Teasing Niece, Teasing Sister

by Lubrican

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All week long Crystal thought about Uncle Bob, and payday, and her idea for what to do to "get" Uncle Bob to give her her paycheck.

The night before payday, Crystal paid her brother another visit. This time she got there before he turned out his reading light. He looked up from the thriller he was reading as she slipped into his room.

"Boy am I glad to see you!" he whispered.

"Why thank you sir" she dimpled. "I have another request tonight."

"OK" he agreed, without even knowing what he was agreeing to.

"You might want to hear what it is before you give in so easily," she said, but there was no edge in her voice.

"OK, what exactly is it you require help with?" he said. "In case I decide to help you."

Now she blushed. "I want to learn how to do something, so I can do it for this person." She acted like she'd actually said something clear and concise.

Mark didn't have any more information than he had before, but he said "OK" anyway.

"Take off your PJs" she whispered.

He did, and his healthy young adolescent erection stood straight up. He was hard as good knife steel.

Crystal came over to the bed and climbed up on it, putting her face directly above his straining prick.

"I wouldn't keep your face there if I were you," he warned. "You'll get a faceful."

She turned her head and looked at him and said, "I don't think so."

Then she looked at his prick again, and lowered her mouth onto it.

Mark froze as if he'd been dropped in a bath of liquid nitrogen. Every single iota of his senses shut down, except for those senses that had something to do with feeling her warm, wet mouth on his achingly hard prick. She sucked, experimentally and his body gave her an ooze of precum to taste. She pulled her mouth off of him and tasted, licking her lips.

"You taste good," she whispered.

"Urg," he responded, his rigid body taut as a bowstring.

Then her mouth was over his cock again and she sucked and bobbed her head, like she'd seen the girls do on a certain video tape her father owned and was quite sure the kids didn't know about.

Within about 45 seconds she was rewarded with a mouthful of salty warm spunk that she swirled in her mouth and swallowed. She liked the warm feel of it when it hit her stomach.

Mark was a big, strong boy, a husky lad, who could hold his own in pretty much any situation where he wasn't outnumbered.

She left him a whimpering, limp child, curled up in a ball on his bed, wondering if his balls were still inside their sack, or if maybe they'd shot out the end of his prick and were now resting in his sister's stomach.

As she slipped back into her room, Crystal thought about how easy that had been, and not at all icky. She was a little dazed, which showed in the fact that she'd completely forgotten to have her brother get her off. She worked on her clit and pinched her nipples for a long time before she finally had a painfully sweet orgasm.

She couldn't wait until the next afternoon.

It was good that Crystal worked with ice cream, because she was hot as a pistol all day long. When quitting time came her pussy was already wet and she repeatedly licked her lips, thinking about what she was going to do for her pay today. She knew she was playing a dangerous game, but the thrill of playing had her hooked. She hoped her uncle would understand, and not throw her out.

Bob, too, had been anticipating payday all week. During the week, based on some unwritten rule, he and his niece were completely professional. She worked hard and he treated her just like any of the other kids who worked for him. That feeling stayed with him until there was only one paycheck left on his desk. Everybody except Crystal usually got their paycheck when they first came to work.

Finally it was time. He went outside, put up the "Closed" sign in the window, helped with a few of the remaining customers and told everyone they could leave for the day.

Then he went to his office and waited.

Crystal found two or three things to "tidy up" as everyone else left. Then, taking a deep breath, she went to the office.

Bob held up the envelope and waved it in the air. He repeated the ritual formula. "And what will you give me for your paycheck this week?"

Crystal blushed. "You remember last week, when you kissed my owie and made it better?"

He nodded, licking his lips.

"And I sat on your lap?"

Again, he nodded.

"And you kissed me too?"

He smiled.

"I'd like to sit on your lap again. And kiss you."

Well, that wasn't quite what he'd had in mind, but then, he'd been extremely fortunate with her already. Who was he to complain if she wanted to take things slowly.

"I'd like that Punkin," he said, smiling.

Crystal went behind the desk as he rolled his chair back. She straddled his lap, put her hands on his shoulders, and sat down ... hard.

"Ooof" he grunted as her pussy smashed into his stiff prick."

Crystal immediately stood up. "Oh my!" she said in her little girl voice. "I sat down too hard! I'm sorry Uncle Bob. I hurt you, didn't I? Gee ... I should probably kiss it and make it better, huh?"

Bob looked up, his eyes wide. What she was offering to do was way more than he'd ever hoped. Getting her off ... no, watching her face as she went through an orgasm ... was so much fun in and of itself that he hadn't ever worried about himself. It was easy to beat off and think about her, and he'd done that many times. Would she really ...?

"If you think that's a good idea ..." he said softly.

She leaned down and kissed him briefly. "You did it for me. I should do it for you," she said simply.

She dropped to her knees and spread his legs apart with her hands on his thighs. She knee-walked between his legs and, keeping eye contact with him, leaned down. At the last second she looked at his bulge and planted a chaste, quick kiss on the lump in his pants. The lump moved. Her hand came to the lump and petted it, like she might pet a dog.

"Is that better? I can't tell. There's all that clothing covering it. I think you need to take your pants down Uncle Bob ... just so I can see if it's better. I think I might need to kiss it on the skin ... you know ... like you did for me."

Bob stood up and his hands reached for his belt. Hers got there first. She unbuckled the belt and tried to unbutton the button above his zipper, but couldn't pull hard enough. With a flick of his fingers he unbuttoned the pants and then dropped his hands at his sides again, letting her slowly unzip the pants.

"I'm not wearing any underwear sweetheart," he warned her.

She looked up at him, her eyes a little glassy, and then she looked back at his crotch as she pulled on the legs of his pants. His prick caught in them and it was painful. Quickly he reached into his pants and pulled his prick up against his abdomen. She kept pulling and, once they were dragged past his hips, his pants dropped with a rustle to his calves. She sighed as his erection fell down and pointed at her face.

Crystal stared at her uncle's prick. It looked so different than she had expected. Her brother's had a lot of loose skin on it. The tip had been covered with a loose hood of skin, but when she ran her hand up and down it the skin moved easily, sliding off the head and along something hard under it. When she had stroked back the other way the skin covered up the head again. She had liked playing with that loose skin with her tongue.

But her Uncle's was different. He had no hood, and the head was bare, as if the hood had already been pulled back. She reached up and the skin on his penis was tightly stretched. She ran her hand up and down his length twice and realized that if she wanted to do a lot of that some kind of lubrication would be required, or it would be uncomfortable to him. The tip was dark, bluish or maybe purplish and it was large and very smooth looking, with a different kind of skin than what there was on the shaft itself. The skin on his shaft was bumpier, and she could see blood vessels under the skin. She could see why they called the tip a "head", because under it was a smaller part that looked like a neck. Then the shaft came, like some armless snake's body. She looked at the little slit like opening on the very tip and, as she watched, a milky drop of fluid burbled out and started to slowly drip down. She watched as it got to the bottom of the head and began to droop. Before it could fall off she reached out one fingertip and scooped it off. Then she tasted it, like she'd taste icing off a cake.

Bob stared down at his beautiful niece. She was inspecting him as if she'd never seen a penis before and that went well with his impression that she was pure and virginal. But when she stroked him gently and then scooped up and tasted his precum, he saw the slut in her, pulling at her bonds, trying to get free again, but still restrained.

Then she leaned forward and, after giving the tip one of those chaste little kisses, she gave him the blowjob of his life.

She didn't just stick it in her mouth and jerk him off, like a lot of women do. She made love to his prick, licking it, nipping it, kissing it and taking it in her mouth. She was gentle with her mouth, but her hand gripped him with strength, squeezing and releasing, not stroking exactly, but putting pressure on the whole thing at once. She closed her lips around the head and sucked, tickling the head with the tip of her tongue, and then slid her lips down as far as she could get them.

She pulled off and kissed the tip again as her hand slid up and down the saliva slackened shaft. She looked up.

"I only did this ... once. And that time he came ... already. I mean sooner. Am I not doing it right?" she asked plaintively.

Bob reached down and stroked her hair. "Sweetheart some men have a hard time cumming from a blow job. You're doing it beautifully, better than any woman has ever done for me and I love what you're doing. It doesn't matter if I cum or not. You're making me feel really good."

"But I won't get to ... taste you." she complained.

Bob was blown away. His gorgeous niece was on her knees, asking him to shoot in her mouth.

"Baby, would you be willing to do something for me? Something that would help me cum?"

She looked up at him wide eyed. She nodded. Somehow something had changed. This was no longer a flirting game.

"What?" she asked.

"Do you ... masturbate?" he asked.

She nodded, not embarrassed at all by his question.

"Would you do that for me? Now? Here?"

Crystal's mind was whirling. She knew things were going quickly ... very quickly, but she still felt like everything was OK. She wanted to taste him now. It wasn't about the paycheck any more. And she felt a thrill as she thought about baring her secret place to him. Mark had fingered her, but he hadn't actually seen her pussy. The thought of this handsome man seeing her made her very excited.

"Yes" she whispered.

She stood up and backed up, away from him. His hand went to his cock and he began to stroke and squeeze it as he watched her unsnap her jeans and take one foot out of them. She leaned against his desk and spread her feet as her fingers slid slowly between her legs.

"Get up on the desk," he suggested.

She moved things aside and sat up on the desk, getting her heels, her jeans dragging from one foot, up on the desk too. She leaned back on one hand and spread her legs for her Uncle's hot gaze. She let him look before she slid one long finger in as deep as it would go.

Bob felt his sap rising almost immediately. He wanted this to last a little longer, so he slowed down, regulating the pleasure by squeezing and twisting the knob a little. She hissed as her finger began driving in and out of her pussy and her legs flexed open further. She closed her eyes and let her head fall back as she added a finger, probing her pussy until it sloshed. Her head lifted and she opened her eyes, looking into her Uncle's.

"I can't cum very well just from doing this," she panted. "I came when you ... sucked me ... last week. I'm close, but I can't get there ... alone.

"Do you want me to touch you?" he asked, taking a step closer.

"I don't want to have a baby," she said, but her hand flashed faster as she said that. "I'm a virgin Uncle Bob."

"Well then," he said, stepping closer to her still. "I just won't do anything that will make a baby in you," he stepped up to the edge of the desk, "or take away your virginity."

Bob reached out and fumbled with the top button of her uniform shirt. She sat up and with quick flicks of her fingers pulled it aside, baring her breasts. He drank in her beauty, breasts bared, jeans and panties still hanging off one ankle. He felt like he could cum just looking at her like this. He leaned over and put his hands on the desk, leaving his cock hanging free between her legs, pointing at her pussy. He kissed her.

"You take my cock and use it to play with yourself. I'll do other things and we'll see if we can't get you to cum," he said.

He began to kiss her neck, and shoulders and chest. He licked her stiff nipples and suckled them before going back up to kiss her with long passionate kisses. At first she didn't do anything, but then her hand gripped him firmly and he felt her begin to dig the tip of his prick into her pussy. She slid it up and down between her lips, going ever so shallowly into her pussy mouth. Then she used it on her clitty and began to moan. He wanted to jam it into her, but he controlled the urge. He'd had plenty of fantasies about her, but had never seriously considered things would go anywhere near this far. Besides, he'd made a promise and he always kept his promises. He sucked on her nipples and she began to writhe.

"Yes ... oh yes." she croaked. "Oh Uncle Bob ... it's happening."

She began to make squealing noises, louder and louder until she fell back onto the desk and let go of his cock. She arched her pussy up against his body and he grabbed his cock, swabbing it in her sex again as she finished her cum. He made sure not to go into her, but seeing her cum all over the tip of his prick brought his balls to a boil again. This time he didn't want to stop it.

"Hurry up and get done if you want a taste baby," he groaned. "Cause Uncle Bob's about to blow his cork."

Crystal sat up and pushed him backwards, almost causing him to fall over. She was off the desk and down on her knees in a flash, her hand batting his away as she stroked and sucked the head. Closing his eyes he let go, flushing hot semen into her mouth. She never pulled off and he opened his eyes and looked down to see her sucking and swallowing happily.

Ten minutes later, breathing normally, and with paycheck firmly in hand, Crystal left the Emporium feeling warm and satisfied. Bob sat in his chair, pants still around his calves, head back and wondered whether things could get any better than they already had.

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