Serendipity - Version Bravo

by Lubrican

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Chapter Five

It was late when I finally finished for the day. I'd gotten a lot done and I was happy with the progress. The meeting had gone well and I had just incorporated all of the changes into the design of the project. I had told them it would take a week, so now I would have plenty of time to review it and make sure all the i's were dotted and the t's crossed.

As I was leaving the office, I was confronted with three girls.

"We want to do a midnight swim," said Caitlin. "Will you come with us?"

"Are you going to behave?" I asked.

"Yes," said Ashley and Caitlin, together.

"I owe Emma some time," I said.

"That's fine," said Caitlin. "We just want you with us in the pool."

"Okay," I said.

The mood improved immediately. They were in their bikinis for some reason. Once I said I'd go to their midnight swim with them, though, the bikinis came off.

There was a lot of hanging on Uncle Bob for a while. Everybody wanted kisses. I copped a bunch of feels, none of which got any negative responses. I kept it light. It was supposed to be light, after all. Touching their breasts was one thing, but I kept my hand away from between their legs.

Pretty soon Emma's wandering hand found my erection.

"Goody," she said, stroking me under the water. "Can I do it now?"

"Probably not this way," I said. "Your hand is in the opposite orientation than it was when I was lying down and you were on your knees on the floor. It will be difficult for you to get the speed needed, because you're pushing and pulling instead of rising and falling."

Emma was a smart girl.

"Well then, why don't you sit on the edge of the pool, like you did the other day?"

We waded to the edge of the pool and I hopped up, settling with my butt on the coaming, my legs spread, and leaning back with my arms extended behind me.

She approached my rigid prick and licked her lips.

It was the perfect position, with her in the pool. She was oriented perfectly, and the water supported her weight, so all she had to do was pay attention to what she was doing. Within five minutes, she had me on the edge.

"You ready?" I panted.

"Oh yeah," she said.

"Here it comes," I grunted.

It was then that the problem with this position announced itself. When I had been lying down, my cum spurted on my chest. But now I was sitting halfway up, and her hand was pulling my cock toward the pool.

Toward herself.

If she'd let me go when it started spurting, like she had last time, it probably would have been fine. I might have had to reach to finish again, but that would have been okay. In fact, I sat up, anticipating the need to do exactly that.

But this time she didn't let go. She kept jerking. And the first spurt rose in the air, directly toward Emma, whose eyes went round with shock, as her mouth made an "O".

She got the first shot across her face, which included that open mouth. The second shot, being less forceful, went a shorter distance and painted her chest, across the base of her right breast. After that all I did was make a mess on her hand.

Then she let go.

Her hands went up to about shoulder height and flapped, like she was doing some kind of chicken dance. She spit, and then spit again.

"It got in my mouth!" she squealed.

Her hands came down to flap lower, and she splashed as the other two expressed their concern.

"Are you okay?" asked Caitlin.

As quickly as she had panicked, Emma calmed. Her left hand went to her chest, where what was left of my cum was dripping down the inside of her breast. Some of it had been splashed away.

"It was hot!" Emma said, excitedly. "I could feel how hot it was right away." Her hand came stroked her upper chest unconsciously. "And some of it got in my mouth! And I freaked!"

"So that's why you were spitting and stuff," said Ashley.

"Yes," agreed Emma. "Except that I could still taste it after I spit. Actually, I couldn't taste it until I spit. I can still taste it now. It's really weird."

"So it tastes bad?" suggested Ashley.

"Not really," said Emma, sounding a little amazed. "Just different. It's hard to describe."

"Try," ordered Ashley.

"Time to go inside," said Caitlin.

That comment seemed out of context to the situation, in my opinion, and I expected Ashley to order Caitlin to "wait just a damn minute," but she did nothing of the kind. Instead, Kat's comment galvanized them and, within fifteen seconds I was left alone, my satisfied prick flaccid again. I leaned back on my arms again and marveled at the situation I had, somehow, become embroiled in.

Things weren't out of control. Not yet.

But it was clear they were becoming less inhibited all the time.

And they were staying the night.

What I didn't know was the reason Kat had told them it was time to go inside.

She wanted to masturbate while Emma talked about what it had been like to get my cum in her mouth.

I expected something to happen that night. I didn't know what it would be, but I was pretty sure I wouldn't have to jerk off that night.

So I wasn't surprised when they showed up at midnight. I was still reading, waiting for them. If they hadn't shown, I'd have just read until I got sleepy.

By now, these girls were pretty sure of themselves. That showed as they approached my bed, without saying anything. They were wearing their night time uniform, which consisted of panties and a T shirt. They left them on, but Emma crawled on the bed to pull at my shorts until I lifted my hips and let her slide them down my legs and off.

There were some long seconds as all three of them just stared at me.

Emma took her T shirt off. She was obviously showing me her breasts. Meanwhile Caitlin got on the bed and lay down with her face beside my groin, her body perpendicular to mine. Ashley took her shirt off too, and stood beside my head.

I felt Caitlin's fingers prodding, moving my cock around, knowing that would get it stiff. Ashley lay down on the bed and tried to snuggle up against me. Caitlin was in the way.

"Move!" ordered Ashley.

Caitlin got up and moved to lie down between my legs, her nose inches from my balls.

Emma lay down on the side opposite Ashley. I was sandwiched between soft, almost naked bodies.

I should have known what was going to happen, with Caitlin lying where she was. But I didn't expect it. I didn't even tumble to what was going on when her lips hugged the tip of my cock again, exactly like they had before.

But this time she didn't stop with just a lip hug.

I felt her lips move and, so suddenly that it shocked me, the knob of my cock was engulfed in the wet heat of her mouth. She gave a tentative little suck, and my hips bucked.

Ashley's face appeared next to mine. She wanted kisses. It's a good thing she was lying on my arm, because if she hadn't been, I'd have stuck my hand in her panties. It was the same with Emma, on the other side, who was kissing my shoulder and upper chest.

They had talked about this before coming to my room. They had planned it all out, consciously taking another step along the path to sexual fulfillment.

When Kat took more of me into her mouth, and her cheeks started working, I knew I was in trouble.

"Caitlin!" I groaned. "Remember what I said."

I got my first actual, honest to Pete hummer as, with my prick in her mouth, she went "Mmmm hmmm." It was astonishing. I'd had blow jobs before, but no one had actually made noise with my cock in her mouth. The vibrations of it were most interesting.

"Caitlin!" I gasped.

Suddenly Emma was up and away from me. She crawled down to where Caitlin was and, as if they had practiced it, Kat pulled off of me and Emma's mouth swooped down to suck me in.

That was it. I blew like my cock really was a terrain feature in Yellowstone Park. Emma made some noises too, but she didn't pull off. She took two full spurts before she stood up on her knees, her hand doing the funky chicken beside her head again, and her throat making what sounded like a panicked response to what was in her mouth.

She looked up and opened her mouth, to take in a deep breath. It was obvious she was trying not to swallow and not to spill my essence as her hands kept waving. She had agreed to do this and she was trying mightily to follow through on the plan. I didn't understand, until the other two converged on her, also on their knees. They ignored me completely, and when they got to Emma her head came down. A drool of my cum escaped her mouth. With wide eyes she closed her mouth and, with an effort, swallowed one time.

But she hadn't swallowed it all. And, true to the plan, she let some of what was left seep through lips that weren't closed tightly.

Caitlin kissed her first, obviously tasting. She pulled back and sat on her haunches, examining the taste, while Ashley took her turn and Emma fed her some of my cum in a kiss.

Ashley's reaction was different than Kat's. Within a few seconds, she was French Kissing Emma, their mouths open. My amazed eyes thought Ashley was actually trying to clean Emma's mouth of my cum. Never in my wildest fantasies could I have come up with a scenario like this.

Ashley pulled back and, like Caitlin, sat on her haunches.

"Wow," she gushed.

"See what I mean?" panted Emma.

"I like it," said Ashley.

"It was a lot," said Emma. "More than I expected. I almost lost it."

I was distracted by Caitlin, who crawled between Ashley and Emma and, on her hands and knees, took my softening cock in her mouth and sucked it clean.

And that was when I knew I was in trouble.

I say I knew I was in trouble. And in one sense that's true. I knew that having three naked girls in my bed, sucking my dick, was farther than I think anybody had ever intended things to go.

But in another sense I was just like that frog they talk about, which has been put in a pot of water on the stove. If the temperature is raised in small increments, that frog doesn't realize he's cooking until it's too late.

I thought I was still in control of things. And maybe they did too. Maybe all of us had good intentions. Theirs was to experiment and gain some knowledge of how boys worked, and how to work a boy. Mine was to have a little fun and help the girls understand how volatile things sexual can become.

And, really, wasn't that all this latest incident was? Emma had tasted my semen. While she couldn't describe it to them, she didn't say it was awful, or that she hoped that never happened to her again. And that made the other two curious. Plus there was the musketeer component. It wasn't all for one if she was the only one who knew what that tasted like.

That said, the "uninitiated" were reluctant to just get a mouthful. Sucking Mr. Happy was one thing. By now he was their friend. After all, he hadn't hurt any of them and he was fun to play with. And that's where the intense intimacy these girls shared with each other came into play. They all liked boys. They thought about boys and dreamed about boys and planned to have a boy of their very own, some day. But they also liked each other and, when they were just tadpoles, the temperature of the pot they were in was raised to the point that kissing each other, and fingering each other and licking each other's pussies just seemed like a logical progression of their friendship. They knew that not all girls engaged in that kind of behavior. But they weren't "all girls". They were best friends on an emotional and intimate basis. Furthermore, they had to cram a whole year's worth of that intimacy into a single month, before Caitlin went back home to the west coast.

And that's why that while neither Caitlin nor Ashley were ready to suck semen from the source ... getting a taste from Emma's lips was a whole different proposition. They liked kissing Emma, and something inside them reassured them that even if the taste of me was bad, at least they'd get a hot kiss.

So that was the plan they hatched. Emma didn't mind getting a mouthful. Or she thought she wouldn't mind. She wasn't quite ready for an actual mouthful, as it turned out, but she was a trooper and she fought the impulse to gag and spit. When she finally swallowed, it was from instinct that she would drown if she didn't, but then the unhappy part was suddenly gone. She liked kissing her best friends too, and that thought flooded in to make things better.

The one variable was how I would react when the pinnacle of their little plan was reached. And what I did was, basically, nothing. I just watched. I didn't react at all, except to watch them avidly as they did something I would never have dreamed was real outside of a porn shoot.

Still, the conglomerate of what they'd done was a little overwhelming, and so, after they had taken this leap, which was scary, and exciting, and passionate, and exhilarating, they scampered off with my sperm on their lips, still tasting me, and returned to the sanctuary of Caitlin's room, where they continued to kiss and masturbate both themselves and each other until orgasms were had, and exhausted, naked girls could drift off to sleep and have erotic dreams.

By morning, their minds had processed everything.

And had pronounced it ... acceptable ... normal.

That's what I mean by using the frog analogy. Things happened in small, seemingly harmless steps. But each little baby step brought all of us closer to ... well ... I think my mind spit out "baby" steps a few seconds ago for a reason.

The next day was Wednesday, but since it was summer and none of the girls had a job, they simply stayed at my house. That wasn't unusual for this bunch. I made sure parents were aware of where the girls were, and how long they'd be there, but otherwise left them to their own devices.

Or had in the past.

Now, I was in that pot of water with the girls and, to push the analogy for the last time (I promise) the sides of the pan were too high to climb and get out.

They slept late, which let me get some work done.

Caitlin appeared at my office door around ten-thirty. She was naked. She simply came over to me and leaned down to give me a kiss that felt like it came from a twenty-five year old woman, rather than a teenager.

"We're going swimming. We'd like you to join us sometime."

"Right," I said, unable to keep from staring at her luscious, firm breasts. Her nipples were turgid.

She turned and I got to watch her hips and butt cheeks rise and fall as she walked out. I don't know if she did that on purpose or not. She wasn't wearing high heels, but she walked like the models do, putting one foot directly in front of the other, rather than walking normally. By the time she was out of sight, I was more than half hard.

I'm going to claim it was the hardon that drove me out to the pool. Not because I needed somebody to take care of that. I'd been doing that for years and could settle things down within five minutes if I wanted to. Rather, it was because I couldn't keep my mind on work.

It's fun being turned on. The anticipation of what may follow, assuming you're in a situation where there's a willing partner in the house, makes it fun to delay things. Delayed gratification can be a powerful force in the sexual game, and that's what I was doing as I stripped down and made an appearance at the pool. I confess I showed my boner off to them as I walked slowly out into the sunshine.

And they looked. They had been talking, apparently, because they were standing in waist deep water, together. Emma saw me first and said something. The others turned and all three stopped talking and just stared at me as I walked to the steps that led down into the water. I admit I felt a little proud that I could hold the attention of three beautiful young women.

Not that they jumped my bones or anything. They welcomed me, but mostly as an observer. They were talking about some musical group I'd never heard of. Then Emma lamented about how there was only a month left until school started, and that generated a mini boo hoo session, because they then calculated how long it was until Kat left to go back home.

And that's what kicked off the day's festivities. I didn't find out until later that both Ashley and Emma just naturally assumed that when Kat left, and their access to the third musketeer was cut off, their access to me would be cut off too. Actually, come to think of it, I might have assumed that once my niece went back to the coast, everything here would return to normal too.

In any case, Ashley turned to me and I got my first embrace of the day. I was still hard, mostly because since I wasn't involved in the conversation, I got to just gawk at all those breasts and stiff nipples.

"Em says it feels warm on the skin when you shoot. I want to feel that," she said into my neck.

"Okay," I said, caving instantly.

She led me to the side of the pool. I think she expected to do things the same way they had happened with her friend. But I told her to get out and lie down on one of the chaise lounges. The others followed, of course. If they weren't going to be participants, they would be observers.

Except I had other ideas about that too.

"I assume you girls masturbate," I said, without actually thinking it over first. I mean we'd been awfully intimate as a group, not to mention the snowballing they had done right in front of me the previous day. So tossing something like that out there would be no big deal, right?


It's arguable, but I'll say all boys masturbate. And so do the girls. I don't know if it's instinctive or not for girls, like I think it is for boys, but even if she's sheltered, once a girl finds out that something called masturbation exists, I'm pretty sure she tries it at least once. And like that famous potato chip ... you can't stop with just one.

But that doesn't mean they are willing to admit in public ... to an adult ... that they diddle their clitties. And they were still flush with the terror and ecstasy of kissing each other in front of me the night before. That had been the hardest part of their little plan, by the way. It wasn't the sloppy exchange of my sperm orally that bothered them the most. It was doing that in front of me. They'd tried to figure out some way Emma could keep my cum in her mouth while they left, and went somewhere private, but they knew that wouldn't work. So they had to work with the constraints of the circumstances, and it was more important to try this new thing, than to keep me in the dark about how friendly they were with each other.

They were just brainwashed by society's rules against letting adults know what you were willing to do in private.

So there was some blushing and stuttering and at least one attempt to say "No!" But then I think the fact that we were all naked, standing around a girl who was more or less splayed out on a chaise lounge, waiting for me to squirt on her, kind of sank in and reality trumped sexual politics.

"A little," hazarded Caitlin, looking away.

"Good, because while I do that, I want you to do that too," I said.

That caused another uproar. They'd walked out on the limb far enough to let Kat speak for them. But doing that ... in front of me ?

"It will help me shoot faster," I said.

"In front of each other?" Em was still trying to preserve her "innocence" in my eyes. But the forced nature of the obviously false objection in her voice actually caught my attention. I looked at her.

"After what I saw you do last night, I wouldn't think that would be a problem," I said.

"But we're not lesbians!" she moaned.

And there was the crux of the issue. Emma - the other two as well, in fact - was a little worried that she was, in fact, a lesbian. They'd talked about this before, many times, in fact. But the passion they exchanged while doing the things they did in bed, always made them worry, deep inside, that there might be something "wrong" with them. And, up 'til now, they'd had no one they could talk to about it.

"Of course not," I said. "And what does masturbation have to do with lesbianism anyway?"

"Isn't that the only way lesbians can have sex?" asked Emma, sounding confused.

"Oh. Yeah," I said. "I guess what I meant was that the way I understand it, lesbians know somehow that they are lesbians. I think it's that way for all gays. If you have to ask, then I guess you aren't one."

"It's just ..." Caitlin stopped, looking uncomfortable. And that's when I tumbled to the fact that they were embarrassed. I didn't laugh. I know how tender the feelings of girls that age are.

"So it's fine that you get me to jerk off in front of you, for your pleasure, but somehow it's embarrassing for you to rub in front of me, for my pleasure. Is that it?"

"Well when you put it that way," said Caitlin. "We're just not used to the idea. That's all."

"Well, it might be a lot more fun for all of us if you got used to the idea," I said. "Meanwhile, I'll just talk dirty."

"Talk dirty?" Emma's voice went into the soprano range.

"Yes," I said, straddling the chaise lounge Ashley was lying on. I stood with my body above her thighs.

"Hi, Ashley," I said, gripping my cock and stroking slowly.

There was a pause, as she figured out I wasn't going to say anything else until she responded.

"Hi," she said, carefully.

"You look good," I said.

"Thank you," she said. I could tell she really meant it.

"You look good enough to eat," I said, in my best wolf voice.

I saw the spark come back into her eyes.


"Oh yeah," I said. "Your pussy looks yummy. I love a bald pussy. It feels so good on my skin when I rub my face in it."

"Shit," she sighed.

"Don't curse," I said. "If you curse, that makes me think you're a nasty girl, and if you're a nasty girl I might want to do a lot more than eat that sweet pussy."

"What?" she asked, automatically. I saw her hand lift and start to slide toward the pussy I was staring at.

"After I sucked it until you screamed, I'd slide this boner up in there and fuck that little pussy until you came so hard you passed out," I growled.

"Oh shit!" she gasped. Both hands went to cover her mouth.

"Yes," I said, jerking faster. "I'd get you to spread those long legs, and open up for me and this thing in my hand? I'd push it into you deep and fuck your luscious, bald pussy until you came."

One hand came away from her mouth and went straight to her pussy. But she didn't shield it. Instead, her fingers rubbed.

"I'm doing it," she gasped. "I'm doing it in front of you!"

"Good," I said. "Rub it good, because I'm about to paint you white, little girl."

She didn't even object to being called a little girl, this time. She tried to spread her knees apart, but ran into my thighs. Still, she slid a finger inside her and hooked it, to pull and crush her clit.

In my peripheral vision I saw the other two were also touching themselves. I didn't take my eyes off of Ashley, though, because I was there.

I dipped my cock, more or less aiming at the valley between her heaving breasts. I noticed beads of sweat there and part of my mind wondered if the sun's rays would overcome the heat of my spend, and she'd be disappointed. But it was too late to worry about that. I could always give a repeat performance inside, in the air conditioned comfort of the house.

The first shot went pretty much where I intended it to, leaving a long white ribbon from her cleavage down to her belly button. She gasped and her non-masturbating hand went to touch where she did, in fact, feel extra heat. The second spurt landed on the back of that hand and the third, seeming almost like a misfire, sort of oozed out of my cock, to fall on the fingers of her other hand ... the ones mauling her pussy.

I don't know if she actually noticed that last dribble or not. I know her fingers never faltered, and that within second she was rubbing my sperm all over her nubile pussy. And that brought a last, agonizing dribble of fluid from my penis as I milked it dry. And yes, that last dribble I aimed to land where the previous one had. I even moved, bending my knees, sinking down to make sure more sperm entered the fray.

And that was when she came. At that point I decided she did feel my sperm on her fingers, because as that last dribble hit her fingers she bucked her hips up and wailed.

Ashley, as it turns out, has a potty mouth when she cums.

And even though I'd been teasing her about potty-mouthed girls being nasty ... that would become important later.

I staggered back, lest I collapse on top of poor Ashley, and got a view of the other two girls, standing knees bent, crouched, hands busy in their crotches. Emma's eyes were tightly closed, but Caitlin was staring straight at my hand, which was still gripping my spent penis.

Then she groaned and her tortured voice announced that she, too, had gotten where she wanted to go.

Another half minute went by until Emma whined, "I can't. I can't do it." She sounded so pitiful.

"I'll help you," I said. I walked toward her. "You want some help Emma?"

"Okay," she whined.

I went behind her and hugged her against me, pressing my limp dick into the crack between her buns. I put my chin on her shoulder with my mouth next to her ear. I was glad I'd shaved when I got up, because her skin felt smooth and fragile under my chin. I slid my left hand around to cup a breast, while my right hand moved immediately between her legs. She squatted by instinct, because she really wasn't afraid of me. I slid a finger into her, but moved it slowly, languidly, just sliding it around. That got an "Mmmm" from her throat next to my chin.

Then, as I applied more pressure and went in deeper, I moved the finger faster. At the same time, the fingers of my other hand found her stiff nipple and rolled it between them.

"I want to fuck your pussy too, sweet little Emma," I whispered.

She stiffened, but then, seconds later, pushed back against me.

"I'd put it in you just like this," I whispered, and penetrated her as deeply as I could. She went up on her tiptoes, and I got another noise from her vocal cords.

"Would you like that, Emma? Would you like having my big, spurting prick up inside you? Would you like to feel what that's like?"

And, because all of us still believed, at that point, that such a thing was still only a fantasy, she let herself enjoy that fantasy to the maximum.

"Yessss," she hissed.

I felt her pussy clamp down on my finger and her whole body stiffened along with her internal muscles. She had a very quiet orgasm, completely unlike the noisy way Ashley came, and then she sagged in my arms. I actually had to catch her or she'd have ended up sitting on the grass.

And then it was very quiet in my back yard. Ashley was still lying there, staring up at her friend and me. Caitlin was standing where she had come to watch me do what I had just done to Emma. And Emma sagged in my arms, slowly standing up as strength came back into her knees.

It was the mother of all awkward moments. All three girls had been exposed to a man who said he wanted to fuck them ... to lie upon them and rut into them. Caitlin automatically included herself in that scenario. She was a musketeer, after all, and what they suffered, she would suffer as well.

And even though it was only a fantasy in their minds ...

They could hear the note in mine which wished it was not.

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