Orchard Flower (version Alpha)

by Lubrican

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Chapter Four

By the next morning, I was beginning to halfway believe it had all been a dream. Little tomboy Jill, who I'd watched grow up, and whose nubile teenage woman body I had violated, hadn't actually had an orgasm around my tongue, or milked my balls empty.

Yet, even after I'd brushed my teeth and used mouthwash, my mouth still seemed to have the lingering taste of young pussy in it. Even the next day my nostrils flared every once in a while, thinking they smelled that lovely fresh scent.

Standing in the wide doorway of my barn, I noticed a speeding dirt bike racing across the fields. The rider was the tomboy girl I'd been thinking about since yesterday. She saw me and sped straight towards where I was. I then remembered this was Saturday morning and there was no school today. I shook my head and again silently told myself, "Calm down, you can handle this!"

Skidding to stop just inches from me, the girl killed the noisy engine, giggled merrily, and said, "Hi, Bob. Can I talk to you for a few minutes? It's important."

In the next few seconds my subconscious mind made a visual inspection of the young bike-riding tomboy girl. She was wearing a denim colored shirt with the tails tied together under her breasts, which pushed the fabric out proudly. When had her breasts gotten so big? Gym shorts and tennis shoes without socks were her only other covering, except for the faded John Deere cap on her head. Her pony tail was captured by the adjusting band of the cap.

I began asking myself how come I hadn't noticed how much she'd grown up before now. I saw this fully clothed young woman, but my eyes were remembering the mostly naked teenager's body from yesterday! Without my permission, my cock sprang to attention inside my jeans.

"Okay," I said carefully. "Go ahead and talk, but please make it quick and then go on home. It's not that I don't like you. I do. But you're very tempting and I don't want to be tempted."

Jill's head lowered a bit. Now that she was here, she seemed hesitant to talk. "Bob," she whispered. "There's something I'm feeling 'guilty' about. I worried about it all night. I want to do the right thing."

Oh boy. Remorse had set in. She was sorry for what we'd done and she was probably going to tell her mother. Lynne would see to it that my daughter-molesting ass was sent straight to the county lockup.

"It's about yesterday," Jill explained.

"I know I shouldn't have done that," I moaned, interrupting her. "I lost control and I'm sorry and I promise it won't happen again."

"That's what I'm talking about," she said patiently. "I teased you, and that wasn't fair. Mom said that men don't have as much control as women do, and that a woman shouldn't usually tease a man."

"You told your mother?" My voice was weak and I felt like I needed to sit down.

"No." She peered at me closely. "She just told me that one time. I got curious about it and decided to tease you and see what it would feel like ... what would happen. The point is that I'm the one who should be saying I'm sorry, not you. I teased you and I'm sorry I made you lose control."

"Oh," I croaked. She wasn't going to tell after all.

"Yup," she said. "I thought about it all night. I'm definitely going to have to get me a boyfriend."

"You are?"

"Well sure," she said. "You said you won't do it again, and after feeling that I just HAVE to do it again. Knowing the way boys are I'm sure lots of them would like to suck my pussy like you did."

I had visions of some pimply faced youth crawling between her legs and it just about killed me. She deserved better than that.

"You could just go without," I suggested. "You know ... wait until you get to college and get some education under your belt and get a little more experience with men."

She shook her head. "Nope. I don't think so. I think sex must be like crack cocaine. It's instantly addictive. I had no idea how good I could feel. If I'd have known I'd have been having sex for years."

"But you can't let some boy paw you," I moaned.

"Why not? It's so much fun!" she beamed.

"Boys don't know shit about making a woman feel good," I said.

"Well, I suppose you're right," she said. She shrugged her shoulders. "I guess if they do it enough, though, they'll get better. Maybe I should get a different boy to suck my pussy every day, until I find one who's good at it, like you."

I cringed. I knew that any boy who got his mouth on her clitty would be trying to get his dick in her pussy too, and that sooner or later one of them would succeed. I couldn't stand the thought of that.

"That's a bad idea," I said. "All those guys will try to have sex with you."

"I know," she said, shrugging her shoulders again.

"You mean you're going to let them?" I croaked.

"Maybe," she said. "I don't know yet. But probably. All the girls I know let boys fuck them. I didn't understand it until yesterday, but thanks to your wonderful teaching I get it now." She grinned. "I mean I purely loved your tongue in my pussy, and they say that fucking feels even better."

Now she was making me responsible for turning her into a slut.
"You can't do this, Jill," I moaned.

"Bob, I can't just stop," she said patiently. "If felt too good. Anyway, I just wanted to apologize to you, and tell you I'm not mad. I learned a lot. You kind of changed my whole life I think. I have so much to look forward to." She flashed me a grin and turned away.

She started for the bike and something in me snapped.

"Wait!" I said.

She turned and came back toward me. Her face was the perfect image of a young woman pausing for me to tell her why I wanted her to wait. Only later would I really understand she was just acting. She was a very good actress.

"Come here," I said. My mind was whirling. I'm not sure I was actually thinking things through. She came to stand right in front of me, those yellow-flecked brown eyes staring at me from under the bill of that faded hat.

Abruptly, my hand reached out and pulled the girl's upper body against my chest. Her arms encircled me. I cradled her in my muscular arms. She raised her face upwards, looked me in the eyes and the next thing I knew we were kissing.

Kiss her, I did. She kissed me, too. Warm, wet lips collided in a spark of forbidden passion. Teasing, tickling tongues dueled and played merry mouth-fucking games.

When we broke her impish eyes looked into mine. "You gonna make me feel good again so I don't have to go find some boy to do it?"

I was lost, and I knew it. But her voice gave her away, finally.

"You're teasing me again," I muttered.

"I know," she sighed, grinding the front of her shorts against the lump in my pants.

I led Jill into the barn. Just inside the doorway where there was muted light, there was a four-foot long bench which was about eighteen inches wide and about two feet tall. It was for people to sit on to put their boots on when they came out to ride their horses. I sat the girl down and told to sit with her legs astride it. I sat down astraddle behind her.

Jill made no objections as I untied and unbuttoned her blue shirt. She was braless under it and her chest arched as my hands covered her breasts and squeezed her soft titties. I desperately wanted my skin against hers and I abandoned her soft orbs long enough to get my own shirt off. She got rid of hers too. Then, with my naked chest pressed tightly against the smoothness of her back, I reached around to fondle her breasts and squeeze her nipples gently.

While I nuzzled Jill's neck with my mouth, one of my hands dropped to slide under the elastic waistband of her shorts. She wasn't wearing panties either, and my fingers slid onto pussy lips that were already slippery in anticipation of what she'd come there for. Apparently, she knew me better than I knew myself. She'd played me like a well tuned piano. I slid a finger into her pussy for the first time and, finding no obstruction there, got it as deep into her as I could.

Her head fell back on my shoulder as she groaned.

"I knew that would feel good too when you finally did it," she moaned.

For several minutes, my hands took turns playing with Jill's feminine 'girlie girl' toys. My right hand played with her pussy while my left played with both young breasts. She started wiggling as my finger circled her slippery clitty.

"Jill," I whispered while nibbling on an earlobe. "Kick off your shoes and slip off your shorts."

Jill stood and followed my instructions. She was undressing completely. I began doing the same thing. Our clothing fell in a conjoined pile on the dirt floor of the barn.

With Jill still standing, I sat back down. I played for a few minutes with the nicest young ass I'd ever seen in my life. Bending the girl over, I kissed the seductively enticing cheeks. This teenager's ass was well-formed and protruded prominently out behind her body. She seemed to know to spread her legs, and that sweet virgin pussy winked at me.

She straightened up and I pulled her against me. I was kissing her back and neck as she slowly sat down. Jill's smooth ass slid down my chest. The slim legs straddling the bench were unintentionally positioning the young female body in a way that when she sat her pussy was astride my elongated cock. She seemed to know instinctively that if she leaned forward and let her belly sag, she could rest her pussy lips right on my prick.

I spread my knees wide, to give her room to move on my cock. She wasn't all that heavy, and it didn't hurt. Jill found the position in which she could rest, splitting her pussy lips perfectly on my steel-hard cockshaft. She had already figured out she could put pressure on her clit and her upper body, supported by stiff arms on the bench, moved spasmodically. She moved forward, just an inch and, holding her hips, I helped her move back.

She picked up the rhythm of that, jerking forward and back, leaning more and more forward until I couldn't reach her titties any more. She was supporting her own weight now, and moaning loudly. I couldn't see her pussy, because her fine young butt hid it, but I could imagine those weeping pussy lips and the hole that kept riding forward to sit on my knob. When she did that, her weight pushed the knob up into the hole.

I let the girl play while I contented myself with feeling her slippery pussy lips jacking me off. Just that was getting close to making me blow my load.

"Oh baby," I said at last. "This is too tempting. I need to get you off and then you need to go home, OK?"

She looked over her shoulder. "How are you going to get me off?"

I thought about that. I was pretty sure that if I could suck her nipples that would help. And what popped into my mind suggested a harmless way for me to get off too.

"How about you turn yourself around and try that from the front?"

She turned around and I lay back on the board. My cock flopped up on my belly. She straddled the bench and almost carefully settled her pussy down, this time on the underside of my prick. I could see that her pussy was sticky with her slippery girl juices. She was flushed and breathing hard.

"I like this," she said, her voice low.

She leaned forward and put her hands on my chest, which let her drag her clit along my bumpy prick. Again, she found the head with her hole, and wiggled, forcing it between those flushed lips.

In this position I could play with her tits again, and I made those nipples stand out an inch as I pulled and pinched them. She was moaning again.

Then, as I was trying to figure out how to get my mouth on those nipples, and before I realized what she was doing, or could react, she reached for my cock and lifted it as she stood up on her tip toes. She pulled the tip to flushed pussy lips, notched it, and then let her body weight impale her on it.

"Oh damn!" she gasped as her virginity was suddenly erased forever.

"Jill!" I yelped.

"Oh damn!" she groaned again. "That hurts! It's not supposed to hurt!" Her eyes looked at me accusingly.

"I'd have told you it hurts the first time ... if you'd have asked me."

"If I'd have asked you, you wouldn't have let me do this." She flexed her legs, rising a little and three inches slid out of her. She stopped as if frozen and her eyes got wide.

"That part doesn't feel so bad!" she yipped. Very slowly she sat back down. She leaned forward and I could feel her pussy muscles flutter as she experimented with them. They loosened. "Mmm it's better now," she commented. Then she stood up again, taking all but the head out of her. "Ooooo Bob, when it moves in me it feels good!"

"You need to get off, baby," I said. My voice was tight because her pussy was tight and that sliding made me want to fertilize her teenaged pussy.

"It's better now," she said. "I don't want to get off."

"If you keep doing that I'm going to squirt," I panted.

"But I don't want to get off," she complained. She rose and fell several more times.

"You don't want to have a baby either!" I panted. "And I'm about to make one in you if you don't get off!"

She sat down and rested. I could feel the tip of my cock prying at her cervix.

"If I stop moving will that help?" she asked. Her pussy muscles squeezed me as she continued exploring and experimenting with them.

"I don't think so," I gasped. I felt a soothing leak of cum ooze through my shaft.

She leaned forward again and her eyes widened as she realized she could put pressure on her clit with it inside her too. She rubbed.

"Oh please get off!" I almost sobbed.

"Oh I don't think so, Bob," she gasped back at me.

Her hips picked up speed as she figured out how to rub faster. About the time she started chanting "Oh shit ... oh shit" my cock gave up and the first long rope of spunk blew right straight into her womb.

"Ahhhhhh!" she groaned. "You squirted! I can feel it! Oh damn, Bob, it's so hot!"

My prick pulsed four more times as she started moving again, and she wailed her happiness as she had her first orgasm from actual intercourse. Her pussy knew what to do and it sucked me dry. I didn't have a drop left in me when she finally lay down on my chest, full of sperm and cock, and panted.

It was right then that a female voice broke the stillness that, up to now, had only contained Jill's and my fevered panting.

"Well, if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes I would never have believed it. My little girl has finally grown up!"

"Mom!" yipped Jill, sitting back up.

I turned my head to see Lynne, standing there in her work clothes, arms folded, surveying her daughter's rapist.

"Oh fuck," I groaned.

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