The Chaperone Blues

by Lubrican

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Chapter Eight

Claire had been ready to talk about a lot of issues she was associated with at the bank. It had never occurred to her that the subject of Chuck might come up.

"Yes," she said shortly.

"I believe you're dating coach Bondurant. Is that correct?" he asked.

Claire felt heat beginning to build in her chest. "Yes sir, though I can't imagine why that would be any of your concern," she said. She immediately wished the heat in her chest hadn't been so obvious in her voice.

"You're aware that Paul Stevenson is a member of the board of directors for this bank," said Phinneas flatly. "He's concerned that there may be some public perception that your ... association with the coach ... may reflect poorly on the bank." He sat back and watched to see what Claire would do.

"That's ridiculous" said Claire. "And you know it."

Phinneas smiled a tight little smile. "Mister Stevenson has suggested that, if you should see fit to identify the children whose behavior ruined the chances for our school to have a state championship, he would be assured of your loyalty, and would have no guilty feelings about recommending that we retain you in your current ... sensitive position."

Claire wanted to rage at the man. But she took a breath. "Mister Phinneas, I have been with this bank for ten years. No one has ever had any complaints about my performance. You, yourself, have given me the highest marks during annual evaluations. Mister Stevenson is just mad because he couldn't bully Chuck into divulging the names of those kids. And now he's trying to bully you too, Mister Phinneas. Well, he won't bully me. You have my promise on that."

"And, if it comes to loggerheads - I'm not saying it will, you understand - but if it does, what would you choose to do?" he asked.

Claire was a little confused. It was almost like the man was giving her a choice. It might only be the choice of being fired or being allowed to resign, but why would he care?

"As I said, sir, I know my job, and I do it well. My percentage of loans in default is two percent, Mister Phinneas. You know that. Any bank in the state would be happy to have me." She started to stand up. She was prepared to walk out and never look back. That was a result of her anger, though, and not rational thought.

"Claire, please ... sit down," said Phinneas.

Claire would never be able to tell anyone just why she decided to stay. She wanted to wag her ass at the man on her way out, sort of a "wave goodbye to this, you prick, because you'll never get your hands on it for SURE!" kind of body language. But, she sank back down in the chair and waited.

Phinneas sat up straight, businesslike, and shuffled some papers on his desk. "You are entirely correct, of course. You are one of the best loan officers I've seen in my life. You're wasted here in this one-horse town. You need to be at our corporate headquarters. I believe you are aware of where headquarters is?"

Claire knew exactly where headquarters was. It was in Carrolton ... a hundred and fifty miles away.

Phinneas went on. "I've had a phone call from Rod Brown. As you know he oversees all the loan officers for headquarters. He tells me he could use a right hand man ... or woman, to take charge of training loan officers across the state how to achieve loan default rates below ten percent. Are you interested?"

Claire stared at the man, who suddenly had what looked suspiciously like a twinkle in his eye.

"You'd have to move your family to Carrolton, of course, but the move would be covered by your benefits. And your salary will be roughly doubled. Aren't your children about ready to start college? I hadn't thought of that. That would be convenient, wouldn't it? And I believe they have a good sports program at the college there ... for your son ... of course."

He was smiling now.

Claire felt weak. She sat up anyway, though, and nailed Phinneas with her stare. "You know about the job offer, don't you?" she said.

He grinned. "Of course, my dear, I just gave it to you."

Claire shook her head. "The OTHER job offer. You knew about that before I came in here!"

"Rod is an old buddy of mine," confided Clyde. "And a football fanatic. When he heard rumors that Southeast State had offered the coaching job to some young buck from our town he called me to get the skinny on what kind of coach he was. We just got to talking and ... well, you know the rest."

Claire was as astounded as if she'd seen a flying saucer. Up to this point in time, Clyde Phinneas was the coldest man she'd ever met. He rarely smiled, never chit-chatted and didn't appear to have a heart at all, much less a heart of gold.

"What about Mister Stevenson?" she asked.

"He's an asshole," said Clyde, as if he talked that way every day. "All he's going to see is your house being packed up and you leaving town. I'll tell him that's what putting pressure on people results in. He'll owe me big time. By the way, I want you to choose your replacement, and I want you to train him or her first when you get to the big time. That's part of the deal, OK?"

Claire stood up. She felt shaky. She walked around his desk and pulled him to his feet by his hands.

"I need a hug, Mister Phinneas," she said. His eyes looked shocked. She pressed her lush body against his and whispered in his ear. "Mister Phinneas ... once ... just this once ... I'd like you to squeeze my buttocks."

She felt his hands slide very tentatively to her round bottom, whereupon they gave a convulsive, tiny, little squeeze. She pushed him away and smiled. "Thank you sir ... for everything. I misjudged you, and I'm sorry. I'll try not to make that mistake again."

He looked back with slightly glazed eyes. "Could I have one more little squeeze?" he whispered.

"No," she said sternly. But, before she left, she stepped closer and pecked him solidly on his lips.

As she left he called out "I'll have the movers get in touch with you."

It was a testament to her feelings as a mother that she talked with her children first. There was the initial resistance to moving from the only place they'd ever called home. She'd expected that, and she let them vent. Then she mentioned that, since they wanted to stay to finish the school year, and since who knew how long it would take to sell the house, perhaps they could be trusted to live there with a little minimal supervision, such as occasional visits from Chuck, while she went on ahead and found a place in Carrolton for them all to live in.

"Of course, with you two about ready to go off to college and leave me all alone I might look for something with only two bedrooms. I know that means you'd have to share a room until Bobby moves out. And then, when you go to college, Lori, I could turn it into a home office or something." She watched as what that meant sunk into their teenaged brains.

"We'd have to ... share?" asked Lori, looking sideways at her brother.

"Yes, I know how that must disappoint you," said Claire. "And what with beds being so expensive and all, I might just buy one big one, instead of two little ones. And it would only be until you both go off to college. I know you could just live there and go to Southwest State, but I'm sure you wouldn't want to live together in that little room all through college or anything. But remember, I can always turn the job down. If staying here another year means that much to you ..."

Claire almost laughed as Lori squeaked "NO! Mom ... really ... this is important for you! I mean this is a big promotion, isn't it?"

"Twice the money," said Claire.

"You've sacrificed so much for us over the years," noted Lori. "It's only right that we sacrifice a little for you. Don't you agree Bobby?"

Bobby just grinned and hugged his sister, kissing her soundly. Then he let her go and hugged his mother tightly.

"Thanks mom," he whispered in her neck. She shivered as she felt his hard body pressed hard against hers. On impulse she kissed him on the lips ... not too long ... but warmly.

"You're welcome sweetheart," she said when she pulled back.

"Hey!" barked Lori. "Hands off! You have your own man." She giggled. "Unless you want to share. I might be convinced to share some more." She laughed gaily and pulled Bobby away from his mother. "Come on" she yipped. "Let's go plan."

As they disappeared toward the bedrooms, Claire wondered how much planning they'd do and how much ... other they'd do. She decided to go find Chuck and talk to him next.

"THAT meeting went well!" Claire sighed to herself as she lay, sweaty and sperm soaked in Chuck's bed.

He had worked himself up to a fever pitch at the idea that they would be together. He'd proposed to her with his prick jammed almost into her womb and she'd accepted as his semen rushed into her unprotected belly. She told him about the conversation with the kids, laughing and squirming as he suckled at her engorged nipples and then, when she told him that Lori had suggested sharing men he rolled back on top of her and deposited another load of baby batter that would find its way into her welcoming uterus.

As they lay there resting after that second wild ride, he turned his head to her. "You can't let me supervise them while you're gone. If Lori comes on to me I might not be able to resist."

Claire lay there staring at the ceiling. So much had changed in her life. The changes made it seem like she'd been asleep, dreaming a drab and boring existence, and had finally wakened to a world full of color and passion and love. She never wanted to dream again. Her own real life was so much better.

Part of those massive changes had to do with her children. She hadn't know who they really were until that fateful weekend at the football tournament. And she'd resisted letting them BE who they were, because it was strange and different. She thought about Clyde Phinneas, and how wrong she'd been about him. Somewhere along the way she'd decided, somehow, that what her children shared was something precious and, while it couldn't be honored publicly, because the public just wouldn't understand, she could honor it herself.

That sharing was based on lust, as much as it was love, in Claire's opinion, and they might grow apart as the years went by and find more conventional partners. That would probably be better in the long run, but she couldn't deny them the love they now shared.

And, she felt completely unafraid of losing her lover and future husband to her daughter. She felt more secure with Chuck than she ever had with Denny, and she'd known him far less time. If anything happened between them it would be lust alone, more than likely.

That led her to the obvious progression of thought that, if Chuck were to climb on top of Lori as they sated that lust, she and Bobby would probably end up naked and sweaty together in bed too.

She looked at that thought from several different places in her mind, trying to find one that screamed against it. There had been a scream in her mind at one time ... but now she couldn't seem to find it. If she coupled with her son it would be simple lust too, even though they loved each other. But she was surprised to find that her mind didn't recoil at all any more at the prospect of feeling her son climb between her thighs.

"Claire?" prompted Chuck. She had been silent a long time.

She turned her head. "Think about you ... with Lori ... and me ... with Bobby." She let that sink in. "How does that make you feel?"

To his credit he did think about it for a moment. "I don't know," he finally said.

"Does anything in your mind scream that it shouldn't be?" she asked.

"No ... there are some doubts, but nothing screaming. Does that make me a pervert?" he asked.

"I don't think so," she said. "I think that makes you human. Society created all these rules about this kind of thing, but before the rules we were just ... human." Her hand strayed to his arm and she stroked it. "Nothing screams at me either," she said.

"Wow," said Chuck.

"Yeah ... wow," repeated Claire.

"Why don't we just play that by ear," suggested Chuck.

"I don't think it's her ear you want to play with," said Claire, slapping his arm lightly.

He rolled over. "I love YOU," he said. "And it's YOU I want to be with." He kissed her and she knew he meant it.

"I believe you," she said simply. "One more time?"

"You wrung me out good and proper, lady," he said, smiling wanly. "I think I'm done."

"We'll just see about that," said Claire. She sat up and dove down onto his flaccid penis, sucking it into her mouth and humming.

It took a while, but she got her third pussyful before she stopped.

If Claire had thought the kids would be surprised and amazed that Chuck had asked her to marry him, or that she had agreed, she was sadly mistaken. They were elated.

They met together as a family, including Chuck in the plans, giving his opinions full weight. Not that there were any arguments about what should be done, really. Lori flirted with Chuck outrageously, and got called on it time and again, by Bobby or her mother.

Chuck never said a word. But he didn't flirt back. It was like her teasing comments bounced off a solid brick wall.

Claire, on the other hand, was much closer to Bobby than she had been in the past. She'd left off hugging him and kissing his cheek when he entered puberty, thinking that he wouldn't want that kind of attention from his mother now that he was "a man".

But she found touching him made her heart melt, so she did that a lot these days. They weren't sexual touches. Gripping his forearm while talking to him, or rubbing his shoulders while he sat and studied, leaning against him, shoulder to shoulder as they did dishes together ... little touches. And she gave both him and Lori pecks on the lips as they left the house, or returned. There were fewer arguments, even though Claire's rules as a mother didn't change, with the exception that Claire didn't pay much attention to whether Lori and Bobby slept in their own rooms.

She did, however, get Lori a prescription for the pill. Lori hadn't had a period since Claire had found out she and Bobby were having unprotected sex, but wasn't due for another week, so they wouldn't know for sure until then. It might be much too late to close that particular barn door. On the other hand, if it wasn't already too late, there was no sense taking further chances.

Lori's teasing came to a head the night before Claire was due to drive off to Carrolton to begin her new job. She'd only be gone a week this first time, since the Holidays were close upon them, and she'd have time to come back home, or look for a new one, whichever she needed to do.

Dinner was finished, and a movie had been rented. Chuck was sitting on the couch while Bobby put the tape in the player. Claire and Lori were finishing up the dishes; Lori washing and Claire drying. It was for that reason that Lori got finished first, dried her hands and went directly to sit on her future step-father's lap. She giggled as she plopped down.

"I don't remember sitting on my daddy's lap. This is kind of nice," she giggled, squirming.

Chuck had had all he could take. He lifted his right hand and cupped her braless breast through her T shirt, squeezing her nipple.

"I bet you don't remember him doing that either," he said seriously.

Claire walked in to see Lori's shocked surprise at being groped. Leaving them alone to work it out she went up behind Bobby and slipped her hands around his waist to rest on his hard stomach. He was too tall to put her chin on his shoulder, so she leaned around his arm, dragging her breasts across his back.

"What are we watching?" she asked.

"The Summer of '42" he said, leaning into her. "Or my sister trying to seduce your fiancÚ," he added.

They both turned to see Chuck, still fondling Lori's breasts, only this time with his hand under her shirt, while she kissed him.

"Should they be doing that?" asked Bobby, a tinge of jealousy in his voice.

"Should we be doing this?" asked Claire, and she lifted her lips to her son's.

Bobby's response was almost animal. He retured her kiss hungrily, his tongue flashing out of his mouth and his hands dropping to the same buttocks that she had let Clyde Phinneas squeeze only a few weeks ago. He pulled her against his obviously hard penis.

Then he broke away and leaned back as far as he could with his mother holding him tightly.

"Don't start something you can't finish Mom," he warned.

There was a squeal from Lori as Chuck pulled her down and rolled on top of her on the couch. Her T shirt had somehow gotten in a pile on the floor. She let him settle between her legs. Even though she was wearing jeans and he was fully clothed, they looked completely sexual about what they were doing. Chuck's mouth sought out the cheerleader's nipples as she squealed some more.

"They're using the couch. That only leaves the bed for us," said Claire, her voice deep with feeling.

Bobby picked her up, carrying her like she was a little girl. She leaned against his chest as he took her and laid her gently on the bed in her room. She didn't know if that was a claim by him that he was taking her in her own bed, or if something deep inside him didn't want to use the bed he fucked his sister on. And she didn't much care at the moment. She felt release, and shame, and excitement and fear all at once as her son began disrobing. When his penis was exposed, long and straight, it was like she'd never seen it before.

He stood, frozen, as Claire slowly unbuttoned her blouse, exposing her lacy bra.

"Are these what you dreamed of?" she asked. Her fingers went to the front catch and she undid it, but only let the bra come apart a few inches.

"You do it," she whispered.

His hands came out and, so gently that she could only tell by the cool air on her nipples, he lifted the cloth and moved it aside.

"You're so beautiful," he whispered.

"You used to suck from them," said Claire, feeling a stab in her loins as she anticipated him nursing her again.

He leaned down and licked one nipple with just the tip of his tongue and then dropped his face into her full breast and sucked, making little noises, much like he had when he was a baby.

Claire pushed her pants down while he sucked, alternating from one breast to the other, but she could only get them just past her buttocks without dislodging him.

"My pants," she gasped, her pussy now wet.

He left off her breasts reluctantly, licking and then sucking again and finally licking a nipple again before standing up. Her pubes were exposed and the way he looked at them made her want to cover herself. Instead she raised one leg so he could pull that pant leg off. He pulled both at once and she lay quietly, legs together, arms at her side.

"Let me see," he said.

"I can't," she moaned. "I want to but I can't."

His hands moved to her knees and under HIS pressure, she let her knees begin to move apart. Her knees came up off the bed naturally, bringing her heels closer to her buttocks as she made the saddle he'd mount her in.

"Beautiful," he whispered.

Then, almost too fast for her to react, he climbed on the bed and between her thighs, lying down on her soft body and kissing her mouth. Again his tongue dueled with hers as he ground his groin against hers. He seemed intent on kissing her forever, but now that she'd decided to do this, she wanted to feel him in her. She reached between them, making a fist to cause him enough discomfort that he'd raise up and, when he did she found his cock and directed it to her sopping pussy. Still kissing her he rammed forward instantly and then stopped, buried deep as he moaned into her mouth.

She squeezed him with muscles she'd brought back into peak shape by using them on Chuck and he surged against her, mashing her clit.

He broke the kiss and moaned.

"Mom, I can't control it. Oh Mommmmmmmm," he sighed as she felt his prick buck and squirt. He was not as big around as Chuck, though he was longer, so much so that she felt his prick digging into her cervix as it propelled his seed into her again and again.

"It's OK baby," she said soothingly. "Mommy wants your cum." She couldn't say why she used little-boy talk with him. He certainly didn't feel like a little boy, and the fluid he was filling her belly with was little boyish only insofar as it might MAKE a little boy in her womb. "Mommy loves your hot cum in her belly," she moaned.

Bobby grunted and his surges became short strokes, which became longer strokes as he realized he was still hard. Now he was finally doing what he'd dreamed of since his balls began making the stuff he had just soaked his mother's pussy with. His own needs satisfied for the moment, he began to pay attention to the movements and sounds his mother was making. They were different than what Lori did, but similar too and he was able to read that slightly different language. He found that his mother liked a steep angle of attack, and that she liked it when he shoved into her so hard that it made her breasts jiggle. He thought her nose had started running or something, based on the sniffs she suddenly developed, her head coming up off the bed and then bouncing back down. Then he realized she was having an orgasm, but was trying hard to have it quietly, breathing through her nose and keeping her lips tightly closed.

There was a distant wail, from the direction of the living room, where it was obvious that a teenage girl was also having an orgasm.

"Let it loose Mom" he whispered, leaning down to lick a nipple.

Claire's eyes popped open and her mouth followed. The sound she made was reminiscent of a singer who is trying to hold a note as long as possible at the end of a song, though the pitch changed, starting low and building higher and higher until it was a high pitched whine of pleasure. Her pussy might have been playing that voice, based on the ripples that seemed to be like the fingers of a Flamenco guitarist on the smoking frets of a guitar.

As Bobby pounded her harder, that long whine changed to quick inhales, followed by explosive exhales that powered her vocal chords in ways that sounded vaguely alien. Her head flailed, her hair flying every which way. Her hands alternated between gripping the bedspread with white knuckles, to grasping his waist and pulling him harder into her.

Bobby, was used to a teenage girl who knew what an orgasm was, and enjoyed hers immensely, but had no frame of reference to enhance that orgasm emotionally. His mother, entering into this taboo relationship, brought all her passion to their mating and expended it like a machine gunner who knew he had endless ammo.

Bobby was shocked at the raw sexuality his mother displayed as she enjoyed his prick.

It was still too soon for him to cum again, and he was having a wonderful time poking and prodding his mother, so he just kept on.

Back in the living room, Chuck's kisses and groping had led to him lying Lori down on the couch, still dressed in her pants. He attacked her sensitive teenaged breasts, with their sensitive teenaged nipples, using experience that Bobby just hadn't had time to gain. Chuck knew just how hard to bite them, and just how hard to suck on them, without biting or sucking too hard. He knew just how hard to squeeze them, and just how much he could pull them away from her chest, without making the pain she felt uncomfortable. And he knew how to rub her, even through her jeans, in ways that drove her crazy.

When she was writhing under his attention, arching her back and thrusting her hips, he stood up and, in seconds, made himself naked. His thick pole jutted at her, like the barrel of a shotgun.

"Is this what you want little girl?" he asked menacingly. "You want me to stuff you, like I stuff your mother?"

Lori was beside herself. She'd seen that penis at work in her mother, but she'd been six or seven feet away. Up close it looked like a baseball bat to her. So there was fear that he'd split her open. But, in another sense, she'd ... seen that penis at work in her mother ... who had been enjoying it to a HIGH degree. So there was eager anticipation to feel a strange prick in her pussy.

All that translated to "Oh please ... please ... Oh please."

Chuck leaned over and unsnapped her jeans, pulling them apart so forcefully that the zipper sang as it jerked apart. She barely had time to lift her hips before he was pulling them down, her panties with them. Unlike her mother, something in her wanted to display herself to this man and, as soon as she could, she flung one leg up on the back of the couch and put the other foot on the floor, spreading herself wide, opening her defenseless pussy to be plundered.

Chuck plundered it first with his tongue.

Lori wasn't prepared for that. She and Bobby had talked about having oral sex, but fear that it might not be all it was cracked up to be had kept them from trying something that might turn out to be something they wished they'd never done. So, while Lori had thought about what it might feel like, she had no frame of reference to deal with the feelings of having her pussy lips, along with her clit, sucked into his mouth and ... chewed on ... for lack of a better description.

Her hips jerked convulsively and she whined in almost-fright just as he burrowed between her pussy lips to find her clit and sucked just that in. He knew exactly how hard to nip and suck at that too, and Lori felt herself washed away by a tidal wave of feeling as she had an "emergency orgasm". She bucked and grunted and thrusted to the point that it was obvious she was in the throes of passion.

Which is when Chuck decided that might be the time to stretch her pussy a little. Like a snake he struck while she was still on cloud nine. He fisted his cock and nosed it between her sloppy pussy lips and, with tightly controlled pressure, began to shove it into her buttery depths.

Lori's orgasm turned into something that was half pain from being stretched almost cruelly, and half electrical shock from having the penis stretching her scrape along her clitty like it was trying to rub it off her body. She might have screamed, partly from the pain and partly just to release tension, except that she had no air to scream with. And, by the time she could get some air into her young lungs, Chuck had pulled his sword of love out of her and begun to run her through again. And, by the time she decided what kinds of noises to make with that air she now had in her lungs, he had already set up a rhythm and was fucking her with strokes that pulled out slowly and then slammed into her forcefully enough that her firm teen breasts jumped down and then up once.

The sound her mind had planned to make suddenly changed to "Ohhhh fuck" as it gushed out between her suddenly dry lips.

"Is this what you wanted?" he whispered in her ear, his body hovering over her so that the only contact they had was his prick in her pussy.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck" was all she could reply.

Suddenly Chuck poked in and held it, rotating his hips in small circles like he was trying to squeeze her clit flat, or maybe unscrew it from her body or something.

"Cum for me Lori" he grunted. "Make my prick all wet."

Lori had lost her breath again at the savage clitoral stimulation, so when she did cum for him, and around him, she couldn't tell him she was doing it. That didn't matter, because her pussy told him for her as it flexed, loosened and then tightened down to grip him like a Rotweiller grips an intruder.

"Yeaaahhhhh, that's it baby," he cooed. "Cum all over my cock. You want a little present from my cock Lori? You want to feel me squirting in there?"

Lori nodded frantically and finally got a breath. She used that one in a voiceless wail that was heard upstairs by her mother and brother and her hips finally woke up enough to begin thrusting up at the man. Her efforts almost dislodged him and he expertly dropped his weight on her, pinning her to the couch with his cock, his chest pressing her breasts almost flat. Then he gave jackrabbit thrusts that brought him over the edge and delivered his sperm into her pussy in staccato jets that made her cervical lips a spermy mess as they dipped and opened with her orgasm, sucking his sperm into her young womb. His sperm rushed through them and into her center where, if she'd been on her new birth control pill prescription long enough, there would be no egg waiting.

Up in the bedroom Claire had just finished her fourth orgasm since spreading her legs for her son. He was still happily lunging into her, a smile on his face, his young arms still strong enough to hold him up so his mother could get the air in her lungs to stay conscious for another orgasm.

Finally she pushed at his chest.

"Can you cum again baby?" she asked breathlessly.

"I don't think so," he replied calmly. "It feels really good, but I don't have that ... feeling."

"Then you'd better stop or I'm not going to be able to get out of bed," she said somewhat sadly.

He started to pull out and her hands slapped on his ass, stopping him.

"I loved this sweetheart, but you know we can't do this a lot ... don't you?"

He eased back in and kissed her chin. "I know," he said. "I feel lucky for just this one time."

"It's not that I don't love this," she said, squeezing his cock with her pussy muscles once more. "I'm not on any birth control and I think Chuck and I are going to try to get me pregnant right away when we get married. So we don't want YOU making a little brother or sister in me ... right?"

Bobby's eyes went unfocused and he thrust into his mother again.

"I came in you tonight," he said unnecessarily.

"I know baby. I wanted you to. Just this once," she cooed back at him.

"You want to know something funny?" he asked, his thrusting getting harder.

"What darling?" asked his mother.

"I think I could cum again now." He looked down at her, his eyes bright.

"OK baby," she sighed, pulling him down for a kiss.

During that kiss he sent reinforcements to his first load of sperm troopers, who were actively seeking the egg they'd been sent to find and fertilize. If they had failed, his backup swimmers were determined not to.

Back in the living room Chuck had rolled off the couch, pulling Lori with him so that she was draped across him like a rug of flesh, her arms and legs hanging limply, her ear turned to his chest. She could hear his heartbeat as it thundered in his chest.

"I'll never tease you again," she sighed. "I can't take it when I tease you."

"You did just fine princess," said her soon-to-be step father. "But I don't think you should tease me either. It's not ladylike. And I think it bothers Bobby."

"I love Bobby," she said.

"I know you do. And loving him means disciplining yourself."

"He's upstairs fucking Mommy," she argued.

"And how do you feel about that?" he asked.

"His sperm is for me," she said firmly.

"There you go. I imagine the thought of my sperm soaking your sweet little pussy isn't too happy a thing for him to contemplate either."

"But I liked doing this with you," she whined.

"We can do it once in a while, when they're horny for each other, like tonight. But the rest of the time we should behave ourselves. Deal?"

"Deal," she sighed.


Rod's secretary had already hired a Realtor to assist Claire in house hunting, and a suitable house was found within three days. With the raise Chuck would be getting, and the substantial raise Claire already had, the new house, while much more upscale than what she was used to, was easily affordable. It had four bedrooms and three baths, with a formal dining room and huge kitchen.

Chuck, being much younger than the former coach, was able to relate with his new players on a level that perked them up. He let them learn from their mistakes and they soon found that his tactics led to scoring, which they liked a lot. He was tougher than the previous coach about accepting gifts, and made it almost impossible to slide through a class, but that only made the majority of players who never would have gotten gifts and who studied their asses off anyway because they knew there would be no NFL contract for them ... happier. Now the playing field had been leveled. And, Coach Bondurant had this habit of putting second string players in unexpectedly, and running odd plays, which gave the opposing defense absolute fits. The word spread and people began to want to play for him.

The coach's new bride was already two months pregnant as she walked down the aisle to put her ring on his finger. He was as proud as he could be and she was smiling so widely that her face hurt. That baby, when it was born, looked suspiciously like her son's baby pictures. But then they looked an awful lot like Chuck's baby pictures too. She displayed all of them in one frame on the mantle over the fireplace.

Lori's new pills worked better than she deserved them to. She and Bobby set up housekeeping in one of the four bedrooms and she stayed on her pills long enough to get through her junior year in college. She stopped taking them as her graduation present to her brother.

When he found out, he was insatiable, so much so that, as he used his engineering degree to get a job with a defense contractor, Lori basically just stopped having periods for a few years. When both extra bedrooms were filled to capacity with babies, they finally started looking for their own place.

The same realtor found them a house only three doors down from Claire's.

Now there's a crowd of four, five and six year olds running between the houses, cousins who play with each other all the time. "Uncle" Chuck comes to visit Lori once in a while, and Uncle Bobby comes around every so often to fix something, usually in Claire's bedroom.

They're a happy family, all in all, the blues they once experienced are now far away in the past. That's a good place for the blues.

The End

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