The Making of a Gigolo (6) - Christy Brown

by Lubrican

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Chapter Eight

Saturday, November the thirtieth came and went, normally, by most observations. Mirriam went to Prudence's in the morning, and stayed until afternoon. She came home then, to spend a little time with her family. She seemed distracted, but the girls were used to that now. Any time she spent time at Prudence's, particularly if Ted was there too, which was every Saturday now, Mamma seemed a little distracted when she got home. Bev and Flo had their suspicions as to why she was so distracted, but kept them to themselves.

"Where's Bobby?" she asked, when she came in.

"He's putting the blade on the tractor," said Susie, who was playing Scrabble with Matilda and Betty. "Bev is spending the day with Bill ... again!" She stressed the last word. "Why?"

"I just need to talk to him," said Mirriam, frowning.

"He's in the barn," said Susie, who went back to the game.

Mirriam hadn't asked about Flo, who was, in fact, in the midst of being firmly and thoroughly kissed by Bobby, in the barn. She pushed him away, panting, when he rubbed her butt through her jeans.

"You're trying to get in my panties again," she moaned.

"Desperately." He grinned.

"I know you're doing it with some of those women you work for!" she said, slapping at him.

"I know you want me to do it with you," he said, grinning wider. "That's why you won't go out with any guys."

"I won't go out with any guys because there aren't any guys I'm interested in going out with," she said, using circular logic. "That doesn't mean I want to stop being a virgin. Rubbing is enough for me." She backed up, as he took a step toward her. In fact, she was painfully aware of how easy it would be to let his prick slip into her slippery pussy while she rubbed on him. She'd been having dreams about it, recently.

"I need a three quarters inch bolt," said Bobby. "It has to be six inches long, at least," he said. “I also need a lock washer and nut. You think you can find one in the tool shed?"

"If it will keep me a virgin a little longer, I'll find it!" she teased.

She went out one door of the barn, as Mirriam came in another.

"Bobby?" she called out.

"Over here," he called back, standing up from attaching one strut of the four foot wide blade to the three point hitch of the tractor.

"I need to talk to you," she said.

"Just talk?" he teased. She'd let him have her four more times, since that day after the twins were born. She was always passionate beyond belief as she lunged up to meet his thrusts. He had some understanding of why Joe couldn't keep away, all those years ago.

"This is serious," she said, coming around the corner.

He swept her into his arms, and kissed her soundly. Her hands scrabbled at him, initially, but then she went limp and hugged him, kissing him back.

"Now that," he said, when their lips broke apart, "was serious." He slid a hand to cup one breast, and felt for the nipple.

"What?" her eyes were slightly out of focus.

"You're not wearing a bra," he breathed, into her ear.

"I left it at Pru's," she sighed, as he found the nipple and pinched it.

"Ted just took care of you... and you need more?" he teased, sliding his hand up under her shirt, to grasp her naked breast.

"Stop!" she moaned. "I think I'm pregnant."

Florence found the bolt easily. The lock washer was easy too, but a nut that fit took a little while. She dumped the coffee can of nuts and finally found one that turned onto the end of the bolt.

She entered the barn to hear her mother's voice say: "Stop! I think I'm pregnant."

For reasons not really clear, Flo stopped, and remained silent. She crept forward, to peek around the corner, where she saw her mother and brother standing, in an embrace. She saw Bobby's hand ... under her mother's blouse! She held her breath as she saw her mother's left breast move and wiggle, and realized it was his hand she was seeing move.

"How do you feel about that?" asked Bobby.

"How should I feel about it?" moaned the woman. "It could be yours, Bobby!"

Florence almost let out the gasp, but got her hand over her mouth so that it only leaked out of her nose, instead.

"It could be Ted's too," said Bobby.

"Of course it could be Ted's," Flo heard he mother moan. "But it could be yours too!"

"I hope it's mine," said Bobby, as if he'd only said something like, "I'd like a nice piece of pie about now."

Florence felt dizzy. The bolt slipped, in her fingers, and she concentrated on holding it tighter, so it wouldn't drop, and make a noise.

"How can you say that?" wailed their mother.

"Because I love you," he said. "I love making love to you, and if I were able to put a little baby in you, I'd love that too."

"How many babies do you want?" whined Mirriam. "You've already got four or five... six or seven for all I know!"

"Joe gave you seven," said Bobby, so quietly that Flo had to lean forward to hear him.

"I don't need another baby!" she moaned.

"Do you want to keep this baby?"

"That's not fair, Bobby. It could be yours. I could never give this baby to anybody else."

"Then if you're pregnant, I'll help you raise it," he said.

"Ohhhhh, what am I going to do with you?" groaned Mirriam. "How did I let things get so far out of hand?"

"Personally," said Bobby, "I think it's because you have a horny streak in you." He laughed, and then kissed her ... right on the lips ... just like he kissed Bev ... and Linda ... and Constance ... and, thought Flo, something fluttering wildly in her belly ... herself.

Flo felt like she might explode. She backed up, trying to be careful, and hurry at the same time. She managed to get outside before her knees gave out, and she sat down in the dirt. The bolt rolled into the dust, as her fingers let it go. Bobby had fucked their mother! Something twisted in her mind. Her mother had let Bobby fuck her! She knew, deep in her heart, that it couldn't possibly have happened unless her mother had allowed it ... welcomed it. And there was Ted to think about too! Her mother was letting two men fuck her, and one of them had made her pregnant!

Flo moaned. Her own feelings came into perspective. She had that horny streak in her too ... the one she'd gotten from her mother ... the one that she felt, deep in her bones, would mean that she too, would end up pregnant. She thought of the last time she had ridden Bobby's penis. It had spurted on his belly, and she had rubbed her pussy through it, having a wild, crazy orgasm. It had been so warm and slippery. She had loved the hot feeling, as her clitty thanked her for doing this wonderful thing.

She suddenly felt like running away from home. She didn't want to be pregnant. Not yet. Maybe some day, but not yet. Her mind twisted again, as she realized she had just admitted that, some day, she might want Bobby to impregnate her! She couldn't think of any other man doing that. She didn't know another man she'd even let touch her, much less do that!

Her eyes fell on the bolt. He'd sent her after it, and if she didn't return, he'd come find her. Panic that she hadn't felt since that first disturbing kiss from Bobby's lips, washed over her. Adrenaline rushed into her bloodstream. She leapt to her feet and grabbed the bolt on the way. Running as if wolves were after her, she tore back into the barn. She approached Bobby and her mother, who were standing apart, now, talking quietly, and thrust the bolt into his hands.

"There!" she yelled. "I have to go!" She ran pell mell from the barn, heading for the house. No, he could find her there. She altered course, and headed for the lane, leading to the gravel road, that went to the blacktop.

She made it two miles before she had to stop and walk.

"What in the world is wrong with her?" asked Mirriam.

Bobby frowned. He'd seen Flo act like this before.

"I think she may have heard us talking," he said.

Mirriam paled. "Oh no! What if she heard ...?"

"She's going to find out sooner or later," said Bobby. "I'd better go after her."

"Where did she go?" asked a confused Mirriam.

"I don't know, but I need to find her," said Bobby.

"Why?" cried his mother.

"Because she's scared," he said. "She wants things she knows she shouldn't have, and if she heard you, she's putting herself in your shoes right now."

"Go on then," said his mother. "We can talk later."

He checked the house first. The twins and Susie said they hadn't seen her. He went back outside, and looked at the road. He could barely see her, running hard down the gravel, toward the blacktop. She'd already made a mile, in just six or seven minutes.

He hopped in his car, and drove after her.

She heard the crunch of gravel under tires as she stepped foot on the black top. She turned, and her heart sank as she saw Bobby's car. She didn't have anything left in her. She was gasping for breath, and had a stitch in her side. When had it gotten this hard to run?

It was fruitless. He'd caught her. He'd take her back, and strip her naked, and then he'd push that monster prick up in her and make her pregnant.

She heard the door slam, and stood, waiting, looking at the ground.

"You okay?" he asked.

"No," she panted.

"Come back to the house," he said.

"No!" she shouted.

"We can get through this, Flo," he said softly.

"I don't ... want ... to be ... pregnant!" she panted.

"Then you won't be," he said. He sounded so reasonable.

"Yes!" she said explosively. "You'll do it."

"Not unless you want that, Flo," he insisted.

She whirled. "I do!" she screamed. "Don't you get it?" She subsided, panting again.

"No, you don't," he said, maddeningly. "If you did, you wouldn't be all upset."

"You got mamma pregnant!" she gasped.

"Maybe," he said.

"Did she want that?"

"I don't know," he answered.

"Didn't you ask her?!"

"It didn't exactly come up," he said.

"Then the same thing would happen to me," she moaned.

"No, it won't," he insisted. "I won't make love to you ... or if I do, you can go on the pill."

She crumpled. "I need you, Bobby," she whined.

"I know, baby," he said softly. "I need you too."

"You do?"

"I love you, Flo. I don't want to hurt you."

"I can't stop," she moaned. "But I'm so scared!"

"We'll talk to Mamma. We'll get you on birth control pills."

"I can't tell her," cried Flo. "She'll throw me out of the house!"

"She's pregnant, Flo," he reminded her. "Maybe by me. She's not going to throw anybody out of the house."

It took him thirty minutes, after he caught up with her to talk her into the car. Three other cars passed them on the blacktop while he cajoled her. All slowed down, but went on when Bobby waved at them. He finally succeeded by telling her to get in the back. By the time they got back to the house she had calmed. That lasted only until Mirriam came out and stood on the porch, looking worried.

The little girl in Flo that resisted growing up took over, and she rushed into her mother's arms. Mirriam took her straight to her room, and closed the door. She left it to Bobby to make sure no one bothered them.

They stayed in there for an hour and a half.

When they emerged, it was obvious that both of them had been crying. The tears were gone, and Flo was acting more or less normal. Mirriam looked worn, but her eyes pinned on Bobby. Without a word, he got up and walked to her room and sat on the bed, waiting for her.

The only vitriol she expressed was a single sentence: "Your own sisters?! Are you insane!?" But her own indiscretions robbed her of the kind of anger that would have caused a serious rift. That and her understanding of just how alluring Bobby could be. She mourned, for a bit, the innocence of her daughters, but then reason told her they wouldn't have remained innocent under any circumstances. At least he wasn't fucking them. That much she was pretty certain of. Flo had been adamant about that. And, at least the three youngest hadn't fallen into the trap. Not yet, anyway.

It didn't help that he had little, if any remorse. That caused a peculiar sensation in Mirriam. He made it quite clear that, if he was the one who had put life in her womb again, that he would be proud. That was difficult for a woman to be upset about ... that a man wanted her that much ... loved her that much ... claimed her that much. His lack of remorse for his sisters was couched in a different way. He said, simply, that they'd do it anyway, and at least if they were doing it with him, he could control how dangerous things got. Her talk with Flo had confirmed that. Flo had described how Bev had wanted to be more and more intimate, but that Bobby had steadfastly refused to enter her, even when she begged for only a little.

She was a bit confused how, at the end of her 'disciplinary' session with Bobby, she had ended up in his arms, with her lips pressed to his, and their tongues flicking against each other. But he hadn't pushed her beyond that point, something she was glad of, because, when they left her bedroom, her pussy was wet.

She didn't talk to the other girls. Only the twins, and possibly Suzie were too young to be exploring anything with anybody. The twins, at fourteen, showed no interest in boys at all. Suzie, a year older, was the same, but things could change quickly at her age. So she just made appointments with the doctor for all of them except the twins, and instructed him to prescribe birth control pills for all of them.

He didn't bat an eye, as he handed her four prescriptions.

The girls, who had not been told why they were being taken to the doctor, all at the same time, were speechless when they found out.

They remained speechless until they got home.

On Pearl Harbor day, a day which Christy had adopted as having particular significance for military spouses, she lay with Bobby, in her bed. Once again, he had taken her to heights she was fast becoming accustomed to, and she felt the warm spend in her belly that he had left there moments before.

"How come you never got drafted?" she asked, suddenly, fear replacing the warm feeling in her stomach. If Bobby disappeared from her life, she thought she'd go mad.

"I'm a sole surviving son," he said. "They don't want me."

The fear evaporated, and she tried to regain the feeling of being pleasantly full of his spunk. She couldn't.

She scooted down to take him into her mouth, sucking lovingly.

"Again?" he sighed.

"Please?" she begged.

He laughed, and went to work on her. They had come up with a schedule for him. Jill got a day, and then Christy got a day. Things were a lot less formal, and, if he was watching TV with them, things sometimes didn't make it to the bedroom. Neither woman cared, anymore. Both got what they wanted, and they got it almost as often as they wanted it.

As she rested again, with the feeling back, another errant thought entered her mind.

"Richard will be home soon," she said. "Maybe by Christmas."

"That's good," he said.

"I hope so," she responded.

"I hope so too," he said, squeezing her.

"He's disappointed me so many times before," she muttered, before resuming sucking her lover back to firmness.

Mirriam battled with herself about what to do about Bobby and his sisters. The girls were on the pill now, which was, at least in theory, a precaution, in case things went too far. She frowned, as she thought about that. Things had alredy gone too far. But, just like Pandora's Box, which couldn't be closed, she knew very well that forbidding anything in the future would be fruitless. She trusted Bobby to obey any such restrictions, but not the girls. If they couldn't get what they wanted from him, they'd just go somewhere else. Bev was dating only Bill, now, and had turned down six other offers. Flo still wasn't dating at all. Linda wanted to go out, but Mirriam's rule had always been that no dates were allowed, un-chaperoned, until the girls were seniors. That meant, to the girls, that dating started at the end of their junior year.

That would be at the end of this school year for Linda, who appeared to be the youngest sister involved.

Technically, Flo was an adult. She was out of school. Bev would graduate this year, and had turned eighteen last August. Both of them were capable of making their own decisions, even if the decision to take up with Bobby was a foolish one, in their mother's estimation.

Her reverie was interrupted by someone at the door. It was Christy, the young woman who had taken their portraits. Mirriam smiled at her, and welcomed her in, offering her coffee and cake.

"No thank you," said Christy, smiling. "I just brought out the portraits. I finished them last night." She opened a flat case she'd brought with her, and began laying them out on the kitchen table. "I hope you don't mind," she said as she arranged them. "I chose the ones to blow up that I thought looked the best."

Mirriam stared at her family, displayed on the table, in living color. They took her breath away. Christy, whether on purpose, or not, had selected all the pictures in which anyone was looking at Bobby, and in every one, there was adoration in the eyes of the women. Mirriam stared at the one of her, looking up at him as he looked down at her. Her love was as plain as if it had been written in big, black letters.

She looked at the ones where the girls were looking at him. In all of them, it was plain that there was heartfelt emotion in the girls for this tall, handsome man in their midst.

The one where one of the twins was sitting on his leg, with the other standing behind him leaning over, made her re-think her decision not to put them on the pill for a few more years.

During the winter break from school, there was more time to spend with family members. Games were played. Television was watched. Snowball fights were had, and puzzles were assembled. Girls who, when they were summarily put on birth control pills by their stern-faced mother, which had naturally interrupted the routine, one by one began to visit Bobby again, to kiss him good night.

Linda was the first, oddly enough, to sneak into his room. She was cold, and she wanted to snuggle. His warm hands were soon drifting all over her body, and she welcomed his touch, glad that they were alone, and she could do what she wanted, without having to do it in front of Flo and Bev. She wanted to suck him, and he taught her about how she could do that and receive oral attention at the same time. When he spurted, she drank him down, and had to be chased out to her own room. She gave no thought to why her mother had put her on the pill. She knew why, and was glad. She wasn't ready quite yet ... but she was thinking about it.

Flo was next, which surprised Bobby. He had expected her to stay away, maybe permanently. Her talk with her mother had, in fact, resulted in her decision to do just that. After talking to her mother, and hearing her mother's explanation for letting Bobby make love to her, she had wanted to feel him deep inside her even more. Pure stubbornness made her decide not to do that. She lasted three weeks, until Bobby gave her a ring for Christmas. It was an oval opal, surrounded by alternating diamonds and rubies, set in real gold. It was the most beautiful thing she'd ever seen. She put it on a different finger each day, staring at it for minutes at a time.

On the night when she couldn't stay away any longer, she put it on her ring finger, where some women wore an engagement or wedding ring.

That night, when she went to him, she didn't say a word. She dropped her nightgown on the floor, and slid in next to him, unsurprised that he was naked, and already hard. When he tried to speak, she put her fingers over his lips, and kissed him. It took a few minutes, but finally she made him understand that she wanted to be under him, with him between her legs. She was gasping for breath, when she reached for his long, hard penis, and brought it to probe, rub and dip between her pussy lips.

He let her do that, while he made her crazy, sucking her nipples, and kissing her over and over again, until her hands went to his hips and pulled.

He let his weight down, just a little ... enough to cause a sharp intake of breath, as she was spread by the head. He stopped there, and she moaned.

"Oh Bobby, please don't stop. I'm scared to death as it is."

"I love you," he whispered, kissing her again.

Then, to her horror, he pushed himself away. She watched, confused, as he grasped his prick and jerked on it. Fascinated, she watched the first spurt streak straight to her open pussy lips, as he brought the tip back there and plugged it in. Then, made slippery by his spend, he pushed, and smothered her cry with his lips sealed over hers.

It wasn't as bad as she was sure it would be. By the time he was all the way in her, he had finished spurting, and had already lost much of the rock hard feeling that had been there in her hand. She felt stretched, but her pussy muscles were able to fight back, and squeeze his less than hard prick. For the first time, though, as she felt the hot, wet spurts inside her, she realized that the orgasm to end all orgasms was about to overtake her.

"Oh Bobby!" she gasped, burying her face in his chest. "Oh yes!"

Her cry of joy was muffled by his chest, but he still expected the door to burst open. He hoped that the rushing sound of air from the furnace had masked her wail, and ground the base of his prick against her clitty, to extend her orgasm.

She refused to leave. She said she didn't care of the whole family walked in. She was staying, and that was that.

And she did, spending her second night, sleeping naked with her big brother. This time, though, she was wakened in the night. She went to bed a virgin, but woke a woman, three times over.

Bev did not return to Bobby's bed until January, which takes place in the next story in this series. That was because, on Christmas Eve, Bill Gregory asked her to marry him. She was thunderstruck by his proposal. She had known he was serious about her, and she felt pretty serious about him too, but she had a whole semester of school left, and she suddenly felt much too young to be thinking about marriage. His puppy dog look made her ache, and it also made her say "Yes ... I think..."

Her less than enthusiastic response left things a little flat. She apologized, and explained how she felt, which made things better.

"I didn't plan on getting married until sometime in the summer," he said. “Maybe later, even. I've got a job lined up, but we'll have to find a place to live. I'm not trying to get you to rush into anything."

That made her answer a firmer "yes", with the provision that she had to talk to her mother about it before it became an absolute "yes".

That was fine with Bill.

Bev, for her part, knew that she couldn't go talk to Bobby, because if she did, she'd end up getting fucked. She'd been hinting to him that she wanted to be "almost fucked" for most of a month now. He wouldn't do it, but she was sure that, if she slid on him just right, he wouldn't be able to stop her. Now, she thought about saving herself for Bill. She knew, though, that if she got on top of Bobby, she wouldn't be able to control her own desires, so she stayed away.

There was one other thing that happened, that December of 1971. Corporal Richard Brown came home for mid-tour leave. He glossed over the fact that he was a Corporal, instead of a Sergeant, bluffing, and telling his wife that it was just a different kind of Sergeant.

He'd lost a grade in rank because of an unfortunate incident in which a Vietnamese merchant made big waves about the fact that his thirteen year old daughter was pregnant after he caught Sergeant Brown in the act of making her that way. The bust in rank had been under article 134 of the Uniform Code of Military Juastice: Adultery. The irate father was told to go take a hike when a blood test showed that the young mother had three kinds of venereal disease, and Sergeant Brown only had one of them.

He didn't tell Christy about the VD either. That's because he had completed the prescribed treatment for it. They wouldn't let him go on mid-tour leave until he had.

Despite his voluminous "practice", while in Southeast Asia, he wasn't any better in bed than he'd been when he left. Having had a loving and sometimes tender lover herself, Christy was even more aware of just how unsatisfying he was in her arms. She gladly suffered through it, though, every day for the twenty-five days he lived in her room at Jill's house.

That's because, on the third of December, fully three weeks before he got home, and exercised his husbandly prerogatives with his wife, her period failed to materialize.

She had never missed a period in her life. She could, and had, told time by her body's cycle. She had finally gotten to the doctor to get a prescription for the pill, but had left with a positive pregnancy test instead. That had happened on the fifth of the month.

She had already decided not to tell Richard she was pregnant until his leave was over and he was back overseas.

Thus ends the sixth, in this series of stories. Much happens in later books, including much more about Christy Brown, and Jill Trimble, as well as other women you've already met, and gotten to know, at least to some degree. There are also more people to meet.

The End

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