The Chaperone Blues

by Lubrican

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Chapter Six

Mother and children walked, as there was no other way for them to get back to the motel. It was a strained, silent walk at first. Bobby had told Lori what their mother had said. And Lori had some idea of how Bobby might have heard that comment. She had conflicting feelings about that too. She thought of Bobby as "hers," even though she was his sister. But she knew how Bobby felt about his mother, even if his mother didn't know that.

Claire tried to get things started. "Look, I know what I'm SUPPOSED to think about you two doing what you do together."

She walked on a few steps.

"And I know that you two love each other."

She didn't know how to express her feelings.

"Part of me wants to demand that you stop...but another part of me wants to celebrate your love. And now Chuck suggests that you want to... with me..." She looked at Bobby, who was walking head down. "I don’t know what to do," she said in a defeated voice.

"I told you it was obvious," growled Lori to her brother. "Did you really think nobody would notice how you look at her? How you look"

Bobby looked distinctly uncomfortable. Lori, having a streak of typical teenager in her, decided to just call things as she saw them.

"Bobby has always had a kind of sexual attraction to you, Mom. And that day when we were teasing each other, like I told you before, I sort of transferred that to me...accidentally. But then it was so exciting and I wanted to know what it felt like and we just sort of ended up doing it. But he loves us both, Mom." She looked at her mother to see what the reaction was.

Claire's heart had seized when Lori said Bobby was attracted to her sexually. She'd heard the rest, but hadn't been able to process it.

"That's just CRAZY!" said Claire, but she saw Bobby flinch. "Is that TRUE, Bobby?" she asked.

Bobby too had felt a moment of panic when his sister admitted his secret lust for his mother. But her plaintive question didn't sound like she was disgusted—only like she was seeking independent confirmation of a fact she'd heard but wasn't sure was, in fact, a fact.

Bobby was still on a high from winning the game. That, combined with his feelings for his mother and his sister, and the fact that he hadn't been thrown in the street by Claire, had him on a razor's edge of self control. He stopped and faced his mother.

"OK, yes, I've had dreams about you. It's always been that way. I don't understand it, but it's true. And I never lusted after Lori or anything until that day when all of a sudden I couldn't control myself around her. I know I'm not supposed to feel that way about either of you, but I DO!"

It was obvious he was frustrated.

"And I don't want to change it. Even though I know I should." His voice was anguished.

"But why would you want ME?" said Claire, dazed. "I'm your MOTHER!"

"I know that," said Bobby, sounding even more frustrated. "I can't help it. You're beautiful and I love you. I KNOW that's how I feel. I can't just STOP loving you, even if it's in ways I'm not SUPPOSED to love you."

Claire replayed what she'd said in her head during the game.

"So when I said I'd make you sleep"

"I got crazy," finished Bobby. "The thought of that just made me crazy. I love Lori and we've even talked about being together for life, but I can't help but love you too."

"And that made me jealous," said Lori suddenly. "But I know we're not supposed to do things together too, and you're my mother and I love you too, so I shouldn't be jealous. But I am. I don't know what to think EITHER!" she ended, tears gathering in her eyes.

The whole thing was ludicrous, Claire thought. Her whole world was suddenly just flat crazy. She had strong feelings for a man she'd only known for a week. She'd made wild, passionate love to that man, in violation of every rule she had for herself concerning sex. Her children had been committing incest for months and demanded to be allowed to continue. And NOW, she found out that her son wanted to commit incest with HER too! It was just too much to deal with.

Out of pure self defense, so she didn't just go completely mad, she tried to make some decisions. If she could just make some decisions maybe all this would become manageable.

"I don't think you should sleep with me tonight," she said to Bobby. It didn't come out like the obvious statement it should have been.

But Bobby nodded. He actually looked relieved. "Thanks," he said, confirming the look on his face. "I don't know what I would have done."

"I do," said Lori a little grumpily.

Both mother and brother stared at her.

"Well, I know what he's like! He's hard to resist when he's right there with you!"

Claire thought about how much "resistance" she'd put up with Chuck in the bathroom.

"OK, we'll deal with that problem later," she said. "For now, I'm going to have to let you two...” She couldn't say it out loud. She tried to exert some kind of parental control. "But we HAVE to get you on the pill, Lori."

Claire's doubts about what she'd just said were bombarded by the intense joy that suddenly bloomed on Lori's face. She flung herself at her mother in a tight embrace. "OH THANK YOU, MOMMY!" she squealed. "You don't KNOW how happy that makes me!"

Lori, having some kind of feminine instinct that caused her to push her advantage at the moment, went on.

"And you're going to keep doing it with Coach!" she demanded. "You've needed a man in your life for a long time, Mom, and Coach is wonderful!"

Claire wasn't too impressed with her daughter's characterization of the relationship Claire had with Chuck as "doing it," but she couldn't bring herself to complain out loud.

Then again, she had a sudden urge to "do it" right then and there. Her emotions, already sustained at peak levels for what seemed like days, had been assaulted further by her son's confession that HE wanted to "do it" with her. Rather than contemplate how she felt about THAT, she centered her physical attraction on a man that the world might approve of.

"OK," she heard herself say, not believing she was saying it to her own children.

In all, the rest of the walk was strange too, though not quite as strange as the first part. Decisions had been made, but they were strange decisions, and all three of them knew it. Lori tried to keep the conversation going, making attempts to talk about the game, and the fact that she was still hungry, and even bringing up Claire's desire to redecorate the kitchen back home.

But each topic was strangled by the fact that none of them could think about much except what might...or would...happen in the motel room that night.

When they got to the room things didn't really improve that much. Bobby turned on the TV in an attempt to distract himself, and suggested that maybe they could watch a pay-per-view movie that night. When the menu came up, the first thing on it was a movie called "Brother's Secret Desire." The teaser suggested that "Brother" would enter into a relationship with all the women in his family. It was rated triple X.

More than one person in the room groaned.

When Chuck opened the door and stepped in, he could feel the tense mood. "Well, do I still have a girlfriend and a star player?" he asked jokingly.

Lori, who had been worrying that her mother might reverse her decisions, tried to add to the joke. "Well, you won't be sleeping with me, Coach! At least not tonight."

Her joke fell flat as Bobby and Claire both glared at her.

"Look, I don't want to cause any tension," said Chuck. “If I need to sleep on the bus to make things more comfortable I will."

"NO!" said Claire, before she could even think about it. All three of the others in the room stared at her. Claire made another decision...for the sake of making a decision.

"The sleeping arrangements will not change. Chuck and I are adults. You two are ACTING like adults, so let's just all be adults about this."

Chuck tried once more. "When it comes to being adult...I'm your boy." He grinned.

That time it worked. Lori giggled and Bobby smiled. Claire, still consumed with physical feelings, simply got up, went to Chuck, took him in her arms, and kissed him firmly.

"You'd better not ACT like a boy tonight," she said. She felt a sudden release of tension in her own body as she accepted her sexual feelings and realized that a large part of that release was due to the fact that she could admit her feelings in front of her children.

Suddenly, Claire felt like she could celebrate what she'd stumbled into, even if it was strange and taboo, at least in part.

She turned to her son and daughter. "Wouldn't you two like to go visit some friends or something?" she asked.

To her surprise, Lori stood up. "No," she said. "I think I want to do the same thing YOU want to do right now." She bent over and removed her saddle oxfords, and then her socks. Then she stood up and gripped the hem of her cheerleader's sweater, in preparation for pulling it over her head.

"And, seeing as how we're almost all family here, I'm not going to be shy about it!" said the cheerleader.

Ten seconds later she was standing, dressed only in her sports bra and skirt.

Lori looked at her mother. "Mom, if you don't want Coach looking at me, you'd better do something to distract him."

Chuck was, indeed, looking at one of his cheerleaders. He had the same feelings toward his cheerleaders that any man would...that he suppressed...for his own good and theirs. He turned to Claire.

"Please distract me," he said, making sure Lori was behind him.

Claire stared at him in wonder. Could he really be comfortable with what was about to happen? "Are you sure?" she asked.

The look in his eyes convinced her. "We have a bed check to make in about an hour. Let's start with the beds in this room."

Maybe it was the emotional level of the people in that room. Maybe it was the sudden freedom to do what they all wanted to do. For whatever reason, the awkwardness that SHOULD have made itself felt...didn't.

Lori unashamedly got naked, ignoring her mother and Coach.

Claire, eager to do distract her mind from what was happening, simply began to disrobe, ignoring her children and concentrating on the look in Chuck's eyes as he watched her.

Bobby, unable to discipline his eyes, watched as both his mother and sister got naked. By the time he got his pants off his cock was iron hard and dripping.

Chuck couldn't help but look in the mirror, peeking at Lori as her young body came into view. That, and the knowledge of what was about to happen, made him harder than he'd ever been in his life and his prick bounced in anticipation as he got naked too.

The level of passion in the room was so high that no foreplay was necessary. Both women were ready—physically, emotionally—in all ways, they wanted to be bred. Both men were willing and capable of doing the breeding, and it took place quickly.

Lori, knowing her brother better than Claire knew Chuck, pushed him down so she could control penetration and speed.

Claire wanted Chuck's muscled body over hers, dominating her...TAKING her, so that she could pretend, at some level, that it was HIS idea rather than hers. She was used to being in charge. Right now she wanted to be...taken.

There was a sigh of happiness from Lori and a groan of satisfaction from Bobby as Lori positioned his prick and sank down on it, driving it to her cervix.

Chuck teased Claire by putting the tip of his prick in her gaping, wet slot and then suckling her nipples while he prodded her pussy ever so gently. Claire was impatient, though, and her hands fastened on his hips and pulled with force that was surprising.

"You bastard," she moaned. "Don't do this to me."

"Don't do what, Claire?" asked Chuck.

His sudden removal of his lips to talk was agonizing to Claire's tortured and sensitive nipples.

"FUCK me, you bastard," she groaned.

"Don't fuck you, Claire?" he teased.

"Don't make me beg in front of my children," gasped Claire.

"Oh," he said, returning to her nipples.

Then he powered his cock to HER cervix, in one rushing lunge that took her breath away. By the time she got enough air in her lungs to make noises, he had already withdrawn and pummeled her sopping pussy three times.

Claire shook with the violence of Chuck's thrusts. As firm as they were, her breasts jiggled and flopped, and her legs scissored further open as she made nonsense sounds deep in her throat.

Lori, sitting on her brother's stiff prick, turned her head to watch as her mother was ravaged. Seeing Coach Bondurant's muscled body covering her mother's, his thick cock slicing in and out of her mother's pussy, was so shocking and erotic that she had an orgasm. Her pussy rippled and fluttered as she ground it down on her own stiff thick prick.

Bobby, over-stimulated by the events of the day, turned his head too, and saw Coach doing what he'd dreamed of doing for years. He promptly blasted his sister's pussy full of warm sticky spunk. Her pussy muscles suddenly started milking him, and he lunged upward as his balls emptied into his sister's belly.

Claire was having her own orgasm, also a product of having been horny all day, and suddenly being able to give in to her lust. She hoped, in the middle of that orgasm, that Chuck would go on for hours.

Chuck, of all of them, was possibly the only one in control of his body. The feel of Claire's clasping pussy around his seldom-used tool was so wonderful that he wanted it to last. When she had what was obviously an orgasm under him, he took the time to slide in and rub her clit with the base of his cock, loving the feel of her body welcoming him inside it. Then he set about making that happen again.

Lori felt her brother's seed splashing into her pussy. She was, at once, happy to feel it, and a little sad because she knew he'd get soft and she wasn't ready for him to get soft yet. She sat and rocked, keeping his softening cock firmly in her slot. From experience she knew that he would recover in a few minutes. She could wait. While she waited she watched as Coach did amazing things to her mother.

He went on and on, and Lori could recognize that her mother was having multiple orgasms as her head flailed, her hair flying, and her fists gripped the bed covers that hadn't even been pulled back in their haste to make their sexual joining. Lori couldn't help but wonder what it would feel be under that muscled body, to be stroked for that long.

For the first time in her life Lori was interested in a cock other than her brother's.

Bobby was watching too, and was feeling decidedly inadequate. He had always been able to make his sister squeal with excitement when they made love, but watching his mother being rodded and reamed made him realize that there was a level of control far beyond what he'd been able to develop. He imagined being able to fuck his mother that long...what it would feel like to lie on her full soft breasts as he pounded her like Coach was pounding her. He felt his prick respond to that desire.

He reached up and took control away from Lori by pulling her to him and rolling to pin her.

Lori was caught unawares because she was staring in fascination at the thick slick rod that was pistoning in and out of her mother. She'd been unconsciously rubbing her clitty against her brother's pubic bone and was on the edge of being able to work into an orgasm. Suddenly she was falling and she squawked.

"Bobby!" she yipped, feeling his cock slip out of her. Then she found herself under him as he loomed over her, and his cock, stiff again, was nudging into her pussy. He kissed her hungrily and sucked her nipples, like he had seen his mother's nipples get sucked a few minutes ago.

And then he pounded Lori into submission, bouncing her all over the bed, making her jiggling body slide upwards until her head hit the wall and began bouncing off of it. She complained and he reared backwards, grabbing her hips and pulling her roughly down the bed as he kneed himself backwards. Then he fell on her and began sliding his cock in and out of her in long strokes to match those of the coach. He gave an extra firm push when he bottomed out each time, grinding against Lori's clit and digging deep into the mouth of her womb. She began making appreciative sounds and thrusting back up at him, almost as violently as he was shoving into her.

"OOOommmmmmm I'm cumming, Bobby," she whined. “Cummming soooo goood."

"You should have made me wear a rubber, Lori," he whispered in her ear. "I'm gonna shoot again...gonna knock you up for sure...gonna make a BABY!" he groaned as he thrust into her one last time and his dick pumped his seed into her womb.

Feeling that, and hearing that, made Lori squirm as she wriggled her pussy up at him to get every drop. She didn't want to BE pregnant, but the thought that he might be putting a baby in her belly was SO hot that she loved the idea of the danger involved.

In the next bed Claire had finally had enough orgasms that she'd just gone limp. Her body shook as Chuck knifed into her and all she could do was raise her head occasionally to make her unbelieving eyes see that his cock was STILL hard and STILL stroking her pussy, better than she'd ever had it stroked in her life. She knew that she had to have this again and again. All her reservations about letting him do this were gone. She had never felt like this.

He leaned down and kissed her hard. Then, his lips inches from hers, he spoke in a voice loud enough that everybody in the room could hear.

"This the shower," he panted. "I never got the ask you...are you...on the pill?"

Claire heard the question and all that it implied.

"Nooooooooooo," she moaned.

He panted on. "You want pull... out?"

Claire's mind whirled. When WAS her last period? She couldn't think. She hadn't planned on this! He'd take it out of her if she told him to. She was thrilled that he cared that much.

But her pussy didn't want to be empty.

What if she got pregnant? What if this man...this wonderful man...was in the process of creating life in her womb? Her thoughts flashed to her bed next to her...moaning lustfully as they did exactly what she was doing. If Denny could create two such wonderful children...what would Chuck's be like?

"Noooooooooo," she rasped.

"You know...what this...could mean?" he insisted, shoving in deep.

"Yessssssssssss," she whined. "Cum in meeeeee."

He pulled back one more time and dug deep. She felt his nectar rush forth and saturate the end of her satisfied pussy. She imagined that thick, white, potent seed pouring into her womb...surrounding an egg...

She hugged him to her fiercely, all her remaining energy going into that embrace as he gave her what she now craved.

Both couples cuddled and were very happy doing so when suddenly a loud knock at the door shocked them all rigid.

"Coach?" came a plaintive cry through the door. "Are you in there?"

Claire bolted from the bed, snatching up her clothing, which was lying everywhere where it had been flipped, thrown or tossed. She turned to Lori who had also jumped up, her brother's sperm streaming from her pussy, pushed out by abdominal muscles that had clenched violently as she got up. Her clothes were almost in one pile and she grabbed them. Both women darted for the bathroom.

Chuck calmly got up and pulled on the pants and shirt he'd been wearing all day. He nodded to Bobby and said, "Act asleep," softly. Then he went to the door. Charlie Waters was outside, shifting from foot to foot when Chuck opened the door.

"What's the problem, Charlie?" he asked.

Charlie tried to peer into the room. "Are you alone, Coach?"

"Bobby's trying to sleep. What's the problem, Charlie?" he repeated. He stepped out and let the door close on his hand.

"The problem is we have a chance to take the championship and a few people are going to mess that up for us!" complained Charlie, who was a skinny second string receiver. He'd joined the squad at the insistence of his father, who had played when he was in school. Charlie wasn't cut out for football, though, in his own mind.

"What's going on?" asked Chuck.

"You know the room Frank and them are in?" asked Charlie. That room contained four of his seniors, who had asked to room together, it being their last year playing and all. Chuck had suspected they might have ulterior motives, but let it go.

"Yes," said Chuck.

"Well, Tiffany and Sharon and two other girls are in there with them, and the door's closed, and they're making noises," said Charlie. Tiffany and Sharon were two of the senior cheerleaders. Charlie had had fantasies about them for over a year. The thought of what might be going on in the room overcame his reluctance to be labeled a snitch.

"What kind of noises?" asked Chuck.

"The kind of noises..." started off Charlie. He had been about to say, "like there's SEX going on!" but decided to say, "necking noises." It sounded ridiculous, but Chuck didn't laugh.

"You might get a chance to play yet, Charlie," said Chuck. Two of his star receivers were in that room.

Charlie gulped. His motivation had been to break up the soiling of his fantasies—NOT to actually get on the field.

"I'll take care of it, Charlie," said Chuck, opening the door to go put on his shoes.

Charlie, realizing that what he'd just done might end up with him making a fool of himself on the field in front of the whole school, suddenly decided that the kids in that room needed to be warned. He took off running like the receiver he was.

Claire had the bathroom door open slightly and was peering out through it as Lori pulled her cheerleading outfit back on.

"Mom," she dragged it out, complaining. "Bobby's stuff is going to soak into my uniform!"

Claire looked over her shoulder at her grown up...adolescent daughter. "That's the price you pay when you decide to play," she said tersely. She suddenly thought about her own womb and what might be happening in it right now. She was surprised how little she cared at the moment. That got her thinking about her last period. When she worked it out in her mind she took a deep breath. There probably couldn't have been a worse time for her to get her pussy filled with dangerous sperm than the last two days. She saw Chuck come back in the room and close the door. She went out into the room.

Chuck looked at her and sighed. She had that tousle headed, slightly flushed look of a well-fucked woman. He felt not a little pride, and a desire to continue where they'd left off, but pushed that down.

"Charlie Waters says there's a sex party going on in one of the rooms," he said.

Claire felt panic. "Which room?" she gasped.

"Not this one," he smiled. "We need to go down there. If you take a minute or two to put on your shoes it should be all over by the time we get there. I told Charlie he might have to play. You should have seen the panic on his face."

Claire looked at him with an arched eyebrow.

He smiled sheepishly. "Well, would YOU have wanted to get caught when you were in high school?" He stood up. "Besides, getting there too late will still put a scare into them. They'll know they were almost caught and that will make the rest of the kids less likely to fool around, don't you think?"

In a strange way, Claire thought he made perfect sense.

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