Rubber Dicky, I Love You

by Lubrican

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Chapter Three

Brandy had thought and thought about how to approach her father about posing for a mold. Uncle Bob had been so open about how much he appreciated her as a woman, that, while strange at first, it had been relatively easy. Bobby had been even easier, but she didn't know whether that was because he was just a teenaged boy chocked full of hormones, or because he really thought of her as a woman, and not just a sister.

But Daddy might explode. True, he frequently told her she was beautiful, and that he was proud of her. He'd been way more laid back about her sexuality than her mother had been, and, for that matter, had been clearly at odds with his wife about what the kids should be allowed to do.

But still ...

She thought back to how, with Bobby, she had tried to be assertive and act like everything being done was just as normal as pie. It had seemed to work very well. And she really needed the third model. She had spent an hour last night comparing the two models she now had.

Brandy knew enough about sex to know that a man put his penis in a woman's vagina when they made love. Uncle Bob had put his finger inside her, and it had been wonderful. Staring at the two models she had slipped one hand down to her own vagina and had carefully slipped one slim finger into it. The flesh inside had clasped her finger tightly and, staring at the models, she couldn't believe that either of them would fit in that close space. That had led to the insertion of another finger, at which time she had felt a stretching and slight pain at the bottom of the hole she was probing. Her fingers had automatically pulled away from that pain as she slid them out ...

... and Brandy had discovered her clitoris.

The shock of the feeling caused by her fingers sliding across the little bump had surprised her. At first she thought there must be something wrong ... that there was some growth there that shouldn't be there. But as she pressed against it, she suddenly remembered that same feeling when her Uncle had stroked her there. And Uncle Bob would have said something if he felt something strange or wrong ... wouldn't he?

She put aside thoughts of how she would approach her father and walked over to Uncle Bob's house. She knocked as she went through the door and yelled a Hello. His voice came, as usual from the fly-tying room. when she got there he was bent over a little vice and had thread in one hand, and feathers in another.

He looked up. "How's the most beautiful woman in the world?" he asked.

"Uncle Bob! You're a big flirt," she responded, but tingled at the compliment.

"I'm not flirting. I've seen all of you, and I'm just stating the facts. You can't rag on me for telling the truth." He wound the thread around something and reached for a little bottle.

"Speaking of which, can I ask you a question?" she asked.

"Sure," he said.

"Well, last night I was ... ah ... well I was ... well, examining myself, I guess, and I felt something ... down there ... and I don't know if It's normal or not."

Bob looked up. "I'm not sure I understand the question. Were you masturbating?"

Brandy's face flamed red. "No. I mean I don't think so. I was just sort of feeling around and I felt this little bump and when I touched it, it felt like when you touched me, but I don't know if the bump should be there or not." She was out of breath when she finished.

Bob's face went sly. "Well, sweetheart, if it's what I think it is, it's fine. But maybe I should take a little look-see just to make sure."

Brandy, not used to bullshit, just nodded. "Okay," she said. she started taking off her jeans, pushing her panties down at the same time. She kicked off her shoes and pulled the legs of her jeans off, sitting on a nearby easy chair. She felt funny wearing a T shirt and nothing else. "Should I take my shirt off too?" she asked.

"If you'd be more comfortable that would be fine." said Bob. When he stood up there was a lump at the front of his pants. She was delicious, and her innocence turned him on a lot. She sat upright, looking at him expectantly. He saw her eyes drop to his crotch.

"I made Bobby's mold," she said. His ... thing is different looking than yours. I was surprised."

The thought that she had handled her brother's cock stiffened him further. "What was it that looked so different?" he asked.

"Well his looks lots smoother, and where yours is kind of round on the tip, his didn't look like that at first. Then this loose skin moved and it suddenly looked more like yours."

"Ahhh," said Bob. "Bobby hasn't been circumcised. That's the difference. I have been, when I was a baby."

"I don't understand," said Brandy.

"You know that skin that moved back and forth on Bobby's penis?" asked Bob. Brandy nodded. "Well, when I was a baby they cut that off of my penis."

Brandy paled and looked horrified. "They did that to a poor little helpless baby?!" She was incensed.

"Well, the way they do it they say it doesn't hurt. I don't remember it, of course," said Bob.

"Well it sounds horrible to me," said Brandy.

Bob knelt in front of Brandy and her legs levered open, displaying her perfect pussy to his lusting eyes. "Brandy, you have the prettiest pussy I think I ever saw."

"Pussy is a naughty word Uncle Bob," said Brandy, but she felt a thrill as she said that word herself.

"Nonsense. It's just a nickname for this pretty, pretty vagina right in front of me. Now, where's this bump you're worried about?"

Brandy spread her pussy lips with two fingers and then touched the sensitive bump with a third. "It's right there."

Bob made it look like he was examining everything closely, but in fact, he was just enjoying looking. Her clit was fully covered in its little hood. He looked down and could clearly see her hymen at the bottom of her slit. It covered about half of her channel and looked fairly thin. He was surprised he hadn't damaged it with his finger when he had finger-fucked her.

"Well, I can see your hymen is intact. That's what makes you a virgin. I'm glad I didn't damage it the other day. It would have hurt and I don't want to hurt you." He spoke clinically, trying to prolong his chance to gaze at her sex. Finally, though, he had to answer her question. "Brandy, honey, have you ever heard of the word "clitoris"? That's what that little bump is sweetheart."

"No," she said worriedly. "Is that bad?"

"No sugar, that is there to help you have a good time when you have sex. When a man's penis slides in and out of you it will rub that, and you'll feel good."

"So that's why it feels good to touch it?" she asked.

"Yes, and there are other things you can do with it too. Would it be okay if I showed you one?"

"Sure." said Brandy smiling. She was then astonished to see her Uncle lean his mouth down to kiss her bump. Then his lips sealed around it and he suddenly sucked.

Brandy's upper body fell back in the chair as her hips tried to shove themselves into her Uncle's mouth. A sound something like, "UUUUUHHHHHNNNNNNGGGGG" ripped from her throat as almost painful streaks shot from her clit throughout her body. Two of those streaks shot to her nipples, and the tingling there was so strong that she had to reach up and squeeze each one, almost like one does when she's smashed a finger and grips it tightly to ease the pain. Her fingers gripped the arms of the chair and dug in as her uncle added a tongue wash to his sucking action. Then he let off and licked her split several times as she relaxed a little.

"Uncle Bob!" she gasped. "That feels good!"

He stopped long enough to look up and smile. "It's supposed to. You can have that same feeling you had the other day if you want to."

"Oh yes!" she squealed. "Please!!"

Bob went back to work on her and did his very best. He kept his fingers out of her to avoid stretching her cherry. He didn't want her to feel any pain at all. Instead, he reached up with his fingers and played with her spiked nipples as she let out a long "Ahhhhhhhhhhh" and her hips started jerking. She jerked around so much he had to let go of her nipples and put his hands under her butt to keep his mouth where he wanted it. He looked up and saw her fingers replace his own.

It didn't take long. Within minutes she was yipping and then she went rigid as her orgasm washed over her. Bob waited until she went limp and then licked her gently with the flat of his tongue as her juices bathed his face. When he finally stopped and looked up her head was laid back on the chair and there was a beatific smile on her face.

"That's what your clitty is for," he said.

She looked down at him, still smiling. "Thank you," she said. "But your face is all wet. Isn't that icky?"

"Not a chance sweety. You taste fabulous," he said, licking his lips. "Now, you need to get out of here, because I want to show you what a cock feels like, and, like I said, you're a virgin."

Brandy didn't think he was serious. "You're all stiff again, aren't you?"

"You bet I am," he said.

"Well, couldn't I ... you know ... do what I did last time? Would that help?"

Bob ached to stuff her pretty pussy full of his spunk, but he didn't think she was ready for that. And a hand job from a lovely naked lass was better than his own rough hand.

"That would be very nice," he said. He stood up and unbuckled his belt, dropping his pants to his ankles. He never wore underwear any more.

Brandy sat up and pulled him between her spread legs to get to his cock. She had played with the facsimile enough that she knew what it would feel like, and stroked it with much more authority than she had the last time.

"You know what's going to happen," groaned her uncle.

"I know," she said, working on his prick, taking long strokes. His skin didn't move like Bobby's did.

"Can you get your hand slick ... between your legs?" asked Bob. "It'll slide a lot better if you do."

Brandy remembered the slick feeling when her finger had gone into her pussy, and she wanted to please her uncle, so she took her hand and pressed it against her still dripping slot. When she took his cock in her hand again it did ride a lot more smoothly on it.

Brandy saw a drop of almost clear stuff bubble out of the little hole in the tip. She remembered tasting him before. "Can I taste it again?" she asked.

"Ohhh pleease," groaned her uncle.

She leaned forward and touched the tip of her tongue to the clear drop, feeling the smooth skin under it and liking that feel. She felt the urge to put her lips over the head and did.

Bob leaned backwards and his hands waved in the air for balance. "Brandeeeeee," he moaned.

Brandy felt a wash of fluid enter her mouth and she tasted her uncle all over the inside of her mouth. She pulled her mouth off of his cock as it continued to spurt. His second and third shots hit her chest and drooled downward toward her flat stomach. She spent a second tasting him and then swallowed quickly. She liked his taste.

"You taste good too," she said, her lips spermy.

"Ohhh fuck that felt good," groaned Bob as he stood back up straight. Her hand was still on his prick and she was looking at it. He felt some ooze and, as it came out, watched her tongue dart out and lick it up.

Bob was in love.

But he knew if he let her stay he'd be on top of her riding her until he blew a nut in her sweet tight pussy. He'd pushed the envelope far enough. He kissed her and shooed her out the door.

While her interlude with Uncle Bob had been both entertaining and educational, Brandy didn't have much time left before she'd have to go back to school and get her project ready to turn in. She'd have to face her father sooner or later, and in a burst of affirmative emotion, she decided to do it sooner.

She waited until her father had eaten supper and Bobby was involved in his homework. She even asked Bobby what kind of homework he had, to make sure he wouldn't be coming to ask either her or their father for any help with it. Just before she approached her father she peeked in on Bobby and saw that he was playing video games, instead of doing his homework. Satisfied that he'd be busy for a while, she went into the living room, where Chuck was reading the paper.

Brandy looked at her father differently this time than she had in the past. She looked at him as a man, rather than just 'Daddy'. He was pretty handsome, she thought. He had a touch of gray at his temples, beneath otherwise dark brown hair. His face was smooth, with lines in it that creased when he smiled. He smiled a lot, and that was one of the things about him she liked. He had the start of a little paunch, because the only real exercise he got was golf, and he only played once a week usually. He looked eminently "normal" to Brandy, and she felt a surge of love for this man who had defended her and provided for her all these years.

"Daddy?" she started.

He didn't look up from the paper. "Hmmm?"

"Daddy, I need to ask you for a favor ... a kind of big favor."

Now he looked up. "How much do you need?" he asked. "I only have about forty dollars in my billfold, but I can go to the bank if you need more for something."

Brandy felt herself blushing a little. "I don't need money. But thanks. No, I'm working on a project for school. And I need your help with that."

He smiled. "Sweetheart, it's been a long time since I went to college. Things have probably changed so much I don't know how much help I could be. But I'll try," he added.

Brandy felt butterflies in her stomach. "It's not that," she said. "I mean you don't have to know anything. I just need you to do something."

Chuck glanced back at his paper, like he wanted to get back to it. "Sure, honey, what do you need?"

"Well, it's for Biology. It's a study of comparative anatomy, and I've already done some of it, but there's one more to do." She was having a hard time actually telling him what she wanted.

Chuck shook the paper in an unspoken gesture of impatience. Reading the paper each night was one of the things he treasured. "Brandy, just tell me what you want me to do and I'll do it if I can," he said, his voice just slightly grumpy.

It was the moment of truth. She couldn't put it off any longer. She blurted, "I need to make a mold of your penis."

There was silence for what seemed like a year to Brandy, but was, in reality, only eight seconds long. Chuck stared at her. "A mold of my penis," he said.

"Yes." She sounded like she was about eleven, and had just been caught raiding the cookie jar before supper.

"And why do you need this?" he asked, a little dazed.

"To compare to Bobby's and Uncle Bob's. It's for Comparative Anatomy ... at school." Brandy was helpless to say anything else.

"A mold," said Chuck, who was equally helpless to think of anything to say in this situation.

"Uh huh," squeaked Brandy. "See I made a mold of Uncle Bob's penis, and I made one of Bobby's and they're very different. And yours would be the third to compare Bobby's too, since he's the youngest and comes from both blood lines. Uncle Bob gave me the stuff I use to make the molds with, and it's a little messy and I have to touch them and everything, but I think it's a good project and I think I'll get a good grade for it, and I know it's weird and everything, but ..." She looked at her father with puppy dog eyes.

The paper was forgotten. Well, it wasn't exactly forgotten. Chuck still treasured his paper, but now for a different reason. It was lying in his lap, and it covered up the penis under discussion which, when he heard her admit she had handled his brother-in-law's and his son's pricks, had begun to get decidedly stiff.

"Well, you're right about it being weird," he said. For lack of anything else to say he asked, "So how do you go about making a mold of a penis?"

Brandy felt better. He hadn't screamed or called her names. "Well, I have to make a container for the silicone - out of a soda bottle - and then I have to arrange things so you can lie down with your ... um ... penis hanging down. Then we take our clothes off and I raise the bottle up onto your ... penis and then we have to wait ten minutes for the stuff to set up."

Chuck hadn't actually been paying complete attention to her description. He was trying too hard to think of what to say and how to deal with his stiff cock. But he heard the words "we take our clothes off", or thought he had.

"We take our clothes off?" he asked automatically.

Brandy flushed again. "Well, yes. I mean you need to be hard, and everybody said it helped them to get that way if I was naked too."

"I need to be hard," Chuck mumbled. That wasn't going to be a challenge.

"Yes," said Brandy. She was feeling better and better about his attitude so she gave him some more information. "I have to fit a little piece of cardboard to your penis and ... um balls, and that helps me get the mold apart so you can get everything out of it without hurting anything. I have to glue that little piece of cardboard to the bottom of your penis."

Chuck was imagining his beautiful daughter's fingers manipulating his penis and balls. He didn't quite understand the cardboard bit, but that didn't matter. Chuck hadn't had a woman touch his penis or balls for over a year. Actually it was longer than that. His wife didn't like to touch him when she was still around. Thinking about his daughter touching him, and getting to see her ripe body naked had him rock hard. For some reason in his mental image of his naked daughter, her belly was swelled up with what was obviously a baby. She looked fantastic pregnant.

"Daddy?" Brandy prompted.

"Huh? Oh. Yeah. I guess I should help you honey." He didn't want to seem too eager. "When do you want to do this?"

"Well, I thought about now. Tonight. While Bobby is doing his homework."

"Oh!" He was uncomfortable. He knew, on one level, that he was supposed to be erect for this ... project, but on another level he didn't want her to see how hard he already was. "Well, why don't you go get everything all ready and then we'll just get it knocked up ... er I mean knocked out."

"Okay!" she said brightly, her smile dazzling him. "I don't want to do it in the dining room though. Could we do it in your bedroom?"

Once again, a man heard Brandy say something, and interpreted it in a way that wasn't what she meant by the words: "Could we do it in your bedroom?" Chuck almost groaned. "Sure baby," he said weakly.

Brandy scampered off and Chuck stood up, his prick making an obvious tent in the front of his slacks. He rearranged it so it was pointing up and it was a little less obvious. He started toward his bedroom. His first thought was to beat off, but he knew if he did he wouldn't be able to get it hard again for a while. He wondered how this was all going to go.

Chuck was standing in his bedroom uncertainly when Brandy hauled two chairs in. She set them by the bed and darted out again. She brought back another one and positioned it. "I'll go get the stuff" she said, excitedly. "Could you get some books? I need them to pile up about this high." She held her hands apart about eighteen inches and then ran from the room before Chuck could ask her anything. He had a shelf of books in his room, but most were paperbacks. There was a box of old clothes in the closet and he pulled that out. Then he went to the kitchen and got the phone book to set on top of it. When he got back Brandy was already there with tubes and jars of things he couldn't identify. She was cutting a piece of a cereal box with scissors.

She peered at the cardboard and nodded. "That's as far as I can go until I actually fit it to you," she said. "Okay ... time to get undressed." She reached for the hem of the T shirt she was wearing and pulled it upward.

Chuck held his breath as her flat stomach came into view. Then he saw the swells that would become her breasts an instant later. His jaw dropped as the shirt covered her head and her breasts were completely exposed to him. Her pale areolas and pink nipples made his mouth water. The part of him that wanted to breed this woman noticed that her nipples were already stiff and long. Then the shirt cleared her head and dropped to the floor and her hands went to the snap of her jeans.

Chuck felt himself getting light-headed and expelled his breath in a whoosh, dragging in another lungful as he saw his daughter's jeans come unzipped and start to slide over her hips. She caught the waistband of her dark blue panties and they started down too.

There it was. Her pussy came into view. She stepped out of her jeans and stood up, tall and proud, slender, with thrusting breasts and a gentle swelling of her hips. She was, to her father, astonishingly beautiful.

"Ohhh baby you're so beautiful," he breathed.

"Thank you Daddy." She dimpled. Getting undressed in front of men was not only no longer so strange, it was getting to be more and more fun. All the men reacted the same way. They were all but paralyzed, and stared at her with something in their eyes that made her feel like she really was beautiful. She stood expectantly. "You have to get undressed too Daddy."

Chuck jerked. "Uh, Brandy, honey, you know about men ... don't you?" His hands came to cover his crotch.

Brandy thought she knew what was bothering him. "It's okay, Daddy. The others did that too. That's why I'm supposed to be naked. It helps with keeping the penis hard while I mold it."

Chuck gulped and started getting undressed.

Brandy walked toward him. "I'll help you Daddy." She kneeled in front of him and attacked his belt and the hook on his slacks. She pulled them down and his briefs were exposed, holding his prick up against one side of his belly. Chuck stopped taking off his shirt and just stared as his daughter pulled on his shorts. She pulled them out away from his length, like she knew what she was doing.

"Baby?" he croaked. "Have you done this before?" He was thinking of her, undressing a man.

"I told you Daddy, I already made a mold of Uncle Bob and Bobby," she said. She couldn't wait to see what was under the briefs. She could already tell it was a lot different than the last time she'd seen it.

"I mean ... are you a virgin?" Chuck gasped. Her fingernails were lightly scraping the sensitive skin where his pubes started and he involuntarily sucked in his gut.

That was one question Brandy hadn't been prepared for and she froze. She looked up at her father's face. "Of course I am Daddy," she said with just a hint of a pout. "I've hardly even kissed very many men." She didn't think her father would approve of what Uncle Bob had done to her pussy, but surely a finger didn't count ... or a tongue.

"Ohhhh," sighed Chuck. His cock jerked without it's confinement, at the thought that a virgin was about to see it.

Brandy pulled on the briefs and they dragged down, hanging up on his buttocks and forcing her to run her fingers around his hips. Then they fell free and his cock was exposed to Brandy's delighted gaze.

"Ohhh, Daddy, it's so much bigger than when I saw it last time." she breathed.

"Last time?" said a thoroughly confused father.

"One time I saw you in the bathroom. It was all short and wrinkly. I like it a lot better this way." Her father, too, was uncircumcised, and so she knew what to expect, though her father's penis had a lot more 'terrain features' than Bobby's did. It was as big around as Uncle Bob's and almost as long as Bobby's. It was, in her opinion, a magnificent specimen. Brandy reached out to grasp the penis in front of her and she stroked it a couple of times, getting the feel of it. It never occurred to her that her stroke was practiced, and that her father could tell that.

He gritted his teeth. "Brandy, honey, I thought you said you never did this before."

Now it was Brandy who was confused. She had just told him about the two men whose cocks she had molded. Again she looked up at his face. But she didn't let go of the warm stiff column in her hand. "I told you Daddy, I did this with Uncle Bob and Bobby."

Chuck looked at her hand. "With your hand? Like you're doing me?"

Then Brandy got it. She let go quickly. "Oh ... that. Well, it helps to make it hard," she said a little unsure of herself. She tried to gloss over the fact that she had just partially masturbated her father. "Okay, now you have to lie down on the chairs, with your penis hanging down." She didn't stumble over the word this time. She wanted to sound sure of herself.

Chuck moved like a puppet, a little jerkily, but did as she instructed.

Brandy decided to push the envelope a little. "I may have to touch it that way again before we apply the silicone. It will take me a minute to get it ready and I don't want you to go soft."

Chuck just grunted. He was beyond trying to rationalize what was happening in his mind. Still, he wasn't prepared when he felt her soft hand grasp him and jack on him some more.

"Baby, you need to be careful. If you do that too much something bad might happen." The last thing Chuck wanted to do was spurt in front of his daughter.

"Just don't do it before we have the mold," she said, her attention on mixing up the silicone. "And try not to do it inside the mold either, okay?"

To Chuck, it was obvious that she knew what he was talking about. "That ... happened?" he asked.

Brandy realized what she had said, but then felt very pleased with herself. Her father's attitude about all this was better than she had dreamed of. He seemed to be able to take the truth without getting all ... excited about things. She took a chance.

"Well, with Uncle Bob it was afterwards, while I was cleaning him up. But Bobby kind of couldn't control it while he was in the mold. I guess it feels warm and that makes it difficult to control or something. Anyway, it didn't ruin the mold. I had to clean it out, but it made a perfect positive copy of him."

"Bob and Bobby ... came? While you were there? Chuck felt light headed again and he was lying down, which made it seem even more intense.

"Yeah, but it was no big deal. All men do that ... don't they?"

"And you've never done that with anybody else?" asked her father.

"Of course not Daddy!" she said. "This is just for the project. I never got naked with a man or any of that kind of thing before I started this project. I wouldn't know what to do if I did! It's kind of hampered my dating life at school too."

Chuck started to say something, but Brandy was ready to lift the jug of silicone onto his penis. "Keep still now Daddy." she ordered. Then she reached out with her right hand and jacked on his cock a few more times to make sure it was fully hard.

It was like iron in her fingers. Quickly she applied the cardboard separator, having to make a few cuts with the scissors. Her father's balls were different than either Bobby's or her uncles. Chuck's balls were swollen and full, tight and round and firm. They didn't sag down at all. Then, just to make sure ... and because it was fun ... she gently jacked just the tip, making the foreskin peel back and then re-cover the head several times. She saw a drip of the nice tasting stuff form and begin to drop. She caught it on her fingertip and, making sure he wasn't watching, tasted him.

He tasted good too.

She lifted the silicone-filled bottle up and heard her father sigh as the warm fluid enveloped his cock. She made the nest and got it settled like she wanted it. "Okay Daddy, no moving for ten minutes. And if you start to feel yourself going soft you have to tell me so I can do something about it."

"Okay" mumbled Chuck. Then, unable to resist, he asked, "What would you do if I did? Go soft I mean?"

"Well, I'd have to let you look at my ... pussy." She felt a thrill as she used that naughty word, and saw her father jerk. Her hand slapped on his buttocks and she grabbed the bottle to make sure it didn't fall. "Daddy! You have to stay still."

"How can I stay still when my daughter tells me she's going to show me her pussy?" whined her father. "I almost came in the mold Brandy! You can't say things like that to a man in my position!"

"Well, you asked," she said, a little defensively.

"I know I asked, but ... this is just too strange," he ended.

"Only seven more minutes Daddy, and then it will all be over," said Brandy.

"That's the problem Brandy, I don't want it to be over. I'm turned on by my own baby girl for pity's sake!"

"Thank you Daddy," said Brandy, feeling her pussy pulse.

"You don't mind?" he asked incredulously.

"Of course not," she said firmly. "I love you and you love me and you're handsome and I'm pretty ... and naked ... and I think you're sweet to be turned on by me."

"Ohhhhhh," groaned Chuck. It was a sound Brandy had heard from a man before.

"Daddy? You didn't ... Did you?" she asked.

"No, but I can't promise what will happen when we're done," he groaned.

"Well when we're done you can just squirt to your heart's content," she said.

"You need to be quiet now Brandy ... please," he moaned.

"Okay Daddy." She waited patiently. "Would you like me to tell you the differences I've already noticed as I compared penises?" she asked brightly.

"Maybe later," said her father heavily. "How much longer now?"

"Four minutes," she said.

"Where in the world did you get this idea?" asked Chuck.

"I heard about a boy who photographed his grandmother's breasts, and then his mother's breasts, and then his sister's breasts, and compared them to see if there was any noticeable differences that might have something to do with diet."

"Really?" asked Chuck, "They let him take pictures of their breasts?"

"Yup, and he got an 'A' in the class," said Brandy.

"Why didn't you just take pictures too?" asked Chuck.

"Well, it was Uncle Bob's idea to do the mold," said Brandy.

"I just bet it was," growled Chuck. But he didn't say any more.

Finally it was time to take the mold off. Again Brandy had her model lie on the bed while she carefully slit the sides of the soda bottle and peeled the plastic away. She didn't joke with her father about holding a massive penis, like she had with Bobby, even though he was holding it with both hands, the same way as his son had. She had more trouble getting the mold to break along the cardboard this time, though. When he had jerked the entire cardboard had gotten wet with the silicone, and it was all over the insides of his thighs. She peeled it carefully as he clamped his teeth closed while hairs were pulled. But once she got the mold pulled apart, her father's penis and balls almost fell out. She credited that to the fact that his balls were so hard and round when the molding started. She touched them with one finger and found they were still full and hard.

"I have to clean you up now," she said, standing. He started to protest but she ordered him to lie there and left. She came back with a warm washcloth and he hissed as she started wiping down his cock and balls.

"I have to do one more thing Daddy," she said conversationally. "It's always hard on you guys to do this for me, and I appreciate that. So I'll do this for you."

Her hand circled his cock and she began masturbating him.

Chuck was of two minds. He knew he should tell her to stop, but he hadn't cum in the hand of a woman for a long long time, and he really needed to feel what he knew he'd feel in just a few short minutes.

"Ohhhh baby," he sighed. "That feels fantastic!"

"Thank you Daddy," said Brandy. She changed hands and leaned over her father to kiss him. Neither of them were prepared for what that kiss turned into as she practiced what Uncle Bob had taught her and lost herself in her father's lips. Chuck too was lost and the combination of her lips on his and her hand on his cock unleashed what was making his balls so full and hard. His hips lurched up off the bed and his cock let go a fountain of cum.

Brandy felt his hips move and his body went rigid. She knew what was happening, and broke the kiss just in time to see a stream of white go up two feet in the air and then arch gently, falling to his chest. She didn't ask, or even think. She just moved her mouth to his cock and slurped up the five shots he let loose next.

Chuck knew what she was doing, but he was past caring. The feel of her warm mouth on his cock sent him to new heights and he gave her every drop he had in him.

She sucked on his cock far longer than it took to get all his cream out, playing with his balls, which were now soft and pliable. Then she stood again, licking her lips and stared into her Daddy's eyes. "I have to go make the positive mold now," she said.

Something had changed in Chuck. He'd fought his desires until he felt her lovingly sucking him, and had surrendered at that point, just enjoying the feeling of a loving woman doing something she obviously enjoyed. It was also obvious she had done this too before, but her continued insistence that she had seen only Bob and Bobby naked didn't threaten him like he thought it would.

"Thank you Baby," he sighed. "I didn't know how much I needed that."

"I had fun," said Brandy. "Maybe this mold didn't turn out good and I'll have to make another one," she said wistfully. She turned to leave. "I'll let you know."

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