Serendipity - Version Bravo

by Lubrican

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Chapter Eighteen

"Well finally!" Caitlin crowed, as she saw her mother and me in a torrid embrace.

That turned out to be a mistake, because suddenly it was over. Either Kat's appearance, or her cheeky comment, had shot holes in the balloon of our passion, and let it seep out. Her hands returned to my chest and pushed, but only gently. She looked a little dazed.

"That's how I feel about you," I said, softly. "I just wanted you to know."

"Okay," she said, her voice high.

I think Caitlin realized what her arrival, and the way she had arrived had affected things, because she got busy getting dressed for the rafting trip, and said nothing more.

While we left the room that morning on a muted note, that only lasted until we got to the Canyon and checked in with the service that was going to float us down the river. After that, we were too busy listening to instructions, and practicing paddling techniques. In addition to the guide, who sat in an elevated chair with two long oars in the back of the raft, there were ten of us on the boat. We were the motive power, when such was needed, and the guide steered. We rowers straddled the wall of the inflatable craft, which put one foot inside and one foot outside. There were ropes we could hold on to, and each of us had a paddle.

I won't go into the details of the trip. I'll just tell you that, should you ever get the opportunity to do this float, grab it. You see the canyon from a vantage point the regular tourists can't, and it's breathtaking.

And then there's the adrenaline rush of floating lazily around a curve in the river and seeing the tumble of white water up ahead, perforated by big boulders that look like they might block the entire river. The current takes you around most of them, but occasionally you have to fend them off with your paddle, and you feel like everything is depending on the success of you pushing off. The adrenaline rush is astonishing.

It was that adrenaline rush, I think, that finally tipped Hannah over the edge. I don't think it was a conscious thing, except for the fact that when we finally pulled in to the beach where the trail to our bus was, and the trip was over, she was still bouncing off the walls. That green one piece suit was soaked, and it was so tight that it showed her belly button, not to mention the two bullets on her chest that showed how excited she was. Kat had worn one of her bikinis, which was advertising her charms too. There were two young couples along on our raft, and both of the men were going to be in trouble when they got to the bus, because both of them had spent more time watching Kat and Hannah than watching the canyon walls around us.

When we got to the bus and got on, Caitlin grabbed the seat beside me, and Hannah sat behind us. She was humming, but I couldn't recognize the tune. It took the bus an hour to get us back to the parking lot, but that gave us time to dry out, so we got right in the car instead of changing clothes.

It was when I started off towards Flagstaff that I got a clue as to what the trip had done to Hannah.

"I am so fucking horny right now," she said. "Can you believe I just said that? But that's how I feel. That was such a rush. Why would it make me horny?"

I looked over my shoulder at her, in the back seat.

"I've read that it's not unusual for men and women on a battlefield to have sex. It's some kind of primal need to leave something behind, or something like that."

"What does that have to do with anything?" she asked, still buzzed.

"It was dangerous on the raft," I said. "It's dangerous in battle."

"Oh. I guess that makes sense. I haven't felt like this since ... I can't even remember the last time I felt this turned on."

"We could go straight back to the motel," suggested Caitlin. "You could take care of things there."

It was quiet in the back seat, and I was afraid Caitlin had pushed too hard again.

"No. I'm not going to make the same mistake you did," said Hannah, finally.

"It wasn't a mistake, Mom," said Kat.

"If there's no future in it, then it's a mistake."

"So just having fun is a waste of time?"

"And in any case, you may not mind ... performing ... in the presence of your friends, but I'm not like that. I could never be intimate if there was someone else watching."

"So I can go for a walk," said Caitlin. "In fact, I'm due for a run. A five miler. That would give you plenty of time."

"What about Bob?" asked Hannah, and for the first time I realized that, in Hannah's mind, "taking care of things" meant doing it alone. I don't know if Kat figured that out too, and was needling her mother, or if she just thought she and her mother were on the same wave length.

"He's very good at taking care of things," said Caitlin.

There was a half strangled sound from the back. I glanced in the rear view mirror and saw that Hannah had covered her eyes with one hand. I just kept driving.

It was strangely silent after that. Hannah's manic behavior seemed to have moderated. I wondered what was going through her mind. The next time I looked back, she wasn't there. I turned, and saw she'd fallen over and appeared to be sound asleep.

So much for being excited about having me take care of things.

True to her word, Caitlin changed into running togs when we got back.

"You don't have to leave," said her mother. "Nothing is going to happen."

"I still need to run."

"Maybe I could go with you."

"Mom, when was the last time you jogged?"

"I don't remember. Several years ago."

"I'm not interested in giving my mother a heart attack. I run eight minute miles, and I'm planning on doing five of them."

"Well nothing's going to happen here while you're gone."

"Fine. The two of you can watch TV or something."

"Yes. That's what we'll do. I may take a nap. I had a short one on the way home, but I could use another."

Kat, ready to go now, came over to me and put her arms around my neck. She kissed me, and didn't hold back. When she finally gave me my lips back, she said, "If she's really not going to avail herself of your considerable talents, then I don't see why I should keep going without. I'm going to go without for a whole year before I see you again. Maybe when I get back, my mother can go for a walk."

I glanced at Hannah, who looked upset, but didn't say anything.

Kat hadn't been gone two minutes before Hannah stood up and said, "I'm going to take a shower."

I gave her two more minutes, waiting until I heard the shower curtain close, before I got naked, went in and climbed in the tub with her.

"No, Bob, no," she squealed as I stepped into the tub.

"Be quiet," I said. "You need this."

"No, Bobby. We can't do this. It isn't right."

"We're not doing anything, except helping each other take a shower," I said. "Turn around. I'll wash your back."

"Noooo," she whined, but she turned.

I soaped up my hands and smoothed them over her back. She shuddered, and hung her head. I moved my hands down her sides and in one quick circle around each butt cheek, before moving them back up to her shoulders. She moaned. I washed her back entirely too long before I grasped her waist and pulled her back against me. I moved my hands to her breasts, and mauled them.

"Oh please," she begged. "I can't take this, Bobby."

"Sure you can," I said into her ear. "All you need is one tiny little orgasm and you'll feel much better. Let me give you just one." My hand dropped to circle her abdomen and she arched her back.

"You promise you'll stop after just one?" she whined.

"I promise I'll stop when you tell me to," I said.

She was so fired up she missed the significance of how I had changed what she wanted me to promise. I didn't give her time to think about it. I slid my hand between her legs and, with no further preparation, slid my middle finger through her spongy, bulging pussy lips, and into the furnace that was her pussy.

She was wetter on the inside than she was on the outside.

She croaked, and gurgled. She twisted, making me grip her breast to keep her from turning half way around. Her knees bent and she squatted. I felt for a rough patch of skin on the top of her channel, and found it easily. I stroked it, as if I were crooking my finger, saying "come here" to someone across the room. Her hands gripped my arm and she cried out. Her movements were uncoordinated, and I couldn't tell if she was having that orgasm or not. She kept wanting to twist, so I let her, stopping her when the plane of her body was perpendicular to mine. Now I didn't have to reach all the way around her. My hand was right in front of me, and I was able to lift and abuse her clit while I stroked her G-spot. Her face reached for mine, and I kissed her.

There was so much need in that kiss that I was emboldened. I removed my finger and pulled her around to crush her breasts against my chest. The kiss went on and on, until we were gasping for air. Finally, our lips parted.

"I need more," she begged. "Help me, Bobby."

I took her hand and moved it to my prick, which was rock hard. She gripped my shaft tightly.

"Lift your leg," I said into her lips.

She did and I moved her hand. She knew what I was doing, and there was no resistance at all. She brought the tip of my cock to her entrance and, in an uncoordinated, frustrating way, got the tip in her. She tried to hunch herself onto it, but couldn't make it work. Finally, I reached for her waist and lifted. As soon as I felt the angle correct itself, I let her down, and she groaned as she was filled, and bottomed out on the root of my cock. She sobbed as I pushed her against the cold tile wall and bounced her, crushing her clit. But her hands became claws on my back, pulling until her nails dug deep into my skin.

This was fun, in a painful sort of way, but now it was me who wanted more. I leaned to turn off the water and lifted her off of me.

"Nooo," she moaned.

"Patience," I said, and whipped the curtain aside.

There was a frenzy of grabbing for towels and swiping them ineffectually against parts of our dripping bodies. Then the towels were abandoned as we ran for the bed, both jumping on it at the same time and bouncing until I won and covered her body. Her legs spread wide and her hand needed no guiding to find my cock and pull it back to her inflamed sex.

"Yesssss," she hissed as I sank into her again.

I gave her a couple of strokes, because it felt so good.

"I've needed this for so long," she moaned. "Please don't stop."

"Be careful what you ask for," I said.

And then I went in deep and started going in circles.

I gave her no rest until I was sure she'd had at least three orgasms. It was hard to gauge what she wanted, because at one moment she'd be beating on my shoulders, as if she was trying to make me get off of her, and the next her legs were around my back and her nails were digging into my butt, pulling me harder.

Eventually I felt the urge, and started stroking into her. I didn't have to go fast. All I had to do was think about who my prick was sliding in and out of.

I confess that I was completely aware that I was in her bareback.

And I confess that, when the time came, I went in her as deeply as I could, and tried to flood her pussy.

I had been excited when it transpired that I was able to make love with Caitlin. And engaging in that behavior with Emma and Ashley had been a real rush too.

But somehow, ending up in bed with Hannah was a pinnacle even higher than I'd been with the others. I'd have no problem saying I felt more passionate about loving her that way, than I had about any other woman in my life. I stayed on top of her as we caught our breath. I gave her some relief from my weight by resting on my elbows, but I stayed in her. And I was so excited, that I didn't lose my hard-on. It lost its metallically rigid edge, but it stayed long and firm, allowing me to push, occasionally, and let her know I wasn't finished yet.

"You are half satyr," she murmured, after one kiss, during which I pushed hard and wiggled.

"With you I am," I said, pushing again.

"I bet you say that to all the girls." She smiled tiredly. She was working on almost no sleep in the last thirty hours.

"I've never said it to any other woman."

"You came in me."

"I'm going to do my level best to cum in you again, before Kat gets back," I said.

"You could get me pregnant, you idiot."

"I hope I do."

"What?" Her eyes widened.

"Then you'd have to come live with me so I could take care of you and the baby."

Her eyes softened, and she moaned, "Ohhh, Bobby," before she kissed me again.

I started rotating again.

I tried, but it was no good. She got to have two more orgasms, but I just couldn't get there again. Eventually, I rolled off of her.

"I'm going to give you a break this time," I panted.

"Really? How so? I feel like I've been beaten up by the school bully."

"What I mean is I'm not going to try to make a baby in you again right now."

"Oh, I see. I feel so relieved."

"Don't get used to the idea. I'm not likely to cave like this again, in the future."

"We have a future?"

"Of course we do. You don't think I'm one of those love 'em and leave 'em assholes, do you?"

"I'll be sure to buy a box of condoms."

"It will be a waste of money," I said. I leaned over and, for the first time in my life, sucked gently at my sister's nipple. I looked longingly at the other one, but it was just too far away. "I'll never wear a condom when I make love with you."

"You are an idiot," She giggled.

"I'm a man who waited all my life to find the woman I want to have my baby."

"Now you're being ridiculous."

"Am I? Why?"

"I'm your sister, you boob. We aren't allowed to make babies together."

"Who says?"

"Modern science, for one." She wasn't smiling now.

"So you think, but you haven't read the article I've read."

"What article?"

"It was in the Journal of the American Medical Association," I said. "This research outfit discovered what they call the incest gene. Roughly three percent of women have it, worldwide."

"And I suppose it makes girls like me want to do this with brothers like you?"

"No. Women who have this gene have eggs that are too susceptible to fertilization by a close relative's sperm. So more than one sperm can fertilize the same egg. Causes too many chromosomes in the fetus, which causes birth defects. They think this is what caused all the birth defects that people trot out to show that incest is horrible."

"Birth defects are horrible," said Hannah.

"Yes, but think about that. If all the birth defects on the record, from incestuous pregnancies, were caused by this gene, then all those defects were the product of only three percent of the women of the world."

"I'm not sure I understand what you mean."

"What I mean is that, statistically, there have probably been millions of perfectly healthy children born from incestuous pregnancies. Tens of millions, throughout history."

"What if I have the gene?" she asked.

"There's a test for it."

"Bob? How do you know all this? I thought you said you never thought about me that way."

"I didn't," I said. "But I was worried about Caitlin after things went ... off course. So I did some research and stumbled across this article."

"This is blowing my mind. You did this research because of Caitlin. But now you're thinking about it in terms of me. If you'll remember, I'm thirty six, Bob. I had a child when I was nineteen. She grew up. I thought my child rearing days were over."

"Maybe they are. That's your decision. I'm just telling you how I feel. I'm sure I can find another woman to give me children. I'd prefer she was you, but I'll understand if you don't want to do that."

"What other woman?" she asked, suspicion heavy in her voice.

"I don't know," I said. "I bet Emma would like to have my baby."

"Your days of fooling around with Emma are over, mister," she said, darkly. "Ashley too, just in case you were wondering."

"Why?" I asked.

"It's enough that you've seduced my daughter, and now me. Don't be greedy."

"Maybe Caitlin, then," I said, grinning to show I was just kidding.

"Not with Caitlin," she said.

"I'll try not to," I said.

"You'll have to do better than that if you ever hope to sleep with me again," she said. "Tell you what. If there should ever come a time, when you sleep with my daughter again - and I'm not saying that time will ever come - but if it does, and you promise to use protection, then if there's ever another time - and again I'm not saying there will be - that you sleep with me ... you don't have to wear a condom."

"Deal," I said, instantly.

And, just like that, Hannah's self seduction was complete.

In fact, I was on top of her again, lunging into her as she urged me on, when Caitlin got back to the room and walked in.

Hannah happened to be in the middle of another orgasm, and wasn't willing to give it up for propriety's sake.

Then again, she may have let Caitlin watch those few final moments of ecstasy, as I groaned and let my sperm flow into her for the second time, because there was a box of condoms in Caitlin's right hand.

Our last bout of pleasure knocked Hannah out. She was so tired that she fell asleep naked, with my spend oozing from between those bulging, wrinkled pussy lips. Caitlin came out of the bathroom, toweling off after her shower and, after looking at her mother passed out on the bed, sat on my lap in the desk chair in the room and necked with me. Eventually she got down and sucked some life back into my cock and then, with me still sitting upright in the desk chair, she mounted me and had some fun. She tried to do it bareback, but I informed her of my deal with her mother. So she dutifully sheathed the object of her desire, and then rode me until she was satisfied.

When she stood up, I wasn't all that unhappy about it. I'd cum twice in the forty minutes she'd been gone. But she wasn't finished with me yet. "One way or the other, I'm going to have your cum inside me," she said.

And then she got down on her knees and sucked my balls dry.

Hannah was so knocked out that we were able to move her to her spot in the bed without waking her up. Then we turned off the light and lay in each other's arms, sharing kisses and strokes until we fell asleep.

Hannah woke up first the next morning. Kat and I had rolled apart during the night, so it wasn't obvious what had transpired between us while Hannah had been asleep. Even if it had, I don't think that would have made a difference in how Hannah felt about things.

She had said, the night before, that she did not want to drive straight through to get home. But things had changed since she'd said that. They had changed soon after she'd said it, in fact. Now, being in her house ... in her own bed ... was a lot more attractive than it had been. So now, she was eager to move on. To be honest, I think Caitlin was of the same mind. As each day passed, it got closer to the date I'd go back home, and she'd sign on to a life of sexual purity, or at least abstinence. That was her plan, anyway. I knew how strong nature could be, and that if Kat met the right boy, all that abstinence stuff could go out the window right quick. But that, if it happened, was still in the future, and right now, she thought the idea of having Uncle Bob at her beck and call, in her bedroom, was a great idea.

So off we went, staying on Interstate 40, where we would have made good time, if there hadn't been so much construction going on.

But even that wasn't really a cause for unhappiness. At least not for whoever wasn't driving. What I mean is that the women traded off driving, which meant that whoever wasn't driving could get me in the back seat for some necking. And petting. The only time there was any disagreement was when Kat tried to have sex with me in the back seat. Hannah said she couldn't do that because she couldn't make her body bend in the ways it would have to, and that it wasn't fair for Kat to be able to do that if Hannah could not.

Since we were only on the road ten hours that day, it wasn't really an issue.

And then we were at their house in Santa Barbara, and the road trip was over. I slept with Hannah that night. Caitlin took me to her room for two hours during the next morning, while her mother was getting groceries and running other errands.

I stayed three more days, and that was the pattern that developed. Hannah owned the nights, and Caitlin got the days.

I was good to my word. Each time I slid into Caitlin, I was wearing a condom.

And each time I slid into Hannah ... I was not.

I don't think I was ever so proud as I was the last night when, as I strained to urge every last available drop of my sperm into Hannah's unprotected, fertile womb, she clasped her legs around me and whispered, "I'm so glad you're half satyr."

It was a long, long trip back, alone. I thought about things, all sorts of things. Of course I replayed what had happened with the girls. I thought about every moment that had happened after Hannah had stumbled onto the scene. I thought about the things she'd done, the way she had looked, and the things she'd said. Only during that trip did I have the time to reflect on things and decide that Hannah had decided she was going to finally sleep with me long before I had tumbled to it. Her resistance had been token, and verbal. She had moved things forward by insisting on sleeping naked. And she had accepted my relationship with Caitlin probably from that first day, once she'd gotten over the shock of it.

I think that's because she knew how Kat felt. She understood that in a deeply intimate way, because she'd felt like that herself. And then she found herself feeling like that again. I had been taboo, forbidden, out of reach. But walking in on me with three girls, one of whom was her daughter, changed all the rules.

Still, she couldn't seem too eager. And so she had resisted. But as soon as I touched her in the shower, that resistance vanished.

It was difficult for me to classify either woman as my "lover". I had known them for much too long in other roles to be able to change my perception of either of them that quickly. Maybe if I'd been able to stay, to live with them, and love them daily for months, I would have thought of them differently.

But for now, they were Hannah, my sister, who I secretly got to bed a few times, and Caitlin, my niece, who had chosen me to experiment with.

And that was good enough, at least for now.

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