Packing Clarissa's Genes

by Lubrican

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Chapter Four

They went to her bedroom. It wasn't an agreed on destination. Perhaps Clarissa gravitated toward that spot because it was where she felt most comfortable. Both of them were full of emotion and the excitement of experimentation and discovery. He took his pants off this time, not so much in an attempt to get naked, but so he wouldn't trip with them around his ankles. Then he felt stupid because he was wearing a shirt with no pants. He took his shirt off and then felt embarrassed because he was naked and his sister wasn't. Oddly, it was his own nudity that encouraged Clarissa to take her own clothes off.

She removed her shirt first, just watching her brother to see how he would react. It was most satisfying. He actually drooled as he stared at her naked breasts. He also made nonsense sounds, not even close to real words. Those sounds sent thrills through her body as the still unfamiliar feeling of being desired by a male coursed through her.

He'd already been fully erect when he disrobed. Now his hand came to his prick and began to stroke.

"Wait for me!" she panted.

In the next minute and a half, Clarissa learned, completely by accident, the power a woman has over a man as she slowly exposes her body to him. She took her pants off slowly, but not because she was trying to be sexy. She was just distracted by watching him play with his penis. His eyes followed the waistband of her pants, though, jumping up to her breasts again every two or three seconds. When she hooked her thumbs in her panties, he sucked in air and groaned. His eyes seemed to bug out as she pushed them down a little, and she realized, in that second, that she had been teasing him without even knowing it.

She discovered she loved teasing him. It made him flail at his prick.

"Wait for me!" she commanded, her voice low, and sultry.

"I can't!" he panted.

"Matt!" she barked, warning in her voice. She pulled her panties back up. His hand suddenly stopped and he sounded like he was choking. He jerked his hand away from his prick and it bobbed, settling at an angle that mimicked an anti-aircraft gun, searching for a target.

"OK. OK!" he groaned.

Again, she pushed her panties down slowly, watching his eyes and, suddenly, she couldn't move slowly any more. Quickly her panties were left in a puddle on the floor as she stepped out of them. Her hand went to her stomach and started to slide down. Her left foot moved outward.

Remembering the bed, she suddenly turned and crawled onto it, affording Matt a view of her pussy lips, peeking from between legs that were no longer bony looking. Those lips, while vertical, seemed to purse, like oral lips waiting to be kissed, and Matt licked his own lips unconsciously. His hand went back to his prick as if drawn by a strong magnet. He stared as she flopped onto her back, spreading her legs and reaching to feel for that special spot. Her head turned toward her brother.

"Is this good?" she asked, sliding her fingers between slippery pussy lips.

"Oh shit," he gasped. "Oh Rissa. I can't believe this!"

"Me either," she panted, beginning to rub her fingertips in circles. She couldn't seem to rub hard enough, at first, and then discovered the thrill of using just one fingertip to tease the little bump with a light touch. She alternated rubbing hard for a few seconds, and then teasing the organ gently.

It felt marvelous, but her mind sent her a memory of sitting on top of him, rubbing against what he had in his hand. It had been in his pants then, but had still made her feel like the top of her head was going to pop off. Feeling her slippery fingers sliding to and fro, she wondered what it would feel like to rub against him naked. Her brain said it would be fantastic...SO fantastic that she stopped and sat up.

"Get on the bed!" she panted, getting to her knees and facing him.

"What?" His hand was moving along his stiff column of flesh again, uncovering and covering a knob that had taken on a purplish hue.

"Get on the bed!" she said again. She pointed to the space in front of her. "Right there. Lie down on your back!"


His mind was working on two levels. One of them had no idea what was going on and was confused and excited. The other said "Get on the motherfucking bed like she just told you to!" He moved and the feel of her hands helping him lie down beside her was like hot coals touching his body. Once he was down she lifted a knee and mounted him as if he were a pony, sitting on his thighs because his hand was in the way. She reached for his hand and batted it away from his cock.

Then she put her hands on his chest and slid her hips toward his head, sliding her dripping pussy lips over his balls and along the bottom of his stiff shaft. She leaned forward and let her arms take most of her upper body weight as she got light headed. It DID feel fantastic.

"Oh fuck!" he gasped excitedly. "Oh FUCK!"

She looked down to see strings of thick white erupting from the tip of his penis, shooting up onto his stomach. It made a mess and a small part of her brain acknowledged that the mess was on HIM this time, instead of on her. It was like she was suddenly on another planet, where strange and interesting things were happening all around her.

Remembering how slippery and warm his stuff had felt on her, she hunched her hips forward to get some of that warm slippery stuff on her pussy lips. Her pussy slipped over the head of his still spurting cock and smeared his issue. When she pushed backwards to find his hard shaft again, though, the tip of his cock caught in her virgin slot. Disaster - if that's the right word - was avoided because his shaft was already softening, and his cock bent double as she scooted back down. The tip was pulled out of her slit and the half hard thing straightened back out to lie, as if looking with one little eye at what it has just spurted.

For Clarissa, time seemed to slow down. It seemed like she could feel every square inch of her body, and every bit of it was howling with joy. Rubbing directly against his sexual organ was even better than she'd hoped it would be. It didn't matter that it was soft, and that it was a mess of white goo. All that mattered was that it rubbed her pussy in the most delightful way imaginable and she could feel that special pressure beginning to build. Now, though, she knew what was at the end of this delightful exercise, and her hips sped up as she strained to get there.

A new thing was introduced when his hands came up to mold around her breasts. They squeezed gently, in exploration, moving her breast mounds around on her chest. His fingertips found and experienced the feel of stiff nipples for the first time in his life. It was the first time in HER life too, and the electric surges as he pinched them gently jumped her much closer to what she now knew was her approaching orgasm.

"YES!" she gasped. "Squeeze them like that!"

Her hips became a blur as he mauled her nipples. Had they just been beginning their foreplay she would have complained that he squeezed too hard, but at this stage of the game, it was perfect. Her head tilted back and she drew in a huge lungful of air, only to let it out in an agonized groan as the dam burst inside her and the orgasm seemed to burn away every feeling except insane pleasure.

It went on and on until, suddenly, she had no strength left. She fell forward and her breasts took her whole upper body weight as his arms stiffened automatically to hold her up. Then, partly because his own build was so slight and it was hard to hold her up, and partly because he wanted to feel those soft breasts pressed against his chest, he let her sink down to lie on him. His hands moved, going to her back and he just slid them over her skin, marveling at the feel of a naked woman in his arms.

For Matt, the exercise had been almost enough to blow his mind. His own orgasm had been unexpected and explosive. Had he known what she was going to do, he was pretty sure it wouldn't have mattered. He was convinced there was no way to train for having a hot pussy rubbing against your prick for the first time. Already, though, his mind was adjusting. It had been amazing, but he was already looking the next time...when he was sure he'd be able to make it last a little longer.

He lay there, with her surprisingly heavy, but comfortable weight pressing him into the bed. Her skin felt so good under his hands, and her panting in his ear made him feel taller, somehow. He hadn't done all that much, but she'd still had a great time. Anybody could see that. But the best part was that she'd had that good time with HIM. And that made it unimaginably better for him too.

There was no talk this time. Being in an embrace like this made the whole episode different on levels that neither of them could really grasp. They were brother and sister; hugging...sharing warmth and closeness...the kind of closeness only siblings can share. They were also lovers, though, sharing the kind of closeness that only lovers can share. After their frantic exercise, just lying there in each other's arms was just as delicious. Neither was in a hurry to end that.

Eventually, perhaps fifteen minutes later, Clarissa sat up. As she did so her swollen pussy lips pressed his cock. It was just natural to wiggle. And he'd had time enough to recuperate, so it was just natural, when she wiggled that he started to get hard again. She wiggled some more, and he hardened some more until, once again, she was sliding her pussy lips along the bottom of his erect shaft.

"I could do this all day," she sighed, the urgency gone from her loins.

"Me too," he said softly. "I WANT to do this all day."

As so often happens when emotions are at peak levels, she looked down at the man who was making her feel so complete, and said "I love you Matt."

There was no hesitation. "I love you too, Rissa."

"No," she said, sensing the routineness of his response. She rubbed a little faster. "I mean I REALLY love you!"

"I know," he said, sure in his heart that he really DID know how she felt, because he felt the same way. Their bond had been strengthened beyond imagination, and would remain unbreakable for life. That's what he was feeling, and he was sure that's what she was feeling too. His emotional response hadn't been routine, though his words were.

"I love you so much I want to kiss you," she said.

"You kiss me all the time," he said, smiling.

"Not like this," she said, leaning back down to press her lips against his.

She'd seen open mouthed kisses on TV and in movies. She'd always wondered what those would be like. The actors seemed to like it. Now, as her tongue invaded Matt's mouth she found out why they liked it.

In Matt's mind, he was remembering things HE had seen in movies too. The kiss was electric, but the man was supposed to be on top. That was what made him roll them over. She didn't care, as long as the kiss went on, and she helped him reverse their orientation.

It was just natural for her to settle with her legs spread. It was normal for his knees to fall between those spread legs, where there was room for them. It was understandable that his newly stiffened prick fell quite naturally to lie on pussy lips that were ready to receive what they were intended to receive. And, though neither youth intended for mating to take place...nature took over.

Matt, while he kissed her, imitated what he'd seen in the movies. That was a thrusting movement of his hips. His cock was in the right place, at the right time. Her pussy was super lubricated. They fit together like a hand in a glove, and there was no pain whatsoever as, with one manic thrust, his prick slid into her pussy until his balls slapped the taut globes of her buttocks. He wasn't even aware that his toes dug into the bedspread, or that his calves corded, helping him get as deep in her as possible.

As many new things as both had felt recently, they were still capable of realizing that this was something REALLY new.

They froze, lips still locked. The pressure of newly invaded vaginal walls lessened as they reluctantly broke the kiss.

"What happened?" she whispered, panting.

"I think I went in you," he panted back.

"In me?"

"In you," he confirmed, pressing forward. The feel of her clasping pussy along his rod was different than anything he'd ever felt before.

And better. MUCH better.

Clarissa examined the feeling. She felt full, like she'd eaten too much, except the feeling was in a different place than her stomach. And there were muscles down there she'd never felt before. As they announced they existed, she flexed them, making them squeeze against something unyielding, and yet soft at the same time.

"Ooooo," he panted, feeling something gripping his prick. It was like a hundred little hands all stroking him at the same time.

"You're inside me!" she yipped.

"I think so," he panted. He pulled out...just a little...and then, as cool air sent a signal to his brain, slid back in, where it was warm and soft. In the process his cock scraped her clitty and she jerked.

"We're fucking!" she gasped.

"We are?" He looked confused. "We are!" he gasped as it all came home. "Should I stop?" He looked terrified.

"NO!" she almost shouted, before she could even think about it. "I don't care!"

"You don't care?" Matt sounded confused.

"I don't care that we're fucking!" she gasped. Her clitty sent zings of pleasure to her brain. Her muscles squeezed him again, and now her hips gave a little wiggle as she got used to the idea. "It feels good, Matt! It feels too good to stop now!"

"Are you sure?" he groaned. "Oh please be sure, because I don't want to stop either!"

"Yes. Move it around some you did before," she instructed.

He pulled out, a little more this time than before. Again he felt the cool air around his exposed penis flesh, and then slammed right back in. If he never had to take it out of her that would be just fine with him.

"Oooo yes," she sighed. "Like that. Do that again."

Together they learned the time honored horizontal dance that men and women have performed since before there were words to describe it. It didn't matter that they were brother and sister. All that mattered was that they were male and female.

And as her pussy convulsed, sending her to a higher plane of ecstasy than she'd thought was even possible, his body responded. Neurons transmitted messages. His prostate clenched, and a little more than a fluid ounce of sperm-laced semen jetted from his body into hers, soaking her pussy with life-giving fluid that she felt as hot, wet pulses of love, coming from Matt to her.

"Oh PLEASE don't stop!" she gasped as she suddenly felt like she was in ocean surf, being tumbled head over heels. She couldn't even breathe to let out the scream of joy that wanted to fill the room in which she had become a woman.

Having full intercourse finally sated the lusts of both teens. The aftermath of this activity wasn't as torpid as their earlier sanguine enjoyment cuddle. There were a few moments of tense discomfort as they finally disengaged, and the knowledge of what they'd done sank in. That knowledge was almost too much to deal with, at least rapidly.

Clarissa went to take a shower. It was part a desire to clean somehow undo what had been done...but as she stood under the hot spray her emotions settled into a place that wasn't regretful. The spray, beating off of her shoulders reminded her of the pulses of heat as he jetted into her. It was completely different, of course, but the shower spray felt good, and she accepted that his internal spray had felt good too.

Matt used Uncle Bob's bathroom, but all he did was get a washcloth wet and clean off the mixture of sticky fluids that coated him from ribs to thighs. He didn't know what to think, really. What seemed to bubble to the top of his thoughts was that, whenever he thought the best had happened, he was quite likely to be wrong. To be honest, his prime concern was whether he'd ever get to do that again. Perhaps he may be forgiven for being male. In truth, even though he stayed soft, he was ready to go again, on a subliminal level. Clarissa was, of course, the prime candidate for future ... activities. At the same time he was clearly aware that a boundary had been passed that could create conflict. Right now he had no interest in having conflict of any kind with his sister.

Matt was in the kitchen when Clarissa appeared, dressed in a different pair of shorts and T shirt. She was rubbing her head with a towel and Matt, who had just grabbed another handful of candy from the cupboard, munched one while he watched her breasts jiggle under the shirt. They had still not said anything to each other. He felt only slightly perverted as his cock twitched.

"You OK?" he finally asked. Her hands never hesitated as she continued to dry her hair.

"Fine," she said.

"Really?" He sounded so hopeful that she stopped and looked at him.

"I'm not sorry, if that's what you mean."

"Oh wow," he said, with a rush of relief. "I'm so glad!"

She tilted her head and examined him.

"What does this mean?" she asked.

"I don't know," he answered honestly.

"I mean everything has changed...but you look just like always." Her eyes picked up the bulge in his pants, but she didn't have enough experience yet to recognize it as a half stiff penis.

"You don't," he sighed.

"Why? How do I look different?"

"I know what's under your clothes now," he answered. "I can't help but think about that."

"So from now on you're going to think of me naked?" She wasn't sure that made her happy, and didn't exactly make her unhappy.

"I don't know," he answered, again honestly. "Maybe."

"Well don't think we're going to just do that whenever you feel like it," said Clarissa, trying to establish who was in control. She was still the big sister.

"Believe me," he said. "I'll feel like the luckiest guy in the world if I EVER get to do that again."

"Awww." She melted as she felt the warmth of his comment. She couldn't help but feel a rush of emotion as a special man announced how appreciative he was of her in her role as a woman. It was something she wasn't used to, and it made her feel very, very good.

They were watching TV when Bob finally got home. They weren't sitting together, though there had been some low level flirting going on all night. While their passions had been tempered, Clarissa couldn't help but have some fun, sitting in positions that drew her brother's hot eyes to her. She learned more and more about how powerful a woman could be if the circumstances were right.

As for Bob, he noticed nothing. It wasn't that he was particularly preoccupied, though he WAS still thinking about what it had taken to fix the study so that the formerly unofficial questions and answers could be included in the official data, and an "unexpected side effect" introduced into the study.

It was more like when you see newlyweds after they return from their honeymoon. They don't really look any different. The only real reason you look at them differently is because you KNOW what they were doing on that honeymoon.

And, of course, Bob didn't know about the brief "honeymoon" that had taken place in his house before his arrival. It was for that reason that he didn't notice any change in his charges.

He was dead on his feet too, which made him less observant than usual. He ate the food they'd saved for him, said good night and went to bed. It was probably his exhaustion that kept him from observing other things that happened that night as well.

Such as when Matt wandered to his sister's room and tapped gently on the door. Opening it, he stuck his head in to see her lying on her back, reading a magazine. She was dressed in her normal sleepwear, panties and a T shirt.

Nothing was said. She laid the magazine aside, sat up, and removed the T shirt.

Perhaps, if Bob hadn't been so tired that night, he might have heard the moans, and gasps as brother and sister began learning each other's bodies better. He might have heard the bed squeak as Matt's thrusts moved the whole frame. He wouldn't have heard many words. There were only a few spoken. "Yes!" was moaned several times. "Like that," was said, both as instruction and a question.

Matt's "Oh man I love this," was the loudest thing said, as he strained to get his prick as deep into her as possible while it jetted again, filling her with his hot teen spunk.

This time there was much less mess, because all his fluid went inside her.

In fact, all she had to do was close her legs tightly, when he finally got up and kissed her good night. That way, she found, nothing drained out of her. When she rolled onto her side the weight of her upper leg closed her pussy lips tightly, while she drifted happily to sleep.

Two weeks later Clarissa knew she had to do something. Her breasts had grown more. Now, when she ran laps for PE they actually hurt from the bouncing. Even the loose shirts she had begun to wear, to hide her burgeoning breasts were not doing much to conceal them very well.

Clarissa had undergone other changes too. It was a complicated series of things that were intermeshed with her sudden physical development. Boys paid a lot of attention to her now. Now, instead of being a tall, skinny tomboyish girl, she presented the appearance of a tall, well built young woman, in the flower of her development. Girls who had never spoken to her were either jealous, or tried to bring her into their circle. It was suggested that she might have what it took to make the cheerleading squad.

And, at home, most nights, she got better and better at reaching for and finding orgasms that seemed to get stronger and longer lasting. Matt was getting better at pleasing her too. He seemed to have more energy and was lasting longer and longer before blasting her pussy full of his hot male offering. He was changing in other ways too. He'd gained some weight. The muscles in his arms held him up more easily as he lunged so delightfully into her. Just last night she had looked up at his face while he lunged into her and seen tiny hairs growing on his chin. Uncle Bob shaved every day, and she had just assumed that Matt must too, even though she'd never seen him do it. As they lay in each others arms, kissing and cuddling after a hot fuck she asked him about it, only to find out his whiskers were as much a surprise to him as they were to her. His voice, as he said that, was deeper than it had been, though she didn't notice.

And so, with her newfound popularity at school, and her very satisfying sex life at home, the world seemed like a different place to Clarissa. That feeling of being on another planet somewhere persisted, though she was beginning to get used to it. She was more confident. She felt more grown up.

She decided she had to do something about her bouncing breasts. When it was her turn to do the grocery shopping, she went to the super center, got the things on the list and then went to the lingerie department. She'd never spent that much time there, and had never really examined bras. The plethora of choices overwhelmed her. And bras were expensive too! Even though it was going on Uncle Bob's credit card, she didn't feel it would be acceptable to spend that much money and then find out she'd gotten the wrong thing. More confident she might be, but she wasn't up to approaching a stranger to ask which bra was right for her.

But she COULD approach Uncle Bob.

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