The Making of a Gigolo (12) - Janet Griswold

by Lubrican

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Chapter Two

It was late when he got her back home. He walked her to the door, at which point she was nervous again.

"I'm not going to try to kiss you good night," he said, joking.

"Thank you," she said, perfectly serious.

"I would like to spend some more time with you, though," he said.

"You already spent the three hours with me," she pointed out.

"I decided to donate that time," he said, grinning. "Rhonda's time hasn't started yet."

She looked at him. "You just want to get in my pants," she accused.

"That thought has occurred to me," he teased. Then he got serious. "But if that never happens, then that never happens. I can live with that. I just want to know, at some point, that you're comfortable being around a man who finds you very attractive, and would get in your pants if he could."

"You're a very strange man," she said.

"Nope," he said. "I'm normal in every way. That's what I want you to understand. I want you to understand there are perfectly nice, perfectly harmless, perfectly normal men out there that you don't have to be afraid of."

"You make it sound like you're on a mission," she said.

"Maybe I am," he responded.

An hour later, Janet lay in bed, thinking about the evening. She didn't feel nervous now. But then, he was gone. He had looked so big, standing there. He had such big, strong hands ... hands that could hurt her. Her conscious mind told her he'd never do that, but it was impossible to just abandon the caution she'd built into a wall between her and men in general.

Maybe she could put a door in that wall ... a very small door ... that somehow, only Bobby Dalton could come through ... just to talk, of course. She'd really liked talking, even though she'd told him some very private things. She was pretty sure she could trust him not to blab that around. She could trust him that far, at least. And he had spent all that time with her, without trying anything. She had never had that kind of conversation with a man ... a conversation in which he said he wanted her ... as a woman ... but then didn't push it ... didn't force it ... didn't demand it.

The woman in her loved that honest attention. Men looked at her in the grocery store all the time. She was aware of that. She knew what they were thinking, as they stared at her breasts instead of her face. They weren't honest about it, though. They made polite conversation, as if they weren't thinking about her breasts. It was one of the reasons she didn't trust men.

Her conscious mind made a decision, there in the dark. She'd give Bobby a chance ... let him see her again. She'd be very careful, but she'd explore this different kind of man a little more. Not that she'd do anything with him. Just more talking, maybe. Yes ... that might be nice. She'd trust him ... just a little ... while still being careful.

She was wondering what the next time would be like as she drifted off to sleep.

Janet should have known that Rhonda would be eager to find out how things went. If she'd thought back to when she'd hired Bobby for Rhonda, she might have remembered how curious she was about Rhonda's experience with Bobby.

What was ironic about it was that she did exactly what Rhonda had done, though not because she was coached by Bobby.

When Rhonda called the next morning, and squealed "Well, how was it?!" Janet lied.

"He's quite a man," she said.

"Isn't he though?" sighed Rhonda. "I always love being with him. Was he gentle with you?"

"Of course," said Janet.

"What did he do?" asked her friend, wondering if he always treated every woman like he treated her.

"Oh, the usual things," said Janet, who had almost forgotten what "the usual things" were.

It was that that undid her. She didn't sound either excited or convincing.

"Such as," asked Rhonda, her voice different, with less enthusiasm and more suspicion.

"Oh, you know," said Janet, trying to think about doing something with Bobby and not panic at the same time.

"No, that's why I'm asking you," said Rhonda, suspicion heavy in her voice.

"Like he does with you," said Janet, feeling a different kind of panic.

"You didn't let him, did you." said Rhonda. It was a statement, rather than a question.

"Of course I did," said Janet.

"Don't you lie to me!" barked Rhonda. "What happened? If he treated you badly, I'll skin him alive!"

"No!" said Janet. "It just didn't work out, that's all. He didn't do anything wrong."

"It was your birthday present!" objected Rhonda. "It was supposed to make you happy!"

"We had a good time," said Janet. "We went and got burgers in Wichita."

"You went to Wichita?!" howled Rhonda, "Instead of getting laid by the best lover this side of the Mississippi?!"

"Don't yell at me!" yelled Janet. "I told you it just didn't work out. It was just a first date, okay? I'm going to see him again! Calm down!"

"How can I calm down when I got my best friend the best birthday present I could think of, and she didn't even open it?!"

"Please don't push me," moaned Janet. "We talked last night, and it was really nice. I'm going to see him again. Maybe something will happen."

"Janet, I paid him to have sex with you!" said Rhonda, her voice harsh. "If he didn't have sex with you, it was because he prevented it."

"I know that," said Janet. "And I appreciate what you did for me, really I do. I just got nervous, that's all."

"I was nervous too," said Rhonda, suddenly remembering that first night with Bobby. She had chickened out too, come to think of it. "Okay, I know how you felt. I'd forgotten that part. It's okay. You said you're going to see him again?"

"Yes," said Janet.

"Okay," said her best friend. "That's good enough for me. I have faith in him."

"What about me?" asked Janet, somewhat perturbed.

"I have faith that Bobby will do whatever it is you need," said Rhonda. "All you need to work on is letting him do whatever that is."

"Oh," said Janet.

"He's a good man, Janet."

"I know that," said Janet.

"He can make you feel wonderful."

"I know that too," said Janet.

"You just have to learn to let him," said Rhonda.

"I know that too," said Janet again.

"So when is your second date?" asked her friend.

"I don't know yet," said Janet. "We didn't talk about that."

"If you ever want me to get you another birthday present, you'd better call him pronto!" snapped Rhonda.

"Okay, okay, don't get your panties in a wad!" snapped Janet back at her friend.

"When it comes to Bobby, I don't wear them anymore," said Rhonda, smugly.

Then she hung up.

January of 1975 was a relatively calm month from Bobby's perspective. Linda was still living at home, but most of her time was spent with four month old Randall. She was a single-minded mother, who was conflicted about her child. She was aware that it was Bobby who had gotten her pregnant, based on Randall's physical characteristics. For that reason, she wanted Bobby to pay a lot of attention to him, which Bobby was happy to do; being a surrogate father for Paul, who was back at school again.

On the other hand, Linda loved Paul, and wished that she had had his baby. She was determined to get pregnant by Paul as soon as possible. That caused her a problem, because she still got horny, and Bobby was the only man around to solve that problem. At the same time, she didn't want Bobby to get her pregnant again. She had slipped up last time, letting him spurt in her when it was dangerous to do so, and was intent on not letting that happen again. The problem was that Bobby loved sucking her milk, at least as much as Randall did. both were lusty eaters. And when Bobby sucked her milk, she wanted Bobby's prick in her pussy.

She therefore bounced from wanting Bobby to not wanting Bobby.

The twins were in their last year of high school, and had begun dating. That in itself was unusual, because, up to that point, they had had no interest in boys as anything other than friends. When their mother had put the rest of the girls on birth control pills, they were actually embarrassed by it. They were quite sure that all the other kids in school would find out their older sisters were on the pill and assume that they were all sluts, and that the twins were probably sluts too.

That, in fact, was one of the reasons that the twins appeared to have no interest in boys.

Being a twin can be a different kind of life than most of us imagine. You're never really alone, even when you're alone, because that other half of you is always hovering ... just there, on the edge of consciousness. As a result, twins often spend a lot more time interacting with each other than the rest of us interact with any other person. What that can mean is that they don't spend as much time as the rest of us thinking about other things ... like sex.

This is not to suggest that twins don't have sexual thoughts. They just may not have as much time each day to think about that as the rest of us do. It is a small thing, but, as anyone who has thrown a small pebble into a calm pond knows, small things can have much bigger effects.

In this case, the pond was the fact that after Mirriam put the other girls on the pill, and there were no more "incidents", things seemed to be going along just fine. The twins, and Suzie too for that matter, exhibited no outward indication that boys were anything more than other people they sometimes had to deal with. The pond was, more or less, the fact that the twins did nothing to cause Mirriam to remember they weren't, in fact, on the pill as they grew older.

They did of course eventually get more interested in boys. That was the pebble.

They were in their senior year when they began paying attention to the sexuality of the opposite sex. That was a little late, compared to most girls. But the twins lived life differently than other girls, and matured a little later than them too. And, because they were twins, when they finally decided to like boys for their more gender specific qualities, that happened a little differently too.

The problem was that they both liked the same boy, a young man named Chuck Cunningham. He liked both of them too, though he didn't know it, at first. At first, he thought he liked Matilda, because she was the one he asked out on a date. When she went with him, and they had a great time, he asked her out again.

Matilda, who had seen her sisters all go off on dates, some of them when they were younger than she was at the time, didn't actually ask her mother if she could start dating. In fact, she didn't even tell her mother she was going on a date. That was another small pebble.

Of course when Matilda got back from that first date, and regaled her twin sister with the details, Betty was envious and, like many twins do, talked her sister into letting her go out with Chuck the second time.

They shared everything, so Matilda didn't think a thing about it. She was more than happ-y to describe the date in all the detail Betty would need to impersonate her sister on the next date.

They traded off every week, after that, for the "Friday night date", as they termed it.

As twins will do though, they didn't tell anybody about their little prank, though they didn't think of it as a prank. They just acted like themselves at home which, compared with having their other five sisters around, made things pretty quiet.

Now it has to be said here that this didn't happen in a vacuum. Eventually, both Bobby and Mirriam realized that the twins were dating. But they didn't talk about the "boys" they were dating, and they only went out every other week, which didn't suggest anything serious was in the offing. Basically, it just appeared to the observers that Matilda and Betty were beginning to explore a little.

What amazed Bobby was how quiet it had been with Suzie gone off to college, and living in the dorm at K-State. He thought that was odd, since she'd always been the "quiet" sister, in his opinion. That lasted until she came home from school for the holidays, and talked nearly non-stop about how wonderful college was, and how much she was learning, and how many places there were to get something to eat in a place called, oddly enough "Aggieville". You'd think a place called Aggieville would be in Texas, but it was the downtown portion of Manhattan, Kansas, that was right next to the K-State campus ... whose arch rivals included teams from Texas.

Suzie loved college, loved learning, loved her professors, loved the work study job she got in the animal research lab, and loved her roommate who, like her, was a serious student and had no boyfriend.

And she loved telling Bobby about all of it, because it was Bobby, in her opinion, who was responsible for her being there.

He took her to see the Chumley's, so she could bend their ears about it. He got a fairly dark look from his sister, when Felicity answered the door with an obvious swelling of the baby in her belly that looked to have been growing there for about four or five months. Suzie had a pretty good idea who had put that baby there, which was the reason she gave her brother a dark look.

That was forgotten, though, when Felicity took obvious delight in hearing all about college, and Aggieville, and everything else.

Bobby waited for Janet to call him. He knew Rhonda well, and he knew that she'd do more towards getting Janet to call him than he could do. He was right about that. Rhonda hounded her friend.

When she called him, he recommended a walk in the woods.

"What?" she said. "It's freezing outside!"

"You can dress for that," said Bobby. "It will make you feel more secure."

"You're making fun of me," she complained.

"No, I'm not," he said. "You and I both know you have trust issues with men."

"I overreacted that night. I don't know why, but it's not that bad," she said. "Not normally and not with you."

"We'll walk first, and then I have some other ideas," he said.

"What ideas?" she asked.

"That's what we'll talk about on the walk," he said.

She finally agreed and, when he picked her up, she had on a thick coat, a long knitted scarf wrapped around her neck and head, and oversized mittens that she complained made her look like a cartoon character.

"I think you're gorgeous," said Bobby, grinning. "All I can think about is what you look like under all that stuff."

She actually took that as a compliment, which surprised her. He took her to the place where Christy and he had hiked to where the old house was, though he didn't plan on going there. There was just a well defined trail through the woods there, and places to rest.

As they walked, Janet tried to figure out why his comment about thinking about what she looked like under her coat had made her feel good. She decided that it was because, with her coat on, she was basically sexless looking. Somehow having a man say he was thinking about her body, when her body wasn't on display, was different than having a man look at her, and knowing what he was thinking.

They hadn't done a lot of talking. They just walked along at a leisurely pace, while she thought about things.

"What's it like?" she asked, suddenly.

"What's what like?"

"Being with different women," she explained.

"That's the key, I think," he said seriously. "They're all different. They want to be treated differently, and they have different ideas, and likes and dislikes. It's just interesting being friends with different women."

"Is that the way you think about them?" she asked. "As friends?"

"Sure," he said. "I like spending time with them, and they like spending time with me. Isn't that what friends do?"

"Friends don't have sex with each other," she said.

"Some don't," he agreed. "Some do."

"Why did you bring me out here?" she asked. "Would you have brought any of the others out here?"

"Actually I did bring one of the others out here," he said. "I guess, technically, she brought me out here. It was in the summer, though, and we went a lot farther than I plan on taking you."

They walked on for a minute.

"You never answered the question," she said.

"About why?" he asked. She nodded, watching her breath plume in the cold air.

"What are you feeling right now, this instant?" asked Bobby. "About me ... about us?" he added.

She thought about that.

"Curiosity, more than anything else," she said.

"Any fear there?" he asked.

"No," she said promptly.

"There you go," he said.

"You did this because you knew I wouldn't be afraid of you ... doing this?" she asked.

"I was right, wasn't I?"

She didn't answer, but trudged on. It didn't need an answer.

"What are we going to do when we get back?" she asked.

"I'd like to do something intimate, that doesn't cause you fear," he said.

"Something intimate," she repeated. In her experience, the only intimate things her husbands had done was climb on for a ride and go like crazy.

"Yeah, something where we won't touch each other."

That piqued her curiosity.

"Like what?" she asked.

"I'd really like to see your breasts," he said calmly.

She felt a stab of ... something. It wasn't fear, though, and that made her wonder what it was.

"Just look?" she asked.

"And maybe play with myself," he said, just as calmly.

"You mean ... masturbate?" her voice went up an octave.

"Yes," he said. "I'd like to look at your breasts and masturbate." He looked over at her. "Does that make you think I'm perverted?"

Both of her husbands had stroked themselves, while she was getting undressed, or just before they mounted her. They had never done it to completion. It had just looked like they were excited, and anxious to get to what they called "the good parts". The good parts had been pretty good for her too. Both men had been lusty lovers. She didn't have an orgasm every single time, but she had them, and they were better than the ones she had these days, with her dildo.

"What would I have to do?" she asked.

"You wouldn't have to do anything," said Bobby. "It's just something I thought we could do, that would be non-threatening, in an intimate kind of way." They walked on a few steps. "Don't get me wrong," he said. "I want to touch you, and feel you, and make love to you too. We're just not ready for that, yet."

He said it like it was a foregone conclusion that it would happen ... some day. That sent a stab of something through her too. Her husbands had ordered her to bed, on many occasions. On some others, she had met them at the door, or teased them, and gotten them going. But in all cases, they were in command, once things started, and it went at their pace. Again she thought about those words that neither man would have used voluntarily ... "make love".

Bobby spoke again, breaking the silence. "Of course you could play with yourself too, if you felt like it."

Janet tried to imagine herself, sliding her dildo in and out of her pussy, right in front of Bobby. She was horrified at the thought. Nobody in the world even knew she owned one.

"I don't think so," she said.

"That's fine," said Bobby. "We just need to do something. Just something to let you know that intimacy between us isn't something you have to be nervous about."

"How long are we going to walk?" asked Janet, who would have been astonished to find that her inner brain had accepted his plan.

"Until you're ready to go back home and be intimate," he said.

"That's not fair," she moaned. "It's freezing out here."

"Are you cold?" he asked.

"Well ... no ... but it's still freezing."

He laughed. That made something move in her, because she heard the pure joy of laughter in his voice. He wasn't laughing at her. He was laughing because she had said something comical.

"Are you ready to turn around now?" he asked.

She stopped, and looked at him, as he stopped and turned to face her.

"You just want to look?" she asked.

"Just look," he said. "And touch myself. I already know I'll want to do that."

She stood there, and felt the cold nipping at her toes.

"We can go back now," she said.

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