Orchard Flower (version Alpha)

by Lubrican

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Chapter Five

"Mom!" squeaked Jill again.

"Oh fuck," I sighed for a second time. I was in deep trouble and I knew it.

"You didn't have to tell me you were fucking, Bob. I could see that plainly," said Lynne, again in a dry matter-of-fact voice.

"I'm sorry," I whined.

"It didn't look like you were all that sorry a minute ago," said the woman.

"Mom!" moaned Jill a third time. For some reason she covered her breasts with her hands.

"Get off of him, Jill," her mother ordered.

Jill, acting from habit, did what her mother told her to do. She stood up. Oddly, I wasn't going soft. I was still as hard as I'd ever been. The combination of the bench and my body was high enough off the ground that she couldn't just lift a leg and swing it over. As a result, she was stuck as my rigid dick tried to stay in her. By going up on her toes and leaning forward she got it out of her. There followed a gush of thick white sperm that dripped onto my prick, making a mess. She started crying as she put her hands on my chest to help her get off and stand beside me. She frantically groped for her clothes.

"Get dressed and go on home," said Lynne. "I need to talk to Bob."

"It wasn't his fault, Momma," sobbed Jill. "He told me not to."

"Uh huh," said Lynne. It was obvious she was a little doubtful about that. "You just get on home. And sit on the toilet for a while, so as much of that ... stuff ... will drain out of you as possible."

Jill was blubbering but managed to get dressed as her mother seemed to ignore her. She forgot all about the motorcycle, though, and just took off running as soon as she was dressed. I struggled to sit up while Lynne just stood there, watching me.

"Aren't you a sight," she said calmly. Her eyes went to my messy crotch. "I never thought I'd see you like this, Bob."

At that point there wasn't much I could do and I knew it. I was pretty much at her mercy, though I didn't expect much of that. I was a little embarrassed too. I'd had a fantasy or two about Lynne, in the past, but none of them approximated anything like this. I had thought about being naked with her ... but not like this.

"Come on," she said, nodding her head toward my house. "Let's go get you cleaned up."

Now that was something I wasn't prepared for.


"I can't talk to you when you look like that, and you can't get dressed with all that ... um ... stuff ... in your lap," she said. "We're out in the country. Nobody can see you from the road. Just get up and come with me to the house. You need a shower."

"Look, Lynne," I started, but she held up a hand.

"Clean up now ... talk later," she said firmly.

"Yes Ma'am," I said. I stood up.

Try to imagine taking a little stroll with a woman, in which she is fully dressed, and you're naked, carrying your clothes, with your own cum dripping off your peter and balls. This stroll is in broad daylight, across your yard, and the woman is walking beside you as if nothing was out of the ordinary at all.

Yeah, I can't imagine it either, and I did it!

She steered me into the house. Of course she'd been there before on a number of occasions, and knew where things were, so she more or less shepherded me to the master bathroom that was attached to my bedroom, where she opened the shower door and got the water going. She turned around to see me standing there, staring at her. I was still holding my clothes.

"You can wash the clothes separately, Bob," she said. "Right now all that needs to go in the shower is you."

I was still out there, watching all this like my mind had left my body. It was really quite interesting. I watched myself be steered gently into the shower. She had to take the clothes out of my hands too.

The water woke me up, because it was hot ... too hot. I yelped and reached for the tap to mediate the temperature. That took my mind off of the recent circumstances for a few seconds, and I began to think again. Since Jill had taught me to shoot, I'd gotten more guns. I now owned three rifles and two handguns. Since I was the only one living there, I didn't keep them in a safe or anything. I remembered that the nine millimeter pistol was lying on the kitchen table where I'd left it after cleaning it.

I had sudden visions of Lynne getting that gun and getting her own justice by shooting me in the shower, where my body would be found days later, dead of an apparent suicide out of remorse for what I'd done. I was thinking again, but not too clearly.

The door to the shower opened and I actually flinched, pressing against the wall to take what was coming to me.

But what was coming to me wasn't a bullet.

Lynne stepped into the shower stall with me ... stark naked. Her short page boy hair went dark instantly as it got wet. I stared.

Lynne was the same height as Jill, and in the right circumstances they might even have been mistaken for sisters, rather than mother and daughter, but her body was more lush, somehow. She worked hard running the orchard and spent a lot of time outdoors. There wasn't a spare ounce of fat on her body, and she had well defined, though not unfeminine muscles under all that skin. Her breasts were full and round on the bottoms, but sloped on top. I used to call them ski jump breasts when I was younger, because the flesh came swooping down her upper chest and then rose to nipples that were where the imaginary skier would leave the ground.

Lynne's nipples were that dark color that is almost black, perched on areolas that were the same color. Some part of my brain observed that those nipples were jutting out from those areolas, erect as all getout. My eyes slithered down to her groin, where fluffy hair that matched her head was beginning to lie down against her body as it got wet too. My eyes took in rounded hips that, while relatively unpadded, still looked distinctly feminine.

"Lynne?" I blurted.

"Who'd you think it would be?" she asked calmly. "Are you going to stand there all day, or get clean?"

"What the heck is going on, Lynne?" I moaned.

"We're getting you cleaned up, Bob," she said patiently.

"But ... but ... but ..." The old vinyl record that was my voice at that moment got stuck in a scratch.

She ignored me and looked around for the soap. She grabbed it and then grabbed me, pulling me back under the spray. She got behind me and then started washing me.

If the walk across the yard hadn't unhinged me, this almost did. Her hands, which I knew were rough and callused, felt baby soft as they slid over my shoulders and down my arms. Her hands went between my arms and sides and she washed upwards into my arm pits. I moved my hands out, raising my arms automatically and her hands went on to my chest.

That pulled her naked body up against mine and I felt those ski jump breasts with their pebbly hard nipples press into my back. I imagined feeling that fluffy brown hair pushing against my naked butt too, even thought I knew that hair wasn't fluffy any more.

Her hands, one of which held the bar of soap, slid all over my chest and stomach, sliding low enough that it grazed my pubic hair. I had no idea what was going on, but I still had visions of her wrath making me pay. She might not have long sharp fingernails, but her hands were as strong as a man's and could crush my balls quite easily. My butt pressed into her instinctively as I tried to get my jewels away from the perceived danger.

"Oh stop it!" she barked. "I'm not going to hurt your precious manhood."

"Lynne?" I moaned.

"I thought it was women who were supposed to be unable to shut up," she growled. "Didn't I tell you we'd talk after you were cleaned up?"

"Yes," I choked out.

"Then shut up, Bob. Don't make this any more difficult than it already is."

"Yes Ma'am," I said automatically.

Her hand darted to my balls so quickly that I didn't have time to react. They squeezed firmly, but not harshly.

"If you call me Ma'am one more time I am going to do something unpleasant to your precious manhood," she snapped.

A mind in shock bounces back eventually, and mine started that uphill climb towards what might be called rational thought. I began to realize that things were not as I had expected them to be. Pretty smart guy, huh?

"Um ... before that I said your name and got in trouble for it," I said. "What am I supposed to call you?"

"You got in trouble because you were talking, not because you said my name. And you're still talking."

I took the hint, finally, and shut up.

Her hands rolled the bar of soap in them and the empty one went back to my groin. She washed my penis and balls as thoroughly as I could have. My butt pressed into her again and I tensed. She didn't browbeat me any more. She simply pressed her loins into my butt harder while the soap-filled hand came up to my chest and pulled. I found myself bending backwards slightly, with my groin jutting out, being mauled by her hand.

Then, suddenly, she was finished there and squatted to do my legs. I stood, mute and finally figured out she wasn't as irate as I expected her to be. I turned around all by myself. She bypassed my prick on the way back up. She put the soap back on the shelf and picked up my shampoo bottle. She didn't look into my eyes. Her eyes were on what she was doing. She manhandled my head under the spray and then pulled me back. She lathered up my hair, kneading it vigorously. To my utter astonishment, as I watched her breasts jiggle and bounce, I felt my prick starting to get hard again. She pushed me until my head was right under the shower head and used her fingers to comb through my hair while she rinsed it. Then she got the soap again, and put it in my hand.

"Now me," she said.

My mind was back in session. My first tentative touches to her body had been met with her leaning into me. It became blindingly obvious that she wasn't there to punish me. I've read my share of letters to Penthouse, and stuff like that, so it wasn't any great leap for me to figure out that what she'd seen had somehow excited her - a LOT.
I didn't understand how she could get turned on by seeing me fuck her daughter, but by then I wasn't about to question my very good luck. I had been lucky enough to be Jill's first, and now that luck had blossomed into an amazing flower, of sorts.

I let my soapy hands slide onto those wonderful breasts.

"Do you know why I'm here?" she asked as her chest pushed outward.

That was a loaded question. There was a really obvious answer, but somehow I didn't think it was the right one to voice. I just kept quiet.

"There are actually two reasons," she said as my hands circled her breasts over and over. "The first is that I want Jill to go to college, and if she falls in love with you, or you knock her up, that may not happen."

I stayed quiet.

"The second is that it was supposed to be me instead of her, Bob."

With an invitation like that I felt completely comfortable letting one of my hands drop to begin 'washing' her between her legs. She groaned.

"Why the fuck didn't we do this years ago," she moaned.

"I didn't know you'd be receptive," I said into her wet hair.

"Fuck, Bob, after all those times I practically threw myself at you?"

"You never threw yourself at me," I said, sliding a finger into her hot sex. Her knees bounced apart and she squatted a few inches, to give me room.

"I baked you all those cakes and pies," she groaned.

"That was throwing yourself at me?" I grinned. It felt good to grin, after being so terrified.

"I never baked anything for any other man besides Paul," she said, leaning into me. Her hands were on my thighs, just touching me there.

"Paul was another reason I never ... um ... acted on my fantasies," I said.

"You had fantasies about me?" She sounded quite happy about that.

"It didn't seem right ... after he died."

"He died, Bob. I'm sorry about that. I wish with all my heart he hadn't, but he's gone. It took me a few years to realize I didn't want to spend the rest of my life alone."

"You never did anything about it," I said.

"How could I?" She wiggled her butt against my prick, which was hard as stone again. "I work too hard. I didn't want to date. I did what I could. I baked you all those cakes and pies!"

"You could have said something," I said.

"Sure. Young widow goes to older man who saved her farm by buying half of it, and then never asked for a dime in return. He's really going to believe she's actually interested in him as a man."

"You could have said you were interested in me as a man."

"I DID!" she groaned. "I baked you all those fucking cakes and pies!"

She shook and panted. I wasn't sure, but it was almost like she had an orgasm ... a little one, maybe.

"Besides," she panted. "How could I take up with you in front of Jill? You've been like her grandpa."

"Thanks," I said dryly.

"Until today," she amended.

My finger stopped. "Are we talking now?" I asked.

She turned around and kissed me. There was no doubt of any kind that she meant it either. When she pulled back to breathe she stared into my eyes. I had never realized that her eyes were green, with flecks of brown in them.

"She's almost a woman," she said. "I was beginning to think she might have lesbian tendencies. She's shown no interest in men at all until what I saw today. And I was there for a while, Bob. I know you tried to slow things down, and that she was the aggressor. And even though the only other man I've been naked with was Paul, I know enough about men to know you didn't have a chance, once she set her sights on you. She's loved you for years, Bob. You've been the only man in her life."

"I still shouldn't have been so weak," I said.

"She'd have done it with somebody sooner or later," said her mother. "If anything I'm glad it was you. At least her first time was with a man she loves, and who loves her too."

"So why'd you run her off?" I asked.

She snorted. "I told you. She needs to go to college. Besides ... do you think I wanted her to see me do this?" she asked. Her hand went to my prick and she jacked on it a few times. Then, abruptly, she sank to her knees and her hot mouth engulfed my cock. Her hand pushed the foreskin back and she sucked on the knob. She pulled off with a slurping sound.

"Oh Bob, I've wanted to do that for so long."

"I love that," I sighed. "But right now there's someplace else I'd like to slide that into."

She stood up and kissed me. Then she turned the water off.

"That could be kind of risky," she said. "I'm not on anything, and, knowing your sexual practices, I doubt you have a condom. You've already risked knocking up one of the Simmons girls today. Are you sure you want to go for two?"

"Would you let me?" I asked.

Her answer was instant. "Right now I can't remember being this horny, Bob, and I'm not the one going to college."

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