotional level, or his penis, on a physical one. But sex with him became less than the center of her whole life. At the risk of being trite, I'll say that ... the honeymoon was over.

But if I were a punster, I'd say the hornymoon was over, because that's really what happened. Carly's libido finally got satisfied. She learned that her daddy wasn't the only man who found her fascinating, or was interesting. Gaining a lover at the tender age of fifteen had dragged her into the adult world of orgasms, and babies and intense emotional relationships. Ironically, that same relationship had retarded her social development, because she didn't need the attentions of males her own age. And that meant she didn't learn how to appreciate "men" for what they might offer her.

We're not talking about a stiff penis, which is what most men wish to offer a woman. What I'm referring to are smaller things, like thinking Carly was funny ... taking delight in something she said and laughing about that. Tom's relationship was based mostly on a normal father/daughter love, with the benefits of hot sex thrown in. Since all those interesting young men didn't get to have that hot sex with her (yet, they hoped,) they had to make themselves stand out by appealing to her on more complicated levels. Attraction is great, but when a girl already has all the sex she wants, then it takes more than simple animal attraction to drag her away from her lover.

Without fail, when a man discovers his wife has been cheating on him, he cannot fathom why she would find another man more attractive than him. That's because he hasn't been paying attention to how neglectful he has become.

The analogy breaks down there, because Tom didn't neglect Carly. Far from it. When they got home that day, he did fuck her deep, long and continuous. And she loved it, just like she always loved it when her daddy was trying to breed her.

But this time, while he was satisfying her, she was curious about what it might be like to do this with another man. She wasn't fickle. She just knew that he was her father, and that while he might father children on her, she couldn't marry him, or kiss him in public, or do any of the things she could do with a boyfriend.

One of the things that both Tom and Carly would always cherish was the fact that having sex together resulted in their ability (and willingness) to talk about anything. So Carly talked to her father about all these new feelings, and how interesting those young men had been ... and how curious she was about things she had missed out on.

Now most people would have accused Tom of being a rat bastard who took advantage of his daughter for his own prurient interests. But the fact was that he loved her. True, that love exceeded what society approves between father and daughter, but it was a love quite genuine, none the less. He had always known that he couldn't hog his daughter forever. That might have been one reason he was so ardent a lover. He wanted to get and give as much as he could, before he had to let her go. It was, in fact, his love for her, and his desire for her to have a great future, that caused him to make the hardest decision he'd ever made.

And so, in the two months before she left Italy ... Carly started going on dates with some of the soldiers in her father's platoon.

She played the field, going out with six different young men, including a butterbar lieutenant who had just arrived in country and was working his first real job in the Army. He was full of himself, and she only went out with him once. She flirted with them all, including engaging in a few barely chaste kisses, and allowing a few "accidental" gropings, but did not let any of them get her in bed. Sex had always been very special to her, and any man who got her naked and pinned her to a bed was going to have to be at least as good a man as her daddy.

All those young men out there might be endlessly fascinating ... but that didn't mean they got the same privileges as her daddy got.

As said, telling Carly she should go out on some dates and answer some of the questions she had, was one of the hardest things Tom had ever done. Of course he talked to Beth about it. Her response was predictable, at least to us, author and readers. She had loved, and still loved Uncle Bob. Truth be known, if he had come to her wanting to bed her again, she'd have been quite tempted to let him. But she also knew how happy she'd been with Tom, and how happy Carly could be with the right man as well. To her, this was only a curve in the road, which would reveal a new vista when they got around it.

So of course she said "Don't worry about it. Let her be normal."

Easy for her to say.

And, on the first night Carly went out (with a young man her father had picked from his platoon, specifically because he had suspicions that the boy might be gay) and she came home and crawled naked into bed with her parents, he felt much better about things.

"I had a good time, but I need some loving," she had said, rubbing up against her father.

"I wore him out already," said her mother, from the other side of the bed.

"You've said that before, and I proved you were wrong," said the younger woman.

"So while you prove me wrong, tell us about your date," said Beth.

"He was smart, and funny. He taught me all about how to farm wheat. He said I was beautiful, and that he wanted to ravish me, except that if he did he was sure Daddy would kill him, so he mostly behaved himself."

"Mostly?" Tom was suddenly alert.

"Well, he was so cute that when we were at a stop light, I decided to kiss him, and my hand accidentally landed on his lap, and he was all hard and stuff. That's when he said he wanted to ravish me. I told him I had a no ravishing rule on the first date, and he immediately asked me out on a second date. So I gave him a little squeeze and kissed him again. He was sweet about it. I told him I knew what he'd do when he got home, and said he could think about me as much as he wanted to while he did it."

"Good grief," sighed Beth. "We've unloosed a monster."

"He had a hardon?" croaked Tom.

"Yes," said his daughter. "But I didn't want his. I want yours. Pretty please?"

She proved her mother wrong again that night.

By the time they got on the plane to go back to America, Carly basically owned three of the young men she'd gone out with. They were all in a friendly competition with each other, primarily because none of them got farther than the others did with her. All she had allowed any of them, by that time, was to suck her nipples while she masturbated them. By today's standards that doesn't seem like much, but they all knew about her son, which meant she had let at least one man get farther, and they were all hopeful that they'd make the cut some day. In fact, all three of them wrote to her for months.

But long distance relationships are hard, especially when there hasn't been enough time to really bond emotionally, and it was a young man stateside who eventually won what all the others had been fighting to gain. She met him in college, in a study group. He didn't care that she had a three and a half year old son. What interested him more than that was that she hadn't had a steady boyfriend since her little boy was born. He knew there had to be some pain there, because she wouldn't say anything about the boy's father. He decided to just be himself, and hope that he could be the next man she chose. They went together for six months before he saw her naked, and on that very night, he proposed.

Beth helped plan the wedding, of course. And Carly was a typical bride, worried about everything being perfect and on edge up to the day of the wedding.

Of course Tom and Beth had met the groom, whose name was Vaughan. They had waited until he graduated. He was an engineer who had his first job at the manufacturing firm he had interned at. They liked him.

Carly's sessions with her father had gotten fewer, and farther apart over the two years after Vaughan had proposed. Everybody said a two year engagement wouldn't work. And when she was upset with Vaughan for some reason, she often sought solace (and sex) in her father's arms. She had not, in fact, expressed any desire to make love with him for the last four months leading up to the wedding. There had been some hugs, and some kisses, but these days, Tom's penis did its workouts only in Beth. Even that happened less often, not because of any lack of desire, but because there were small, active children in the house again, and kids are the best mood killer there ever was.

So on the day of the wedding, when the word came to the father of the bride that said bride was requesting he come to her dressing room, he expected to see a daughter worried about something that she wanted him to check on. Tiffany, a girl she'd become friends with in college, and her maid of honor, was guarding the door.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"I don't know. I think she's just got a case of the nerves, but she won't talk to me about it. She just said she needs her daddy and asked me to get you here."

"Okay," he said, and opened the door to go inside.

He did not find a girl anxious about anything. He found a girl sitting on one half of a love seat, next to her dress, which was laid out over the other half. Her gown was strapless, and the bra was built into the dress.

Which means her breasts were bare.

The only other thing that graced her body were white thigh high stockings, the garter belt that held them up, and her veil.

She was masturbating.

"I need my daddy," she whined, as he came in.

"You're getting married in half an hour," he chided.

"If it's bad luck for the groom to just see the bride," she complained, "for sure it's bad luck for him to make love to me under these circumstances."

"I thought you were nervous," he said.

"What I am is horny!" she moaned. "Besides, Mom says I can't have you any more after I get married. This is the last chance I'll ever get to feel my daddy spurting way up inside me. I'm going to miss that!"

"You have a new daddy to do that," said Tom. "He's going to be the daddy of your next baby."

"I told you, I can't have him right now, and after the wedding, the reception will go on for-ever, and we have to take pictures, and talk to all those people," she whined.

"You invited all those people," he said, smiling.

She split her pussy lips with two manicured fingers, exposing her clit, and the dark tube he had so often filled with his manhood.

"Are you going to fuck me, or do I have to have Tiffany drag some stranger in off the street?!"

Which is why Tom got to slide his aching daddy boner into his baby girl's hot, tight sheath one last time before she went off to live with another man.

She told him how much she loved him.

She told him how much she was going to miss doing this with him.

And then, after two orgasms, which came remarkably fast, it seemed, she started milking him in that special way she'd always had to get him to spurt. As he got there, and his breathing took on that cadence she knew so well, her hands fluttered across his back.

"You probably shouldn't spurt in me, Daddy," she said. "I went off the pill so I'd be fertile for Vaughan on our honeymoon."

Then she wrapped her white-stockinged legs around him, and pulled his face down for one last lover's kiss, as he bucked and got his last chance to knock her up again.

The End

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