The Making of a Gigolo (12) - Janet Griswold

by Lubrican

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Chapter Seven

Just as the girls had kept some secrets from each other in the past, concerning Chuck, Matilda kept a secret from Betty on this night too.  She didn't tell her sister that ... all things considered ... it wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

She rolled the rubber onto his straining penis herself, having read the directions at least a dozen times.  She didn't understand what that little extra thing at the tip was for, so she just ignored it, using her fingernails to get the slippery thing down onto his cock.  Once sheathed in rubber, it didn't look nearly as interesting.

It didn't feel all that interesting either.

Of course the majority of that was because Chuck, once he adjusted to the fact that he was actually going to get his dick in her, was almost beside himself with giddy joy.  That giddy joy translated to an ejaculation that came exactly forty-three seconds after he felt Matilda's clasping heat through the extra sensitive layer separating his sperm from Matilda's egg. Nobody was timing it, of course, but that's how long it was.

Like most young men, he was unaware of his partner's level of ... accomplishment.

She did like the feel of being stretched and filled.  That was very nice, once the initial discomfort of being a little too stretched and filled was gone.  But, about the time she started enjoying things, he gave a sighing groan, and completed a ritual of manhood by cumming with his dick in a girl for the first time in his life.

Of course he thought he had done a masterful job.

"Wow that was great!" he panted.   He was right too.  It was great ... for him.

Matilda, as so many young women do when their first complete sexual encounter is found to be much less satisfying than she had dreamed it would be ... basically kept quiet.   She wasn't all that sure how great it was supposed to be, and therefore couldn't really gauge how well it had actually gone.    

They went back into the girls' room, where Betty was, in fact, working on a homework project for social studies.  When Betty looked up, her eyes went to her sister's face, where Matilda had pasted a smile.  She had, after all, gotten fucked, which had been the goal.

Not having known what to do with the rubber, Chuck had simply left it on, dressing quickly.  Now, as his penis completed softening, the movement of his clothing dragged it off his penis.  There was a scurry of activity as the mess was dealt with.   He unzipped his pants, exposing the mess, which the girls simply dealt with as if they had jerked him off.

Twenty minutes later, after being teased into another erection by Betty, Chuck proudly followed her to the same room, where basically the same thing took place, except for the preliminary talk.  Betty sheathed his stiff penis and he climbed aboard.

For Betty, perhaps because he had cum such a short time past, it was a little better, roughly twice as long, in fact.  She actually felt the beginnings of something perilously close to what could be almost called an orgasm.  Then his groaning sigh announced they were done.  Like her sister, she wasn't at all sure whether things had gone well or not, and didn't want to risk being made fun of by asking a stupid question, such as, "Was that good for you?  Cause it wasn't all that great for me, and I was just wondering ... is that all there is?"

To cut to the chase, a very satisfied and pumped up Chuck went home grinning like the Cheshire Cat, leaving behind two relatively unsatisfied and disillusioned girlfriends.

Had the girls talked, in their usual fashion, they probably would have come to the conclusion that this sex thing needed some serious working on, so that it would be much better than it had been.  If they'd had the opportunity to lose their virginities together, watching each other, the same thing might possibly have happened.

But, because they had done this thing separately, they kept it separate, as odd as that may seem.  

Things were actually made worse because, three weeks later, when they tried it again, they had to try it in the back seat of Chuck's car, with the heater running full blast.   The girls were together, this time, with one in the front, and the other in the back.   When what happened to the other twin matched, pretty much, what had happened to the one watching, the misinformation that, "I guess this is all there is" was perpetrated.   Neither had any clue that Chuck was popping off way too fast, with way too little attention to his partners.

By April, Janet was as addicted to Bobby as all the other women had been.  Having a normal, regular, passionate lover had affected her to a degree she couldn't believe.   She was quite sure that Bobby was special, but she was also sure that he wasn't unique, among men.

That gave her hope that she could meet another man like Bobby.

That she didn't consider Bobby "a keeper" was based on somewhat complicated emotions.  Bobby had seen her at her worst; bawling, fearful, and completely unhinged.   She loved him for not reminding her of that, but could not get it out of her mind that he had seen her that way.  At the same time, what he was giving her was more than enough to keep her happy.  Still, she was aware on some level, that some day Bobby might not be there anymore.  It wasn't that she thought he'd leave her high and dry.  It was more like some other woman might decide he was a keeper, and such a woman might not appreciate him paying attention to other women.

In any case, as May loomed, and the suggestion that winter was finally over for sure began to fill the air, Janet looked at the men around her in a very different way than she had just a few months ago.

Twice she picked up the phone to call and make a doctor's appointment, to get a prescription for the pill.  The first time, she was put on hold, and eventually hung up, because she had to go to work.  The second time, the phone on the other end was ringing, when her doorbell chimed.

She hung up, because she knew it was Bobby at the door.

That afternoon, as Janet Griswold lay panting under Bobby, thrusting up onto his spurting prick, she got pregnant.   He gave her three doses of warm baby-making sperm that afternoon, and she loved every one of them, as orgasms danced all around her body.

They say some women can tell.  It isn't scientific.  At least there isn't any scientific evidence to bear it out.  But the fact is that there are small changes in a woman's body immediately upon conception.  Whether it's hormonal, or whatever, some women can just tell.

She felt so fabulous when she got to work that, somehow, she knew.

In May, the twins graduated, along with their boyfriend, Chuck Cunningham.   It was pretty common knowledge that both of them were "his girlfriend", and that, whenever he took one of them out, the other went along too.  Rumor was rife about what happened on those dates.  The girls weren't talking, and nobody believed Chuck's boasting version of the events. Stuff like that only happened between the lines in Playboy magazine.

Since losing their virginities to him, the girls had allowed only two more episodes of intercourse.   To be brutally honest, that's because they had more fun with him when it was only his fingers that probed their pussies.

Chuck, of course, was not happy.   He didn't care if he had to use a rubber.  He just wanted to hump and spurt.  That he got to do it with two girls, instead of only one, was just frosting on the cake.

All graduation ceremonies are called "commencement".  An unending stream of valedictorians and commencement speakers have, for time immemorial, explained this to the graduating classes in America.  Maybe elsewhere too.  Who knows?   They all say this isn't an ending ... it's a beginning.

In the case of the graduating class of Granger High, in the spring of 1975, it was a beginning, at least for Chuck and the twins.  Ironically, it was the beginning of the end.

Chuck took them out that night, and wanted to fuck them to celebrate.  Neither girl had procured any rubbers for the occasion.  You could only sneak into the men's bathroom so many times before somebody was going to catch you, and the last thing you wanted, in those days, was for someone to call up your mother and say something like "You know, I saw your daughter sneaking into the men's room at the Apco station tonight.  She had a fist full of quarters when she went in and a fist full of prophylactics when she came out."

So, when neither girl would "put out", as Chuck thought of it, he got mad.   He pulled out what he thought of as his "ace in the hole," and threatened them.

"You know there have to be at least five or six girls who would love to have my dick in them tonight!" he warned.  "Maybe I should just go find one of them!"

The reason Chuck couldn't tell the Dalton twins apart was because he never took the time to get to know them.  Had he done so, he would have known that all the Dalton girls were as stubborn as the day is long, and as independent as their mother was.

"Maybe you should!" came the response, in tandem.

Chuck, like most young men, wasn't aware that sometimes when a woman makes up her mind about something, she does it in a split second.  She may do this for reasons that she may not be interested in talking about.  Some women, when they make up their minds, assume that their new attitude about things is the only possible attitude.  He had no idea that he had crossed an invisible line with his threat and that, just like that, he was no long attractive to either of the twins.  He found out when the date abruptly ended, despite his pleading attempts to backpedal.

Thus it was that as summer beckoned, the twins were without a man.

There is an interesting side note to the fact that Chuck did not get laid that night.  In fact, Chuck didn't get laid until he got to college the following September.  Then he didn't get laid for another month.  After that, he didn't get laid at all.  Girls in college apparently communicate with each other a lot more than most people think they do, and Chuck's reputation wasn't attractive to any of them either.

As for the twins ... well, that comes later.

Another momentous event in June occurred when Paul came home from college to work for his father for the summer.  He and Linda were both surprised when Paul's parents presented them with keys to a very small house that they had rented for them.   That it was very small made no difference to the happy couple.  At last they could have their own place, and set up house, and be alone together with their baby.

It made things a lot quieter at the Dalton house too.

On the seventeenth of June, Felicity Chumley had another baby boy, with coal black hair.   Bobby was replacing shingles on a roof when Annie finally found him.   She had called the house and, when no one had answered the phone, had driven there to find him.   As it turned out, the twins, the only ones there, were cooking out, which was why no one had answered the phone.   They didn't know where he was, but they knew where their mother was, and called her to get the information.  They went with Annie, out of pure curiosity.

They watched, curiously, when Bobby came down from the roof and was engulfed in a very friendly hug by Annie.  There followed an even friendlier kiss, while she told him what was happening.

There was no rain threatening, so he took a break and went to see his latest son.   Chester shook his hand when he arrived, heedless of the fact that it was dirty.

"We named this one after me!" the old man actually giggled, hugging Bobby briefly.  "How about that?!"

Through it all, Matilda and Betty just stood beside Annie, puzzled, and watched.

Seeing Chester and Annie's friendship with their brother was one of the things that woke the twins up to the fact that there was a lot going on that they had been previously ignorant of.   The little world they had lived in together, and which they hadn't really looked outside of very much, began to expand further.  

Once they started paying attention, it expanded rapidkly.

They had worked part time at Renee's childcare center ever since it had been open.  They had, in fact, been responsible for getting her first customers.   Renee had been trying to spend more time on the educational side of her business, and after they graduated, when she asked the twins to go full time, they accepted.   

It was then that they realized how often their big brother came to see Renee ... and how often he had no obvious purpose for doing so.  They'd seen him there, of course, in earlier times, and hadn't thought much of it.   He had, after all, supervised the construction of the center.   Now that they were there more than a few hours a week, though, they saw him every other day or so.    He spent a lot of time with the children too.  They had never thought of Bobby as being all that interested in little kids.

At first they thought he might be trying to get Renee to be his girlfriend.  One of the things they were aware of was that Bobby had no "girlfriend".    The problem was that whenever Bobby was there, and other women came to drop off or pick up their children, they were often just as friendly with Bobby as Annie had been.  Hugs and kisses were almost routine for their big brother.  And these weren't just polite hugs, and quick kisses, either.

They had never really given much thought to where Bobby went, or what Bobby did.  Now, though, as their curiosity was piqued, they began to pay much closer attention.

Then Mirriam announced the first of the summer cookouts.  This was something the twins had never paid much attention to either.  Now, though, they thought about it, as they looked at the yard full of people.   Those picnics had started a couple of years back, and, for the first time, the twins noted that a lot of the same women showed up at them, who brought children to the childcare center, and who hugged and kissed their big brother a lot.

Their mother also seemed to be very happy to see all those children.

It was one more thing that the twins filed away in minds that were increasingly curious now.

The 4th of July celebration in Granger, that year, was unique, in one sense.  That was because the rows of tables which, for years, had been unofficially separated into two groups, seemed to get all mixed up.

The older women in town, who considered themselves to be a cut above the rest morally, still gathered together at their traditional tables.  At first, anyway.   The problem was that the other side wasn't big enough anymore.  There had been an influx of people who decided to sit with Mirriam, Prudence, Mable and the whole crowd of women who were divorced, had had children out of wedlock, or were otherwise considered "loose" by some in town.   In fact, there was now an equilibrium, of sorts, and the stalwart and stiff matrons of the town, who visualized themselves as holding back the tide of immorality in Granger, suddenly found there were as many loose women in town as there were protectors of virtue.

It didn't help that all the children didn't care a whit whether their playmates had only one, or two parents.  Worse, there were couples everywhere, made up of teenagers, who were obviously engaged in a mating ritual that was as old as time.  The girls giggled and blushed and looked at each other, while the boys postured and pranced and held lit firecrackers, throwing them at the last possible second before they exploded.

The food was good.  The carnival was good.  The atmosphere was good.  Everybody was having a great time, with the possible exception of those stiff and proper ladies, who refused to sit at the same table with blatant sinners.

Bobby was sitting beside Renee, who was fairly bursting with the baby that seemed to turn and twist inside her constantly these days.  She was wearing a dress that smoothed tightly over her bulging belly, and the fabric of that dress moved frequently as the baby inside moved.

When the music started, Bobby stood up and asked his mother to dance.   Then he danced with Prudence, and Jill after that.  Jill pressed close to him as they danced.

"We just dodged a bullet," she said into Bobby's shoulder.


"My period was supposed to start last week," she said.

She looked up, and couldn't miss the hopeful happiness in Bobby's eyes.

"I started this morning, though," she added.

"Oh."  She could also hear the faint disappointment in his voice.

"You'd like it if you got me pregnant again, wouldn't you," she said, only half teasing.

"Of course I would," he admitted.

Jill hugged him closer, and kissed his shoulder.

Just then Bobby felt a tap on his shoulder.  He turned to see Sal, standing there, looking faintly uncomfortable.

"Can I cut in?" he asked.

"Sal!" said Jill.  "I haven't seen you for ages!"

She let go of Bobby, who stepped back and let Sal take over.   He moved away from them, thinking to ask Renee if she wanted to dance, and didn't hear the conversation he left behind.

"You haven't seen me because you never come to the diner anymore," said Sal, dancing somewhat awkwardly.  He was ten years older than Jill and, as far as she knew, had no real social life.

"I've been so busy with the photo studio," she said, looking at him.

"I miss you," said Sal, his face darkening.

"Why Sal, if I didn't know better, I'd think you were flirting with me," said Jill, smiling.

"What if I am?" he asked, defensively.

"Awwww," sighed Jill.  "I miss you too.  You always were a nice guy."

"Nice guys finish last," muttered Sal darkly.

"I didn't know you were in a race," she teased.

"When you left, I realized that the diner was my whole life," said Sal, seriously.   "I'm not so sure that's a good thing anymore."  He looked at his former waitress.  "I realized that part of why I liked coming to work was that you were there."   His eyes darted away.  He was obviously very nervous about having said that.

"Thank you," said Jill softly.  "I didn't think you ever noticed me ... I mean other than as your waitress."

"You've got to be kidding," he said.  "I used to stare at you so much I burned the food."

"You never served burnt food in your life, you silly man," said Jill, smiling.

The song ended, and they parted, standing there, looking at each other.

"Thanks for dancing with me," he said, with an embarrassed look on his face.  

Jill stared at him a little longer.  He wasn't a handsome man.  He had a receding hairline, and he ate a little too much of his own good cooking.  But he had a good heart.  She knew that, because she had seen him in his every-day persona, which was admirable.  Sal had always been ... well ... Sal.   At first he was her boss.   Then, as that had become a partnership, things had just flowed.   She hadn't liked being a waitress, but that was only because her feet hurt, and sometimes customers were impossible to satisfy.  But she'd always felt fortunate for having a boss like Sal.

"I might dance with you again," she said.   "If you asked me again," she added.

The look on his face reminded her of the look on Bobby's face, when she told him she'd been late on her period.  There was joy, and hope on Sal's face.   She hadn't looked past Bobby for fulfillment on an interpersonal basis.  She was divorced, and had had a baby out of wedlock.  Men weren't interested in that kind of woman ... not for anything other than quick sex.  Sal was the first man to ask her to dance in years.

An hour later, Sal slumped down in a chair across the table from Prudence.   He and Jill had danced every dance since he cut in on Bobby, and he was worn out.  Jill brought him a piece of pie.

"I expect a good tip out of you, buster," she said, setting the plate in front of him.

Four days later, Renee's water broke at eleven in the morning, while she was at work.    Matilda drove her to the hospital, while Betty stayed at the childcare center.  First, Betty called Rhonda, to come in for an extra shift.  

Then, based on Renee's fevered "Call Bobby!  Tell him I've gone into labor!" Betty called home.   Mirriam answered.

"Renee went into labor!" said Betty.  "She wanted me to find Bobby and tell him.  Is he there?"

"No," said Mirriam.  "I'll take care of everything."

Betty hung up and set about making sure the children were still fine.  She had her hands full until Rhonda got there.

After that, she thought about her big brother ... and his relationship with Renee some more.

Matilda went into the labor room with Renee.  This was the first time to be in this situation for both of them, and both were nervous and scared.   

Matilda felt much better when her mother arrived, and shooed her out, telling her to go back to work.

Back at Renee's childcare center, the topic of conversation was obvious.   Neither twin had been present when a woman's water broke, so that was discussed (and cleaned up).  Then the fact that the first person Renee had asked for was Bobby came up.

Rhonda was taking care of the babies, while the twins played with the older children and kept them busy.

"Why do you think the first person she asked for was Bobby?" asked Betty.

"I've been thinking about that," said Matilda.  "She kisses him sometimes."

"Lots of women kiss him," said Betty, breaking up an argument over a toy.

"Have you ever noticed that the women who kiss him all have babies?"

Betty stood up.  The innuendo in Matilda's voiced made her meaning obvious. Betty frowned, trying to remember all the times she'd seen a woman hug or kiss Bobby.  Two of the women she thought of were Mary and Bev.  She shook her head.

"It can't be that," said Betty.  "Not with them all."

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