Sister's Passion

by Lubrican


I think it happened some time around my twelfth birthday, when I was taking a bath and discovered that it felt good to wash my penis. The more I washed the better it felt until one day it felt fantastic, though that feeling was composed of a sudden, exquisite pain, followed by a sense of relief that made my mind spin. I found that I could also do it in bed any time I wanted, but the liquid that came out of my penis required I keep an old sock on hand.

I also started to notice girls, including my sister Emma. Either she changed, or my outlook changed, but she was suddenly sexy and gorgeous and I couldn't keep my eyes off her. At 14 her body was causing stirrings in my groin. When I'd see her moving from the shower to her room wrapped in a too-small towel I would spy her pubic area. I also noticed that when she wore a pull-over shirt I could catch a glimpse of her breasts when she bent over just right. To fuel my masturbation sessions I at first imagined the pictures in Playboy as being of women who would let me touch them and kiss them. After a while, I thought about the woman who actually lived in the house with me, instead of some two-dimensional imaginary lover.

Emma was a cheerleader and always kept her body in tip top shape. She had curves in all the right places. Her legs looked far better than anything in the magazines and I do mean anything. She was so close and yet so far. We were closer than most siblings and shared secrets between us. If we ever fought I don't remember it and we constantly looked out after each other. When either she or I had chores around the house the other one would happily lend a hand, if asked, but I was sure she wouldn't be interested in fooling around with her brother.

When she was fifteen and allowed to go on dates Emma was pretty active in the dating arena and never seemed to lack for male companionship. She went on dates almost every weekend night with guys who treated her like a queen. I, on the other hand, was terrified of saying something stupid or doing something stupid if I was alone with a girl. I could talk to girls, and Emma's friends talked to me all the time. But that was different than being alone with a girl and having to come up with something to say the whole time. Oddly, this eventually got me a reputation, first with her friends, and then with other girls, as a "safe" guy to flirt with. I was Emma's "safe" brother.

What happened then was that girls would come find me while they were over at our house on a sleepover. They would use me like a crash test dummy. My first kiss was from a girl named Megan. The first time a girl saw my dick or touched it was during one of Emma's sleepovers. Nothing crazy happened, and most of what they wanted was for me to touch them this way or that way, but just for a short time. It was all just to find out what things felt like. I never got any blow jobs or hand jobs or anything like that, but I got to cop a ton of feels and the girls would run their hands over a real dick, even if it was one that was confined in a pair of pants.

It took me a year to figure out that Emma was the one orchestrating all this. The girls would talk about stuff and Emma would say, "Go try it with Bobby. He won't do anything unless you tell him to and he'll never tell anybody."

Emma herself was kind of touchy feely with me but I didn't think much of it beyond normal sibling interaction. She would touch my arm to emphasize a point we were discussing. Sometimes when she got excited about something I did for her she would give me a hug pressing her glorious, lush breasts against my chest giving me an immediate hard on. When she would notice it pressing against her mons she never pulled away and sometimes gave me a sly smile. She had to know I had a boner ... but she never gave any indication that it bothered her.

One Saturday evening (she was sixteen and I was fifteen) we were both at home watching a movie on TV. Our parents were gone somewhere. I don't even remember where. The best view of the TV set was by sitting on the couch. We started out with a respectful separation between us. I wasn't sure but it seemed like every time she got up to do or get something she would return and sit a little closer to me. Before long she was right up against me with her bare leg touching mine. She made little movements with her leg that seemed more like a caress than a casual position change.

Then she got up to go make popcorn, when she came back she sat and leaned against me so we could both reach the snack. I did the natural thing and put my arm around her shoulders. When I did that she leaned her head over and rested it on my shoulder. I detected a sigh of contentment. What really blew my mind was when she raised her head slightly and gave me a kiss on my neck, and said, "I'm so glad you're my brother." I didn't know what to make of it since there had not been any overt affection between us before that. When she kissed me I tightened my hold on her and gave her a little sideways hug. The next thing that got me even more excited was when she let her hand rest on my bare thigh. As if that wasn't enough to get me all mixed up she started a gentle caressing with her fingertips, moving her hand higher as time went by.

At one point I glanced over and the front of her shirt was gaping, so I looked.

She didn't have on a bra! I could see the nipple of her left breast!

Her head turned and my eyes rose to meet hers. I was busted. She'd just caught me looking down her shirt.

"You looking at my boobs, Bobby?" she asked.

"I didn't mean to," I whispered.

"You mean like you don't mean to every time you try and see down my shirts?" She sighed. "I know you try to see my boobs, Bobby."

"I'm sorry."

"Why? The reason I felt pretty the first time in my life was because you made me feel that way."


"Yes, really. So, why do you try to see them all the time?"

"Because they're so fricking gorgeous," I sighed.

She leaned forward to put the popcorn on the coffee table. When she sat back, it was kind of sideways, facing me.

"You want to see them without anything covering them?"

I just blinked at her, frozen. This couldn't be happening.

"You can't tell anybody," she warned.

I shook my head so hard I was afraid it would fall off.

Then she just took her shirt off, right there in front of me.

Bam! Instant boner.

It was instinct to reach and touch one. I was doing it before I even thought about it. The first thought I had, in fact, was wondering why she wasn't slapping my hand away. Then I felt warm, soft breast in my hand, and then I felt her hand on my lap, finding my boner and squeezing it.

"I knew you'd be hard," she whispered.

Then she kissed me.

On the lips, not the neck.

"My friends always get to do things with you," she said. She was still topless and her hand was still on my swollen dick, outside my pants. "I never get to do anything with anybody."

"But you go on all those dates," I said.

"I can't do anything with them," she said. "They'd tell all their friends and their friends would tell everybody else. And they would try to get me to go too far. No, I can't do anything except kiss them on dates. I get so horny, Bobby!"

"I know how that feels," I said.

"I hear you through the wall," she said. "You're in there pounding your pud and all I can think about is how Suzy Watkins described it when she played with it."

"She told you about that?" I gasped.

"They all come back and tell everybody else what it was like. That's the whole purpose of going to see you."

"I never knew."

"That's one reason they all kept going to you. You were so sweet, and so clueless."

"So why are you telling me this now?" I asked. "Why are we here like this, now?"

"Because I want my turn," she said.

I did the same thing I did with all her friends. I just sat there, waiting for her to tell me what she wanted.

What she wanted was to find out what it was like to take a shower with a boy. Emma never did anything by halves and she'd thought about this for a long time.

Normally, we both showered at night, instead of in the morning. We had just always taken separate showers, of course. This time I watched, almost shaking, as she got naked in the bathroom and turned on the water. I was so frozen I didn't even take off my clothes.

"Bobby, Bobby, Bobby," she sighed, approaching me to undo my shirt. When she pulled my pants and underwear down she stopped.

"Oh my gosh, Suzie lied!" she sighed.

"About what?"

"She said yours was big."

"Oh. You mean it's not?" I was a little sad. Suzie was the only one of them who had actually seen my penis naked. The rest had only touched it outside my pants, or shorts.

"That's not big, Bobby," she said. "That's fucking enormous!"

"Really?" I was pleased again.

"She said you'd die a virgin, because no girl would ever let you put it in her, but we thought she was just joking around ... exaggerating. Now I get it!"

"I'm going to die a virgin?" I moaned.

"No. You might have to wait until you're grown up. I'm sure my pussy will be bigger when I grow up."

"Your pussy?" I gasped, weakly.

"Women's pussies," she said. "I'm sure they get bigger as you grow. It used to be I had a hard time getting one finger in me. Now I can get my whole hairbrush handle up in there."

"You put your hairbrush handle ... in your ... pussy?"

"Well of course. You try to rip your cock off in bed every night. You're really loud when you jerk off. Of course I'm going to need some relief, too."

"Oh," I said. "Sure."

"I can't wait to feel it against me," she said.

She pulled me into the shower and hugged me, pressing her hot titties against my chest. We're about the same height, so my dick was right at the same level as her pussy. It was sticking almost straight up, though, and the head would have been an inch away from my abs if she hadn't been touching it. Her abs were pushing it against mine, though.

Until she reached and bent it and pushed it between her legs.

She kissed me and I realized that her pussy lips were touching the top of my dick.

That kiss went on and on and she started moving her hips towards me and away from me, rubbing her pussy on my bone. All the time her tongue was in my mouth and the water was pounding on us.

I'm not sure exactly how it happened. I know she had an orgasm. Jessica Richards had me rub the front of her jeans one night until she shuddered and squealed and said, "I'm cumming Bobby!" Emma didn't say she was cumming, but the rest of it was remarkably similar to what Jessica had done.

And I know that when she did this, she raised one leg and wrapped it around me, pushing her pussy against my thigh. I think all of that was just instinct.

And I know I did things too that must have been instinct, because I know I didn't think about doing them.

I bent my knees, which seemed to know how much to bend, and the tip of my prick came up to her pussy lips and nosed between them, and then I straightened my knees. I swear I didn't do this on purpose. It just felt like the thing to do.

The first two inches of my iron hard prick punched right through those protective lips and into her pussy.

"Ooof!" she said into my lips. Her face pulled back and her eyes were wide open.

"It's in me!" she gasped.

"Sorry!" I yelped, but my knees weren't sorry. They bent and then straightened again, and another inch of my cock wormed its way into her scorching hot depths.

"You're fucking me," she groaned.

"No, I'm not," I argued. I argued that, because I wasn't trying to fuck her.

"Stop!" she barked.

Somehow I managed to freeze. She went up on tiptoes on the one foot that was still on the floor. Her other leg, the one she'd wrapped around me, sort of just stayed there, pressing against my butt. I could tell she was trying to get off, but she couldn't do that unless I bent my knees.

And she'd told me to "Stop!" after all. So I stayed stopped. In the "up" position.

"Don't move," she ordered.

I was happy not to move.

She let her heel down on the floor and the inch or so that she'd pulled off of sank back into her. When it did, the tip of my cock went another inch into new territory. Now there were only three inches left outside her.

"Fuuuck," she groaned.

I just stood there, frozen.

She went up on tiptoes again, but then let her heel down almost instantly. Then she did it again.

"I feel so full!" she whined. "You're splitting me in half."

I stood there, not moving, like she'd ordered me to.

"It's way up there in me," she panted. She stopped. "I'm not a virgin anymore!"

She looked at me, so I kissed her.

She finally took the leg down that she'd wrapped around me and I heard her voice change as it made sounds into my mouth. It didn't sound happy anymore. It sounded like she was in pain.

"Lift your leg again," I said.

She did and I bent my knees and pulled out of her. It was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do.

"Ohhhh," she sighed, as the stretching, skewering, impaling thing was removed from her body.

"I don't want to hurt you," I said, hugging her.

She reached to turn the water off.

"It didn't hurt when my legs were spread," she said. "Well, it did at first, but not very long."

We got out and dried off. She took my towel and hung it up before turning to me.

"Let's go to my room so I can spread them again," she said.

"Ohhhh fuuuuck," groaned Emma as all but the last inch of my cock finally sank into her.

I started doing just that. I pulled most of it out of her, and then I slid most of it right back in her.

She got wilder and wilder. One thing she seemed to really like was when I went in all the way and pushed. I liked it, too. I wasn't trying to stretch her or anything. I was pretty sure you can't stretch a pussy. But it felt good for the tip of my cock to rub against the end of her pussy.

I was really pushing when she went off and started kicking her legs and beating her fists on the bed beside us. I felt something give inside her and, suddenly, that last inch of prick sank into her. I was afraid I'd hurt her, but all she did was babble about how good it felt.

That's when I spurted.

Of course, now I understand that what happened was that I penetrated her cervix and the head of my dick slid into her baby chamber, where it deposited a few million sperm cells. That hurt her on one level - the cervix doesn't appreciate being stretched, even that little bit - but on another level, when my pubic bone mashed her clitty, the orgasm she'd been coming up from swallowed her again.

It turns out the thing she loves most is when I'm all the way in her.

Even though that's the most dangerous way for us to fuck.

It probably wouldn't be so bad if we calculated and planned so that we only did that at the safest times.

But she doesn't do that.

When she comes in from a date and she's horny, she wants my prod up in her.

And when I put my prod up in her, I can't help but let it spurt.

We tried a condom once. She said, "I hate this," and peeled it off.

She should probably bite the bullet and tell Mom she has become sexually active. Mom would be pissed off, but she'd get Emma on the pill or something.

She won't do that, though.

"I can't tell her," she moaned one night. "It's too embarrassing."

"Is it as embarrassing as walking into the room with a big belly and her noticing that?" I panted.

"No!" she gasped as the head of my cock slid into her baby chamber again.

"That's what's going to happen," I warned. "Oh Emma!" I added as my cock puked another several million baby makers into her womb.

"Mmmmm, I love it when you cum in me, Bobby," she purred in my ear.

I'm still the "safe" guy to play with when her girlfriends come over. She's made it crystal clear I'd better not actually fuck any of them.

She knows I'm going to fuck her pregnant, one of these days.

I know it, too.

Now I don't wonder if I'll ever get to fuck my sister.

Instead, I wonder how many of my babies she'll have.

The End