The Babe Bike Blues

by Lubrican

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Chapter Five

Their laundry was done, and they were well fed. Now, in the motel room, at only eight-thirty, neither was really sleepy. Jennifer turned on the TV and started channel surfing.

As happens more often than many would like to admit, Jennifer stopped on a channel only long enough to determine what kind of show was airing. Bob saw three or four programs he would have liked to investigate further, but had no chance to as the screen changed.

There were sixty-nine channels.

When she started through them again, and she landed on the Discovery Channel, Bob said, "Hold it there." She did, leaving it there for maybe thirty seconds.

"It's D-d-discovery," she said, and then pushed the button.

"Why do women do that?" complained Bob. "That looked interesting."

"'C-c-cause there m-m-might be s-s-something b-b-better on," she said.

"How will you know?" asked Bob. "You never stop long enough to actually find out what a show is about."

She ignored him. He lay back on the bed and covered his eyes with one arm. The static of the changing sounds was a cadence in his ears, until suddenly there was silence.

"Not going to watch anything?" he asked, his eyes still covered.

"Wh-wh-what d-d-do you th-th-think this m-m-might b-b-be about?" she stuttered.

He uncovered his eyes and lifted his head. The screen was a blue pay per view screen with the words "Bambi Bangs Baltimore" on it.

"You don't want to see that," he said.

"Wh-wh-why not?" she asked.

"It's porn, that's why."


Bob snorted. "Look, Princess, I'm in enough trouble already if your father finds out I brought you on the Babe Bike and talked to you about sexual feelings. If I let you watch porn he'll kill me for sure. And that's only if your mother doesn't get to me first."

"B-b-babe b-b-bike?"

He groaned. That part wasn't supposed to come out. Not ever, if possible.

"It's just what I call that bike," he tried.

"S-s-so why w-w-would Daddy b-b-be m-m-mad about th-th-that?" she asked.

"Never mind," said Bob. "No porn. Got it?"

"N-N-NOT FAIR!" she wailed. "Y-y-you're t-t-treating m-m-me like a b-b-baby!"

"No I'm not," said Bob. "We already had this conversation. You're all grown up. You're feeling grown up stuff, but it's all new and confusing. The last thing you need is to see something inflammatory like porn. It would probably scare you to death!"

"W-w-would n-n-not!" she pouted. It was ruined by the stammer, but Bob didn't laugh. He also didn't point out that she sounded like a ten year old.

"Do you love me?" he asked. She didn't seem to want to answer, so he asked her another question that she might. "Do you TRUST me?"

She nodded twice.

"Then take my word for it, sweetie. That movie is not something you'd enjoy. Maybe in a couple of years you might, but not now. Not as you're finding out the first little bits of what sex feels like. OK?"

She sniffed, but then clicked away from the pay per view channel. She finally settled on an old movie in black and white which Bob wasn't really interested in. He put a pillow under his head and then used his old SEAL training to clear his mind and find sleep.

Bob woke to the soft sound of rhythmic whining. He recognized it instantly as the sound of a woman having a theatrical orgasm. It had that fake sound to it that was too regular and too repetitive, used the world over by actresses in the porn industry.

He opened his eyes to a blue-white flickering light that told him the sound was coming from the TV. The volume had been reduced to almost nothing. Jennifer was sitting on the floor, Indian style, leaning forward, her face only a foot from the screen. He could only see about half of the screen because her body blocked the rest of it.

He saw her head turning toward him and he closed his eyes to slits. The rest of the screen was revealed as she turned, showing a woman on all fours, with a man pounding into her from behind. Her moans weren't even in time with his thrusts.

"Damn, Bambi, you're the best I've ever had," said a male voice listlessly.

"Don't stop, Mr. Blakely," was the female reply. "I've never done this before, but I LIKE it!"

Jennifer, after making sure Bob hadn't moved, turned back around and leaned forward again, just in time to see a close-up from behind and below, showing a mostly rigid penis sawing in and out of a possibly damp pussy. The balls swung with each thrust, but looked kind of wimpy in their sack, to Bob.

He thought about sitting up and scaring the crap out of Jennifer. She'd obviously decided not to obey him. He saw her elbow move and had to lift his head to see over the end of the bed. Her right hand was busy inside those gym shorts he'd bought her.

Just then the screen started flipping back and forth between Bambi's face, which looked like she might be on a steep first drop of a rollercoaster ride, and Mr. Blakely's face, which looked a little like someone might be dribbling boiling oil all over his back. Then the camera went to the traditional scene of the penis being pulled from the vagina and masturbated to completion on her back. Jennifer leaned back, possibly in shock, as white splatters landed all over the woman's back. The former "virgin" promptly reached back to smear it all over herself, as if she instinctively knew that would feel wonderful or some such thing.

Jennifer's hand had stopped moving when she saw cum being spurted for the first time. Now, as the scene changed to show Bambi sauntering up to a storefront, she slumped. Bob watched Jennifer watch Bambi say she was applying for a modeling job. Then, of course, she was introduced to the agent, who promptly proceeded to audition her by having her suck his cock. Bambi made the requisite complaints that she'd never done this before, and had never heard of this being part of an audition, but then attacked the prick hanging out of the man's pants like a pro.

Jennifer's hand got busy again and she let out a little whimper as Bambi deep throated the agent. When the man started undressing both himself and the applicant, Bob decided she'd seen enough.

Explosively he sat up and bounced, releasing a war cry that they probably heard two rooms over. Jennifer actually vibrated, her whole body shaking as if she was operating a jack hammer. She screamed satisfyingly loud and fell over onto her side, huddling into a fetal position. Bob reached past her and punched the off button on the TV set. The room went dark and silent, except for Jennifer's blubbering.

"Go to bed," he said firmly.

"I c-c-can't!" she sobbed. "You s-s-scared m-m-me! I p-p-peed my p-p-pants!"

Bob wanted to laugh, but he knew it was the wrong thing to do just then. Maybe later, a few years from now, they could laugh about it together, but not now.

"Then go change them and go to bed," he said.

"Ok-k-kay," she sniffled.

She got up, bumped into the bed and then reached the bathroom. She turned on the bathroom light and used it to find the backpack. It got dark again when she closed the door.

She stayed in the bathroom a long time. Bob used the time to strip down to his briefs and actually get into bed. He was about to get up to go knock when the light under the door went out and he heard it open. He heard the backpack thump to the floor and Jennifer pulling down the covers of her bed. It got quiet and he listened for her breathing, to try to gauge her emotional state.

"D-d-do y-y-you hate m-m-me?" she asked softly.

He didn't even pretend to have gone back to sleep.

"Of course not," he said.

"C-c-can I ha-a-ave a h-h-hug?"

He thought about the fact that all he had on was underwear.

"Not now," he said.

She started sniffling then. She sounded like she'd lost her last friend in the whole world.

"I'm not mad at you, Princess. The reason you have to wait for the hug is because all I have on right now is underwear," he explained.

"I d-d-don't c-c-care," she whimpered.

"Jennifer, I'm not mad at you, OK?"

"P-p-please?" she moaned.

Bob groaned. "OK, one hug, but then you have to go right back to bed and go to sleep."

The covers whooshed as she threw them off and he heard her feet hit the floor between the two beds. He expected her to just lie down on top of the bedspread covering him, but she got under it instead, wiggling over to lie down on his left arm and press her body up against him. He felt her bare legs as they bumped up against his, and the undeniable softness and heat of her breasts pressing into his naked side made it clear that she wasn't wearing a bra under her T shirt. Her right arm wiggled and forced its way under him and she crushed herself to him.

"I'm s-s-sorry," she whined into his chest. Her hair tickled and he felt her lips move against his skin as she spoke.

"It's not that big of a deal, honey," he said, stroking her back.

"I j-j-just w-w-wanted to s-s-see what i-i-it was l-l-like," she said, moving her lips on his flesh again.

"I know," he sighed. "You're as stubborn as your mother."

"M-m-mommy's n-n-not stub-b-born," she said.

"Well you are."

"I m-m-miss her." That turned into more sobs and Bob practically HAD to hold her and comfort her.

"You'll get to see her tomorrow," he assured her. "You can even tell her I said she was stubborn, OK?"

He could actually FEEL her relax in his arms as the tension left her body. He let her enjoy that for a few minutes before trying to make her get up and go back to her own bed.

"OK," he said softly. "Now back to bed."

She didn't answer. She was like a dead weight on his arm, and the arm she had thrown over him was limp.


No answer.


He recognized the little wiggle she did, snuggling against him, as being the product of a voice disturbing her sleep.

He sighed. He wondered why shit like this had to happen to him.

He was reflecting on how good she felt in his arms as his own senses dulled and, like the girl in those arms, he nodded off.

Jennifer was having a most delightful dream when it began to be pulled away from her. She knew she was waking up, but tried to resist, calling the dream back. It vanished, though, and she opened her eyes. She was confused immediately. One reason was because it was still dark. Another was that she was in bed with someone. Who that was popped into her mind immediately. She breathed in his scent.

The dream she'd been having was stark in her mind. She had been on all fours, naked, like the woman in the Bambi movie. There had been a man behind her, just like in the movie, too. But what she'd been feeling was the seat of the motorcycle vibrating her clitty. She knew all about clitties now, after watching Mr...what was his name?...that man in the movie, brushing his tongue all over Bambi's clitty. In her dream, before being on all fours, she had been spread wide, like Bambi, but it had been Brad Pitt whose eyes were looking up at her as his tongue lashed her excited bud. That had felt like it did when her fingers mashed and pushed the slippery little bump around. Then he had turned her over and she'd felt his skin push against her bottom and the vibrations had begun.

She could tell she was damp down there, like when she rubbed.

A groan came suddenly from the throat right beside her forehead.

"Jennn," came moaning out of Uncle Bob's mouth.

She lifted her head, staring at his face. His eyes were closed. His head moved to one side and then back. She could see the eyes beneath his closed lids flickering back and forth. From her studies she knew he was experiencing REM sleep. It was during REM sleep that the most vivid dreams occurred. Uncle Bob was dreaming. Her heart thudded as she reflected on how her name had come from his mouth. Was he dreaming about her? Heat filled her chest as she wondered if HIS dream was anything like HER dream.

She'd been so scared when he’d yelled like that. He'd sounded! And the warm flow of urine soaking her panties and shorts had just happened! She'd had no chance to stop it. She knew that was her fault. She'd had to pee, but couldn't tear herself away from the fascinating things she'd seen on the TV screen.

She hadn't been able to believe that a man's penis could get that big. And then she was astonished that it had fit so easily into Bambi's pussy. She was aware of the mechanics of sex, of course, but she hadn't thought it would look like that. She'd gotten turned on and was trying to have an orgasm so she could turn the TV off and go to the bathroom.

Then Bob had screamed like that and scared her half to death.

She had known he would be mad at her if he caught her. But she hadn't been able to resist. And when he DID catch her, and she peed her pants like a little girl, she had instant visions of him taking her home, instead of on to see her parents—washing his hands of her because she couldn't be trusted.

The hug had healed everything. She had been so relieved that she almost cried again.

She realized that she'd fallen asleep next to him, in that embrace. He hadn't made her get up and go back to her own bed. His arms were still around her.

And he was calling her name in his sleep while he dreamed.

She felt the insane urge to diddle her clitty. Her heart felt like it was going to pound a hole in her chest. She was sure he'd wake up because of that pounding. He HAD to feel it in his ribs.

He groaned again...just a noise...not a word...not her name again. Her hand was lying on his chest and she moved it, stroking his bare skin, trying to soothe him in his sleep. She became aware of her bare legs against his. His skin felt hot. She suddenly remembered that, under her T shirt, she was naked. She hadn't put on panties after wetting her last pair. She hadn't planned on getting into bed with Bob. She hadn't planned on sleeping next to him all night.

While she hadn’t planned any of this, she realized that she loved this feeling. She loved being against him. She loved smelling him. She looked down at his bare chest and the insane urge to lick his skin washed over her in a wave so strong that her tongue was out and her head was dipping before she could stop herself. Her tongue was only a centimeter from his skin when she forced herself to stop. She closed her mouth and raised her head again.

She stared at his face. It was slack now, the only suggestion of life being that movement under his eyelids. It felt like her heart was swelling up and her lungs inflated along with it until she couldn't get any more air in them. She let it out slowly, thinking about how Bob had always been so good to her. He never made fun of her. He was always patient with her. He bought her presents. He treated her like she was all grown up. He even dreamed of her.

"I love you," she whispered, so softly that even she couldn't hear it. The concept seemed both mundane, because she had always loved him, and astonishing, because suddenly it was a love that threatened to blast her into little tiny bits. Her voice when she spoke again was louder. "I really love you."

She laid her head back on his shoulder and closed her eyes. She concentrated entirely on the feeling of loving someone like she had never loved anyone before. This was different than the way she loved her parents. It COMPETED with the way she loved her parents, which amazed her, because they were the most important people in her life. But it wasn't disturbing that she loved Bob now just as much, if not more, than her parents.

It just made her feel warm and safe.

Eventually she drifted back to sleep.

Not once did it occur to her that in her last two whispered sentences...she had not stuttered once.

Morning came quietly, except for the slam of a door as some faceless traveler left his or her room to resume a trip interrupted by the need for rest. Bob's consciousness recognized the sound as it woke him. As usual, he was almost fully alert as soon as his brain gave up sleep, and other things registered in his mind quickly.

He judged it to be eight or so, based on the light coming through the cracks in the drapes covering the windows. Those drapes were thinner than they looked, and the room was well lit. He was surprised he'd slept so late.

It was warm in the bed, warmer than usual, which was the product of there being another body in bed with him. He remembered falling asleep without making Jennifer go back to her own bed and knew who he was in bed with. He was erect, which was normal, his prick lying stiffly on his abdomen, the head pointed at him as if to look at him, patiently waiting for him to notice the one-eyed stare.

The weight resting on top of his prick was different, though. His senses supplied information that explained it. Her arm was lying across his side and hip, which meant the weight holding his penis down was being supplied by her hand.

He listened to her breathing and felt relief when it told him she was still firmly asleep. Things had been weird enough without her consciously fondling his cock. He was faced with a decision as to how to disarm this little unplanned situation. He could reach to move her hand, probably up onto his belly, but that might wake her. If her waking brain recognized what was happening she would know only that his hand was moving hers. There was potential for misunderstanding there.

He chose instead to just flip onto his side, toward her, which dislodged her hand. Then he rolled away from her and out from under the covers, twisting to land on his feet. His penis tried to lean forward, now held upward by both its stiffness and his briefs.

Jennifer, who had been lying half on top of him, now rolled awkwardly onto her face and then woke to push herself back onto her side. She lifted a head crowned with mussed hair and looked around blearily.

"Time to get up and on the road, Princess," he said in that happy, perky morning voice that most people loath hearing so soon after waking.

He saw her blink and then watched her eyes drop to his underwear. He cursed silently as she got WAY more awake VERY quickly. He should have taken care of things before he spoke. It was too late now, though, so he just hurried to the bathroom. Then, after his bladder had been dealt with and he was ready to go back out, he cursed again as he realized that, once again, he hadn't brought any clothes with him into the bathroom.

Again, there was nothing he could do about it, so he tried to pretend it was completely normal to walk around in front of her in only his shorts and went back out. He came to a grinding halt almost immediately. She had sat up and was in the process of swinging her legs over to sit on the edge of the bed. One hand was on the edge of the mattress beside her. The other was trying to tug the bottom of the T shirt she was wearing out from under her butt and back down to cover one of the prettiest pussies Bob had ever laid eyes on.

Before, when he'd had one quick glimpse of matted white hair, both of them had realized she was exposed. Both had reacted and it had been over quickly. Now, though, she was looking down, unaware either that he had entered the room or that she was giving him an unobstructed view of her feminine center. Her left leg was already in place, that foot on the floor. The right was up, swinging to join the left, but not yet there. As a result, her pink lips were on full display as Bob stared at them below that fluff of almost white hair.

His cock had gone soft as he pissed and had been put away in his briefs in its normal head down position. It now tried to raise its head to get a look at what Bob's eyes were seeing.

The right leg completed its journey, framing her young pussy between firm white thighs. Tugging at the hem of the shirt wasn't working so she just stood up, letting gravity solve the problem. Her eyes came up and he heard her quick intake of breath as she realized he was in the room. Her eyes went first to his, which were looking at what her T shirt had just covered, as if to will the shirt to rise again and uncover the treasure he'd just glimpsed. Then, as his eyes began to come up to her face, hers went down to look again at what she'd seen only moments before.

He looked completely different now, to Jennifer. What had been a long thick line was now a pointy lump, protruding from the bottom of the white fabric. When she'd seen the thick line, her brain had supplied the memory of the erect penis she'd seen on the pay per view movie. Now her brain searched for some other image of a penis, and what she thought about was when the agent had exposed himself to Bambi by opening his zipper, before he was erect. Bambi had solved that problem and, unconsciously, Jennifer licked her lips as she stared at the lump that was Uncle Bob's penis.

Then her brain caught up with events and she realized he'd been standing there as she moved to a sitting position. Moreover her brain reminded her gently, "HE JUST SAW YOUR NAKED PUSSY!"

What astonished her was that she wasn't horrified at all.

Her eyes bounced back up to his face. His mouth was hanging open and his face was blotched with spots of darkness which, she knew, would appear red if the light was better. One of his feet was forward, as if he'd been walking and then was suddenly frozen stiff. It was obvious to her that what had frozen him was the sight of her. It struck her as funny, somehow, that this big, strong ox of a man, who she'd thought of as being so dangerous looking in a completely harmless way, could become so helpless just from seeing her most private place.

She didn't laugh, though. Instead, she felt, for the first time, the power that women have over men. It made her almost giddy.

"I'm SORRY!" gasped Bob, finally able to react.

She didn't know what to say. What her mind whispered was, "I'm not," but she didn't give voice to that. Instead, she simply stood up and, on the way past him to use the bathroom herself, just kissed him on the cheek and said, "G-g-good morning."

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