Serendipity - Version Bravo

by Lubrican

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Chapter Six

The girls had retired to Kat's room. There was something said about Ashley needing to clean up, but I think that was a convenient excuse. She could have just jumped in the pool. And Emma's sigh of "I need to lie down for a little bit," didn't quite ring true. If anything, she'd already gotten her strength back, with a little extra thrown in. She was bright and bubbly and happy which, I have to admit, made me feel a lot better.

Rather, I think they just wanted to discuss what had happened. They processed things in their lives by sitting around (lying around?) in Kat's room talking about whatever it was they were chewing on. So I'm assuming they did that now, staying in her room until lunch, at which point they emerged fully dressed. Actually, they were barefoot, but let's not quibble. The good parts were covered. I was of two minds about that. They were delightful to look at naked. But I'd put on a pair of shorts myself, so we matched. And I'll be honest about it. If they'd been naked, all I'd have thought about was mounting their young, tight bodies and trying to make babies. I needed a little break from that, to try to find some of the control that seemed to have slipped away somehow.

Unfortunately, they were still beautiful young women and, having processed all this newness, they were once again their normal, bouncy, energetic, smiling selves.

In other words, they were sexy. A girl doesn't have to be naked to be sexy.

So while we ate lunch ... I still thought about pinning each of them to the bed.

"We're going to the mall after lunch," said Caitlin.

"Okay," I responded, automatically.

"But we want to swim again this afternoon," she went on.

"Okay," I said.

"With you," she added.

Damned if I didn't feel myself getting stiff.

"About that," I said. "I kind of let things get a little out of hand last time. I'm sorry about that."

"You don't need to apologize," said Ashley. "You didn't do anything wrong. We all had fun."

"Yes, but having that kind of fun tends to lead you down the path to disaster," I said.

"You mean the part about how you want to fuck us?" asked Caitlin, sweetly.

I choked, and bits of tater tot flew everywhere as I coughed. She'd said it so calmly ... so matter-of-factly ... as if the thought of that happening was no big deal.

They watched as I tried not to die in front of them. It was very quiet (other than my coughing and hacking,) and neither Ashley nor Emma castigated Caitlin for speaking like that. I felt like this might be my punishment for fingerfucking one of the musketeers. It stayed quiet, even after I calmed down. It became obvious that we were going to have some kind of discussion about the whole "Uncle Bob wants to fuck us" thing.

"I told you that messing around with boys was dangerous," I said. My mind tried to identify exactly when I had warned them, and failed. I suddenly wondered if I ever had warned them about this little game they wanted to play. "If I didn't, I should have," I said, trying to cover the bases. "What we've been doing is called foreplay. Have you heard of foreplay?

"That's first base, second base, third base and a home run," said Ashley.

"No, it's not," I said. "What you just described is a game some girls play that involves conscious decisions about what you're going to allow a boy to do. That's not foreplay. Foreplay is the process of getting excited and becoming ready to have sex."

"But we're not supposed to have sex," said Emma. There was something in her voice that made my eyes dart her way. I can't describe it, but there were undertones in the way she said that, which made me think what she was really saying was, "We want to have sex, but we can't because we're not supposed to do that."

And, of course, my fantasy was that they wanted to have that sex with me .

I shook that off and tried to pay attention to salvaging the situation.

"You're exactly right," I said. "You're not supposed to have sex. Not for a few more years. But playing around like we've been doing, or doing that with boys while you're on dates, is foreplay. It's no game. Mamma Nature has set things up so that when you do these kinds of things, it makes you want to have sex. And she designed things very well. As you noticed, even though you don't want to have sex with me , the foreplay we've engaged in made me want to have sex with you ."

I took a breath. That hadn't come out quite as gently as I had intended. Actually, I hadn't intended to admit that I really did want to mount all three of them and commence to hit enough home runs to produce a ball team.

Thankfully, at least I hadn't put it in those terms.

I went on. "So you can see how dangerous it is to fool around with a guy."

"You're not dangerous," said Emma.

"Said by the girl who, without making a conscious decision to allow it, found herself with my finger in her pussy," I said. I winced. Somebody really needs to come up with a less harsh word than "pussy."

"I liked it," she said. "That wasn't dangerous."

I gave up trying to soften what I was saying. "It made me want to fuck you!" I said through gritted teeth.

"But you wouldn't actually do that," she said, confidently.

"Unless you let me," I said.

"But I wouldn't let you," she argued.

It was obvious that, as many teens do, she had already made up her mind about what would and would not happen, and no amount of logic or argument would change her mind.

"Famous last words," I sighed.

They went off to the mall, which let me get some work done. I had to beat off first, so I could concentrate on the work. I say "had" but I don't want you to think I was losing control. I chose to beat off, knowing that it would calm me down and get the girls out of my head for a while.

They got back home around four. They had some bags with them, which were taken to Kat's room.

Three naked girls emerged from the room and gathered in the doorway to my office.

"Come swimming with us?" asked Caitlin.

I looked them all up and down. I was almost instantly hard.

"As long as all we do is swim," I said.

"That's fine," said Caitlin. My ears perked up along with my prick. She had spoken a little too quickly and agreed too easily.

I expected them to go on, but they didn't. They stood there, waiting. There was a long moment of uncomfortable silence as I realized they were going to watch me get undressed. I suddenly had an inkling of what it must be like for a woman, who is stripping in front of strangers. All eyes are on her, and I bet all she can think of is the self-perceived flaws she hopes they all don't notice.

I won't go into what things I hoped they wouldn't notice. But I will say that when three beautiful women are watching you get undressed, it's hard to feel sexy. I stood up to remove my shirt, which I had put on to go out and get the mail. I had to sit down to remove the shoes and socks I had on for the same reason. Finally I stood again, bending over to slide my shorts off. When I stood erect again I was painfully aware that my cock was like a stick of wood, pointing at them like an old time dowsing rod which had found its target.

"I love it when it gets that way," said Emma, softly.

There was a murmur of assent from her cohorts, as all three of them examined the evidence of my arousal. Suffice it to say it didn't matter what flaws I might have. All they were interested in was my penis. Isn't it funny how something like a penis, which can look mangled and mal-grown, or bent out of shape, something society demands we hide at almost all times from those around us, can be so fascinating to a member of the opposite sex?

Well, fascinating to young members of the opposite sex, anyway.

"Swimming only," I reminded them.

"That's not what that thing is saying," said Ashley. Then she grinned, to show it wasn't a serious moment.

I have to give it to them. They really did restrict their actions to swimming, or at least water sports. At least for an hour. We separated in the pool and played "volleyball" with a beach ball, flicking it to one or the other of us. We had some races, which got silly as the girls invented new requirements. Such as holding one leg straight up out of the water while doing the back stroke, or being in the pike position while we tried to make it the length of the pool. Stuff like that. It was fun, and the fact that we were all naked only intruded on my conscious mind every so often. My guard went down, even if my erection did not.

It's not like I was rock hard the whole time. It would soften a bit as we did this or that, and then, between events, while the girls were standing in the shallow end, thinking up some silly new thing to do, it would harden back up. Don't get me wrong. I still wanted to fuck them. It just wasn't all I could think about.

Then they wanted to get out and lie in the sun. I only had two chaise lounges, which were taken by Emma and Caitlin. I had a collection of beach towels, though, and Ashley simply got one of those and spread it on the grass. Then she spread herself on the towel. Her vulva was on perfect display, and she was still breathing deeply from her exertions in the pool, which meant those gorgeous breasts, with their still spiked nipples, were rising and falling as if she was excited.

Sexually excited.

And suddenly, I was back to being a lecherous old man, slavering after the local virgins, like some nasty old troll who had just come out from under the bridge.

"Time for me to go inside, ladies," I said, in my most un-troll-like voice. "I need to take the starch out of this little baby." I grasped my penis as I said it.

That's how far out of control I was. Can you even imagine? Talk about your too much information.

"You're going to masturbate?" asked Caitlin, her voice again sugary sweet, just like it had been when she said, "you want to fuck us?"

"I confess that you affect me in ways that make me want to do that," I said.

"No you don't," said Ashley. "You don't want to jerk off. You want to fuck us."

"Shit, Ashley," I groaned. "I told you, I got out of control. I'm sorry I said it. It was a mistake, okay?"

"We're not sorry you said it," said Ashley. "Isn't that what everybody says? I don't mean they say it, but isn't that what all guys want? Isn't that what they mean by saying that guys all want one thing?"

"Okay, sure," I said, feeling helpless. "But don't think that's all men think about. Don't think you have to fend off every single male you ever come into contact with. I shouldn't have said that. I didn't mean it."

Emma sat up, shading her eyes with her hands. In the process she spread her legs and put her feet on the deck, which made her pink pussy lips appear as if by magic, under the mop of auburn hair that normally hid them. I felt my prick bob.

"So ... when you said that ... when you whispered that in my ear ... you lied ?"

You know how a woman can say something in what I can only call a "special" voice, which conveys the kind of emotion that Lorena Bobbitt probably felt when John Wayne Bobbitt found out just how unhappy she really was? Emma used that voice.

The hairs rose on the back of my neck. It was probably in the middle nineties, and I was already beginning to sweat from being out of the cool water, and a chill went down my spine as I realized I was well and truly screwed. I was trapped like a coyote in a spring trap. I suddenly understood how they could chew off their own leg in an effort to escape.

In my case, though, the member that would have to be chewed off to get out of this little conundrum was too near and dear to me. Instead of biting my penis, I was going to have to bite a bullet.

"No, Emma," I said, softly. "I wasn't lying. I do feel that way. And that's the problem. I shouldn't feel that way. I shouldn't want to do that to you. When I said it was a mistake, what I meant was that it's wrong for me to feel that way about you."

"So you do want to fuck me," she said, as if all my carefully thought out disarming words were so much babble.

"I shouldn't want to fuck you," I corrected.

"But you do," she insisted.

I got frustrated. "Okay, so I do! So sue me, okay? You're drop dead gorgeous, and naked. Any man would want to fuck you!"

"And us too," said Ashley, raising her head.

"Why are you doing this to me?" I groaned.

"Because it's really nice to hear a man tell the truth," said Ashley. "Guys bullshit us all the time, trying to get us to do things with them. We're not stupid, Mister Ess. We know what guys want. But you're the only man we know who will just be honest about it. Don't feel bad. We're actually happy that you're willing to be honest."

"That doesn't help me," I sighed. I realized I was still gripping my penis. I might even have been stroking it a little. Unconsciously, of course.

"You want us to help you?" asked Caitlin. "We'd be happy to do that."

I felt a soothing drip of precum ooze through my urethra. It didn't quite make it to the opening, but I knew more was on the way, and that soon that drip would hang there, exposing for all the world to see that I really did want to fuck these girls. There's something about a willing woman - or in this case three willing women - that will do that to a man.

"No," I sighed. "That won't be necessary. It shouldn't take more than thirty seconds to solve the problem. I'm already about to pop. That's what you three do to me."

"Good," said Ashley, who then let her head drop back to the towel. Her right hand, though lifted and her hand slid over her flank until her hand reached her pussy. Her legs were already spread, which allowed her index finger to slide between glistening labia to stroke her clit.

"I have an idea," said Emma, still sitting, displaying her own pink, glistening pussy lips. "Ashley said it felt hot when you shot your stuff on her. That first time, when you got it on me by the pool, is a little fuzzy in my memory. I'd like to see what that feels like when I'm not all freaked out. You don't have to go in the house. You can just do it here and shoot it on me this time."

That additional dollop of precum showed up. I pinched off the tip of my cock to keep it from making that drip I talked about.

I'm sure you've heard about men having a big head and a little head, and how they sometimes think with the little head when they should be thinking with the big one? Well, they really are connected, because as I pinched the little one, it made the big one oxygen deprived, or something, because between the two of them, they decided Emma had a great idea.

Which is how I ended up straddling Emma, who lay back down and, quite shamelessly, emulated Ashley by rubbing her pussy while I rubbed my penis.

That drip? It landed right on Emma's belly button, right next to the little silver thing that pierced her skin there.

And then, because suddenly I didn't want to cum and end things so quickly, I managed to last two or three whole minutes before I painted little Emma Wilkinson from throat to crotch with my semen. As she felt it, she squealed, and her hands went out and did that chicken dance thing again. But that lasted only for a few seconds before they came back to her skin and rubbed my spunk all over her belly and breasts.

"It feels so strange," she whined. "I like it. It's all messy but I like it!"

I watched has her spermy hand went back to her auburn bush and she sank a finger deep inside her, pulling to maul her clit while the other hand continued trying to pinch slippery nipples.

I thought about the sperm on that finger, deep inside her.

I was about to say a word of caution, when something deep inside me rose up, like a sea monster rising from the waves, and extended a huge hand that wrapped itself around my throat.

Suddenly, as I thought about the sperm ... my sperm ... that Emma had pushed inside her, I couldn't utter a word.

I think I was a little stunned by what had happened. I know I stood there, weaving slightly, as my head swiveled on my neck, looking from one girl to another as they masturbated, there in the sun. Ashley came first, based on the noises they made. She drew her knees up and rolled onto her side, lying there in the fetal position with her hand clamped between her thighs, and moaned piteously. Caitlin's technique was entirely different. She spread her legs wide and let her heels fall to the cement, on either side of her chaise lounge. When she yipped like a coyote, her pelvis thrust upwards and the three fingers she was using to rub her clitty whipped back and forth, sideways, until she went limp and fell back to the webbing under her.

Emma just rubbed and rubbed, whimpering. Then, suddenly, she sat up and, with her hand still busy between her legs, she reached behind me and pulled my loins toward her face. Using only her mouth, she captured my flagging penis and sucked lustily, using her tongue to swirl around the glans. I groaned as my balls tried to produce one more spurt. Without warning she fell back, still sucking, until my penis popped out of her mouth and her upper body slammed back down on the lounge.

"Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit," she chanted as, like Caitlin, her hips bumped upwards. It looked like she was trying to pull all that pubic hair up to her chin. Then with one last "Oh shiiiiiiiiiit," she stopped moving, as if she had been frozen. She wasn't limp, like Caitlin, next to her. Rather, it was like all her muscles had bunched and gotten stuck there. It was the opposite of being paralyzed. I've never seen another woman do that. She stayed that way long enough that I started to get worried, and then, very slowly, like a chocolate bunny left in the sun, she slumped and relaxed.

"That was fantastic ," she panted, as her lungs started pumping again.

Nobody else said anything.

We were too busy trying to get our own lungs full of air.

This time the girls didn't go anywhere. It was like they just went back to sunbathing. Emma didn't even get up and go clean off. All she did was treat my semen like it was suntan lotion and rub it all over her naked body.

What I felt is complicated. It wasn't "bad" in the sense that I felt like I had abused Emma. And "guilty" wasn't the right word either. "Nasty" conveys something more negative than I was feeling. I guess, if I have to come up with a word, it would be "worried." They had enjoyed what happened all too much. Suddenly, something that, a month ago, they would have never even contemplated - masturbating in front of me - was perfectly fine. Not only that, they engaged in it without so much as a how-do-you-do.

Not to mention that now I had masturbated in front of them too, and squirted on two of them.

I think the problem was that, as sated as I was at the moment, when I looked down at the three of them ... something in me wished I could develop another erection instantly ... and fuck all three of them.

So I went inside, leaving them to whatever they were thinking, and took a shower. You know how strange it is to have just cum, and not be able to get hard again, but still wish you could masturbate?

That's what these girls were doing to me.

And this is the lesson in all of this that I want to convey to all you men out there who think it would be fun to "play" with a young woman, and teach her some things, but not get "involved" with her.

It's a pipe dream. I'm telling you now. Be careful what you start, because Mother Nature will decide how it ends.

Of course I had not yet arrived at that gem of wisdom. Sure, I knew I was smitten, but I was still pretty sure things wouldn't get completely out of control. I even had a plan. If things had to escalate at all - and I did recognize that things were escalating - then I had what I was convinced was the surefire way to satisfy them.

I'd teach them what getting their pussies eaten was like.

And then I'd jack off on one of them.

And we'd all be happy and things wouldn't go any farther than that.

I was sure of it.

History repeats itself. Every historian knows that.

So I wasn't surprised when Kat showed up at my bedroom door that night. They had all gone over to Ashley's house for supper and to spend the evening doing whatever it was they decided to do. I heard Kat come in. The house was dark and I was in bed reading when she got home. When she passed my door without sticking her head in my door to tell me she was home, I suspected she'd be back later, in her pajamas.

She did come back later.

But there were no pajamas.

"Move over," she ordered, indicating that she wanted to lie down with me.

I thought, briefly, of telling her that wasn't a good idea. But by then I had come to the conclusion they were all going to do whatever they wanted to do, whether I approved of it or not. So I moved over.

"Take off your shorts," she commanded, like a queen addressing one of her servants.

"That's not a good idea," I finally said.

"If I have to take them off I might accidentally scratch you with my fingernails," she said. She dragged said nails lightly across my chest, leaning over so her breasts hung within reach.

My big brain was suddenly oxygen-deprived again. I slid my shorts down and kicked them to the end of the bed.

My penis, of course, was hard.

First, she just wanted to make out. These girls had foreplay down to an art, whether they knew it or not. She kissed me, and licked my chin, telling me I needed a shave, but rubbing her cheek against my stubble anyway. Her fingers played with the hair on my chest while her tongue played with mine. Slowly, as slowly as a boy trying to sneak his hand onto a girl's breast in a dark movie theater, that hand drifted south, until the hair her fingers were playing with was of the pubic variety.

I bet it took her ten minutes before she grasped my penis, and jacked it so slowly that I wanted to tell her to get busy.

Her lips pulled back from mine, and hazel eyes stared at me.

"I'm the only one who doesn't know what it feels like," she said.

"What?" I was confused. My big brain was still oxygen starved, and all it could think about was more kisses and her hand on my prick.

"It's my turn ... for you to cum on me," she explained.

"Oh," I said, somewhat dazed. "Okay."

That's how far I was gone. I just said, "Okay."

I had stood over the other two, outside, straddling the chaise lounge they were lying on. I couldn't do that here. In the end, which didn't take all that long to get to, I got on my hands and knees, over her. It was uncomfortable to spread my knees as wide as they needed to be if she spread her legs, and she wanted to spread her legs, so I ended up with my knees inside hers. She should have been a cheerleader, because she could do the splits without even using her own body weight.

I ended up, of course, like a three legged dog, because I had to use one hand to stroke with, while the other held me up, over her.

Now, the salient point in this situation, is that when I did this with Ashley and Emma, I had been standing, and my penis had been a couple of feet away from their skin. With Caitlin, however, I was on my knees, and my penis was only inches from the prize.

Make no mistake, it made it very easy to cum. All I had to do was think about what it would be like to let my hips sag, and "accidentally" poke her pussy, perhaps even hard enough to pop inside it.

I was so excited, in fact, that when I felt the sap rising, and the urge to fuck her was so strong, that I overcompensated, trying not to fuck her, that as I spurted, I leaned too far forward. My spunk shot all over her belly, which was good, but the arm holding me up failed spectacularly and I fell on top of the poor girl.

She gave out an "Oof!" as my strong hand abandoned my penis and went beside her head, My face had almost impacted hers, which put me in the position where, when she reached for my head, and pulled me to kiss her again, I just surrendered to that, instead of lifting my weight off of her. Meanwhile, my penis, saying something like "Fine! Take your hand away. I don't need your help," continued to unload jets of semen between us.

It was just instinct to rub my body around on top of her, sort of "fucking" her belly button as my orgasm produced natural muscular reactions.

It was weird, in the sense that I'd never done this with any other woman. Not like this. I had pulled out of a woman one time and spurted on her belly, but that time I'd had both hands under me, and I just raised up and let loose on her abdomen.

But Caitlin and I were writhing around like a couple of mud wrestlers or something. It finally penetrated my brain that I was too heavy, and I started to roll. But neither of us wanted to break the kiss we were engaged in, so I pulled her with me. She ended up on top of me with her legs still spread, and she took over the humping movements.

I think it was because she hadn't been able to rub that it evolved that, when the kiss did break, that she pushed herself up with her arms so she could scoot forward to rub her pussy against something. That something ended up being the first protuberance she encountered. Which was my "package" as the kids say these days.

Thankfully, her slippery lips slid over my balls before she bore down. I was semi flaccid by then, having cum hard, but there was enough bulk for her to rub her clitty along the length of my cock. She did that for a few seconds, but ended up sliding forward, at which point her pussy lips ran into the smear of semen all over my belly. She lifted a hand, finally, and reached to rub her clit.

"Let me do that for you," I panted.

I rolled her off of me and, without thinking, smoothed my hand over her breasts and belly before I reached with my middle finger to find and penetrate her vulva.

Which meant, of course, that there was sperm all over my finger when I slid it deep inside her and rimmed her cervix.

Those hips came up and she groaned, her head turning from side to side.

I admit it. I basically fingerfucked the crap out of the poor girl. And I admit that I made it last as long as I could. I'd stimulate her clit for a while, and then move in ways that left it alone. She liked having something that deep inside her, and when I slid my finger around the tight closure of her cervix, she bucked and whined and said things like "Oh yes," and "Yes, touch me there!"

We did a lot of kissing too. I wanted her to be as happy as possible. And I wanted her to remember this night for the rest of her life.

At the same time, I was worried that the reason she'd remember this night the rest of her life, was because she'd end up pregnant from the sperm I was rubbing all over the mouth of her womb.

I confess.

I was helpless.

I kept rubbing anyway.

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