The Sexual Education Blues

by Lubrican

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Chapter Four: Lori and Bob

Bob walked Lori out and off the center grounds, out into the desert, which, for him, symbolized her sex life ... a barren wasteland. The conference center, which represented everyone else's sex life, and was bright and modern and comfortable, was within sight, but "over there". He wanted her in an inhospitable place to begin their talk.

She was light on her feet, young, agile, and full of energy.

"What shall we talk about?" she asked, almost formally.

"I'd like to hear about you," said Bob. "Where you grew up, what your parents are like, if you had a dog, or another pet of some kind, who you felt close to ... things like that," he said.

"Oh," she said, apprehensively. "That would be boring, probably."

"Not to me," said Bob. "I'm interested in you."

She cocked her head and looked at him. "Like a patient, you mean."

He shook his head. "Nope. As a young woman."

She stopped. "Why?" she asked.

Bob stopped too. "Well, let's see. You're a young and vibrant woman. You must be intelligent, because you're only twenty three and already a real teacher. You're pretty in a way that appeals to the man in me. How's that for starters?"

She seemed to be chewing on all that mentally.

"I'm not really a teacher," she said, almost sadly. "Not yet anyway. I mean I graduated, and I've been hired, but I've never even seen my classroom. They sent me to this seminar before I even reported for work. I thought I was going to teach Social Studies, not Sex Ed."

"That must be a scary thing," said Bob.

"Yes!" she said. "It is. I'm scared of lots of things."

"We can talk about those too," said Bob, "if you want to."

"I wouldn't know where to start," said Lori sadly. "I'm really glad I got away from my parents - they're scared of things too - but when I left, I saw such odd things ..." She stopped, her mind whirling, unable to pick one of those strange things she'd seen to talk about. She thought back to what he'd said earlier.

"I had a dog back home," she said hopefully. "His name was Buster."

"Are you going to get another dog when you get settled?" asked Bob. "Or maybe go back and get Buster and bring him to your new home?"

She looked shocked. "I never even thought about that!" she said. "I could DO that ... couldn't I?"

"You're an adult, out in the big wide world," said Bob. "You can make all kinds of choices now."

"I really CAN ... can't I!" She looked astonished, somehow. Bob wondered how she'd ever made it through college. It had to have been a cloistered school of some sort, where she was protected.

"Where did you go to college?" he asked.

So she told him about her school, and how different it had been from home. That got her talking about home, and what that had been like. Through it all, Bob noticed she never said a word about sex.

"Can I ask you a personal question?" asked Bob.

She was more comfortable now, and they were walking again, though to no particular destination. "Sure," she chirped.

"You're going to teach sexual education, when you get to your new school. What was your own sexual education like?"

She threw up her hands.

"I don't know BEANS about sex!" she said heatedly. "My mother told me such horrid stories about what happens if you have sex that I was scared to death to even look at a boy. Not that there were any around. My school only had girls in it. Some of them went out with boys. They said they did things, but I didn't really believe them. At least, not until last night."

Bob decided not to ask her about what happened last night. She looked upset about it. It would come up later, he knew.

"Tell me what your mother said about sex," suggested Bob.

She did, at length, and that led to some of the things the girls in her college had talked about. She was obviously torn between being properly horrified, and curious. She stopped again, and looked at Bob, like she was afraid.

"If I tell you something ... you won't make fun of me ... will you?" she asked earnestly.

"Never," said Bob firmly.

"Last night ... in my room ... there was this TV show on. I never saw anything LIKE it before! There were all these people and they were naked and making movies and one of the women gave this man a BLOW job ... right there in FRONT of EVERYBODY! I heard about them in school, and it sounded SO nasty ... I didn't really believe anybody would DO that!" She looked confused. "But these people on the TV ... they looked like they were having FUN!" She looked at him imploringly. "Until last night, I never in my whole LIFE saw a penis ... and on the TV there must have been five or six of them, all at one time!"

"How did that make you feel?" asked Bob, keeping his face straight.

"Scared," she said instantly.

"Why?" asked Bob.

"I don't know. I got all these funny feelings in my body, like I was nervous or something. I wanted to get up and move around, but I couldn't take my eyes off the TV. I had to go, but I didn't want to miss anything. I almost peed my PANTS until I finally couldn't take it and went to the bathroom!"

Bob turned. It was about time to begin wandering back toward the center.

"Those feelings in your body," he said, "are caused by all kinds of hormones that your body makes, and releases. They're designed to help your body get ready to have sex."

"But I don't want to have sex!" she squealed. "Why would my body do that?"

"Remember that genetic imperative I was talking about?" he reminded her. "Man and woman were made, genetically speaking, to have sex. It's normal. What your mother was telling you was her attempt to protect you from having sex too soon in your life."

She looked at him, her eyes worried. "So, you're telling me my body wants to have sex?"

"Uh huh," he said. "But that doesn't mean you have to. Those feelings won't go away, but there are ways to handle them without actually having sex with somebody."

"You mean like the girls at school talked about ... by ... touching yourself." she said softly. "My mother said that will cause you to go insane."

Bob didn't laugh. "Sometimes you feel like you're going insane, but that's just hormones and emotions. Like when you were watching TV last night. All that energy you felt was just hormones and emotions, looking for an outlet. If it makes you feel any better, I've masturbated for years and years, and I don't think I went insane."

She stopped again, looking at him wide eyed. "Really? You do that?"

"Sure do," he said. "I don't have a special lady to help me with all my own emotions and hormones, so I have to take care of that myself."

She seemed to want to think about things, so Bob steered her toward the cafeteria. She didn't seem to mind the touch of his fingertips on her elbow, or the middle of her back, and she smiled and thanked him when he held the door open for her. He noticed that several of the other couples were already at dinner. The pairings he saw didn't surprise him too much, based on his earlier observations. He smiled at Crystal, but only got a steady stare back.

It was during the meal that Lori started talking again.

"You know, after I got to college I knew my mother was being a little paranoid about things. I don't know too much about my grandparents, or what they were like and all that, but in college they told us that we raise our kids like we were raised, because that's the only thing we know. I bet my grandparents told her all those things about how nasty sex is and all that."

"I suspect you're right about that," said Bob.

"And what I see now tells me that something is wrong. Her view of sex, and what I heard about in school and saw on TV just don't match. Somebody is wrong. I just don't know who."

Bob nodded. "Most kids get to experiment with members of the opposite sex, when they're young. They learn, like the rest of us, by trial and error. By the time they're your age, they've had their hearts broken a couple of times, but they have some idea of what it feels like to be in love. Most people your age have tried sex, in one way or another, and know how they feel about that too. The way you were raised didn't let you do any of those things, so I wouldn't feel too badly about being confused."

"So, what do I do?" she asked helplessly.

"Well, I think some experimentation is in order," said Bob. "You need to find you some nice young man, and get to know him. He'll probably be more experienced than you, so he'll want to go faster than you will, but if you communicate with him about that, you should be able to experiment with him and find out some of the things you missed when you were growing up."

She frowned. "But I won't even get to my new school for another month, and then I won't know anybody, and I'll be busy. I have to find a place to live, and open a bank account and all that. Then school sill start. The kids I have in my classes will have more experience than I do, at least according to you. I want to be a good teacher, but I'm afraid I'll be too stupid to do a good job, especially in sex ed!"

"You have the rest of your life to learn things," said Bob. "And they'll provide you with a curriculum for your classes. It won't be so bad. You've done fine so far, haven't you?"

"No!" she said vehemently. "I never even imagined people could be like they were on that TV show. I thought all sex was done in private, and only to make a baby. I didn't even think my parents HAD sex after I was born. Now I'm finding out my mother lied to me, and the world isn't like that at all!"

"Your mother didn't lie to you, exactly," said Bob, putting his fingertips on the top of her hand. "She just told you what she thought would protect you."

Lori was staring at his hand, touching hers. She didn't move her own, but she looked so intense that he almost moved his away. She looked up.

"One of the men ... on that TV show. He was standing there, getting ready to have sex, and he was rubbing his penis. That's masturbating ... right?"

"Yes," said Bob.

"Why would he do that, when he was about to have sex?"

"It feels good to rub your penis," said Bob. "That's why I do it. It just plain feels good. And if I do it correctly, I can have an orgasm, and all that sexual tension is released."

She stared at him. Until this very moment, had some man talked to her this frankly, she'd have screamed bloody murder. But Bob seemed so normal ... so unthreatening.

"Instead of me waiting to find some man," she said, looking at him. "You could teach me."

Bob did move his hand then. "I don't think that's a good idea," he said softly.

She sat up straight. "Of course it is!" She actually wiggled in her seat. "You're older, and more experienced. You already know how scared I am about all this, and how stupid I am about sex. You're patient, and nice and I don't think I'd be so scared with you. I feel like I could communicate with you really easy!"

"Sweetheart," said Bob softly, "This is a big step you're talking about taking. Things happen very fast, even when you try to take them slowly. Sex can be overwhelming for someone like you. And we only have a week. You need to be able to stretch things out, and take months to get to know each other and move forward slowly."

"Nobody ever called me sweetheart before," said Lori. "That just proves how nice you are. You have to help me, Bob. I have so many questions, and there's so much I don't know, and I want to be a good teacher."

Bob gave it another try. "You don't have to be sexually experienced to be a good teacher."

"I know that, but I'd be a better teacher if I knew more than I do now." She looked at him with serious eyes. "Besides, you said I was attractive. Did you put me in the 'acceptable' group, or that other one you were talking about, where you're not interested in me after all?"

Bob just looked at her. What did he do now? He'd been interested in finding out more about her, because she seemed almost crippled by her innocence. His plan had been simply to loosen her up a little, to get her to look at the world as a place that had lots of options, and get her to think about some of them that she might not otherwise have contemplated seriously. She had already done that, taking a leap of a light year, instead of the small step forward he'd had in mind. He suddenly had an mental image of the future, if he denied her what she was asking. He saw her throwing herself at every man she met, trying to find one who would help her get experience. Most men would be happy to "help" her, and she'd be used and abused in the process.

Before he meant to say anything, he heard his voice say "OK." He jerked his thoughts back to the present. "I'll help you explore, but only a little bit. We can work on how to conduct yourself in social situations, without committing yourself too far, too fast. How's that?"

"We can start tonight!" she said excitedly. "What do we do first?"

Bob looked at her. She was wearing clothing that was gray and almost lumpy looking. "Dowdy" was the term applied to such clothing in an earlier day. Her hair had been washed, and pulled back, to lie behind her ears. Her braces gleamed in the light of the cafeteria.

"Let's go shopping," said Bob. "We'll get you a new outfit, and spend more time talking, like we were on a date."

She stood up, her meal forgotten. "OK, let's go," she said eagerly.

Bob drove her to Phoenix, to a mall. She'd been to malls with some of the girls in her college, and Bob found that she was a mysterious mixture of being both sadly out of date, and fully capable of negotiating the masses at the mall. He was reminded of the Tarzan story, where the young man was brought from the jungle, to the city, where his skills put him ahead of people in some situations, and his ignorance made him completely helpless in others.

She had no idea what kind of clothing to choose, even though there were people all around her dressed in all kinds of clothing. Bob helped her pick out a plum colored skirt, and a blouse with matching colors in a light floral design. He felt like everyone was staring at them when he took her to the lingerie section to pick out undergarments. She gravitated toward the basic, plain bras, and he encouraged her to move to the racier, sexier garments.

"Why would that matter?" she asked.

"I want you to feel feminine and attractive," he said. "Knowing that, at some time, some man may see you in these undergarments, I want you to think they make you look sexy too."

"I'll never look sexy," she said, as if it were simple fact.

"You already are sexy," he said gently.

"I am?" she was clearly surprised.

"You are," he said. "When I first saw you I put you in the acceptable category, but then took you out because you were so much younger than I am."

"You did?" Her eyes were big.

"I did," he confirmed. "For purposes of this experiment, you're not too young any more. People will probably think I'm your uncle, or older brother, but that's OK. Who cares what people think?"

"I have an uncle," said Lori. "He gets in trouble a lot with my parents. He's wild and crazy. I like him."

"We can talk later," said Bob. "Choose something frilly and lacy."

"I can't," she moaned. "You choose for me."

"OK," he said, "but I may choose something really slinky."

"I don't care," she said. "I don't know how to do any of this. You just do it, OK? I'll wear whatever you pick out."

Bob made three selections and handed them to her. She wasn't paying attention, having been distracted by a display of earrings. Bob picked out a pair that had three dangly ropes, about an inch and a half long, that sparkled. He handed them to her too, and, when the sales clerk suggested the matching necklace, threw that in as well.

"Let's go," he said. "This is my treat. You're a struggling young teacher, and I'm your date, so I'll pay."

"This is too much!" sighed Lori. "You're spending too much."

"It's all just part of my plan to get you naked and horny." He smiled as her eyes opened wide and she looked startled.

Then she grinned. "Oh ... you! You're just funning me! You should be ashamed of yourself!"

Bob paid for the items. He hadn't been teasing her at all. He did plan on seeing this young woman naked. That might be all that happened, but he wanted her to know she was attractive ... to see lust in a man's eyes when he looked at her. Bob could handle it if nothing else happened. If she accepted his advances, then he'd think about being ashamed for seducing her. He had been chosen as an extramarital partner before ... many times, but those situations had been different. This girl was the picture of innocence, and he needed to be careful with her, or she'd get hurt. He didn't want that, though the thought of her in the bras and panties he'd picked out painted a very sexy picture indeed.

The next stop was the resort beauty shop, which had an on-call beautician named Heidi, who doubled up as an additional bartender/waitress in the bar. She was more than happy to get away from the smoke and noise, and see what she could do with the mousy young woman with Bob. Heidi knew Bob, and knew what kind of seminars he gave. She had served many of his customers, and had heard many of their stories.

Heidi spent an hour and a half on Lori. She did a good job. In fact, thought Bob, as Lori walked hesitantly out of the little beauty shop under one of the stairwells, she did a GREAT job. Lori wasn't so sure about that. She'd taken her new purchases into the shop with her, and when Heidi found out about it, she went the extra mile and dressed Lori too. She wouldn't have been recognized by her own mother. That was a good thing, because her mother would have had a heart attack, if she'd seen Lori now.

The blouse was cut to scoop low over breasts that, before they were supported by a push-up bra would have been just fine anyway. With the bra, they were spectacular, perched on such a small frame, particularly since the necklace, nestled in her cleavage, drew one's attention straight to them. Heidi had ignored using a razor, and used a depilatory on Lori's legs. She shaved them infrequently, only learning to do so in college. Nobody noticed, both because she had such fine and light hair on them, and because nobody ever noticed Lori anyway.

That would no longer be the case.

The skirt hugged hips that were rounded, but smaller looking than her bust. Her hair had been swept up, somehow, exposing her neck, and was held in place with clips that, amazingly enough, went with the hues of the skirt and blouse. The earrings dangled and sparkled, drawing the view naturally from the other shiny thing about her face, namely her braces. Bob couldn't see those now, because Lori wasn't smiling. She looked terrified. That, the glasses, and the tennis shoes she was wearing were the only things that spoiled the view. He couldn't do anything about the glasses. He'd recommend that, when she started getting paid, she look into contacts.

Bob hit his forehead with the palm of his hand. "We forgot shoes," he said.

Heidi sniffed. "Men!" she snorted. "Can't depend on them for anything." She turned to Lori. "Just go barefoot, honey, or slip into some sandals or something. Nobody's going to look at your feet anyway."

"I look weird," said Lori, almost trembling. "I don't look like myself at all!"

"You look fabulous, honey," said Heidi. "You keep an eye on Bob, now, you hear me? He's got some funny ideas, and with you looking like this, he might get a little feisty." She grinned.

Lori looked up at Bob, through eyelashes that were suddenly longer, and fluttered below eye shadow that also went with the clothing.

"Wow," Bob said softly. "You outdid yourself, Heidi."

"I gave her the works, since you're paying." She grinned again. "I'll still expect a tip, though."

"You'll get one," he sighed. "Lori, you look great."

"Really?" her voice was high.

"I'd tell you to walk her through the bar," said Heidi, "but you'd probably have to carry her half of that distance, once she sees how they boys look at her now. So that's probably not a good idea. I'd be honored to mix you a drink, though."

"Maybe one," said Bob, holding out his hand.

Lori took his hand and stepped forward. Then she stopped and looked down at her feet. She kicked out of her tennis shoes, took her hand from Bob's, pulled off her socks and stuffed them in the shoes. Heidi picked them up.

"I'll just put these in a bag, with the rest of your stuff, and meet you in the bar in a minute. I'll leave everything at the desk and you can pick it up later."

Lori sat on the bar stool with some difficulty. Part of that was because she was so short. Mainly, though, she didn't know how to sit on a bar stool while wearing a skirt that was showing three inches or more of the flesh above her knees. She only paid intermittent attention to that, though, because she was so involved in blushing. Bob had spoken to the male bartender, telling him that Heidi was going to get them something in a few minutes, and then gone off to the bathroom, leaving her alone at the bar. In the three minutes he'd been gone, three men had come up to her. One had said the most disgusting things she'd ever heard, while the other two had just asked her if she was alone, and wanted company. She was sure her response, such as it was, had made them walk away.

She hadn't said anything. She hadn't been able to say anything. Her voice wasn't working after the first man suggested that his ten inch prick would ruin her for any other man, and invited her to take his room key. She had no way of knowing that her stare was interpreted as something vastly more sophisticated than it was, or that the men, when faced with those blue eyes, felt suddenly vulnerable. A fourth man was approaching when she saw Bob coming back.

"Hey, sweet thing," said the stranger. "You shore look lonely, sitting there all by yourself."

"I see you've met my niece," came Bob's voice from behind the man, who turned quickly.

"Oh ... uh ... sorry," said the man, backing up. "No offense."

"None taken," said Bob smiling. "Her husband is a professional wrestler, though, and he might see things a little differently."

The man's face blanched and he turned and walked away.

"You OK?" asked Bob, sitting down beside her.

"They ... they ... they came up to me," she said weakly.

"I should have waited until Heidi was here to leave you alone," said Bob. "Sorry."

"One man," she panted. "He said he had ... he said it was ... ten inches long!" she whispered, leaning toward Bob.

"He was lying," said Bob calmly. "It's OK now. I'm back. Nobody else will bother you. You need to think about it before you dress up like this again, though, if you're going to be out in places like this alone."

"I can't believe it," said Lori, her eyes darting around.

Heidi was suddenly in front of them, smiling. Lori had never had anything other than beer, smuggled on campus, and which she hadn't liked at all. Heidi mixed her a whiskey sour, with not too much whiskey in it, and a Tom Collins for Bob, who had ordered them before.

It took her twenty minutes, and two more whiskey sours, to calm down, and get used to the idea that all the men in the place were darting glances at her. When he thought she'd had enough, he suggested they go for another walk.

When they got outside, she was much more comfortable, even though she was walking bare footed. Because of that, they stayed on paved surfaces. Bob got her talking about school, again, getting more details about what the other girls had talked about, and which subjects she liked the most ... just light chatter. Several times they walked by other people. Both men and women gave her more than a single glance. She noticed.

"People keep looking at me," she whispered.

"You're beautiful," said Bob.

"That sounds so strange," she sighed. "That man ... the one in the bar ... he acted like he expected me to just leave with him."

"Some men will hope for that," said Bob. "I wouldn't recommend doing it, though. You need to wait for a man who will respect you, and pay attention to who you are, rather than just how you look."

She looked over at him. "Like you?"

"Younger than me," he smiled. "Probably."

"You told that man I was your niece," she said. "I kind of liked that."

"It was to get him to back off," said Bob.

"I know," she said, showing that she was thinking again. "But I liked it anyway."

"Let's eat something," suggested Bob.

They went to the outside bar, this time, ordered sandwiches, and ate right there at the bar. The bartender, a young man named Tony, flirted with Lori. She didn't know how to react, but, while Lori was gone to the bathroom, Bob explained that she'd led a very sheltered life, and that Tony's flirting was doing her good. When she came back, he kept it up, coming back to talk to them whenever he wasn't serving some other customer. Eventually, Lori relaxed a little. It was a small step forward, the kind Bob had had in mind for her, and he was glad it worked out that way.

When they'd finished, it was after ten, so Bob suggested they call their first "date" to an end, so they'd both be alert in the morning.

"That's it?" she asked, looking vaguely disappointed somehow. "I got all dressed up like this and all we did was walk around and talk?"

"We had a meal too," said Bob, smiling. "A first date should be something light and non-threatening," he added.

"You'd never be threatening to me," she said.

"You haven't been out in the desert on a blanket with me." He grinned and twirled imaginary moustaches. That was completely lost on her. She hadn't seen the stereotype villain on TV that he'd watched as a kid.

"I'm sure you'd be a complete gentleman," she giggled.

"With you looking like that," he said, leering, "I'd have been anything but a gentleman. I'd have been like that guy in the bar."

She was innocent, and, to be honest ignorant, but she wasn't stupid. She had a good head on her shoulders, and she caught on to things quickly.

"Oh?" she asked, fluttering her eyelashes at him. "I suppose you'd be ten inches long for me too?"

"Of course not," he said, looking offended. "I wouldn't cut an inch off for any woman, no matter how much I liked her."

She laughed, pleased that she'd gotten the joke, and he laughed with her, for the same reason.

"You have to kiss me good night," she said. "That's what happens on a date. I used to watch the girls kiss the boys, out under the porch light, when they got home from a date."

"I thought you said you hadn't even kissed a boy yet," said Bob.

"I haven't," she said without a hint of embarrassment. "But that's only because I never went on any dates. Now I have."

Bob fell into bed and rolled onto his back. He was stiff as a board. He'd taught Lori to kiss, and, somehow, it had taken another hour and a half. They'd started outside her door, and somehow ended up with her sitting on his lap in the easy chair in her room. He'd kissed her lips, and throat, and her ear lobes too, once her earrings were off. He'd kissed the top of her chest too, where her cleavage started. She'd loved every minute of it, and the urge to just stay there had been strong.

But, excited as she was about kissing, she wasn't ready for more. Not yet. If things kept going like they had this night, she would be. There was a lot of pent up passion in that girl. She'd gone from first kiss to French kiss in the short space of about ten minutes, and she kept coming back for one more kiss. It had been strange to feel her braces with his tongue, but it didn't matter.

He fisted his cock and brought himself off quickly. He needed to get to sleep. She wanted to eat breakfast with him in the morning.

And she wanted to go on another date tomorrow night.

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