Packing Clarissa's Genes

by Lubrican

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Chapter Six

Bob was sitting there, when they came slowly into the kitchen looking like frightened mice venturing into the cat's lair. Bob had switched from tea to whiskey, and didn't feel at all bad about it. He'd been trying to think of how to deal with the situation. It was completely unexpected. He was pretty sure yelling wouldn't do any good. He had laughed long and often at the people who thought teens could be convinced to practice abstinence, so just telling them to stop wasn't going to cut any mustard either. In fact, he couldn't think of ANYTHING that would do any good. That Matt was willing to engage in this activity somehow didn't seem that odd. Bob was well aware he'd been thinking along those lines himself earlier in the day, as he jerked the spunk out of his own balls.

When they stopped and just stood, looking at him fearfully, he said, "Sit down." They did, but didn't say anything. Bob couldn't think of anything to say either. What he came up with was "I don't know what to do."

It was Clarissa who spoke next.

"You don't have to do anything."

He almost snorted. That was the way a young person would think of it. Just ignore it! No problem.

"Of course I do," he said. "Matt wasn't using a condom. Unleass somebody gave you birth control without my knowledge, you're not protected. What if you get pregnant?"

Both kids blinked. It was obvious neither had thought of this little problem before. Geniuses they might be, but both had the full capacity to be pretty stupid. Neither of them said anything.

"How long has this been going on?" Bob asked.

"About two weeks, I guess," mumbled Clarissa.

"Ever since she got boobs," Matt added helpfully.

"I had them before that," she said automatically. "You just never noticed them until I showed them to you."

"You showed them to him." Bob sounded like he'd eaten something that tasted bad. "Why did you show him your boobs...breasts, Clarissa?"

"Because they grew so fast!" she moaned. "I thought something was wrong with me and I felt so jittery all the time, and you were always at work."

"And you thought Matt might be an expert on growth and development," said Bob dryly.

"I came to you when I realized I needed a bra," she said defensively.

"And you showed them to me too," said Bob. He had a thought. "But that was after you two...uh ..."

"Yeah," she said softly. "Matt told me the jittery feeling was because I was horny. And he said you told him to masturbate, so we did that, except that things got all mixed up and it was fun to rub against each other and ..."

Bob felt terrible. He had, in fact, been at work almost constantly since the anomaly was discovered. Part of his brain pointed out that it was interesting that Clarissa's horniness gene got turned on at the same time...

He pushed that thought away. Work had already screwed things up for him and the kids. He needed to think about them now, not work.

"Surely you knew better than to do it with each other," he said. It felt like what he was supposed to say.

"Well I wasn't going to let some boy from school play with my titties!" said Clarissa darkly. "We didn't MEAN to have sex. It just kind of happened."

Bob sighed. He should have seen this coming. Pandora's box had been thrown wide open, and there was no closing it again.

"I'll have to get you on the pill," he said.

"What?" Both teens spoke as one.

"You need to be on birth control pills so you don't get pregnant."

Matt looked incredulous. "You mean we get to keep doing it?"

"I didn't say that," said Bob. "I understand how you feel. She affected me the same way when we were fitting bras." He looked at Clarissa. "You were teasing me on purpose, weren't you?"

She blushed. "I just get so horny," she moaned. "And I love the way you and Matt look at me. It makes me feel so good!"

Bob looked back at Matt. "The point is that you shouldn't be doing it. Not with her and not with anybody else. You're too young to understand the consequences...or deal with them, for that matter. But I also understand how hard it is not to, once you find out what it's like." He glanced at Clarissa, who looked miserable. "And from what I've seen, even if YOU stop, she might not. We don't want her getting pregnant by some random boy either."

"I don't WANT to have sex with some random boy!" she almost shouted. "I love Matt!"

"So do you think you can stop completely?" asked Bob.

Her face looked anguished. "I don't want to stop either," she admitted.

"At least you're truthful about it."

"If I didn't get so horny it would help. Maybe there IS something wrong with me," she said.

Matt, who felt like a death sentence had just been pardoned by a governor, absently got up and went to the cupboard. He got a piece of candy and returned to the table. He had it unwrapped and was about to pop it in his mouth when he heard a gasp from his uncle. A hand gripped his wrist firmly...VERY firmly.

"Where did you get that?" Bob's voice sounded almost scared, and that scared both kids.

"In the cupboard," said Matt. "From a box."

Bob took the candy from Matt's fingers and peered at it. He picked up the wrapper and examined it as well.

"Oh no," he groaned.

He got up and went to the cupboard, opening it. He saw the boxes and took them all out. Frantically he tore each one open. Two were almost empty. He turned around, his eyes wide.

"Did you eat all these?" he gasped.

"Rissa ate some of them," said Matt defensively.

Bob was almost overwhelmed with the flood of questions, potential answers and issues that almost robbed him of the ability to stand up. He swayed and sat down before he fell down.

"Shit, shit shit!" he groaned.

"What's wrong?" asked Clarissa. She was getting scared now.

"This is RD684," said Bob weakly.


"It's an experimental drug my company is testing. These are samples of how it might be marketed."

A chill shot through both teens' spines.

"What's going to happen to us?" asked Clarissa.

"I have no idea," sighed Bob. "It was designed for women much older than you, to deal with hormone imbalances and the effects of menopause."

"But it won't HURT me...will it?" Her voice sounded tiny and as if she was about to cry.

"I don't think so," he said. His mind was working better now. Her amazing and sudden physical development was beginning to take on new significance. "When did you start eating them?"

"I don't know," she said. "A month ago? Maybe more?"

He looked in the boxes. "You ate ALL these in just a month?"

"Yes." Now she sounded really scared. "Matt ate some of them. He pigged on them more than I did."

"But I've only been eating them for a couple of weeks," added Matt. He also sounded scared.

Bob sat back. His scientific mind was whirring.

"You've always been underdeveloped. I just thought it was taking you a while to catch up. But it must have been a genetic problem. Both of your parents had very slim builds. The RD684 corrected the hormonal deficiency with you, just like it does in the older women." His face showed surprise. "This is fantastic!" he yelped. Then, as he realized the complications, his face fell. "This is horrible!"

"Which is it?" asked Clarissa, fearfully. "Did that stuff make my boobs grow?"

"Yes," said Bob, only half paying attention. "And your hips too." He frowned. "I think," he added.

"I'm going to grow BOOBS?!" gasped Matt. That got Bob's attention. No thought at all had been given to what might happen if RD684 was taken by a male.

"I don't know," said Bob. It was an honest, if somewhat thoughtless reply. Now THAT issue vied for space in Bob's crowded thought processes too.

"I DON'T WANT BOOBS!" wailed Matt.

Bob looked at Matt for the first time in a long time...really LOOKED at him. He saw changes immediately, but they were much more subtle than what he'd missed with Clarissa. Matt's jaw was stronger, and his neck muscles were thicker.

"Take your shirt off," he said to Matt.

"What?" Matt looked fearful.

"Take it off!" barked Bob.

The differences there were subtle too. There was more muscle, but it wasn't developed or shaped, like muscle was when it was grown during exercise. The ribs weren't as pronounced as the last time Bob had noticed.

"Raise your arm," ordered Bob. There was a nice, dark tuft of hair under the arm Matt lifted. Bob leaned forward to see the same hair on his chin that Clarissa had noticed. As incredible as it seemed, Matt's body was using the RD684 to enhance his MALE hormones, just like it had worked on Clarissa's FEMALE hormones. He'd have to test Matt to be sure, but the levels of both estrogen and testosterone in Matt's body would be fascinating. That was a given.

"You're not going to grow breasts," said Bob. Matt sank back in his chair, obviously relieved. "I think," Bob added again.

There was much more discussion. Bob interrogated the kids, trying to determine exactly when each had started eating the "candy" and what dosages they had received. That part was impossible, except to say that they had both obviously overdosed, at least in terms of what the trials were using. And, considering the unexpected side effect he had just been dealing with, it was suspected that the dose in the trial might be too high.

Then he took measurements, while he thought about what to do. He didn't know whether to let them keep taking the drug, regulating their dosage, or make them stop. He had no data to work with, and only the barest of hypotheses. It was unethical in the extreme to test the stuff on these kids. On the other hand, based on the results, they needed to be studied. But if he did that openly, it would screw the pooch for sure on the main trials. Not to speak of getting his license revoked. Unauthorized trials were frowned on heavily, to put it lightly ... especially when humans were involved.

He felt guilty for even thinking of letting them continue as he remembered they were his family, and he was their guardian. He felt a bit like Victor Frankenstein. At the same time, neither youth had suffered any negative effects. At least not that he could discern. The over dosage was troublesome, and there was the horniness issue, with Clarissa, but that actually supported the new data in the authorized trials. And it was helpful to know that it affected young women just as much as it affected older ones. There had been arguments at the lab about how that might be controlled. Some thought there was no need to control it, and that it was a benefit. Finally, no one knew what the effects were of suddenly stopping the drug. That had never been done before, and wouldn't be studied until the final stages of the trials, when women stopped taking it then.

He suddenly thought of a way to examine both issues.

"First off, Clarissa, you are limited to one of these a day," he said. "And Matt, you don't eat any more at all. I'm going to keep a very close eye on both of you for the foreseeable future. We're going to do measurements every day. I need to know ANYTHING you feel, especially discomfort or anything that feels odd."

"No problem!" said Matt, who was feeling his pecks worriedly, even though his uncle had said he wasn't going to turn into a girl.

"The drug is very likely what's been making you feel so horny, too," said Bob to Clarissa. "Other women taking it have reported that."

"Oh," she said. She felt better too. "I don't really mind that part. I mean when that happens Matt and I ..." She blushed.

"Yes...well...maybe you won't feel so horny if you get the lower dose. You've both been overdosing, by the way. That's probably why your breasts grew so quickly."

"Are they going to go away?" Clarissa's voice held a note of tragedy in it.

Bob's first impulse was to say he didn't know, which was technically true. But he knew what those new appendages meant to her. Besides, she couldn't 'ungrow' tissue. "I don't think so, Pumpkin," he said gently. "I have a feeling you're stuck with them."

"I don't mind!" She brightened. Then her face fell. "It was kind of fun being horny though," she said sadly.

"I don't think that's going to go away either," said Bob, hiding a smile. "Not completely. I think you just got caught up to other girls your age...that's all."

"So I'm still going to have to go on the pill?"

"I think that would be wise," said Bob.

Having made decisions and laid out a course of action didn't ease Bob's mind very much. He was very nervous about letting Clarissa continue taking the drug. At the same time, he knew that any information he could get from this would be priceless later on. If RD684 was approved for what amounted to hormone replacement therapy in menopause, it would inevitably be used by some endocrinologist for other hormonal disturbances. Doctors did that kind of thing all the time. Further, if it was approved for adults, Bob intended to immediately explore setting up animal tests, regarding hormonal deficiencies, which could be followed by doing a trial on young people with such afflictions.

As to putting Clarissa on the pill, Bob was less worried about that. Most birth control pills contained synthetic estrogen and progesterone, which is what RD684 was supposed to correct deficiencies in. Technically, by definition, menopause was established when a woman's ovaries stopped producing eggs. The problem was that lots of things caused menopause-like symptoms. Like an economic recession, it was often only possible to diagnose "menopause" until it had been there for a long time. As a result, some doctors told their patients to continue taking the pill during the early stages of what might be menopause because a woman might start missing periods, but not be clinically infertile. Bob and his crew believed that RD684 would have no effect on the synthtic hormones in birth control pills, which simply regulate estrus. The theory that the new drug would help create healthier organs had nothing to do with how the pill would affect those organs. And, there had been no unusual reports from the women in the study who were taking the pill.

For that reason Bob didn't think there were any contraindications to the plan when he got Clarissa an appointment with the doctor and they bought her first wheel of pills. She began taking them regularly, which was all he checked on. He decided not to ask any questions about whether she still needed them or not.

The biggest problem, at least for Bob, was that when it came time to measure her each night, she got naked. It had been bad enough when he just saw her breasts. Now he saw every bit of her. Within days she was completely comfortable with her uncle measuring what seemed like every inch of her body. She still got horny and there were times, when Bob was measuring a thigh, when her pussy announced to his nose that she was in that particular condition. The feel of her satiny skin under his fingers wore on him. It was harder to keep from thinking about what she and Matt might still be doing.

It wasn't lost on him that, when they were done, she never got dressed again. She just skipped happily off toward her room.

Which was also toward Matt's room.

Bob tried to ignore his lust by concentrating on getting the measurements precise, and getting them in his notebook without error. Analyzing them would have to wait until there was enough data.

Then, one night, Matt was gone. A group of his friends had decided to go camping and Matt went with them. Bob didn't think about that when he called out to Clarissa that it was time to measure her. She walked into the room naked.

"Anything new to report?" he asked routinely.

"I'm just extra horny tonight," she said.

"Hmmm," was Bob's only reply. He began wrapping the tape around her arms, and measuring lengths. She'd apparently taken a shower, because he could smell the body wash she used after she took one. When he wrapped the tape around her back and breasts, he noticed her nipples were flushed and swollen. "Have you been pinching your nipples?" he asked.

"A little," she sighed. "I told you, I'm extra horny tonight."

"I can't tell if it's because they're swollen, or because you grew, but the measurement tonight is over thirty-seven."

"Matt won't taste them," she said suddenly.


"He says he's not a baby. I asked him to taste them and he wouldn't do it."

"So ..." Bob couldn't help himself. "You and Matt are still ...?"

"Every night," she said with a long sigh. "Except tonight. He's gone. Maybe that's why I'm extra horny. I miss him."

"And you're taking your pills?"

"Of course I am," she said. "Can I buy a dildo?"

Bob blinked. She didn't seem to be teasing him.

"I saw them on the internet. I think I need one," she said.

"You're THAT horny?" he asked worriedly.

"Matt's getting better, but he can only go for ten minutes or so. I could go all night."

Bob tried to imagine riding this luscious girl for ten minutes. His cock ballooned in his pants.

" do you have?" She arched an eyebrow at him. "In the ten minutes, I mean?" he added.

"Well, if I'm on top I can have two, sometimes even three. If he's on top usually only one," she said, looking confused. "How many SHOULD I have?"

"That's relative," he said. "It all depends on the experience of your partner."

"Like you?"

His eyebrows rose. "Me?"

"You're older. And you're more experienced ... right?" It occurred to her that she didn't actually know if her uncle was more experienced than Matt. As far as she knew, he hadn't had sex since she and her brother moved into his house. Still, he'd been twice her age at that time, so he probably did have a lot more experience.

Bob held up a hand in the universal sign for 'stop.'

"Hang on here. I can't do that with you."

"Why not?" she whined. "He's gone and I'm horny and you're older and more experienced. I need SOMETHING!"

"Can't you just masturbate?" he asked weakly.

She shook her head. "It feels great, but it doesn't satisfy me. I have nice orgasms and all, but they're little. To have a really good one I have to have something nice and hard in me."

"Oh boy," moaned Bob. His knees felt weak. "I'm your uncle, baby."

"Duh," she said, putting her hands on her hips. "Come on, Uncle Bob. Nobody has to know. Matt doesn't even have to know. Just for tonight?"

"This is not a good idea!" he said as firmly as he could. He was weakening and he knew it. He couldn't remember the last time he had sex with anything other than his hand. Having kids in the house had put a damper on that, and he'd tried to set a good example. For all the good that had done.

"It's a wonderful idea," she said. Her fingers came to her nipples and squeezed them. "I need something hard to make me feel better, and from the look of your pants you have something hard. I'm sooooo horny!"

"This is all my fault," he moaned. His prick twitched in his pants. "If I hadn't brought those damn candies home this would never have happened."

"But you did," she pointed out. "And you're right. This IS your fault. It's YOUR fault that I'm so horny, Uncle Bob!"

Bob's defenses were weakening, but they weren't completely gone yet.

"How about if I give you a couple of orgasms?" he asked. "Maybe that will be enough."

"I KNEW you'd help me!" she squealed. She lunged forward and wrapped her arms around him. "I can't wait to feel you in me. I think about your penis every night."

"Hang on," he groaned as her fluffy bush pushed against his rock hard cock. "I didn't say I was going to have intercourse with you."

"But you said you'd give me orgasms!" she complained.

"There are other things I can do to make you cum," said Bob.

"You mean rub me? Matt's done that a few times. It doesn't work. He doesn't do it right. I need your penis in me. I can't cum if you don't fuck me," she said, pushing away from him. "Not a really good cum, anyway."

"Trust me," he said, giving up. "You'll cum. I promise."

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