Serendipity - Version Alpha

by Lubrican

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Chapter Four

It was clear to me. It would have been just as clear to that disinterested observer I mentioned earlier. Juvenile or not, my almost-but-not-quite eighteen-year-old niece knew exactly what she wanted. Or at least what she thought she wanted. Things get muddy when you bring ethics into it, so I didn't. I decided, completely arbitrarily, that she was a big girl now and she was capable on both a cerebral and emotional level of making this decision for herself.

Besides, I had a stiff prick and it remembered how furnace hot it had been inside her velvety tunnel.

So yes, I admit that it was my little brain that went into action.

"Yes," I said. "In fact, I owe you two."


"You've never had two in a row?"

"No. You can do that?"

"No, you can do that," I said. "With a little help from your friend." I grinned." That's me, just so there's no confusion."

"Two, huh," she said, sounding skeptical.

"Maybe more," I said, confidently. I wasn't going to go off half-cocked this time. Or fully cocked, as it were. Nope, no hair trigger for me. Not this time.

I led her to the bedroom, where the sheets were still wrinkled from our earlier coupling. I told her to lie down and spread her legs while bending her knees. It might have sounded a little clinical. But all that changed when I crawled on the bed and lay down with my face between her thighs and got to know that puffy pussy first hand.

"That's not what I want," she complained as I kissed swollen labia.

"Be patient," I said. "Getting in a hurry is part of what caused the problem last time."

"Em and Ash can do that for me," she said, still complaining.

I spread what seemed like inches of pussy lips and found her clitty. Aroused or not, it was already peeking out of its hood. I sealed my lips around it and sucked.

"Mmmmm, that's what Em likes to do," purred my niece.

I nibbled, scraping, rather than biting her clit with my teeth.

"Ahhh!" she groaned." Em never did that to me!"

I didn't want to overstimulate her. Not yet. I gave her clit a break and plunged my tongue as deeply into her as I could.

"Now you're Ashley," she said, breathing deeper. "But it's different. I can feel your beard. It's really soft."

I kept tongue fucking her and put my nose to work on her bud. All I did was move my head back and forth, pushing her clit around. Then I pulled back and sucked her puffy lips into my mouth.

"Mmmm, nobody's ever done that to me," she said. "You're pretty good at this."

I nosed her lips apart again and went to work on her clit, this time in earnest. It took probably five minutes, but she wasn't complaining any more as, finally, her hips thrust upwards and she groaned, grabbing my hair and pulling as she had what she probably thought was the only orgasm she was going to have. But I had plans for little Caitlin. When I got finished with her this time, there would be no frowns or complaints.

I moved up her body, licking and kissing, until I got to her heaving breasts. I sucked at her nipples like a starving baby. It turned out her nipples were extra sensitive, and pretty soon I thought I could get her to number two just by squeezing, pulling and sucking her nips.

But I wanted numbers two and three to be with me in her. I reached, fisted my cock, and used the nose to pry those slick lips apart again. I didn't go easy on her. Rather, I slid in in one long thrust, again banging my pubes against her naked mons.

Then all I did was stay deep and rotate my hips, crushing her poor clit and giving it no rest.

Number two happened about a minute later, and it was loud. I should say she was loud. The first one had been signaled by a groan and some whimpers. This one came with ever faster gasps of "Don't stop!" and then a long, drawn out scream that practically curdled my blood. Her hips bucked again and lifted both her and me off the bed for a second or two. Then her feet drummed on my ass and the chant turned into "Yes! Yes! Yes!" as she literally shook like she was naked in the arctic.

I changed to moving back and forth, instead of circles, and every once in a while I'd pull out a bit and then drive back in. There are two kinds of orgasms, I am told. One is clitoral, and the other vaginal. In most women, one is better than the other, and some women can't have an orgasm unless the right part of her sex is stimulated. It was pretty clear Caitlin had clitoral orgasms. Now I wanted to find out if movement inside her vagina resulted in the same thing.

I had to be careful, because the hammer of my gun was getting really close to full cock again. So I couldn't just slide in and out. She was too tight and the friction felt too good to me. So about every ten strokes I pushed in and went sideways, or in a circle once.

"You're still going," she panted.

"You've had your two orgasms," I said. "Now it's bonus time."

"You're kidding me," she gasped, as I went sideways two or three times.

"You want me to quit?" I asked.

Her legs came around me instantly and her hands gripped my upper arms. "Never!" she panted.

"Then just lie back and enjoy it," I said.

It became clear that she liked the in and out, but it wasn't the thrill that having me deep inside her was. I realized the tip of my cock was punishing her cervix when I went deep. I'd known one woman who didn't like that. It hurt her and as a result she always wanted to be on top, so she could control the depth of penetration. Caitlin hadn't complained, though, so I kept doing what I'd been doing.

The way her hips bounced upwards whenever I went in deep convinced me that her third cum needed to be clitoral. I was getting too close anyway, so I went in and gave her circles again.

Two minutes later she went off like a bomb again, croaking garbled words about how it was happening again and she couldn't believe it and other things I couldn't quite understand.

The last time her internal muscles had simply gripped me like a vise.

This time they rippled, milking my prick expertly. Her cervix was rubbing against the tip of my cock as well, and as she came down from her orgasm, mine arrived like an F-16 jet flying at treetop level. One second everything was (relatively) quiet, and the next everything was vibrating as my penis coughed and spat, delivering another ounce of sperm-laced fluid that painted her cervix white and then spread backwards, along the shaft of my penis as I gave her short strokes in an effort to keep spurting.

My arms went limp and I fell on her. I heard an "Ooof!" and, remembering her earlier complaint, rolled off of her. There was a wet, squelching sound as my penis pulled out of her.

"Ohhhhhh," she complained." You took it out of meeee."

"I think you killed it," I gasped, dragging in deep breaths of air.

She sat up like there were springs in her body.

"No!" she wailed, looking at my cum-streaked penis. I couldn't even feel it any more, so I didn't know if it had shriveled to being an inch or two long or not. Sometimes that's what it did when I jerked off.

"Kidding," I panted.

She slapped my chest with one hand.

"You better be," she scolded.

She flopped back down.

"Now that's what I'm talking about," she breathed.

I turned my head toward her.

"I did good?"

She rolled her head and green eyes looked at me.

"There are no words to describe what that was like. It was even better than they said it would be. We're gonna' do that a lot!"

I sighed." I am so in trouble."

"Not as long as you keep doing that to me," she responded.

Then she rolled over on top of me for kisses.

Now, when your uncle bones you good and proper, and you live in America, even the simplest of girls knows not to mention that to anybody. At least not if she liked it. If it was abuse, then that's different, but I couldn't see what we'd done as abuse. That would be like a child coming to the parent saying, "Hey, I haven't had a bone bruising beating for a while. How 'bout giving me one? See if you can put me in the hospital. I like hospital food."

What I mean is that in our case, I thought it went unsaid that we were going to tell no one about the "upgrade" to our relationship.

Especially when, the morning after your uncle pops your (virtual) cherry, you wake up and want to know what riding cowgirl is like.

She liked that, by the way. And I found out for sure that she liked having her cervix abused, because her favorite part of being a cowgirl was sitting straight up and trying to get as much of me in her as humanly possible. Then she did this little hip wiggle that punished the tip of my cock with her cervix.

She didn't have an orgasm that way, though. Being a quick learner, she found out that leaning forward and rocking forwards and backwards got her both vaginal stimulus and constant clitty massage. She had two orgasms and would have gone for more except she said, "Em and Ash will be here soon. Your turn."

So I rolled her over and, since she'd had her fun, I had mine. Long, firm strokes had me ready to pop in a minute or so. Holding myself up on my left hand, I reached and, as the first shot rocketed through my prick, I pulled it out and sprayed her mons with it.

"Don't take it out!" she complained. "I like it when you shoot inside me. It's warm, and I like having your stuff in me."

"It's good for the skin," I panted, sitting back on my calves and staring at her supine beauty.


Her hands came to her pelvis and she pulled flat fingers through the mess I'd made on her skin.

"Just rub it in like this?" she asked, making her hands go in circles over her lower stomach.

"Just like that," I sighed.

She pulled her hands up to her breasts and made circles around them, pinching her own nipples with spermy fingers.

"And this?"

"Perfect," I said.

She lifted one hand and held it in front of her face. She folded all but her index finger and looked at that.

"Ashley likes the taste," she said, almost to herself.

Then she licked the tip of the finger, evaluating the taste. Apparently there wasn't much left to taste, because she stuck her whole finger in her mouth and cleaned it by sucking while she pulled it back out. Her eyes went out of focus as she tasted, and then focused on me.

"I don't taste much of anything," she said.

"You can try it later straight from the source," I suggested.

She stared at me.

"Are you trying to get me to give you a blow job?"

"I'm saying that, on your road of sexual discovery, should you want to pull off to examine that particular historical marker, that option is available to you," I replied.

She snorted.

"You are so full of it. You want me to suck your dick. All guys want their dick sucked."

"All girls want their pussy sucked," I countered.

"True enough," she admitted." We'll see. Em and Ash say I need to learn that."

"The same Em and Ash you said would be here soon?" I asked, looking around.

"Yes!" she said, instantly energized. "Get dressed. They can't see you like that!"

I didn't respond. I just got off the bed and went to the closet to get clean clothes.

Meanwhile, she scampered out of the bedroom, fingers between her legs to keep my semen from dripping down her thighs, headed for her own room.

As I was saying, when your uncle bones you good and proper, and you live in America, even the simplest of girls knows not to mention that to anybody.

So when Emma and Ashley bounced into the house, calling out, "Hi, Mr. Simmons. Where's Kat?" and I sent them up to her room, it never dawned on me that she'd tell them ... in excruciating detail ... what had happened to her the previous night. And morning. Including the premature ejaculation.

I had completely forgotten that both of them had told her something unthinkable, themselves.

Knowledge changes your life. Even if it's facts or information that's assumed. If you believe something, it can change the world in which you live. The classic example I can think of is the bride. You're at the wedding and she walks down the aisle, looking beautiful and pure and unsullied by the lustful behavior of a man. Of course that's not actually true, in most cases, but it's easy to believe as you see her advance towards the man whose lustful behavior she's about ready to accept. So you view her in one way as she approaches her new husband.

Then they go off on their honeymoon, where you know what they're doing. And when they get back, and you look at her, you know she's a well fucked woman. No more innocence. No more "maybe" she did something. Now you know she lay back, spread her legs and (hopefully) loved a man's lustful behavior. She couldn't get enough of his lustful behavior.

You look at this woman in a different way than you did before the honeymoon. It just happens. And it can be awkward if you think about that too much and then she gives you a hug and says she's glad to see you, because you feel guilty for stripping her with your mind and wishing you were slamming it to her just then.

Men will tell you they don't do this.

They're lying.

Or brainwashed.

I'd put my money on lying.

The point is that I didn't have to hear the shrieks as she gave them the blow by blow, to know that she was being ... indiscreet. I could tell the second her two friends came into the kitchen with her. Caitlin was acting completely normal as she said, "We're hungry. Do we have any snacks?" The other two looked at me as if I'd sprouted antlers, or maybe a third eye. Neither of them said word one to me.

They knew.

It was written all over their faces, and suddenly I wasn't "Mr. Simmons" any more.

I was Caitlin's adult lover.

"Are you insane?" I asked, looking at Caitlin.

"What?" she asked.

"You told them?"

"Of course. We tell each other everything." She shrugged, like everything was fine.

"Well what you told them could land me in the penitentiary for fifteen to twenty," I said.

"Oh! We'd never tell anybody else!" squealed Emma.

"She's right," said Ashley. I remembered then that sweet Ashley had been fucking her brother since she was thirteen. I looked at her breasts for some reason.

"Do you really do it with your brother?" I asked.

Ashley turned on her friend in a horrified rage. "You told him about that?"

"I had to," Caitlin said, defending herself. "I had to, to get him to get over the family thing."

"And how's your cousin, Em?" I asked. "Is he still hot to trot with you?"

"Oh shit," she moaned, covering her face with her hands.

"Now maybe you have some idea of what I'm going through," I said. "When you have secrets, you don't want other people to know about them. That's why they're called secrets."

"Well I don't see the big deal," said Caitlin. "You're never going to tell anybody about Em's cousin or Ash's brother, and they're never going to tell anyone about you and me. I don't see a problem here."

"The problem is they shared a confidence with you that they didn't think you'd break. But you did. And now you've shared a confidence with them that you don't want them to break. But they might ... just like you did."

"We swear we won't!" wailed Emma. She turned to Ashley. "Swear, Ashley!"

Ashley looked a bit disgusted. "I'm not going to tell anybody. I've got as much to lose as he does. All you did was do the deed with your cousin. Hell, Em, you can marry your fricking cousin! But if anybody finds out about Dennis having sex with me, he'll get court martialed and sent to prison. Plus my parents would never live it down. They'd have to move." She looked at me. "You got nothing to worry about Mr. Simmons. Your secret is safe."

"I wish I felt better," I said.

"I have an idea," said Caitlin.

We all looked at her.

"If he had something on you guys that you didn't want anybody to know about, then we'd all have to keep our secrets."

"I already told you, you're safe," said Ashley.

"From you getting loose lips, but not Em."

We all looked at Em.

"What do you mean?" she squealed. "I don't want anybody to know I did it with Rodney!"

"She's right," said Caitlin. "You might be embarrassed, but you can marry Rodney if you actually wanted to. If anybody found out about that they probably wouldn't even care."

"Well what do you want me to do about it?" asked poor Emma. "I don't have any other deep, dark secrets."

"Yes you do," said Caitlin, smiling sweetly.

"What?" asked Emma, looking confused.

"What if Uncle Bob had a picture of Ashley eating your sweet little pussy? We know how much you love that, but I don't think you'd want Uncle Bob flashing that picture around town."

Emma paled, and covered her face with her hands again. I could see her blushing behind the shield. Finally she parted her hands enough to say, "There isn't a picture like that. We've never taken pictures. You even said we shouldn't take pictures!"

"And I was right," said Caitlin. "But he could take just one picture, and the problem would be solved."

"Him take the picture?" Emma's hands came down from her face. She looked shocked.

"Oh give it a break," said Caitlin. "The reason you two were so hot to get me in bed with him is because you've both fantasized about him as long as I have."

"It would be kind of hot, knowing he's there, watching us," said Ashley, who was also a little pink, except I thought that was because the idea excited her.

It got very quiet. Everyone seemed to be thinking about something, but I doubted it was the same thing.

"You guys can't have him," said Caitlin, suddenly.

"Who said we wanted him?" asked Ashley.

"I know you both do," said my niece. "I've only heard you say it a thousand times." Her voice went into a very high register and she talked like a little girl. "Boy! I wonder what it would be like to do it with him? I bet he's big. I bet it would be deeeee-licious."

"We don't talk like that!" scoffed Emma, who seemed to have calmed down quite a bit.

"Too bad," I said. "I've wanted to fuck the livin' daylights out of all three of you for years." I grinned. I thought I was making a little joke.

"Really?" Ashley perked up.

"Ashley!" There was clear warning in Caitlin's voice.

"Okay, okay. He's yours. But I still think the idea of him taking pictures of me and Em is a great one."

Somehow it had gone from "a picture" to multiples. But then I wasn't going to argue with that.

"As long as he's naked," Ashley added, somewhat slyly. At least I thought it sounded sly.

"I'm not letting Uncle Bob get naked with you," said Caitlin, seriously.

"We should all be naked," said Ashley, ignoring her. "Think of how hot that would be. Three naked hotties and one naked hunk, all in the same room, acting like everything was normal. And then he takes pictures of me licking Em's pussy. I bet he'd get a hardon."

"Uncle Bob is not getting a hardon with you anywhere near him. Not if you're naked. I know you, Ashley Paddington."

"What?" asked Ashley, looking hurt. "You know I don't let anybody except Kevin touch me."

"I know he's been over there in Afghanistan or wherever a long time," said Caitlin. "And I know how horny you are."

"Oh give us a break," moaned Ashley." It's not like we want to marry him and take him away from you forever. You're the one who said how fantastic a lover he is. How can you do that and then expect us not to want to sample him too?"

"Not happening," said Caitlin, firmly. "You want me to come on to Kevin when he gets home?"

Ashley looked me up and down.

"You can if I can have a chance with Uncle Bob."

Things got noisy then. I knew I'd never be able to quiet them down until they got it out of their system. When they finally did settle into a hostile silence, I spoke.

"Ashley, as delightful as it would be, it's bad enough I did it with Caitlin. You're seventeen, and while that's not exactly jail bait, your parents could cause a lot of trouble about it. So I'm sorry, but I'm not willing to even consider it, much less risk it. It's not because I don't want to. I'm just trying to be smarter than that."

"So you want to?" That was Caitlin, and her voice was just full of danger.

"Any man would want to, just like any man would love to get you naked. You got what you wanted. Don't be perverse about it. All Ashley's trying to do is what you wanted to do. Don't give her a hard time. And don't give me a hard time because you chose two hot girls as your best friends when you're in town. And you're the one who invited them for sleepovers and let them run around in skimpy PJs in front of me."

I was gratified to see that she actually thought about what I'd said.

"We did that on purpose," she admitted. "We wanted to see if you'd look at us or not. You never did, but it was still fun."

"Who says I never looked?" I asked. "That's all I did was stare at the three of you. You know that outfit that Emma has that has all the Sesame Street characters on it? That's my favorite."

"You remember that?" asked Emma, clearly startled.

"In the right light you could almost see through it," I said.

"Oh my gosh!" she said, grinning. "I still have that! It doesn't fit me any more, but I still have it in my bottom drawer."

"So," said Ashley, ever the negotiator. "We all get naked and he takes pictures of me making Em wiggle."

"I told you," said Caitlin firmly. "You and him naked in the same room isn't going to happen."

"I won't do anything," said Ashley. "But we can teach you how to give him a hummer. It will be fun."

Caitlin stared at her friend for fifteen or twenty seconds, arms folded across the breasts I could still taste. In my mind anyway.

"Okay ... but you have to bring Cornelius."

"Who's Cornelius?" I asked.

"Em has Lester, and Ash has Cornelius," said my niece, without a trace of embarrassment.

"I'll bring him," said Ashley. "Still, if you'll remember, I shared Cornelius with you. The least you could do is let me do it with Uncle Bob just once."

You could have knocked me over with a feather when Caitlin answered her.

"I'll think about it. "

She didn't want to think about it right then, apparently. Further, by some decison making process that was a mystery to me, the pictures weren't going to be taken immediately either. I knew this when Caitlin announced that she needed a new pair of running shoes and they all agreed it was time for a trip to the mall. They disappeared off to find those, which left me alone with my thoughts for the first time since I had fucked my niece.

I know that sound like a harsh way of putting it, but from the world's perspective, that's how it would have been characterized. "He fucked his niece!" To the rest of the world, what had happened would be considered a crime, as an adult taking advantage of callow youth. I would be condemned as a predator and no nice terms would be applied to me. Nobody would say I had made love to and with Caitlin. They'd simply say I fucked her and should be locked up like the animal I was.

I'm not overstating things. That really is how most people would view - from the outside - what we had done.

But I was on the inside. And no matter what level of brainwashing I was laboring under, there was no doubt in my mind that what had happened was a beautiful thing, that hadn't hurt Caitlin in any way at all. In fact, I felt like I could mount an argument that what we'd done would be good for her in later life. Eventually she was going to meet an acceptable mate, and what she'd learned with me could very well help her make that relationship more successful than the fifty percent of relationships that fail these days.

I'm not rationalizing, here, which is probably what a psychologist would accuse me of with a gentle smile. I'm not saying I taught her anything. But things had happened that she learned from. Take my premature ejaculation, for example. That hadn't been happy for her, but she had learned that a woman can work through a situation like that and, by being strong, end up getting what she wants. In other words, initial failure to realize your expectations doesn't mean they were impossible to begin with. Sometimes you just have to be patient and work things out. I certainly hadn't intended to teach her that. It had just happened.

But in my mind, what made that possible was who I was. I was somebody she was willing to risk being strong-willed with. There are thousands of moments where we shrink back from "rocking the boat" because we're afraid of what others will think of us. Because this had all happened with me, though, Caitlin felt secure taking some chances.

But nobody else would see it that way.

Maybe I was rationalizing things.

Whatever was going on, I had just decided that I wasn't going to worry about it. Caitlin was fine. Hopefully her friends would maintain the current level of security. I'd let Caitlin set the tone. I was pretty sure that being "just Uncle Bob" wasn't in the cards any more, but based on what she claimed about how long she'd had fantasies about me, I hadn't been "just Uncle Bob" for years. She had wanted me to be much more all that time, and now ... I was. So be it.

About that time they returned. Their former camaraderie had been restored, and they seemed to be all bff's again. Caitlin showed me her new Nikes and said she just had to try them out. Actually, what she said was, "We just have to try these out!" The other girls hadn't brought their running gear, this day, but Emma was no problem, since she lived right next door. The plan was that, once she was ready, they'd just warm up jogging over to Ashley's house, and begin their run from there, after she was suitably attired.

I didn't know it would end at my house.

Or that Ashley and Emma would be bringing a change of clothes with them to the finish point.

Or that they intended to shower at my house.

But then ... what could possibly go wrong in that scenario?

Well, the first thing that can go wrong in that scenario is that the relationship I had enjoyed with all three girls had changed. With Caitlin it was a radical change. With the other two, more subtle, but still very different. In the past I'd fantasized about doing things with them. In the present that had actually been negotiated.

So when they got back, all sweaty and out of breath, I gazed at their heaving breasts in a slightly different way. Now it wasn't just a fantasy. Now it might actually be possible.

They did some stretching. I noticed that, for some reason, when they bent over at the waist to touch the floor with their hands, all three (really fine) asses were pointed right at me. In fact, even though they were ignoring me in terms of not talking to me or looking at me, some of their stretching seemed like all they were doing was showing their bodies off to me. Suffice it to say that things had changed enough that, when I got stiff, I didn't try to hide it, like I would have in the past. I didn't show it off, exactly. I just ignored them back and made it possible for them to see that I was an excited man.

Caitlin finally stood up.

"We're going to take a shower," she said.

"Okay." What else was I supposed to say?

"We'd like to use the shower in your bathroom," she went on.

That was interesting. The shower in my bathroom was the big one, the one she'd already claimed as her own and had been using for years. The other girls had used it routinely to shower too. Now, suddenly she felt compelled to specify her intent to use it again.

"We can all fit in that one at the same time," she added.

"I see," I said. As you have already read, I had fantasized about all of them in there at the same time before this. The shower stall in my bathroom was huge, having been remodeled to accomodate a wheel chair by the previous owner.

The other two had been silent up to this point, but ever since Caitlin had said they were going to shower, they had stopped ignoring me. Instead, they were staring at me as if I might have the answer to the secret of life. Emma stepped toward me and before she spoke, I saw the flush of pink appear around the neck of her T shirt and creep upwards onto her cheeks.

"Give us ten minutes and then bring your camera to your ... um ... bedroom." Her eyes closed, stayed that way for probably a full second, and then opened. "Okay?"

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