Teasing Niece, Teasing Sister

by Lubrican

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That satisfied Crystal for three whole days. In the meantime, because she had refused to let Mark do anything with her, she relented and gave him a blow job every night. That was fine with Mark. Her mouth felt as good as he thought a pussy would. He loved to hear her swallow his cum.

But as the day her period was supposed to start got closer and closer, and Crystal got hornier and hornier, she finally lost control.

That night, when she went to Mark's room, she stripped and climbed into bed with him.

"Tonight I want you to squirt on my pussy again," she said, breathing deeply.

This time she spread her legs wide and let Mark get between them. He held himself up with one hand while he used the other to hold his stiff cock. He tried to jerk it and rub her at the same time. But she wanted her nipples sucked too, and he had to support himself with both hands to do that.

So, leaving the tip of his prick nosed into her pussy mouth, he leaned down and feasted on her ripe nips. He poked at her with his prick.

"Careful," she gasped.

He didn't answer. His mouth was full of her right nipple.

Crystal felt her orgasm coming. Her hips got unruly and began to wiggle against his rigid pole.

"Careful," she panted, even though he wasn't moving any more.

It was pure accident that he chose to poke at the same time her hips chose to jerk upwards and suddenly, his prick head popped inside her pussy.

"Ohhh owww," she moaned. It hurt. She was stretched so much. But it was somehow the kind of hurt that had a good part too, and she suddenly wanted to keep feeling the good part.

"Mark," she gasped. "I think it's in me a little. Don't go any deeper."

Mark, as we have established already, was a horny teenaged boy.

"OK," he gasped back. The head of his cock was surrounded by fire and it felt better than her mouth, which was merely hot. But he didn't want her to make him stop completely, so he pulled his cock back out.

His brain immediately registered extreme unhappiness, and he promptly pushed the head back in.

"Ooooo ... ummmm," moaned his sister. It still hurt, but that lovely feeling of the top of his bone rubbing her clitty as it moved made her crazy.

Not hearing any further complaint, Mark commenced to fuck his sister's pussy with just the head of his cock, slipping it in and out gently, feeling the sap rising in his balls.

Crystal's orgasm crashed on her like a ton of water.

"Ohhhh ahhhhhhh mmmmmm," she groaned, her hips going out of control.

Mark felt his spunk shooting along the length of his cock and, because that's what boys do, decided that inside her pussy was better than on her pussy, so he let it go.

Six healthy teenaged ropes of potent sperm flushed into Crystal's pussy, filling it to the brim. Knowing that, if he stayed in her, he was about to shove his cock deep, and knowing that she wouldn't like that, Mark pulled and let his cock head hover over her gaping sperm-filled pussy mouth as the last two squirts splattered her mons. He aided it by stroking his prick to get every drop out.

He collapsed on his sister's warm soft body and sought her lips. He wasn't sure that this was what she'd had in mind, and wanted some sign that she wasn't mad at him. Her hot, passionate kiss convinced him everything was OK.

Crystal had her period two days later and sighed with relief. She hadn't been really worried, but she'd shoved an awful lot of gooey sperm up into her pussy with her fingers since her last period, so it was good to know that wasn't too dangerous.

Had she been a little older she wouldn't have jumped to such a conclusion. Still, she decided to go back to blow jobs and getting her pussy sucked as far as Mark was concerned.

Now, however, it was an every night thing.

Throughout the next week Crystal and her uncle traded looks that melted her heart. Once, while they were in the cooler together, he kissed her long and deep.

"Uncle Bob!" she said, after the kiss, which she hadn't resisted in any way shape or form, and in fact had returned with gusto. "It's not even payday."

"I don't want to wait til payday," he complained in a little boy voice.

Crystal had the urge to suck a load of his cum into her stomach, but resisted. There were other employees around.

"Too bad. But I promise I'll make it worth the wait," she said.

Since they'd done everything except fuck, Bob forced himself to leave her alone and went into his office, where he locked the door and beat off.


The next payday came and Crystal acted like it was nothing different at all. She did blow her uncle a kiss when nobody was looking, but that was it.

When closing time came Bob flipped the sign. Only he and Crystal were left in the store.

"I have some bad news," he said.

Crystal turned and crossed her arms under her braless titties. "OH?" she prompted.

"I left your paycheck at home accidentally," he said. "I won't be able to give it to you until Monday, I guess. Unless you went to go home with me to get it tonight," he added.

Crystal thought. It had been three days since her period had stopped. She knew how good Mark's dick had felt sliding in and out of the mouth of her pussy, and she'd already decided she wanted to feel her uncle's even bigger cock head doing that. But going home with him would take so long.

"My parents will expect me home on time," she said doubtfully.

"I thought maybe you might cook me dinner," he said. "Your mother brags on you for your cooking ability."

Crystal lit up. The only thing she knew how to cook was spaghetti, but you couldn't mess that up without actually trying. She picked up the phone and called home.

"Mom? Hey, it's me. I think I'm going to go over to Uncle Bob's tonight and make him spaghetti. He's looking a little thin and hungry."

Bob was looking hungry, but not for spaghetti. He wanted to take his time with this delicious teen and leave her weak and helpless. And then he wanted to make her a woman. His caution about her age had eroded over the weeks. In his mind she already was a woman.

"OK, I'll probably just walk home. It's not all that far. If it's too late I'll call and you can come pick me up," said Crystal into the phone.

She hung up and unconsciously pinched her nipples through her uniform shirt. "She said to make you happy. I think I can do that," she said, her voice sultry.

They rode home in Bob's car in virtual silence, listening to the radio, while each thought about what they wanted to happen at Bob's house. Their thoughts were remarkably similar, though in Bob's fantasy his prick went deep inside her, and in hers it just teased her pussy until she came and then squirted just inside her pussy lips. She still thought of herself as a virgin, as silly as that might seem.

When they got there, Bob followed his niece inside, watching the sway of her hips as she walked in front of him, her short skirt swishing. Once inside she turned.

"Let's wait for supper. I want my paycheck now."

Bob led her to his bedroom, taking his shirt off on the way. He kicked his shoes off in the hallway. When they got inside the bedroom Crystal took her clothes off with no shyness at all while Bob watched her naked charms revealed. Then she got to her knees in front of him and attacked his belt. She got his pants loose and they dropped to the floor to reveal his prick straining out from his heavy balls. Crystal sucked his knob happily, licking it and kissing it.

He took her to the bed, kicking off his pants on the way. He was too impatient to take his socks off. Crystal flopped happily on the bed, glad she could be comfortable and spread her legs.

"Lick me," she commanded.

Bob reduced her to a flopping rag doll as he sucked her clitty and bit it, sliding first one and then two fingers deep inside her and tickling her cervix. Crystal flopped her way through an orgasm and then gasped for breath as he crawled up between her legs.

She put a hand on his chest.

"I let a boy put his cock in me ... just a teeny little bit," she said.

Bob felt the heat of rage suffuse his face. Some punk had gotten to her first!

"But only just a little bit," she said, seeing his face go tight. "Not all the way. I wanted to see if I could do that with you."

"What boy?" he rasped.

"I can't tell you," she said. "It's a secret."

"Why is it a secret?" he asked, his head dipping to her nipples. He knew she'd be unable to think if he worked on her there. She loved to have her nipples sucked.

"You'd think I was terrible," she moaned, feeling the sparks beginning to shoot to her pussy again. In her mind doing things with Mark was incest, but doing them with her uncle was just plain fun.

Bob was curious. The way she was putting it made it sound like it must be a young boy. He wanted to know.

"You shouldn't have done that baby," he said, licking a nipple. "He might have given you a disease."

"Mmmmm no, he's a virgin too," she moaned. "He doesn't do anything with anybody except me."

"You let him do other things too?" Bob felt his gut tighten.

"Sometimes," she panted. "I practiced some of the things I wanted to do to get my paycheck."

"You shouldn't do things with boys who don't love you," he grunted, fisting his cock and rubbing it between her glistening pussy lips.

"He does love me," she gasped. "And I love him too, just like I love you."

Bob wasn't in any mood to think about it, but her words rattled around in his brain. She didn't have a boyfriend. He'd asked her about that numerous times. Her parents didn't allow her to date yet, except to go with a crowd of kids to the mall or things like that. What boy could she get access to in private?

The answer thundered into his head.

"Mark?!" he rasped. "You do these things with Mark?!"

Crystal felt her uncle's prick head forcing her pussy lips apart, stretching them until that wonderful pain was all over her pussy.

"Yeesssssss," she groaned, wiggling her hips. "But nobody else Uncle Bob. Only youuuuuu."

She squirmed, and his prick pressed a few millimeters deeper. Her pussy lips seemed to flower open to receive him.

Bob felt relief flood his mind. He liked Mark. Mark was no pimply faced strange boy who wouldn't care what happened to Crystal.

"You let him do ... this?" Bob pushed enough that his prick head popped inside the girl.

She winced and her head flopped back and forth, but her wince turned to a smile.

"Yeesssss. It hurt at first, just like it hurts now, but I like the hurt," she moaned.

"Then what did he do?" panted Bob, loving the feeling of hot pussy surrounding his cockhead.

"Mmmm ... he took it out and then put it back in."

Bob did the same thing, ecstatic at the feel of her pussy lips stroking the head of his cock.

"Like this?" he asked.

Her hips wiggled some more. "Mmmm ... yes, but lots of times."

Bob began fucking her with just the tip of his cock. After the first few times he went a little deeper.

"Did he go in this far?" he asked, giving her two inches.

Crystal felt things she'd never felt before. As his cock rubbed her deeper inside she felt tingles and thrills that were different than what her pussy mouth felt like full of cock.

"Noooo, not that far," she groaned.

Bob gave her another inch on the next push. "He didn't go in this far?" he prompted.

Crystal's hips wanted to lurch up off the bed. This felt fantastic!

"I'm not sure any more," she moaned. "Maybe if you went in a little more I could tell."

Bob knew she was ready. On his next push he didn't stop until he felt his cock head push her cervix out of the way and his pubes meshed with hers.

"Did he put it in this far?" he grunted. He stayed there, rubbing her clitty with the base of his cock.

"Nooooooooooo," she squealed, and she had an orgasm. Her pussy rippled all along Bob's invading prick, like it was trying to squeeze him back out. "You're fucking me Uncle Bob!" she squealed as she came.

"Yes I am sweet thing." grunted Bob. "And you feel better than anything I've ever felt before." He started sawing his cock in and out of her as she flopped again, squealing and whining her way through the longest orgasm she'd ever had.

"I like fucking Uncle Bob" she sobbed. "I like fucking with you Uncle Bob."

"Did you let Mark cum in your sweet pussy Crystal?" gasped Bob.

"Just a little" she panted. "Just inside me a little."

"Not deep like this?" he shoved hard, feeling her cervix stretch to kiss his cock head.

"Nooooo not like that." she cried.

Bob grunted again as his cock exploded, streams of spunk shooting into his niece's womb, his prick just as deep inside her as he could get it.

"For you baby." he grunted. "Deep in your pussy for you." He squirted again and again, emptying his balls into his lovely young niece.

"Ohhhhh" she moaned. "I can feel it. It's so hot! There's so much!" She tripped into another orgasm, right on the heels of her first one and her pussy milked him again, getting every drop of his virile spunk into her belly.

Bob collapsed on his niece, and she welcomed the feel of his weight, as she knew she would, unable to move, feeling his thick cock deep inside her and loving it. She hadn't known it would feel this good. She suddenly wanted to do this every day for the rest of her life.

Bob loved it too. He thought she was on the pill, that what they were doing was safe as could be. He looked forward to dumping his balls in his luscious niece over and over again in the years to come.

Crystal, having morals different that most girls, had some similarities too. She didn't want to lie to her mother, so she pushed her uncle off of her and, her pussy dripping his sperm, padded naked into the kitchen to make spaghetti. She had to use a paper towel to wipe up the drips running down her thighs.

After a while Bob came in, also naked. He walked up behind her and cupped her teen breasts, squeezing them.

"I loved that Crystal," he said, kissing her neck.

"Me too." she sighed. She was thinking about how she loved it so much that she was going to have to do something to get on the pill. She wasn't so sure she could control her urges any more and only do this during safe times. She was pretty sure she'd let Mark fuck her now too.

They ate dinner naked, and it didn't seem strange to either of them. Then Crystal took his hand and led him back to the bedroom, where he packed her pussy full of thick, rich sperm again, replacing everything that had drained out of her.

Instead of making her call her mom, Bob told her to take a shower and then he drove her home. He handed her her paycheck as she got out.

"Thanks again sweetness," he said.

She smiled a brilliant smile. "You're going to have to get a couch in your office. We'll need it so I can get my paycheck from now on."


Bob did get a couch.

And he fucked Crystal on that couch every day for a week, even though there was no paycheck involved.

And at night, Crystal snuck into her brother's room and she let him fuck her deep. She urged him to spurt her full of his cum deep too.

But she never got on the pill.

It was a scandal, of course. Her parents demanded to know who had made her belly swell up with a baby inside it. She didn't tell anybody anything when she missed three periods in a row. But soon her belly told her parents and then the shit hit the fan.

Mark saw their anger and stepped between them and her.

"I did it," he said, his jaw sticking out. He may have just turned only sixteen, but he was man enough to stand up for what he thought he'd done.

Their parents were furious. But their minds were clear. They knew that once kids started doing that kind of thing, it was almost impossible to make them stop.

Bob got the call at his Ice Cream Emporium. It was Janet, his sister.

"Bob? We have a little problem and we need your help."

"Sure Babe," he said to his sister. "Anything I can do, I'll do."

Then Janet told him that her son had fucked her daughter pregnant. Bob was astonished and berated himself for not clarifying that Crystal actually was on birth control. He felt terrible.

"We know we can't make them stop," said Janet. "But we can separate them. We need to know if Crystal could live with you. It's too late to do anything about the baby, and she wants to have it anyway. I know this is a lot to ask Bob, but we don't know what else to do. What do you say?"

Bob negotiated enough to make it believable that he was reluctant to take in a pregnant teenaged girl, but finally consented to be her surrogate parent.

Needless to say, it was a dream come true. They wouldn't actually know who had impregnated her until the baby was born and they could see it's features. Even then it might not be clear. But Bob just assumed it was his, and he took Crystal in as if she were his wife. I suppose since he was her surrogate parent, it was only proper and correct that she be his surrogate wife.

She had her own bedroom.

But it never got used.

The End

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