Fooling Around 101 - Version Bravo

by Lubrican

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Chapter Eight

I brought Jill's food in to find her watching The Price Is Right. She clicked it off and tried to scoot up so she was sitting. I had to help her. We were both still nude, but it seemed okay, somehow. They had one of those little tables that bridges the lap for breakfast in bed, and it was sitting on the dresser, so I got that and put her food on it in front of her.

I had also brought my own sandwich in, so I sat down and munched on it.

She ate a few bites, and looked at me, sitting beside her bed, in the chair she'd gotten her hair dried in. It was a bit surreal. I mean I was naked, eating a grilled cheese sandwich, probably dropping crumbs in my lap, looking at a naked woman in a bed, who had two casts on and still managed to look hot.

"I have to tell you something," she said.


"That night when I caught you and Cindy?"

I nodded.

"Well I didn't say anything right away. I was in the dark in the hallway, and I watched for a while. All I could think about was what it might feel like to sit on your lap, like she was sitting on your lap, and have your hands on me, like they were on her. I even touched myself. And then you kissed her, and I knew I was going to have to change my panties."

"You had on maroon ones that night," I said. "The next morning they were white, with hearts on them."

"You noticed that?" She sounded shocked.

"Before Randy died, I had all kinds of improper fantasies about you," I said. "Afterwards, it seemed wrong, so I stopped letting myself think that way. But it's impossible not to notice you. Cindy either."

She took a few more bites. She was getting better at manipulating the fork left-handed.

"Then, when we reached our ... arrangement ... and Cindy told me how things were going, I kept imagining what it would be like to sneak away with you and get my bell rung like that. I wasn't jealous, because it was obvious she was giving all of it a lot of thought. The very first time you did something, the first thing she said to me was that she understood now why girls got into trouble so often. It convinced me that what you two were doing was valuable.

"Except she kept wanting more," I said.

"I wanted more right along with her," said Jill.

"Why didn't you say something?"

"Because you've always been a perfect gentleman. You never gave me any indication you were interested."

"I felt guilty about being interested," I said.

"I know. But he would want both of us to be happy."

"I know that too. I just didn't think you were interested in having a man in your life."

"I wasn't," she said, "until my daughter reminded me of how special the right man can make a woman feel."

I realized I had an erection poking up from my lap. I felt pretty silly.

"And then, when I was naked, and you looked at me, with that look in your eye, I knew I was in trouble. It was just a matter of time."

"I wasn't trying to seduce you," I said.

"Which is probably the best kind of seduction there can be," she said. "I believe you said you'd help me when I was finished?"

"You're not finished," I said.

"I am for now," she said. "You can heat it up for me later. Right now I need something other than food, Bob."

My intention was to eat her pussy, and get her off that way. The cast on her leg started just below her knee, and went all the way to her instep. Her toes stuck out, but that was all. That did not prevent her from spreading her legs, though. And while she was quite happy about having her clitty sucked, she wanted the real McCoy.

"You sure about this?" I panted, aware of how injured she still was.

She nodded rapidly and reached for me.

By then we were both worked up, and the subject of protection never came up. Had we planned this, it might have been different, but at that point neither of us was willing to call for a cessation of hostilities, so to speak, while I got dressed and ran to the store.

So my prick was naked when I slid it between those floppy pussy lips, and into a furnace just as hot as her teenaged daughter's. And it was just as naked as she sobbed with the relief of her first orgasm with a penis in her, in more than five years. The import of that is that her orgasm triggered mine, and twenty seconds later not only was I in lust with both of the Caldwell women ... I had seeded them both as well.

But when I finally got off of her, and offered to take her to the bathroom, to let me drip out of her ... she declined, saying she was tired, and thought she might finally be able to get some good sleep.

We were both taking a nap when Cindy got home from school.

That's why I was still naked.

"What the ...?" Her voice woke me up. I was sleeping on the couch. By the time I was awake, she was already in her mother's room. Jill had been hot after our coupling, so she had not covered up, and the evidence of what had happened was still oozing from her pussy.

Cindy stomped around the house muttering for twenty minutes before she said a word to either of us. I had put on some pants by then, and a T shirt. Jill was more stubborn than I was. She hadn't even pulled the sheet over her yet.

But the longer she stomped around, the less violent her stomping became, and her mutters finally dwindled until she stood there, just looking at me.

"What about me?" she asked, sounding like a little girl.

"Maybe you'd better talk to your mother about that," I said.

So she went into the bedroom. She didn't close the door, but I didn't listen in, either. These two women had already decided my fate, one way or another. So I went to take a walk. It was one of those cold days, where the sun is so bright that it doesn't feel as cold as it is. I should have worn a jacket, but when I started getting chilled, I just sped up to create more heat.

There was some heat being generated back in the house too, which I found out about later. Cindy finally had to admit to her mother that she wasn't a virgin any more - twice over. Jill didn't really mind that, having just experienced the same thing with the same man. She could relate. But she wasn't happy about having been kept in the dark ... by both of us. Still, it was a no brainer. Cindy loved me in a very special way, but she didn't want to jump through the hoops necessary for us to make a life together. I would always be Uncle Bob to her, even years later, when her husband got drunk one night at a party and ended up in bed with the wrong woman. Cindy came to her mother for solace, and Jill prescribed what's good for the goose. That was me, by the way, just in case that analogy didn't work.

Basically, once they determined that there was no future for me and Cindy, that pretty much decided things. I say pretty much, because while Cindy finished high school, whenever she got horny on a date, she came home and got un-horny with Uncle Bob. And after that, until she got married, whenever she was home from college, I was available for what she called "Advanced Matrimonial Bedroom Theory."

As for Jill, she had a lot of time to make up for. She claimed that orgasms helped her sleep, and that sleep was what helped her heal. Suffice it to say that, between both women, I went from getting almost no sex, to being half worn out most of the time.

When the subject of protection finally came up, it was decided that Cindy should probably be on the pill. As for Jill, she said "I don't care."

"What don't you care about?" I asked.

"I don't care what happens," she said.

"What does that mean?" I asked.

"It means that if I get pregnant, that's fine, and if I don't, then that's fine too."

"Don't you feel like taking care of babies is behind you?" I asked.

"I love babies," she said. "I loved raising mine. If I have yours, I'll love raising it too."

I don't know how a woman feels, when she decides that she's going to have a baby. I can never truly understand that, because I'm a man.

But if you're a father, then you know what it feels like the first time a woman says to you "I'm willing to have your child."

There are all these superlative words and phrases around: most astonishing, most amazing, most tumultuous, most fantastic, most mind-blowing, and on and on. None of them come even close to what it feels like when a woman says she'll let you impregnate her, and carry the child to term.

Of course that's not exactly what Jill said. She said she didn't care, one way or the other. But anybody can see that's not true. It's impossible to be willing to let that happen, and not actually care. It's just too momentous a situation. And she had said that she loved babies.

So I ask to be forgiven if I took her comments to be permission to fertilize her eggs. All of them. I know, that's silly, but it's how I felt. No woman had ever wanted my lovemaking to create life.

Of course that was when my personal relationship wrecking ball swung out of its hiding place ... the wrecking ball that insisted that if I was going to be this serious with a woman, I should propose marriage. At least ten women had, in various ways, informed me that they were not interested in marrying me (or in having my children.) I bore a lot of internal scars inflicted by some of those women. You might remember that's why I was between girlfriends, when Jill said I could teach her teenage daughter how to deal with men, and why I still didn't have a girlfriend when Jill landed in the hospital, and I ended up taking care of her.

But my personal relationship wrecking ball just swung out, and then swung back, hitting nothing.

I had finally found the right woman.

Well, you've been very patient with me, and I appreciate you listening to all this. It isn't often a man finds true happiness, and I'm delighted to have been able to share that experience with you.

Of course I couldn't give you the entire perspective of others in the story. Such as what it was like for Jill to have so much time to reflect on things, while she lay there healing (and probably wondering when that satyr was going to come back in and climb on top of her again!) I know that her thoughts didn't go along the common, ordinary lines that most women in America tend to stay close to.

What I mean by that is that she was aware that, had it not been for what happened between Cindy and me, she would not have thought about me the way she did, and our relationship would not have gone in the direction it went. In other words, if she hadn't given me permission to establish Fooling Around 101, with my single student, then she wouldn't have ended up as gloriously happy as she was, waiting for that satyr to come back in and climb on top of her again.

So she viewed my relationship with her daughter a bit differently than most American mothers would have.

Which is why she did not demand that Cindy stop sleeping with me. She did make that stipulation later on, when Cindy got married, but until then, I was the husband, and they thought of themselves as sister wives, or mother-daughter wives or whatever. They've never been able to explain to me how that worked between them.

I'll give you an example. Remember how Jill had that itchy stubble on her mons, and how I had offered to shave her? Well, when the time actually came, Cindy happened to be home and, as I carefully soaked the area with a steamy washcloth, and the applied shaving gel, I realized Cindy was watching, over my shoulder. By the time Jill was all clean and smooth again, I'd forgotten Cindy, and just naturally leaned forward to drag my tongue through her mother's vulval valley. Now you'd think that would have led to some red faces at a minimum, but the way that ended up was by me shaving Cindy too ... right there on the bed next to her mother! Who would have thought that could happen in a million years?

I'll be honest. It was very weird. At least at first. But living with two women wasn't the hard part. The hard part was not letting other people know about what went on between me and those women, behind closed doors. It's not easy.

That's because when you love someone, you want to express that whenever and however you can. It's just natural to hold your lover's hand while you walk down the street. At least sometimes.

But keeping that kind of secret can become very difficult in some situations that you wouldn't even think of. Like Jill's doctor visits. She was going to see him for weekly visits. Her injuries had healed well, but he wanted to be sure, so he left the casts on for eight weeks instead of the normal six. And of course sometimes Cindy was with me when we took her mother to see him. What that meant was that, on one occasion, he had seen Cindy kissing me. Apparently it was a good kiss.

And he knew I was Jill's primary caregiver. He had even given me instructions on how some of her care needed to be done. While he was taking the casts off, he casually mentioned how nice it would be not to have to have a man help her with intimate things ... such as changing tampons.

And that reminded her that I hadn't had to help her change any tampons in quite a long time.

He offered her some pain medication for the initial period after the casts were removed. She asked him if it would be safe to take the pills if she was pregnant. He ran a pregnancy test, and determined she was six weeks pregnant.

Now it doesn't take a mental giant to figure out who got her that way, considering her situation. And he had seen Cindy and me swapping spit. And since his patient's welfare was more important than screwing up the good thing he thought I was trying to pull off, he told Jill about me and her daughter. Her lack of anger led to some questions, and he gave Cindy a pregnancy test too. She insisted she wasn't, but he was stubborn, and wanted to examine her anyway. Personally, I think he just wanted to see her naked. But she wasn't pregnant.

But he was the only one who found out, as far as I know. What we were most proud of is that neither Dennis nor Mark gave any indication that they suspected any monkey business between their sister and me.

Of course that's because they were probably too freaked out over the fact that I married their mother.

We decided to let them freak.

Just imagine what they'd have done if they knew the whole truth.

The End

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