Take Your Daughter To Work Day - Version Alpha

by Lubrican

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Chapter Eight

The discovery that Carly was pregnant was almost anticlimactic. But that's because it happened after the ... adjustment ... in their lives was made.

The adjustment was what transpired after they had another family meeting. This one was full of the truth. There was some yelling, primarily by Beth about unprotected sex. Carly also yelled when she found out that for three weeks, her mother had known what had happened, but didn't say anything. She was also upset about the ruse which had officially unmasked daddy and daughter. But what was done was done. Of arguably equal importance, was the discussion about what to do to get Tom back in form, as far as servicing his wife was concerned. He couldn't help the guilt feelings, even after he confessed everything.

Beth's solution was just as unconventional as everything else had been. What she had gone shopping for was lingerie, both for her and Carly. It was slinky, sexy lingerie. Basically, she and Carly put some on and modeled it for him. He reacted. Then Beth told him he could have Carly ... but only if he had his wife at the same time.

It was awkward at first, with three of them naked in the same bed, until Carly reminded them that's how she actually lost her virginity. So then father and mother rolled to sandwich their little girl, who wasn't so little any more, and they all traded kisses and strokes until it just wasn't weird any more.

He was hard, and Beth demanded he take her first, but it was Carly's hand that guided him to her mother's sex. And that broke the back of the guilt he had suffered from. That his wife made him promise not to cum in her and also demanded two orgasms, made him think about things, rather than just react. So he still had plenty of hard for Carly to use when her mother finally said "All right. I'm happy. Carly can have her turn."

After that night, there was never any tension in the house again. Tom would forever swear that the women made up a schedule, because on nights when one of them made it clear she wanted some loving, the other always had something to do. They didn't do threesomes except on special occasions, such as a birthday.

There were differences, of course. Tom always slept with his wife. That was their bed. So when he and Carly made love, while it might be in that bed, she always went and slept in her own. Only once or twice did Tom fall asleep in Carly's bed. Each time she woke him later, got another pussyful of spunk, and then sent him to his own room.

Beth brought home a pregnancy test and handed it to her daughter, who raised an eyebrow.

"When was your last period?" asked her mother.

Carly thought, and then blinked. She didn't chart her periods like her mother did. As a girl, when her period showed up, she dealt with it. She was either having her period or she wasn't. And she hadn't been for quite some time. She came out of the bathroom and the paleness of her face told Beth everything.

But a mother's hug can fix most problems, and while the hug Carly got didn't do anything to remediate her physical situation, she felt a lot better knowing her mother still loved her, and would support her, even if, as she said, "I'm too damn young to be a grandmother, but I guess I'll learn to deal with it."

Carly's primary concern about the baby was school. Pregnant girls invariably faced some difficulties at school. No amount of sensitivity training could nip the cruelty of teenagers in the bud. And while she probably wouldn't be showing by the time school got out this year, she wouldn't deliver until school was in session the next year. That meant going back to school looking like she'd swallowed a basketball.

Carly spent hours, lying on her bed, staring up at the ceiling, letting her hand slide back and forth over her still flat belly, just thinking about what was happening in her body. She got books that told her each step in her baby's development. She had mixed feelings about it all. That was inevitable. She could sense that her whole life would change, once she had a baby, but she couldn't imagine what all those changes would be like. She had done some babysitting, but she knew that wasn't the same. She would be required to "baby-sit" her own baby all day and night ... not just for a few hours.

At the same time, there was an excitement in her that she almost couldn't contain. She wanted to shout to the world that she was going to have a baby ... her daddy's baby! To her, he was the best man around, and while she fully understood that almost nobody would approve of who had fathered the baby in her belly, she was ecstatic about it. She loved him more than any other man alive, and having his baby inside her made her feel warm and happy almost all of the time.

Of course, having his thick, strong, baby-making prick sliding in and out of her pussy practically whenever she wanted it may have been responsible for some of that warm feeling. Being happy is easier when you get an orgasm or two every day. The kinds of things he said to her as he pinned her to the bed didn't hurt either.

"Ohhhh, Baby, it feels so good to be in you," he might say, as he slowly slid in and out. "You're so beautiful. I can't believe I got you pregnant. I know I shouldn't say this, but I'm so proud I got you pregnant. I love you so much, Carly, baby." He usually said these kinds of things just before he groaned, and spurted another warm ball of semen into her.

And watching him making love to her mother was almost as much fun. She loved watching what she couldn't see when he was doing it to her, and seeing that thick penis split her mother's pussy lips. Every time she saw his dripping, sperm-covered penis come out of her mother, she saw the same thing in her mind, except it was her own pussy he was pulling out of, and he had just made her pregnant with that dripping sperm.

The only downer, really, was that she'd be teased, and called a slut, when her peers found out she was knocked up.

But then Tom got orders for an overseas tour, in Italy. It was a three year tour, which meant his family could go with him.

Tom waited at the boarding ramp, waiting to see his girls. He'd missed them a lot. It had taken three months after arriving in Italy to get his quarters squared away and make all the arrangements for his family to follow him.

He saw Beth first, and stared. She was wearing a dress made of some kind of cloth that was stretchy, and which fit her body like a glove. He had known she'd missed a period before he left, but she hadn't said anything since then, and he'd been so busy that he'd forgotten all about it. Now, in that dress, it was obvious she'd missed a few more periods, because she had the most beautiful, gentle swelling to her abdomen that made it clear she was pregnant. Her smile, when she saw him, was brilliant.

"Surprise!" she laughed, as she saw his face. "Look what you did!"

He hugged her, and kissed her, unable to believe how good she felt under his hands, and in his arms.

Then Carly appeared. She was carrying her baby low, and her bulge was so perfectly round that it actually looked like she had a beach ball under her dress, which was the same design as her mother's, but a different color. When the two women stood side by side, it was obvious they were proud of their bulges, and wanted to show them off.

"Wow," he said, swallowing.

"I need to pee," said Carly, breaking the mood.

"Of course," he said. "Come on. There's a latrine on the way to the luggage claim."

When Carly started classes at the Camp Darby American School, in the Pisa District of Italy, she was one of three visibly pregnant girls. In her case, she was six months along. These days, she sat on her daddy's lap and leaned back against him to watch TV or a movie, because that was the most comfortable position in which to have his knobby, baby-making boner plugged snugly into her pregnant pussy.

She was delighted to find that a school filled only with Army brats, wasn't as judgmental as the run of the mill public school in America was. Military kids had their own bond, because they shared certain difficulties that their civilian counterparts did not. Most kids don't have to wonder, while mom or dad were off at work, if they'd be shot or blown up as the day went along.

So Carly got to just be herself. There were even a couple of guys who paid a lot of attention to her. Of course that was because the evidence that she fucked was right there, out in the open, for all to see. And they probably figured that maybe they could get lucky too. Who knew? Of course that was not to be. Carly got all the stiff prick she wanted at home. But she enjoyed having friends who didn't hold it against her that "she had let a boy between her legs."

Beth, having had long discussions with her daughter, back when being pregnant was all new for the teen, had caught the bug herself, so to speak, and decided that raising two babies together wouldn't be that much harder than helping Carly raise one. So she stopped taking her pills. She didn't tell Tom about that. While she couldn't have articulated why, a psychologist would have hypothesized it was his punishment for breeding with another woman. As much as she loved her daughter, and wanted her to have the same wonderful sex life she had enjoyed herself, there had to be at least a little jealousy there. After all, she regularly saw her husband's prick buried in Carly and listened to the sounds they made as they had orgasms.

On the other hand, she still got all the sex she wanted too, and his former difficulties with staying hard in her had vanished. For that, she was very happy.

Of course it didn't hurt that Tom was almost ridiculously proud that he had "knocked up his two special girls." It's hard to be mad at a man like that, when he's so obviously devoted to your happiness ... even if that devotion is split between two women.

It also didn't hurt that while Beth was still the mom, and Carly was still the daughter, there came into their relationship a component that many sisters have, a closeness that is based on love and respect for the other which is reciprocal. Tom was still gone a lot. They went to the field even more often in Italy. So the women spent hours together, talking about baby things and life in general. Carly had neither the urge to go hang out with her non-pregnant friends all the time, nor avoid her mother like the plague, as some of those friends did.

One result of those intimate discussions was that neither woman wanted to know what sex her baby was, until it was delivered. Therefore, while they had ultrasounds, only Tom looked at them. He did have some pictures made, but only images in which the sex of the fetus wasn't displayed.

Conversely, both women watched him like a hawk, trying like crazy to see if his behavior would give any clues as to what gender of baby each might have. They asked him what colors the nursery should be, and what kind of crib toys and mobiles they should get. It almost drove them nuts that his answer was invariably "Doesn't matter. They'll both be loved and have fun, no matter what color the room is, or what kind of toys they have."

One unexpected benefit of not knowing came to pass when Carly finally went into labor and delivered. She wanted to have the baby without drugs. But about eighteen hours into her labor, when she changed her mind and started screaming at people, it was too late for that. When she was giving the last few gasping, worn out pushes, the only thing she could think about was whether it was a boy or girl that was causing her all this pain. Then, suddenly, all the pressure and pain just vanished like smoke in the wind, and she heard the voice of her baby, and she found the energy to burst into tears of joy.

Carly's little boy was born in mid-December, which happened to fall during the school's winter break. She named him Randolph Eugene, were the middle names, respectively, of her daddy and her Great Uncle Bob. She honored Uncle Bob because if he hadn't seduced her mother, none of this would have happened.

The distance between Beth's grandson and her second child turned out to be propitious. Her baby bump was quite large, and her age made it a challenge to carry a big baby. With little Randy already four months old, his baby clothes, and the bassinette and other items were right there, ready to be used again for Beth's baby, so all she had to do was rest.

Because of her discomfort, sex for Beth was difficult too. That made her unhappy, because while her body didn't want to cooperate, her sex drive actually increased. As a result, Tom spent hours lapping at her pregnant pussy, sucking her distended clit until she had enough orgasms to satisfy her for the day.

That didn't present any difficulty for Tom. He loved sucking both women's pussies. And, since Carly was no longer pregnant, she was both able and happy to be a depository for the sperm he couldn't inject into Beth. She got as much sex, in fact, as she'd had back when her mother was at school and she got pregnant the first time. Now, though, she was breast feeding, which apparently provided enough protection that she didn't get pregnant again.

Not that Tom didn't try. His pillow talk had morphed, but only a bit.

"You know I love you," he panted one night, as he lunged repeatedly into Carly, who lay spread wide, loving the feeling of his prick sliding in and out of her.

"I know," she sighed. She wasn't actually trying to have an orgasm at the moment.

"You made a beautiful baby," he went on.

"I know that too," she said, reaching to touch their sleeping son, who was next to them in the bed.

"I want to knock you up again," he grunted.

"Daddy!" she scolded. "I'm only sixteen!"

"I want to fuck twins in you," he moaned. "I hope I'm doing it right now!"

"I think we should wait a while before you make me all fat and ugly again," she chided.

"You weren't fat and ugly. You were beautiful. I couldn't take my eyes off of you."

"You couldn't take your hands off of me," she corrected.

"I want to get to you again, Baby," he gasped.

"Then cum in me, Daddy," she cooed. "Cum in my pussy and maybe your nasty old sperm will attack another one of my poor defenseless eggs."

"Ohhhhh Carleeeee," he whined, as he jammed himself deep and spurted.

She was pretty sure he wouldn't succeed, but she loved it when he tried so hard. She had already talked to her mother, and when she weaned Randy, she was going on the pill. While the idea of her father getting her pregnant caused no fear in her at all, she did want to wait until she got through college before she let herself be fertile again. He had made it quite clear that he'd get her pregnant if he could.

Meanwhile, she had all the sex she could ever want. Life was good.

As difficult as Beth's pregnancy had been, her delivery was almost ridiculously easy. The boy she also pushed out, weighed ten and a half pounds, but he came after only two hours of labor, and five pushes. He was apparently eager to be out in the big, wide world.

And, over the next two years, as the boys were raised, side by side, they both looked and acted like brothers. Nobody mistook them for twins, but everyone said something about how the family looks were obviously passed through the women. No one ever suspected that the boys had the same father.

Carly did go on dates during her second year of school in Italy. She became great friends with one boy, who she might have actually fallen in love with, except that he was gay. He was the only other male she let touch her beside her father. When he watched her nursing Randy, he expressed idle curiosity about why guys were so manic about sucking on a girl's boob. So she let him suck, both to see what that was like, and to let him taste her milk. It was almost embarrassingly intimate for both of them, but it was also something that was part of what made them lifelong friends.

And, truth to tell, Carly might have gone back to America with her father, when his tour was over, and gone to college and then actually had another baby with him ... except for fate.

And fate reared its head in the form of an interesting coincidence.

It was one morning about two months before Tom was due to rotate back to the States. He had been promoted, and was now a platoon sergeant. There was an annual festival at Camp Darby, that included a celebration of family. Carly and Tom had celebrated that morning by engaging in hot, sweaty sex in Carly's bed. Tom had gone to PT at zero-dark-thirty, and when he got done, he came home and took a shower. Then he crawled into bed with Carly, who welcomed him as she always did ... with open legs. When he had wrenched an orgasm from her, and drained his balls in her, he kissed her several times and spoke.

"Today is take your daughter to work day. Wanna come with me to work? You should see it once before you leave. Maybe we can sneak off somewhere and do this again."

She laughed, but then said "Why not. You go ahead and I'll be there after I take a shower and get pretty for you."

Carly was eighteen when she walked into the entrance of the company building. She'd seen it before, but never been inside. There was a young man, sitting at a table just inside the doors. A little placard on the table said "Charge of Quarters." He was looking at a comic book, but then glanced up. His eyes widened, and he jumped to his feet.

"Can I help you, Ma'am?"

When Carly got dressed that day, she thought only about looking nice for her father. She knew what he liked, and she liked to dress that way for him. She didn't give any thought to the other men who might see her. Like most military dependents, she had seen so many men in uniform that they became part of the background, almost invisible to her unless she was actually talking to one. And she rarely had need to do that.

So on this day, her brown hair was down and loosely braided in a French braid that fell to the middle of her back. Her breasts, which had inflated to feed Randy, and then just stayed that way when she weaned him, were firmly encased in a bra. But the T shirt she was wearing was so tight, that it displayed the stitching on that undergarment. Her shorts showed a nice expanse of tanned thigh, and sandals exposed painted toenails. She had a tattoo on the inside of one ankle, that said "Daddy's Girl." She'd gotten it while she was out in the ville with some friends one night. It was the only time her mother had really yelled at her.

"I'm looking for Sergeant First Class Rawlinson," she said.

"You are?"

Sergeant Jimmy Nelson knew SFC Rawlinson, though he wasn't in his platoon. About all he knew about the guy was that he was that his troops like him and that he was happily married. If this vision of loveliness was his wife, it was no wonder he was happily married. His eyes fell to her left hand, and to the third finger, which was bare. He looked up into dark eyes that seemed to swallow him up.

"I'm his daughter."

"Oh! Yeah! Of course!" He looked down the hallway. "He's, uh , in the day room. They're having a party in there."

"Is it down there?" she asked, pointing.

"I'll take you!" he said, instantly. He wasn't supposed to leave his post unless his assistant was there, to stay at the COQ table. But he wanted to spend time with this girl. As much time as possible. So he told her to follow him, and he took off toward the day room. That's when he realized she was walking behind him, and he couldn't see her. He turned as he walked.

"So, how do you like Italy?"

"Mi piace qui," she answered in Italian, telling him she loved it there.

"What?" he stared. "Oh. I don't speak any Italian."

"You should learn," she said.

"I will!" he promised. "Here we are. This is the day room. Sergeant Rawlinson ... I mean your dad ... is in there. I can take you inside and help you find him if you want." He sounded hopeful.

"Thanks," she laughed. "I think I can recognize him."

"Okay. If you need any help, just come find me. Anything at all." He flushed.

Carly's reaction to this was interesting on a metaphysical level. She was used to boys noticing her. She was used to her father noticing her. This ... man ... was in a different category, though. In one sense, she "woke up" that day, and her world view took in this whole different category of men. Boys were interesting in some ways. Her daddy was intensely interesting in some ways. But she'd just never paid any attention to this other group of men, or how interesting they might be. While she had ignored them, for the most part, they had all evaluated her. She had caused a lot of pants to get tight. And now, for the first time, really, she became aware that she was interesting to them.

And that suddenly made them interesting to her. At least on a metaphysical level.

She knew she had power over her father. She hadn't thought of it in those terms. She had never used sex to manipulate him. But she knew she could manipulate him, if she wanted to. But she had never extrapolated on using that power outside her incestuous relationship. Now, she sensed she had power over this young man. And instinct caused her to explore that.

"I might just do that ... if I need anything," she said, smiling at him.

"Anything," he repeated, grinning inanely. "I'd better get back. It was really nice meeting you."

"It was!" she chirped, watching his eyes, which bounced all over the place, but spent a lot of time bouncing off her breasts.

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