Serendipity - Version Bravo

by Lubrican

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Chapter Three

There had been a shocked silence as I suggested something much more interesting than had already happened might be in store for them.

"What do you mean?" Ashley asked, warily.

"Shut up and get your pretty little ass over here," I ordered. Don't ask me why I took that path. I just did. Maybe my subconscious mind thought a little domination was what they were used to in a male, and what they would respond to. I wasn't thinking about that consciously, exactly. I just reacted to the compendium of recent events. I do remember being a teensy bit surprised when she moved toward me.

"Why?" she asked, as she came towards me.

"Do you want me to be pedantic, or do you want to see an erect penis?" I asked, softly.

"The other," she said, looking at my crotch. "I think," she added. I think it was unconscious on her part. She stopped twenty-four inches away from me. I know this because my reach, to the front of my body, is twenty-three inches and I could tell she was just beyond my reach.

"Come closer," I said.

"Why?" Now she sounded worried.

"Do you think I'm going to rape you?"

"Of course not," she said instantly. I was glad about that.

"Then come closer," I said.

She did. I noticed the other two had more or less followed her. They were now only a yard away from me. I think they were just trying to make sure they didn't miss anything.

"Stand up," I said.

Understanding dawned in her eyes.

"You want to see my ...?"

"I want to see your breasts," I said, fending off another possible juvenile word, like boobs or titties.

She only hesitated a few heartbeats, but then rose from the water like Aphrodite, rising from the sea. She had those perfect breasts that a lot of teenagers have, before they are weighed down by milk production, weight gain and gravity in general. Her nipples weren't flat, but they weren't spiked either. I felt the reaction to just seeing them in my groin.

"I assume you have entertained the thought of kissing me," I said. "Would you like to do that now?"

"What?" Her eyes widened.

"Stop being pedantic, Uncle Bob," said Caitlin. "Kiss him, Ashley."

"What?" Ashley turned her head to her friend.

"You know you want to," said Caitlin. "All three of us want to. So now's your chance."

Apparently Caitlin had decided that the reason things weren't any fun, thus far, was because everybody was being so careful. Bright girl, my niece.

Ashley still didn't move. She looked at my face, and then down at my penis, which wasn't as flaccid as it had been, but had thickened only a little, and probably not enough that she'd notice.

"Ashley, honey," I said, softly, holding out my hand. "Come over and give Uncle Bob a little kiss so he can show you how sexy you are, okay?"

I know, I know. Casanova would have cringed to hear me say something like that, but I thought she might respond to that approach and she needed to respond to learn something. And have some fun, I hoped.

"Just a kiss?" she said.

"You're welcome to do anything else you want," I said, showing her the wolf's teeth again.

Apparently this was more like what she was familiar with, or wanted from me or whatever, because she moved closer.

"Just a kiss," she said firmly.

"Bring me those sweet lips, little girl," I said.

"I'm not a little girl," she argued.

"Oh, I can see that," I grinned. "But you're still acting like a scared little girl."

Turns out that crap works on women just as well as it works on men.

She ignored my cock and paid attention to my lips, stepping closer as I bent down. Apparently she had thought about kissing me before this. Once she was committed, she didn't hold back. She tilted her head and closed her eyes and puckered up like a pro. That was great, because that let me feel like it wasn't too much to extend my legs and clamp my ankles across her naked backside - not too hard - just enough for her to feel my desire to pull her toward me. I also reached to grip the sides of her head and kissed her like I meant it. She tensed when she felt my feet on her skin, but then relaxed as the pressure remained light. My hands didn't bother her.

It had been quite a while since I'd made out, or been in such close proximity to a woman. Like I said before, I chose to be single, because having a girlfriend put major demands on my time. I had plenty of money, but I couldn't earn more time. And I liked being able to pull up stakes and go rock climbing somewhere if I felt like it. Again, as I said before, girlfriends like to make plans, and fill up the calendar with non-negotiable dates to do this and that. I figured I had plenty of time to settle down with the little woman if I happened to meet her one day. Of course that's what I'd been thinking for the last ten or so years, and I hadn't met her thus far, but I wasn't worried. My biological clock didn't tick as loudly as that of a woman my age, I guess.

This is not to say I didn't enjoy hot, sweaty sex with a woman I liked. I enjoyed that a lot. But, in my experience, being cemented deep inside a woman, spewing your genetic seeds in her, tends to lead to her wanting to cement the relationship in other ways. And, as I just told you, that wasn't the plan at the moment.

So I enjoyed that kiss, and the feel of her naked butt under my heels. Her hair was wet, but her lips were warm. And I liked Ashley, which has always been one of the qualities in a relationship that was required before I could get interested in snogging a bit, or other, more serious pursuits.

Suffice to say that what else I imagined doing with Ashley Paddington, while we were doing what we were doing, did the trick. A bonafide erection was produced. I had completely forgotten the three foot rule, so when I pulled my lips away from hers, I didn't release her with my feet. That boner was right up close and personal, nestled between those fabulous breasts.

"That good enough for you?" I asked, looking at said boner.

She felt the warmth of it then, pressing against her skin. She'd been distracted, during that kiss. She looked down, stiffened, and tried to pull back.

I tightened my heels.

"Don't be afraid," I said. "It won't bite you."

"Oh man," she sighed, stopping her resistance. "It's right there !"

"We can't see," complained my niece.

"You're too far away," I said.

The three foot rule was also discarded by them as they surged closer, standing without realizing they were exposing themselves to me. All that did was make me even harder. They appeared on either side of her, necks craned, peering between us.

"Wow!" sighed Emma. Then, "It's touching you, Ashley. What's it feel like?"

Just like that, their fears and apprehensions were abated. The tiger they'd been so afraid of had now been revealed to actually be a cute little kitty cat, which could be trapped and rendered harmless (more or less) by a simple pair of breasts.

The one-eyed dragon had touched one of the musketeers ... and it hadn't eaten her.

"It's hot," said Ashley, her voice a little fragile and high.

"Is that really because of her?" asked Emma.

"It's because of all three of you," I said. "She just helped change the mood."

"My turn," said Caitlin, pushing one of her breasts against Ashley's shoulder.

I could have gotten all pedantic on them again. I suddenly remembered the three foot rule ... and why it had been a good rule. But I just sat there instead, contemplating feeling my naked penis touching Caitlin's skin.

I couldn't get any harder. But it could lurch. It did that, and all three of them saw it.

"What was that?" asked Ashley, who was still staring at the boner she had produced.

"That was my little friend showing how happy he'd be if he got to rub up against Caitlin," I said.

"What about me?" complained Emma.

A penis can lurch all by itself, but it can also be made to lurch. I did that now. I didn't want poor, sweet, innocent Emma to remember how shy she usually was.

"Oooo," she sighed, accepting the movement as validation that she had what her friends had.

"Come on," wheedled Caitlin, when Ashley didn't move. She couldn't move. Not with my legs around her. But nobody told the other two that. "Don't hog him."

I released the pressure on Ashley's buttocks. To my immense satisfaction, she didn't move back. In fact, her hands came up out of the water to rest gently on my hips.

"One more kiss," she said, barely above a whisper.

She turned her face up, eyes already closed, like she was sure I would kiss her again. I didn't want to spoil that kind of atmosphere, so I gave her another kiss. This time I slipped her a little tongue. She was right there, ready and waiting. She might resist becoming a statistic with the boys, but she had obviously gotten frisky with them. She was a good kisser. That was clear. I wouldn't find out for some time that most of her practice had been with the other two naked girls in the pool. But I didn't know that then, so while we kissed, I returned my heels to her backside and slid them around a little. She didn't seem to mind that at all.

Then Caitlin was pushing her aside and walking around the foot that she suddenly found in her way. There was no hesitance at all in her approach, and it was obvious she'd harbored feelings for her uncle for quite some time. I felt like I should have noticed it, but I hadn't.

I did exactly the same thing to her that I'd done to Ashley. I pulled her into my embrace with my feet, and kissed her good and proper, including tongue. That didn't bother her either. If anything, her reaction was even more accepting, as she actively pressed her upper body against my cock. She broke the kiss to look down at my penis.

"It's still hard," she sighed.

"Of course it is," I said.

"Can I touch it?" she asked.

"You are touching it," I replied.

"I mean with my hand."

"Why would you want to do that?" I asked, concerned at her willingness to change the rules so radically.

"To do this," she said, reaching without official permission.

She didn't jack me off. Rather, she simply moved the half covered tip across the skin of her inner breasts, just experimenting to see what that felt like. In the process the pressure of her fingers pulled the tightly stretched foreskin off the glans. She let go as if burned.

"I'm sorry!" she yipped. Then her brain caught up to the fact that I hadn't jumped, or displayed any discomfort. "Didn't that hurt?"

"No," I said. "In fact, that's required if one is to engage in satisfying my little friend."


"Making him squirt," I explained.

She backed up against my heels then, clearly unsettled. I didn't let her go at first, but then gradually let her slip through my heels. She turned to Emma, who was standing there with wide eyes.

"I don't know," said Emma, frowning, obviously aware she was being given a turn ... if she wanted it.

"Then don't do it," I said, closing my legs. "Don't ever do anything until you know you're ready."

When the safety level is increased ... or appears to increase ... people are willing to take more risk.

"Well ... maybe a little," she said.

I opened my legs and let her drift between them. I touched her hips with my feet, expecting her to jump, but she didn't seem to notice it. She stared at my erection, like a bird stares at the snake that is slowly approaching its nest. I didn't close my legs around her. Instead I just pressed the insides of my feet against her hips. Only then did she jump, and looked down.

"This is weird," she said.

"Weird good, or weird bad?" I asked.

"I don't know. I can't think too well right now," she said.

At various times during the ensuing experiences I had with these girls, I adopted tactics that my admittedly twisted mind perceived as being necessary to establish some kind of important point. At least that's what I think I was trying to do. I'm not even going to pretend that any wisdom was actually exposed (or accepted). In any case, that's what I did now.

I held out my hand. This girl needed to learn something right away. She took it automatically and I pulled her close. I used the other hand to tip her head up and then trapped her with my heels while I leaned down to kiss her. I gave it to her good and her whole body went tense. She didn't resist, though. I think she was just frozen, paralyzed as her senses were overwhelmed. If we'd been out of the water, on a blanket on the grass, I could have rolled on top of her and she would have been helpless as her virtue was taken from her.

She needed to understand how something like that could happen to her. I kept kissing her, even though her hands finally came to my shoulders and fluttered in a completely ineffective attempt to push me away. Instead I bounced forward and came off the edge of the pool, letting my heels slide down the back of her thighs. My prick glided from her cleavage to her navel indentation, where it struck (and was scraped by) the belly button jewelry piercing her there. We ended up with my balls pressing into that wiry pubic hair she hadn't removed. My cock was pointed upwards, and wasn't anywhere near her pussy, but I knew she could feel my balls against her, because I could feel them myself. My arms went around her and I gave her everything I had. She actually shook like she was shivering, and went limp in my arms. At first, I thought she was having an orgasm, but then a sound from deep in her throat sort of oozed into my mouth. I pulled my lips off of hers to hear what she was trying to say.

It turned out to be, "Oh shit ... oh fuck ... oh shit."

"Let her go!" yelled Caitlin, beating on my shoulder.

I did, and then tried to explain.

That didn't work for shit. The musketeers regrouped, pulling their traumatized companion out of the battle. Within a minute they were out of the pool, their naked backsides bouncing in the summer sun as they hurried into the house, eschewing their bikinis, leaving them lying in little piles of wet cloth on the deck where they'd dropped them as this whole mad plan got kicked off. They were clearly returning to their fortress, or castle or whatever. The male they had so trusted had exposed his dastardly animal urges, going after the weakest of the flock, as any good wolf does. But the stronger two had snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. They would rest, and evaluate.

Perhaps they would sally forth into battle again. Perhaps not.

The wolf was left to slink off and empty his balls the good old fashioned way.

By paw.

You know what I mean.

They did, in fact, sally forth, about an hour later. Their new battlefield was the kitchen, as they raided the refrigerator. Apparently their sexual play required massive quantities of calories to recover from. Emma was fine. I could tell that as soon as I saw her. She gave me a shy, but genuine smile.

Not so much the other two.

"You want to maybe tell us what that was all about?" asked Caitlin. Her voice was full of controlled anger.

"She froze, and I wanted her to understand how dangerous that can be," I said, quickly, before I lost the chance to explain my actions. "When you're not firmly in control of the situation, things can get out of hand very quickly."

"So you were being nice to her?" snorted Ashley.

"Actually, I was," I said, firmly.

"By poking your nasty old cock right in her coochie?" snapped Ashley.

"I told you," said Emma, her voice high. "It didn't touch me there! Why won't you guys listen to me?"

"I will listen to you, Emma," I said, my voice dignified (and somewhat pedantic).

"Oh give me a break," said Ashley. "You jumped her bones, plain and simple."

"Emma, could I give you a hug?" I asked.

"Sure," she said, brightly. She stepped toward me. Her two protectors grabbed her, each by an upper arm.

"Stop!" I yelled. I felt a great sense of relief when they did, in fact, stop.

"Do you think she would be that willing to give me a hug if I really scared her?" I asked. "I told you. She froze. That let me control things. I wanted her to understand what that felt like. She got it. Why can't the two of you get it?"

Emma shook their hands off of her. "I got it," she bragged. She jumped toward me and slid her hands under my shoulders, turning her head to lay it on my chest. Don't ask me why, but I patted her ass with one hand before I slid it up to encounter the bra strap under her shirt. The musketeers had donned their armor, apparently. I kissed the top of her head and she looked up at me.

"Don't let yourself get in that situation again, okay?" I asked, putting concern in my voice.

"I won't," she said. "It was scary."

"See?" snapped Ashley. "She was scared!"

"Look," I said, letting Emma go. She chose to remain, her arms around me. I would later learn that, somehow, inexplicable as it may seem, she had already decided that I was going to be the man who she would surrender her virginity to. Go figure. She hadn't even told the other two yet, but she knew it herself. And she also knew it would happen only when she decided it would happen. Having complete control over something like that makes one even more willing to take risks. But I didn't know that then, so I just kept talking.

"You either believe that I have your best interests at heart or you don't," I said. "It makes no difference to me. I don't think I hurt Emma, and I think it's obvious she agrees with me. What you insist on believing is your business, but don't take it out on me."

Of course, looking at what I just wrote now, after everything else happened that happened ... well ... I guess I can't say I had anybody's best interests at heart. I mean I can't make that argument now. I did then, but I couldn't now. It would turn out that, just like all the other males these girls ran into in their young lives, I was a horndog who sniffed fresh pussy.

And wanted a taste of it.

Young people have amazing recuperative powers. Emma, of course, wasn't nearly as traumatized as her friends thought she was. If anything, they were more traumatized on her behalf than she was herself. More importantly, they had crossed a threshold that gave them a feeling of having grown up a bit, and they didn't want to abandon that new feeling of power and maturity, fleeting though it had been.

Therefore, they decided that skinny dipping was a good thing, and they decided to do it again. Why they felt impelled to come tell me they were going to go skinny dipping again was a point that could be debated. I did lifeguard for them whenever I could, but there had been plenty of times they'd played in the pool without me out there.

I didn't attempt to figure out their motives. They were already naked, and nobody was trying to hide any body parts. Maybe that was the point. They just wanted to see what it felt like to walk into my presence like nudists. As for me, I simply decided that I'd get naked again and see what happened. When I started shedding clothes, they watched, but didn't say anything. I interpreted that to mean I was supposed to shed the clothes.

I don't know what my expectations were, actually. They ignored me as exploration continued to be in "on hold" status as they moved away from me and actually took some time to enjoy swimming sans clothes. It didn't take long before they were relaxed again, and having fun. I didn't know whether to go in with them or not. In the end, I decided to lie down in the sun. I hadn't sunbathed nude in a long time, and it felt good. I had my eyes closed, with one arm across them to keep the sun from being too bright through my eyelids. I was thinking about reading, and how strange it might seem to lie out in the open, naked, and try to read.

The girls, by some signal I had missed, got out of the pool and wandered toward me again. One or more of them leaned over me to drip water on me. I decided not to react, thinking that's what they wanted.

"It's soft again," said Ashley, sounding disappointed. Her self-worth seemed to hinge on whether or not I had a boner.

"That's easily fixed," I said, leaving my arm over my eyes. "I don't even have to look at those beautiful breasts of yours. If one of you plays with it a little, it will blow up like a balloon."

"Me, me, me," said Emma, excitedly. I wondered where shy little Emma had gotten off to. This one was sure new to the block.

"Why you?" asked Ashley.

"Because I'm not scared of him," bragged the chestnut-haired beauty.

"I'm not scared of him either," said Ashley, with heat in her voice.

I moved my arm and shaded my eyes with my hand. "None of you are afraid of me," I said, soothingly. "And that's as it should be. I don't want anybody to pretend they're more comfortable than they actually are, though. There's no place for bravado when it comes to intimacy."

"So who gets to touch it?" asked Ashley.

"All three of you," I said, solving the problem. "And, because I was so forceful with Emma a little while ago, she gets to go first." I stopped, and then went on. "If she wants to, of course."

"Didn't I just say I wanted to?" she asked, giving me a fierce stare.

"It lies in wait for you," I said, simply.

"Could you go sit on the side of the pool like last time?" she asked.

"Of course," I said. "Out of curiosity ... why?"

"I don't know," she said, sounding a little confused. "That's how you were last time."

"No problem," I said, sitting up and moving my feet to either side of the chaise lounge.

"Look at his balls," whispered Ashley.

"What about them?" I asked.

"Last time they were ... I don't know ... full and round and they looked hard. But now they're sagging, like the skin is made of rubber."

"The testes inside them like to be at the right temperature," I said. If they get a little cool, they pull up towards my body to get warmer. If I lay out in the sun, they sag down to get cooler."

"That's so awesome," said Emma. "They never teach us stuff like that in school."

"Maybe because you don't have balls," I suggested.

"Hurry up," said Emma. "I want to touch it."

I sat down on the edge while the girls all jumped into the pool, making big splashes. Emma waded between my legs. This time, when my heels "trapped" her, she neither jerked nor resisted in any way.

"What do I do?" she asked.

"Just get to know it," I said.

That turned out to be the right thing to say, because it gave her permission to do just about anything. She pinched the foreskin between thumb and first finger and lifted my cock, gingerly.

"Does that hurt?" she asked.

"I'll tell you if something hurts," I said.

She examined my balls, exclaiming again that they drooped so much, and brought her other hand up to tenderly lift them, as if she was trying to gauge their weight. Her eyes flickered up to mine, checking to see if she was hurting me, I think, and then went back to the balls.

"They're hairy," she said. "It's weird."

"I have lots of hair down there," I said.

"How come guys like it when a girl shaves hers off?" she asked.

"Because that lets him see her pussy lips and, if he wants to lick her, makes that area all smooth."

She looked over at her friends and used a stage whisper. "He's talking about eating pussy!" she gasped.

"Has anybody ever eaten your pussy?" I asked. Almost immediately I was sorry. "That's none of my business," I said, hurriedly. "You don't have to answer that."

She made no comment, but I sensed a light blush as she went on to examine my penis. Thinking about someone eating Emma's pussy had struck a chord, and I felt the tingle of arousal enter my penis. She stopped holding it like it was a dead rat and used several fingers from both hands to move the foreskin back and uncover the head.

"It's so soft!" she cooed. "Last time it was hard, but now it's so soft it's like it's made of marshmallow or something."

"It won't be soft for long," I said. "Give the tip a little kiss."

"No way!" she said, forcefully. But she didn't pull away from me or let go of my cock.

"Just a little one," I urged.

"That's nasty," she said.

"I will," volunteered Ashley, moving up to Emma's arm.

"You'll get your turn," said Emma, letting go of me to push her friend away. Ashley laughed.

"Does this feel good?" asked Emma as she moved the foreskin back and forth.

"Delightful," I said.

"I can feel it!" she yipped. "It feels more solid already!"

"It likes you," I said.

"Even if I won't kiss it?"

"Even if you refused to touch it," I said.

"You say the coolest things," she sighed.

"My turn," said Ashley.

Apparently, Emma was happy with her new experience, because she backed away from me. I gave just enough pressure with my feet to let her know I was sorry to see her go. She shot me a shy smile.

Ashley had something to prove, apparently, because the first thing she did was lean down and lick the tip of my cock with her tongue.

"You slut," commented Caitlin, but there was no heat in her voice.

Ashley stood back, with her hands on my thighs.

"Can I tell you something?" she asked no one in particular.

"What?" asked Caitlin.

"Would you think I was a slut if I told you I'd done that before?"

"Sucked a dick?" gasped Emma.

"No ... just kissed one a little bit."

"Whose? You never told us that before! Who was it?" All those questions were posed by her two friends.

"It was at a family reunion," said Ashley. "I have this cousin named Paul and he's really cute. We fooled around on a hike in the woods."

"You never told us that before," said Caitlin, who sounded hurt, somehow. "At least you never told me about it."

"I was afraid you'd think I was a slut," said Ashley.

"She didn't tell me either," said Emma. "And I have a secret too."

"What?" asked both girls, at the same time.

Emma blushed. "I did the same thing at my family reunion."

"You kissed your cousin's cock?" gasped Caitlin.

"No! Not that. All I did was kiss him and let him feel my boobs."

"Well that's not the same thing at all," said Ashley. I think she was feeling superior, which was interesting, seeing as how it had been a deep, dark secret five minutes ago, and now it gave her bragging rights.

"We don't have family reunions," said Caitlin. "Not like that, anyway. I have some cousins, but most of them are lots older than me."

"Apparently, that's why you have me," I said, without thinking about it.

That turned out to be one of the most important things I'd ever said to my niece. It was another instance of serendipity, of a sort, because I said it by accident, more than by design.

But I didn't know that then. I was distracted by the fact that I was hard enough now for Ashley to stroke my cock almost like she was masturbating me. She wasn't, of course. She was playing, pure and simple, watching the head get uncovered and then covering it back up. She didn't seem too excited about getting her lips close to it again, so I let that go.

Then it was Caitlin's turn. I later found out that she'd seen a few videos online, which was why she knew how to move her hand in a way that made it quite clear she was jacking me off. Her hand moved much quicker than Ashley's had, and the base of her hand slammed into the skin at the base of my cock.

"That looks like it hurts," said Emma, leaning in.

"It doesn't," I said. "It feels really good." Kat looked up and smiled. So I asked her a question. "You want me to teach you how to make it squirt?"

She stopped, but didn't let go.

"I don't think so," she said. She looked at Ashley for some reason, and Ashley said, "Not me. Maybe later, but not now. No thanks. I feel like a slut already."

"You're not a slut for being interested in what makes a man a man," I said. "Don't beat yourself up for being normal. All girls are curious, just like guys are curious. The problem is that most young people don't get the chance to be curious under controlled conditions, like this."

Didn't I sound good?

Didn't I sound like I had their best interests at heart?

Then why was I trying to get three teenage girls to jack me off?

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