Tumblr Sister

by Lubrican

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Chapter Four

It was spooky. When Beth asked what came next, all four of them turned to look at Phee. I was not to find out for another month why that was, but it was weird, that's for sure.

She looked past them at me, and said "If you guys want to go on like planned, that's fine with me."

The girls turned back to look at me.

Danni said, "What do you want from us?"

I blinked. "I thought it was the other way around. I thought you had questions, and I was supposed to try to answer them."

"You wanted me to jerk you off last time ... didn't you?" She was blunt, and I saw Frankie flinch. I reminded myself I had just told them we had to be honest with each other.

"Of course," I said. "Every guy will."

"So what else are you going to want?"

She sounded odd. Her voice was strained. Worried, maybe.

"How about this?" I said. "How about as things go along, you tell me what you want, and I'll tell you what I want, and then we can figure out what would be best to do ... and not do."

"What if you want something, and we don't?" She was leaning forward. I wouldn't find out how important this question was until much later either.

"Then say you don't want it, and that will be the end of it."

She visibly relaxed. At least until Beth leaned into her and said, "But you know you do want it." Then she giggled, while Danni blushed.

Beth's giggle seemed to relax all of them. There was a somewhat awkward sort of "intermission" until I asked, "So ... what's on the agenda for tonight?"

Denise said "Well, we had something planned, but now I'm not so sure it's a good idea anymore."

"What was that?" I asked.

Frankie shuddered. "The rest of them wanted to know what it was like to do that to you."

"Do what to me?" I asked.

I admit I knew what she was talking about. Everybody did. It was mean. So I apologized.

"I'm sorry," I said, reaching for her hand. "That's a good example of teasing that doesn't do any good."

"Forget about it," she said, pulling at her hand. I kept it.

"Can I ask you something?"

She pulled harder, but said "Yes."

"Have you ever kissed a boy?"

"Of course I have!" she growled, pulling even harder.

"Would you kiss me?" I asked, and let her hand go.


That response told me something. On the surface, Frankie was antagonistic about me. But somewhere underneath was still that girl who had liked me at some time in the past. That was over now, of course, but not for the right reasons. She'd never had a chance to explore those feelings, and neither had I, for that matter. We never got a chance to break up, or lose interest slowly. And there was still some residual attraction there.

"I don't know. I guess I've always wondered what it would be like to kiss you. You're always acting like you don't like me or any other guy. If that's true, then it's sad, because you have a lot to offer a guy."

"Not you," she said, but it seemed like an automatic response, rather than a heartfelt one.

"If we could get past the tenseness between us, I think we'd both have a lot better time," I suggested.

"And you think kissing would get rid of the tenseness?"

"I think if you kiss me, you'll have a lot better feeling for how I really feel about you," I said.

None of the other girls had said a word, so I darted a glance at them. Phee and Danni were looking at Frankie. Beth and Denise were looking at me. All four of them had a look of anticipation on their faces. I looked back at Frankie, who met my eyes.

"Please?" I asked.

She swallowed. Her eyes shifted to her friends, but came back to me almost immediately.

"I'm not touching your thing," she said.

"I'm not asking you to," I said.

"This is stupid," she said.

"Please?" I begged.

Her eyes jittered left and right.

"Not in front of them," she said.

I thought about that.

"I think it would be better if everything that's said, and everything that happens, be done in the group," I said. "I mean we're all in this together ... as friends ... right?"

"Friends don't kiss," said Frankie.

"Good ones ... the ones in this group, do," I said.

There was movement among the other girls. I wasn't sure whether that was because they had been reminded they had kissed each other - that was caught in the pictures - or because it suggested I'd also be kissing the rest of them.

"This is so stupid," she said again.

Danni spoke. "Frankie, do you want to kiss Tut or not? Yes or no?" Her voice was completely empty of emotion.

Frankie turned her head. "You know I do!" she spat.

"Then kiss him!" Danni spat back.

Things got really interesting then. My thought had been that a nice mildly intimate kiss would loosen her up a little bit. I was sure I could transmit my own emotions through a kiss like that, and that she'd know I really did like her. And when she crashed into me and our lips were suddenly welded together, that's what I was prepared to do.

What I was not prepared for was the depth of emotion I got back from Frankie. My kiss was warm and welcoming. Hers was hot and hungry. There was no tongue involved, though our lips were loose enough to have permitted that. But this kiss wasn't for that kind of passion. It was a first kiss ... an exploratory kiss ... and experimental kiss, between two people who knew they were attracted to the other, but weren't capable of believing the feeling was mutual.

In the first seconds of the kiss, that inability to believe vanished like smoke in the wind. We communicated. Put it that way. And we communicated for a good minute and a half before Danni said, "Geez, you two, get a room." We broke apart then, and as I looked into her eyes I saw relief, and gratitude and something else I wasn't sure about.

"Wow," I said softly.

"Wow," she said back to me.

"Break it up!" laughed Beth, and I realized my hands had been sliding all over Frankie's back, quite possibly onto her rump as well.

"I'm still not touching your thing," whispered Frankie, but there was a glint in her eye this time.

"Yes you are," I said. And I kissed her again, just a long, friendly peck, during which I nipped at her lips.

Her lips kissed me back as she punched me in the stomach. It wasn't a hard punch, but I let go of her and turned to face the others.

"Who's next?" I said, and struck a pose.

I didn't actually mean it. I mean I was posturing in typical male fashion, but they took me seriously. Maybe it was the look on Frankie's face. Of course they'd all seen the kiss(es), so maybe that had something to do with it too. And Phee had said they'd all had a crush on me at one time or another. In any case, Beth stood up and said, "I will."

Just so you don't have to go back to the beginning, let me recap Beth's physical attributes. She was sixteen, with long, raven black hair, which was loose at the moment. She had large breasts, and wide hips. The thought of taking her into my arms woke my dick up. I know that sounds odd, because Frankie's kiss had reached right down inside me and jerked on something that still felt connected. But it hadn't given me a boner.

Beth took a step toward me and then stopped, suddenly looking uncertain. I took a step toward her and stopped, just waiting. She took another step, and was right there in front of me.

"I've always wanted to kiss you too," I said softly.

"You have?" Her voice was high.

"Oh give me a break," muttered Danni.

I looked over at her and frowned. She stuck out her tongue at me, but somehow the look on her face didn't back up her supposed cavalier attitude.

"Do you want to jump to the front of the line?" I asked.

Beth said, "No!" and turned to face her friend.

Danni held up both hands. "I'm not even in this line!" she said.

"Yes you are," I said. "Everybody is. It won't be fair to Frankie any other way."

"What?" Danni looked confused. "Who says?"

"I do!" That was Frankie, bless her heart. "You guys ragged on me for a whole year because I wanted to kiss him. And then, later on, you wanted to do the same thing. All of you did. Well, not Phee, but all the rest of you did."

"We said we were sorry," said Denise. "But I'll kiss him," she added quickly enough that it made me feel good.

I turned back to Beth, and reached for her waist, pulling her against me.

"You ready?" I asked, and then felt silly.

"I guess so," she said, a little breathlessly.

"You've kissed guys before," I said.

"Millions of times," she sighed, but her eyes didn't quite focus.

I kissed her the same way I had kissed Frankie, trying to put as much emotion into my lips as I could. It was an interesting kiss, but not because of her lips. They were fine and all that, warm and loose and very welcoming. But it was her body that affected me the most. I had stroked Frankie's back, but it was an automatic response, rather than intentional. And Frankie is pretty flat, especially compared to Beth. Beth's big, soft breasts pressed into my chest and, where my robe was parted, I could feel the heat of them through the flannel of her PJs. My hands stroked her back on purpose, feeling for the bra strap that wasn't there. Her hips pressed into mine and that erection she was responsible for pressed into hers.

She felt that erection too, because she moaned and thrust her hips at mine. Then she broke the kiss and pushed at me hard, saying "Oh shit ... Oh shit ... I'm gonna fall down." Danni grabbed her and muscled her back to the edge of the bed, where she sat hard. She fell backwards onto Phee's lap and let her arms flop out beside her.

That left Danni and Denise, who were sitting side by side. Denise was looking at Beth, her eyes wide. Danni looked mad. I reached for Denise's hand and pulled.

"Me?" she squeaked, but stood up.

I didn't talk to her or give her any warning. I just pulled her against me and gave her the works. She wasn't wearing a bra either. Her breasts were small, but hard as rocks. About ten seconds into it her tongue fluttered against my lips and her hips pushed against mine. She felt that boner too, and rubbed against it, gripping me tighter. I sensed, in Denise, a willingness to do much, much more, and I let my right hand slide down onto her ass. She didn't bat an eye. Little, blond Denise was hot to trot.

Frankie was suddenly there, sliding her hands between us.

"Break it up. It's Danni's turn."

"Why are you so worried about me?" complained Danni, who did not look happy as I let Denise go. She was smiling, and licked her lips. It was obvious she'd had a good time, and she didn't care who saw.

"Because you need to kiss him," said Frankie.


"Do it for me."

"I still can't believe you kissed him!" muttered Danni.

"I know how you feel," said Frankie. "I was scared too. But it's worth it, Danni. You said you knew I wanted to. Well I know you want to too. Just do it."

Danni stood up almost violently.

"Let's get this over with," she said, sounding disgusted.

But when I sealed my lips to hers, she whimpered into my mouth and almost fell down. I had to squeeze her tight and lean backwards a little just to help her stand up. That forced my boner right into her love nest, because being tall like she was, it was perfectly placed. Her hands reached for my waist, pushing my robe back, and she gripped my waist painfully and pushed.

But only for a second.

Then she seemed to gain strength, but her attitude changed at the same time. Instead of trying to get away from me, her hands slid inside my robe and to my naked back. She crushed me to her and her tongue thrust into my mouth.

This girl had spent some time kissing guys. She was good!

She was also as passionate as Frankie had been. She rubbed her chest against me, and twisted her face to the left, and then the right. I was so surprised I let both hands slid squarely onto her ass, and all she did was moan into my mouth some more.

"Hah!" crowed Frankie, standing right beside us. "I told you so."

By the time we were finished, though, Danni was crying. As I let go of her she made fists and beat them on my chest two or three times, before Phee was suddenly there and pulling her into the bathroom. The door slammed and I could hear Danni sobbing and Phee talking in hushed tones. I turned to look at Frankie, who had a smug look on her face.

"She really likes you," she said. "Everybody knows it, but she won't admit it to anybody."

Beth was still lying on the bed with her arms spread, her breast pushing up against her PJs enough to strain the buttons.

"Sit up, woman," I said gruffly. "You make me want to dive on top of you."

She lifted her head. "If Phee wouldn't just shit a brick, I might let you."

Then she sat up quickly, as only someone in great shape can do.

"Kidding," she said, as her face turned pink. "Please don't tell Phee or Danni I said that."

Denise said, "You have another boner for us ... don't you."

I nodded.

"I felt it," she sighed.

"Why didn't I?" asked Frankie.

"C'mere," I said, holding out my arms to her.

She grinned, but said, "Rain check. I'm fine."

"Awww," I complained. "Now I have to go play with it."

"Don't touch it," said Frankie. "Not until Danni and Phee get back."

"It doesn't sound like that would be a good idea," I said.

"She'll get over it," said Frankie, sounding unconcerned. "She has a harder time admitting defeat than I do."


"Don't let it swell your head, but there was a little unofficial competition going on involving you, over the last few years. Nobody won, but none of us would admit defeat either."

"Why would kissing me make anybody admit defeat? I am hurt!"

"Success, in this case, means that your heart doesn't get broken. I know it sounds weird, but in your case, defeat is thinking we still have a shot."

"I don't get that," I said. "Other than the fact that our parents won't let us date anybody exclusively or 'go steady' as they put it, maybe you would have a shot."

"Not all of us. Only one girl gets to claim you. Until tonight, I think we all assumed that would be some girl we don't know, and yet hate anyway. If you kissed Danni like you kissed me - and from the way she reacted, I think you did - then she knows she can't give up and let her heart get broken. She's going to fight for you, and to her, that means defeat."

"How strange," I said. "I find it ironic that you wanted me to answer questions about guys, and I'm just as clueless about girls."

"Yes, but Mrs. Trimble will be happy."

That confused me. Mrs. Trimble was the English teacher I'd had the year before.


"Because I'm going to tell her you used the word 'ironic' in a conversation. I bet that makes her smile."

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