The Making of a Gigolo (5) - Jill Trimble

by Lubrican

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Chapter Nine

All three girls were sitting in a row on the bed, as Bobby stood in front of them, his arms folded on his chest. He had no idea how to proceed. At present, Flo and Linda were sedate. Well, Linda was pretty sedate. Flo's eyes were still rolling in her head, and she seemed to have developed a tic, in her left cheek. She was panting like she'd run a mile.

"Can I explain?" asked Bev.

Relieved, Bobby nodded.

"You guys know I turned seventeen," she said. Flo glowered at her. That was obvious. Bev ignored the look. "Mamma says I can go on dates now ... but I don't know how to act."

"You sure don't act like that!" shouted Flo.

"Shut up!" said Bev, calmly. For whatever reason, the older girl subsided, as the younger girl stared at her. "You don't date, Flo. I don't know why, but you don't want to. So as far as I'm concerned, you don't have any idea what you're talking about."

There was a minor uproar, until Bobby calmed the fight. He told Flo to just listen, and Bev to go on. He wasn't having any trouble with Linda, who was sitting there taking it all in.

"Anyway, I know boys will want to do stuff with me ... and want me to do stuff with them. That scares me."

Flo's scowl, for the first time, faded. That was exactly how she felt! It scared her half to death to think about trying to deal with a boy ... alone ... on a date. It just made her petrified.

Bev went on. "So I asked myself where I could find a boy who could help me understand all this stuff ... so I wouldn't feel so stupid about it. Bobby helped Mary, and ..."

"Mary?!" squealed both of the other girls.

"He helped her get ready to get married, so she'd know what to do ... and I caught them ... like you caught us, just now ... so I asked him to teach me some stuff."

"You're going to do that on dates?" whimpered Flo.

"No!" she said. "But I had to know what it feels like, or I might be tempted to let a boy do that ... just so I'd know. I get really curious about things. You guys know that."

"That's true," said Linda, speaking for the first time.

Flo stared at Bobby. "You said you and Bev weren't doing it!" she said, her voice harsh. "You lied to me!"

"We're not ... doing it," said Bobby. "I don't put it in her. She's not ready for that."

"But Mary was," Flo said, dully.

"Yes, she was," said Bobby. "Pretend I'm your brand new husband. It's our wedding night. I want to have sex with you ... right now. Is that going to be fun for you ... right now?"

Both girls shivered. Oddly, Bev did not ... but Bobby missed that.

"Mary would have been just as scared, and she knew that. She asked me for help, and I helped her. That's all that happened. Bev asked me to teach her some things, and show her what things felt like, so her curiosity would be satisfied. That's all that happened."

It was quiet for a while. Finally Linda spoke again.

"Are you gonna teach me stuff too?" Her voice was high pitched, and full of stress.

"Linda, honey," said Bobby soothingly. "I'm not going to ever do anything you don't want. You don't have to do anything at all. They asked me for help. If you don't want it, it won't happen."

"Oh,okay," she said, looking relieved.

"Can we go now?" asked Flo. This was all shaping up just like Mary had said. Now it all made sense, that Mary somehow knew about what Bobby and Bev had been doing in the back of that truck. She didn't really have any new information, except that Bobby was willing to do that disgusting thing, between her legs.

"There's one more thing," said Bev, standing up, and moving to stand by Bobby.


"You have to let Bobby kiss you, before you go."

"Kiss us?" Flo's voice was tight. She remembered the last time Bobby had kissed her. She'd had a hard time getting to sleep. "Why?"

"You found out. You can't go tattle to Mamma. It would ruin everything. So you have to be part of it ... but all you have to do is kiss him ... nothing else."

"I'll do it," said Linda, standing up. She loved kissing. She didn't think kissing Bobby would be that much fun, but she didn't mind. She loved him, after all.

Linda envisioned him leaning down, and her turning her lips up, and a peck. She was unprepared to be taken into his arms, and to have her lips covered by his surprisingly warm ones, or for his tongue to slither between her slack, shocked lips. She was unprepared for her breasts to be pressed to his hard chest, and for this kiss to zing through her, making her feel like she did on the big wooden roller coaster over in Wichita. Basically, Linda's reaction to being kissed by Bobby, was the same as every other woman who had ever kissed him. She went limp in his arms.

He pulled away from her, and helped her stand, shakily. Her eyes were still half closed, and she had a dreamy smile on her face. Flo was looking at her wide-eyed, and there was no little indication of terror on her face. She looked at Bobby.

"Please don't kiss me like that," she moaned.

"It was just a kiss," said Bobby. "No big deal."

"Not abig deal to you, maybe," she whined.

"It's just a little kiss," he said. "I won't grab your butt, or your boobs, or any of that stuff."

Flo was at war with herself again. There was no woman on the planet that could look at Linda, standing there, smiling dreamily, and not come to the conclusion that it had been a fantastic kiss. She didn't want a fantastic kiss. The first one had been nice, but when Bobby had kissed her in the back of the truck, it had been better than nice. She didn't think she could take fantastic.

"I already kissed you," she said, suddenly. "In the pickup, that night ... remember?"

"I kissed you," said Bobby. "You didn't kiss me back."

"Ohhhh, please don't make me do this," she moaned.

He frowned. His arms came down. "If it scares you that much ... okay. I don't want to hurt you, or scare you. I love you too much to do that."

"But she'll be able to tell!" moaned Bev.

"Then she'll tell," he said. "I'm not going to ruin my sister's life by making her kiss me. We'll just have to try to explain it to Mamma."

"But then I won't get my turn," wailed Linda.

"I thought you didn't want a turn," said Bobby.

"Not now!" she moaned. "But I might later!"

"Go on," he said, sadly. "Bev, get dressed. Everybody out. I'm tired."

Out in the hallway there was a major storm brewing.

"You have to ruin everything!" hissed Bev. "You always do!"

"I do not!" said Flo, in defense, even though she was a year older. Bev obviously had way more experience with boys than she did, and that made Flo feel younger, somehow.

"You were all freaked out," said Bev. "And you'll squeal to Mamma. I know you will. Well, if you do, you can just forget about ever talking to me again, because I'll never say another word to you. I'll act like those Quaker people, and act like you don't even exist!"

"I'm not going to tell!" said Flo, her voice harsh.

"Yes you will!" said Bev. "You'll think about it, and never mind that Christy and Charley Bellows actually fuck together! ... You'll get all weirded out and go tell Mamma, and it will ruin everything!"

"I will not!" Flo almost yelled.

"Then go kiss him," said Bev, folding her arms over her breasts. "I dare you!"

Flo didn't think about the fact that Bev's dare didn't make even rudimentary sense, under the circumstances. The purpose for kissing Bobby was so that she couldn't tell on them, because she had done it herself. She'd sworn not to tell anyway, so technically, no kiss was needed. But she didn't think of that. She heard the dare, and her anger and frustration boiled over.

"All right!" she hissed. "Will you shut your mouth then?"

"Yes, I will," said Bev, sweetly.

Flo whirled and stalked back down the hall to Bobby's door. She went through it like she had before, without knocking, and stalked on over to his bed, where he was lying. His arm had been over his eyes but he'd lifted it, to see what the noise of her entry was.

"What?" he asked.

She said nothing, but went to him and leaned over, closing her eyes and pursing her lips. She expected her lips to touch his, but his hands stopped her head.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

She opened her eyes. "Kissing you, so they'll leave me alone!"

"You don't have to kiss me," he said.

"They won't leave me alone," she whined.

"You do not have to kiss me," he said, spacing his words for emphasis.

"Just kiss me and let me go," she moaned in frustration.

He hesitated just a second or two, and then pulled her lips to his. He didn't mash his lips against hers, like he had with Linda. Nor did he push his tongue into her mouth. Instead he gave her a warm, loose-lipped kiss that was tender, and gentle. He moved his lips on hers, breaking the kiss only to reapply it a fraction to the left, or two fractions to the right, making it into ten kisses, all of which were gentle, almost feather light.

Her reaction was a surprise to him, but it completely confounded her. In the middle of it all, she crawled up to lie on him, so it could go on and on. She felt like she was flying, or floating. He tasted good, and he felt good. It was Flo who pressed harder ... more demanding, until she was writhing on top of him, bruising her lips against his. Then he gave her his tongue, and her shocked reaction to that was to lash hers out, and then suck at the tip of his, by instinct.

He finally pushed her up, and she looked wild-eyed at his face, panting hard.

"Thank you," he said softly. "That was a really good kiss."

Like Mary, and then Bev had before her, Flo fled, her emotions in an uproar. Never had she felt anything remotely like what was raging through her body. She didn't understand it, and it scared her to death. She pushed past Bev, who was standing, slack jawed, and Linda, who was paralyzed with shock at what she'd seen.

"Close the door, please," said Bobby softly.

Mirriam drifted up, toward the light. She opened her eyes, and saw Prudence and Ted leaning over her, with anxious expressions on their faces. She hadn't been out long ... maybe fifteen or twenty seconds, and the afterglow of her orgasm was still soaking her body.

"Hi," she said, not sure what had happened.

"Are you okay?" asked Prudence.

"I feel wonderful," said Mirriam. "Why?"

It all rushed back into her memory, and her eyes widened. She sat up. She was naked! They were all naked! He had fucked Prudence! She looked at Prudence, who, other than being stark naked, looked fine. She looked at Ted who, other than being stark naked, looked fine too. In fact, he looked more normal to her eyes now than he had. That's because his penis was hanging, normally, between his legs. It was no longer the bizarre thing it had been when it was being jammed into Prudence's pussy.

"We think you passed out," said Prudence, her voice worried.

"I think I just got over excited," said Mirriam, remembering now how frantically she had been rubbing her pussy.

They hadn't actually eaten ... not really ... and all the activity had made them hungry. They ate in silence, really interested in filling their stomachs. They ate more carefully too, now that they weren't playing. Nonetheless, when Ted was eating a piece of pie, he managed to drop a hunk in his lap. It landed on his penis. He looked up. Both women had been watching him eat. There's something pleasurable to a woman who sees a man enjoying her cooking. Mirriam, in fact, had been thinking about how Joe had always made it obvious that he loved her cooking, and this man was doing the same thing.

"Your turn," said Prudence, who was lying comfortably. She appeared to be completely comfortable being naked, and was sprawled out on the pillows. Her pussy lips were still milky white. "I can't move. I'm stuffed."

"I can't do that," said Mirriam, paling.

"Of course you can," said Prudence. "There's nothing to it."

"I've never done that before," said Mirriam.

"Neither had I, before he taught me. I love doing it now." Prudence sighed.

"How about if I just get the cherry pie off of it?" asked Mirriam, wanting to try this, but not wanting to at the same time.

"That would make me happy," said Ted, smiling.

He lay down, as she crawled over to him. In the process his penis moved, and the chunk of pie actually fell off onto his pubic hair. Still, it was lying right beside his limp penis, when she arrived. She was very cognizant of her cheek rubbing against his penis as she leaned down to suck up the bit of pie. She pushed her cheek against his penis, and it moved.

She sat up, tasting. "That's good pie, Pru," she said. "I need to get me a piece of that."

"I have more!" said Ted, hurriedly. He picked up his unfinished plate, and dumped it on his abdomen.

Mirriam laughed, but gamely leaned down to eat the pie off of him. Again, she was cognizant of his penis lying harmlessly, right there. She lifted her face, which was smeared with pie. Ted pulled her to him, and licked and sucked her face clean. It was like a makeout session, by the time he was done. She looked back at his cock. Slowly, almost like she was trying to sneak up on it, she moved toward it. She stared at it for a few seconds, and then picked it up with two fingers. In disbelief, she stuck her tongue out and touched it to the shiny head.

"Mmmmm," he said, appreciatively.

It looked so harmless, like this, and Mirriam gave it a little wet-lipped kiss on the tip. It swelled in her hand, and she watched, fascinated as it grew thicker. She had never examined Joe's penis. It had always been hard, whenever she'd seen it, and he buried it in her, whenever it was hard. As it began to bend, she kissed the tip again, delighting in how it grew even firmer. She was doing this! She was making it hard again! She felt a surge of lust, and tentatively took the tip between her lips. There was no taste at all. There was a smear of cherry pie on his abdomen, where she'd missed it, and she wiped through it with fingers and spread it over the head, which was now bullet shaped. She closed her mouth over the whole head, and sucked.

She was astonished at how wonderful this thing felt in her mouth ... so smooth ... so firm ... so warm. Within five minutes she was a confirmed cock-sucker, though she didn't think about it like that. It grew again to its full length, bent as if it had been broken and healed badly. She sucked, putting as much of it in her mouth as she could manage. His hands came to play with her pony tail, which was hanging past her cheek.

"Wait!" His voice was tight. His hips had been moving for several minutes.

She pulled off, reluctantly, and looked up at his face. He sat up.

"I want my dessert now," he said.

"What?" she was confused.

"Lie down," he said. "I don't want to dirty up another plate."

She felt vulnerable as she lay down, naked, but relaxed as he brought the pie next to her, and dribbled pieces of it on her breasts, and belly.

She sighed as he ate it off of her, sucking her nipples again, and licking all over her breasts. She sucked in her stomach, as he licked there. He kept going, and she suddenly knew what he intended. He had done this to Prudence, and her cries of joy had been loud and passionate. She felt a stab of fear, at the unknown, but spread her legs anyway.

He paused, smiling gently. "Remember when you said tongues were probably wagging about you two coming out here with me?"

She nodded, panting.

"Well, you're about to get one tongue to wag, at least." He grinned, and then dipped his face between her thighs.

His first touch was so gentle she almost couldn't feel it, as the tip of his tongue split her vulva. Then he probed deeply with it, and she arched her hips, shocked at how it felt. When his lips closed over her clit, the electricity of it made her whine. On those infrequent occasions when she tried to have an orgasm by touching herself, she had to rub herself so hard it almost hurt, but she knew, instinctively, that his mouth would bring her one within a minute or two, if he kept doing this.

He did, and she didn't even realize she had her hands in his hair, pulling him against her. It was a completely different kind of orgasm, too ... sweet, almost painful, and it stole through her body like liquid soaking into a towel. She moaned her complaint when he stopped, and kissed his way up, over her belly, to suck at her breasts again. She didn't realize his penis, again perfectly aligned with the pussy it was nudging into, was pressing into her, until the head slipped past her pussy lips.

His face hovered over hers, and she looked up.

"Please," she whispered, not knowing whether she was begging him not to do it, or begging him to go deeper.

"My pleasure," he whispered, kissing her. His hips lunged forward.

She hadn't had a penis in her in over half a decade. It was devastating.

Neither Mirriam nor Ted were actually aware of the hypothesis of Earnst Grafenberg, the German gynecologist, who, in around 1950, theorized there might be a bundle of nerves, glands and ducts, wrapped around the urethra in a female, associated with the Skene's gland. That bundle of tissues was believed to lie on the other side of the vaginal wall, in the front, about a third, or half way into the vagina. Beginning in 1981 it would be called the "G spot", named after Dr. Grafenberg.

Neither of them was aware that Mirriam had one, or that the peculiar bend in Ted's penis made it the perfect tool to probe and rub that spot, as it slid in and out of her pussy. In truth, before Ted started his new life, the only woman who had felt his bent prick in her pussy was his ex-wife, who, like some women, had no Skene's gland, and therefore, no G spot. He had been wasted on her.

He was not, however, wasted on Mirriam. His prick rubbed her G spot quite nicely, and, within two minutes of him penetrating her, and then sawing his prick in and out of her, Mirriam had her very first orgasm involving that spot she didn't know she had.

She sobbed, laughed and wailed her way through that orgasm, and then begged him never to stop, as his prick started massaging her G spot all over again. By the time he flooded her with the same amount of sperm he had put into Prudence, she had shuddered and writhed through two more of those unbelievably intense orgasms. In her case, however, his prick, once shoved as far into her as he could get it, and from the front position, was a much better seal. Her cervix, stretched by eight babies, was loose to begin with. It's forward facing position, leading to the womb that lay in front of and above it, also accommodated Ted's bend. Basically, the tip of his prick, pressing forward, neatly poked the mucus plug out of her cervix, and his jets of sperm-laced semen pushed it on into her womb, floating on a very dangerous river of potent sexual fluid.

Basically, the shape of Ted's penis was ideal for making a woman very, very happy, and then very, very pregnant.

Bobby noticed that his mother, after her picnic with Prudence and Ted, was visibly brighter for days. She hummed, as she did little tasks, and didn't seem to pay as much attention to where he was going. He assumed she was worrying less too.

That was good, because once Jill had succumbed to his charms, she wanted him as often as possible. Her energetic lovemaking was a joy, and she always cooed and kissed him when he fertilized her.

Even in September, when she informed him she'd missed a period, her ardor was unabated. It was as if she didn't really believe she was actually pregnant, and wanted to make sure.

Jill's relationship with Bobby went on, but this particular portion of Bobby's life has been long in the telling, and we will save the rest of Jill's story for later installments. There is other news too, which will be explored more intimately in later descriptions of Bobby's life.

For now, be relieved, as Tilly and Jake were, that Bobby got her pregnant again in August of that year.

And there was general celebration in the Dalton house when, in September of that year, Mary came to visit her family, and excitedly announced that she was going to have a baby. Married on July tenth, her period should have started on the twenty-first, shortly after she and Fred got back from their honeymoon. She glowed, publicly, about how wonderful the honeymoon had been, and blushed, when her mother said it must have been wonderful if she was pregnant so quickly.

Privately, in the barn, under the auspices of helping Bobby unload and stack chicken feed, she celebrated a little more intimately, demanding that Bobby take her in the hayloft, where she writhed under him as his prick dug deep into her pussy.

"I used almost everything you taught me," she moaned. "Fred and I are so happy, and he is a wonderful lover," she panted, "but I'll always love you too, Bobby."

"And I'll always love you," he groaned, pressing deep to flood her sex with his semen.

As they rested, she told him this wouldn't happen often ... maybe only once or twice a year ... but that sometimes she would still need him in that special way only he could fill her.

Then, because it wouldn't happen often ... she had him fill her again, before she left, to return to her new home.

The End

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