Teasing Niece, Teasing Sister

by Lubrican

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Three days later Crystal slipped into her brother's room. He was reading again, but lying there naked, his cock already stiff.

"I can't stop thinking about you," he said, putting the book down.

"I know," she said, slipping her flannel James off and dropping them to the floor. "But we have to be careful Mark. We have to use control."

"OK," he said. Boys will say "OK" to anything if it will get them access to a soft, wet pussy.

She crawled on top of him and settled her dripping pussy down on his cock, which was lying on his stomach. She wiggled until her pussy lips straddled his long log and then she began sliding her pussy up and down his length. Four long hot kisses later she shuddered as she got her first orgasm.

"Let me be on top of you," he husked.

"I don't think that's a good idea," she panted.

"I won't put it in you," he promised.

"You're sure?" she begged, wanting to believe him.

"Honest," he gasped.

She rolled over but kept her legs closed. "You have to stick it through my legs," she whispered.

He raised up and aimed his cock at her pussy lips, which poached out, swollen and wet. They both sighed as his cock head slid into the triangle made by her thighs and pussy lips. His cock was so long it drove into the bed covers.

Then he sawed in and out, breathing more and more erratically.

"This feels so good," he breathed. He began to suck her nipples while he fucked at her pussy.

When Mark felt his balls boil over, he didn't want the tip of his cock pressed against the bed, so he raised up until the tip was right against her pussy lips. He couldn't stay still. His wiggling made his cock tip press between her pussy lips.

"Mark!" she warned.

He froze, and let his cum bathe her pussy, the head right between her lips, his semen flooding her opening. He sagged and the tip nudged into her opening, firing it's last two shots.

Crystal felt his warm spend saturate her pussy lips. It felt wonderful, all warm and gooey and nice. The heat of it went deeper than she thought it would have. Some of it must have seeped into her pussy. Her period had been three weeks ago, so she was probably pretty safe. She let herself have one more orgasm as she thought about all that nice thick cum in the mouth of her pussy.

When they had caught their breath she pushed him away. "That was too close," she sighed. "You promised."

"I didn't go inside you," he defended.

"Yes, but your stuff did a little," she grumped.

"I don't want to make you pregnant Crystal," he said with honesty.

"We're OK this time," she said. "But I don't think we should do that again."

"But it feels so good," he complained.

"I know," she said. "That's why we shouldn't do it again."

They went for the rest of the week satisfying themselves, in their own rooms, alone.

Friday came and Crystal was ready to play. She'd heard one of her friends talking about the first time she had gone "all the way" and about how it had hurt when the boy popped her cherry. Crystal had listened carefully, but remembered her uncle's finger deep in her pussy. There had been no pain at all ... just that fantastic tingling feeling. She planned on asking her uncle why there had been no pain.

But he wasn't there when she reported for work.

Dave, a college kid who wore the name tag "assistant manager" because it made him feel older, told her what to do, even though she'd been working there longer than he had.

"Where's my uncle?" she asked, plaintively.

"He's at a trade show. They're unveiling a bunch of new flavors and some new cones and stuff like that." said Dave.

"How will I get my paycheck?" she asked, disappointed beyond what she should have been.

"He left them for me," Dave said importantly. "I'll hand them out."

Crystal didn't want to get her paycheck from Dave.

But, when he strode around preening and handing out the envelopes, she took hers and stuffed it in her back pocket. For one crazy moment she thought about giving it back to her uncle, so she could bargain for it. She went home frustrated and horny.

She took it out on Mark, who had no idea why his loving sister was suddenly so bitchy toward him. He cupped her butt one night as he passed her coming out of the bathroom while he went in. She slapped at his hand and hissed at him.

"What did I do?" he asked miserably.

"Nothing. Just don't talk to me!" she snarled.

By Wednesday, though, she had calmed down and she went to Mark's room to apologize. She apologized by showing him the new thing she'd learned. His prick was slimmer and went into her throat with less trouble, though he was also longer, so it went deeper. She was able to stay all the way on him as he spurted, but it backed up in her throat because she couldn't swallow and she choked and coughed while he pounded her on her naked back. He made it up to her by licking her pussy. She told him to put his finger inside her, but he didn't do it the way Uncle Bob did and it wasn't quite as good a feeling.

As a result, the next payday, Crystal was so horny that she almost went to the employee bathroom to masturbate. But she didn't, because she didn't want to have to hurry. At the end of the day, when all the others were gone, she walked into her Uncle's office ready to scratch that itch.

Bob looked up. He was horny too. "Hi sweetness," he said.

"You were gone last week!" she accused him.

He smiled. "I'm sorry sweetie. I tried to find a new flavor that had your name in it," he offered.

She snorted. "I had to get my paycheck from Dave," she said without thinking of just how he might hear that.

Bob leaned forward. "Crystal, tell me you didn't do anything with Dave to get him to give you your paycheck." He looked very serious.

Crystal realized what had happened and she laughed. "No silly. He just handed it to me. I missed you though." She tried to look sad, but the fact that he was jealous made her feel too happy to pull it off.

Bob looked at the single pay envelope on his desk. "Well, I have this week's paycheck here." He felt like teasing her just a little for some reason.

"I see that," she said in her soprano voice. "I'd really like to have it. There are some things at the Mall I'd like to buy."

"Well, I suppose I could be convinced to give it to you," he said.

Crystal started taking her clothes off. She was impatient and wanted that good feeling. She knew what she thought would give it to her. She got the chair and sat in it, legs splayed apart.

"No whipped cream today?" teased Uncle Bob.

"You're going to have to provide the cream," she said, her voice suddenly lower. "Right here," she said, sliding one long finger between her pussy lips.

Bob thought she meant she'd let him fuck her. He felt a stab of alarm. This was going too quickly. He'd dreamed of fucking her cute pussy ... but not until she was seventeen or so.

"We can't do that sweetheart," he said sadly. "I'd love to, but it hurts the first time, and you're just too young. And you don't need a baby at your tender age either."

Crystal got a hot feeling in her belly as she realized his misunderstanding.

"Oh!" she said. "That reminds me. Last time, when you ... um ... put your finger in me? It didn't hurt at all. In fact I loved it. And it doesn't hurt when I use my own fingers either. But shouldn't it have hurt?"

Bob looked startled. "I didn't even think about that. That is interesting. What else have you put up in there?"

"Nothing." she blushed. Some of her girlfriends claimed to use things like carrots and candles, but that had never appealed to Crystal. "Just my finger ... and ... um ... during my period ... you know."

Bob's eyebrows rose and then fell. "Tampons. You use tampons. Of course. Crystal, do you remember the first time you did that? Did it hurt then?"

"Yes! It was awful! I cried and my mother said it wouldn't hurt after that. I didn't want to do it again, but I had to. But she was right. It wasn't so bad after that."

"That's when you tore your hymen," he said. "And that's why your finger ... and mine ... don't hurt. But it would still probably hurt if we had real sex, baby, and we shouldn't do that."

"Oh! I didn't mean ... that," she said. "I just want you to rub me with your penis a little and squirt ... on the outside. It's so warm I just know I can get my good feeling if you do that." She rubbed her pussy some more. "And you don't have to worry about the other. I'm safe."

What Crystal meant was that it was only a week until her period was due again. So there probably wasn't an egg waiting around in her womb to be fertilized. And if Bobby's cum wasn't so dangerous, then Uncle Bob's wouldn't be either.

What Bob heard was Crystal saying that, somehow, she'd gotten on the pill ... just for him ... just for this.

"Oh baby." he sighed. "I'd love to do that for you."

"Goody." she chirped. "Because I want to feel it really bad."

"It is bad" he sighed. "We shouldn't be doing this. You're my niece and I love you."

"It's not bad," she said firmly, sticking a finger as deep into her pussy as she could get it. "We're not ... fucking ... and we do love each other. And if I didn't do these things with you I might want to do them with somebody else."

Crystal was thinking of Mark.

Bob was thinking of some pimply faced, skinny teenager rubbing his cock against Crystal's precious pussy lips, and it made his blood boil. "Well, we don't want that, now do we?" he asked, standing up.

For the first time Bob got completely naked too. Crystal watched with silted eyes as his body was exposed to her. She'd seen Mark's naked body, of course, but no other man's, and she was fascinated at the differences. Mark had youthful muscles under a sparse covering of skin. He looked like a sprinter who wrestled. Uncle Bob's body was heavier, more thickly muscled, with hair on his chest and arms that Mark didn't have. Crystal knew what it felt like to have Mark lying heavily on top of her, pinning her to the bed. She wondered what it would be like to be under Uncle Bob. She wouldn't be able to move at all. She'd be helpless. He could shove that lovely huge thing sticking out from between his legs right up inside her pussy and she wouldn't be able to stop him. Her pussy squirted at the thought and her hand got wet.

She watched as he came toward her, his hand firmly around his long thick prick. He rubbed the knob in little squeezing circles, like he was trying to make his cream squeeze out.

But when he got to her, he couldn't touch her pussy with his prick while he was standing. When he got to his knees his prick was too low.

"Get up on the desk," he rasped. She jumped up and hopped on the desk, putting her heels on the corners and leaning back on her arms. Now his thick rod was perfectly placed to kiss her nether lips.

"Hurry" she panted. "I'm so horny."

He fisted his prick and dug it between her gaping pussy lips, sliding it up and down her slot in the slippery mess that was there. He got the mess on his cock and was able to slide his hand up and down it. A big drop of cream oozed out and he nosed that into her pussy opening, swabbing it all around her lips.

Crystal bit her lip, her hips twitching. She wanted to push at that stiff cock.

She felt her orgasm rushing towards her as he used the tip to hammer her clitty, slapping it over and over and then rubbing against it.

"OH Uncle Bob!" she yipped. "Here it comes ... Oh don't stop."

Bob ground his cock head into her pussy opening and leaned forward to suck her stiff turgid nipples while she came. She couldn't keep her hips still and they lunged of their own accord, stretching her pussy lips around the thick head at her opening. She wailed her happiness as her orgasm sent electric jolts through her body.

Bob, his cock head firmly seated in her opening, heard and felt her cumming and let his own release flow. The first jet rocketed out of his cock and shot two inches up into her pussy channel. He pushed off the desk with his hand and his cock head left her warm embrace as he fisted the head and swirled his hand around it. Four more ropes of sticky cum flashed out of the tip, painting her pussy mouth with a thick coat of goo.

Crystal, feeling the hot spunk covering her pussy, flashed one of her hands to the area and began sliding two fingers in and out of her pussy, pushing his spunk inside, using it to make her clitty feel fabulous as her cum extended. She hadn't realized it would feel THIS good, and she fell back on the desk as she got dizzy and shaky.

Bob stared at his niece's sperm-covered mons. She had two fingers digging deep in there, and he knew she could take his cock. He wanted to lean forward and skewer her pussy. He wanted to squirt deep inside her.

But he still had a little control, and he moved away, just to make sure nothing happened. He had to sit in the abandoned chair again to gather his strength.

Crystal lay there for ten minutes, idly rubbing her pussy. She turned her head toward her uncle and they looked at each other with a soft look in their eyes.

"I love you Uncle Bob," she said softly.

"Baby, you have no idea how much I love you," he said, remembering how much it took not to fuck her.

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