The Making of a Gigolo (6) - Christy Brown

by Lubrican

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Chapter Five

Two days after the photo session, Prudence went into labor. Constance called Bobby in a panic.

"Drive her to the hospital," said Bobby.

"I can't drive! I'm freaking out!" shrieked Constance.

"Constance!" he yelled, into the phone. "She needs you right now. She's always been there for you. Now it's your turn to be there for her. Come on, baby ... it's easy. Just put her in the car, and drive to the hospital. They'll take it from there."

"Okay, okay," moaned Constance.

"Stay there with her," said Bobby. "Mamma wants to be there to help her. I'll get Mamma and meet you there, okay?"

"Okay, okay!" said Constance, sounding a little stronger. "You'll be there, right? Promise me you'll be there!"

"I'll be right there with you," he said.

"Okay, okay!" She slammed down the phone.

Mirriam was taking a nap. She'd worked that morning at the mill. He went in and kissed her awake, taking the opportunity to cop a quick feel of her breast.

"What are you doing?" she asked, sleepily, as her eyes opened. "Stop that!" She brushed is hand away.

"Prudence is in labor," he said softly.

"What!" She shot up as if there were springs in her back. "Why didn't you tell me?!"

"I just did," he said, grinning.

She was ready within minutes. She dressed comfortably, because she was going in the labor and delivery room with her friend, and might have to stay all night. It would all depend on how the labor went.

When Bobby got to the hospital, he saw Prudence's car in the parking lot. They couldn't find Constance in the emergency room, and went on up to the floor where labor and delivery were. Constance was there, pacing. When she saw them she threw herself in Bobby's arms and gripped him tightly. Mirriam took the time to raise one eyebrow at Bobby, who grinned back, and went to tell the nurse who she was, and be taken to Prudence.

Constance was frantic, and remained that way until Bobby forcefully took her head between his hands and put a lip lock on her. She stiffened, then moaned, and then wilted. He caught her and sat her in a chair in the waiting room.

"Why'd you do that?" she said, her eyes still not focused.

"You were a little crazy," he said. "I had to get your attention."

"You sure did that," she said, her voice dreamy.

"Now that you're calm ... did you bring your mother's suitcase?"

"Suitcase?" Constance's eyes cleared and she gasped. "I forgot!"

"Then let's go get it," he said, grinning. "We probably have plenty of time."

Constance had been on an emotional high already. Bobby's kiss had calmed her panic, but had only ratcheted up her emotional state.

They took the truck, and Constance scooted over next to Bobby and clutched his arm.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"I don't know," she sighed. "I'm just so nervous."

"This happens all the time," he said. "She'll be fine."

"Easy for you to say," she said. "All you did was get her pregnant ... you don't have to have the baby! She sounded like it hurt so bad."

Bobby drove silently for a minute. "She told you, huh?"

"That you're the Daddy? Yes." She didn't pull away. "Besides, we saw you doing it, remember?"

"You never said anything about it," he said.

"What was there to say?" she asked.

They arrived at the house and Constance jumped out. She ran to the house and returned almost immediately with the suitcase. She put it in the bed and got back in.

Again, she scooted over and took his arm.

"Are you ever going to kiss me again like that?" she asked.

"Do you want me to?"

"Maybe," she said.

Doctor Michael Foster extracted his fingers from the vagina of Prudence Harris, and announced that effacement of the cervix had reached the point where it was necessary to move to the delivery room. The mother was doing all right, now that her friend was here with her.

Thirty minutes later, Doctor Foster cupped his hands and squatted, like a catcher, to receive the baby that fairly burst out of her distorted vaginal opening.

Prudence gave a sigh of relief as her latest push produced the desired result. She lifted her head weakly, trying to see.

"A boy!" announced Doctor Foster. "Quite handsome too. I'd say he's at least six and a half, maybe seven pounds." He handed the baby to a nurse, who wrapped it in a towel and took it to do all the things that they do to newborn babies.

Prudence stared at her abdomen, which wasn't so full or strained as it had been, but still seemed too large.

"What's going on?" she panted.

"It's time to push the second one out," said the doctor. "Just like you did before, Prudence. Give me a nice, big push when you feel the next contraction."

"Second one?" Prudence sounded lost.

"Twins!" gasped Mirriam. She leaned over to kiss Prudence on her sweaty forehead, and then wiped it with a towel.

"I suspected as much," said Doctor Foster. "But I wasn't sure, and didn't want to give you false hope."

"Twins?" Prudence moaned. Her face twisted, as her abdomen rippled with a contraction.

"Big breath!" said the doctor. "Now ... puuuuuuuuuuuuuush!"

Bobby had finally fallen asleep, after hours of sitting and waiting. He would have gotten up and walked around, but Constance fell asleep on him. She had turned to face him, and used his lap as her pillow, while she stretched her legs out on the couch they were sitting on. It had been a problem, for a while, because as she rubbed her cheek on the front of his pants, to get comfortable, it had gotten lumpy. She'd pretended not to notice, and was so tired she just closed her eyes and fell asleep.

There were girls draped across each other on every other piece of furniture in the room. Bobby had called home, to tell whoever answered where their mother was. It had been Bev who answered. Once she knew her best friend was at the hospital, her enthusiasm for being there had been communicable, and they all came, in Bobby's new car.

Bobby was shaken awake by his mother, who was smiling tiredly.

"You can see them now," she said.

What she meant was that Bobby could see the twins, in their hospital bassinets. What Bobby thought she meant was that he could see Prudence and their baby.

He woke Constance, who rubbed her cheek in his lap again as she woke up, making Mirriam's eyebrows rise. She had once asked Bobby if he was sleeping with this girl, and had believed him when he had answered in the negative. Constance seemed awfully at home with his manhood, though, as her hand came up, inserted itself between cheek and said manhood, and lay her head back down on her cheek. It only took a second for Mirriam so see, though, that the girl wasn't actually trying to feel Bobby's penis. She was just trying to go back to sleep, and her hand simply covered an uncomfortable lump.

Mirriam was trying to be quiet. She had made that decision as soon as she entered the waiting room and saw her whole family there. It was three in the morning, and the last thing that was needed was a group of eight excited teenagers all making noise as they got excited. It was for that reason that she pressed her fingers to Constance's lips, when she shook the girl.

Now Constance's eyes popped open, and blinked.

"Shhhhh," said Mirriam, putting one finger to her own lips. “Come with me."

Constance woke more, realized the import of Mirriam being there, and bounded up off of Bobby, who rose more slowly, stretching.

"Is it a girl!?" asked Constance, excitedly.

"Shhhhh!" hissed Mirriam again.

"Is it?" whispered Constance.

Mirriam smiled and nodded, and then pushed a dancing Constance out of the door, before she started making noise again.

She didn't take them to see Prudence, though. Instead she took them to the nursery, which had the lights on day and night. There were three bassinets lined up, facing the windows. One had a name on it, but was empty at the moment. The other two had name cards that said: "Katherine Harris" and "Kyle Harris". Mirriam stood back and waited for the young ones to figure it out.

Constance zeroed in on Katherine, who happened to be the first one she saw. She then ignored the other one.

"That's my baby sister?" she crooned, already obviously in love with the baby. "She's so tiny!"

Bobby had seen both names. He turned and looked at his mother, who was grinning from ear to ear. She nodded.

"She's a baby," he said, turning back to put a hand on Constance's shoulder. The girl immediately tucked her shoulder into his armpit, and put an arm around his waist.

"She's gorgeous," sighed Constance. "Her name is Katherine," she said, as if nobody else could read.

"Your little brother isn't bad either," said Bobby, conversationally.


"Kyle ... over there," said Bobby, pointing with a finger of the hand draped over her shoulder.

"What?" The girl's head swiveled.

"What! ... Oh my gosh ... Oh my gosh! Bobby, there are two of them!"

"Your mother had twins," said Mirriam, grinning.

Then Constance danced again, babbling. She hugged Mirriam, and then hugged Bobby, and then looked at the babies and then did it all over again.

"Wake up!" whispered Constance, as she shook Bev awake. That necessitated waking up Linda too, because they had fallen asleep leaning against each other. "Ask me if I got a sister!"

"Huh?" asked Bev, sleepily. "What time is it?"

"Ask me if I got a sister, Bev!" hissed Constance.

Bev's eyes opened wide, and she was suddenly awake. "A sister!? Oh Connie, I'm so happy for you!" She jumped up, and Linda flopped down, suddenly without support. She pushed herself back up, rubbing her eyes.

"Ask me!" said Constance, insistent and grinning.

Bev rolled her eyes. "Connie, did you get a sister?"

"Yes, I did," said Constance, folding her arms across her chest. "Now, ask me if I got a brother."

"Of course you didn't get a brother!" said Bev, looking confused. "You just said you got ..."

Ask me!" insisted Constance again.

"Okay ... did you get a brother?"

"Yes, I did!" squealed Constance, and she started dancing with Bev, who caught on and squealed with her.

Two nurses came to frown and tell them all to quiet down. Eventually Bobby herded them all out into the parking lot and told them to go home. They wouldn't do it until he put them in his car himself, stuffing three in the front, and four in the back. Then Constance complained that she wanted to go too. He told Flo to drive his car and put Connie in her own, getting in to drive it. His mother was staying the night with Prudence, and the nurse had told him that, as a friend of the family, he couldn't see Prudence until around ten in the morning. Constance babbled almost half of the way home, sitting by the open window, and then, suddenly scooted over to hug Bobby's arm again, pressing her breast into it and laying her head on his shoulder.

"You gave me a sister and a brother," she sighed.

"You're welcome," he said, smiling.

"I was really mad at you ... at first," she said. "I thought it was gross that a boy would do that with my mother."

"I'm sorry," he said. "I think your mother is a beautiful woman."

"I know that now," she said. "I get it, now. I'm not mad any more. I understand that Mamma loves you, now. I love you too."

"Thank you," he said.

"You can kiss me any time you want to," she said, looking up at him.

"That's how things started with your mother," said Bobby, smiling. "Are you ready to have twins?"

She slapped his arm. "Of course not!"

"Well, then, we'll keep the kissing down to when I need to get your attention."

"Okay," she sighed, and lay her head back down.

She was asleep again by the time they got there. It turned out half of the rest of the girls were too. Bobby made several trips to the cars, to carry limp girls to their bedrooms, and lay them on the beds. He was lucky that Matilda, who slept in the upper bunk in her room, was one of the ones who was awake. Bev wanted Constance to be put in Mary's old bed, and then asked Flo if she could switch beds, just this one night. Linda, in the other bed in her room, was one of the ones Bobby had to carry in.

"Okay," said Flo, as if she didn't care.

"Thanks, sis!" said Bev, hugging her older sister. She started taking off her clothes, and closed the door.

Only Bobby and Flo were still up, now, and they walked down the hallway, towards Bev's room.

"Can I sleep in your room?" asked Flo, suddenly.

"Why?" asked Bobby.

"I just want to sleep with you," she said.

"Just sleep?"


"Okay," he said.

Ten minutes later, Flo was molded against her brother, their arms entwined. She had kissed him twice, and the burrowed her face into his shoulder.

"This is so nice," she sighed.

"It's a little dangerous," he said softly. They were both naked.

"No it's not," she said. "You'd never hurt me."

"You're right," he said, squeezing her.

Five minutes later she was sound asleep. It took him longer, but he got there too.

"When can we go see ..." Bev's excited yell chopped off as she burst in her brother's bedroom door, and saw the tousled head of her sister wrapped in her brother's arms. Both of them had obviously been asleep, and her yell had awakened them.

"Florence!" she squeaked.

"Why are you being so loud?" moaned her sister.

"What are you doing in bed with Bobby?" Bev's voice was softer, but harsher too.

Bev stalked over to the bed and whipped the covers off of the couple, exposing their naked bodies.

"Did you fuck her?!" squealed Bev, trying to look between Florence's legs.

Constance stumbled into the open doorway behind Bev, rubbing her eyes. She was either still in her clothes, or had put them back on.

"Fuck who?" she asked. Her eyes opened wide, as she saw the naked bodies on the bed.

Florence, never a morning person to begin with, was enraged that her peaceful slumber had been torn asunder. She rolled from the bed, raging, and a monumental sister fight was instantly underway. Bobby just watched, amused, as the misunderstanding flowered. Constance didn't look happy either, for that matter, and it appeared as though she couldn't decide whether to be outraged at Bobby for apparently sleeping with his sister, or spend the time getting another look at his naked body as he stood there, waiting for things to die down.

Further chaos was instituted into the situation when Mirriam, who had just gotten home from the hospital, stormed into the room yelling.

"What's going on in here?!" she screamed.

The fight broke up instantly. Mirriam surveyed the tableau of Beverly and Constance, clothed, and Bobby and Florence, naked. Her eyes flicked to the bed, with the covers rumpled.

"Florence slept with Bobby!" gasped Constance.

"I did not!" screeched Flo, her face dark red.

"I saw you!" screeched Bev, just as flushed.

"Bobby!" barked Mirriam. "Go to my room and wait for me there."

"Mamma ..." he said, holding up one hand. It was time for some corrections to be made to the assumptions running wild in the room.

"I said go to my room and wait for me there!" Mirriam's voice was low and heavy. It was a voice they all knew well. Each of them had heard that voice more than one time in their lives, and it was the voice of a mother who was not happy, and was going to deal with a problem.

Bobby, well above the age where he could have simply said "No", decided that things would get straightened out sooner or later, so he just went. He did not stop to get clothing. Four sets of feminine eyes watched his naked buttocks as he left the room, looking at the muscles there rising and falling with his steps.

He sat there, waiting for his mother for fifteen minutes. When she came in, she looked much calmer.

"We didn't have sex," he said immediately.

"I know," she said. "She explained it to me." Mirriam frowned. "If you can actually explain 'just wanting to sleep with your brother'."

"I didn't mean for everybody to get all worked up," he said.

"Have you had sex with Beverly?" she asked, ignoring him.

He answered carefully. "I have not had intercourse with any of the women living in this house."

She relaxed further. "I'd have sworn Bev was as jealous as it's possible to be. Has she slept with you too?"

"No, Mamma," he sighed, trying to look disappointed that she'd think he might have.

"And Constance! That girl was practically green with envy. I know she has a crush on you, but she was acting like you were her man, and had betrayed her!"

"She's been kind of lovey dovey to me since Prudence went into labor," he admitted.

"Well, there are enough babies in that house right now!" said Mirriam firmly. "Thanks to you, I might add."

"I know, Mamma," he said softly. "Twins. That's pretty amazing."

"Twins," she sighed. She moved and sat beside him. "When I had Matilda and Betty it was the best day of my whole life." Her hands fidgeted in her lap. She looked at her son. "Except for maybe when I had you." He smiled at her. She frowned, but not at him. "I should have known," she said. "If I'd just paid attention ... she was just like I was, before they were born. The poor woman. She didn't suspect a thing. Nobody did ... not even the doctor. We all just thought it was going to be a whopping big boy or something."

She stood up again. She'd been given a ride by a nurse going off shift because her truck was at the farm. She had come home to take a shower and change clothes. Now, the part of her mind that had planned that began to prepare for it. Her fingers went to the buttons of the loose shirt she was wearing, and unbuttoned it.

"Did you know they were talking about taking the baby by C section?" she asked, not thinking about what she was doing, as she talked. "She was supposed to go in today, to make a final decision! When she went into labor, and was so far along, they let her try. The doctor told me he knew what was going on as soon as Katherine's head crowned. He knew there was another one in there, then. They had a surgery team on standby! In case things went wrong!"

She dropped her blouse on the bed and reached behind her to loosen her bra.

"It was a close thing," she sighed, as the bra came undone.

It was in her hands, her breasts bared before her son, when she suddenly realized what she was doing, and remembered how he was ... dressed.

"Oh my!" she moaned. "What am I doing?"

"I don't know, Mamma," he said, smiling. "But I sure hope you keep doing it."

Mirriam covered her breasts with her hands. She stared at her son, and, for the first time since coming home, really looked at him. She'd seen him in just his underwear, a month or so back, but this was very different. Her eyes lit on his penis, and widened as it twitched.

Had it been a normal day, things might not have transpired the way they did. Mirriam had been up, with very little sleep, for more than twenty-four hours. The last eighteen of those hours had been emotional ones, full of stress, and wonder, and joy, as her friend delivered twins. She had been there, in the morning, when Prudence had awakened, feeling halfway normal again, and been presented with two babies who took to the breast as if they were starving. She had been so frantic to hold them both that she'd tried to let them suck at the same time, but it was almost physically impossible.

As a result, Mirriam had held Kyle, while Katherine ate, and then cuddled a full, happy Katherine while Kyle sucked lustily at a nipple.

It had brought back memories ... very fond memories ... and had rekindled emotions of the strongest possible kind.

Then there had been the blowup at home, which she had had to sort out and settle, when all she wanted was to take a hot shower and get some sleep, so she could go back to the hospital to spend time with her friend ... and those adorable babies.

Basically, Mirriam was not at her best, in terms of resisting impulses that she had a hard time resisting even when she was at her best. When she was full of Ted's wonderful bent prick, it was easy not to think about her son. But Ted wasn't there ... and her son was.

"Oh Bobby," she moaned, feeling the pull, and knowing, deep in her heart, that she just couldn't resist it this time. She let her hands drop, and her heart leapt as his eyes feasted on her breasts. He looked at her like Ted looked at her, and like Joe had looked at her. "Oh Bobby," she sighed, just standing there.

Bobby sensed the opening. He had awakened several times, in the night, with Flo's naked body pressed close to him. He had, in fact, spent much of the night hard as a rock, but had done nothing about it. Generally, Bobby had the gift of being able to tell if a woman really wanted him or not. It had served him well with other women, and he let it work in him now. He saw the desire in his mother's eyes. Taking her didn't go against his grain, but he knew, from their history, that she had always resisted him ... until now.

"I said I'd never had intercourse with any of the women living in this house," he said softly. "I think that's about to change."

"Oh Bobby," she moaned. "It's so wrong."

"I love you," he said, stepping closer. "And I know you love me."

"I do love you," she whispered. "I shouldn't love you like I do."

He didn't rush her. He did embrace her, and press her heavy breasts into his chest. He stroked her naked back too, and breathed in the scent of her hair.

"I just came home to take a shower," she sighed, putting her arms around him.

"Then take one," he said. He led her to her bathroom, and she followed, her hand in his.

He turned on the water, and turned back to her. She was standing there, staring at him. She'd been looking at his backside as he leaned into the shower. His muscles made her belly fill with butterflies. She stood, unresisting as he undid her slacks, and pushed them down. He lifted her foot, and she had to put a hand on his shoulder, for balance. He pulled the slacks off of one leg, and then the other. Kneeling, his hands went to her panties. Her hands went to touch his ... not stopping him, but trying to communicate how wrong this was. He kissed her belly, and what rushed through her mind was that she had carried him, behind that skin he was kissing. He had swollen her belly, and she had stroked him, while he was still unborn. Then, when he had come out, and made her the happiest woman in the world, he had nursed at her breast, like little Kyle and Katherine had nursed at Prudence's breasts this morning. Now, he was there, at the birth canal he had used as a baby, to enter the world. He wanted back in that birth canal ... he wanted to put part of himself back in her womb.

She let his fingers pull her panties down, and she stepped out of them. He held the shower curtain for her. She reached a hand in, feeling the temperature. It was perfect. She stepped in and turned to look at her son.

Her hand reached for his, and she pulled him in.

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