Teasing Niece, Teasing Sister

by Lubrican

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That night Crystal lay in bed, remembering the feeling of her Uncle's lips on her sensitive nipples. She began slowly rubbing two fingers along the slit of her pussy and soon she was hoping for another of those nice orgasms. She thought about how nice it would be to have somebody sucking her nipples while she did this.

She wondered if maybe her brother would do it for her.

Mark was just about ready to pull his PJ bottoms down and whack off. Crystal had sat around watching TV with her babydoll pajamas on tonight and, of course, he'd gotten a hardon from it. Now he was going to get to feel good. With an almost ceremonious movement, he bared his stiff prick. He'd just gotten his hand wrapped around his iron hard cock and jerked it twice when he saw his door opening in the darkness.

"Mark?" came a whisper that he knew was his sister's voice. He stopped jerking and tried to pull his PJs back up without making any noise. His bed creaked though and again Crystal said "Mark? Are you awake?"

"Yeah" he whispered back. "What do you want?"

"I need some help," she said. "It's sort of personal."

Mark wanted to get on with whacking his peter off.

"OK, what?"

She came over to the bed. "First I have to ask you a question. Do you ever masturbate?" Of course she was sure he did, but she had to get him to admit it for her plan to work.

"What kind of question is that?" he asked defensively. "Do you masturbate?!" he said, thinking that would shut her up.

"Yes ... I do." she answered simply. "Do you?"

So much for that idea. But now he was interested in whatever was going on. "Uh .. well sometimes ... yeah, I guess." He didn't know how to answer this kind of question from his sister.

"OK. Now ... is it ever hard for you to cum when you masturbate?" she asked.

This was getting stranger and stranger, but she seemed to be serious so he just answered her.

"No. Sometimes I cum too fast. I mean it feels good and I'd like it to feel good longer, but then I cum and it's over. Crystal, why are you asking me these questions?"

"Something happened today. I had an orgasm and it was an extra nice one. I want to have another one except that I have to have help."

"What do you mean ... help?" he said.

"I need you to ... suck my nipples." she whispered.

"You let somebody suck your nipples?" he said out loud.

"Shhhhh. You'll wake up Mom and Dad." she whispered. "Yes I did and it was fantastic. So will you help me or not?"

This was too good to be true. Mark was going from hoping to get a glimpse of her fabulous teen titties to actually getting to taste them!

"Sure" he said "If you'll help me too. Deal?"

Crystal had thought he might figure that part out, so she said "Sure. Move over," and climbed into bed with her brother. They stretched out and she immediately slid her hand into his PJ bottoms. She'd felt her uncle's erect boner against her butt several times, all hard and bumpy. She'd been curious ever since, about what it would feel like ... in her hand. This one wasn't her uncle's, but she was quite sure it was pretty close.

She wasn't disappointed.

Mark was rock hard and he sucked in a breath as her cool fingertips straggled through the nest of hair around the base of his cock. Then that cool hand found his hot flesh and her fingers wrapped firmly around his rod.

He fumbled with her Baby Dolls and found that she'd removed the bra that went with them. All he had to do was unbutton the single button at the top of the little jacket and he could sweep the thin cloth aside. There, in the moonlight, were her gorgeous breasts. All he could see was dark and light, but the dark tips looked swollen to him.

He leaned over and touched one with the tip of his tongue. Unable to wait, to make it last, he opened his lips and suckled one gently, experimentally.

She moaned "Ohhh yesssssssss" and stuck her free hand in her panties and began strumming her clitty, but she couldn't do that and jack on his cock at the same time. They needed different rhythms.

"Can you finger-fuck me while I do you?" she gasped.

This was getting to be too good to be true as far as Mark was concerned. First he got to taste her titties and now she was going to let him play stinky finger? Her use of the word "finger-fuck" convinced him she wasn't just trying to set him up for something. Nonetheless, his hand went slowly toward her panties, unsurely, not knowing exactly what to do.

Her hand came up and found his and pushed it in her panties. "There ... right there ... feel that little bump? Rub that. Owww not so hard Mark. Yeah, gently, Oh Mark, yes that's it exactly ... oh keep doing that please."

He was so engrossed in fingering her correctly he forgot to suck and her hand pulled him to her chest to remind him. Then he got it all together and sucked and rubbed at the same time. As his finger slid down it found her pussy mouth and slipped in.

"MMmmmmmmm" she moaned.

That sounded promising, so he pushed that finger in further.

"Ohhh yes Mark do that too, yessssssssssss." Without warning her hips bounced up off the bed and she whined.

By instinct he knew she was ready to cum. When he beat off, that was when he whacked harder and faster, so he reasoned he should do that to her too.

He reasoned correctly.

She went off like a cherry bomb as he sucked and nibbled a nipple while thrashing her pussy with his fingers, sliding them in and out and sideways all at once. Her legs stretched open widely as her pussy bucked up at his hand. Her hand on his head crushed him to her breast and he had a hard time breathing. In truth, he was so busy taking care of what she needed, that he hadn't even felt her jerking on his cock.

He remembered as she came down from her high and her hand stopped moving on his penis.

"Don't stop Crystal" he moaned. She started jerking him hard ... too hard and this time it was he who told her to go gently. Finally she found the right combination of speed and pressure and he knew he'd cum any minute.

"Oh yeah Crystal, you're doing that so good .... just a little more ... I'm gonna cum .... I'm gonna shoot!"

Crystal felt the amazing thing in her hand swell and then jerk repeatedly. She couldn't see what was happening, but she felt it as his cum shot up in the air and landed on him, the bed and her. If that felt half as good as her cum had she knew he'd let her do this any time she asked. She slowed down instinctively, stroking him more gently and felt warm wet dribble onto her fingers. For some crazy reason she was tempted to taste that warm stuff.

"So who did you let do that?" asked her brother.

"I can't tell. It's a secret," she said. She knew her Uncle could get in big trouble for messing around with her and she didn't want that to happen. "What I can tell you is that I love him and trust him, so nothing bad is going to happen. I'm sure of that."

It was probably good she said that, because Mark felt some kind of animal passion in his gut at the thought of some guy forcing his sister to do anything even remotely like what they'd just done.

He kissed her lips, not even thinking to ask and she kissed him back, not thinking it was odd. Neither of them thought about it, but they had kissed each other enough times while Crystal "practiced" or "experimented" that kissing now seemed completely normal.

"OK," he said softly.

That night, after returning to her own bed, Crystal thought about what had happened. She knew somehow that she needed to keep her visits to her brother's bed on a ... special ... basis. If she went there a lot, she was quite sure she'd let him do things to her that a brother really shouldn't do to his sister.

She chuckled. Like letting him suck her boobs and stick his finger in her pussy was OK with the world at large.

So, the next morning, when she saw him in the hall, she pushed him against the wall and pressed her body up against his. With her face only an inch from his, she said, "I loved what we did last night, but I don't want to get too used to it, OK?"

Mark had no idea what she was trying to say, but he sure liked being pinned to the wall by her, so he just smiled and nodded his head like a good boy.

Since Crystal wished she could feel her brother's fingers probing her tender pussy and his mouth sucking her sensitive nipples four or five times a day ... she decided that three times a week wasn't "too much." So, twice more that week she waited until everybody's lights were turned out and then slipped into her brother's room. She also decided that flannel pajamas were better then her baby dolls, since they unbuttoned and were soft.

By the time of her third visit that week, she and Mark had learned to make it last quite a long time, with many hot kisses and much tender stroking before he made a mess. The second time, she gave in to her curiosity and tasted what was on her hand after he spurted. She found she liked it and, each time after that, she licked whatever he got on her hands off ... in the dark ... so he wouldn't know she was doing it. She didn't want him to think she was as excited about all this as she really was.

And now she had an idea about what to do to get her next paycheck.

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