Serendipity - Version Bravo

by Lubrican

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Chapter Twelve

Ashley loosened up after that, returning to the rest hand in hand with me, and no longer pensive. And that loosened the other two musketeers up as well.

I almost laughed when Emma, sensing Ashley's comfort level had improved, said "Let's get this show on the road!"

There was only one more glitch in the event. That happened when we moved to my bedroom. The girls got naked, giggling nervously, but when we piled onto the bed, it became evident that a queen sized bed wasn't going to hack it for all four of us at the same time. And that seemed to be what they wanted.

It was Ashley who suggested that we take the mattress back to the living room, where it could be placed in front of the couch. The couch then became expansion seating, so to speak.

What transpired then was a kind of ball-of-puppies kind of thing, where we wrestled around on the mattress, copping feels, and trading kisses. Again, "orgy" probably isn't the right word for it, but only one girl could kiss me at any given time, and the level of excitement rose to the point that whichever two girls weren't in my immediate embrace, tended to embrace each other. And kiss each other.

I think the moment Emma chose to move things forward was based on the fact that, at one point, Ashley was sitting on the couch, leaning back with her legs spread, and Caitlin was on her knees with her face buried between those spread legs.

"Now!" panted Emma. "I'm still scared, but let's do it now!"

I thought about what Ashley had said, about the two of them wanting to be dominated, for some reason. But I wanted Emma to feel like she was safe. I know that sounds asinine, considering the circumstances, but that was what I thought about.

"You can be on top," I said.

Apparently their previous conversations didn't take as hard with Emma, because she nodded. I lay down and she crawled to sit on my thighs, sitting over my balls. My rigid cock was right in front of her. She reached for it and her grip was without tension.

"Just rub the tip around your clit a little," I suggested.

She did that, bending my cock to bring the tip between the slick folds of her labia.

"I'm going to do it," she panted, but it didn't sound like she was talking to me.

My hips gave a little bump. It was automatic.

"Guys!" she barked. "I'm going to do it!"

Caitlin's face came away from Ashley's pussy. It was shiny with her friend's excitement. Ashley moaned, sounding less than happy. But she sat up and leaned forward.

There were no words of encouragement. Two of the musketeers simply sat and watched as Emma dug the tip of my cock deeper into her and scooted forward. It didn't work, because the angle was all wrong.

Caitlin reached with her left hand to grip my cock. Her right hand slid across Emma's left butt cheek and applied lifting pressure. Emma leaned forward, putting her hands on my chest and rose on her knees. Caitlin held me upright and, as Emma lowered herself, she lined things up.

I expected Emma to go slowly, but just like Caitlin had been, she was so excited that she simply got it over with, sinking with a groan, being filled for the first time with something that wasn't made of silicone, or whatever dildos are made of.

Her eyes closed tightly, and then opened wide as she sat up.

"Oh Mamma," she moaned.

"Does it hurt?" asked Ashley, breathlessly.

"Ashley?" came Emma's high pitched reply.

"What?" asked Ashley.

"You're gonna love this."

It became apparent that Caitlin had given them the blow by blow of her own experiences, because Emma leaned forward again and, with her arms straight, changed her angle as she moved, until she found the sweet spot that rubbed her clit.

Then she was off to the races, searching for that first penis-induced orgasm.

It was almost comical, in a way, because Emma went just a little spastic. Her hair was flying and her hips were moving as fast as she could get them to go. Her abdominal muscles actually rippled, like a belly dancer's. And she couldn't really "talk." What came out of her mouth was a series of grunts, whines and other noises that sounded more like she was being choked than anything else I can think of.

Ashley, meanwhile, wanted input on how things were going. She peppered Emma with questions. I'm not sure Emma actually tried to answer them, but some of those choking sounds issued right after Ashley asked a question.

Then Caitlin chimed in, saying "Don't cum in her, Uncle Bob. We forgot the condom."

Emma stopped, as if frozen. Her head turned to look at Caitlin, and then here chin dropped as she looked at where we were joined. Finally she looked at my face.

"I'm good," I said, smiling. "I'm just having fun."

Then, just as suddenly as she'd frozen, her hips were moving again.

Things were a little hectic, so my estimates are suspect, but I think it took her five or six minutes before her grunts, whines and choking noises rose to a fever pitch. Then she let out what can only be described as a scream, and her pussy muscles started fluttering all around my cock. I reached to pinch her nipples. Caitlin liked that, so I hoped Emma would too.

Suddenly, her ability to make noises went away, because all she did was sit, rigidly, moving her hips only an inch or two, grinding her clit against the base of my cock, and breathe raggedly. Again, she closed her eyes tightly and, in slow motion, she bent her arms, lowering herself to lie on my chest, with her face in my neck.

"I love you," she panted.

"It's just a crush," I said, grinning.

"I love you," she reiterated.

I looked at Kat, who grinned at me. Ashley just sat there, her mouth frozen in a small "o" at what she'd seen.

Some women like to lie around after a good orgasm. Others are energized. Emma was one of the latter. She suddenly pushed up, gave me a couple more wiggles, and looked at Ashley.

"You're going to fucking love this, Ash."

She stood up, and there was a wet, sucking sound as she pulled off of me. She rolled to one side and lay, splayed out.

"I am soooo glad I did that," she sighed.

Caitlin looked at my shiny, wet cock, and abandoned Ashley to crawl over and take me into her mouth. She sucked me clean and sat up on her knees to smack her lips. Then she crawled over me to Emma.

"He didn't cum in you ... right? Do I need to suck his sperms out of your pussy?"

"You can suck my pussy all you want," sighed Emma. She looked over at Ashley, who was still sitting on the edge of the couch, her knees spread, her hands on her knees. "You better take your turn, because I'm ready to go again," she warned.

I sat up and crawled to Ashley, making it obvious I intended to take up where Caitlin had left off. She relaxed and leaned back while I licked her bald pussy lips, splitting them with my tongue and then making it flatten as it slid over her clit. I did that half a dozen times, and then kissed my way up her belly to her breasts. I lifted my face.

"You ready?"

"No," she said, her voice a whisper.

"You want to do it anyway?"


I rose up and brought the tip of my cock to her flushed lips. I gripped it and nosed it around her clit.

"Want to do it right here?"

She was helpless. I don't mean that in a bad way. She just had no idea what or how she wanted things to progress. Instead of asking her more, I simply worked the tip of my cock into her pussy, until her lips clamped down behind the head.

"You okay?" I asked.

Her eyes were wide and round. She was holding her breath. I waited until she couldn't hold it any more and then, as she let it out, and I knew she was incapable of pushing, I slid into her until I bottomed out.

She drew in a deep breath and groaned, "Ohhh fuuuuck."

"Want me to take it out?" I asked.

"No," she whispered. "I feel stuffed, but it doesn't hurt."

I pulled back a few inches and slid back in.

"I can't really rub your clit like this. You want to move to the mattress?"

"You'll have to take it out," she panted.


"I don't want you to take it out."

"We can try it here," I said.


What transpired was that she slid to her right, slowly falling down and I crawled up, to keep penetration, and we ended up with her lying on her back on the couch, with one heel on the top of the back rest and the other on the floor. And then, suddenly, I was in the position I needed to be in to thrust lustily into her.

That's what I did. I just fucked the poor girl ragged.

If you'll recall, I mentioned earlier that Ashley has a potty mouth when she cums. That's how I know she came twice before the urge hit me. And, as I mentioned earlier, Caitlin knew me pretty well by then, in terms of what to expect from me during coitus.

"You can't cum in Ashley either," she hissed right in my ear, just as the girl she was referring to came down from her second cum.

Ashley's eyes opened wide. I didn't stop.

"Remember what I told you?" I said.

"Yes!" she gasped.

"You want me to take it out?"


"You sure?"

"Ohhhh fuck," she moaned. Her hands came to my ass and her fingernails dug in.

"I'm gonna cum," I warned.

"Ohhh fuck!" she wailed. Her third orgasm hit her unexpectedly, I think, because she wiggled all over.

"Uncle Bob!" warned Caitlin.

I turned my head and looked at her.

"One for all and all for one," I panted.

And then I shot poor Ashley just full of baby makers.

Of course I was in the dog house. In fact, all three women were angry with me.

Caitlin and Ashley were mad for the obvious reason that I had hazarded Ashley's uterus. And I had no defense for my actions. Telling them the truth, that nature had taken over, wouldn't do any good. All I could do was promise - repeatedly - that it would never happen again.

Which led, of course, to Emma being furious because while I came in Caitlin on a more or less routine basis, and I had just cum in Ashley, it was perfectly clear that Uncle Bob would not be coming in any more girls that night. Which meant she was going to be left out of that part of the whole experience.

It wasn't fair.

All for one, and one for all.

So the "orgy" got kind of side tracked there for a little while, as Emma argued that she should get to feel what that was like, and the other two insisted she should not. From my vantage point, I felt lucky that they hadn't broken up the whole party. And, in truth, they might have beaten her down if Caitlin hadn't been grasping at straws and said, "Emma, it's no big deal. You really can't feel anything anyway."

She forgot that she had described, in Technicolor, how fantastic it felt for that ball of warmth to suddenly "just explode in her belly" while I was gasping and grunting and so obviously enslaved to my lover. On multiple occasions Caitlin had said that was the best part of having sex, because, in her opinion, it was the most intimate part of having sex.

If the image of two girls sitting at the feet of a third, in front of the fireplace comes to mind, and if, in that image the two sitting girls are begging the other one, "Please, Kat. Just one more time. Tell us the part about how good it feels for your lover to cum inside you," you might not be as silly as you feel.

Maybe she told them about it so many times that it became something routine, and un-memorable.

In any case, Emma wasn't stupid. She knew her two friends quite well, and knew they'd never give up trying to protect her. And let's be truthful. That's what they were trying to do - protect her. Emma certainly didn't need a baby on her hip while sitting in Geometry class in her senior year of high school. But Emma also "knew," like so many other young women, that she wasn't going to get pregnant from a man cumming in her just one time. That was just too bizarre to contemplate. And you heard stories all the time about women who wanted to get pregnant, but couldn't, even though they tried all the time, even going to the point of having sex on a schedule! Right?

So Emma slowly caved to the pressure.

And then, around four in the morning, when Caitlin and Ashley were sleeping off the exhaustion of sexual overdose, she pulled me on top of her one last time and, because now she knew what my physical signals meant, whispered in my ear, "Cum in me, Uncle Bob. Just this once. I want to feel what that's like. Please cum in me."

She didn't really need to put her arms and legs around me, trapping me inside her. I was pretty far gone by then too. Each girl had tried all the positions, and each girl had showed me what girl on girl positions looked like. We were all pretty much wasted. Plus, every time I'd gone inside a girl after my faux pas with Ashley, my penis had been securely snug in a condom.

Except for the last time that night, when Emma woke me up and pulled me on top of her. I had dozed off, and she roused me by sucking my worn out prong until it was hard again. And Emma made love with her whole body, which was something unique among my previous lovers. When Emma had sex, it was a celebration, a little party in which she danced and drank and went a little wild, which made the guy feel like he was the most spectacular lover in the world. So when I awoke, groggy from too short a nap, and Emma was coaxing me on top of her lush body, I went willingly, not thinking about the fact that, when I slid into her, it felt extra hot and silky in there.

The point is that, when we all finally collapsed in a ball of contented, sleeping puppies, two of the puppies had pussies full of spunk. And the third was a veteran at knowing how that felt.

Emma was impressed, by the way. When I jetted into her, she whispered, "You can feel it!"

All in all, it had been a good night. The girls had engaged in something they'd remember the rest of their lives, and which probably would never happen again. Through it all there was a hovering sense that this wasn't a permanent form of amusement, and that this one-time event was simply for their edification. I know that word usually refers to moral and intellectual improvement, and of course I know that neither of those was involved, but it's the only word I can think of for what I think they expected to happen.

And it probably would have stayed a good night, except for one, tiny thing they hadn't thought about. Nobody had thought about it. In fact, I'd argue that even if we'd sat around for hours making a game of thinking up "What could go wrong?" nobody would have thought up the possibility that Caitlin's mother would, at seven thirty in the morning, walk through the front door with the idea of surprising her brother and daughter by arriving to drive back to California with them.

Nobody thought about that possibility.

At least not until she stood there looking at the remnants of the orgy.

And screamed.

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