The Chaperone Blues

by Lubrican

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Chapter Four

Lori had looked on in disbelief as her mother had gotten out of bed after kissing the coach and then followed him into the bathroom. It was as though she had suddenly been transported to another dimension of reality. And that was on top of the fact that their mother apparently knew her children were sexually active...with each other. Lori wanted to run away from the shame she felt, and yet, her mother's actions were so bizarre that she wanted to stay and watch what happened next. Caution overrode her curiosity, though, and when it became apparent that her mother was going to STAY in the bathroom with Coach, Lori jumped up and pulled the covers off her brother.

"Get up," she ordered tersely. "We have to get out of here before she comes back."

For Bobby, the reaction was slightly different. There was nothing he loved more than the feeling of Lori's firm, tight pussy wrapped around his cock. He loved the feel of her skin on his, of her lips against his. He loved the smell of her hair. He loved the feeling of semen bursting through his prick and out into Lori's belly. He hated using a condom. Every time he made love with his sister something deep in his subconscious hoped his baby would begin to grow in her. He hated school only because he wished they were old enough to run away together and start a family. He knew how stupid that really was. He knew it would never work. But it was how he felt, and he couldn't...or wouldn't…give it up voluntarily. Not even if it was forbidden by his mother.

All this was the end result, actually, of how he felt ABOUT his mother. He had always thought she was beautiful. As time went on he recognized the strength in her, her abilities, her loving nature. When he entered puberty and saw his first Playboy magazine, the first Bunny he looked at could have been his mother's twin sister. And he had been in love with his mother ever since.

Of course she wasn't available to him for anything more than the hurried hugs and quick kisses she bestowed on him and his sister as she went about her busy life. The kids were independent, and could cook and do their own laundry. They even went to the grocery store and did the family shopping occasionally.

In fact, a trip to the store and cooking was what had brought Lori and Bobby together as more than just brother and sister. Claire had been gone one night, to some function or other, and Lori had a hankering for pie. She couldn't drive yet, being only fifteen, so she begged her brother to take her to the store to get the necessary ingredients. Having nothing else to do that night, he agreed and their trip through the store had been interesting. It had been the first time they were in a grocery store together, without their mother.

In the past they had competed with each other, trying to get their mother to buy what each wanted, without caring what the other got. Their separate, competing cries of "MOMMY, can I have THIS?" had driven Claire to distraction, like it does every parent, and she had coped with it, like most parents have to, by striking a balance of giving the children what they wanted...if it was good for them and if she could afford it.

This time, though, there was no competition. As they strolled down the aisles, looking for baking powder and various other things they had no idea where to look for in a store, they worked as a team. They got distracted in the cereal aisle, pointing out various older cereals they had loved as children and not eaten for years—remembering a carefree time of their lives that was gone forever. And they saw items they didn't even know existed before that trip, some of which were strange and funny to their teen sensibilities.

And they laughed, and joked, and found that they liked each other. It was the beginning of a pivotal experience.

For those of you who have no siblings, this phenomenon of a brother and sister "liking" each other may be difficult to grasp. You “only children” out there would assume, naturally, that ALL brothers and sisters "like" each other. Nothing could be further from the truth. Siblings, as has been stated before, compete. They compete for resources within the family. They compete in their social relationships outside the family. And they compete for the attention of the caregivers in the family unit. They compete for space, for time on the TV, for clothing, for use of the car. They compete for everything. If the parents are good at their job, siblings learn to work together for the benefit of the whole family. But, arguably, that's fairly rare, because parents are sucked into the competition model at work and in their own social groups. Some parents even use competition to get what THEY want from their children. True, most siblings find a way to like each other later in life, when they've grown up enough to recognize competition for the double edged sword it really is, but for siblings under twenty to actually LIKE each other...well it's a lot more rare than it should be.

And "like" doesn't mean they can be in the same room for a while without arguing. It doesn't mean that they mind their manners at the dinner table. It doesn't mean that they merely refrain from badmouthing their brother or sister to their friends. What it means is that they actually seek each other out, caring what the other thinks, sharing special feelings and moments, helping because they care what happens to the other sibling. It means they want their brother or sister to be happy, and that they'll do whatever they can to help them find that happiness.

It means they are friends...with a blood tie that makes that friendship more special than most others.

Finding that, or realizing that, is a powerful, life changing experience.

Back in the kitchen, Bobby decided to stay and "help" make the pie. The pie became pie and cookies, and then a cake was added and, at some point when Lori had flour on her nose and stains on her T shirt, Bobby had realized she was really a beautiful girl. His eyes had taken in the swell of her breasts, under that shirt, and her rounded hips, and her dimples, and the way her pony tail bobbed and swung as she moved her head. And he realized he had found another woman who compared to his mother.

More than that, she compared favorably.

"You're beautiful," he said, with wonder in his voice. "You're really beautiful, Lori."

That had taken Lori completely off guard. While she had become interested in boys, it was more of a clinical interest. Her girlfriends gushed about kisses and groping sessions, but none of the boys she looked at—who were available—made anything happen in her when she imagined herself wrapped in their arms. She had a dream lover whose only physical existence was her pillow, which she hugged and kissed and clamped between her young thighs sometimes, but he had no face. He had height, and width and strong hands in her imagination...but no face. She went on a few dates, but the boys were vacuous, talking about things she didn't care about or understand.  All they seemed to want to do was eat and boast, and expected her to find that attractive enough to take off her panties and jump their bones. One football player who asked her out gave her a package in school the day before their scheduled date. Inside was a pair of crotchless panties, with a note that said, "For our date with destiny."

She just wasn't impressed. That date hadn't happened, even though she kept the panties. They were frilly, lacy and sheer—nothing like what she owned before that.

No, boys just didn't impress her.

But none of them had ever said she was beautiful in a way that made it obvious they really meant it, or paid any attention to her in soft, caring ways. And Lori could tell that Bobby actually meant what he'd said.

Bobby blushed when he realized he'd spoken out loud. "Uh...sorry," he said.

"Why?" questioned his sister. "It was a nice thing to say."

"Yeah, but I don't talk that way to girls," said her brother. "Especially not my sister."

"Well you should," she sniffed. "You made me feel really good. Nobody's ever said I was beautiful before."

"You're kidding." Bobby was truly astonished. It was obvious his sister was a stone fox...once you took the time to look at her.

"Well, I hear things like 'You're HOT, Lori,' and 'You give me a case of the blue balls, Lori,' and crap like that. All that means is, 'I'm horny and I want you to take care of my little problem.' They don't really think I'm beautiful like you meant it. The only other person who ever said that to me was mom," said Lori, turning back to the counter to roll out more dough.

Bobby was a little off balance, or he probably wouldn't have said what he said next.

"Well she should know," he muttered. "She's the most beautiful woman I know."

Lori heard something in his voice that struck a chord deep inside her. Those two simple sentences were said with a level of conviction and passion, and even a hint of frustration, she had never heard in a man's voice before.

"Why Bobby Richardson!" she said, her eyes narrowing. "You sound like you're in love with your own mother!"

The look on Bobby's face had given her even more information about just how strong her brother's feelings were about their mother. Initially she was shocked, but the fluttery feeling in her own stomach made her look at the situation differently than she would have if one of her friends had come up to her and said, "Hey, you know your brother? He's got the hots for your mother!"

As for Bobby, he felt like a pervert whose picture has just been published in the paper, with a warning to keep mothers away from him. He felt panic well up in his chest as he looked at his sister, expecting her face to take on an ugly scowl. When it didn't, but rather looked curious, he tried to salvage the situation.

"Sure I love my mother. Everybody loves their mother."

But Lori read between the lines. She was around him enough to know everything that he did and most people that he talked to, and there was no way in the world that he could have done anything with their mother and her not at least suspect it. She thought about her own lack of interest in dating and her dream lover.

"Is that why you don't have a girlfriend?" she asked. There was a tiny thing inside her that made her worry that she must be gay because of her lack of interest in boys. She had worried about Bobby too, because he didn't date much either.

Bobby tried to bluff his way through it. "Of course not. I go out all the time."

"Yeah, but you never go out with anybody very many times," countered his sister.

"You should talk. Jimmy Jones said he had a date planned with you and you didn't even show up!"

"That's because he gave me crotchless panties to wear on the date," said Lori. "Would you have wanted me to go on that date?"

"He did not!" said Bobby. The idea of one of his friends giving his sister crotchless panties was just ludicrous. "You're kidding," said Bobby, his mind suddenly conjuring up crotchless panties on his sister. What made it even more bizarre was that he could only imagine them on the OUTSIDE of what she was wearing.

"Nope. I still have them. They're hidden," she said.

"Wow," said Bobby softly. "I'm going to have to have a little talk with Jimmy."

"No you're not. I already took care of things. I don't need big brother throwing his weight around. I can take care of myself," she said firmly.

"Did you ever wear them?" he asked suddenly.

Lori put her hands on her hips. "Where would I wear crotchless panties?" she asked heatedly.

"Come on, Lori, he didn't really give you crotchless panties," Bobby said laughing.

Lori stuck her jaw out. "What? You don't believe me? You want to see them or something?"

She turned for the kitchen doorway. "Come on big brother, I'll prove it to you."

Bobby tried to defend himself. "I didn't say I didn't believe you. I just wanted to know if you'd ever worn them." He followed her down the hall to her room.

When he got into the room Lori was bent over, rummaging in the bottom drawer of her dresser.

Again Bobby saw wispy red panties spread over his sister's round bottom...on the OUTSIDE of her jeans. He wanted to laugh, except that he felt guilty.

Lori turned around unexpectedly, a bit of blue cloth in her hand. She saw where his eyes had been.

"You pervert! You were looking at my butt!" she said.

"You can't tell a guy you're going to show him a pair of crotchless panties and not expect him to look at your butt," Bobby argued. "Besides, you're SHOWING me crotchless panties, so you're just as much of a pervert as I am."

Reminded of what she had in her hands, Lori held them up and spread the waistband apart with her hands. That they were crotchless was immediately apparent.

"See?" she taunted him. "I was telling the truth!"

"I DIDN'T say you weren't!" said Bobby. "I just wanted to know if you’ve ever WORN them!"

"NO I HAVEN'T!" she yelled.

"WELL WHY NOT?" her brother yelled back at her.

Like many siblings, they had gotten into an argument that wasn't really about...the argument. What was REALLY happening was that they were both experiencing things they couldn't understand, and yelling was one way of coping with it.

"I've never found a boy I wanted to wear them for," she said, her voice tightly controlled, but full of emotion. "I suppose YOU want to see me in them."

Bobby was struck dumb. He had no idea how to react to that. But his autonomic nervous system reacted for him. His heart rate increased, as did his breathing rate. His pupils dilated, to let in more light. He felt a tightness in his chest.

And his prick began to fill with blood.

It showed on his face, and that fluttery feeling in Lori's belly turned into a ball of warmth that she had never felt before. "You DO want to see me in them," she said, her voice hushed.

"I AM a pervert," moaned Bobby. "My DICK is getting hard, Lori!" He said it like he couldn’t believe it. It came out again, helplessly. "I'm a pervert," moaned Bobby. "My DICK is getting hard for my own sister!"

Now Lori was the one who was speechless. Her own autonomic nervous system kicked in and made the same kinds of changes in her body. Since she didn't have a penis to engorge, her system sent the blood to her nipples and clitoris and they swelled, becoming more sensitive.

Just like Bobby knew what his swelling penis meant, Lori knew what the sudden tingle in her nipples and the itch between her legs meant. And, at this point, though Lori didn't understand why that was happening, that fluttery feeling in her stomach made her feel...daring.

She had finally found a boy she wanted to wear crotchless panties with.

"Turn around," she said.

"What?" Bobby didn't understand.

"I'm going to put them on. Turn around," she repeated.

Lori never thought about the idea that, in the space of minutes, she would be standing in front of her brother dressed only in crotchless panties. But the idea of doing just that was so exciting that she almost trembled. She was caught on the horns of a teenage dilemma in which, on the one hand, she wanted to do something exciting. That was to appear in front of a boy—her brother—clad only in crotchless panties. On the other hand, though, she had been taught to be modest and that was well ingrained into her psyche. She didn't think about the fact that if he watched her get undressed and put the panties on, he wouldn't see any more than if he just saw her in them. All she thought about was that getting undressed in front of a boy was immodest, so he had to turn his back.

Bobby turned in a daze, simply responding to her directions. His mind was in a whirl. He kept seeing panties on the outside of her jeans. True, they had changed from red to blue, but he still couldn't visualize her without the jeans. Before he could think of what to do she spoke again.

" can see them now."

Bobby's mind still had her in jeans. The reality of what she'd done blasted that image from his mind forever.

She had, in fact, stripped naked before putting them on. She stood tense, ready to bolt, a stiffness in her limbs that made her look like a mannequin.

Bobby gasped in a breath as he took in white breasts that were larger than he'd imagined, with rosy pink nipples that were longer than he'd imagined. The blue lace set off her skin and hair, all of which were pale and drew the gaze to the soft fluff of almost white hair that peeked out between the opening at the crotch.

"Oh fuck, Lori," he gasped.

Bobby's face...the look in his eyes, an almost predatory jungle look of overwhelming emotion, and the word he used, made Lori's knees weak. She felt like a mouse cringing under the paws of a cat that was ready to eat her. It was the most fantastic feeling she had ever felt in her life. His face said it all. She really WAS beautiful to this man who was her brother. He WANTED her.

Had she been able to stop and think, she would have realized she'd seen that same look on the faces of boys she'd pushed away. And she might have wondered about that. Why would she push them away and then want to welcome that look on her brother's face?

But she didn't have time to think. Nervously she asked, "Do I look OK?"

Bobby tried to clamp down on the emotions that had already made his dick iron hard. This was his sister. He shouldn't feel this way about her. He shouldn't feel the things he felt for his mother either. Feeling his control slipping, he decided to confess, hoping that Lori would be compelled to throw him out and remove any risk that he might act on those emotions.

"No, you don't look OK," he said, his teeth hard to part in his mouth. "You look fabulous. Lori…I want to do things to you. Maybe I should leave now."

Lori's building emotions continued to push her toward where, an hour ago, she would never have dreamed of going.

"Like what?" she asked, her stomach churning.

Bobby, having a difficult time cutting things off, was lured further by her apparent interest and lack of horror at what he was suggesting.

"Hold you," he said tensely.

"What's wrong with that?" asked his sister. "That's not perverted."

"You're naked," he pointed out.

"No I'm not, I'm wearing panties," she countered.

Bobby's frustration and desire bubbled over.

"I want to suck your luscious titties. I want to lick your pussy! I WANT TO FUCK YOU!" he yelled.

There was a sound in Lori's abdomen, akin to the sound a stomach makes—growling when hunger is strong. But it wasn't Lori's stomach that made that sound. Her pussy got so wet it dripped, soaking the fluff poking from between the edges of the crotchless portion of her panties. Dewey drops collected on the ends of a few of those hairs. Lori flushed, feeling the heat of the blood suffusing her cheeks and neck and chest. She felt fire shooting through her loins and her nipples ached so much she had to reach up and squeeze them both between her thumbs and fingers. The pleasure of that tipped the balance.

"Would you please kiss me first?" she asked softly.

Bobby discovered that the idea of kissing his sister was suddenly appealing in a way that surprised him. She was his sister...and that made it seem odd. But she was a beautiful young woman, too, and that made it attractive to him. Something bloomed in his gut and he found himself anxious to kiss her, wondering what her lips would feel like...taste like. He was so focused on the kiss part that he didn't even process the rest of the insinuation in her question. His autonomic nervous system heard that promise, though, and finished preparing his body for mating.

What happened then was a comedy of errors as both young people crashed into each other, each one trying to do something with their hands and not knowing what to do. Their lips crushed together and, for a few minutes, that was enough. But the feel of her hot breasts through his shirt made Bobby crazy and he pushed her away long enough to rip his own shirt off.

Then they crashed together again, their chests rubbing. Their noses clashed as each one tried to tilt his or her head in the same direction. Then they both switched to the other direction at the same time and their teeth touched, banging. Bobby's hands cupped his sister's butt through the panties and she moaned as he pulled her against his stiff bone.

Bobby groaned as he felt nectar leaking from his cock. "Lori, you don't know what you're doing to meee," he moaned.

"Show me," she whispered. She had never been this excited in her whole short life. She wanted to see everything...feel everything. She was a runaway emotional train with no brakes.

Then they were apart while Bobby frantically pushed down his jeans, kicking off his shoes. Lori held her breath as he thumbed his shorts and pushed them down.

What she saw then shook her to her core. Bobby's prick was, in her opinion, a massive thing, thick and veined, not as long as she thought it might be...blunt looking, like a cardboard roll when the toilet paper is gone, but with pink flesh wrapped tightly around it.

"Oh Bobby," she sighed. Her mind screamed that it would never fit in her, and then argued that nobody said they would even try that, while other parts of her mind couldn't wait to feel that inside her. She almost fragmented mentally with her urge to run and her urge to take that thing into her mouth and hand and pussy.

"Oh Bobby," she sighed again. "Oh please hurry."

She pulled him to her bed, with its pink bedspread covered with cartoon characters, and their legs tangled as she tried to lie down, crawl on the bed and pull him with her all at the same time.

Then he was over her again, and that same feeling of being a mouse under a cat came flashing back into her mind. His head darted to her breasts and she gurgled with the impact of the feeling as he sucked hard on a nipple. Her legs tried to flop open, an automatic Neanderthal reaction as her body begged to be bred, but his leg was in the way and she could only move one leg to the side. He felt her leg hit his and lifted his own and she groaned as she was able to spread her legs, opening herself to be plundered. He shifted to the other nipple and her knees drew up, digging her heels into the bed. She arched her back, driving her pussy up at him, and whined when her thighs hit his waist and she couldn't make it touch anything. Her pussy wanted to be touched...stroked...fucked. With her eyes closed she remembered the look of that huge thing that jutted from the brown hair at the base of it and reached, twisting sideways, groping, trying to find it. She whined again. It was beyond her reach.

"Bobbeeeeeee," she moaned. "I'm on fire."

Bobby had given up trying to control himself, too. His mind, too, was fragmented by the multiple sensations vying for his attention. The feel of her soft naked skin touching him sent electric sensations, almost pain, out from each place they touched. The taste of her nipples threatened to make his head explode. The feel of her legs opening...promising that they wouldn't have to stop...made his prick lurch and drip. Her voice rasped in his brain, like the cry of a child who needs help and who drives you to heroic feats to save her. He pushed up and moved up, knowing his penis would be just above her pussy.

When Bobby moved, Lori's flailing hand found his young manhood. She gripped and pulled, almost savagely, until it nosed into the gap made in the panties for this very reason. It nudged between the petals of her pussy. His motion already started, when Bobby felt that fiery embrace, he pushed savagely, impaling his sister's defenseless pussy in one streaking lunge that took the tip of his cock clear to her womb.

Lori was shocked at the pain. Her body had been telling her this was what she wanted. But his savage, hymen-shredding entry sobered her instantly and she writhed, trying to get away from the invading monster. A scream of agony tore from her lips and her hands scrabbled now at his sides, trying to push him away. It was torture!

Bobby was beyond control, though. His mind registered her anguished cry, but the Neanderthal part of it insisted that this was right—that he must go on. His hips lifted, drawing his prick almost out of his lover and then fell, powering back into her belly. She grunted with the force of it and her fingernails dug painfully into his sides, pushing. He let her push him back up, and the muscles in his abdomen and buttocks clenched, driving him into her again. He heard the squelch of fluids being displaced and the smack of skin hitting skin.

His body set up a repetitive motion, pulling and then slamming back in, pounding the soft body under him, as if he were trying to pound her into submission as she cried out over and over again. Her cries were like music to the Neanderthal’s ears.

Lori couldn't make the pain go away. He was too heavy...too strong. Then her pussy was suddenly empty and she took a breath to shout her relief. That breath blasted out of her as another agonized cry as the monster ravished her pussy a second time. She felt like she was being split open, that she must surely die. Then the pounding began and she got faint as her body jiggled and shook as it was abused.

Then, suddenly, so suddenly that she was taken completely by surprise, a streak of that earlier pleasure shot through her loins. Her vaginal tissues were beginning to adapt...stretch...loosen, and his penis scraped along her engorged clit each time it slammed into her body. Her eyes had been closed, squeezed tightly at the pain, but now they opened wide as more and more of those delicious feelings began to flood her senses once again. Now the balance had tipped and, while there was still pain, it had taken on a new feel, like the pain of worked muscles...a bearable pain...a good pain.

And even that faded away to be replaced by overwhelming feelings of ecstasy that made her lift her hips, like they had before, when they were seeking something to fill her emptiness with. Her hips seemed to know when to do this and soon she was pounding her pussy UP off the bed as his prick slithered into her on his down stroke. She spread her legs wider now and that helped too, allowing him to go deeper than before, where he hit something that made Lori want to scream again, only this time NOT in pain, but in joy!

Lori had felt orgasms before when she used her fingers, and she felt that excitement building inside her. She welcomed it, because that was something familiar, that she knew what to expect from. But it kept building and then built some more until again she thought she'd fly apart if there wasn't some kind of release. She cried out again, thrusting, writhing, trying to reach for that sweet release. Now her fingernails dug into her brother's buttocks as she pulled him into her as deeply as possible.

Bobby too felt the release he so desperately sought begin to build. He gave no thought to letting that release take place outside his sister's pussy. His body drove him single-mindedly to just...get there. And when his balls clenched and he knew it was there, the Neanderthal in him whispered, "Go deep," and he did. He slammed into her one last time and held himself rigid as his balls emptied themselves into the hot, clasping pussy wrapped firmly around his prick.

Lori felt Bobby go stiff. She felt the penis inside her get even larger. Then she felt the rush of heat deep in her belly, right next to the thing she had almost instantly learned she loved to have prodded. That heat surrounded the little thing inside her and her orgasm loosed itself throughout her body.

Again, Bobby heard his sister's now hoarse voice give out an agonized cry, but this one sounded different than the first ones had. This one had the force of unbridled joy supporting it. The part of Bobby's mind that knew, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that he had hurt his sister and hurt her badly...relaxed a little. She couldn't sound that joyful if she was still in pain.

They lay there, gripping each other with muscles that were almost locked. They drew in great gasping breaths of air, which cleared their minds enough to assess what had just happened. Bobby could tell that he was heavy upon her and rolled sideways, holding her, until they were face to face, lying on their sides.

Lori remembered the pain. She knew how severe it had been—how she would have done anything to make it stop. But she couldn't feel that now. And, as he rolled, and his now limp penis pulled out of her, Lori felt the loss…the emptiness...and she knew that she would have to be filled again.

"I love you," she whispered to her brother.

"How could you? I heard your screams," he said.

"That's gone. I don't think that will happen again," she sighed. "It had better not," she added.

"I raped you," he moaned.

"No," she said. She didn't know what that was, but it wasn't rape. Not as far as she was concerned.

"How did this happen?" he whined.

"I don't know," said Lori. "And I don't long as it happens again."

"We can't." He was a little boy again. Now he thought of the consequences. "You'll get pregnant. It will hurt you."

"We'll do something about that," she said soothingly.

"What did we do?" he sounded lost.

"You took my cherry," she whispered. "And I love you for it."

She kissed him until he calmed down enough to know she was being truthful with him.

Lori had walked gingerly for a day or two after that, but no one noticed. It was Lori, in fact, who initiated their second liaison. Bobby had avoided her, still uncomfortable with the wild thing that had taken control of him and changed their lives. But Lori wouldn't be denied. She went to him in his room and badgered him into putting it in her again.

When, this time, the only sounds she made were coos of encouragement and joy, Bobby relaxed. And to their amazement, this time was soft and gentle, almost slow, without the raging passion that had consumed them both in that initial encounter. Bobby went slower, though just as deeply, and it was Lori who began to make him speed up. She had two orgasms before he flushed her full of his seed.

They were hooked.

Just how much they were hooked was shown by the fact that they had been driven to make love in a motel room with their mother only a few feet away.

It had driven them until they had been caught.

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