The Sexual Education Blues Cast


Bob Nivens - age 35 Gives seminars to booked groups on how to spice up their married life.

Seminar Attendees:

Tiffany Jones - age 24, single, ex-cheerleader, college romance faded when she went to teach, and her boyfriend stayed in school.

Charles Bradshaw - age 28, single, shy, has thing for cheerleaders. Several women dropped him because he wanted to role play. He coaches football and teaches sex ed.

Roberta Tinsdale - age 27, married to Phillip, an overachiever who is never home. She teaches speech and sex ed.

Jeff Watts - age 24, married to Melanie, who went home to mommy when she found out what his salary was going to be, and that she'd have to economize. He teaches art and sex ed.

Crystal Smith - age 30, divorced, went back to school and got a teaching degree after the divorce to change her life. Tall enough that she has a hard time finding men.

Woody Buckholtz - age 26, single, just coming out of a failed relationship with Mandy where he wanted things to be more serious than she did. Fitness buff, who likes to ballroom dance. Teaches health and sex ed.

Jane Watson - age 25, engaged to Jed Buchannan, back home in West Virginia, but not feeling the thrill about it. Teaches history and sex ed.

Roger Zowalski - age 42, widower for ten years. Didn't want to do the dating thing and only goes out on "safe" dates. Gray at the temples. Teaches Social Studies and sex ed.

Lori Simpson - age 23, single, farm girl, virgin, lived all her life with strict parents who scared her to death about disease and being labeled as a slut. She's finished an all girls college, and is on her way to her first job as a teacher. She'll be teaching sex ed and doesn't know what else.