Orchard Flower (version Alpha)

by Lubrican

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Chapter Six

Jill was very unhappy, initially. Her mother clamped down on her, insisting that romance came after college, instead of before it. Lynne knew that wouldn't hold up, and that once Jill got to school, where she could do what she wanted, she would most likely find a boy to be interested in. So she also got her daughter on birth control.

She didn't banish me from their house. Nor did she try to impose some irrational rule about Jill not being allowed to come to my house. She just sat us all down and explained that, while all this interest in me as a man was normal ... even laudable in her opinion ... it just wasn't timed right.

"So I can have sex with Bob when I graduate?" asked a very pragmatic Jill.

Lynne was a bit startled at the boldness of her daughter's question, but she was caught.

"I suppose you could ... yes."

"Except that you're going to have sex with him while I'm gone," said Jill, who looked thoughtful, rather than upset about that idea.

"I didn't say that," said Lynne, but she couldn't suppress the rosy tint that suddenly stained her cheeks.

"I know how you feel about him," said Jill carelessly. "Why do you think I started thinking about him that way?"

"I never said I was thinking about him that way!" objected Lynne.

I just sat there, fascinated by what I was seeing.

"You didn't have to," said Jill. "I could see it in your face when we talked about him. You like him a lot, Mom."

"Well ... what's not to like?" objected Lynne. "He's a thoughtful, nice man."

"Yeah," said Jill. "Right." The sarcastic tone in her voice caused her mother to look at her sharply and Jill's hands came up to ward off a scolding. "He is that," she admitted in a normal tone. "But one of the important parts of that is that he's a man."

"I don't think that way about just any nice guy," said Lynne, frowning.

"Me either," said Jill. "I might be young, and I know I never had a boyfriend, but I didn't choose Bob just because he was the only man handy. I like him too, Mom."

"That's not the point!" barked Lynne. "The point is you need to go to college and get your degree before you muck up your life with a man."

"I know that," said Jill just as stridently. "What I'm trying to tell you is that I understand how you feel about him! It's OK, Mom. I don't mind if you borrow him while I'm gone to college."

"Borrow him?" Lynne's voice finally suggested she was losing control. I didn't want this to turn into a shouting match. I decided to say something.

"Don't I get a say in this?" I asked.

Both women just looked at me, frowning. Neither said a word.

"I'm too old for you," I said bravely, to Jill.

"I know that," she snapped. "That doesn't change the way I feel about you."

"You'll meet some nice boy at college and fall in love with him," I said.

"I know that too," she said firmly. "You're the one who taught me how interesting men can be. I'm quite sure there will be interesting men at college too. That also doesn't change the way I feel about you."

"So what do you want then?" I asked, knowing how Lynne must be feeling.

"All I'm trying to say is that I understand how Mom can feel the same way about you!" she almost yelled. "I have to go to the bathroom now!" She got up and almost stomped out of the room.

I looked at Lynne, who stared at me. I shrugged and then spoke.

"Well ... all things considered ... I think that went pretty well."

Lynne just rolled her eyes at me.

The harvest went very well, though there were some odd parts to it. When all those high school boys showed up to pick apples, Jill wore work shirts. I could see the impression of the bra straps through the back of it. She also wore jeans every day, instead of shorts. The boys looked anyway, of course, and flirted with her mercilessly. She seemed to take it in stride, being neither catty about it, or dismissive. She also managed to rebuff them without causing any dissention. I was both amazed and impressed.

The boys also stared at Lynne a lot. I understood that perfectly. Obversly to her daughter, she didn't seem to notice their attention.
The only sad thing was that Jill's birthday came right in the middle of harvest, and we couldn't stop to celebrate it. She said she didn't mind, but it was one of those momentous birthdays and I know Lynne felt bad about it.

We shipped three truckloads that year. When the last one rolled out of the yard, and Lynne had paid off the temporary help, the three of us walked back to the house to have a piece of pecan pie. The relief of being done with harvest was palpable and I found myself holding hands with both of them.

Sitting at the table, as I took my first bite I glanced over at Lynne. She was looking at me, her first bite on the tip of a fork that was suspended between her plate and partly open mouth. We just stared for a few seconds.

"Good grief, you two. Get a room!" moaned Jill.

Her mother looked over at her. "I beg your pardon?"

"Harvest is over. I know what you want. And if you're silly enough not to take it, then I know what I want too."

"What are you talking about?" Lynne tried to bluff.

Jill took a bite of pie and then casually pointed the tines of the fork at her mother's chest. Lynne looked down. Even in the heat of summer, her nipples could be seen jutting through the bra and shirt she was wearing.

"I know what it means when mine do that," said Jill calmly.

Lynne sat back in her chair and slumped.

"Where did my baby girl go?" she moaned.

"To college, Mom," said the girl in question. "In just three weeks, in fact. Get used to it. Except that I'm not gone yet and I'm just as glad that harvest is over as you are and just as horny as you are too. I've been on the pill for over a month now, so if you're not going to take advantage of the opportunity ..."

"I do not believe this!" moaned Lynne.

"You could just look at it like it's my birthday party," suggested Jill, looking at me with eyes that were clearly lustful.

I think that first time, when Lynne saw Jill choose to deflower herself on me, there was so much shock, mixed with so much relief that Jill was actually interested in men after all, that it got Lynne through the incident. She had definitely been turned on in the shower and our lovemaking afterwards, in my bed, had been practically athletic as suppressed passion exploded from both of us.

But now, after time to reflect on all this, Lynne just wasn't ready to think about her 'baby girl' being sexually active ... not with me anyway, and maybe not at all.

At the same time I suspect that older women are aware that all eighteen-year-old girls are horny, and that they have to do something to deal with it. At any rate, Lynne didn't seem to be concerned that her daughter had an itch that needed to be scratched.

"I'm sending you to college for your birthday," said Lynne archly. "And it's quite possible to remedy your ... condition ... without having sex."

She stood up as if her knees were made of spring steel. Her hand reached for my arm and my second bite of pecan pie flipped off the fork to splat on the table.

"Would you get that please, Jill?" she said, her voice strained.

Then she was pulling me toward her bedroom.

I wanted to giggle as I heard Jill's dour voice softly say "Do as I say, not as I do!" in a parody of her mother's voice.

But there was no heat in her comment.

Lynne, it turned out, could have an orgasm simply by having her ski jump nipples sucked. Or maybe she just had ten years of sexual neglect to make up for. At any rate, once she got me into the bedroom she was wild as she got us both stripped. We were both still sweaty from work, but there was no shower this time. Instead she seemed to crave the taste of the salt on my skin. Her kisses were interrupted by tours of my body with her lips. My prick was included, and got sucked briefly, but lovingly before she moved on, until I was crazy with my own desire and manhandled her onto her back. Her eyes went to my prick, which was hanging an inch above her swollen pussy lips.

"I want that in me," she whispered.

I sagged, until the tip touched those engorged lips.

Her hand went to it and held it steady as I sagged some more. She groaned as I slid in.

"I want this a lot," she gasped.

Maybe all men are pigs, because what I thought about for just a few seconds was that another woman in the house had wanted this too. I wondered what Jill was doing just then. I later found out she had a hair brush with a long, fat handle and, ever since feeling my prick in her, she'd been fucking herself with it regularly. She'd learned to fuck with one hand, while rubbing her clit with the other, and could get an orgasm whenever she wanted it. At that time I would have thought that since she'd only had a prick in her one time in her life, she didn't yet know what she was missing all that much. I would also find out, much later, that there were times when Jill preferred that hairbrush to the real thing. It's not what you have, but how you use it that really matters, as things turn out.

Anyway, I got back to thinking about the woman I was with, and commenced to try to wring as many orgasms out of her as I could before my hard-on wore out.

Lynne was very cooperative in bed. It didn't take her long to figure out how much I loved knowing I'd made her cum and her natural reaction was to tell me about it each time she reached orgasm. She had a bit of a kinky potty mouth about it, gasping about how my thick prick was making her pussy squirt, and things like that. And, when she recognized that I was close, she didn't tell me to stop, or last longer.

"You gonna cum, Bob?" she whined. "You gonna shoot that thing off in my pussy? Mmmmm I can't wait to feel it, Bob. I want to feel it! Let me feel it now!"

Her daughter was on the pill. I assumed she had started taking them too, so it never occurred to me to pull out. Instead, I went deep and flushed her full of what seemed like a year's collection of sperm cells.

Jill was nowhere to be found when we finally walked out of the bedroom. It turned out she'd gone for a ride on her horse. There was a note on the table, tucked under my now empty plate.

So Lynne took me back to the bedroom, where she demanded that I help her strip the bed. She put the sweat-stained sheets in the washer and then pulled me into the shower again.

This time was even better than the last time, even though her shower was smaller than mine. Who'd have believed a man in his forties could still get it up only twenty minutes after he'd cum? And, since the bed hadn't been made yet, I experimented with figuring out how to do it in the shower.

That was interesting. It used a heck of a lot of water, because we could go a very long time standing up like that. Eventually, though, I was able to give her another dose of my pent up semen while our lips were welded together in a passionate kiss.

You've heard about the elephant in the room? It wasn't quite like that at supper, when we were all together at that table again. Everybody seemed perfectly happy pretending like that sexual interlude hadn't happened. I had wanted to go on home, but Lynne asked me to stay, saying she wouldn't know what to say to Jill if they were alone.

Instead, Jill asked about the financial status of the farm, now that the apples were gone. Lynne hadn't yet done the books so we kind of rushed through supper. I followed them to the desk and watched as Lynne caught the books up to date. We had to use estimated weights, since the apples hadn't been officially weighed yet, but even when she estimated low it looked like she'd make a substantial profit that year.

They say time flies when you're having fun. And Lynne and I were having fun, now that she'd gotten used to the idea that she could have a man in her life - intimately - and it wouldn't ruin her relationship with her daughter. Even so, we tended to wait as long as possible, until we just couldn't stand it, which meant we only had sex maybe twice a week. Sometimes she'd come to my house. My impression that watching me deflower her daughter ... or watching her daughter deflower herself on me ... had gotten her going was confirmed. Twice, when she dropped in to see me, she pulled me to the barn, and got her ashes hauled there, on the same bench Jill and I had used. Or maybe she was marking her territory or something. In any case, I left blankets all around the place, because when the mood struck her, she wanted it then and there, wherever there was. On the other hand, whenever it was at her house, she always took me to her bed.

And Jill seemed to cope rather well. She still came around, but she didn't throw herself at me. I can't say she didn't tease me at all. I remember three times in particular when she said she had to go home and put her arms around my neck and kissed me before she left. Those were sizzling kisses. She gave me another one of those just before she got in the car so Lynne could drive her to college. That one was right in front of her mother, and it was obviously not just a friendly little "see you later and thanks for everything" kiss.

Not to be outdone, Lynne got out of the car and kissed me goodbye herself.

With both her hands on my ass.

A writer acquaintance of mine says that this is where an epilogue should logically go, but there's no real transition point in my story to separate it, so I'll just tell you what happened.

Jill did just fine in college. She was a smart girl to begin with, and living on a farm had taught her the kind of self discipline that comes in handy when you need to study instead of party.

For her mother and me it went a little less smoothly, depending on how you look at things. We were like teenagers ourselves, and with Jill gone and nobody else to see us we did some goofy things.

Like for instance there was the time that Lynne got on Jill's horse and rode over to my place wearing only a wig she made herself out of yarn. She introduced herself to me as Lady Godiva. I was on top of her in the barn, just fucking her like crazy when Dennis, the rural route mail man tried to deliver a package to me. We heard him yelling my name and went still. Thankfully he just left it on the porch, instead of coming into the barn.

Not to be outdone, I got one of those plastic swimming pools that are for kids and filled it up. She was due to come to my house that night and I was waiting in it, naked, when she got there.

"Wanna go skinny dipping?" I asked, trying to affect a cultured voice.

She did, as it turned out, want to go skinny dipping. She also wanted to see what it was like in Jill's tree house, and on the tractor. As I said, she was very inventive.

It was all fun and games for us. We were able to let ourselves go as if we were young again. The only sadness was that Jill had gotten a job at school and couldn't come home for Thanksgiving, though she promised she'd be there for Christmas.

At our private Thanksgiving dinner I tried to cheer Lynne up by asking her what she wanted for Christmas.

"I already have it," she said softly.

"Besides me," I joked.

Her look was very serious, though, and the grin faded from my face.
"I didn't ask you if I could have it," she said. "I should have, but I got a little crazy and just ... um ... sort of took it. Now I'm afraid you'll be mad."

"Anything I have is yours," I said. I was being honest. She could have asked me for anything and I'd have given it to her. I had never expected to fall in love again, and I was on cloud nine most of the time.

"Even your sperm?" she asked quietly.

"Especially my sperm," I joked, leering at her.

She didn't smile.

"This is no laughing matter, Bob. I wish it were, but it's not."

She took a deep breath, let it out in a long sigh, and then took another smaller lungful of air to speak.

"I'm pregnant, Bob."

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