Take Your Daughter To Work Day - Version Alpha

by Lubrican

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Chapter Five

The penis Carly abandoned didn't look anything like the one she had started out with. It was shrunken and limp. The skin shone with the glisten of her saliva as she stared at it, still licking her lips.

"The last time I did this, I thought I had killed it," she said, eyeing the shrunken organ. Then her hands came to her breasts and she pinched her nipples. She was agitated, and it showed clearly. "I have to go to my room," she said, and ran, leaving her top and bra on the floor.

"Is she okay?" panted Tom, raising his head.

"I think she may be a little excited. She might need to do something to make her feel better." Beth winked, knowingly.

"Really?" His face showed prurient interest, and Beth almost laughed.

"Should we go check on her?"

"Can we?"

"I think there are new rules in the house now," said Beth. "Can you walk? You looked like you were having a pretty good time."

"You know, for years, I've heard guys talking about girls they knew, saying they were natural born cocksuckers. I always thought that was horrible ... but I think I understand it better now. She's almost as good as you are!" He sighed.

Hand in hand they walked to Carly's door. It was a sign of how much things had changed that they found it not completely closed. They heard the moaning before they peeked through the door. She was lying on her bed, completely naked. The bristles of the hair brush she routinely asked Tom to brush her hair with were gripped in her right hand, pressed against her mons. The handle, however, was nowhere to be seen. It suddenly appeared as she pulled it out of her pussy, but then disappeared when she shoved it back in ... deep.

"Oh fuck," sighed Tom. "I didn't know she'd do something like that."

"I told you, she's growing up. This was all going to happen sooner or later. Maybe not with you, but she'd end up doing this with somebody. Wouldn't you rather it be with you? Wouldn't you rather teach her, than wait up, worrying about what she's doing, and with whom?"

"It wasn't like this on the farm!" he hissed. "I'm not used to this!"

Carly cried out and they looked again. Now the hand not holding the brush was punishing her teen clitty while she stroked the brush in and out.

"She needs some help," whispered Beth.

"No she doesn't. She's doing just fine," said Tom.

"She sucked you. You should return the favor. She deserves an orgasm, don't you think?"

He looked at his wife. Her eyes were bright. He glanced at her nipples, and saw they were like rocks.

"I think you're the one who needs an orgasm," he whispered.

She resisted, but he pushed her to their bedroom. She still resisted, but it was just a game, as he pulled her pants off, and then her panties. She gave up then and spread her legs for him, complaining about how his whiskers hurt her inner thighs.

But only until his lips sealed around her distended clit, and he started sucking hard on it.

Beth had shuddered and made that special sound that Tom knew meant she was having a climax. It was the third time she'd done it since he got her clit in his mouth. He could feel that he was hard again ... not the diamond hardness he could enter into a contest, but hard enough to do the job. He lifted his face and crawled forward, looking down at his hanging prick. They had done this enough times that he didn't have to use his hand any more, and he let the tip slip into her gaping pussy mouth. He shoved forward and heard a gasp at the door.

He turned his head. Carly was standing there, a T shirt in her hands. It covered her breasts, but left her pussy bare. She must have heard her mother wailing, and come to see why.

He ignored her, turning back to his wife, going in as deeply as he could and sliding his hips back and forth, sideways. He knew she liked that best of all. But he also knew she'd cum three times, and was probably happy. Right now what was going on was more for him. He had cum in his little girl's mouth twice today. His mind was still whirling with the changes that had taken place. He wasn't sure if all this was a good idea or not. Carly seemed happy, and his wife wasn't worried. Time would tell.

But right now, he wanted to plant his seed where he knew it belonged ... deep in his wife's belly.

Fifteen seconds later he went rigid again, and did exactly that.

The next time he looked, Carly was gone. His wife was, as usual, groggy and sleepy after sex and he, as usual, was wide awake. He got up and covered Beth with the sheet. He started to put on shorts, but then decided that, with everything that had happened, that was no longer necessary. He had always worn as few clothes as his parents would let him get away with, and much preferred the freedom of nudity. On the farm there had been no one to see it anyway.

He decided to fix a glass of chocolate milk, and padded to the kitchen to pour the milk and squirt the chocolate sauce in it. He was stirring when he sensed another presence. He looked over his shoulder and saw Carly, now wearing the shirt she had earlier been clutching to her chest.

"You okay?" he asked.

He saw her eyes range down his body and then she nodded.

"It's weird."

"It is," he agreed. "Are you still happy you decided to ... " He took a sip, unable to finish with "give me a blowjob?" Instead, when he pulled the rim of the glass from his lips, he said "go the way you did?"

"Yes." Her voice was firm, and her eyes on him were steady. Still, she looked very somber. As he reflected on that, standing naked in front of his daughter, he had a pretty good idea of why she looked that way.

"Most kids never see their parents having sex. I imagine that was pretty bizarre for you."

"Kind of," she said.

"Kind of? That's it? Most kids would be freaked out by something like that."

"I guess I'm not like most kids," she said.

"And yet 'kind of' suggests it wasn't something you want to see again."

"It was beautiful," she said softly. "But it was scary too."

"Why scary?" he asked, more to keep the conversation going than because he didn't know. He had been at the height of passion when she saw them, and he knew it had looked violent.

"Some day some guy is going to do that to me," she said. "I can't imagine it. But Mom obviously loves it. And you, of course. It's how I was made! It's just a lot to take in."

"True. Want some chocolate milk?"

"Can I have some of yours?"

"I'd be happy to make you your own."

"I only want a few sips."

He offered her his glass, but that wasn't what she wanted. She moved him to a chair and had him sit. Then she sat down on his lap. As his penis touched her skin, he realized the shirt was all she had on. He was glad he had cum so many times that day, and that his penis, while interested, metaphorically waved a hand negligently and said "You wish, pal." Still, the warmth of her naked skin felt good against his manhood, and suddenly it wasn't awkward at all.

She took her couple of sips and then set the glass on the table.

"Will you kiss me?" she asked.

Her eyes were serious, but she had a milk mustache, which made it hard for him to take her that way. He made himself be serious and kissed her.

This kiss was slow and soft and gentle. He tried to get that mustache, but all it did was spread to his upper lip. Still, his efforts made their tongues meet. Her lips closed on the tip of his tongue and sucked gently before letting go. It was one of the most intimate kisses he'd ever had. Beth's kisses were urgent and passionate. Beth loved to be handled, and taken and manipulated. She wanted her man to be a cave man, and claim her, sometimes roughly. He had never thought much about that until now. Part of him loved this kiss, but another part of his mind reflected on the fact that Beth was the way she was because Bob had taught her to be that way. He had shaped her sexuality in the years he'd had access to her. He wasn't sad about that. He knew she loved him, and she was the only sexual partner he'd ever had, so he didn't know any other way.

Until now.

Carly's kisses were those of a completely different woman. She felt different in his arms. She tasted different. He had always thought of her in terms of her mother, but this kiss alone was stark evidence that she wasn't her mother. That made him think about the fact that Beth was not only allowing this new relationship within the family ... she was helping it. He had never even heard of that kind of thing happening. At the same time, she hadn't been involved that first time ... hadn't even known it was happening until she stumbled upon it. And Carly's arms around his neck right now, and the soft yearning her kiss transmitted to him, made it quite clear that she had her own agenda, aside from her mother's.

No, this kiss was real, genuine in a way that made him suddenly wish his penis could perform right now.

Within thirty seconds, he was no longer thinking of anything but the kiss, and the young woman in his arms he was kissing.

It was like a blast from the past for Tom, going back to the sweet nights he and his new girlfriend, Beth, made out for hours, exploring each other's bodies. It was all new for Carly, of course, but the man she was kissing didn't have that same urgent need to couple with her, like a young, potential boyfriend would have. Instead, he just let her explore this kissing thing.

And when his hands, through unconscious memory, started stroking her body, she had no urge to stop them. Rather, she let them roam where they would, and opened her emotional arms to that new experience too. She had already felt his mouth on her nipples, so when his fingers found them, all she did was compare that feeling to the earlier one. They were totally different. When he had sucked on them, it made her want to scream and perhaps fly just by flapping her arms. His hands, smoothing across her breasts, holding them, squeezing them, just felt wonderful, and she hoped he wouldn't stop doing it for a long time.

This kiss was, in reality, a series of kisses, but their gentle nature allowed both participants to breathe normally, so there was no deficit of oxygen in their blood ... no increased blood pressure ... no urgency. There was just the bone-deep pleasure of sharing something precious.

Part of his muscle memory told his hand to flutter to her thighs. This wasn't threatening to her either. Her own unconscious told her to give his hand room, and her legs spread as her mouth opened wider. Now her heartbeat increased, as his fingers found her slippery cleft, below her sparse, flat pubic hair. He didn't think about it consciously, but part of his mind remembered that hair brush handle, sliding deep into her sex, so he knew his finger would cause her no discomfort.

The difference was that his finger was much more talented than that hair brush. It knew where to press ... where to wiggle ... where to incite the most lust.

For Carly, it was as if she had opened a door and a whole new world was revealed on the other side. In truth, the only real difference was that it was somebody else manipulating her clitty, rather than herself, but the difference was incredible. Her heart rate doubled within twenty seconds. Suddenly she was having trouble getting enough air. Instinct told her to spread her legs more, so much that she had to turn and lean back against him, kissing him now over her shoulder. But this position let him achieve deep penetration with his thick, long finger, and the base of that finger was perfectly positioned to crush her clit.

Her lips slid off of his, and she gasped "Oh Daddy!" as she felt an orgasm within reach ... the first orgasm another person had ever been involved in. She could already tell it was going to be a different kind of orgasm, and she was eager to see what it would be like.

She couldn't kiss him now. All she could think about was the feeling in her loins being caused by that finger that was, in her mind, fucking her. She even mentalized that word until it spilled from her mouth in an unconscious wish.

"Fuck me, Daddy!"

The words hit Tom's ears and he stopped.

"Noooooo," she wailed, her hand going to his and jerking it back and forth in a very rough, very uncoordinated version of what he had been doing to her. He had been doing what he knew would bring Beth off quickly and violently, until his daughter's words had shot straight into his brain like lightning. Those words had brought him back to the present reality and he was shocked. He hadn't intended to do this. It had just happened!

"Pleeease, Daddy," she moaned. "Don't stop ... pleeease."

His hand jerked. He could feel the glue of her emissions. In just the few seconds since he had stopped moving his finger in her it had congealed, sticking his finger to her tissues. He knew if he just jerked his finger out of her, it would be painful to her. He had learned that, over the years, with Beth.

His hand twitched to the left and back to the right. He could actually feel the pad of his finger run over the bump of her clitoris. Her hips jerked.

"Yes!" she panted.

He finished her within a minute, consciously trying to drag an orgasm from her. He couldn't ignore that she was his daughter, but in another way he did it precisely because she was his daughter. She needed this ... and he could give it to her. It was wrong ... but it needed to be done. He had to hold her tight, because as it arrived, she flopped on his lap, threatening to slide off. He hooked the finger in her, pulling, and she gave out a hoarse scream of what was clearly joy, along with other nonsense sounds. Her arms fell limp beside his hips. Her hair covered her face.

Again, experience told him when to stop stimulating her sexual core. He had to use his other hand to help him drag her back up, more nearly into a sitting position, before he could remove his finger from her pussy. Her sigh of regret was clear as he pulled his finger out, but she didn't say anything else to him.

It turned out she got her post orgasmic tendencies from her mother. All she wanted was to cuddle and sleep. He gathered her into his arms and carried her to her bed. He hadn't done this since she was seven or eight, but she felt just as light in his arms. When he laid her down, she murmured "I love you Daddy." He brushed the hair from her face and kissed the forehead above her closed eyes.

"I love you too, Baby," he whispered.

Things might have turned out differently if the next day hadn't been Saturday. Who knows? But it was Saturday, and neither Tom nor Beth had to go to work on that particular Saturday.

That meant they could sleep in. And that meant they were both still in bed when their daughter climbed into bed with them, climbing over her father, like she always had when she did this as a little girl, and lying between her parents, warm and snug.

Except this time she was naked.

And since both her parents slept naked, that meant they were all naked.

And things might have turned out differently if Carly would have centered her attention on her father. That might have been expected, in fact. After all, it was he who had so widened her world in the last twenty-four hours.

But the fact was it was her mother who had allowed her world to be opened. So it was her mother who got hugged first, and who got the first kiss.

Which put Carly's back to her daddy.

So when he rolled over to sandwich her between them, and give them both a hug, his morning wood ran into the crevice of her butt ... rather than her hip. Carly had gone to sleep happy, and warm, and sexually fulfilled. It's normal for a woman to wake up a little horny after that happens. Especially a young woman in Carly's position, who was exploring new territory. There was, therefore, a little additional moisture present when the tip of his penis was expelled from between her butt cheeks by an involuntary clenching of muscles in her glutes. That forced his penis downward, where it found a perfect sized channel to slide into between her legs, skinning his foreskin back, and letting his hard knob slide right between slippery pussy lips.

Everything that happened was accidental, but then again, everything that happened was instinctive as well. Carly's subconscious, already horny, caused her abdominal muscles to flex, bending her body slightly and pushing her butt back. Tom's happy-go-lucky subconscious, feeling the warm slickness of pussy on the tip of his prick, caused his abdominal muscles to bunch and shove his hips forward.

The result was that Carly's technically virgin pussy ... was no longer technically virgin.

True, it only had a couple of inches of penis in it, but that was two whole inches more than it had ever had in it before.

It was then that Beth woke up, groggily, and turned her head to kiss what she thought were her husband's lips. She could tell pretty quickly that the lips she did kiss ... which kissed her back rather ardently ... were not Tom's, and she opened her eyes to find herself kissing Carly.

All this unanticipated stimulus created an interesting vortex of emotions, which led to an interesting group of mindsets, none of which were on the same wavelength at all. What had been cooperation between the three of them, at least on some level, had become something else, though none of them knew it yet.

For Beth, the epiphany that kissing a woman was completely different than she had expected, led her to explore that by continuing the kiss. That Carly was so loving in her kiss ... so passionate in her kiss ... was misunderstood completely by her mother. The source of that passion was the penis that continued to try to burrow ever deeper into her sheath.

For Carly, who knew exactly what was burrowing into her pussy from behind her, the initial shock gave way to her body's natural reaction to being mated with. Her mind did not reject the anticipated donor of sperm, so her body basically said "Let's party!" To that end, her body tried to get more of that delightful surprise into her body.

For Tom ... well ... he was lost. What had been his dark fantasies about doing this to his flowering daughter suddenly became reality. He knew he shouldn't. He was absolutely sure this wasn't what Beth had in mind, and that she'd scream at him if she knew where his penis was. But Carly wasn't complaining. So he just didn't tell Beth. His baby girl's words "Fuck me, Daddy," rang in his head. He knew he couldn't actually fuck her. Beth would know if he did.

But he could burrow deep, and enjoy soaking in that tight pussy while it lasted. She'd pull away, sooner or later. He was helped by the fact that his bladder was unhappy with him, which would make actually trying to have an orgasm difficult, if not impossible.

So, basically, he didn't think it would hurt anything to just let things lie as they did. On a number of levels.

What he couldn't have anticipated - what nobody would have anticipated - was that some women's bodies are apparently better suited, genetically speaking, to assist in the breeding of her body. In this case, the genes that came into play, were the ones where the muscles she didn't know she had woke up, and knew what to do without being trained.

There has never been a study on whether women who are "naturally born cocksuckers" might also have a snapping pussy.There are similiarities, at the least, between the concepts. But that's all academic. What Tom was suddenly dealing with was the fact that Carly had a natural, instinctive ... snapping pussy.

Tom knew he was in trouble within seconds. Her butt cheeks flexed, and recaptured the part of his shaft that wasn't inside her. What had expelled him, only a handful of seconds before, now gripped him like steel. Meanwhile, the muscles surrounding the head of his penis rippled and squeezed, relaxing only to squeeze again. Had he pulled back, his foreskin would have covered the head, and the sensations wouldn't have been as acute. But he couldn't pull back, because her ass was clamped on his shaft.

Tom knew he could stop this. But the part of him that didn't want to stop had control, at the moment. He was cognizant of the fact that, in a very few moments at most, he would feel miserable, because in spite of the pain in his bladder, what she was doing to his penis was going to make it spurt. It just was. He knew it. And he knew he shouldn't let it spurt. In fact, he almost gathered the strength to push her away from him and pull out.

But then she went "Mmmmmm" into his wife's lips as they kissed, and he knew she loved what was happening inside her body.

And that was when he lost it, and his balls lurched, seeming to squeeze, and he gasped as soothing semen rushed through his penis and into his little girl. He couldn't help the jerk of his hips as he instinctively tried to get all that semen as close to the opening of her womb as possible. Her butt pushed back, and she went "Mmmmmmm" into her mother's lips again as his balls drained into her body.

Again, things might have ended up differently if he could have stayed there and calmed down and pretended like nothing had happened. But he couldn't. The pain in his bladder ratcheted up thirty percent and he rolled backwards and leapt out of bed.

At the same moment, Beth woke fully and rebelled against the fact that she was sucking the tip of her daughter's tongue. She pulled away.

Carly, incredibly happy with her day thus far, simply rolled onto her back and let out a sigh of contentment.

"Wow," she said.

Beth, disturbed by the fact that she had enjoyed kissing her daughter as much as she had enjoyed kissing her daughter, left the bed without a word. She pulled on a T shirt and some sweat pants, and went to the kitchen to put her hands to work while she thought about things.

Tom sat on the stool, wishing he could pee. As any man will tell you, it's almost impossible to urinate after an orgasm. Not for a few minutes anyway. Even if you try, nothing happens. It's probably some mechanism of the body that ensures nothing but semen gets deposited in the female during sex. Who knows. All we men know is that peeing after sex is a chore. And when your bladder is really full, it keeps screaming at you to pee. He tried it standing up, and then sat down, trying it that way.

Now I'm pretty sure at least some of you out there are thinking this is a TMI situation. But it isn't too much information, because it explains why he wasn't thinking about what he had just done. He had just had sex with his daughter. It hadn't been planned. Had he thought about it before hand, he would even have taken steps to prevent it. But it had happened. It was reality. And he would have to deal with it.

So while, had he been able to reflect on things immediately after they happened, he might very well have created the kind of will inside himself to resist ever doing it again.

But he couldn't reflect on it, because he was in the kind of pain that prevents thinking about anything except that pain.

And by the time he finally got a dribble started, followed by a stream, followed by pissing like a Russian race horse, the only thing he could reflect on was how good that felt.

So when he exited the bathroom, to find his naked daughter waiting to give him a hug and say "That was so awesome, Daddy. I love you so much. I can't wait to do it again!" his thought processes were affected accordingly.

In other words, the will to resist leaked out of him like a pail that's been hit by a shotgun leaks water.

And had either of them told Beth what had happened, the pail might have gotten patched up and refilled with the will to resist.

But both Carly and Tom knew, instinctively, that Beth would not approve, and that there would be no future repetition of the exercise.

So neither of them told her.

Thus it is, that instinct and lust become the winds of change in human lives.

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