The Making of a Gigolo (6) - Christy Brown

by Lubrican

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Chapter Seven

It was a glorious fall day, with the hint of winter on the air. The nippy weather had worried Prudence, as Bobby helped her to the car. Constance was at home, preparing for the babies to come home that day. Prudence tucked a receiving blanket more closely around Kyle, and then fussed at Bobby to do the same thing for Katherine. He ignored her and put her in the front seat, handing her the other baby, once she was settled.

He drove carefully, and then took one of them - he still couldn't tell them apart - so that Prudence could get out of the car. Once the front door was closed behind them, and Constance was there to lovingly accept Katherine from her mother, Prudence sighed.

"It's so good to be back home," she said. She turned, feeling the urge to take Kyle from Bobby, and made herself stop.

"I'm famished!" she said.

"Lunch is on the stove," said Constance, poking at her little sister with one finger.

"You want to hold them both?" asked Bobby, as Prudence pulled herself away, making herself leave her babies with the others. She felt like she had just awakened from a dream, walking where she wanted to, to get what she wanted to eat. She heard Constance giggle at the thought of holding both her siblings at once, and tried to concentrate on getting something to eat.

While she ate, she couldn't help but peek into the living room, where Constance was now sitting, with a baby in either arm.

"All you can do is hold them, when you have both," she said. "You can't play with them!"

"You'll have plenty of time to play with them," she heard Bobby say. "She's going to need a lot of help."

"I know ... but I have to go to school!" moaned Constance.

"I'll stop in as often as I can," said Bobby. "Is that okay?"

Prudence wondered why he had asked Constance for permission. What did her daughter have to say about when Bobby came, or didn't?

She saw Constance look up at him and blush.

"Of course," she said.

"I'm glad," said Bobby.

"Well you should be," said Constance, with uncharacteristic firmness in her voice.

None of this made sense to Prudence. She had seen Constance blossom, coming out of her shell, since Bobby had come into their lives. She had even gone on a few dates. True, she wouldn't go out unless Bev was with her, but still, that was an amazing change. She knew that Constance had a crush on Bobby, but it seemed to be under control, and Bobby had assured her he wouldn't do anything with Constance unless ... He hadn't been very specific about that. She'd gotten the impression he wouldn't do anything with the girl unless he asked her mother first. But he hadn't actually said that. Not in those words. But she could sense a familiarity between them that hadn't been quite that familiar when she'd gone to the hospital to have Bobby's twins.

Twins! She still had a hard time accepting that she'd had twins.

Bobby was suddenly walking toward her, a smile on his face.

"It's good to see you back here," he said. "We've missed you."

He was obviously talking about him and Constance, and her suspicion flared again.

"Come here," she said, pulling him into the kitchen, where Constance couldn't see them.

She kissed him first, the first time she'd had the chance to kiss him unobserved, and the way she wanted to kiss him. In that kiss she poured all her emotion about what he'd done to change her life. But that kiss was for another reason too. She'd learned that, after a kiss like that, she could ask him anything, and he'd answer it honestly.

She pulled back, wanting to kiss him longer, but putting that aside for now.

"What happened between you and Constance while I was in the hospital?" she asked, holding him so he couldn't separate from her, or turn away. She stared at his eyes.

"She freaked out when you went into labor," he said calmly. "I kissed her, to shock her out of it."

"Like you kiss me?" she asked, one eyebrow raised.

"Almost," he admitted.

"Is that all?" she asked.

He grinned at her.

"She freaked out a couple of times," he said. "She's still a virgin, if that's what you're worried about."

"Oh," she said, not sure if she'd actually learned anything or not.

"I think she likes to be kissed," he admitted.

"I don't think she's ready for you, yet," said Prudence, astonished that she'd even consider letting Bobby do the same things with her daughter that he'd done with her. That thought made her mind seem to twist in her skull.

"I think you're right about that," he said.

That helped her mind steady, somehow. She pushed the disturbing thought back in her mind, satisfied that things were still all right, for the present.

"My babies!" she yipped, pushing him away.

"They're fine," he said. "Get something to eat. You can have them back after that."

"You're right," she sighed. "This is going to take some getting used to."

"We'll help you as much as we can," he said.

"Help!" came a faint plaintive cry from the living room.

"What's wrong?" asked Prudence anxiously, moving toward the living room.

"Kyle is all squirmy and fussy!" called out Constance.

"Eat!" said Bobby, stopping her with his hands on her waist. "He probably just needs his diaper changed. If he's hungry, I'll call you."

"Okay," she said reluctantly. "The diapers are in the bag."

"I know," he said, kissing her on the nose. "Go eat!"

Constance watched as Bobby expertly checked Kyle's diaper, and then changed it. She stared at the tiny penis sprouting from the joining of her brother's legs.

"It doesn't look at all like yours," she said, absently.

"It will, some day," said Bobby.

That made Constance try to imagine Kyle, all grown up. He looked like Bobby in her mind's eye. She wondered if, when he was twenty-three, and she was ... forty! ... if she would do with him, what Bobby's sisters did. She felt heat in her belly, and looked at Bobby, who was intent on getting the new diaper in place.

She thought about last night. She was fine, now, of course, but she still remembered the tumultuous emotions that had threatened her sanity last night. When she'd rushed into his embrace, things had gotten amazingly better, almost instantly. When his arms had gone around her, she'd suddenly felt safe again, like she had every time he'd ever hugged her. His little kisses on her hair, and his soothing voice had helped calm her too. The girls had come over, making it into a group hug. She smelled his sperm again, but it wasn't so shocking this time, and, with him there, pressed against her, it smelled ... right, somehow.

She had looked up, knowing somehow that he would kiss her again. She had let him do that, and it had turned into something that made her world somehow complete. There was no threat in that kiss, no urgency to worry her. All it was was his lips telling her how much he cared about her, and how happy he wanted her to be. She had tried to return those sentiments, as she kissed him back. It had been a very long kiss, but she'd wanted it to be long. When it was over, the girls had taken her back to Flo's room, where there was a bed she could sleep in. They'd stayed with her, at first talking about everything except what had just happened. Eventually, though, they'd gotten around to talking about how each of them felt, about what had happened just down the hall. Being able to share her feelings about it all was what had brought closure to her fears.

She knew now that, no matter what happened, she'd never be afraid of Bobby again.

She looked at him now, tending her little brother. She wanted another one of those long kisses. Her mother came into the room. She felt her heart almost burst as she saw how her mother looked at Bobby, taking care of Kyle. Her mother's eyes moved to her, holding Katherine, and she saw the same outpouring of affection. Bobby had made her feel loved, the night before. Now her mother piled a ton of love on top of that.

She got up, tears in her eyes, and, somehow, hugged her mother without crushing Katherine.

"I love you so much, Mamma," she moaned.

Bobby's first clue that his life might be a bit more complicated was when he stopped at Jill's, to see if she needed any attention, and Christy answered the door, dressed as a Wagon Wheel waitress.

Both stared at each other. Christy naturally assumed he was there to see Jill.

"Jill's at work," she said.

"What are you doing here?" he asked.

"I live here now!" she said. "We're roommates!"

"Wow!" said Bobby.

"Come on in," she said. "I'll show you my room."

She did, and, while she was at it, showed him the unfinished bathroom. There was a toilet in place, but not hooked up to water. The rest of the room was pretty much bare.

"I can certainly help you with this," he said.

"I wish there were a way to incorporate a darkroom in here," she said. "I can't get the pictures we took developed anywhere, you know."

"Yeah," he said, smiling. "I suspect they'd raise an eyebrow or two."

"I'm really glad ..." she said softly. "About what happened, I mean."

"I was hoping you wouldn't feel guilty," he admitted.

"I don't," she said. "He's choosing the Army over me. I can't help that, but I can help how I feel."

"He may not have much choice," cautioned Bobby.

"He didn't have to extend," she said, firmly. "He's choosing to stay there, and I'm stuck here." She looked at Bobby. "Then again, since I met you, being stuck here isn't so bad anymore."

Invitation was in her eyes, and Bobby felt no guilt about answering her. Their kiss, in the unfinished room, was similar to their relationship, which was evolving and changing.

"I don't have very long," she panted, when the kiss broke. "I have to be at the diner in half an hour.

"That's not very long," he sighed.

"I'll stay dressed," she panted.

When they got to her bedroom, she bent over and slid panties down her legs, under her skirt. She lay on the bed and flipped her skirt up on her stomach, baring her pussy to him, and spreading her legs.

He got her wet by licking her pussy, another new thing for her which Richard had never done. Then he was in her, and she saw fireworks again, humping up against him. It was different in a bed. She heard a familiar thumping sound and looked up to see the headboard, banging against the wall. She laughed, joyous as an orgasm claimed her. There was no one else to hear this knocking, and it sounded like music to her ears.

So did his groan, as he pushed deep and went still. This time, she had the presence of mind to concentrate on it, as pulses of heat filled her belly. This time, she was able to crave and welcome that heat, as this man made her happy again. His kiss, as his penis drained into her, made her want to keep going, but she knew she had to be on time.

Pushing her off of him, she made him promise to come see her that night, forgetting completely that Jill would be there too. She pulled on her panties and ran, to get to her car, and get to work, leaving him there to survey the bathroom, and what it would need.

Jill saw her old car parked at the curb, and her heart gave a lurch in her chest. Christy hadn't said anything when, beaming and happy, she entered the diner and took over for Jill. Her step quickened as Jill went to see if Bobby was inside.

He was, but the odor hit her like a hand on her face.

"It smells like sex in here!" she blurted, as she saw Bobby standing in the unfinished bathroom.

Her mind made the connection, in a burst of understanding. Bobby had sent the girl to her for a job. He had worked for her too. Jill knew how unhappy Christy was about her marital situation, and how that could affect a woman when she was around Bobby.

"You did it with her too!" she gasped, as Bobby turned.

"Are you jealous?" he asked, calmly.

Her hand went to her abdomen, where life was growing ... just beginning to be visible in the mirror, when she was naked. She looked at Bobby. She had already told him she had no intention of marrying him ... that she'd have his child, but that marriage was not an option. She had no real claim on his affections. Why, then, did she feel the tightness in her chest.

"I think I am," she said.

"You know I love you," he said.

"Yes," she admitted, feeling the familiar rush of emotion that was there whenever he looked at her like that. "Do you love her too?"

"She needed me," he said, simply.

"Are you going to knock her up too?" Jill had no idea why she was punishing herself like this. He'd said he loved her, and she knew he was telling the truth, as strange as that kind of love was.

"If she lets me," he said, maddeningly.

"Did you save anything for me?" she asked, pouting.

"Oh yeah," he said, grinning.

Twenty minutes later Jill lay, spent. She was sure ... convinced beyond any doubt ... that Bobby Dalton still loved her. She was also sure that it wouldn't matter how many other women he slept with ... he'd always make time for her. She didn't think of the irony of that evaluation of her very strange relationship with him. She just took comfort in it.

Thirty minutes later, she took comfort in it again, as he groaned and gave her his precious gift a second time.

He'd finished painting the Huffington's house and it was almost dark when Bobby parked in front of Jill and Christy's house. Again, Christy answered the door. Jill was curled up with a book, on the couch.

"I have the information about the darkroom," he said, smiling.

Christy felt her heart jump, not at his words, but because he was here ... like she'd asked him to be.

"I haven't talked about that with Jill, yet," she said, her eyes wistful, as she realized there was a problem with her plan to get naked with Bobby again.

Jill listened as Christy talked about what could be done with a darkroom in the house. Christy, at work, had dreamed of having her own studio, and processing her own prints. It could become a full time business, at some point, if she did good enough work.

Jill saw the emotion in Christy, as she looked at Bobby. What she saw there was as familiar as Bobby's touch was now. She liked this girl, whose life was in such turmoil right now. She knew what it was like to be disgusted with a husband ... or ex husband, in her case, and how much better Bobby could make a woman like that feel.

"It's fine," she said firmly, cutting Christy off. "I'm reading, though, and all this talk is distracting. Why don't you finish talking about it in your bedroom, Christy, so I can read in peace?"

Christy's eyes went round, and then returned to normal, as she blushed.

"Okay!" she agreed immediately. "Yes!"

Jill smiled to herself as the girl dragged Bobby towards her bedroom. She smiled wider when she heard the faint sounds of feminine moans, and, for ten seconds, the rhythmic thumping of what sounded like someone pounding a nail. That cut off and there followed the faint scraping sound of a bed, being pulled across a wooden floor.

Then the moans started again.

It was mid November, and Mirriam cuddled Kyle, while Constance changed Katherine's diaper. Prudence was in her bedroom, with Ted, "discussing something". They weren't fooling Constance. They both knew that. Mirriam had been "discussing something" with him in that room an hour earlier, and she knew his sperm was running down her leg as she cuddled her grandson.

Constance ignored it all, though, or seemed to. She spent hours caring for her brother and sister, never complaining, always eager to hold a baby, and love a baby and get to know their little bodies as she changed them, or bathed them. She treated Ted like a favorite uncle, teasing him, sometimes, and exchanging jokes. She didn't have him for a teacher, but he was able, on occasion, to help her with her homework, when she was stuck. He generally came to their house in the evenings. It was too much trouble to take the twins to his house. Mirriam spent a lot of evenings there too, and Constance knew it was just as much because Ted was there, as it was that her best friend and grandchildren were there.

That Ted was fucking both women was clear to Constance. Her world, though, had changed so radically in the last year, that this was just another odd thing that she had gotten used to. She had gone out with the same boy three times in a row, now. The first two times had been with Bev and her boyfriend, Bill Gregory. Tim Appleton, the boy Bill had set her up with, had asked her out on a separate date, which had been scary, at first. But he had been the same Tim as when the others were there. He held her hand, and wanted to kiss her good night. She had accepted just a peck on the lips, and he had grinned like it was the best kiss in the world. He was really a nice guy, who seemed really interested in her, and didn't seem to mind her teeth. Maybe it was because he wanted to be a dentist, like his father.

Her mother came out of the bedroom, with Ted, looking relaxed and happy.

It made Constance wonder what it would feel like to be relaxed ... and happy ... because of doing that.

During the rest of November, Bobby and Christy worked together to build the darkroom. She and Jill maintained the illusion that they were unaware of the fact that Bobby was fucking them both. It became almost comical as Christy tried to ignore the fact that Jill's belly was swelling with what she knew had to be Bobby's baby. It did make her think about the fact that she should be on the pill, since she never thought about anything but loving the heat of his spunk as it spurted into her unprotected womb.

Somehow, that never seemed to happen, though. She was either at work or working on painting the walls of her bathroom flat black. She laughed, since Bobby insisted on making it a functional bathroom, as well as darkroom. He found a used tub, which he wanted to install, with a fold-down table on the wall, above it, for her trays and chemicals to rest on when she was developing pictures. She explained that she wouldn't want to take a bath in a tub that had traces of silver iodide in it anyway, and then pointed out that it would take more than the three of them to carry the thing in anyway. He finally relented, when Jill insisted that Christy could use the other bathroom anyway, but left the stool operational, saying that she wouldn't have to leave the darkroom to go to the bathroom. She laughed, and shook her head, but gave in on that issue. It would, as things turned out, be a good idea.

The fiction that neither woman knew about the other's amorous activities with Bobby crumbled when, on a Saturday, they all piled in the car to drive to Wichita, to look in the flea markets there for darkroom equipment. Christy found an enlarger that was only four years old, and, though it was older, the rest of the equipment she needed to get started developing both color and black and white prints. She was dismayed though, when after buying the enlarger, she didn't have enough to pay for the rest. She almost cried as both Bobby and Jill kicked in for the rest, telling her it was a loan, and that she could pay them back.

She was so overwrought that she hugged Jill, and kissed her on the cheek, and then turned to hug Bobby, who just naturally kissed her on the lips, holding the kiss much, much longer than a casual thank you kiss would be held. When they stopped, and saw Jill blushing and looking away, Bobby stepped to her and pulled her into his arms too.

"You deserve a kiss for helping too," he said, grinning, and then laid one on her that made her knees weak.

"People are looking at us!" hissed Christy, whose face was red too.

"Okay," said Bobby, letting go of Jill, who held onto his forearm to get her balance. "The thank yous will have to wait."

The enlarger turned out to be too big to fit in either the trunk or back seat of Christy's car without being disassembled. They had no tools, but were able to squeeze it in the front passenger area. With the trunk full of stuff, which included some partially used cans of chemicals, and packs of paper that were nearing their expiration date, that left Jill and Bobby in the back seat, squeezed together because of boxes of film developing canisters, filters, a print drying machine, and other things that Christy knew how to use, but the others hadn't a clue about.

Within ten miles, Bobby's hand was smoothing over Jill's belly, while they kissed in the back seat. His hand slid inside the expandable front of her maternity pants, and she squealed as he fingered her to an orgasm. Christy, sneaking looks in the rear view mirror, managed not to run off the road until Jill slapped at Bobby's hands and hissed that they were not alone. Then she pulled to the shoulder, got out, went to the passenger back door and pulled it open.

"Jill, you can drive for a while," she said, already breathing deeply.

Blushing, Jill climbed out, and Christy took her place. When the car got going again, Bobby pulled Christy's shirt up to suck at her nipples, while he fingered her to orgasm too.

Jill did a better job of watching the road, mostly because he had taken the edge off for her.

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