Rubber Dicky, I Love You

by Lubrican

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Chapter Four

Brandy returned to her room. She was feeling what she now recognized was horniness. She hadn't wanted to ask her father to lick her or put his finger in her, but she needed something. As she finished pouring the latex into the mold she had just made her gaze fell to the two positive molds she already had. She picked up Bobby's and admired it's smooth texture. "I bet that would feel good going in and out of me." she thought.

Brandy blinked. She'd never thought of having a penis inside her ... not really.

But why not? Wouldn't it be just as good as Uncle Bob's finger?

She went to the bed and lay back on her pillow, legs spread. She dipped a finger into her pussy. It was slick and wet from sucking her father's cum and swallowing it. She reached down with the rubber facsimile of her brother's penis and put it between her lips, where her finger had just been.

She pulled on it ... and froze.

There was pain.

She remembered Uncle Bob's finger in her, and his care to avoid stretching her hymen, and not wanting to cause her pain. And it did hurt. But something told her that the pain would go away, and the urge to fill her pussy was strong. She pulled harder and the homemade dildo slid into her suddenly. It felt like a burning paper cut, and she felt full, but her hand had hit her clit, causing a delightful streak of pleasure. She felt the balls on the model hit the area where the sting was the worst and, unthinkingly, rotated the model so the balls were on top. The friction in her tight pussy felt good too.

When she pulled on it again, the balls mashed her clitty and the penis slid even deeper inside her. She let out a moan as her clit was massaged by the rubber balls and she wiggled the thing in her pussy. The pain was easy to ignore now.

This was working out wonderfully.

Within a two minutes she was slamming her brother's model in and out of her pussy as fast as she could. She hammered her clitty and felt the sweet release of an orgasm just around the corner. When it came it was so strong she had to let go of the rubber cock and cover her mouth with both hands to keep from screaming out loud. Her hips gave three rapid jerks up off the bed and she had to grab the dildo with one hand to mash her clit again as her cum sent warm fuzzies all over her body.

She fell limp, her hands at her side, the penis still lodged in her pussy, and gasped for air.

It was the most beautiful thing she'd ever felt.

Before she fell asleep she tucked the first penis she'd ever let inside her under her pillow.

The next morning Brandy felt more refreshed and happy than she could remember feeling in a long time. This sex stuff made one feel great. She realized she had left her father's mold untouched all night and was afraid it might be hard to get out of the container. But when she unwrapped it and pulled the mold apart she had no trouble extracting her third creation. She examined it closely. It too was perfect. She lay all three on her vanity, side by side, the ones from the older men first, and Bobby's last. She realized that her fathers had a sort of bend in it, going up and to the left from the balls. She peered at Bobby's. It too had just the hint of a bend in it, also up and to the left. Uncle Bob's did not. It was as straight as could be. She tried to set them upright, and had to trim the flat sections to make them all stand more or less straight up. She was surprised to see that Bobby's was the tallest. Though he was thinner than the men, he was longer. That was interesting. Could that be from diet? Her father's was the middle of the two, with Uncle Bob's being the shortest, though only by half an inch or so. It was the thickest, though. And, of course, it looked much different with the head uncovered and all the features, that were hidden by the foreskins of the other two, clearly visible on his.

She knew what Bobby's felt like inside her, with the head covered by the foreskin. She stared at Uncle Bob's. Would that feel different? It was much different, with high and low spots all along it's length. She looked at her clock. She doubted if her father and brother were up yet.

Quickly she jumped back in bed, taking all three models with her. She rubbed with her fingers until she felt that slick moisture flood her pussy. She took Uncle Bob's model and pressed it against her pussy mouth. There was just a little pain this time, not nearly what there had been before. And she could tell that his was larger in diameter easily as she felt her tissues stretch. But those bumps and hills and valleys were also clearly felt. It was a different feeling, better in some ways, but not in others. She couldn't go as fast with Uncle Bob's, because it was too rough.

But it got her off just fine. She turned it upside down too, so the balls would smack her clit every time she rammed it in. She had a nice hot orgasm. She thought about trying her father's right then, to see what it might feel like, but she heard noises in the house and decided to wait.

Chuck was about ready to leave for work by the time she shuffled into the kitchen, and she couldn't talk about his model with Bobby sitting right there eating cereal. She got a very nice hug and kiss from her Daddy though, when he left.

She visited with some of her old High School friends during the day and ran a few errands. She went shopping and, on impulse, bought a pair of lacy thin panties, the sexy kind that had a triangular panel in the front that didn't cover very much, with strings that rode high on the hips and turned into a G string in the back. They were the first thing she'd ever bought herself that were sexy.

Later, she made supper for 'her men' as she now thought about them, and they had a good time chatting about nothing in particular over the meal. Both men looked at her a lot, and their looks were more than casual glances. She was surprised how excited it made her to know that men were looking at her in a sexual manner. After supper she spent a little time with Bobby, helping him with his homework. He kept casting longing glances her way, and she had a pretty good idea what was going through his head, but she played the part of grown up sister and didn't feed his fantasies.

Then she went into the living room to kiss her Daddy good night. She didn't bother with a quick kiss on the cheek. She really liked those ... real kisses. "Night Daddy," she breathed into his mouth, looking into his slightly stunned eyes. "Your model came out perfectly. I'm sure I'll get a good grade on my project."

"Oh," he said, closing his mouth. "I'm glad."

Brandy went to her room and got naked. Then she lay out on her bed and took her Daddy's facsimile, stroking it and even sucking on it as she rubbed between her legs, getting her pussy ready for it. With a drawn out sigh she slid the stiff thing up into her pussy, pulling it with one hand and pinching her nipples with the other one. There was no pain at all tonight.

It was then that her father opened the door and stepped into the room.

"Brandy?" he said, obviously not having seen what she was doing yet. "I was wondering if maybe I could see it and ..."

He stopped dead. Brandy's wide and embarrassed eyes connected with his surprised eyes.

"Ohh Daddy! I'm so embarrassed." she whimpered. She pulled the cock out of her pussy and there was a wet squelching sound. The pink thing glistened in her hand.

Chuck's eyes went to the night stand beside her. There were two rubber dicks standing side by side there. One was a slim long one that he knew wasn't his. The other was of a circumcised penis. It wasn't his either. His eyes strayed to the one in her hand ... the one she had been fucking herself with ...

It was obviously his.

"I'm sorry Daddy, but I couldn't resist. I didn't make it for this reason ... but I got so horny and tasting you just made it worse ... and I waited as long as I could, but I had to try it." Brandy put the penis she was holding on the bed, where he couldn't see it.

Chuck was at a teetering point in his life. He closed the door behind him and, in that act, knew that he had made a decision that he could never take back. He walked toward his daughter, lying naked on the bed.

"It's okay sweetheart," he said softly. "You're a normal girl, and you have needs. I don't blame you for experimenting to meet those needs." He stood over her. "Can I ask you how it felt?"

Brandy looked up at her handsome father. "I don't know. I didn't have time to really pay attention to it before you came in."

"Do you want to try it again?" he asked.

"With you here?" she asked back.

"I'd like very much to see it." he answered truthfully.

"You would?"

"Very much," he repeated.

Her right hand lifted and he got a clear look at what was in it. It really did look lifelike. He wasn't used to seeing his cock from any perspective other than looking down at it, but it did look familiar.

"I never did this until last night." she whispered, spreading her legs. "But yours was too big to start with. I was afraid it would hurt." She brought the tip of the pink thing to the gates of her sex and started sliding it in. She closed her eyes as she seated it and automatically twisted it so the hard tight balls would rub her clitty.

"So what did you do?" asked Chuck. His cock was now looking exactly like the one in her pussy and he moved it in his pants to make it more comfortable.

"I used Bobby's" she whined, beginning to prod her pussy with her Daddy's rubber dick. "It hurt at first, but then felt better."

"Did you cum?" asked her father, leaning over her to watch 'his prick' slide in and out of her sopping pussy.

"Yessss," she hissed. "It felt so good Daddy ... the best I ever felt."

"How does mine feel?" he panted.

"It's bigger ... and it stretches me ... but it feels soooo good Daddy. I just know I can cum."

"Baby, would you do something for me?" he gasped, unzipping his pants. "Would you do what you did last night?"

"Yessss," she hissed again, scooting toward him. She reached out and grasped the twin to what was in her other hand. But she didn't want to just jack him. She pulled and got him close enough to suck him into her mouth. Now she had one in her pussy and, oddly, the same one in her mouth.

Brandy's brain did some analysis all by itself, without her even trying to. The one that was in her mouth was hard and warm and soft, with skin that moved. The one in her pussy was also hard, but it wasn't warm, and the hardness had a spongy feel to it that just wasn't the same as the one in her mouth.

"I want to feel this one." she blurted, taking her mouth off his prick. "I like this one better," she said, jacking him.

Chuck had known he would do this if he got a chance. Instead of saying anything he simply undid his pants and let them fall. Getting our of his shirt didn't take long and suddenly he found himself crawling between his little girl's legs as she made a cradle to welcome him. Her hand came to his prick ... the real one ... and she guided him to her portal. He didn't hesitate. He slid home.

For Brandy, it was a completely different experience than using one of the copies. It felt completely different in every way possible. It was warmer and it felt like it went deeper. But there was more to it than that. Having the bulk of her father's body over her, pressing her into the bed, and having his weight driving his prick deep into her belly added something to the experience that she could never ever get with a rubber dick.

It was like the difference between cool water ... and chocolate milk. Both satisfy, but they are so different as to be almost incomparable.

Almost instantly they were fucking. Chuck, not having done this for several years, lunged into the soft woman under him, almost punishing her pussy with repeated stabs that shook her whole body and made the bed produce creaks and groans.

Brandy found herself in a whirlwind of feelings and emotions. She held on for dear life, all the while marveling at the sensations her father was producing all over her body. His skin touching hers was something she noticed. His penis dragging along her clitty was something she noticed. The tip of his cock digging into something very sensitive and happy at the end of her pussy was something she noticed. The feel of her nipples scraping across his hairy chest was something she noticed. But she noticed all these things at the same time and it overwhelmed her to the point that all she could do was breathe. Then, like a trash can dropped from five feet hits the floor, she came.

Her pussy went through tremors and spasms at the same time, clenching and relaxing rapidly. Chuck felt that and, knowing he should pull out of his unprotected daughter, gave a strangled grunt and pushed ... deep. He felt streams of spunk fill his daughter's pussy and sobbed with joy, weakly pushing harder to get that spunk just as deep in her as he could.

When Brandy felt the warm wet feeling at the tip of her father's prick, she knew that it was shooting stuff. She had tasted that stuff and loved it. But this feeling was even better. Dimly she knew there was some risk of pregnancy, but she purely didn't care. She wanted this moment to go on forever and she hugged her father to her fiercely as they finished together.

They spent ten minutes kissing each other and whispering sweet nothings over and over. It was clear to both that this had been a very welcome thing in their lives. Chuck tried to tell her he was sorry for shooting in her, but she wouldn't let him, kissing him every time she could tell that was what he was trying to say.

"I wish I could stay here with you," he finally said, pulling his spent prick out of her pussy.

"I know," she whispered. "It's okay." She looked at his small and wrinkled penis. "I killed it," she said, joking.

"It will heal," he said smiling. "When it does ..."

"Any time," she said. "I'll do that with you any time Daddy." Her hand went to her sperm-soaked pussy lips and she rubbed them gently. "I like the real thing much better," she said. He grinned and left the room.

The next morning Chuck and Brandy tried to act like nothing had happened, though they glanced at each other a lot, and their good morning hug was much longer and more intimate than in the past. The only reference Chuck made to their torrid lovemaking the night before was one question: "Are you sorry it happened?"

Brandy just whispered in his ear, "No," and left it at that. Both knew it would happen again, and there was a certain amount of nervous urgency in their attitudes. Both, however, tried to act normal. The urge to mate again was tempered by the strangeness of it all for both of them.

When breakfast was over Bobby went to his room. Spring break had just started for him at his school, and today was the first day he had free. He announced that he planned on running around with his friends.

Chuck had to go to work, and as soon as Bobby left the room he kissed his new lover goodbye.

"Baby I know what happened last night was wrong, but it was so fine. I just can't get over it," he whispered into her hair as she pressed her ripe body against him.

Brandy was unrepentant. "I don't care if it's wrong or not Daddy. I loved it. I can't believe how good you made me feel, and I can't wait until we get to do it again."

Chuck groaned and shoved his now stiff cock against his daughter. "It's going to be a long day," he said, cupping her tender breast.

"Then hurry off to work so you can hurry home," said Brandy, shoving her pelvis back against him.

Brandy seemed over-full of energy. She spent the morning going through all the things she'd packed up and left behind when she went to college. She went through yearbooks, and posters and old school assignments, throwing some stuff out and repacking others to save. At one point she turned around and saw the three dildos she had made sitting on her night stand and couldn't take it any longer. Within minutes she was on her bed, her jeans off and her legs spread as she tried first one, then another and then the last, whining at the pleasure they brought her. She had three orgasms before she relaxed. But the orgasms weren't as strong as when her father had been hunched over her, spewing her pussy full of his rich cream.

She was standing at the stove at noon, making a grilled cheese sandwich when Bobby charged back into the house.

"I thought you were going to be gone all day," said Brandy, surprised.

"I was," he said. "But all the guys wanted to do was hang around the mall all day and look at girls."

"So ... I thought boys liked to look at girls," she said.

"Well, it's fine, except that ... well ... you know. It gets ... uncomfortable," he said.

Brandy's eyes dropped to his groin, to the lump there.

Bobby went on. "So I came home."

Brandy felt her pussy pulse. "Too bad we already made your model. I imagine you would enjoy making one now," she teased.

"Yeah," he said. "I'll get something to eat later. I'm going to my room now."

Brandy had a pretty good idea of what he was going to do in his room, so she waited long enough to eat her sandwich and then stole quietly to his door. It was closed this time. She had a flash of an idea and went to her room. She picked up Bobby's model and then went back to his door. Taking a breath she turned the knob and pushed the door open.

She was right. He was laid out on his bed, with his magazine open, in the same posture she had seen him in before. He was still wearing his shirt, and his hand was slicking along his stiff cock. His hand froze when the door opened, though, and his agitated gaze went to his sister.

"Wha ..." he started to yell at her for interrupting him, but he stopped when he saw what was in her hand.

"I need to compare them side by side," she said, her voice husky. "to make sure it came out right."

Bobby had that deer-in-the-headlights look on his face. "Oh," he said.

"I didn't mean to bother you. I could come back later," said Brandy, starting to turn.

"It's okay I guess," he said. His hand was still wrapped firmly around his erection.

"You don't need to be embarrassed," she said soothingly, stepping toward him. "I know it's normal for boys to ... do that."

"Uh ... yeah," he agreed.

Brandy found herself standing beside the bed. Bobby was still lying on his side, the magazine open to a girl whose hair was the same color as Brandy's. Brandy picked it up. "We'll just move this for now," she said. She reached out and pushed on Bobby's chest, and he rolled to his back. Still his prick was gripped tightly in his fist.

"I can't see it if you keep it hidden," chided Brandy gently.

Bobby's hand flew away from his penis, which was left standing proudly, pointing at his head. The tip was several inches above his stomach, and it bobbed gently up and down before stopping. Brandy held out the copy beside it.

"Well, it looks pretty good," she said. "Let's see if they feel the same." She gripped the model in one hand and then gripped the real McCoy in the other. Bobby sighed and closed his eyes.

"They feel pretty much the same," said Brandy. "Except yours is warm and harder I think." She skinned her hand down and then back up, watching the foreskin thin and then magically disappear.

"Uuuuggghhh," groaned Bobby.

"I'm sorry," said Brandy sweetly. "Am I hurting you?"

"No!" barked Bobby. "Please don't stop."

"Oh ... do you like this?" She jacked on his cock several more times.

"Ohhhh, you have no idea," he panted.

"Okay," Brandy said simply. She masturbated him quietly for a few seconds. Then she leaned over and kissed her brother. Between Uncle Bob and her father, Brandy had enough practice with kissing that it was a good kiss. Bobby's eyes popped open and then closed again almost immediately as he kissed her back. His hips arched and he moaned into her mouth.

Then he came.

It went everywhere. Brandy kept jerking him and his spurts went wildly in several directions. She knew it was happening - could feel it splattering on her hand, but kept kissing her brother anyway. Finally she felt him softening and broke the kiss.

"Ohhh," she whined. "Now it's going all soft and I can't compare them any more. Should I take off my clothes so it gets hard again?" she said.

Bobby just stared. He was too overwhelmed by what had just happened to speak coherently. He managed a nod.

"Be right back," chirped his sister. "Don't move."

She almost ran from the room, going to the bathroom, where she got a washcloth and ran it under the water until it was warm. Then she stripped off her clothing, leaving it in a pile on the floor and ran back. Bobby was still lying there, looking at his spunk splattered all over.

Brandy went to him and began cleaning him up. She saved his penis till last and looked at him before doing what she wanted to do. He was staring at her breasts as she bent over him. "The washcloth is all messy," she said. "I'll just do it this way."

With that she bent over and lifted his lifeless prick with two fingers. Then she sucked it into her mouth.

It didn't stay lifeless for long. Bobby actually squealed as he felt his sister's warm mouth envelop his cock. Then she sucked and sort of chewed on it as she gathered up the traces of his cum and got them ready to swallow. She pulled her mouth off his now clean rod and swallowed.

"You taste yummy ... just in case you wanted to know," she said, conversationally. She was having fun making her brother speechless.

"I couldn't believe you did that the other day. I can't believe you did that now!" he whispered.

"Do I need to do it again? Would you believe it then?" asked Brandy Her hand grasped him again. He was about half hard. She played with it a little, examining the organ critically. It was very different feeling when it wasn't stiff. Her pussy itched. "Bobby?" she said.

"Huh?" he was still dazed.

"Have you ever ... used your mouth? To make a girl feel good I mean?" She stared into her brother's eyes. He had thought he couldn't be shocked any more. He was wrong.

"I've never done anything to make a girl feel good," he blurted.

"My pussy is all itchy. Would you be a good brother and make me feel good?" she asked.

Bobby was frozen for two or three heartbeats. Then, as events soaked into his brain, and he realized it wasn't a dream, and his sister wasn't teasing him, he exploded into action. He lurched up and to his knees, moving to make room for her on the bed. She had no more than lain down than he was diving between her legs, his mouth eager to taste his first woman. When she bared her swollen pussy to him he stopped for another few heartbeats and just stared at the first real live pussy he had ever seen ... close up anyway.

Before, when they were making the mold, all Bobby could see was her pussy lips, nestled under the mat of light fur she had. Now, however, her pussy lips were gaping open and he could see the hole he had dreamed about and jacked off to many times. Her lips were pale at the base, but got thicker and darker as they went out from her body. He sniffed and decided she smelled wonderful. One of her long slim fingers slid down between those open pussy lips and her fingertip rested on a bump at the top of her slit. He would have missed it if she hadn't pointed it out.

"Lick and suck me right there," she sighed.

Bobby dove into her pussy like a man who has spent three days without water in the Sahara and has stumbled upon a water fountain that was barely dribbling water. She tasted fabulous, tart and something different he couldn't describe. She felt fabulous too. She was slippery and his face rubbed around her sex easily. He lapped and licked and sucked as she told him what a fantastic job he was doing and urged him not to stop.

Brandy felt an orgasm coming on her and she grabbed his hair, pulling his face harder into her pussy. "Ohhh Bobby, it's going to happen for me baby ... I'm gonna cum Bobby ... Ohhh you're licking me so gooood." Her hips lurched up, shoving her pussy into his face as Bobby felt his cock begin to leak again. When he was particularly horny he had the resilience of youth, and could cum quite often within ten minutes of his last ejaculation.

He was trying to stick his tongue as far up in that mysterious hole as he could when she cooed, "I used your model bobby. I put it in my pussy. I lost my virginity to your rubber dicky Bobby. It felt sooo goood," she panted.

Bobby had regained some of his machismo while eating out his sister's pussy. He had made the infinitesimal adjustment needed to accept what was happening to him as something real ... something he could enjoy ... something that wasn't going to evaporate into thin air.

He raised his head. "I bet the real one would feel even better," he said hopefully.

Brandy raised her head off the pillow. "Do you want to put it in me Bobby? Do you want to stick your big, hard, nasty cock up in your sister?"

In answer Bobby crawled up her body. He didn't know what to do exactly, but she solved that problem by grasping his rampant prick again in her hand. She knew where to put it and, as soon as he felt warmth surrounding the tip of his cock, Bobby gave a convulsive lurch and buried his boner in his sister's soft pussy.

"Ohhh yeaaaahhh," she groaned, feeling his longer penis penetrate her deep. It was what she needed for that orgasm that had been so close to burst over her like a landslide.

Bobby went crazy as his cock was enveloped by hot pussy. He lurched and slammed and writhed on top of his sister, crushing her into the bed under him as he tried to shove his cock as deep as he could. In the process s longer dong abused her cervix, actually peeking into her womb. Then, without warning, he felt his balls burst and he flooded her with his teenaged sperm. the stream shot out of his cock in the end of her channel and had nowhere to go but through her cervix and into her womb, where it puddled as that organ accepted the liquid offering.

Bobby felt so good he cried. Tears ran down his face as he thrust over and over again, his prick poking back through her cervix and sending more of his seed into the willing woman under him. He panted "Thank you ... Oh Thank you!" over and over again as his lust consumed him, leaving him so weak he collapsed on top of Brandy.

Brandy had worked through her own orgasm, made more intensive by the feel of her brother's streams of spunk soaking her belly. She welcomed his weight and crushed him to her in a fierce hug. When she had trouble breathing she pushed and rolled, moaning when his dick slipped out of her, and rolling half on top of him. Her lips sought his in a lover's kiss and she tasted herself for the first time on his still-wet lips.

They did nothing but kiss and cuddle for twenty minutes.

"That was fantastic," Bobby finally breathed. "I can't believe we did that."

"I loved it too," said Brandy, enjoying the heavy feel of his semen in her body. "But you're leaking out of me like you leaked out of the mold. I'd better go get cleaned up or your bed will be a mess."

"I don't want you to go," he said impetuously. "I want to do it again."

"We will," she said, kissing him. "We'll do it a lot."

"What about Dad?" asked Bobby.

"Don't worry about Daddy," said Brandy. She didn't think Bobby would be as okay with the idea that their father was fucking her too. "He sleeps hard. You just behave yourself until he goes to bed and then I'll come see you." She kissed him again, lingeringly. "Besides, we have all afternoon before he gets home."

Bobby took her words to heart. After she got cleaned up he cleaned himself up too and they decided to go for ice cream. He got so turned on watching her lick her ice cream cone that they went home and he nailed her to the bed again, producing another cupful of his potent spend and injecting it deep in her welcoming body.

As they lay in each other's arms afterwards, Bobby's dick still inside her to keep from making a mess, he asked, "Aren't you worried about getting pregnant? You're not on the pill are you?"

Brandy sighed. "No. But I can't help it. I just love feeling you in me. Maybe it will be okay. I only have a few more days before I have to go back to school. Surely you can't get pregnant in only a few days. I know people who try to get pregnant for months and months and still have trouble."

"Well, I hope you don't mind, but it's exciting to cum and think that I might be making a little baby inside you." Bobby ground his cock into her mons. "In fact I think I'm getting hard again just thinking about it."

"Good" said Brandy, ready to go again. "Let's have as much fun as we can while we can have it."

And so they went again. Their lovemaking wasn't quite so reckless and frantic, and Bobby actually paid attention to what his partner was doing. He found that if he moved just so, Brandy got excited and wiggled a lot. So he concentrated on doing that and watched in awe as he brought her to orgasm. Seeing her face go through the convulsions of her cum made his heart burst with love for this woman who had made him a man. He had no way of knowing that whern he moved 'juat so' the tip of his prick was fucking her cervix. When his time came he asked "I'm ready Brandy, can I cum in you again?"

"Oh yes, little brother, fill me up," she moaned.

He did. And his prick spat it's load directly into her fertile womb.

When they calmed down from this go-round, Brandy stood up. She didn't thinki it was odd that his latest offering did not seep out of her, like before. "We have to be good now. Daddy will be home soon."

"But you'll come see me tonight?" he asked hopefully.

"I'll come see you tonight." she confirmed.

It really was late in the day, so Brandy simply wiped off her thighs with the washcloth they had used over and over that afternoon, and slipped on her new panties. She wanted her Daddy to see them later. Then she rummaged around in her closet and found a skirt that she had worn in High School and put that on, with a colorful T shirt and, of course, no bra. She then set about whipping up something for supper.

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