Packing Clarissa's Genes

by Lubrican

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Chapter Seven

It turned out that while both Clarissa and Matt were fully cognizant of the concept of oral sex, neither had been willing to try that. It was too easy to just just rut, and that got the job done, more or less. The only reason they knew about any position other than the missionary position was because of the accident in which Clarissa lost her virginity.

Clarissa's world expanded a lot that night.

She got over the "ewww" feeling within seconds after he sucked her clitty into his mouth. He chewed it and she went off like a bomb. She was almost crying from the joy of it when he lifted his mouth. He'd only been sucking for a couple of minutes.

"I didn't KNOW!" she panted. "Can you do that again?"

"Dozens of times," he said, smiling.

He got her off four times with his mouth. Then he moved to her breasts and showed her what it felt like to be tasted there. His fingers, much more educated than Matt's brought her three more orgasms while she wailed and squirmed, holding his head to one breast while he sucked lustily at a nipple, and then pushing it to the other breast while her hips arched up to try to get his finger deeper in her.

It was actually her unbridled love of everything he did to her that broke Bob's will to resist completely. His balls started to ache and he asked her if she'd be willing to learn how to please him with her mouth. After everything that had happened her reticence was gone, and she happily agreed.

She was a quick, and avid learner. She loved the feel of the different kinds of skin on his prick against her lips. Several times she took her mouth off of him to closely examine with her eyes what she'd been feeling with her tongue and cheeks. It had the effect of both prolonging Bob's delightful experience and making him tend to get used to her stop and go technique. That was to become important a few minutes later.

She loved that he was so hard for her. She also knew that, no matter how wonderful everything had been, this handsome hard cock in her hand would feel even better in her pussy.

So she stopped sucking it, and sat on it, cowgirl style. Bob just thought she was shifting to a more comfortable position and left his eyes closed. He had no idea she was going to fuck him.

"Ohhhh," she sighed as Bob realized what had just happened. "You're bigger than Matt."

"Oh damn," he groaned as tight, hot pussy flesh surrounded his cock and squeezed it.

"It feels different," she said, giving an experimental twitch with her hips. Her pussy muscles milked the thing in her lovingly. "Not better, exactly...just different."

The reluctance to do this with his niece disappeared like a puff of smoke in a strong wind. In Bob's defense, that was because his pride was stung. What did she mean it wasn't better?! That sting fueled his lust, and his desire to convince her he WAS better than a stripling youth. He pulled her down and rolled as she squealed, landing on top of her and crushing her to the bed. His knees moved between her thighs roughly and she spread her legs. He'd come halfway out of her during the roll and he surged forward hard enough to make her body move a few inches on the bedspread.

Her "Uhhh!" as he drove deep spurred him on and he stayed deep. Digging in his toes he pushed with his arms until he was lifted enough that her breasts felt spongy and supportive against his chest. Then he moved to his right, squashing her young clit flat.

"AHHHHH," she groaned.

He kissed her while her mouth was still open and licked at her tongue. Her hands, on his sides, tensed as he kept moving, sliding down a little and then completing a circle with the base of his prick, to crush her clit again. He kept moving in that small circular pattern, basically moving only two inches of prick in her as her legs kicked and her fingernails dug into his sides painfully. Then her knees came up and she groaned into his mouth as her heels hit the bed and her loins thrust hard, as if she were trying to lift him.

Continuing his circular assault on her clit, he licked her lips and bit her lower lip gently, pulling at it with his teeth before letting it loose again.

"Oh pleeease," she moaned. "Don't stop!"

"Oh, I'm nowhere near stopping," he panted.

"Gonna cum!" she grunted.

Her mouth opened in a wide, soundless scream as she went rigid. He felt her pussy muscles try to grip him, but he wouldn't let them, pulling out and slamming back in. She made a noise then, a mixture of what sounded like agony and ecstatic joy that started on a low groaning note and ripped up the scale until she was wailing.

He ground harder against her, feeling the tip of his prick battering her young cervix, giving her no chance to rest from the constant stimulation of her sexual center.

"Oh yes," she panted. "It's happening again!"

Over the next ten minutes she went rigid, went completely limp, flopped like a rag doll and kicked as if she were having a seizure, as orgasms came one after another until, finally, her "Oh yes" became "Oh no" and then "Oh nooooo" and finally a gasping "I can't take any more!"

Only then did Bob begin allow himself long strokes in her, providing the stimulation needed to tip him over the edge. She was on the pill, so he could enjoy it fully. His prick belched ropes of thick cum, soaking her pussy and seeping through her cervix into her womb.

"Please tell me you took your pill," he gasped as his prick jerked in her.

She couldn't answer. She had nothing left. She'd used up every bit of energy in her body having orgasms. All she could do was smile a dreamy smile while she caught her breath.

"I didn't know it could be like that," she whispered. Her head was lying on his shoulder and her arm lay limply across his chest. "It's never been anything close to that with Matt."

"He has much to learn," said Bob, feeling much better about his prowess.

"He sure does," she sighed. "I feel like I got caught in the dryer and have been spinning around for an hour."

"We only went twenty minutes," he said. "I'm out of shape."

"Out of shape? Twenty minutes? No way!"

"I used to go for at least half an hour when I was younger."

"How could she stand it?" sighed Clarissa. "I thought you were going to fuck me to death!" She played with the hair on his chest. "Not that I'm complaining, because I'm not. I loved it."

"Me too," he said. "That's the problem. I loved it so much I'm going to want to do it again."

"OK," she said instantly.

"I wasn't supposed to fuck you, sweetheart," he said. "I kind of lost control."

"Technically I fucked you first," she said. "Even if it was only for about ten seconds."

"The point is that we can't do this. I could get in big trouble if anybody found out, and they'd take you away from me."

"Well then we'll just make sure that nobody finds out," she said, with the overconfidence of youth.

"Maybe you should stop taking 684," he mused. "It's pretty clear in my mind that it's what caused your sudden maturation. And life might be easier for you if you didn't get so overpoweringly horny."

"But I like being horny," she complained. "And I love being full of nice hard cock. I love that part the most!"

"You can have that with a man you can love and stay with forever," he said.

"Right now I wouldn't mind staying with you forever," she said. "I already love you and I already know you know how to make me crazy."

"You can't marry me," he said. "You need a man you can marry and have babies with."

"Maybe," she said. "But that will be years from now, so until he comes along, I just want you to do that to me again, every so often."

"How often?" he asked.

"Twice a day?"

He choked and she laughed, delighted that she'd been able to tease him so thoroughly.

Half an hour later she wasn't laughing any more. She was in what he called the three point stance, supporting herself on the bed on her knees and head. That left her ass high in the air, with his thick cock in her pussy from behind.

"You rub your own clit," he said as he reached under her to cup and play with her breasts. "That way you control when you cum."

"It feels so different," she said, her voice half muffled by the bedspread. "It's like I'm getting a massage inside me. I could do this all night long!"

"Well I'm not going all night. I'm going long enough to give you a chance to work off your horny attack. Then I'm going to take a nap."

"Nap?" She was starting to pant as her hand flitted rapidly between her legs. "It's nighttime!"

"I know that," he said. "But I have a feeling you're going to wake up in the middle of the night horny again. If I just take a nap, I won't mind. If I go to sleep for the night I might get grumpy when you wake me up."

"You're so silly," she panted. "You're right. I can have my cum any time I want it this way."

"Better hurry up," he huffed.


"Cause I'm about to try really hard to make a baby in that sweet belly of yours," he groaned.

"Goody!" she squealed. "I love it when you squirt in me."

"You're taking your pills every day, right?" he grunted, asking for more confirmation.

"Uh huh!" she moaned.

He moaned and happily filled her womb with another load of his thick, rich sperm.

Matt's return was to a house that was substantially changed. No longer did he and Clarissa have to hide their lusty exchanges. When he got home, the first thing she did was take him to her bedroom and teach him all the things she'd learned from Uncle Bob. She left the door open this time.

Then, with him worn out completely, she told him she was going to sleep with their uncle that night. Over the next few nights, there evolved a tacit understanding that she would sleep with her brother one night, and her uncle the next. While that suited Bob perfectly, Clarissa was horny almost all the time now, and Matt had the stamina of youth.

In other words, on Bob's nights with his luscious lusty niece, she usually came to him already lubed up with Matt's spunk.

Life was good for all of them. Each member of the family got as much sex as he or she wanted and all of them were relaxed and happy because of it.

Janet appeared in Bob's office doorway. She looked nervous.

"We might have another unexpected side effect," she said.

Bob looked up and frowned. It was four in the afternoon. Why did bad news always come late in the afternoon?

"Mrs. Henderson is pregnant. The doctor confirmed that about an hour ago. And Mrs. Billingsworth told Pete she thinks she is, but the test isn't back yet. He didn't mention it until I told him about Mrs. Henderson, because she wasnt sure."

"That's insane. Weren't they on the pill?" Bob started going through a notebook that contained the histories of each participant.

"Mrs. Henderson was. She was still having periods, though they weren't regular. When she went three months without one she reported it. Initially we thought she had just advanced into menopause enough that she'd stopped."

"And Mrs. Billingsworth?"

"She said she knows what it feels like when her body is pregnant. She has seven children."

"But was she on the pill?"

Janet's face got darker. "Um...she's a widow. When she signed up for the study she said she wasn't sexually active."

Bob sighed. "You wouldn't have told me this unless you had a theory."

The researcher brightened. "Yes. As you know, what signals the ovaries to release an egg is a spike in estrogen. In a woman's fertile years, her own cycle does that. If she takes the pill it prevents that spike. Normally, once her oocytes are used up, she stops producing eggs and, technically speaking, menopause has begun. But the problem is that hormone levels may be insufficient to spur a remaining oocyte to become an egg, which simulates menopause, even though the woman is technically still fertile. Things just aren't working right."

She stopped to take a breath and wait for Bob to nod, which he did.

"We think RD684 regulated the hormonal levels them, so to speak."

"OK, that explains Mrs. Billingsworth, but what about Mrs. Henderson? She was on the pill."

"RD684 appears to block the effect of the pill. We think it allows the spike of estrogen the pill is supposed to prevent, which releases an egg and preps the uterine wall for implantation. It's as if there were no interference from the pill."

"You're telling me now that not only is it an aphrodisiac, it's a fertility drug too?"

"It will take more study, obviously," said Janet, "but...yeah...I guess I least we think so."

Twenty minutes after Janet left Bob sat bolt upright in his chair. His face took on a look of horror. Five people asked him if everything was all right as he ran out of the building.

Bob was also running when he entered the house. As usual, he found Clarissa, naked and legs thrown wide with Matt pounding his healthy adolescent prick into her pussy. The froth of white around his penis suggested he'd already spent himself in her once.

"STOP!" bawled Bob.

The teens fairly flew apart, scared by his scream.

"When was your last period?" he gasped, for once not distracted by Clarissa's nakedness.

"What?" She gaped. "What's wrong?"

"When was it?" he moaned, his voice lower. He was scaring her and he tried to stop doing that.

"I don't know," she said. Tears were starting to build up in her eyes. "I'll have to look at the calendar."

"Let's go do that, please," said Bob, trying harder not to look so wild.

"It can't have been that long," said Clarissa, frowning.

She wasn't crying any more. Her academic mind was interested in the problem at hand. According to her notations on the calendar, her last period had started fifty-two days ago and ended six days after that. That was forty-six days in the past, which was only ten days shy of being two complete cycles ago.

"I must have forgotten to put it on the calendar," she said, frowning.

"Ohhhhhh," groaned Bob. "I knew it. You're pregnant."

"I can't be pregnant," said Clarissa firmly. "I haven't missed a day since I got on the pill. I've been very careful about that."

A week later the glazed looks around the Davidson household had faded away. Acceptance was sinking in and the first thoughts of plans to be made were formulating in their minds.

Clarissa had been to the doctor who solemnly informed her she was, in fact, pregnant. She had stomped out of his office when he asked her if she wanted an abortion. Bob had made her go back in and, once she vented about that, she calmed down and got the rest of her prenatal counseling and instructions.

Matt, who believed with all his heart that the baby was his, practically strutted until Bob explained the consequences for all of them. He was sober after that, until Clarissa kissed him and said she still loved him.

Bob was worried that he might be the father, but then figured that it really didn't matter. Whether it was him or Matt, his responsibilities to Clarissa were the same.

He had already stopped her from taking any more RD684. Within another two weeks things in the Davidson household had returned to the new "normal" with the exception that Clarissa's sex drive slowed down significantly. Now, just sleeping with each man every other night was enough.

At Davidson Biotec things weren't nearly as calm. The two pregnant women in the study had also been removed from the drug once it was confirmed neither had been receiving the placebo. That they were pregnant so late in life was already a problem, and no one wanted to compound that with the unknown effects of RD684 on a pregnant woman or her fetus.

But the side effects could no longer be masked and the study was formally halted. It was a setback, but at the same time the possible efficacy of the drug had expanded threefold. New studies would have to be designed and new trials would have to be run, but there was enough data to support a claim that the drug was safe, physiologically speaking. In the next study dosages would be lowered and the participants would be required to use alternative birth control measures to the pill. Research was already underway with animals to determine if RD684 would lengthen the fertility period past what was considered normal.

Six years later RD684 was ready for new trials. There would be three different trials running at the same time.

Bob took time off and, with Clarissa, attended Matt's university graduation, where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. He'd already been accepted into medical school. He intended to become an endocrinologist. Clarissa had gone a bit slower, due to her responsibilities as a mother, and only had fifty-four hours of college credit toward her own Bachelors degree.

After the ceremony Matt moved stridently through the crowd, where he located his sister and uncle. He accepted a hug from five year old Tommy and then took three year old Elizabeth from Bob so she could hug him too. Clarissa was holding the latest, 18 month old Shelby, who had fallen asleep after breast feeding on the way to the auditorium.

"Out to eat, or back home?" Matt asked.

"Back home," said Clarissa. "Seeing you walk across that stage made me..." She looked around, but there was so much noise nobody could hear her unless they were trying. She mouthed the last word silently anyway.


The End

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