Teasing Niece, Teasing Sister

by Lubrican

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She was so sated that, when she got home, she went to bed and didn't even go see her brother.

But the next day, Crystal sidled into her brother's room as soon as she saw their parents close their bedroom door. He was waiting for her, naked and stiff.

"You want me to lick you?" he whispered.

She shook her head, and sat down beside him, fisting his cock and sliding her hand up and down on it.

"I want to know what it's like to feel it against me," she said. "Not in me. We can't do that. But right up against me ... rubbing."

Mark licked his lips and watched as she got naked and crawled on the bed with him. She cuddled with him and reached between them to put his cock between her legs.

She murmured as it scraped along her pussy lips.

"We have to be careful," she sighed.

"I know," he said between kisses. "It feels really good."

"Mmmmm" she slipped her tongue into his mouth. "It sure does."

Before they knew it he was dry-fucking her as she kept her legs tightly closed. She suddenly realized she could cum this way and her kisses got hotter and hotter as she bucked her loins against his. He lay heavily on her, his hips thrusting and then he pushed himself up so that just his cock was massaging her pussy lips. She was about to tell him to lie back down on her - she loved his weight on her, and the feel of his skin rubbing against hers - when he dipped his head and sucked a nipple. She decided that was good too and felt her orgasm beginning to announce its arrival.

"Crystal ..." he groaned.

She felt his explosion of semen flood her pussy mouth. The slippery spooge made her pussy lips flow around his cock and his prick raked across her clit. She came as he squirted several more times, making the triangle next to her pussy messy with their cum.

He was still hard.

"Crystal ... let me put it in a little?" he panted.

"No Mark," she panted back. "We can't do that."

"Are you going to let ... him ... put it in you?" he gasped.

"No," she said, but she didn't sound too sure of herself.

Mark was still sawing his prick in and out of her tightly closed thighs and he kissed her deeply. His prick hadn't softened even a little and he continued to slide his cock through the slippery mess that was soaking her pussy lips. Crystal felt another orgasm coming as she panted and bucked and loved the stimulation her pussy was getting. She came again on his slippery rod and pressed her titties against his chest, loving the feel of his skin slipping across her hard nipples.

She only pushed him away when she realized she was thinking hard about what it might feel like to have Mark's slippery penis slide up inside her.

"I have to go," she rasped. And she slid out from under him as he rolled sideways to land on his back. She looked down at his cock, still hard and straight and proud. His pubes were a mess of white, sticky cum and she knew her own pussy looked just like that, too.

Grabbing her clothes she tip-toed out of his room and into the bathroom to clean up. She ran her fingers through her wet pubic hair and, when she felt her fingertip slide between her pussy lips she couldn't help but let it go into her ... just a little. She shivered at the thought of the sperm on the end of that finger tip, and how she had just put her brother's sperm where he wanted to put his sperm.

She just couldn't wait for next payday.

The next day she started her period, but that wasn't the real reason she stayed away from Mark the rest of the week. He moped around and finally cornered her in the hallway, asking what was wrong.

"We got too close to doing it," she whispered.

"So?" he prompted, hopefully.

"You dope!" she hissed. "I'm not on any birth control. Do you want to knock me up, you idiot?"

"Of course not," he said, horrified at the idea of being a father at fifteen, especially if the belly that he caused to swell up was his sister's. He couldn't think of a single person who would pat him on the back and say "Yeah! You da man! What a stud!"

"But you'd stick it in me if you had a chance, wouldn't you?" she asked softly.

"Well ... yeah ... but ... Oh. I guess I see what you mean," he finished.

"Well you only see part of what I mean, because I thought about letting you stick it in me!"

"Wow!" He was shocked - not at the idea of doing it with his sister, but at the idea that she wanted to let him. He had only suggested it because ... well, he was a guy.

"So you understand why it's not a good idea for us to ... play. At least until we can be sure we're in complete control."

"Ohhh Kaaaay," he said miserably. It looked like it was back to beating off for him.

On Friday Crystal wore the same outfit she had the week before. At one point she was scooping ice cream into a waffle cone. Uncle Bob, standing next to her and talking to the mother of the little boy she was scooping ice cream for, casually slid his hand between her legs and up until his fingers grazed her naked pussy lips.

"Oh!" she yipped, and the sugar cone in her hand crushed as she slammed her legs closed, trapping her Uncle's hand. As she apologized to no one in particular, Uncle Bob dragged his hand out from between her thighs and slid it around her naked hip to cup one buttock, giving it a little squeeze. Then he moved to the sink, washed his hands and helped another customer. She tried to shoot him a dark look, but he just winked at her.

An hour and a half later Uncle Bob flipped over the sign to "Closed" and locked the front door. He turned around and leaned against the glass door.

"It's very naughty to go without panties while you work," he chided.

"It's even naughtier for the boss to feel up the employee!" she came back.

"So what are you going to give me for your paycheck this week, employee of mine?" he asked, flipping off the light switch to the front lights.

"It's a surprise" she said. "You have to close your eyes until I say you can open them, OK?" She crossed her arms under her braless breasts.

"OK," he said, and closed his eyes. He heard her moving around and moving things around. Then she took his hand and said "Follow me ... keep your eyes closed." He did and she led him to the office. She leaned him against his desk, reminding him to keep his eyes closed again and he stood there.

He heard the rustle of clothing and the scrape of a chair being moved over the floor. Then he heard the unique sound of a can of whipped cream being used and her admonition at the same time to keep his eyes closed tightly.

"Keep your eyes closed as I talk to you," she said. "What's your favorite fantasy about me Uncle Bob?"

His favorite fantasy was about fucking twins in her belly, but he didn't think it would be ... effective ... to admit that. He found himself tongue tied.

"Come on Uncle Bob, you can admit it," she cooed. "You want my cherry don't you Uncle Bob? That's what you think about sometimes, isn't it?"

Now Bob was concerned. Thinking about it was one thing. Teasing her about it was one thing. Letting her tease him about it was one thing. But doing it? That was something else!

"Crystal, honey ... I don't think we should ..." he started.

"Open your eyes" she ordered. He did and saw her splayed out in the chair, stark naked. She had covered her nipples with whipped cream, placing a red M&M on each little white mound, to represent a nipple. And her pussy hair was now covered with a thick coating of white whipped cream. She had pulled those delectable pussy lips apart and placed a bright red Maraschino cherry between them. "I'll give you my ... cherry ... for my paycheck," she said, her voice throaty. "But the only thing you can use to get it is your mouth."

Bob swallowed. She looked delicious ... literally! Caution fled and he went to her and sank to his knees between her spread thighs.

"Of all the flavors we have here at Bob's Ice Cream Emporium," he said, staring at her pussy, "my very favorite is 'Crystal Delight'."

He couldn't decide where to start. He wanted to go for those sweet nipples, with the candy there. But if he did that he'd get her pussy decoration all over his stomach as he pressed against her. He dipped his head and started with the cherry between her pussy lips. He licked and sucked and gobbled as Crystal tripped happily into an orgasm. She held his head to her pussy until it was done and then panted her thank you's.

When Bob ate his favorite flavor ... Crystal ... it really was a delight!

He kissed his way up to her throbbing nipples and, as he sucked the first one, biting the chocolate she had put there, he let his hand drift to her pussy. He tickled her clit with his long middle finger, and then slid that finger into her pussy. As he got the second M&M from her other nipple he slid that finger deep, feeling for her cervix and rimming the mouth of it with the tip of his finger.

"Oooooo ... Oh! Uncle Bob!" she squealed as she felt her pussy plundered by his digit. "I'm gonna cum again!" she whined. And, as she did he bit her nipples gently and thought about what her pussy would feel like some day, wrapped tightly around his prick. He couldn't help but hope things would eventually lead to that, even though he knew it was wrong, wrong, wrong for him to even think about fucking his underage niece. Just to get her used to the idea, though, he gave her a long tongue kiss while he slid his finger in and out of her perfect teen pussy as she wiggled happily in the chair.

Then, when he was sure her cum was over. he pulled his finger out, kissed her once more, stood up and handed her her paycheck.

She didn't take it though.

"You made me feel very good," she said, still breathing hard.

"I enjoyed it Pumpkin," he said.

"You got a treat to eat. What about me?" she went on.

His balls ached. He'd hoped she would offer again. The last time had been fabulous.

Quickly he bared his stiff prong for her. She reached and the whipped cream suddenly appeared in her hand. She squirted a line all the way along his cock. She hadn't brought any extra candy or cherries with her.

"Now there's cream outside ... and inside," she said, licking her lips.

She took it lovingly into her mouth. Her hands went to his buttocks and she shoved her face against him, taking so much into her mouth that she choked.

"Not so deep sweetheart," he warned as she coughed. "There's a way to take it that deep, but I don't know how to tell you how to do that."

She figured it out on her own though, and after several false starts and coughing jags, he felt the tip of his cock slip into her throat. She pulled off again and looked up at him.

"I did it!" she preened. "I really did it!"

She went back to work. It must have been harder than she made it seem because several times more she pulled off and coughed.

But there came a time when he felt her nose against his pubes ... and this time she didn't pull back. She stayed there, breathing noisily through her nose. He felt her throat constrict, like she was trying to swallow and her fingernails dug into his butt cheeks as she pulled hard.

"Oh sweet baby," he groaned, and felt the cum rushing through his prick. "Watch it honey ... here it comes," he moaned.

She pulled back and loved the tip of his cock, letting his hot cum swirl in her mouth and swallowing. It was good she was holding him, because he swayed, his knees weak.

She took another two or three minutes kissing and licking his prick. Then she stood up and pressed her breasts against him.

"I like that," she said huskily. "My throat's a little sore, but I like that."

She kissed him and left him with his slacks around his ankles, picking up the envelope where his nerveless fingers had dropped it on the floor. She collected her clothing and, with a coquettish look over her shoulder, walked through the door, her naked buttocks rising and falling before the closing door cut off the view.

Bob collapsed in the chair she sat in when she offered him her "cherry."

Crystal used her own fingers for the rest of the week, trying to get that same feeling that Bob's long digit had given her, teasing her cervix, but it just wasn't the same. Oh, she came all right, as long as she squeezed her nipples just so, and it felt great, but it just wasn't quite as good as when her uncle's finger brought her off.

She knew she had to have that long finger in her again.

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