The Making of a Gigolo (5) - Jill Trimble

by Lubrican

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Chapter Six

They lay there, limp, side by side. Less than four minutes had passed since they ran from the bathroom.

"I'm sorry," he panted.

"Why!?" she gasped. It had been the best sex she had ever had in her life.

"I guess I got carried away," he said. "I was a little quick."

She still felt the warmth of his spunk in her belly, and her pussy was still pulsing gently in the immediate after effects of her orgasm.

"I'll let you make it up to me," she said, feeling unbelievably excited at the prospect of anything remotely like that happening again.

"Thank you," he panted.

She wanted to giggle with happiness. She hadn't felt like this for as long as she could remember. She knew it wasn't love. Not in the sense of being in love with him. She loved him for who he was, and for what he had just done, but she had no illusions that it meant anything other than two people sharing something wonderful.

She was suddenly full of energy, even though she was still out of breath. She felt like a whole new world had opened up for her. She rolled, to land against him, lifting to let him slide an arm under her. Her fingers traced over his chest.

"Can I do something?" she asked.

"What?" he responded.

"I've never tasted a man."

"Be my guest," he said.

She scooted down to stare at his prick, which was slick with streaks of milky white. She thought about how that milky white stuff was inside her right now. That had happened many times, but it seemed different, somehow. She had never had the urge to put her mouth on Mark's penis. That was one thing he had ordered her to do that she had refused. He'd gotten angry time and again, sometimes getting up and leaving her, only to come back later and rut in her savagely. She looked at the thing she'd never had an urge to suck, and her mouth watered. Even the streaks of white on it seemed, somehow, to look like something sweet, like pudding.

Her first tentative tastes were with the tip of her tongue. It certainly wasn't pudding. She couldn't taste anything, really, until, with a burst of energy, she sucked the whole limp thing into her mouth. She was amazed that it would all fit, considering that her pussy still felt the now-relaxed strain of being stretched.

Then the taste hit her, a mixture of salt, musk, with just the hint of sweet in it, and an overlaying sense of tangy something. Her cheeks caved in as she surrendered to the natural urge to swallow, as she pulled off to seal her lips so that she could. The taste coated the inside of her cheeks, and she licked her lips. She stared at the penis in front of her. It had thickened a bit, in her estimation, but now it was clean as could be. There were streaks of that white in his pubic hair, at the base of his prick ... dabs of it that glued the hair together.

She sucked him in again, feeling the texture of softness that gave when she pushed her lips against it, but was dense underneath. She sucked, experimentally, and was rewarded with a moan from up where his head was. She turned her head to look at his face, sucking hard to keep him in her mouth, and his eyes were pinned to hers.

"Feels really good," he sighed.

Her cheek felt his balls pressing against it, and she lifted one hand to feel them. Two semi hard little orbs slipped back and forth, as her fingers tried to capture them.

"Easy," he moaned, as she caught one, briefly, and it slipped from her grasp again.

She pulled her mouth off of his penis. It was longer, and thicker still. She gazed curiously at the balls she was feeling, and marveled at the wrinkly sack that held them. Her pussy felt hot and swollen, and there was an ache deep in her belly that demanded she be filled again.

She went back to work on his penis, and within three or four minutes it wouldn't fit in her mouth any more, and she had to shift to sliding her lips up and down its length. Curiously, she grasped it with her hand, pulling off again, to stroke it gently, watching as the skin covered the head, and then peeled back, like a fruit being skinned. The knob was dark, almost purple, and she licked it, feeling the difference in texture. It was smooth and hard, while the skin around it was still soft and pliable.

A clear drop welled up from the little slit in the tip, and she licked at that with the tip of her tongue. It had the musky, salty taste, but so little that she sealed her lips over the tip and sucked, trying to get more to come out. He hissed, and the thing in her hand was suddenly hard as a rock, under the soft skin that sheathed it.

"I want it in me again," she panted.

She waited, for him to move, so she could lie down and spread her legs again. Yet again, he did something she didn't expect. He pulled her up to lie on top of him. His chest felt warm against her breasts, and her long pony tail fell past her cheek to tickle his chest.

Without words, he maneuvered her until she realized he wanted her to sink down on his shaft. He wanted her to be on top! Another new thing, which she had never done with Mark. Everything else new had been fabulous, so she entered into this new thing gladly, with energy, squatting while he held himself up for her. She looked down just as a long drip of thick white drained out of her and drooled all over the tip of his penis. As she lowered lips that were now parted, though not much, she watched in awe as they spread and shoved that thick white down his shaft as that purple knob slid effortlessly into her.

With entirely too much enthusiasm, she gave in to the craving to be full again, and dropped, all at once. She groaned as it felt like a soft spear had penetrated all the way to her stomach, and felt the pain of her cervix being pressed deeper into her body than it wanted to be pressed. She sat and panted, as the nerves in her pussy screamed "Yes!" and clasped the intruding member tightly in a welcoming embrace.

"I feel like I ate a whole cow," she groaned.

She looked at her abdomen, expecting to see it bulging, but it was flat as a board.

It was then, seeing the thick ring of white that almost obliterated her pussy lips, where they were pressed tightly to his messy pubic hair, and her board-flat abdomen, that she remembered her plan of revenge. She was fertile. She was mid cycle. This man's sperm was packed into her, held there by the thick stalk that had injected it there. That flat belly might very well swell, as his baby grew and stretched her skin. As she sat there, looking at the evidence that they were mating, she no longer wished that it would happen for revenge. Instead, she felt a craving deep in her belly ... deeper than he was penetrating ... to be full of life ... to see her belly grow larger and larger ... to feel that life inside her move and roll. Her biology demanded that this mating be fruitful, and, that if it wasn't ... this time ... that she do this again and again until it was.

She looked up his body, past his bulging chest muscles, to his calm face. He was smiling, and it was the most beautiful smile she'd ever seen. She loved that smile, and her pussy muscles clenched to tell her that they loved what was attached to that smile.

Suddenly she was frantic to feel him spurting in her again. Her hips gave a jerk forward, and muscles and gravity brought them back to where they had been. She jerked them again, feeling the thing inside her trying to stay where it was, while her body jerked at it. It felt delicious, and within seconds her hips were almost a blur as they vibrated back and forth. It was all instinctive, and all her concentration was on making that thing inside her pulse again, filling her with heat, like it had just a little while ago.

She felt his hands on her shoulders, pulling, and realized her eyes were closed. She tipped forward from the pressure, and put her own hands on his chest, to take her weight as she leaned. She felt his muscles move, under her hands, and saw him lift his head. She realized his mouth was trying to get to her left nipple, and was instantly at war with herself. That was one thing Mark had been very good at. He sucked her nipples in a way that left her limp, and made her accede to almost everything he ordered her to do. She knew that if Bobby sucked her, she'd cum, and she didn't want to cum. She wanted him to cum.

"Nooooo," she moaned, as her forward-leaning posture brought pressure to bear on her clit, and she felt streaks of joy shoot from there to the nipple his mouth was only inches from.

He was too strong, though, and within the next few seconds she felt the suction, and the orgasm she had known would follow thundered toward her.

"Nooooooooo," she whined, and then she saw stars as he sucked hard and his hands helped her rub her clitty against the root of his imbedded prick.

She heard her voice groaning "Yessssss," as her body betrayed her and her only desire fell away to be replaced by the desire to lie on top of him while her pussy finished washing her insides clean.

There was a moment of terror as she felt her body lifted, and, with a wet squelch, she was suddenly empty.

"Nooooo!" she cried, feeling the world go topsy-turvy as her nerveless body turned, all by itself, somehow, and she felt the impact of the bed strike her back. Then his weight came down on her, like she had originally thought it would, and she was suddenly full again. Her body sang with relief, as she felt her tissues widen, no longer stretched. His long, hard prick fit her perfectly now, with her pussy muscles relaxed. The movement continued as she felt her body bouncing up and down, and she realized that he was pounding her. Her abused clit demanded another orgasm, to soothe it, and she lay helplessly as it thundered through her. She felt as weak as if she was in a flood, and the water was twisting her this way and that, as it carried her to she knew not where. She lay limp, unable to muster the strength even to clutch at him, feeling the first probes of panic that she would lose her mind if this went on much longer.

Then, suddenly, the bouncing stopped, and her glazed eyes focused on his face, hovering above her. His eyes were wide, and his mouth was open. His eyes fluttered and her brain registered a flush of extra warmth in her belly, as his prick swelled and pulsed. His eyes kept fluttering as there were more pulses, and the ball of heat in her belly spread. Her torpor left her instantly, as something very like adrenaline coursed through her.

She clutched at him with clawed fingers, and her legs whipped up to land on the back of his thighs, as her loins pushed upward to accept his gift.

"Oh yessss," she wailed. "Cum in meeeee!"

This was what she had craved more than her own release. This was the balm that soothed her ... made her feel complete. This was what she needed more than anything else she could think of. When his eyes steadied, and his lips came down toward hers, she tried to make their lips meld into one flesh, as she felt even more spurts of life-giving fluid rush into her belly.

Again they lay, side by side. Her legs were tightly closed, to keep his warmth from being lost through pussy lips that were no longer tight, or white. They were full and red, both from being stretched and mauled, and from the passion she still felt wafting through her.

"That was a little better," he sighed.

"I thought I was going to lose my mind!" she panted.

"I'll try to do even better, next time," he said, reaching for her hand, and squeezing it.

Her giggles, followed by laughs, turned into the kind of racking belly laughter that leaves one weak, breathless, and with muscles that hurt. It also defeated her labia, and sperm gushed from her to soak the bed spread beneath her buttocks. Eventually, while he stared at her with a smile on his lips, wondering what was so funny, she got up, made him get up, whipped the bedspread off the bed, to reveal unstained, and dry sheets, and then lay back down, demanding to cuddle.

He stood over her as she lay, so limp that she could barely keep her eyes open. He was dressed in clothing that were damp from the washer. She was lying as if dead, naked. He kissed her gently on the lips.

"I have to go," he said.

"Noooooo," she moaned weakly. She didn't have the strength to keep her legs closed, and could feel one of the two loads of sperm he'd packed into her since she took the bedspread off, beginning to leak from her pussy.

"I have to," he said, smiling. "I can come back another day."

"Every day," she sighed.

"Not every day," he said. "But as often as I can."

"I'm pregnant," she sighed. "I have to be, by now."

"Maybe," he said. "Do you still want to be pregnant?"

"You have no idea," she moaned, beginning to examine the insane urge that had driven her all afternoon.

He got a pillow and stuffed it under her buttocks, raising her pubis to the sky, like an offering to the fertility gods of mythical times. His hand smoothed over her belly, like he was performing some magical rite that would encourage the baby to begin to grow.

"I don't care about Mark anymore," she said softly.

"I know," he said. "That's why we did this."

She rolled her head toward his, weakly. "You're the strangest man I ever met," she whispered.

"I've wanted to leave you like this for years," he said, kissing her again. "Ever since I was in high school."

She smiled. "Thank you. That's quite a compliment. I want you to leave me like this a lot."

"That's quite a compliment too," he said, grinning.

"You have no idea," she said again. Her eyes drifted closed.

By the time he walked out the door, she was asleep. His sperm, instead of draining out of her, drained deeper into her, pooling inside her womb. It wasn’t needed though. Two hours past, an egg, not quite out of her fallopian tube, had already been surrounded and defeated. By the time she woke, refreshed and starved, skipping to the kitchen to eat, naked and sticky with her lover's extra spend coating her inner thighs, the chromosomes in the sperm and egg had merged, and the cell had changed in other ways, becoming, technically, a zygote. By the time, two days later, she put the sheets in the washing machine Bobby had repaired, cell division was taking place. In the time it took her to wash, dry and fold the sheets, that had happened three times. By the time she spread her legs for Bobby again, his baby had already attached to her uterine wall, and was drawing sustenance from her body.

She was still trying to get pregant, and didn't realize that her desperate urge to become a mother had already been fulfilled.

Prudence felt a burst of excitement as Ted pulled up in his 1966 Chevy Nova station wagon. He was picking her up first, since she lived in town. She waited until he knocked, and then handed him her picnic basket and took his offered arm. At the car, he put her basket in with the pile of blankets and pillows in the back. He held the door for her, and watched as she eased into the front passenger seat. She was wearing a pale apricot colored silk blouse, and her hair was in a long French braid, that she had to pull to the side so she wouldn't sit on it. Below the blouse was a skirt that came to just above her knees, and it rose to her thighs as she levered herself into the seat. Her hands pulled at it.

"Oh, please don't," said Ted, grinning as she looked up at him.

"My legs are getting fat," she complained. "I'm running out of things to wear. Mirriam altered this skirt for me, putting a stretch panel in. I feel as big as a horse."

"A thoroughbred, to be sure," he said, the grin still on his face.

He went around and got in the driver's seat.

"I didn't see a swim suit," he said, looking over at her.

"I'm wearing it under this," she said. "Though I am nervous in the extreme about letting you see my huge body in it."

"It is my opinion," he said, starting the car, "that pregnant women are among the most beautiful women in the world."

"I'm still amazed that you'd have anything to do with an unmarried pregnant woman," she said, looking at him.

"Unmarried is the operative word here," he said, pulling away from her house. "If the man who got you this way is so foolish as to abandon you, then he deserves to lose you."

"He didn't abandon me," said Prudence, feeling an urge to defend Bobby. "He simply isn't in a position to claim his baby."

"I have no patience with married men who cheat," said Ted darkly.

"I didn't say he was married," said Prudence.

"I don't understand," said Ted.

"I'm sure you don't," she said. "And your curiosity will have to remain unsatisfied. Just understand that I love this baby, and I love the man who gave him to me. I just can't marry him. That's all."

"So he is still around?" probed Ted, looking ahead, and not at her. "Still in town, I mean?"

"Where are you taking us?" asked Prudence, making it obvious she was finished talking about the father of her baby.

"I went on safari," he said proudly. "I found the loveliest little grassy bank, on a river, the name of which I am ignorant of. The beach is not sand, but it is small stones that won't hurt tender feet, and it is at a point in the river where the water is lazy and looks fairly deep."

"I haven't been swimming in the river since I was a little girl," sighed Prudence. "And the river is the Salt Creek."

"It sure looks like a river to me," said Ted.

"Most of the year it resembles a river, but they called it Salt Creek, for some reason," she said.

They pulled into Mirriam's driveway to see three girls playing catch with a baseball in the yard. One of them ran to the house, and Mirriam had come out, holding her picnic basket by the time he got out of the car. She was wearing shorts and what looked like a man's pullover shirt.

She looked nervous. Her hair was also down, though it was gathered behind her in a thick pony tail. She looked at the pile of blankets and pillows in the car, and then at Prudence, who was grinning.

Ted opened the back door for her. As she got in he said: "I assume you are wearing your swimming suit under your clothes too?"

"Yes," she blushed, clearly uncomfortable.

"Actually, that's good," said Ted, as he got back in and started the car. "All the places that had a changing room were too public, for my tastes."

"What's wrong with being around other people?" asked Mirriam, nervously.

"I know that you ladies are shy," he said. "I wanted you to feel as relaxed as possible, so public places were out."

"Where are we going?" asked the clearly anxious woman.

"You drive," said Prudence to Ted, trying to turn her bulk in the seat to look at Mirriam. "I'll tell her all about it." She saw Mirriam move over in the back seat, so they could make eye contact. "He's taking us to a bend in the Salt Creek. He says he went out and found it on safari." She giggled.

"But we'll be all alone!" said Mirriam.

"There are two of us, and only one of him," said Prudence. "Surely we can handle him."

"I hope so," sighed Ted, turning his face to grin at them.

"Watch the road, Romeo!" barked Prudence.

"Yes Ma'am!" he said loudly. His head snapped back to the front.

"I'm not so sure about this, Prudence," moaned Mirriam.

"What can he do?" asked Prudence. "Even if he throws off his clothes and capers around naked, we've both seen that before. Relax. We're supposed to be having a good time."

Ted stayed silent, staring through the windshield, as he drove along gravel roads, to a gate that had a cattle crossing on it. A sign said "NO TRESSPASSING" in big, black letters.

"We can't go in here!" moaned Mirriam.

"I got permission," said Ted, still looking forward. "Mr. Darwin is on the school board, and he said we were welcome to have a picnic."

"Did he know who you were bringing on this picnic?" asked Prudence.

"As a matter of fact he did. I told him, and he said something about your son, Mirriam, rebuilding his gate, or some such thing, and about what a fine young man he is."

"Really?" Mirriam was delighted. She knew Bobby had done work for Marvin Darwin, but not what it was, or whether it had gone well or not.

"What did he say about me?" asked Prudence.

"He didn't say anything about you, in particular," said Ted. "He just winked at me and said I needed to be careful about biting off more than I might be able to chew."

"You're kidding!" gasped Mirriam.

"That's what he said," said Ted, shrugging his shoulders.

"Ohhhh," moaned Mirriam. "I'll bet tongues are already wagging."

"Probably not yet," said Ted. "But if I'm lucky, maybe they will," he muttered, under his breath.

"What did you say?" It was Mirriam who asked the question, but both women stared at him.

"Pay me no mind," he said. "I'm just all a-flutter to be out with two beautiful women, whose attention I don't have to share."

"But what did you just say?" asked Mirriam, leaning forward.

"I was being shamefully forward," said Ted. "I'm sorry. I shouldn’t have said that. I shall endeavor to treat you like the ladies I'm sure you are."

"But you never told us what you said!"

"Perhaps it will come up later," said Ted. "In the meantime, there's our picnic spot, up ahead. Prepare to have fun, ladies!"

It took ten minutes to unload the car. He'd brought enough blankets for ten people, but laid them out on top of each other, to create a thick foundation up against a big tree that provided shade. Then he piled pillows against the tree.

"For you, Prudence," he said, stepping back. "So you may lean comfortably, as befits your condition."

"How thoughtful," said Prudence, whose back never lasted long when she had to sit without support. She got down on hands and knees, and crawled into the pile, re-piling pillows until she was comfortable.

"I hate to say this," said Ted, as Mirriam sat down by her picnic basket. "You look so comfortable, but we should probably swim before we eat."

"Ohhhh," she moaned. "I suppose you're right."

"I can't go swimming right now!" said Mirriam, clearly agitated.

"Why not?" asked Ted.

"Because I'm nearly naked in my swim suit!" she moaned.

"All we could find at the store were bikinis," said Prudence, her voice wry.

"I knew, as soon as I got up this morning," said Ted, "that it was going to be a glorious day."

"You're not helping," said Prudence.

He grinned. "I can't help it," he said. "This is a dream come true."

"You have no idea what we look like," said Prudence. "I'm huge, and distorted. It looks like I swallowed a pumpkin whole."

"I've already told you how I feel about pregnant women," he said.

"You did?" asked Mirriam, trying to keep the conversation going, so she wouldn't have to get almost naked in front of this disturbing man. She wasn't used to having a man panting after her, and he was very nearly doing that. "When was that?"

"The water is cool," pointed out Ted. "We can talk while we're being cool in it." He was unabashedly interested in seeing the women in their new suits.

"I can't do it," moaned Mirriam.

Prudence, much more used to a man panting after her, screwed up her courage, and started unbuttoning her silk blouse. When it gaped open, she held out her hand, to be helped up. Ted not only helped her up, but slid the blouse off her shoulders for her. He hung it from a branch nearby. Prudence felt ludicrous, with the black stretch panel covering her belly, and the skimpy bikini bra above it, and started pushing the skirt down. Then she ran into the problem she always had, when trying to bend over. Her belly got in the way.

"May I?" asked Ted, his eyes glittering, as he went down on one knee.

"This is embarrassing," sighed Prudence.

"I'm only assisting you," said Ted.

His fingers tugged at the skirt itself, and did not touch her body. It slipped down over her hips, and he caught it as she laid a hand on his shoulder and lifted one foot to step out of it. His eyes were level with her protruding belly.

"Beautiful," he sighed, his eyes caressing it.

"I'm fat," she said.

"You're beautiful," he countered.

He stood, and hung her skirt on another branch. He turned to Mirriam, who was sitting, frozen.

"May I assist you as well?" he asked.

"No ... please," she moaned.

"I want you to be comfortable," he said. "If you ladies would avert your eyes? I didn't have the foresight you did, to wear my suit under my clothing. I have to change into it. I'll try to be quick."

Mirriam's hands flashed to her face, as he unbuckled his belt. He had thrown his suit on one corner of the blanket, as he arranged them. With his belt unbuckled, he unbuttoned his shirt, and shrugged it off.

He was in very good shape, for his age. There wasn't an ounce of fat on him anywhere. Prudence turned her head sideways, but couldn't resist looking out of the corner of her eyes as he dropped his shorts and stood in underwear. Then he turned around, his back to them, and bent over, sliding his underwear down and stepping out of them. Still bent over, he picked up his swim suit, stepped into it, and pulled it up.

When he turned around, Prudence was looking at him again, and Mirriam was peeking between her fingers. He smiled.

"You're peeking," he teased Mirriam.

"What was I supposed to do?" she said, dropping her hands. "I had to keep an eye on you. You might have attacked me!"

"Mirriam," he said, his voice serious. "As delighted as I am to be here with you, and as attractive as I find you, please believe me, you have nothing to fear from me. I'm divorced, and I admit that, as a man, I am very interested in you. I already find my new life, and my new friends delightful, but I can control myself. I would never do anything to threaten you, or make you sad."

"What man asks two women to an outing like this?" moaned Mirriam.

"Well, in the first place, if I might remind you, I was required to take both women, or suffer the fate of getting to be with neither." He smiled. "Besides, I am fascinated with both of you."

"You can't have two women!" she yelped.

"I don't have any women, at present," he said. "I'm just out with two women who make me feel like the man I wish I were."

"But what if something happens?" she asked.

"I hope, with everything that is in me that something does happen," he said, calmly.

"See!?" she moaned. "You say things that make me feel so ... so ... you flirt all the time!"

"I admit it," he said, holding up his hands in surrender.

"You flirt with both of us!" she said.

"Guilty, as charged," he agreed.

"Are you saying, Sir," said Mirriam, doggedly, "that you'd dally with both of us ... if you could?!"

"I confess," he said, still calmly, "that I would ... if I could."

"That's outrageous!"

"Scandalous," he agreed.

"Why would you want that?" she moaned.

"Are you looking for a husband, Mirriam?" he asked.

"No!" she yelled.

"And you?" he turned to Prudence, who was standing there, taking all this in silently. "Do you intend to remarry?"

"No," she said quietly.

"I haven't the faintest idea whether I'll feel the urge to get married again or not," he went on. "But I do feel the urge to be a man, and I do feel the urge to be around you two. I'm not trying to trap you, or abuse you, or break any hearts. I just want to have some fun, with some women who fascinate me, and who I am very interested in getting to know better. If anything of an intimate nature developed, I'd be ecstatic. I admit that. But if it doesn't, and all we do here is swim and eat and talk, I know I'll go home a happy man."

"You brought us here to seduce us!" said Mirriam, her voice a little stronger.

"If possible," he admitted.

"But ... if that doesn't happen ... you'll still be happy?" Mirriam's voice sounded confused.

"I'm happy already," he said. "When was the last time you met a man, and had such a frank and open discussion as this? I find it exhilarating!"

"I'm not used to this," said Mirriam, shaking her head.

"I hope to change all that," said Ted, smiling again. "If you're more comfortable here, then I urge you to stay. I'd like to get wet, though. Prudence?" he asked.

"I wish Mirriam was going with us ... but I'll go." She looked a bit unsteady.

When Bobby got home, his mother was still gone. His three younger sisters were off somewhere, exploring. Linda and Florence were playing chess, and were engrossed in the competition. Bev was reading, but jumped up and followed Bobby to his room.

"Mamma's gone," she said, coyly.

Bobby, who had cum five times in the last four hours, groaned.

"I can't help you right now," he said, thinking automatically about how she loved to rub her pussy along his hard cock. He wasn't sure his cock would get hard again for hours.

"Why not?" she asked, disappointed.

"Never mind," he said. "Just believe me."

"Where have you been?" she asked. Her eyebrows rose. "Have you been with another woman?" Her voice was tight.

"Beverly, you're my sister," he said. "There will always be other women."

"But it's not fair if they get all of you!" she pouted.

"I can use my fingers on you," he sighed. "That's the best I can do."

"Would you lick me and use your finger?" she asked.

"You are horny, aren't you." He grinned.

"I never get to do it in the daytime," she said. "I'm dying."

"Get naked," he said.

Flo lost again. She was furious about it, because it was Bobby's fault. And Beverly's too. When Bobby came in, and Bev followed him like a puppy, Flo knew they were doing something. She was distracted, and Linda beat her easily.

"Another game?" asked her younger sister, excited beyond belief that she had won.

"No," said Flo, her voice surly.

"Oh, come on. That's only like the third time I ever beat you," said Linda.

"Have you ever kissed a boy?" asked Flo, suddenly.

"What?" Linda's face turned red.

"At a dance, or somewhere." said Flo. "Have you?"

"Why do you want to know?" asked Linda, hedging.

At fifteen, Linda's body, which she obviously got from Mamma, was riper and lusher than Flo's, which was decidedly on the tomboy side of things. Linda wore bigger bras, and if Flo tried to wear her pants, they slid off her hips, unless she used a belt. Flo kept an eye on all her sisters, at school, or wherever they were. At the 4th of July celebration, Linda had vanished for about half an hour. She popped back up, and, when asked where she'd been, had said "Oh, around." Later, she had been eating watermelon, standing next to Jimmy Sykes. It had been obvious that they were trying not to look at each other, but they didn't move apart either.

"Just tell me!" ordered Flo.

"Is this a private conversation?" asked Linda, carefully.

"If you mean, am I going to tell Mamma about it ... no." said Flo, almost agitated now.

"Yes," said Linda.

Flo blinked. She would have said "No," if someone asked her if she thought Linda had kissed a boy.

"How many times?" she asked.

"Why are you asking me this?" said Linda, beginning to get upset.

"I'm seventeen, and I've been kissed twice," said Flo.

"Really?" Linda leaned toward her. "Who?"

"Joey Stevens," said Flo.

"He only kissed you twice?" Linda sounded incredulous.

"No, he kissed me once. Another boy kissed me once too."


"I can't tell you." Flo tried to make it obvious that this wasn't open for discussion.

Linda didn't seem to care. "Gosh, I've been kissed lots of times!"

"How many?" asked Flo.

"I don't know ... It's hard to say. Some of them were longer than others." Linda seemed confused.

"Who were they?" asked Flo.

"Who kissed me?" asked Linda.

"Yes!" Flo gritted her teeth. Linda was the ditzy one in the family, the one who, if she was blond, would act like it.

Linda named four boys. One of them was the boy Flo had seen her with at the 4th of July celebration. None of them were Bobby.

"Did any of them ever touch you?" asked Flo. "You know ... like private places?"

Linda looked shocked. "No way!" she gasped.

Flo was of the opinion that Linda couldn't keep a secret from her. She was too easy to read.

"I have to ask you one more question," said Flo. "It might sound strange, but I have to ask."

"Okay," said Linda.

"Has Bobby ever kissed you?"

"On the lips?" Linda's voice rose an octave.

"Yes," said Flo.

Linda's breath rushed on in a breathy "No!" and her eyes got wide. Then she showed that she wasn't a complete ditz. "Why? Did he kiss you on the lips?"

Flo wished she hadn't said anything now. Now she was stuck. She'd asked for the truth from her sister, and they had an unofficial oath that they'd never lie to each other.

She told Linda what had happened in the back of the truck. She didn't tell her what Bev had done, or what Mary had talked about.

"Wow!" said Linda. "What was it like?"

"What do you mean, what was it like?" said Flo. "He's my brother!"

"I know, but he's so dreamy," moaned Linda.

"Would you let him kiss you?" asked Flo, feeling flutters in her stomach.

"I don't know ... maybe," said Linda.

"I think he's been kissing Bev too," said Flo.

"Really?" Linda appeared to be in thought. "I got up to go to the bathroom one night, and Bev wasn't in bed. She wasn't in the bathroom either. I wondered where she was. Maybe she was kissing Bobby then."

"Why didn't you go find her?" asked Flo, incredulous.

"I was sleepy," said Linda. "I went back to bed."

"I bet she's kissing him right now," said Flo.

"Really?" asked Linda. "Let's go see!" She sounded excited.

"I don't want to see him kissing Bev," snorted Flo.

"I do!" said Linda.

"Why!?" Flo asked, astonished.

"Kissing always makes me feel all squishy inside," said Linda. "I love to do it. It's scary too, though."

Flo understood that. Her kiss with Joey hadn't been scary. It had been interesting, and nice. When Bobby had kissed her it had been scary, not because of the fact that it was Bobby, but because of how it made her feel. It made her want to do it again. She'd never felt that before, and it had bothered her ever since. Now, here was Linda, blithely saying she might want to kiss Bobby too. Was this whole family crazy? No, that couldn't be. Other girls kissed their brothers too. She knew that. They even had sex with their brothers, if Christy Bellows could be believed. And Flo had believed Christy.

Linda was standing there, impatiently waiting for her older sister. Against her better judgment, Flo got up, and followed Linda, who crept along like she was a hunter, tracking game.

"Oh, just go open the door!" snarled Flo, pushing past her.

Bobby's door was, in fact, closed. Thinking that the worst she would see was Bobby kissing Bev, she turned the knob and threw the door open.

What she saw rocked her to her core.

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