Rubber Dicky, I Love You

by Lubrican

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Chapter Five

Chuck got home just as his daughter was turning down the stove to keep the food warm. He gazed at her, noticing that she had dressed up for him. "I'm home!" he announced. When she turned around to smile and hug him her breasts were prominent, the nipples pushing out through the T shirt. "You look delicious," he said, taking her into his arms.

"Thank you Daddy," she said, kissing him. "Supper is ready and it's hot."

"You're what's hot," he said. "I want you."

"Now Daddy, behave. Bobby's in his room." She teased him by grinding her pussy against his erection. He'd thought about her all day, and had been stiff for most of it.

"Come out in the garage," he whispered, pulling her by her hand.

When they got there he closed the door and pushed her against the hood of the car, which was still warm from the drive home. He kissed her hungrily, sliding his hands up under her shirt to fondle her breasts, and squeezing the nipples.

"Oh baby let me put it you," he gasped. His hands went to her skirt and lifted it up to cup her buns.

He felt only naked skin. "No pantiessss," he hissed.

Brandy pushed him away and lifted the front of her skirt. "No, just new ones ... sexy ones. Do you like them?"

Chuck gazed at the thin cloth that covered her pussy lips and growled. "I'd like them a lot more if they were on the floor."'

Brandy giggled and dug her thumbs into the strings that went up over her hips. She took the panties off and held them out, dropping them to the cement floor. Then flashed her father again.

Chuck made a low sound in his throat and fumbled to get his stiff cock out of his zipper. Then, afraid the zipper might scratch her, he unbuckled his slacks and dropped them. Again he pressed her against the car and lifted her up as she spread her legs. She held on to him as he reached for his cock and nosed it into her pussy mouth. Then she slid down the fender and onto his prong.

"Ohhh, baby you're as hot as a furnace," groaned Chuck as his cock slid through Bobby's lingering cum. Then they kissed as he rutted until he blew his nut up in his daughter's pussy.

Brandy pretended to pout. "You came too fast Daddy. I didn't get my special feeling."

Chuck panted an apology. "I'm sorry baby. I promise I'll get you off later, okay Baby?"

"You'd better," she said. "Now, let's get to supper before Bobby catches us."

They rearranged themselves, but Brandy didn't put on the panties again. Instead she ran to her room and threw them on the bed. Then she stopped at Bobby's room and told him supper was ready. He surged up off the bed, ever the hungry teen. He caught up his sister in a hug and reached his hand under the skirt to rub her pussy. His hand met wet pussy and he pulled it out, glistening with cum. "You're still leaking!" he whispered.

"Oops," she said. She stopped off in the bathroom while her brother went on to the kitchen.

After supper, because Bobby didn't have any homework, they watched a movie together. There was no opportunity for either horny man to donate even more baby batter to their newly created sperm bank. Both men were a little on edge as a result. Brandy ignored them both. She was quite certain that her itch would get scratched tonight, and she could be patient and wait.

Chuck broke first. "Brandy, honey, I need to talk to you about school, and your plans for what you're going to do after school. Let's not bother Bobby with it, though. Why don't we go to my bedroom so Bobby can finish the movie while we talk."

Brandy had to stifle a giggle as her father pulled her up and toward his room. She turned to Bobby and mouthed, "See you later," and winked. He smiled and then moved his attention back to the movie.

Chuck was so excited that he was dribbling cum by the time he got his pants off. Brandy, wanting to try something different, lay back on his bed and pulled her shirt up, but not off. Then she flipped her skirt up, baring her pussy. She held her arms out to her naked father, who gasped at the erotic sight of his little girl, splayed out before him, still half dressed. He dove for the bed and panted as he got his cock into her hot slippery pussy.

"You promised Daddy," she said.

"Ohhhh yeah," he groaned. Chuck was still reveling in having a woman who wanted him sexually. It reminded him of he and his wife's first years, when she was hot to trot, until that cult got a hold on her mind and she went frigid. "Okay, honey. What do you like?" He thrust into her rapidly. "How about that?" he gasped.

"That's good, but can you go in and stay there?" she asked. He did and she instructed him to wiggle his hips back and forth. His pubic bone mashed her sensitive clitty in the process and she whined, "YYEEAAAHHhhhhhhh, that's the place."

Chuck, like his son had earlier, began to watch Brandy as he pleasured her, and he took great satisfaction as her eyes signaled that he was doing exactly the right thing.

"I'm gonna cum Daddy," she groaned. "I'm gonna cum all over your hard prick Daddy." She got an extra thrill from saying the word that would have gotten her slapped only a year or two ago. "You're making my pussy feel sooo good."

"Yeah Baby," he huffed. "Cum on Daddy's prick. Daddy's gonna fill you up baby. OHHHH I know I shouldn't cum in you Brandy, but I ... can't ... help ... iiiiiiittt!"

Brandy just barely got her cookies as her Daddy's bone jumped in her well-fucked pussy and she felt that lovely hot flow of liquid love flushing into her. She thought about what Bobby had said, about the possibility of pregnancy. A rush of heat washed through her at the thought that her Daddy might be making her pregnant. If she had anybody's baby she suddenly wanted it to be her Daddy's.

It ripped out of her lips. "Ohhhh Daddeeee, make a baby in me Daddeeeee," she whined.

Chuck jerked in surprise and gleefully powered another spurt into his little girl. She welcomed his sperm! Even to the point of wanting to carry his child! Chuck groaned again and did his very best to grant her wish.

They lay sated together on the bed, father half lying on top of daughter. "Did you mean it honey?" he whispered.

"Ohhhh yes," she whispered back. "I want to give you a baby that I can raise and love and you can play with and teach and love too."

"Oh sweetheart, my heart is about to burst!" sighed her father. "Ever since you were little you were the apple of my eye, always making me feel good. And now you've taken your mother's place, the place she abandoned for that cult. Baby you can live with me your whole life if you want to and I'll take care of you and our babies."

Brandy was in way over her head now. In only a week she had gone from virgin to lover of three men and she wanted to have all their babies. The maternal streak that was missing from her mother had doubled up in her. She kissed her father and told him to sleep tight, and then slipped out of the room. She only went twenty feet, and slipped into another door ... her brother's door.

He was waiting, his prick standing tall and strong and, again, she tried something different this time. She told him to lie on his back and she lowered her dripping pussy down onto him, feeling his longer prick dig deeper inside her than any other. She rode him as he cupped and played with her breasts. She had no trouble reaching an orgasm this way, because she was in charge and could move just the way that made her clitty zing.

And, when he was ready to shoot, she leaned down and invited her brother to knock her up too. He went spastic, his prick becoming a fountain of sperm as her over-soaked box tried to sop up even more of the precious fluid she now craved. She left him lying limp too, and, her fingers sealing her sex closed, crawled in her bed, leaving every drop that was in her body still there.

Brandy slept late the next day. She was worn out after ten or fifteen orgasms and her wild sexual rampage of the day before. Her father looked in on her as she slept peacefully and he smiled. Her room smelled like sex. He just assumed it was all his spunk he was smelling.

Bobby also poked his head into her room, whispering her name, hoping she'd wake up and throw back the covers to let him mount her again. but she was too deep in her dreams ... dreams of a swollen abdomen with a strong, kicking baby inside.

When she woke up the house was empty. She knew if she stayed there she'd end up flat on her back with Bobby hunched over her and, as much as she'd have liked that, she wanted to go see her Uncle. She had used his prick in her pussy too and all the others had felt so much better when it was the real deal. And it was his idea that had made her sexual life unwrap like a birthday present. She put all three models in a bag, put on her special panties, jeans and a sweatshirt, and skipped out of the house to go see her Uncle.

He was working, and she had to wait to see him. The dental assistant stared at her so much that she sought out a mirror and looked in it to see what was wrong. She had no idea that her look was that of a well-fucked, intensely loved woman who had passion bubbling beneath the surface like molten magma, ready to burst forth. And other women could see it there ... could sense the competition in this young woman who just screamed, "Fuck me," with the way she looked.

The dental assistant, who on more than one occasion had gone to lunch with her boss, those lunches held at his house ... in his bedroom, sidled up to her boss and whispered in his ear. "There's a girl out there asking for you. She's not a customer and she doesn't look like your type."

Bob heard the jealousy in the assistant's voice and looked out through a set of saloon doors.

"That's my niece," he said, as if that settled the issue.

"Well, niece or not, look out for her. She's on the prowl," muttered the assistant, going back to her work.

Bob stuck his head out in the hall. "Hi Sweets. What's up?"

Brandy smiled. "I just wanted to show you how your idea panned out," she said. "And arrange to pay off the bet I lost," she added.

Bob smiled and told her to wait twenty minutes and he'd take lunch.

Brandy sat in the waiting room, leafing through various magazines as patients came and went. Every woman who saw her suffered the same narrowed eyes and grimness of mouth that comes from one woman identifying competition in another one. Brandy, completely unknowing, just sat and read.

When Bob came out he hung up his smock and told Brandy they could leave.

"How long is your lunch?" asked Brandy.

"How long does it need to be?" asked Bob.

"Well, I don't know for sure. Could you take two hours?" she asked, clutching her bag.

Bob looked at a schedule and spoke to several of his employees, giving them instructions on what to do for various patients who were due in during the time he'd be gone.

Bob opened the door for Brandy and she slid into his restored 1967 Shelby Cobra. He merged into traffic with a surge of muted horsepower and Brandy was pressed back into her seat. She clutched the bag with the models she'd made in her lap.

"So ... where do you want to go for lunch?" he asked.

Brandy looked at him. "I'm not all that hungry," she said. "Let's just go to your house."

Bob looked back briefly. He too noticed the sultry look of the girl, and remembered his jealous assistant's evaluation of this sexy young woman. She looked so good sitting in the interior of the car, like she belonged there ... like she was his woman. Bob had to wonder why he didn't have a regular girlfriend who looked that good.

"Okay then," he said. "What's up?"

"I got the models all finished and I wanted to show them to you," she said, crinkling the bag.

"Oh," he said. "So Chuck and Bobby cooperated?"

"I guess you could say that." Brandy giggled.

She didn't elaborate on that, and Bob didn't press her. She obviously wanted something. He just drove home.

When they got inside she turned and crushed her body to his, giving him an ardent kiss. He stiffened in his pants and returned the kiss happily. When they finally broke apart she said, "I wanted to thank you. Everything turned out well. Much better than I had thought."

He herded her into the kitchen and she dumped the rubber dicks out of the bag onto the table. Bob picked up his, and one other that was longer and slimmer than the other one. He felt odd, handling something male that looked so lifelike. "They're amazing. You did a really good job Brandy."

She smiled a brilliant smile. "They're so ... real looking. It was a really good idea Uncle Bob. Thank you," she said.

"Well, you're welcome. So did you bring the hundred dollars?" He was kidding, but he had to needle her a little. "I told you they'd go for it."

"Oh they went for it all right," she said. "It made me horny to make them. Hornier than I've ever been Uncle Bob." She didn't smile now. "I got so horny I ... experimented."

Bob felt his prick arrive at complete erection. "With one of these?" he asked.

"With all of them," said Brandy softly.

There was a moment of silence as Bob thought about what that meant ... where the things in his hands had been ... where the copy of his dick had been.

She went on. "And then ... I had to compare the models ... to the real thing. I had to make sure they were exact copies. I didn't do that with yours though, Uncle Bob. I need to do that with yours too." She took his copy in her hand.

"I can live with that," he said, undoing his pants. He didn't stop there, but took off all his clothes. He was sticking straight out. Brandy was staring at him. "Compare away," he said, putting his hands on his hips.

Brandy got on her knees in front of him, and held up the copy of what was inches from her face,

"Perfect," she said.

She gripped it with one hand and then gripped him with the other. "I did this too," she said. She jacked on him slowly, "to see if they felt alike.". She leaned forward and put her mouth over the plumb sized head of his prick and sucked gently. Pulling off she said, "And I did that too."

"To all of them?" he croaked.

"Uh huh," she affirmed.

She stood up and started unbuttoning her shirt, baring her breasts. "And I was too horny to stop at that Uncle Bob. Do you know why?" She unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down, stepping out of them and standing in front of him in only her new panties. She watched as his eyes devoured her, including the panties.

"I compared them in all those ways. It was a part of comparing them that I hadn't planned on. But the things you did with me ... Uncle Bob ... they made me horny. It's all your fault Uncle Bob. You made me horny. I needed ... more."

"Did you get more?" he asked, pulling her to him.

"Yes," she said, grinding her pussy against his erection.

"Did you get enough?" He ground back.

"No," she said, lifting her lips for another kiss.

Their hands were all over each other, caressing, probing, feeling, sliding.

She pushed him back, panting. "I think we need to do the last comparison in your bedroom."

"I fully agree," he replied.

They all but ran to the bedroom and she flopped down on the bed. He crawled up after her and reached for the panties, pulling them slowly down and kissing her abdomen, then her fluffy hair. He couldn't get to her pussy lips until she jerked one leg out of the g-string. He left it hanging on one ankle and dove in to slurp and suck at the pussy he now knew he was going to get to fuck.

Bob got a lot more sex than Chuck and Bobby, naturally, so he wasn't quite so inflamed as they had been. He took the time to get his beautiful niece off three times before he slid his aching boner into her sweet, hot, and very tight box. She was very appreciative, and her enthusiasm brought him to his own critical point quickly once he was in her.

"Oh baby I want to cum up in you," he groaned, assuming he'd have to pull out.

"Mmmmm I want to feel you spurting in me," she said, kissing his chin.

"Did they cum in you?" he moaned.

"Yes," she said. "They came in me a lot."

"What if you get pregnant?" he asked, trying to hold off.

"I hope I do," she whispered.

Bob gave an agonized groan and planted his seed in his niece's womb, giving her just as much as either of the others had. Her legs wrapped around him and she whined about how wonderful it felt to feel each spurt, and that she loved him.

They lay together, holding each other and talking.

"Why would you want to get pregnant, sweety?" he asked.

"A week ago I was a virgin, and didn't know what I was missing. I love doing this ... at least with you three. And I love all three of you. Now I can't think of anything I'd rather do that make babies with you."

"All of us?" he asked, his eyebrows rising.

"Well, I don't actually care which one of you wins that race. I just like running it," she said.

"You could do that on the pill, baby," he said.

"I couldn't have your beautiful little baby if I did that," she said with some finality.

Their talk had made Bob ready to go again, and he gave her two more orgasms before he dumped another helping of his thick, rich spunk into her heaving loins. Then they got up and fixed something to eat.

Brandy only had two more days at home on Spring Break. By the time she was driving back to Norman she felt like she had spent at least half of each day flat on her back, naked, with a horny man rutting between her legs. Not that she had objected. If anything she was unhappy she was going back to school. She had her project in the car with her, but now she didn't know if she wanted to turn it in or not. She'd have to talk to the professor and make sure he'd give them back to her in a timely manner. She wasn't going to be able to do without them for long. She wasn't planning on letting any of the men at school do what her three lovers had done. That was to be saved for them. She could easily drive back home on the weekends, and the models would just have to suffice during the week.

Her father and Brother still didn't know about each other, or about Uncle Bob. And Uncle Bob knew that, and had promised not to blow her cover. Her plan was simple. If she kept having periods, she'd go back home as often as she could afford to. If she missed a period ... well they had a good clinic at the university where she could get prenatal care. If that happened, she'd wait and go back home when her condition was ... obvious.

Which is exactly what happened. She missed the next period she was due for when she got back in school. And she missed the one after that. She waited as long as she could, but the end of the semester got there sooner than she would have wished. She called her father and asked if she could come back home for the summer, so she wouldn't have to rent someplace to live when the dorm closed. She had special permission to live in the dorm until June because she worked in the registrar's office, and they had a lot of work at the end of school. She told her father she'd get a job there in Shawnee so she could begin saving some money.

And of course the thought of having her there at home ... and available ... made her father jump at the chance.

She felt just a little guilty about showing up without any warning as to her altered appearance. By the time her job in the registrar's office was done and she had packed up the car, she was, more or less, four months pregnant. She could still wear her jeans, though those days were numbered, and probably by the number of days she could count on both hands. But there was an obvious swell under her T shirt that announced to the world that this long-haired girl had spread her legs for somebody. Her breasts had enlarged only a little, maybe one cup size. All in all she was the picture of a healthy young woman who was in the process of ensuring that the human race would survive. She drove most of the way home with one hand on the wheel, and the other on her belly.

Brandy just happened to arrive home when her father and brother were out together shopping for food and party materials for her welcome home party. Both men had been very excited about her coming home, and for the same reason, though neither knew it.

And so, when they drove up and saw her on the porch, partially obscured from view by the porch rail, they were ecstatic to see her. All the goodies in the back of the car were forgotten as Chuck and Bobby raced to be the first to hug the beautiful woman standing on the porch.

They were neck and neck in their race, when there appeared, in the front lawn, two sets of skid marks as both men slid to a stop. Brandy had stepped to the top of the porch stairs and was standing in profile, hands behind her back.

That she was pregnant was obvious. That she was gorgeous registered with both men. And the same thought went through each man's mind. "I knocked her fucking up!"

Culturally, pregnancy is different in many ways from one world population to another. There are different rituals to observe when a woman is pregnant, and different forms of dress. There are different foods that are eaten, both to celebrate and to nourish the baby. Women are expected to act in different ways, some working until the baby forces its way out of the womb in the fields, and others lying abed for months. There are lots of differences about pregnant women between cultures.

But there is one thing that is common to every place in the world, concerning pregnancy. The man who assumes he has made a woman pregnant becomes an Alpha Male. True, there are differences in how this is manifested, but the fact is that the man who knocks a woman up is proud, by and large. He has, after all, proved he is a man. And part of the Alpha Male's job is to protect the pregnant woman and defend against any males who want to take her for their own. And she is desirable to other men. After all, she has just proved that she is fertile and can bear children.

So the natural reaction in both Chuck and Bobby was to claim Brandy as "his woman". Another reaction was that both, seeing the fruits of their efforts four months back, developed erections to re-create the original activity that swelled "his woman's" belly in the first place.

All that took place on a level that was unconscious. It was instinct of a sort. What took place on the cognitive level was also similar.

For Bobby, he had fucked his sister and was about to be caught by his father.

For Chuck, he had fucked his daughter and was about to be exposed to the whole fucking world.

And both felt pangs that they had, quite possibly, ruined Brandy's life.

As one ... as if they'd practiced it for hours ... two Alpha Male voices, deep and commanding, produced the same five words directed at the woman on the porch.

"Oh Brandy, I'm so sorry."

There was the tinkle of laughter from ... the woman. She also was working on some instinct that helped her know that they'd feel bad, at first anyway.

"Come here you two. We have a few things to talk about."

There were two deer in the headlights, and both had antlers. The Alpha Male's heads swiveled and they looked at each other. What was ... the woman ... talking about?

Brandy had brought some chairs out on the porch. It was such a beautiful day she wanted to sit out. She pointed to chairs and, when they'd seated themselves, she dropped her little bomb.

"When I made the models for my project - I did get an 'A' on it, by the way - I had sex with each of you. Uncle Bob too. Nobody forced me and, in fact, I'd have to say I asked for it."

Two Alpha Males mouths were flapping as they realized their territory had been violated and they didn't even know it.

Brandy went on. "One of you, and I don't know which, is the father of my baby. I love my baby already. I love all of you. I don't care whose baby it is. And when it's time I want to have another baby ... and another after that. I know this is strange for you, but I love you all, and I don't want there to be any disruption in our lives."

Bobby blurted out, "But I start college next fall. I won't even be here!"

"That's fine," said Brandy. "I'm going to try to be a mostly full-time mother. Some of that depends on Daddy, and whether I can live with him. Uncle Bob is another possibility for that if you can't deal with this, Daddy." She had been facing Bobby, but turned to her father at the last. Now she looked back at Bobby. "But at some point in the future, if you haven't gotten yourself a girlfriend or wife or whatever, and you want a child, I'll have one for you."

Chuck was still staring at her swollen belly.

"Daddy?" said Brandy.

Chuck looked up and said, "I love you baby. I don't care whose it is. I love you and you can live with me as long as you want. I'm gonna be a Grandpa?!"

Brandy giggled. "Well either that or a Daddy again. I suppose Grandpa might be easier to work with. If it's important we could do a DNA test to find out who the actual father is. It just depends on what you guys want to do."

"What do you want to do, Brandy?" asked her father.

"I want to raise babies and love them and love all three of you," she said.

"But that's not the way the world works," said Chuck sadly.

"I don't see why not," said Brandy. "There are lots of single moms in the world. Sometimes they know who the father of their child is and sometimes they don't. Nobody around here is going to ask or even care who the father of my baby is."

"What do we do about ... um ... sleeping arrangements?" asked Bobby. His father's head snapped toward him. It was odd to hear his son asking about how he would be able to sleep with his sister. Then he relaxed. He was planning on sleeping with his daughter, so why should he think Bobby was off base.

Brandy smiled. "I have a room. You two have a room. There are plenty of beds."

"You know what I mean," grumbled Bobby.

"We can work out a schedule," said Brandy. "Neither of you is going to get me in bed as often as you did the last time I was here. I could hardly walk when I got back to school." She grinned to soften the jab. "But you'll both have ample time to show me how much you wish this baby is yours. You have to agree to include Uncle Bob too. I love him too, remember."

Had the decision been something along the lines that an Alpha Male would be well equipped to deal with, they'd have been fine. Say, for instance, if the situation had called for a fight to the death over the woman, they would have been perfectly capable of making a decision and taking action ... either fight ... or flight.

But sharing the woman just didn't flow along Alpha Male lines of thought. So, what each concentrated on was that he was being invited to have sex with the woman more or less as often as he wanted, within reason, of course, as long as he allowed the woman to have sex with two others in the tribe.

"Okay," said Bobby.

"Whatever you say sweety," said her father.

And they all went into the house to start their new life together.


There was one thing that the men in Brandy's life didn't think of. They cannot be blamed for this, as none of them had ever been in the situation they found themselves in over the next five months. While Brandy had warned them that their ardor, or at least the frequency of their ardor would have to be controlled, none of them thought about the ardor of the pregnant woman in the mix.

Brandy had been without sex, not counting the frequent and extended use of her three rubber dicks, for four months. And, as her body bloomed along with the baby growing inside of her, she craved sex even more.

As it turned out, it was a good thing there were three men in her life. It took all three of them to keep her satisfied. Bob became a frequent visitor for what they laughingly called sleepovers. His assigned bed was Brandy's. That worked out well because while Brandy was wearing out her father, and then Bobby, Uncle Bob could cat nap so that, when it was his turn, he was fresh and could bat ... cleanup, so to speak.

And when a bouncing baby boy was delivered, while three nervous men paced in the waiting room, the mother answered, "Yes" when the doctor asked if blood should be drawn for a DNA test. She later provided hair samples for that blood to be compared to.

Brandy was sitting on the porch in a rocking chair nursing baby Richard when the mailman approached with a registered letter. She didn't bother to cover her breast. Richard was a lusty hungry baby who had conniptions if he was pulled from the nipple before he was ready. She smiled at the young mailman, whose eyes were large as he asked for her signature.

She tore the letter open and scanned the results of the DNA test, performed at her request and compared to hair samples provided by the customer. The test results confirmed that the DNA of the blood sample matched hair sample number two. Only the customer knew whose hair sample number two belonged to.

Brandy smiled and shifted Richard to the other nipple. The mailman was still standing there, staring at her naked breast. She handed him the letter.

"Would you mind terribly disposing of that in the dumpster down at the end of the street when you go by there?" she asked sweetly.

The mailman jerked his eyes away from the woman's breast, which she had not bothered to cover when she moved the baby to the other one.

He licked his lips. "It would be my pleasure ma'am," he said. And he hurried on his way.

The End

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